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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  January 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! a day after ice causes deadly accident, more dangerous conditions are expect this morning. what pen dot is doing right now to make sure roads are super safe. but first, sue. >> the hardest time might be getting out of your neighborhood, there is plenty of salt trucks out there this morning but we've got some
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places where you need to be, extra careful coming up in your weather authority forecast. >> all right, sue. new safety concerns this morning for vice-president joe biden. after shots were fired outside his home in delaware, the secret service is now working with local police to investigate this thing. plus a historic man march is recreated by cast members of the movie selma to honor doctor martin luther king junior how they and thousands of people are honoring the late civil rights leader. good morning everybody. it is 5:01, monday january 19th. a lot of people at home today because they have the day off. >> absolutely. >> you have to remember a day on but not today off. doctor king would want us to be doing something for somebody else. >> day of service yes. >> absolutely. >> is that your favorite word. >> absolutely good we will find out from quincy later on we are so proud of philadelphia because our big city martin luther day of service is the largest in the country. >> yes. >> wait until you see what is going on quincy will tell us about that, later on.
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it is a minute after 5:00. we will give you seven out of ten because eventually the sunshine returns and it is milder then yesterday but for slippery spots around this morning and we will have gusty wind all day as well. of course, gusty wind may help us in drying out these roadways but we are seeing some very light precipitation in some spots this morning. so flurries in berks county and what could be a little bit of sleet or freezing rain to the the south of us around new castle county delaware. we did have some showers, snow showers, in the the lehigh valley. we are not seeing any precipitation in the philadelphia areas. we had visibility issues yesterday and we are again today in the mountains with a mile visibility there. little bit of fog around the airport 6 miles visibility there but watch out as there could be foggy spots in addition to the black ice you will encounter out there this morning. we are only a degree above freezing in the city, 8 miles an hour wind and we have a
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wind chill of 26 degrees. our sunrise time 7:19. we will see some sunshine. the crazy weather weekend with the cold temperatures on saturday ape 43 with the rape. probably will be around 42 with the wind kicking up to 30 miles an hour at times and 28 degrees is our overnight low. the that is your weather authority forecast at three minutes after 5:00. let start our traffic report this morning. bob kelly is on vacation. blue route just past the mid county tolls. now it looks like traffic is very light of course this morning and folks seem to be traveling at a reasonable rate of speed. most of the main road have been treated or they are dry this morning but on the new jersey turnpike southbound just past 195 we have a disable tractor trailer. so the ramp is blocked. in chelten ham south of john russell circle between williams way and mass i way we have a building fire there. so avoid that area. you know when we have a fire,
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we have water from the the hoses, that tend to make icy spots as well. take cheltenham avenue to get by and back to claymont delaware philadelphia pike at harvey road an dent has that road closed. your alternate governor prince boulevard or, 495 lauren. >> thanks very much. happening right now penndot crews working a hard to make sure roads are safe this morning hoping to avoid a repeat of what happened yesterday. >> with the icy conditions. on a highway it is likely to blame for two different fatal accident right here in our area for more on that, let's turn to steve key liz live in bensalem. >> reporter: big special thank you for all of the salt truck drivers out on a week even and on a holiday working the the offer night shift. we have seen them work varying hard making two or three trips down the same street to make things so safe for everybody, because it the is treacherous. sue said your first trip outside on the side roads usually your neighborhood will be the worst of it.
