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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  January 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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a storm from the south is heading our way, it is getting ready to move up the east coast, just when it will hit? how much are we go to go get? is it going to be rain snow. so much to discuss. join us. all new this morning people in tacony are waking up to find out their cars were set on fire, overnight. the the investigation into this vandalism. you know the the story by now a teenage girl punched in the face repeat thely by a grown man. now, police are hoping you can help fine that guy. the reason that she says that she was hit. you may want to rethink answering the even if touring your next help tell stay.
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the calls some people fell for that is now costing them big time. good morning everybody. it is fifth friday, january 23rd, 2015. >> we have made it. >> my sister susan's birth the day. >> did you send her that card good no, i'll call her today. i don't look well. >> look nice. >> about the nor'easter. >> as i understand it, we will either get an inch of snow, or 86 inches. so which is it. >> i will tell you yesterday the potential was there for mountains of snow good and new it is more of a potential for buckets of rain. >> yeah. >> but it will start as snow and change over to snow. >> will we go snow, rain, snow. >> it looks like snow, ice rain. >> snow, ice rain. >> but most of it happening while you are sleeping tonight, all right. so we will break this all down for you. let get you through today first and that is in the difficult. it is an eight out of ten for today. bus stop buddy is bunled up as
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usual for temperatures in the 20's and 30's at the the bus stop. maybe a few slippery spots out there. winter weather advisory goes into effect at 9:00 p.m. until 10:00 tomorrow morning for several inches of accumulation. we were going to get mountains of snow that would be a winter storm warning. it is not, so things have improved with the forecast for this storm from yesterday at this time. satellite and radar picture just a few included around but as i showed you earlier our storm that we're anticipating is now down in georgia, and heading up into tennessee as he well. 26 degrees at the moment, not here now and feels like 26 too because of the wind chill. there isn't one. there is very light wind out there temperature 40 degrees. should be a nice afternoon with increasing included later in the day sunset time is 5:09. it is after sunset that we will anticipate the the snow to begin. again, we will break that all down for you but lets talk traffic with you right now at two minutes after 6:00 o'clock.
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we will start off with this accident on the eastbound schuylkill expressway, right there at gulf millions. a vehicle has overturn and there they have it over to the side of the road but one lane is still there and only one lane is getting by, better leave early if you take the the schuylkill eastbound trying to get out of your house right now. in upper gwynedd, sumanytown pike at south broad street we have reports of an accident there as well, alex. >> all right thanks sue. fire officials investigating what may have been intentionally set car fires, overnight, and in philadelphia. >> steve, what is going on here. >> reporter: that is what everybody wants to know and if you had this happen to you you would be thinking what did i do to somebody or why did somebody get me. the woman that owns this vehicle doesn't even live anywhere near here she parks it here and this is a prominent corner where everybody passes by the tacony palmyra bridge at robbins and torresdale avenue, one of the main drags in the city and the
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coincidental thing she's park next to the fire hydrant. this -- chris, can you a hear me. this is our photographer i'm talking to. he cannot hear me, evidently. this is a nissan pathfinder that is new totaled this was the the new nicer car and more expensive loss, 30,000 plus. chris, come back over here for a second. you can see right next the two fire hydrant. even though fire department got here quickly and can't get more convenient putting out a fire, with a fire hydrant 5 feet away. still a total loss. go up to the camera there. within of the city crime cameras is here. maybe they caught this arson on video. now, lets go to our video from three blocks from here up robbins street and then down an alley behind ditman street in the middle of the block which makes you think somebody knew the neighborhood walking down an alley, they say a a mercury mountaineer was set on fire and that fire got so intense it melted the brake lights of the neighbor's car
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like ten or 15 feet away and caught the back of the side over hang of the house where the family was a asleep and they got out unhurt. how scared must they be thinking somebody came in the middle of the block in the back alley set our koran fire out to get us. that is the question. they had chase the arson dog over there sniffing, wondering what accelerant may have been used because this was too coincidental to have two accidental fires so close to each other. while they didn't call it for sure arson it beast came that way because this fire where i am started first at 2:00. they get this one out. they don't get too far back to the firehouse and then they will get another call for another suv on fire just a couple of blocks from where they had been just moment before. so that is why they think somebody did this and probably did both of them alex and mike. >> my goodness look at those cars, this is something. >> yes, to see it up close. >> yes. >> 6:05. police are investigating a a dead bye pedestrian accident in edgemore, delaware. it happened shortly before
