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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  January 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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two snowstorms hitting straight for us. first hitting us right now. how much snow can we expect? sue serio is tracking it all. >> road are messy as well. crews have been gearing up for our morning commute. our bob kelly has the latest on what you can expect for your drive to work. >> you could stay home today. we have school closings and delays scrolling at the bottom of the screen pay attention to those, head over to our web site and scrolling down there good day everybody, it is monday january 26th, 2015. our top story today a 1/2 punch of winter weather. >> we are taking a look at our conditions. jennifer joyce has a look at our road in pennsylvania, and sabina kuriakose starts live from new jersey. we will begin with sue serio tracking the storm for us. sue, a lot of activity out there in the super market last night. >> yes, it was the place to
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be, to get hunker down for is what happening tonight this is part one of the two part punch and we are seeing more moisture explode in the area if you are just joining us last hour we were talking about a lot have of place that he is don't have anything going on just yet, but we've got this moisture moving from the southwest. it is part of this storm that could make things just be enough to be slippery this morning. so lets zoom in and see is what going on. it looks like area of snow showers around woolwich township in new jersey and maybe across the river in chester, pa. up to the north of us and parts of the bucks county around richland, buckingham allentown some light snowfall. we have had measurements of a half inch of snow in some places and we are getting slippery conditions potentially around the the junction here between guard up state parkway and the atlantic city expressway. on areas will have rain. it depend on the temperature. you have to be on your guard this morning even though we are focusing a lot on the
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major event that is happening tonight into tomorrow. now we do have a few changes this morning. area thawe in purple delaware chester county and berks and lancaster county all under a winter weather advisory for light's accumulations then we are expect nothing philadelphia but the potential is still there with this second storm a lot of a accumulation in philadelphia delco, chester and montgomery -- i'm sorry, montgomery and bucks county a as well as south jersey. area in readies under a blizzard warning for not only a lot of snow but very high wind as well. right now in philadelphia we're okay. 31 degrees. 13 miles an hour wind. twenty-one is the wind chill. sunrise happening at 74:00. we will keep an eye on visibility. areas where it is snowing your visibility is reduced about a mile and a half in mount pocono and allentown and 3 miles now in atlantic city that snow that just popped up there temperatures below
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freezing including here in philadelphia a further south will get milder, 37 degrees in wildwood. when they get precipitation it will be rain. we will all get something today. it looks like on and off snow eventually. some folks could get rain. depend on the temperature. it will be close to freezing all take long. nor'easterly wind at the 15 miles an hour gusting to 25. this is the the prestorm to the storm and big one comes tonight. we will give you the latest estimates on that coming up in a few moments. bob kelly is back from the vacation and look what you brought with you. >> exactly. >> everybody will send me back. i won't mind if you want to send me back 567:89:05. sue is right we're talking about the the storm later in it the but we have to deal with the cheese burger here this morning because there are some slippery conditions. we already have snow in some area. what you want to be careful for is right now 30 degrees anything wet last night could bized over. you then get that dusting of
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snow on top and it could be deceiving. mother nature will play tricks on us today. 422, we are seeing snow crews have been outlaying down the salt but secondary road side street untreated road surfaces are snow cover. here's 202 in the great valley on route 29. here's a shot of route 100 in the pennsy turnpike between downingtown and morgan town snow covered roadways and a live look at, this is route 202 near 611 up in doylestown. so the on and off ramps less traveled road this morning could be slippery. then there are areas like here in south jersey they don't have any snow at all yet so they are waiting. it is a tricky situation depending pneumonia where you begin and end up your trip but it will be a rough go for commuters this morning. now in advance of today's storm and tomorrow's storm new jersey transit cross honoring system wide this morning. speed restrictions up and down
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495, speed restrictions already in play on the new jersey turnpike. again slower than normal speed coming north and west of the city where we are seeing the snow covered roadways at least for the moment. chris and lauren over to you. thanks bob. our crews are on the streets across the region. >> let start with fox 29's jennifer joyce driving along the pennsylvania turnpike hi jennifer? >> hopefully jennaphr is okay. we will get to her in a moment. we also want to check what is going on in the skies. >> yes, philadelphia international airport let see if the flights are leaving on time. airport spokesperson tie and joins us now. dianne mondays are a big day for business travelers. what can they expect. >> well, good morning lauren and chris. >> hi good right new we have about 50 canceled flights up until about 2:00 o'clock this afternoon but there are as of right now many flights that
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are operating on schedule. we want to let travelers know if they are scheduled to flight today, that they should check with their flights status and they can do that trekly with their airline by calling 800-phl gator checking the airport's web site. if they have already check in, and their flight is operating on time, we want to make sure that they do allow extra time to come down to the airport and we want everybody to be safe especially in this weather, where we're anticipating later today. >> dianne what do you do on a day like today when you know so much is coming throughout the day, getting worse how do you prepare for this. >> welshing we have been preparing all weekend actually for this. we have our crews, they are here and they are ready to go, and we're going to handle whatever mother nature has planned for us to take.