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maybe the worst of it the is just walking to your car because my walk to my car was very dangerous. when i got to my car which was sitting out in the rain it was encased in ice. you pull door handle and like is the door be going to be opened. be prepared for that fuzz go out to your car any time soon. look at the this parking lot on street road at bensalem at what the was. every where you see a shine on the parking lot means it the is treacherous, and you can see this parking rot is on a hill. kind of a tilt which makes it doublely treacherous. first i was going to recommend baby steps now i'm recommending don't lift your feet from the ground just slide along the ground. ladies, thinks a no heel day. this is a ballet slipper day. it is so slippery you are like james brown's old moves, do you remember them, lauren. that is what it is like. the it doesn't take much water, no big puddles here just enough moisture, and it
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froze. it is icy every where. you will do some falling if you can dress like you are in the roller derby or playing in the nhl, i recommend that because when you fall it won't hurt as much if you have a helmet on and pads every where. lets show you the worst of the accidents yesterday, one and two, the the first one, two men killed here, when their car slid under a jackknife tractor trailer. the just awful on the blue route at marple exit. and then on the schuykill expressway, no warning at all 20 of 7:00 still dark out people thought i'm on a main road at least i know main roads are salted. but you could not even catch up to the storm gene blum said. this guy got killed 31 year-old when he was one of the first vehicles involve in the accident and got out of his car. gene blum said we would rather have seven or 8 inches of snow on the ground then the freezing rain we had and frozen ground yesterday because that is way more treacherous and that is because people don't see it. we have talk about the
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invisible ice factor especially when you are not expecting it. we keep saying north and west of the city will be the worst of it. i can tell you south jersey is bad. i saw an accident within five in minutes of leaving my house at the bet thecy ross bridge exit on to 90 and 130 and then i saw salt trucks on 130. so special thank you to those guys. and then the the mild per hour, on the bridge is, down to 35 on the betsy ross bridge. normally 45. one guy i saw on the bridge with me since it was a holiday not much traffic, was go tag to 30 very intelligently. even parking lots if you make a stop in for a coffee watch out, driving in this parking lot. that intersection there is a stop sign there, that is a sheet of ice. i made the in mistake of walking over there to inspect it and barely made it back to the truck coming up this hill. if you are walking on a hill be super careful today you's be like richard sherman after the game holding his elbow. he will get an mri a lot of
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people will have same type of injuries as they fall on that left elbow and walking around like this all day he will play in two weeks though elbow problem or not. >> reporter: he didn't fall on the ice but i bet you people aren't going to be playing if they fall on something as hard as the parking lot here. maybe he is playing because he only felon a grassy surface up in seattle. >> yeah, all right, steve keeley, thank you. >> what a game that was. we will get to that in sports. you can track falling temperatures, track road conditions, whatever you need on our web site at my fox now to our other top store thinks morning an investigation is underway into shots fired near vice-president joe biden's greenville delaware home. >> the vice-president will be in wilmington today for an event honoring doctor martin luther king junior. was not home at the time of the this. >> sabina kuriakose live in wilmington at the chase center with more on the story good morning, sabina. >> reporter: request morning guys. he will be here in just a few hours and then it comes after a the secret service revealed
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that somebody fired a gun outside of biden's greenville area home. it happened just before 8:30 object saturday night. the secret service says multiple shots were fired through a vehicle being driven on a public road outside the the home's security perimeter. they say that the driver then fled the scene at a high rate of speed. now biden's home is several hundred yard away from the main road yesterday, authorities searched nearby homes to determine if any round had struck them. "fox news" is being questioned. it is a driver who tried to pass a new castle county police officer trying to secure the scene around the perimeter of biden's home just shortly after the shots were heard. that driver was arrested and he was charged with resisting arrest but again police still investigating whether he had anything to do with this incident. now, back here live, the secret service and new castle county police are
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investigating the incident. again, vice-president joe biden will be here at this chase center a little later this morning for an mlk day event. no word whether he will address the incident but again, he and his wife were not home they were out at the time of the incident. back to you guys. >> sabina, thank you. president barack obama gearing up for the state of the union address tomorrow. the white house has released some of the policy proposals they will talk about during that speech that includes a tax policy aim at helping the middle class but it would mean tax increases for the wealthiest americans. capitol gains increase will be placed on couples earning more than 500 grand a year and proposal would eliminate a tax break on inheritance to give new tax credits to the the middle class. >> we need to double down on our efforts to deal with waste stagnation and declining economic mobility. simple proposition we should ask the wealth toy pay more and invest more in the mid have chal. >> the notion that some people to do better somebody has to
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do worse is just in the true. raising taxes on people successful will not make people that are struggling more successful. >> well, proposal is unlike liz to gain any support in the g.o.p. who control both house helps in congress. members of the congressional black caucus, vow for legislative reform in light of recent deadly police shooting across the country. >> self caucus members joined william lazy clay of missouri at a church services in ferguson on sunday this were there to honor the legacy of doctor martin luther king junior and she support for the community. during the service representative clay criticized the handling of the grand jury indictment in the shooting death of michael brown. retracing history stars of the hit movie selma, including oprah winfrey, participated in a march from selma to montgomery alabama a hundreds marched over the bridge, the scene of one of the most brutal chapters in the civil rights chapter to the the state's capitol. the historic protest led to the passage of the 1965 voting rights act.