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8:00 o'clock last night on i495 police say a man tried to cross the northbound lanes of i495 northbound and they say he was hit by several cars that did not stop. can you believe that, be in stopped? police are working to identify that victim. 6:06. happening today lawyers for eric frein are hoping to keep video from the police barracks where he shot two state troopers last year closed to the public. today they will file a motion, to keep surveillance footage that allegedly shows the the 31 year old survival list ambushing the two troopers. frein led authorities on a manhunt for more than a month have after the incident. corporal brian dickson was kill in that attack and troop are alex douglass was wounded. camden county is giving resident extra chances to get their flu shots this month. flu shot clinic will be held one to four this afternoon at camden county bellmawr regional health center. flu shots will be offered on wednesday at camden county one stop in camden, health
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officials are recommending flu shots for seniors, pregnant with man and anyone with weaken immune systems. >> it is not too late to get those shots. governor chris christie is calling in the big guns the changes he is making to atlantic city that he hopes will turn city around. deadly involved shooting in new jersey, now gaining national attention. and an opened
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ac looks kind of nice this morning. >> it does look at those nights. >> why don't you and i go to the borgata tonight alex. >> really. >> go to the b bar. >> i did have a lot have fun at borg at, beautiful. >> yes. >> new jersey governor chris christie had stopped just short of the state take over, to help provide the economy in atlantic city. >> here's the thing governor says, state intervention is now needed for that city. yesterday governor christie used his executive power to a appoint corporate turnaround specialist kevin as cities new emergency manager and attorney kevin orr as's special counsel. they will have very broad powers to try to fix what is ailing the atlantic city.
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>> it is to make sure that we have the tools that are necessary, and confront the dire circumstance we are confronting. >> we're going to work as cooperatively as we can as we have in the past to oversee it but we don't know what their jurisdiction is right now other than they are going to be working with us. >> also try to get governor bet are microphones. the last year four casinos closed in atlantic city, three others are now in bankruptcy ape residents have seen their taxes, sky rocket. 6:11. time is running out for two japanese hostages held biasis with the deadline fast a approaching how will the prime minister handle this tense situation. you know what, don't answer the phone? how a phone call cost hotel guests hundreds of dollars, and what you can do to stop it, from happening to you.
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we're all wondering how will this storm play out? when does ate live? when does it leave? let's break it down for you first, in text and then we will show you in a map. it looks like the snow has got an bit of an earlier start to it then what we were telling you yesterday between 9:00 and midnight, it begins as mostly snow, and then some places rain or wintry mix. between 9:00 and midnight it starts to move in. steady snow falling between one and 4:00 a.m. there may be some sleet mixed
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in icy travel possible basically in the middle of the night. then we have the changeover to rain for most of us, between four and 6:00 in the morning before sunrise and then the rain exits by 3:00 o'clock and there may not be a change over anymore to some snow before we exit and then we will get ready for a sun take night snowstorm but this will be a clipper. lets talk about to take 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. winter weather ad vicary in effect for most of the area ultimate doppler nothing new but you see the storm starting to spread into tennessee and, the western parts of the north and out carolina heavier rain from it around the center of the storm is down in southern georgia the panhandle of florida and in southern alabama. so we've got the the temperatures and the types of precipitation, tea pick on this future cast here as the storm moves in tonight it could be seeing the first snow flakes as early a as 10:00 o'clock tonight, in the city and then it quickly starts to pile up for a couple
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of inches until we see the changeover. when does that happen? it looks like it is after one or 2:00 in the morning. do you see lynn between snow and rain? that line will have ice in it by the way. starting to move northward between four and 5:00 in the morning as our temperature get is above freezing here in philadelphia pottstown and allentown where they may get a little more snow before the the changeover. the temperatures warm there as well. new we are at 8h in the morning when fox 29 weekend begins and mess of our temperatures all over the region are above freezing and rain is heavy lingering through 11 or 12:00 in the morning. war seeing wrap around moisture as this storm exits and it hud be out by three or 4:00 in the afternoon an then we will anticipate the the next storm which we will talk about later. so up to 2 inches possible before the the changeover in the metro area. north and west maybe a little bit more of the the pile up before we get warmer temperatures in here and get change over for everybody to
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all rain, that is the very latest on the way that will play out. new back to today, 21 in pottstown, cold, 17 in mount pocono. twenty-six in philadelphia, good thing storm isn't coming in right now, 25 degrees in wildwood. we head to a high of 40 degrees, it looks like a decent afternoon, snow rolls rolls in tonight with the wintry mix as well changing over to rain with a high of 38 on saturday. by unday it looks like a dry day with a high of 39 but increasing clouds and the snow moves in, sunday night into monday. we could have a messy morning rush on monday and then very cold temperature, arctic air blasts in for tuesday and wednesday, of next week. so adventures in weather continue for this winter. lets check out traffic and we will start off with a look at route one southbound at fox street as traffic moves along just fine there. i-95 at cottman avenue we will check that one next, a a lot more volume heading in to the the city but everyone is moving along okay.