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we are in contact with our airlines to support their activity, and we have our equipment all in place. we have 200 pieces of equipment that we use to fight weather in big storms such as this a and we have about 500 employees perfect dedicated to snow removal. everybody is ready to go and prepared to deal with this. we expect a long duration storm. we're ready for it. >> dianne, thanks very much from philadelphia international airport. so lets get back to jennifer joyce. jennifer, everything okay out there on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> reporter: yeah, actually we're driving on route 23 in morgan town. as you cane the snow has fallen and we're just seeing off and on flurries falling. we are taking our time because there is a a fresh coating of
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snow on the ground. we showed you in the last half april hour we were following behind a salt truck, crews have been out trying to tackle these conditions all night long, conditions that are muchtive rent from what we saw in philadelphia when we left this morning. there was no snow activity. as we were traveling west on i-76 we did notice wet road, further west we went. we saw multi in i am salt trucks out there multiple penndot crews standing by on the side of the road getting ready to get down to business. you can see this area has already seen the snow fall so we are seeing people out here on the roadways new that it is after 5:00 o'clock, beginning of the morning rush and while we have not been necessarily slipping and sliding i have been talking with photographer greg here and says we are taking it the slowly for that very reason. chris and lauren. >> safety first, good advice. thanks jen. people living in new jersey getting ready as well. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in mount laurel with
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the update for us, hi sabina. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. well it is very cold. it is very windy. but take a look at the ground here. there is more salt than snow here in new jersey. you can see that on the ground. we are seeing flurries earlier but not so much right now. it is still. but of course we're expecting more to come down. take a look at cars. they have windshield wipers up, they are bracing for this storm. new jersey is ready. take a look at video that we got last night as they prepped for this storm. ny dot tells us they have 2600 plows and salt trucks ready to go during this storm. they are not taking any chances. they have power company crews on stand by. they are worried there might be possible power outages. back here live okay,er with here at wegmans. we have talk with some people here, and going in to work already this morning, they told us to drive-in, here in mount laurel. it wasn't too bad.
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we have a dusting of snow on our cars, just a little bit nothing more than just a shake to wipe it all off but we are going to get snowed in what better place than wegmans. it is warm, we have as much food as you could want. i think we have a pretty good location just in case the snow starts to fall, was do you think guys. >> that is a good place to get snowed in. >> milk, bread and eggs. >> and in one makes french toes, that is his complaint. >> all right sabina, stay warm out there. our live coverage of the storm continues in just a bit, remember track weather anytime on our web site at my fox ) just click on the
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i thought bruno mars could have done last year all by himself. >> that is want of the of the best ever. >> that promises to be darn good with katie perry and lenny cravats. that is for the future. the let get through this storm first. we will first talk about, tonight into tomorrow and big storm we are expecting even they we are getting snow right now. the big change is that the national weather service has downgraded all of delaware chester county, lancaster and berks county to winter weather advisory for light's accumulations of snow then originally predict. but here in philadelphia we are under a winter storm warning for decent amounts of snow fall tonight into tomorrow. add in the wind and the fact that the bull's eye is right around new york city and north jersey blizzard warning remains in effect there for tonight into tomorrow. let's break it down for you on and off snow showers during the day-to-day and slippery morning commute, in fact.