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today in philadelphia there are events honoring doctor king. thousands of role tears will be participating in the greater philadelphia martin luther king day of service at girard college. our very own quincy harris will be there later this morning. >> looking forward to that. >> and the philadelphia museum of artist offering pay what you wish admission today. they typically do this on the first sunday of the month but today is different. the guests can visit the new exhibit representing 200 years of art. >> my favorite event it is today, not here in fill a but for two philadelphia mtv will broadcast in black and white. you had this yesterday live, all morning long. >> all morning. >> you and caitlin were keeping track of this. but penndot was hard all night making sure road were safe this morning for you. we will check those roads for you next with sue serio. plus it is time to do your taxes. >> exactly. the irs wants to you get a jump start why you should not wait to
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that is almost where i slipped and fell yesterday busted my knee and busted up my iphone six that i had for six days. >> where lucy and iain staring at i. >> mike and alex on the other side of the road everybody was looking, starring, watching feeling kind of sorry for me. ensue, poor lauren. >> yes, do i feel bad for you.
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i was in my pajamas feeling terrible. it was a horrible sunday morning. just horrible every where. we could have some icy spots, this morning as well. the it won't be as bad as yesterday but still, you cannot let your guard down because temperatures at or below freezing and a little bit of precipitation in a few spots this morning. the let's zoom in a little bit closer. it looks like in berks county we have some snow showers, snow flurries, possible there. all this is very light, so it is not clear whether all of this is making it to the ground but you might have, a little bit of the glaze, falling in new castle county delaware. there is a little closer look at the berks county situation around reading, some snow showers, possible or some light snow flurries, maybe even as far south as dover, delaware and even into sussex county. the thinks air air coming down from lake erie because of the colder air that is moving in. the it is bringing down some of that moisture. a little bit of lake effect. we don't expect to it last.
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we should see he decent sunshine today. only trade off is win gust that will be around, 30 miles an hour at times. so the future cast shows a lot will of sunshine today and clearing skies tonight. temperatures right now, well they are getting a little bit better. 34 degrees in philadelphia we are above freezing there. thirty-two in pottstown 356789 in reading and allentown. look at lancaster only 29 degrees. plenty of spots of black ice there. thirty-five in trenton. we have 34 degrees in millville and 33 degrees in wilmington. a little trick there i as well being so close to freezing. win speeds are around 10 miles an hour in the city, so that will give us a wind chill that is in the 20's this morning. make sure you are bundled up properly because most of our wind chills are in the 20's this morning. now we will get to the seven kay forecast eventually. for your holiday. . with your sun and clouds. that should be a decent day. wednesday looks like another tricky morning because we have precipitation moving in the overnight hours, news to
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wednesday. that could start out as snow but with that high of 38 we will expect to change over to rain, perhaps a tiny bit of a repeat of yesterday, but actually complete thely different situation with a clipper system coming through. then mid 30's on thursday and friday, and then back to seasonal temperatures around the weekend. so is there your seven day forecast, it is 18 in minutes after five. would be kelly is on vacation. we will check traffic for you you and there are plenty of tricky spots this morning. first we will check the vine street expressway. it looks like the road is okay. folks probably should be moving around a little bit more slowly this morning. that is approaching i-95 there. now we will go to atlantic city the atlantic city brigantine connection, southbound off the ramp to the ac expressway, we have an accident there. so that ramp is closed. again, plenty of icy spots this morning. cheltenham south john russell circle between williams way and massey way. a building is on fire there avoid the area take cheltenham avenue as your alternate.