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also on route one southbound near adams avenue we have a disable vehicle of the inner drive of the boulevard there so that could slow you down and in plymouth township montgomery county, ridge pike at north lane an extent there with police directing traffic around it. finally on the market frankford line westbound delays because of the equipment problems at the allegheny station alex. >> thanks, sue. reverend al sharpton wants new jersey officials to investigate the police shooting death of the man during a traffic stop. this video may be difficult for some viewers. >> show me your hand, show me your bleeping hand, get him out of the car, rang. you reach for something you will be dead. he is reaching. >> this police dash cam rid ohio shows night police officers shot and killed jerome reid last in. sharpton's national action network released a statement saying they call for a state probe incident. new jersey civil rights groups have requested an
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investigation. 6:19 on this friday. well, saudi arabia's new king promised to continue the policy of his predecessor but just hours after the death of king ab toll a was announced, he had this to say. the first of all, let me tell you this 90 year-old king abdullah dade after two decade in power. he made a splash in the conservative muslim country that included trying to crackdown on extremist and a appointing the first female government minister in the kingdom. his half brother, hoist almost 80 years old, takes the reigns new this comes as a growing youth population pushes for more social reform. owe meanwhile thousands in mecca gathered to mourn the death of king abdullah verses were chanted in one office many lamb's most sacred site after the king's death was announced. >> isis militant are indicating time running out
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for two japanese hostages, morning in an than line post the group says the count down has begun. while showing graphic images of other hostages being beheaded. militants are demanding 200 million-dollar in ransom from japan to save these two his stagees, in this video. time is running out is there only a few hearst left. >> you had and cuba wrapped up two days of talks in havana to restore ties, while some changes are underway officials say there is a long list of demand that both countries must meet among them, putting an end to restrictions on american diplomates in cuba for cuba lifting trade em bar get and being removed from the terror sponsor list. also at issue are opening embassiness bet -- both countries. >> climate change and threat of nuclear war are pushing the world closer to doomsday. happy friday. with that statement, the the scientists moved the clock to three minutes to midnight, the
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doomsday clock was created in 1947 to warn the public, of the spread of nuclear threat. the last time it was three minutes until, was, wow what year was that, 1983. so that must be 193 don't you think. that wasn't the cold war. sixty-three. we will rewrite this story and come back to you later. mount laurel police want to get to the bottom of the hotel scam. >> this is weird. >> it is. >> police say they took complaints from 15 guests staying at aloft hotel at fellowship drive on tuesday. guests told them someone claiming to work for the the hotel, called their room asking for their credit card information state ago this computer erased their information or something was wrong with their card. police say three of the 15 guests gave them that information. >> oh, no. >> soon they found the purchases have been made from $142 all the way up to a thousand dollars on their card. >> probably have would have,
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yeah. you expect if the tell even if call comes from the hotel and you are if the hotel you are in a safe area. >> now police are still investigating whether the call came from outside the aloft hotel or whether it was just an inside job. meanwhile the hotel handed out letters to some guests warning them of this incident. this is the the story that is just went go away national attention, big time, tom brady is talking about deflate gate, what he says to reporters, a at yesterday's press conference. it didn't help the situation tom. oh, my gosh, oh no that was will ferrell the movie star chucking a ball at a cheerleaders face why would he do that? use that hash tag fox 29 good day it is tiffany amber theson's birthday all of the the guys loved her on save the bell. >> we want to know who is your
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tv celebrity crush tv or movies, tell us with the hash tag fox 29 good day. someone from back in the day. >> back in the day good because you are my celebrity crush.
