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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29 a developing story in south jersey jersey. this 22-year-old woman is accused of doing the unthinkable. police say she set fire to her newborn baby. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> i'm chris o'connell. neighbors saw the flames in pemberton last night and could not believe what they saw next. our brad sattin is live in pemberton township. brad i can tell you this is tough to wrap your head around. >> reporter: chris for sure. this is the kind of story that if you are sensitive to this type of news, this is a story you don't even want to hear about. what we know is that the woman charged lived in this house behind me with her mother apparently. she has been identified tonight as 22-year-old hyphen kimberly
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burlington county prosecutor accusing her of using some sort of an accelerant to light her baby daughter on fire not far from where we are here. >> you see a site like that it just puts live in perspective. >> reporter: what dave joseph saw he'll never forget around 11:00 last night what he thought was a small trash fire by his property on simon town road. >> people burn they just drop everything off. they throw things out. and we just thought it was a regular, you know, somebody just trying to get rid of trash. >> reporter: what 22-year-old hyfhep is accused of of getting rid of made him sick. >> actually finding out that it was,, what it was it's just -- in my mind. >> reporter: investigators say her newborn daughter was doused with an accelerant and set on fire. >> the baby was charred. it was on fire. it was on fire for at least a little -- for awhile. >> reporter: he says the woman first claimed she was just burning dog waste as the woman put the fire out with a water bottle dave hins wife quickly
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realized it was a child still alive and breathing. dave says he held the woman down until police and rescuers arrived. the baby was airlifted to saint christopher's hospital in philadelphia but died two hours later. the woman is facing a murder charge, her neighbors who do not know her are shocked. >> quiet neighborhood. you don't know nothing at all. it's a shock to everybody. it's sad. that's all just hopefully god can answer it. >> all parents should be held accountable for their children. they don't ask to be brought here and it's very very sad. i have children of my own which i love dearly and i could think of doing anything like to to my children. it's sad. >> reporter: obviously still a lot of questions here tonight. the details of the baby's birth for instance still under investigation. we know that mom right now is in the burlington county corrections center. bail was set a little while ago at half a million dollars. joyce? >> just a horrible story. thank you for that report.
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now to your fox 29 weather authority. well it was a beautiful sunny day out there. really cold, though. you're looking live at market street in old city. it's chilly. oh, yeah. but it's dry out there. not too bad to head out tonight. just put your coat and your glove and your hat on. it will be a different story come tomorrow. let's get on over to chief meteorologist scott williams for that. hey, scott. >> hi there, joyce. we saw the sunshine today. but deceptive sunshine temperatures only in the low 30s. it is dry if you're stepping outdoors this evening. but bundle up if you're checking out that new movie or headed to dinner. tomorrow it is going to be a different story because we're tracking an area of low pressure that's going to bring some rain moderate to heavy rainfall especially south and east of the philadelphia area. primarily tomorrow midday into the early afternoon time frame. this system is going to hug the coast but it's going to be out of here in time for mlk day. so for tonight those clouds will increase but it stays dry. you can leave the rain gear at home tonight.