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make sure to check your bus schedules today because of a few bus routes that were canceled already. route 27 and route 22 route l, as well all suspended a at this time. so before you go outside, lauren, and wait for that bus make sure it is running this morning. >> all right, sue, thank you so much. we will check with penndot to see how they are preparing for the roads for safe driving this morning. >> so charlie metzger is joining us on the phone right now and charlie i heard the salt trucks in my township going through my residential neighborhood. so glad to see that they are being pro active here because we saw the deadly mess yesterday. >> yes, that is correct. we have had crews outside overnight. we have had over a hundred trucks out right now, they are salting, and they are hitting the the problem area. we're get something calls for some icy areas, in bucks county, and in some spots in montgomery county but we have had over a hundred trucks out in the five county region. we ha,e had trucks outside overnight and we will continue.
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got thing is today is being a nationality holiday, we will experience a little lighter rush hour then normal. so, people will be safer staying at home and if you have to venture outside today take your time, leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you have and if you come across one of our plows, stay behind the plows. your safe place. don't try to pass the the plow. let him do his job. >> yesterday, we were watching imaging coming in live to us a at fox 29 weekend. i think it was deceiving. it didn't feel so cold outside but apparently the the ground was still so cold. we saw these pile ups happening one after another. are people deceived when they say it is not really freezing but they don't remember the ground is so cold. >> right, that is what we call a flash freeze cycle where the the rain is not the frozen but as soon as it hits the very cold grouped, the ground has been cold for several days, and it the freezes instantly and you can see the glaze from
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the pictures on the camera. it creates a false sense of security. people try, were driving at normal speeds and got themselves into some trouble. >> you talk about the trouble yesterday. the we're looking at this jackknife truck and we had two fatalities from this where cars basically ran into this truck. this was on 476 southbound and just north of the marple road overpass. what can people learn about what happened. >> what can people learn to drive-in conditions like this. >> just take your time leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. slow down. the just make sure that you are getting where you are going in plenty of time and leave a little extra early and just be safe out there. common sense. if you know that the road could be icy, slow down and, you will get where you are going safely. >> okay. >> charlie thanks for that update. keep us posted on the progress this evening. >> we will.
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>> coming up, thinking of getting married in philadelphia in late september. >> don't do it. >> here's why, of course, the the pope is coming here in september. they are expecting for the papal mass at many as 2 million people to crowd the parkway. what does that mean for hotels? welshing not good if you have friend and family and guests coming for your wedding. much more on that straight
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health officialness mali say they're bowl a free. new new cases have been reported in six weeks. amount of time the world health organization officially declares an out break to be completely over. six of the infected patients have died since october. ebola has killed 8400 people in west africa. get out those w2's and line up those deductions, the irs will begin accepting and processing 2014 federal returns, on tuesday, and sooner the better. tax officials warning that it may take a little bit longer to receive your refund, this year. the problem is i don't get my w2 from my employer until the end of january, sometimes early february. how about this, american snipper, speaking of money, clear cut number one at the becomes office over the weekend. the film picked up '60's car nominations last weekend and earned more than 90 million-dollar. 90.3 million-dollar in its opening weekend. that set a record for january ticket sales janice
5:26 am