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slippery at times on untreated surfaces every where today. there won't be a real long period of a lull when storms but may get a little one, tonight heavy at accumulating snow and win will kick in and blowing, drifting snow as it accumulates and then tomorrow morning snowy, windy it will be worse along the coast with the wind picking up and maybe some coastal flooding as well hazardous travel for all of us on tuesday morning. so that is a break down for you, lets talk about estimates of accumulations. the these a going to change a bit. nothing set in stone. it looks like the worst of it will be north jersey, long island, new york city connecticut with as much as 2 feet of snow possible out of this storm and then little less as we go through these bands because thinks, of course, a coast willal storm so farther away from the coast less coast you will get. doesn't mean you won't have hazardous travel but won't pile up as much. that is what is going on there
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ultimate doppler for right now we are starting to see a little will bit more showing up in south jersey as far as snow and rain depend ing on the temperature where you are. we have montgomery and bucks county very light snowfall but enough to put that coating on the ground and maybe half inch. around limerick and buckingham, upper hanover allentown some light snowfall staffer, little egg harbor mace landing, atlantic city it is probably raining right now because too mild for snow. we will see that for. and we have been talking, that is tomorrow. possibility of light accumulations and storm gets cranked up off shore tonight into tomorrow morning and so about 10:00 o'clock tonight we might be at the height of the accumulation other place that he is will get it the the most and it looks like a sharp cut
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off between a whole lot of snow and lighter amounts, say three or four or 5 inches. by 1:00 in the have afternoon tomorrow just about all of it should be out of it. that is break down there. 31 degrees in philadelphia 20's to the north of us mid to upper 30's. to the south of us when you get precipitation you might get rain in south jersey. wind not a big issue just yet but it is gusty, it is 13 miles an hour wind right new in philadelphia today we will top off right around 32 34 degrees slippery spots. be on your guard all day long as you're making your preparations for big are storm tonight into tomorrow. 25 degrees tonight. once it get that cold it means snow, for everybody tonight. it is just a matter of where you are that will determine how much you will get. so bob kelly how are folks doing on the road this morning. >> you bring up a good point. we are focused on tonight into tomorrow but we have to get through this morning.
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mother nature throwing us a couple curve balls this morning because depending upon where you begin and even are trip you can have have snow covered roads, wet road icy road. we have 30 degrees there. there is a live look at blue route 476 right here near mid county interchange near germantown pike. salt crews have have been out throwing salt down like it is going out of style here on our major roadways but everything is wet. we have route 100 right here near exton mall but with the wet road and temperatures at 30 degrees, anything that is wet, could be icy this morning. then in the suburbs where we are getting that snow you can get that dusting or that coating on top of ice and that can be deceiving. live look here schuylkill expressway near conshohocken. no problems at all in or ought of the city on the schuylkill expressway. no problems on 422 but again out in the suburbs we're seeing snow covered road so anything that is not treated that has been in the salted or
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brine put down your secondary road, your neighborhood driveway is slippery and snow covered. on and off ramps overpasses like height here at route 309 and bethlehem pike. the mass transit, new jersey transit, cross honoring system wide and that will stay in effect all day thomas we her from the airport. some airlines have already canceled flights all together. they did it the last night. so check with the airline on your flight status, expect delays, get down there early, make sure you have some cash to grab some snacks as we are taking the kid. philly international roll of the dice there today speed restrictions up and down 495 as well as the entire stretch of the new jersey turnpike. chris and lauren back to you. carbon monoxide leak, sent five people to the hospital. fire department responded to a call in the 800 block of east sangor street just after 12:30. two victims were taken to st. christopher's hospitals and
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three others to genees hospital. more signs that new jersey governor chris christie will be a can tait for president in 2016. >> latest news governor has launched a political action committee to raise money for potential presidential run. over the weekend christie was a number of possible republican date to attend the freedom summit in iowa. next month governor will be in new hampshire which is an important early voting state, of course. coming up, we will continue to track this snowstorm. here's a live look outside our studios at fourth and mark. latest time line and expect snow totals is coming up next.