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tomorrow that rain is going to arrive sunday morning. roughly between 9:00, 10:00 a.m. moving up from south to north across the area. and take a look at some of the anticipateed totals. an inch or more once again this is heaviest south and east of i-95. we'll have much more on that system and snowfall chances in that seven day forecast when we take you through the entire holiday weekend coming up. chris and joyce back to you. >> we'll see in you a bit scott. thanks. revenge that's what pittsburgh area police say led to the death of six people last fall, four of them children under seven years old. prosecutors in allegheny county say 24-year-old ryan williams deliberately set an october fire that killed a 55-year-old man. his daughter-in-law and her four kids. they say williams set the fire because he blamed one of the residents for a jail sentence in a prior theft case. and the philadelphia fire department joined forces with local charter schools to spread the word about fire safety today
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today. students and staff from the latin boys charter school went out into the cold this morning to hand out live-saving tips and other safety information. canvassed the neighborhood around the 5500 block of cedar avenue. the volunteers went through a fire safety training session with firefighter where is handinghandheading out into the neighborhood. >> a familiar face during march madness will be missing from tv this season. basketball analyst greg anthony arrested and charged. he's accused of soliciting a prostitute. cbs spokeswoman says anthony will not be working for the network this season. anthony was arrested in washington, d.c. just before 6:00 friday evening. the 47-year-old was released from custody a few hours later. he played 11 seasons with sick different teams including the new york knicks and the portland trail blazers. the manhunt continues tonight for teenaged couple on a multi state crime spree. police say an 18-year-old and a
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13-year-old girlfriend have been committing crimes across the south. forging checks, stealing cars and now authorities say the pair is packing guns. fox's bryan llenas has the story of what some are calling a ad modern day bonnie and clyde. >> reporter: the grace county sheriff says this kentucky teenaged couple is quote becoming increasingly brazen and dangerous. since they went missing on january 3rd, the couple has been on the crime spree spanning four states. kentucky north carolina south carolina and georgia. on friday, they were last spotted somewhere in florida. police don't want to say exactly where afraid of tipping them off. on sunday 18-year-old dalton haze and 13-year-old shy yen phillips stole their first truck out of someone's garage in kentucky. they abandoned the truck hid in the woods. cops searched into the night but with no luck. hours later the pair stole this red 2006 toyota tacoma with
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blank checks and an unloaded gun inside. on monday, surveillance footage at a wal*mart in manning, south carolina, shows the teens before and after using two forged checks. on wednesday the couple abandoned that red truck just south of atlanta georgia and stole a silver toyota tundra with two loaded hand guns inside inside. the bonnie and clyde sweethearts had been dating for three months. they announced they were engaged on facebook the same day they disappeared. both families say phillips lied to hays about her age saying she was 19 years old. she's also said she could be pregnant. the last text from hays came last tuesday. >> i want to say please come home. you know, we love you, miss you and we need you home, you know, and safe, you know, we know that ya'll have done wrong but you need to step up and, you know, take the consequences of what you've done and come home. you know, before somebody is really really hurt. >> reporter: police suspect
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hey social security running away because he faces burglary and theft charges from an arrest last year. >> dalton like i said is i wasn't witness years old. if he really cared for her, he would take her to a police station, drop her off let her be safe and then he could do whatever he thinks he needs to do. >> reporter: as of now phillips a minor faces no charges. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. a deadly shooting shuts down a mall in central florida today. shots rang out around 9:30 this morning in melbourne. cops say a domestic dispute between a woman who worked with the mall or at the mall at the target and her husband came to a head. police say the husband confronted his wife and then a co-worker stepped in try to calm things down. the husband shot his wife, her co-worker and then he turn the gun on himself. the husband and the co-worker died. the woman is in stable condition tonight. in several european nations on alert tonight and tightening security. in response to recent terror attacks in france and an anti
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terror raid in belgium. fox's amy kellogg has the story. >> reporter: soldiers guarding possible terror targets across bill jump including embassies and jewish institutions. it's the first time in 30 years belgium is using troops to guard civilian sites. it follows thursday's anti terror raid which is left two suspects dead. >> we are looking into other sites in belgium while we are -- well assessing them to look further deployment is necessary. >> reporter: german authorities also stepping up security at train stations after receiving warnings about militant. berlin police raiding a dozen homes on friday taking two into custody. french police arresting at least 12 people in raids three towns around paris. all this after islamic militants killed 17 people in france last week including the attack on the weekly newspaper charlie hebdo which publish caricatures of the profit mohammed. images outraging from muslims and triggering recent violent