notoriously a slow month in the box office but not for american snipper. setting record there. i hear it is quite good. >> you have to catch up on your movies. >> i can't. when you have kid the only movies you see are movies like the lego movie or frozen. >> let it go. >> weddings mean big business for many hotels but for philadelphia hotels they are discouraging couple from booking with them. >> why don't they want the business? it all has to do with the pope's visit slated for this year. anyone planning to get married in late september might be completely out of luck when it comes to getting a venue. pope will be in town september 26th and 27th for world meeting of families and more than a million visitors are expect to be in philadelphia. so some hotels are discouraging couples from making arrangements at their hotels just then. >> i mean philadelphia is so honored to have pope francis's first visit to the u. is be in philadelphia, and paper at mass is expect to
5:27 am
draw as many as 2 million people. pope john paul the second was here in i believe 1979 he had a papal mass and it attracted a million people this time this pope is so popular they will expect 2 million people. >> good for the the city huge. >> can you imagine, all of the money coming in. coming up we saw dozens of accidents yesterday but can we expect more treacherous conditions today? sue serio as i call her, sue serio harvey road she has your weather and traffic. >> she should be called sue been today. >> for bob kelly. >> yeah. >> secret service investigating shots fired at the vice-president's house, we will have a live repo
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yesterday's deadly ice storms causes a havoc on the roads and this morning big concern is refreeze. how your ride to work if you have to go to work today is going to be safe. shots fired, secret service says someone started firing outside the vice-president's home in delaware we will have a live report. seattle seahawks, did you see this game headed back to the super bowl but some fans learned an important lesson at the game yesterday, never leave early. or turn off the tv, because of the epic come back. >> never leave early and never text early. so were four minutes to go in the game another turn over the fourth interception by russell wilson. green bay has the ball. >> your wife is like it is
5:31 am
over. >> green bay is going to the super bowl. she's texting her friend from wisconsin, enjoy the super bowl congratulations, all that stuff, and 44 seconds, and, what a game and what a game, good day to it is inside and watch football too with the weather. >> i was routeing for green bay. i thought seattle they a had their glory last year. 5:31 is the time. buddy is not in school because of the holiday but he like many other people getting ready for service project to day. twenty's and 30's are your temperatures outside. plenty of icy spots. leave early. we will give you a seven. the eventually we will see sun shining and temperatures will get above freezing, but there are plenty of slippery spots around this morning. and we have have a little bit possibly of precipitation, with this cold air coming down across the great lakes, a lot of that moisture is making it into the delaware valley. we have possibility of snow
5:32 am
showers, snow flurries, in berks county, it looks like chester county and maybe a little bit of northern montgomery county, as well as possibly a few slick spots in new castle county delaware, each of the three counties getting a little bit on radar. not sure if any is making it to the ground. the there is a lot of refreezing this morning, and being a pedestrian may be your most adventurous thing this morning. visibility we had a problem yesterday, not too bad this morning. so now we're up to 34 degrees in the city it is getting milder, but wind chillies 26. 7:19 is your sunrise time. forty-two should be the high temperature. mix of sun and clouds. kind of the blustery day, wind picking up and gusting to 30 miles an hour. thirty-two is the overnight low tonight. that is your fox cast, from the weather authority, and with bob kelly object vacation today we will handle traffic as well and of course nothing like yesterday but we still have to be on your guard. we are looking at 422 at
5:33 am
trooper road. the cars are moving licensing okay. >> it doesn't look like any big visibility issues as well but everybody seems to be moving just a little bit more slowly which is a good idea. we will go to cheltenham between williams way and massey way. we have a building fire there. avoid that area and take cheltenham avenue instead to get by. now we will go down to delaware knew washing delaware to be exact main street westbound at academy street is there a water main break, the left lane is blocked and you can be certain there are icy spots around there. new taking a look at the bridges, speeds reduced this morning because of the icy conditions. so, fuzz are on the ben franklin or betsy ross you can only go 35 miles an hour. speeds reduced to 25 miles an hour on the walt whitman bridge. check your bus schedule this morning. many routes are suspended including route 27 route l route 22 and 25. little september autopsy date the for you, chris. >> all right sue, thank you
5:34 am