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yes, yesterday was a day we thought we would get answers concerning deflate gate. bill belichick spoke and so did tom brady. would you think between the two of them would you get something on how 11 of the 12
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balls used on offense were deflated. denials continue. >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing of anybody. >> very comfortable saying that. >> i'm very comfortable in saying that nobody dit, as far as i know. i don't know everything. i also understand that i was in the locker room preparing for a game. i don't know what happens during the course of the process with the footballs. >> as far as i know. >> one of the legend in nascar legend is calling it a career. a after 2015 jeff gordon says this will be the last full-time. he won 92 races. college basketball to the liacouras center, and temple made it easy against south florida. they win it 73-48. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 6:26. now we will put up a picture here. do you recognizeathathathathw ] ♪
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it is exactly 6:30. >> we might get this, it is a massive storm ready to move over the coast bringing snow, and rain. so how will it affect your weekend? sue serio will let us necessity with her full forecast. >> man, whole city is talking about this a teenager a attack on the crowded trolley, look at her punch in the face repeatedly by a grown man. what she says that she did that upset the guy. no excuse. >> my gosh down she goes. what happened here? will ferrell pegged the cheerleader right in the face, and then gets escorted out by security. okay, what is really going on. we will find out. good day it is friday january the 21st 2015, now we're all sitting on pins and
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needles. >> worried about tomorrow. >> i'm literally on a needle. >> is that why you are so uncomfortable. >> it really hurts. >> will we get 1 inch of snow or 68 inches of snow what will happen. >> one extreme or the other. >> well, let me tell you this mr. mike and miss alex it is a really good thing this storm isn't arriving right new because temperatures are pretty cold and we would be dealing with snow and terrible morning rush but by the time it gets here we will milder temperatures. yes, we will get snow and ice but then it will all change over to rain. that is the the short answer believe it or not. here's bus stop buddy. temperatures in the the 20's and 30's. you have to bundle up. there could ab a few slippery spots out there. we have seen a few accident out there this morning. we have an eight out of ten. plenty of sunshine during date but we are anticipating tonight's storm. here's your winter weather advisory. we say 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.
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but we have staggering evening times for this advisory as change over happens, early tomorrow morning from snow to rain. so ultimate doppler is showing nothing right now but the storm it is pretty potent and getting this moisture from the gulf of mexico. it hasn't become a coastal storm spreading rain into georgia and soaking western south carolina and north carolina and parts of the tennessee. our temperatures gone down to 26 degrees, in wind chill really. we have very calm wind. 7:17 is our sunrise time. we will get to 40 degrees. the seasonal temperatures right where we are supposed to be as we often say, 32 degrees tonight and that is what will make it the so tricky that temperature when the precipitation arrives. we will break it all down momentarily for you but lets talk about traffic as we get started on your friday morning we will start with 422 westbound at route 363, all ready crowd there had this morning. on the new jersey turnpike southbound approaching burlington mount holly we have reports of a car fire more on
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that coming up. speaking of car fires mike. >> that is right fire officials investigating what may have been intentionally set car fires, overnight in the tacony section of the city. >> yeah. >> let get to steve keeley live with what investigators are looking at this morning. we're talking about two cars steve. >> reporter: reason mike may have said it it is not definitely arson but too coincidental not to be arson. these are both so close to together both in time and space. we are looking at a first fire on the busy corner as you can sianni here robbins street and torresdale. that is probably the last big intersection you hit before you leave philadelphia to get on the tacony palmyra bridge a couple blocks from here. so this carries a complete loss this was a nissan pathfinder and a pretty new one as well and you can see it looks like object smash window according to one fire investigators i talk to and threw accelerant in there as
6:34 am
only thing this would burn so much so fastest specially since the fire department got here pretty quick quick corn tore get to from the closest firehouse and look at how close the the fire hydrant is. it is in the lick they needed hose to get to the the closest hydrant, right next to the hydrant and new lets get to the other scene. this was a half an hour afterward. this is three blocks up robbins street and then down an alley behind ditman street and this was a mercury mountaineer that was likely set on fire and the problem here is that it is parked in a driveway behind a house and the fires get so intense in these car fires that they can catch something not even right next to the koran fire n this case it was back of the house that caught on fire family asleep at the time and everybody gets out okay and even the neighbors car park 15 feet away had one of the brake lights out because of the heat from the mercury hundred tane near fire got so