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demonstrations in algeria any engineer and pakistan. french president defending his nation strong belief in freedom of speech. >> we are one country, one people one france. a france open to any religion beliefs, feelings. a france that is fierce in the face of those who want to impose aa religious war. >> reporter: we're getting word grease police detained four terrorism suspects including at least one believed to be linked to that foiled plot in belgium. in paris amy kellogg fox news. and still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 tonight, a teenager is busted for posing as a doctor and you will not believe how long he got away with it. >> we heard about it when it happen. now we're hearing the details behind a 14-story rocket that missed its mark. that's coming up. plus all he needs is a bible and some guns. a pastor who barely escaped a stray bullet inside his bedroom explains why he is not leaving a
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dangerous neighbor. small business own are in wanted to drum up new business so he turned to the us postal service to help him deliver some flash she mailers but the only call he got was a complaint. ♪ >> i think they was supposed to have been actually delivered and he didn't do it so he just stuffed them in my bock. >> who put them there? what will the post office do now? fox 29 investigates next. ♪ >> how much will lesean mccoy sacrifice to remain an eagle. he tells us later in sports. what are the phillies going to
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♪ >> big day for tom wolf on tuesday. its inauguration day for the governor elect. organizers raised $1.5 million in private donations to help pay for it. among the biggest donors, comcast and major state unions. of course, we'll bring the to you live right here on fox 29. well happiness quickly turns to heartbreak for a familiar until phoenix. >> this is so sad. a woman died hours after giving birth to quadruplets. fox's jessica flores talked to her close friend. >> reporter: 36-year-old erika morales and her husband carlos did everything they could to become parents. >> this is all they wanted. just to have this family to make their family complete. to have these children and that was going to complete their family. it's like that fairy tale story. >> reporter: with the help of her doctors, erika got pregnant with quadruplets. delivering four healthy babies.
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three girls and one boy. at banner good samaritan in phoenix. family isn't saying exactly what happened next. but hours giving birth erika passed away in the hospital. >> never got to hold them. she never even got to see them. it is so hard to know she fought so hard for children. she will never get to brush their hair, hold their hand, take them to kindergarten, watch them get married none of that will ever happen for her. >> reporter: the family says erika's hope was always to bring her children into the world healthy. doing everything leading up to the delivery to keep them safe. >> we'll have to remember her. we'll have to they will her kids who she was. we'll have to make sure they know how wonderful a person she was, how loving and how much she
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wanted them and how much she loved them. >> reporter: family and friends say they'll help erika's husband raise the four babies. carlos jr. pacely, tracy and little erika. their mother's legacy of love living on through all who knew her. jessica flores fox news. >> called a real life doogie houser a florida teen is busted after pretending to be a doctor. police say he walk the halls of west palm beach medical center for nearly a month. the 17-year-old would dress up in a white lab coat, call himself dr. robinson but it wasn't until a real doctor bust busted him. tuesday while the teen was in an exam room with a patient. a hospital maintains the young fraud never had any contact with patients. >> i'm surprised with all the security here. you can't even smoke out in the parking lot without security catching you. and you have to show id to get into the hospital. i'm very surprised somebody made that it far. >> cops looked into this and
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said there was no crime committed. authorities say his mother says her son suffers from an undisclosed medical condition. a close call for a pastor in georgia. he was almost hit by a stray bullet inside his bedroom. he showed fox's natalie poso what happened and what he believes saved him. >> i protect myself. prayers and bullets. >> reporter: david elmore says it's common to hear gunshots in his clarkston neighborhood. >> i heard five shots go off. >> reporter: wednesday night while the 62-year-old chaplain watched tv1 of those bullets hit a little too close to home. >> that bullet come through. you see little drywall all over the place. >> reporter: stray bullet made its way into his bedroom feeder from where he sat. >> rick so shead and come out the back. >> reporter: ended up in his bedroom door. >> oh, my god i can't believe that done put around in my bedroom. >> reporter: elmore says he's protected with his
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9-millimeter -- >> you can sleep. it's loaded. >> reporter: 44 magnum. and his -- >> i always keep it right here by my pillow. >> reporter: bible. >> weapon to commit bodily harm i have no problem and i don't think god has any problem with using a weapon protect yourself. >> reporter: while the disabled vet sleeps, he says he finds comfort knowing his bible and gun are within arm's reach. >> if you want to say there's a good part about bullets coming through your bedroom wall, at least it come through this wall of mine and didn't know damage to any kids or anything like that. >> reporter: elmore says he realizes that bullet could have hit him possibly killing him but he wasn't afraid because he says he has someone looking out for him. >> the only reason why i'm here because of the mercy and grace of god. he made sure i wasn't somewhere elsewhere i couldn't be harmed and i thank him for that.