36789 people were killed after a pair of deadly accidents on two local highways yesterday. police say two people were killed when cars slid underneath a jackknifed tractor trailer on i476 another man was struck and killed when he got out of his car, during that 56 car pile up on the schuylkill expressway. pen to the trucks have been outside making sure road are safe for drivers hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterday. they have been outside salting the roads all over the delaware valley. >> switching gears, secret service investigating shots fired near vice-president joe biden's greenville delaware home. >> vice-president will be in wilmington today for an event honoring doctor martin luther king junior who was not home at the time of the shootings. sabina kuriakose is live in wilmington at the chase center with more on this story good morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the vice-president will be here at the chase center at 8:00 o'clock for that event. new this morning we're hearing police do have somebody in custody, to be questioned over this incident. it is in the clear if that person has anything to do with
5:35 am
the shots that were fired, that is according to "fox news". the here's what happened the secret service agents were at the home in greenville just outside wilmington, a suburb at 8:30 saturday night when they heard shots fired just outside the home's security perimeter. they saw a vehicle fleeing the scene. police were securing the outer perimeter about 30 minutes after the shots were heard. when a driver tried to pass a police officer, that driver was arrested and charged with resisting arrest. "fox news" reports he is being questioned to see if he had had anything to do with the early incident. new here at the chase center the the vice-president is meeting for organization of minority women for breakfast in honor of the martin luther king junior day. back here live, this incident is under investigation. it noise not clear whether the vice-president will speak about the investigation while he is here at the breakfast. again, that is very latest here from wilmington back to
5:36 am
you guys. >> thanks, is a bean, thank you. still ahead icy road wouldn't stop one woman from giving birth the unusual spot the that she welcomed her new born baby. >> look at that little guy. a joy ride in the luxury sports car goes really bad i. what may have caused a a vehicle worth $150,000 to go up in flames.
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lava in hawaii inching closer. the lava flow has moved to within a half a mile from a main road in nearby police and fire station. safety officials are concerned about brush fire activity related to this lava flow caused by ongoing, dry weather conditions. lava flow is coming from a volcano which erupted in june. driver's passenger narrowly escaped a terrifying scene on a a loss angeles highway. >> two men were in the car when the electrical system failed. police say the car which had in lights, could not move in the shoulder or lane so they told them to stay in the car. but that is when a bus came bearing down on the men forcing them to jump out of the car, over center divide inner to traffic. the bus then hit the car, and then it burst into flames. >> wow. >> you probably cannot tell but thinks a lamborghini that caught fire during a test drive on saturday afternoon.
5:40 am
>> wait, a pest drive. >> a test drive. >> yes. >> this had to be in florida. >> of course. >> in a tampa parking lot. the fire was so strong that it shook the building he was in. >> i'm talking with him, maybe three to five minutes. that heat we could feel from here all the way over there. you could feel the heat. >> yeah. >> a rescue official says that the three two-year old driver wasn't the owner but considering buying the car fortunately, no one was hurt. fire marshall says something in the engine department malfunctioned. when you spend that much money there is nothing that should malfunction. >> you initially told the story, i thought can i take this for the test drive and he is one who messed up. >> that is what i thought too. >> you don't hear that very often with the nicer cars. >> 150 grand. colorado new born has
5:41 am
quite the the story to tell. >> to what. >> to dell. >> good morning. we will speak english for the rest of the show we promise at 5:00 406-7899 day old baby was born in his parent's car in the hospital parking lot. >> his father did the delivery. now the happy parents relived the store which "fox news" mcgrady algar. >> reporter: resting in his mother's arms baby of howie lie gentleman came into this world for the hundred time. >> he will be bragging. >> reporter: for angela and sergei it is comical but miraculous, ten days early on a night when freezing rain left wind chills and streets a sheet of ice angela knew, he was coming. >> time to go. >> reporter: after hitting a curb and popping a tire. >> he was going too fast, i'm likes the emergency exit is right there. just pull in closer. >> reporter: just feet from the er door. >> he opened the door and said get in the chair.