6:35 am
intense. how would you like to be that family wondering is somebody targeting me. they are in the middle of the block. somebody went in the back of the house in the alley way to set their vehicle on fire. the one as we come back live here on a prominent corner where somebody maybe would have a quick getaway and you can see up on the streetlight here on the utility pole is a citizens crime commission camera, and hopefully, that is working and hopefully somebody can find some video and see some kind of an identification as to who may have set this on fire. we dent want to make a joke about this but come back over here this person shouldn't have been park hear in the first place. the as you can see on the sign here no parking here to the corner. maybe somebody was upset that they park dress to the fire hydrant and trying to teach them a lesson but that is what happens when you park illegally something bad happens to your car. >> it seems personal to me. >> yes, it does. >> we will find out what happened there hopefully that
6:36 am
camera was working. 6:35. he police are investigating a deadly pedestrian edge in even more delaware that happened at i495. a man tried to cross the north bound lanes but they say he was hit by several vehicles some of them stopped, others did not. police are working now to identify the rick tim. 6:36. philadelphia police wants to find a man who attack a female teenager talking about a 17 year-old girl on the trolley. >> have you seen her face black eye. girl says the incident was all spark by something fairly innocent jenny, her back pack. >> reporter: yeah, apparently her backpack was hitting this man according to the victim. we know when you ride public transportation sometimes those buses and trolleys and trains are going to be crowded. you might be close to one another, however, this is the reason that this 17 year-old says that she got punch by a green man. he used his fist to express his feelings at 7:30 a.m. a
6:37 am
attack happened on wednesday as shea, the victim was on her way to school. she has a broken nose and a bruised face. the attack was caught on cell phone video. it is blurry but you can see the man she's talking about. man she said punched her three to four times in the the face before hopping off of the trolley at seventh and girard streets. she explain prior to the punches that he threatened her as he was wining up his arm she tried to defend herself and punched him simultaneously she quickly realized he would not defend herself against a grown man. >> he had arched his arm back like he would bring it forward and hit me. i saw that, i oughtcally reacted. >> after he hit me three or four times he ran off. >> he is a creep. on a bus full of kid, if the book bags are hitting understand you are on a bus full of kid. it happens. word can be changed, okay but you to physically harm a
6:38 am
person that you know is a child, a female, and i don't care how big or how small a child is, a man is always stronger than a woman. to know that he hit my daughter several times and see the video of him hitting my daughter several times in the the face and to see the results of it, it just angers me. >> reporter: shea says one person tried to pull her away, during at attack a, most people went about her business. they tell us that the trolley was pack with students, so that is probably why more people did not try to help her out. right new police are trying to pull rid ohio from septa's surveillance cameras and back out here you can see here at seventh and girard streets machine toward by closed circuit cameras. hopefully police will be able to pull the footage of this suspect, and he was last seen getting off of the trolley here at seventh and girard street. victim does in the know who this is. if you have any tips call east detectives. mike and alex. >> i cannot imagine someone that would do that to a
6:39 am
teenager. >> just stop it. a philadelphia homicide detective has been indicted accused of not solving a murder but trying to conceal a murder. >> prosecutors say 16 year veteran ronald dove tried to help his girlfriend avoid charges. erika sanchez was a accused of stabbing annex already to death in 2013. dove allegedly drove sanchez to new york paid for a hotel, concealed her car and mislead his collogue his were on the hunt for her. authorities are also investigating other homicide case that he is dore was involved n they are looking for more possible wrongdoing. he is free, after posting bail, and due back in court on tuesday. police in hamilton township new jersey are looking for a man whom they say is showing people a little too much. >> yeah, a little too much of him. they say this guy has been flashing people outside of a wawa video released this week shows the man earlier this month outside the store on route 50, you know, one female victim told police the man exposed himself to her right
6:40 am
in the parking lot. there you go, other women who were told about the incident were also stunned. >> oh, my god, that is very disrespectful. that is tote thely advertise respectful. they definitely should be, taken to task for it. >> i was devastated, scared. >> yes. >> i don't understand people. why would he do something like that. >> yeah, i never got this either. what is he late teens maybe early 20's. >> he looks like mid 20's. >> apparently he is driving a white car. >> watch out for that guy geese. what on earth got into will ferrell. he was a at the a basketball game and chucked a ball right at a cheerleader's face. we will tell what you really happened here, sue. >> some messy weather is on the way as our nor'easter approaches, we will show you where it is, when it arrives here and just what we will get answering all of those questions coming up, mike.