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>> wow! >> don't mess with him. >> not at all. no. well, winter roles on, many of us are already thinking about spring. it's on my mine. philadelphia flower show right around the corner. today they're gearing up families turned out at penn's landing's winter fest for an afternoon of frozen fun with a little spring mixed in. this year's event celebrates hot toy culture and film. horticulture center sponsored the event giving out flower show prize pack and frozen give aways and anna and elsa there. 186th philadelphia flower show starts february 28th and i love that time of year because you know spring is right there. love that flower show. >> i spend so much money at the flor show it's not even funny. >> great. still ahead the wives of police officers turn out in washington d.c. to deliver a powerful message. the sea of blue coming up. >> and an unmanned rocket misses its mark in dramatic fashion. that video that just got to see.
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>> joe paterno once again college football's winning yesterday coach. the question now should his statue be put up. why a legal analyst says that might be a big mistake. ♪ >> so much coming up tomorrow on fox 29 weekend we start with this story so sad the world watched as brittany maynard decided to end her own life. so many people had questions they hit us up on social media sites. now we'll get some answers because her husband speaks out about her final days, her wishes and why she made that decision. >> so many people want to hear that. it is rivetting. we'll see that but we'll also on lighter note be talking about marriage proposals. valentine's day is right around the corner here's some very romantic inspiration for you. plus a look at your spring closet heading into spring so what you want to keep and what do you want to lose as you head into the season. >> all that tomorrow on fox 29
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♪ we are now getting a look at that dramatic footage from last saturday's boot rocket explosion in the atlantic ocean it was attempting to land on floating barge. instead ended up in a ferry explosion off the florida coast. it happened just minutes after the booster was detached. another test is planned for next month. the rocket is owned by space x. >> march in our nation's capitol to support our police officers. hundreds took part in the sea of
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blue march -- cues me, wearing blue and carrying signs backing law enforcement. the event was organized by the wives of three d.c. cops. they say they've had enough of the negativity aimed at police in the past few months. following no indictments returned against white police officers in ferguson and new york city in the deaths of two unarmed black men. >> i walked in their shoes and i know we're not the bad guys. we are the good guys in the middle that keep an narcotic and chaos at bay. >> one of the wives says that moral among officers is low and many of them are working extra shifts just to cover the protests. boxing legend mohammed ali the greatest is celebrateing his 73rd birthday today and he is doing it at home. the three-time heavy weight champion just released from the hospital yesterday. he was being treated for a
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severe urinary tract infection. ali is also battling parkinson's disease. >> penn state fans still celebrating a settlement that gives back wins to the nittany lions. a lot of people take to go social media. demanding that paterno's statue be put back on campus. coming up while some legal experts say it may be way too soon next. >> right now it's dry but cold across our area. and there's some rainfall on the way. i'll have much more on that coastal system that will bring a wet scenario for your sunday
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♪ joe paterno once again the winning est coach in college football history. nittany lions are getting back 112 wins that were wiped out during the jerry sandusky scandal. ncaa announceing that new settlement with the school on friday. a lot of state -- penn state fans thrilled with this new obviously and a the lot of people are asking to get the joe paterno bronze statue put back up outside of beaver stadium. you may remember in 2012 it was taken down just months after paterno's death. the 7-foot statue is now sitting
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in storage. this weekend fox 29 we asked legal analyst ken rothweiler about that controversial decision to bring the paterno statue back. >> a lot of people are saying let's get the joe paterno statue back on campus and so forth and what i say is, let's just wait a minute here, because what's going to go on is, there's still going to be a trial that will take place in 2015. that's the trial of spanier the president and also schultz and curly who administrators and when those tries take place, i think joe paterno's name is going to come up and i think it's going to come up in not such a complimentary way and the debate is going to be whether joe paterno himself should be called culpable in terms of the criminal charges. when you're a penn stater i think you're happy so far with what's happened, but i would say wait till the criminal trial to see what the total out come is. >> the president eric baron says there will be a time and place to decide what to do about that statue. meanwhile, penn state fans are