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go get it girl. 5:25 is the time. >> perfect time to have a dance party stay inside, keep warm. >> you have to do something to stay warm. >> let's check out how road crews are keeping roadways safe. >> jim westoff joining us on the phone from delldot. how is the the first state doing this morning, jim. >> it is pretty quiet in delaware. our crews are ready. we have everybody in new castle county since 10:00 o'clock last tonight but so far we have not had much snow or anything just yet. >> you guys have have already lowered speed limit on certain roadways out there to prepare for this bad weather is that right. >> yes, speed limit has been
5:26 am
lowered on i495 but other than that, it is the the storms staying off longer we will be okay for morning commutey was just down in delaware. i noticed one thing right away. i-95 has so many fewer potholes then this time last year, at least that is good news because with the snow you cannot see them it just wrecks your car. >> this time last queer we had so many storms last year compared to what we are doing right now. so far we have been lucky this year. >> going forward, of course, this is just sort of the warm up for what is to come which is tomorrow night, really. what are you doing by way of staffing. >> we will have everyone statewide working by 7:00 o'clock and they will stay on for the duration, we will put in a lot of hours in the next couple hours. >> what is your at advisor final word for drivers during the commute. >> well, this morning we're
5:27 am
giving yourself extra time to get to work because we don't want to have any problems today. we may have some slippery roads, so please ab wear of that good advice for all of us, not just in delaware. jim west off from dell dot, thank very much. coming up we will look outside our studio at fourth and market right now and sue serio has your full forecast and sabina, you are in new jersey this morning good morning to you. >> hey, good morning. that is right new jersey is bracing for a 1/2 punch, coming up we will tell what you they are doing to get
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winter weather is here. how much snow will we get. >> sue serio is tracking it all and she will have the answer for you. >> plus hundreds of flights are expect to be canceled up and down the east coast today, those driving will deal with the messy road as well. bob kelly will look at that for us we are not only ones bracing for extremely winter weather. some it is is will see 3 feet of snow and how they are preparing. >> good morning, everyone it is monday january 26th 2015. january 26th, so we have all been kind of waiting for winter to really come and here it is, sue serio. >> sure is. >> starting with a whim per this morning and then a roar, later on. i guess they are starting to
5:31 am
film rocky movie to day in philadelphia a. 1/2 punch thing is appropriate what do you think. buddy is red which a waterproof jacket the a lot of schools are going with early dismissal. they are going in this morning but you have to be careful driving kids to school or kid waiting for a bus outside, we have precipitation on the way if you don't have it already. slippery spots. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. the here's is what happening right now. a lot of action on ultimate doppler. we are seeing more in south jersey then we had an hour ago and then area of moisture moving toward us that will be probably giving us a a coating of snow or an inch or two before the morning is through. now across the river from frustrates in woolwich township in new jersey we are seeing some light snow main putting a coating on the ground making it slippery. parts of bucks county montgomery county around skippack and getting light snow this morning and over in eastern new jersey and parts of the jersey shore we are
5:32 am
seeing arias have move through a band of light snow around egg harbor and little egg harbor. we have some light rain in southern delaware, more on the way, and watches and warnings. we have a winter weather advisory for delaware, and our western counties, basically since the the tonight's storm. it will be a coastal event and bull's eye will be right around new york city and north jersey. further away from there you go the the lesser amounts you'll see of accumulation. it doesn't mean you will in the get anything but went get very high amounts that we are predicting for areas at center of the storm. 31 degrees feels like 21 thanks to the 13 miles an hour wind and visibility, it the is reduced in allentown, mount pocono, redding this morning. okay at the airport at the moment but once it start snowing that does take down visibility. temperatures in the 20's in reading, pottstown, trenton 31 in philadelphia. we are just below freezing here and in wilmington. a bit a above freezing in
5:33 am
millville and atlantic city and wildwood when you get precipitation it will be rain. we have on and off show and slippery conditions. wind will pick up as day goes a along. at night when storm intensifying. 25 miles an hour win gust is what we are expecting for today. so that is your monday morning forecast. and look who is back from vacation, bob kelly, you brought snow with you from mexico. >> i know, i'll be happy if you'd like to send me back there. i would rather take the snow he with me. >> no such luck. >> good morning everybody. great to be back. live look at 42 freeway as sue mentioned starting to see precipitation rolling into south jersey. mother nature is throwing us a curve ball here because depending upon when you begin and even it is little bit of everything. it is not the big mac later on tonight but cheese burger version this morning but, it still could be tricky. anything that is wet we are
5:34 am
looking at below freezing and could bized over. where we are getting the snow, getting snow on top of that ice. so that could send us sliding. the here's a live look at schuylkill expressway into downtown. ninety-five, northeast philadelphia, just wet road right now. further north and west of the city you go that is where we will see the the snow. live look at 422, right here near 363. here's northbound 202 in malvern through the the construction zone. so again crews have been putting down the salt. they are prepared but it is still a slippery commute. here's a tweet here check out this lady a's handle feisty old broad, she said in collegeville your 422 and 29 in my neighborhood is all a mess, just pyi. that is an example of the area 422, 30 bypass crewness charleston phoenixville, we are getting that snow and coating on that secondary roads and identify streets that are not treated and that could be a slippery start to
5:35 am
what will be a crazy couple days. here's philly international. some airlines have already canceled flights. they did this last night in advance of the storm. so do check with your airline expect delays if you are heading down there without a doubt. once they start deicing. i went through deicing ross zest myself last weekend when i levittown. it takes an extra half an hour added on tour trip before you even take off. so do check with he airline for delays if you intend to head down to the airport today. new jersey transit, they are cross honoring system wide today. new jersey turnpike speed restrictionness play, already between exits four all the way up into new york and same deal with i495 running with speed restrictions but septa looking good with no delays at the moment. chris and lauren back over to you. >> i'm definitely following feisty old broad. >> i love some of these names on twitter. they are fun. new jersey residents are bracing for the big storm. >> of course.