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here's my question is tiffany amber the the thesend, do you remember saved the bell. is what your crush. >> and christopher williams. >> good choices. >> and here's another one candace cameron, look at that, from the fourth grade. >> now she was on not boy meet world but full house. >> full house. >> i know what you are thinking of, you are thinking of. >> tapanga. >> yes. >> her name was tapan hans ga on saved by the the bell. tell us who your tr crush was back in the day. >> boy meets world. >> yes that is who i thought it was. >> i thought it was because of the hair. >> candace cameron is kirk cameron's sister. >> we will figure it out. just tweet us using the hash
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you know embarrassingly i went to his show on broadway in new york last year. >> why is that embarrassing, it is barry man-
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>> i am sneaking up in the balance conn which may girlfriend. >> yes. >> i get a tap, my agent was there with his wife. >> your agent. >> i said i don't want anybody to know who he is here. >> we happened to be walking down the street. >> i just hurt myself. >> yes. >> that is what it is. >> i sad on another needle. >> no, we were walk down the street ape his agent tapped him on the shoulder. >> yes. >> is that you. >> your mike good does it work anymore. >> let talk about this. >> you need to get your self together. >> but we want you to join us for 2015 eastern polar plunge. our chris o'connell will be there. he will be freezing for a reason. of course, it is all to raise money for special olympics. our friend from preston and steve, they will there been too, taking the plunge. if you want to donate or if you want to get into that freezing cold water go to our web site at my fox and click under the fox 29 family focus section. it is a great thing to come together for. but also tomorrow, sue, it is
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a great day to do a polar plunge, isn't it? >> well, i will say it is looking more and more like rain, during the event. registration starts at 9:30. the actual plunge happens at noon. it will be a chilly rain. it will be washing away the several inches of snow that will have fallen before the changeover to all rain. this is a complicated storm. the models have started to come together on this one, where we're expecting an earlier, slightly earlier arrival time then we were saying yesterday. tonight into tomorrow. maybe nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight. various precipitation types, snow sleet, rain it just depend on where you are and you probably will get a little bit of all three before all is said and done. strong gusty wind along the the coast because this is a a coastal storm. so, our winter weather advisory starts at 9:00 tonight but the ending time, is varying depending on what county you are in as the changeover happens to the south first and then moves northward so higher accumulations north and west of the city. we will show thaw map in just a second.
6:47 am
here's where the storm is right now and as it moves into the the mountains of north carolina you can see it becomes, frozen precipitation but mostly it is rain, at the moment. so, lets check this future cast again, not set in stone, but we will see what happens, now, tonight after about seven or eight or 9:00 o'clock we will see it moving in as snow in the metro area rain to the south of us, and then you will get a chance to get a couple of inches of snow, by midnight, one in the morning before the changeover to all rain and you cane that happening as this line moves to the north, and very icy in between, and best advice is really don't stay out too late tonight if you are going out tonight. try to make it an earlier night, get in, don't be outside on the road when we're in the middle of the transition because that is when it gets icy. by 6:00 in the morning here in philadelphia, heavy rain but it is rain and up in the lehigh rally though it is still accumulating snow, and then by 9:00 in the morning it is turning to all rain a and then we will get another chance of some snow, accumulating, and before that
6:48 am
all happens. and now maybe we will get a brief period of a wintry mix before all is said and done. then we will look ahead to unday evening, when we have the the possibility into monday morning of some more snow that one with a cribber system. we will worry about that later. here is your potential amounts before the changeover and it looks like we could get up to two to 4 inches north and west of the city. around two in the city before the changeover, and then it is just, all about the temperature, and the track of the storm, temperatures right now, they are cold, 26 degrees in the city, 17 in mount pocono. twenty-one in millville. 29 degrees in wilmington. heading to 40 later in the day. thirty-eight after the changeover to rain tomorrow and then partly sunny skies, sunday night into monies our next storm, and then, arctic air is blasts in after that. we have highs only in the 20's on tuesday and wednesday. so is there your seven day forecast. bob kelly continues his vacation for one more day, so we will check traffic. we will start off with i-95 southbound at cottman avenue
6:49 am
where we have quite a bit of traffic but it is all moving. on 295 southbound, the on ramp from 295 i295, there is an accident there and it is on the new jersey turnpike southbound a approaching the burlington mount holly exit. it looks like we have a vehicle fire there. finally in king of prussia henderson avenue at church road. we have an accident, this morning. there could be a few slippery conditions, on the side streets especially this morning. >> you know sue i will tell you something, you might want to keep your phone near your your camera phone handy, because ready for a celebrity spotting today at the the havertown giant store. >> why is that. >> former eagles donovan mcnabb will be meeting shoppers there today. remember number five he will always love you. nfl great will sign autographs for the the first 150 people that walk in the door at the giant. so donovan, he is sponsored by proctor and gamble.