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also reacting to the news that the head of the inform caa executive committee ed ray admitting he never even read the free report that penn state sanctions were based. >> they made these fines when the person who was running the show didn't even read the report report. so i can agree with a lot of penn staters that are outraged about this. it shows that there wasn't proper due process and basically shows and a lot of people are making the argument ncaa railroaded penn state and with this type of revelation it seems like they did get railroaded. >> ray says he may have look at a summary but admits did he not actually read the full commission report. now to your fox 29 weather authority. boy, just looks so beautiful out there today. >> looks it. >> as soon as you step out there you got to go back in for a bigger coat. don you, scott? >> exactly. we saw a lot of sunshine out there today but temperatures were a good 7 degrees below where we should be chris and joyce. the average high this time of year 40 degrees. our high temperature only 33.
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it's going to be a little milder tomorrow but no sunshine. you'll need the umbrellas. 30 degrees right now on this saturday night if you're stepping outdoors. you'll have to dress for a wind chill look at that of 22 degrees. so it's cold and it's dry on this saturday night but it was a frigid start. the low this morning look at that 18 degrees in center city. the high temperature only 33. we should top out around 40 but hey, it could be worse. 1982 the low the record low 7 degrees below zero. so looking at the satellite and radar right now it's dry it's cold. a few high clouds are streaming by. but we're not anticipating that rainfall to really arrive until mid morning tomorrow. but look at the temperatures right now. upper 20s reading allentown we have 30 in philadelphia. as well as wildwood. 28 in dover. 27 in millville and atlantic city. but those are the air temperatures. you have to factor in that wind. look at that it feels like nine in the poconos. feels like 18 in wilmington as
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well as wrightstown. it feels like 20 degrees in atlantic city. now temperatures will hold pretty steady but it's going to stay cold as we move throughout the remainder of your saturday evening. by 11:00 o'clock, we're looking at 31 degrees. the clouds will thicken overnight as we watch that area of low pressure develop tomorrow morning. it's going to move up from the south. so we're looking at some of the heavier rainfall in delaware, south jersey north and west of the city lesser amounts of that rainfall. here's 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night we're still looking at some of that rainfall across the area. but the system it's going to be progressive so that window of rainfall roughly 10am until about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow and pulls away but behind it for mlk day it turns a little blustery and you can see even some snow showers well to the north and west of our area the poconos might see some snow flurries as we see this system move out. so as we watch everything time everything out tonight you can see we're dry and we're quiet. here's 10:00 o'clock for your
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late evening plans. we're not looking at any rainfall cloud cover is going to thicken though overnight and tomorrow morning 6am you can see maybe some sprinkles already showing up toward sections of the delmarva peninsula and then watch what happens by 10:00 a.m. we start to see better coverage but look at the yellow. look at the orange that is showing you this is a pretty intense moderate to heavy rain event especially along i-95 and as you move into south jersey so here's lunch tomorrow. still looking at some moderate to heavy rain. 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon more of the same. but look at 4:00 o'clock. you start to see most of that heavy rainfall shifting offshore and pulling away. so by tomorrow night turning blustery and colder once again maybe snow flurries in the pocono mountains. let's watch how things play out with this. by 7:00 o'clock tomorrow night we're looking at an inch perhaps an inch and a half south jersey, delaware, and right along the i-95 corridor lesser amounts once you move north and west
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maybe a half an inch or less. so for tonight increasing clouds. it stays dry. it stays cold. 32 in the city upper 20s in the suburbs and then tomorrow as we go hour by hour that rainfall starts to arrive. temperatures should be above freezing. there might be a little bit of sleet to start but it's going to change over to all rain during the day tomorrow. so that rain is going to be heavy at times. temperatures tomorrow in the low 40s so about 10 degrees warmer than today. but the trade off is that rain. clearing and windy by a.m. l day for service events. volunteering. we're looking at temperatures topping out in the upper 30s. dry and sunny for tuesday. and then we have a couple of chances for some snow as we move toward wednesday. and maybe friday into saturday we could have some rain and snow as well. but it is going to be cold and we're watching that forecast for that polar plunge next week. >> diving in the delaware. >> oh, boy.