5:42 am
>> i said no, take pants off, she's coming already. >> in, wait, please. she's coming out. i said take pants off. >> reporter: baby elijah was born. >> he came out. >> reporter: now nine days later and still, two days away from his original # due day's lie gentleman lay with his rosie cheeks and healthy glow. you would not guess the infant's umbilical cord was in thed and wrapped around his neck, are in would you guess his injury in the world was the front seat of the car. for this family the story that adds to life when elijah will get to tell many times over the the course of his healthy life. >> look at that cute little face. >> so, coming up super bowl is set, oh, yeah, i thought aaron rodgers was going to take them to glendale arizona this year with that hurt calf limping around the field good what a game, that seattle will/green bay game was.
5:43 am
in the so much the patriots and colts, we will have much more straight ahead. and a high school basketball coach is in trouble after a team runs up the score but does the punishment fit the crime. we will explain.
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kick kick, kick hey. >> we're teaching chris how to do the shuffle. >> it is the stupid shuffle. >> come on. >> sue serio was at the wedding and her husband was on the phone and could not figure out why. >> well, he was reviewing the electric slide. >> the cupid shuffle which is easy to pick up. >> but are you laughing at me. >> no i'm laughing the at us because we're so boring that when we go to the wedding we have to look at video to see what these dances are but we had a great time. my cousin ken and his wife janet their son justin got married and we were at a the reception. it was a lot of fun a lot of family. they had a dance mix version of let it go. >> oh, stop it. >> yes, you just can't let it go.
5:47 am
anyway, this morning, all of the problems we had over weekend, treacherous problems with ice. there could be refreezing this morning, tea pending on where you are and we are seeing precipitation. moisture moving down from the great lakes with colder air moving in overnight. yesterday we got warm enough to eventually get to all rain and then now we are seeing some slick spots this morning and maybe a few little drops of something falling from the sky. we're talking about berks county chester county montgomery county, we will zoom in closer to berks, around reading, you may be seeing some snow showers or snow flakes this morning. just little spots here and there but the the point is to be careful because being a pedestrian could be the worst of it this morning. a lot of the roads are treated but not in the neighborhood necessarily. looking ahead in the future cast at least the rest of the the day we are expecting sunshine and in more precipitation. it might end up being a couple degrees cooler then yesterday but some of our temperatures
5:48 am
are above freezing right now, don't let that fool you though because spot where you are walking may be right at freezing and that could cause you to lose footing 356789 in reading. thirty-two in pottstown. below freezing in lancaster. thirty in mount pocono 356789 in dover. only 33 in wilmington. factor in the wind speed of 10 miles an hour or less and you have wind chills in the the 20's this morning. the feels like 26 in the city right now. we just jumped ahead to the seven day forecast. after the holiday today plan on a pretty decent day tomorrow. high of 42. it is a the night we will get a quick system moving in. this is a clipper system with snow initially changing over to rain with a high of 38 degrees. that could be ab adventurous morning commute on wednesday. sunny a and cold on thursday and friday and then some clouds and sunshine over the weekend but seasonal temperatures then. the that is your weather authority forecast. time is 5:48. lets start off looking at the the schuylkill expressway,
5:49 am
approaching the blue route now it looks like folks are moving along okay, the roadway itself is dry at this point and we know that the salt trucks have been out especially on the major highways treating those roads making sure you don't slip like folks did yesterday. now, north philadelphia, 22nd street between cecil b more avenue and montgomery avenue. we have an apartment fire there. avoid it by taking 24th street or norris street to get by. on 295 southbound the off ramp to route 656 we have an accident there so the ramp is blocked. give yourself extra time if you are traveling the major bridges because they are on speed restrictions and 25, 35 miles an hour depending on the bridge and check your bus schedules. some of those lines were suspended until further notice again with the slippery spots on the streets. everybody is taking every precaution possible this morning. lauren? >> sue, you were snoring sleeping soundly while the stage has been set for super
5:50 am
bowl 49, the patriots, surprisingly will take on the seahawks. >> yes, and it will be interesting to see how these two teams stack up. fox 29's howard eskin has details in sports in one minute. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning i'm howard eskin. super bowl 48 is set, seattle and new england. it should have been green bay. they led 16 to nothing at the half. lets get to seattle. sixteen to nothing right here, third quarter, fake field goal from seattle. how can green bay in the look for this. the punter throws touchdown pass. sixteen-seven. green bay made mistakes after that conservative on offense and in the overtime tied at 22 russell wilson. throws a touchdown pass 35-yard, jermaine curse. aaron rodgers knew his team should have won the game. >> we just missed an opportunity that we will probably think about the rest of my career. we're a better team than that.