6:50 am
he is making monday which proctor and gamble now. i call them p and g. >> because donovan likes that. >> i got it like that. >> yes. >> anchor will ferrell, we have been teasing it this morning, he is men for being funny. >> yes. >> there is a reese even thing that happened at pelicans/lakers fans saying ohh, instead of laughing. it was kind of bad. >> here it is. here's what happen. now look, watch this. he had has got the ball. he will try to make a shot in the basket, right? he nails the cheerleader right in the face. >> wait for it. >> come on, will. >> here we go, right here. >> my gosh, she goes down. >> that is fantastic but here's the thing, the cheerleader wasn't seriously hurt. the it wasn't a real ball. the incident was staged for an upcoming movie called, daddy's home. the it is kind of a spongey ball, not even a real ball. >> but she fell. >> she was an actress she
6:51 am
knows how to do it. >> stuntwoman. >> stunt ball woman. >> it is like a nerf ball. >> watch this, it looks so real. >> it does. >> i wonder if there are professional people that fall for a living. >> have of course stuntwoman. >> yes. >> i know but when she was here she was knocking people out. this is more, you know, falling. >> it looked like it hurt. >> it did. >> it was a joke. what a face? meet the new gerber baby. >> she's from our area. >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> we will introduce you to grace, the gerber baby. >> yes. >> we have to get that child in here i'm going to just chew on her face. >> in a good way.
6:52 am
6:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪
6:54 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] i a had a picture at work. he started out as music but he has done will selma and other stuff, appearances on tv. >> he has been on this show. >> he has. >> he sat right next to me. >> three times. >> he must come back. >> he is a good guy. >> you know, the gerber baby, they make baby food gerber.
6:55 am
>> yes. >> yes. >> gerber babies. >> throughout the the year they have gerber baby. how many times have you said to somebody, my gosh, that is a gerber baby. >> that is true. >> well, get this the face of gerber. >> the new face. >> pennsylvania. >> look at this beautiful baby >> meet grace. she's 2014 gerber be our baby photo search contest winner. we can see why. she's from east petersberg in lancaster county. >> lancaster county, sure. >> grace's parents get 50 you this dollars, one year of gerber baby food and chance to appear in future gerber ads. >> she is a adorable. >> yes, anybody give me $50,000 for this. >> nope. >> how about this. >> you are a little gerber baby. >> yes. >> it is so cute. >> i do have something in common with gerber baby. >> what. >> we both wear diapers.
6:56 am
>> disturbing news if you take the pill, have you heard about this, a new study out that says it may be linked to a rare form of brain cancer? so should you stop taking the birth control pill? we have a doctor in here, to say don't get too alarmed. mike, you know this might be the year, i know you said this is the year but this might be a year to ask your about for a raise. why you have a better chance now then the past few years. >> the year this video was shot was 1968. last time i got a raise from
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
would it wilt control warning there is a a link between a brain tumor. do you take your pills this morning. >> i don't have have any explanation. >> i have no knowledge of anything. indeed, great balls of, liar. somebody had to know something, so who did it. we're talking deflate gate. quincy? >> hey, how are you guys doing. this is run keeper.
7:00 am
it tells people, the best places in philadelphia for to you run. so why? i will talk to a runner coming up next. i would say that is best place to run in this city kelly drive. >> i think so. >> beautiful. >> go down to east falls, coming back. >> it is difficult in the warm weather because it is so he crowded, not that i would know. >> on your left on your left, on your left. >> yes. >> it is scary. >> yes. >> i found something, stunning. >> um-hmm. >> i'm going to put it in a picture now. who is that? and what is with the top of your head? that is you alex. >> yes, that is me. >> second great. >> i don't know how bill newbold got this photo the owe. >> but are his celebrity crush. >> back in second grade. >> it is a navy blue bow. is there a big bow. but it blend in with my hair. >> i


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