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>> yeah. i won't be following him. (laughter). >> you'll see it on video though. i'm ready. i'm ready. >> okay. we can't wait for that one. okay. still ahead on fox 29 a delaware police officer is getting some international attention. ♪ >> we cannot stop watching this. dash cam antic got people talking and laughing around the
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♪ in your health tonight, best ways to drop weight. fad diets come and go and nutritionists say one way to drop those unwanted pounds is to keep your plan simple by balancing the calories you take in versus the calories you put out. fox's manny alvarez explains it. losing weight can be frustrateing frustrating, nutritionists say a fine line needs to be achieved by balancing the amount of food you eat with the am of act ready you to do. >> people are much more concerned about their calorie intake than they were five years ago. >> catherine jones the coauthor of calories in calories out cookbook.
6:39 pm
a talk with her brother spark the idea to include how to burn off what you eat. >> what i really want is a cookbook with great recipes that won't make me fat and it will tell me how much i need to work out at the gym to burn it off. so my mind sort of kicked into high gear and i said, i need that book, too. i think a lot of people out there need that book. >>book. report each recipe comes with a nutritional break down what you need to do to burn a serving off and suggestions to cut the calories. >> we don't want you to be obsessed with calories, but if you're trying to stay within a 1500 range or even a 1700 or a 2,000 range you've got a lot of options in this book. this is really just another tool in your tool kit to make it work for you. and your families too. >> registered dietician and coauthor elaine, says, the book helps people realize what really needs to be done in order to eat healthy. >> they may understand okay there's calories there's more
6:40 pm
calories in this food than that food, but what does it mean to them? i don't think they have enough tools to understand what they can do. >> reporter: the authors hope the book allows people to build on what's already good in their diets and build on points to make it even better. in new york, dr. manner, fox news. we got a sneak peek today at the uniforms for the 2015 phillies ball girls. >> the young women donned their outfits to take part in the very first photo session at citizens bank park. this year's roster includes 13 new local athletes and 11 returning members. the ball girls program selects educated and energetic women to serve as role models in professional sports. maybe one of them could play first base for the phillies. >> maybe. >> they can use it. >> they certainly are looking good. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 -- >> a local man wanted to give his home heating business a lift. so he turned to the us postal service.
6:41 pm
what happened next is hard to believe. fox 29 investigates next. ♪ >> this week we got kevin hart as the wedding ringer.