5:51 am
we played well enough to win and we cannot blame anybody but ourselves. >> aaron, you did have the better team. patriots won easily too. how about this, tackle eligible play. nate shoulder, 45-seven. that is sports in a minute i'm howard eskin. >> so seahawks pretty excited after leaving the game early they miss that had dramatic come back at the end. these are photos of fans watching from monitors after being unable to get back in the stadium. this is a lesson court supporting your team until the very end. >> don't be a fair weather fan. >> the thing is they have been known in seattle there the 12th man, they are so loud, they are so into it and they are and then these guys come outlooking like miami heat fans or something. >> look at that. >> dopes. >> i know. >> a california high school basketball coach has been suspended after his players
5:52 am
beat an opposing team by nearly 60 points. >> so look at video for yourself. michael anderson faces a two game ban after a royal valley high beat blooming ton high 61-two. >> the coach is accusedded of running up the score after not taking out his starters until the third quarter. many parents though they disagree with the coach's suspension. >> i feel as though it is very wrong. i say what are you teaching the kid to lose and not be rewarded. are you teaching them to be a loser. >> i think it was just trying to give the other team a chance to go out here and make some scores. >> even diana in the studio is talking about this. she's fired up. i love that. school officials say they hepp suspension will serve as a reminder for coaches and players to respect their opponents. >> you should put in your second and third string. >> with the score that bad.
5:53 am
>> come on two points. a pizza delivery man gets a surprise of his life, and a tip that will be hard for anyone else to top. join thus saturday at neshaminy state park for 2016 eastern polar plunge our chris o'connell will be freezing for a reason, he is raising money for the special olympic. our friend preston and steve from wmmr will be there as well. if you want to be donate the or be part of the pledge go to my fox and click under the fox 29 [ leguizamo ] hey,
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all right. time is 5:56. we're looking at olde city for you. a michigan pizza delivery man got an unexpect surprise last week. yes, pizza delivery man rob, thought he was just dropping off a pizza at keller williams reality convention in ann arbor and quickly learned there was much more planned for this delivery. >> would i like to present you with something, would you be okay with that. >> okay. >> i have a cup of cash for 2084 doll arts. >> wow. >> the realtors say they will never forget this special day i'm pretty sure neither will rob. keller williams got nice free advertising. coming up modern day bonnie and clyde captured by police after being on the run
5:57 am
for two weeks, officers catch up with this duo. how their crime spree came to an end. hundreds of people paid tribute to the late civil rights leader doctor martin luther king, of course including the cast of selma. how they and others are
5:58 am
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at two dead, 30 injured, lets not have have a repeat of
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yesterday morning about this time. flies black ice out there be careful. shots the fire our site the the the vice-president's home, soon after they saw a car speed ago way. what happened outside of that home. i hate to bring this up but it is tax season already. the sooner you get started, filing your taxes well as soon as you can could it is tomorrow. i will jump on it this year. if you are procrastinating you may want to get on this as soon as possible. why the irs is begging people to do their taxes sooner rather than later. the stage is set for super bowl 49. >> patriot will take on the seahawks but some seattle fans are really kicking themselves this morning even though their team came back in an amazing win, why some fair weather fans are just so upset. >> as we say never leave a game early, our executive producer of the the show you never leave a game. >> that is true. >> they did not


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