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♪ a small business owner is trying to hang on tonight. he's had to cut an employees
6:45 pm
hours and hustling for every dime after an attempt to boost his business fails miserably. >> he says the us postal service let him down. fox 29 investigators this story. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: jerrell love is proud of the heating oil and hvac company he's built from the ground up. the hands-on owner employees three drivers a service tech and an office manager. >> what do you like about this work? >> i just -- i like helping people especially when oil prices are so high we try to keep our prices down. >> reporter: as the cold weather approached, love wanted to drum up some new business. rather than hire people to walk door to door like he used to do with strong results jerrell aimed for wider reach by showing some love to the us postal service. a friend suggested trying every door direct mail. a service that the struggling postal service now billions of
6:46 pm
dollars in debt started in 2011 to fight off competitors. find the customers who matter most its website says adding that it's designed to reach every home, every address every time. just sign in, pick exact mail routes drop off times and they'll take care of the rest. love was hoping for a big jump in business. did that happen? >> no, it did not. um we have not had one phone call from that direct mailer. >> reporter: that's right. not one call from a new customer customer. even though love targeted parts of suburban abington and philly's germantown second. he did it in part because he knew a long-time heating oil had gone out of business. love nearly cleaned out his averaging budget on the postcards. 7,000 to be directed in germantown cost grand to print plus 1200 bucks to deliver. love says, he did get one call from the germantown mailers a
6:47 pm
complaint. >> i kept pulling and pulling. that happened, too. >> reporter: after barbara mitchell found 120 stuffed into her mailbox she struggled to get them out an alerted love energy. >> only they supposed to have been actually delivered, and he didn't do it so he just stuffed them in my box. >> reporter: he expected to you just throw them out? >> i guess but i didn't. because i know the guy had to pay for them to have them done. >> reporter: after hearing from barbara mitchell love energy's office manager shirley ferrets called the post office. the post office manager apologized and took mitchell's cell phone number and made arrangements to pick the postcards. but peretz says those post cards were never picked up. she says the foul up has hurt the business. >> we are down from an average of 60 deliveries a day to under 20. and it's really hurt the
6:48 pm
business. >> reporter: that's a big hit. >> it's a very big hit. >> reporter: so what happened? while love energy says it couldn't get much of a response from the postal service we did. its air corporate communications officer would not speak on camera. in a statement he wrote that a recent hire was working barbara mitchell's route on the day she found the mailers stuffed in her mailbox. he calls what the carrier did an improper delivery and claims it was addressed but wouldn't say if the carrier was punish. what about love energy? >> you want the us postal service to make this right? >> yes i do. report roar get the benefit that you -- that you hoped -- were hoping to get. >> correct, yes. >> reporter: it looks like it will happen. the post office tells fox 29 it will lee deliver the mailers in germantown at no postage cost to love energy. jerrell love who met with an apologetic post office official for an hour last week says he feels better now about the response but hopes it's not too
6:49 pm
little too late. >> so now you know likely what happened to your mailers? correct. >> they didn't deliver them? correct. >> they may have just dumped them. >> that's wait looks like. >> reporter: which you spent some money for? >> yes. report roar disappointed? very, very. it's hard times for us, you know and um, we could definitely use that business that we're not getting from it. >> reporter: and get this. the postal service tells its direct mail customers to bundle its mailers by route. love says he did just that only to watch a postal worker break thiemia par. the postal service says that was unprofessional and claims it's dealing with it. love energy says it's gotten some response to its mailers dropped in abington and willow grove but those may be existing customers. jeff cole, fox 29 news. all right. we are loving this video in the newsroom. video of a burly dover delaware police officer lip syncing to taylor swift got people talking all over the world.
6:50 pm
>> it's really pretty funny. take a look at it. ♪ shake it off ♪ >> he is working it. the dover police department facebook page yesterday it showed master corporal jeff davis driving patrol car while he's lip syncing and rocking out to shake it off. a spokesperson for the depth says he's getting calls from australia from england and germany about the video. it already has around 400,000 hits on youtube. davis is a 19 year veteran of the department. yeah, he's also known as the class clown. >> can't get enough of that. >> the officer says he knows the song well because he's got a 10-year-old daughter. yesterday we checked. there were three hun youtube views. today 400,000. >> it will go up and up.
6:51 pm
>> i love it. >> let's check in with keith russell now. keith -- what about your moves. >> i just want to know who he was singing to on the passenger side. >> himself. >> imaginary friend. lesean mccoy take pay cut to stay with the eagles? we'll tell you what you think when you hear him speak shortly. now mccoy not just talking about himself. he says it's clear who should be handing him the ball. come back and find o
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
♪ the eagles have already made a huge change giving chip kelly complete control of the players. now, you would think he has to keep lesean mccoy who's already said he's open to reworking his contract. mccoy made his intentions known again on the nfl network. >> i love my franchise. i love physical. i'm from harrisburg. you know, played in pittsburgh.
6:54 pm
i've been in pennsylvania my whole life. so i love that team and i'm sure we'll work something out. i don't think it's that big of a topic. i really don't. coach kelly knows how i feel about this team and what i'll do do. so we'll work something out. obviously there's something that sticks out. so we'll just wait and see. the biggest question now and will be until next year whose going to be the quarterback for your philadelphia eagles? would they seriously trade away years and years of draft picks for chip kelly's former quarterback at oregon marcus marriott at a. >> all this season got off a shaky start and nick foles finish the year injury on the side line mccoy says he's the guy. >> i think nick is a good quarterback. he's the leader of our team. and just things didn't work out for him this year. due to injury. we got his back. the two teams who gave the eagles their worse losses this season two best teams nfc only
6:55 pm
one team goes to the super bowl the best news of all unless you're head to do ooh sat tell only one place to see the game right here fox 29 coverage starts at 2:00 o'clock. the sixers trying to tackle something else. the misconception that team which is just come in here and beat them even without their best players. last night new orleans center anthony davis did not play against the sixers regarded as best young player in the inform ba with no davis on the court nerlins noel had 17 points, 11 rebounds five blocked shots two steals. sixers get their first win by double figures this season, noel got props from his guys but not before he gave teams a warning. if you don play your best and use your best against us, you're going to have a problem. >> i wanted to play against them. if you come to philadelphia you got to come with you know, full force. we don't take that lightly. >> his presence influenced a lot by far and away his best game as a sixer.
6:56 pm
>> i'd have to agree with coach on that one. you know the best i've seen him play all year and he's done great. his intensity was there and we'll need that from him if we're going to win games. >> the phillies have added an outfielder some dude from the white sox and i do mean some dude. don't they have enough dudes already? so with the phillies signing dominic brown and ben revere to one-year contracts brown will make 2.5 million revere making just over 4 million. the real numbers who is going to hit homeruns and drive in runs in that outfield? >> i think there's two or three spots open and there will be some competition there and we'll see how it goes. i think competition is a good thing. and we have the herrara whose transitioning into the outfield. he can play the infield and also play the out feel. keeping our options open. >> you know back in the day athletes would just not answer questions if they were fed up with the media. now, those who don't want to be
6:57 pm
bothered are finding different ways to make their point. >> do a good job with execution. >> what did you see them from them defensively that allows to you focus on the passing rush. >> we did a good job executing. >> are you upset with something? >> i just don't like you. >> you don't? >> no. >> do you not like nick either. >> i love nick. i don't like you. (laughter). >> what won the world be a better place if you could just say i don't like you. >> he's being real. he's being real. >> keeping it real. >> i've been in those locker rooms. they're tough sometimes. >> all righty. well thank you. hey that's going to do it for us this saturday night. fox 29 news at 6:00. tmz is next but we hope you join us right back here at 10:00 tonight.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> our camera guy got taylor swift running into harry styles. she wants nothing to do with this guy. >> but he doesn't really care. >> looking in this video she does have animosity. >> this relationship is over. he banged her and walked out of the room before she woke up. >> how do you know had a? >> i can see it in her eyes. >> we finally got the jamie lynn spears video wielding a gigantic carving knife inside the pita pit. >> i like that she's going out.


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