5:36 am
sabina kuriakose live from the mount laurel area right now, sabina. >> we are right outside wegmans and as you mentioned right now we are focused on preparation for this storm. we now know the initial snowfall will hit a little bit later this morning. towards the end of this morning commute. we will be seeing a coating on the ground here but you can see right now they have already salted the ground here. we are seeing plows out. not too much work for them right the new but they are ready to go. a lot of salt. in the really any snow. we are seeing some flurries coming down right now, more than last time i talk to you guys. the lets take a look at some video as we got nj dot got ready for this storm. they are ready for the morning but big one coming this afternoon. they've got 2600 plows and salt trucks ready to go during the height of this storm. they are worried about power outages, they have got crews on stand by governor chris
5:37 am
christy saying that this could be quote a crippling storm. they are not taking this lightly. we have seen plow trucks, salt trucks, out this morning pretreating the road a bit. we are going to see more of that as that heavy snowfalls tonight, and this afternoon. nj dot telling anybody who is hitting the road later today or into tomorrow morning, be careful. they are saying try to stay off the roads. a lot of people maybe not going to work or school. staying indoors. that is what authorities are saying, they are worried about this storm, guys. >> don't you wish sue serio could declare this a stay at homework day. >> officially, declared, you whispered over my shoulder. still ahead milestone win, coach k gets a career high that story coming up next in sports. the. >> is sue even in here. >> you're making stuff up.
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could only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one. villanova played a big game for two reasons, they are coming up a big loss to georgetown, and creighton defeated wildcats last year by over 20-point both times. lets go to villanova, they took care of business. creighton had 14, darren hillyard had 24 villanova wins it 71-50. super bowl next week in phoenix, seattle arrived in
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arizona they will wait for cheaters to arrive today. richard sherman has a good reason he doesn't think anything will happen to the patriots. >> will they be punish, probably not. as long as roger craft and roger goodell are still taking pictures at their respective moms. i think its was just at kraft's house. talk about conflict of interest. but, you know as long as that happens, it won't, it won't affect him at all. >> nhl all-star game columbus, ohio, jake or second beat the the girouxs. seventeen-12. what a defensive battle. that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. voracek, should have gotten mrp of that game. >> lets turn to this now, coach k. >> that is only way i'll know good can you spell it. >> k-r-z-y-e-w-s-k-i. >> very good. >> did you that off the top of your head. >> thank goodness for the
5:42 am
prompter. >> coach k hit a milestone yesterday. he won his 1,000 game. blue devils beat saint johns in the second half of the score 77-68. coach k is the first ncaa, mens coach to reach their milestone. >> that is huge. >> good for him. >> still ahead we are not only one getting hit. new york's mayor says this could be within of the largest snowstorms to ever hit big apple, details how they are preparing coming up next but first jenny joyce. >> we are driving on route 23 in elverson, in pennsylvania in chester county, taking a live look but the road we are seeing a three-quarters of trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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yeah, i can barely see is what on the screen except the snow. lots of it. >> yes. >> sue serio good morning. have you ever seen cher in concert. >> no, not in person. but just on the tv. >> yes. >> but we want to thank this twitter, follower of ours who lives in allentown, allah even town area has a trace on the ground. snowing relatively hard already, good day to stay indoors, only, if only we had
5:46 am
the option for many of us but we will get you through it. slick road in, reduced visibility, for this morning in some spots and definitely when the bigger part of the storm comes in, there will be and keep this in mine a sharp cut off between huge amounts of snow and lighter amounts of snow, keep that in mine as well as we get into tonight and tomorrow. wind will gust up to 50 miles an hour along the coast with this being a coastal storm, it will be worse, there and tidal flooding is possible as well. captain rule out beach erosion as a result. snow is getting help heavier in south jersey we didn't have anything there about an hour ago but we are starting to see moisture poised to enter the delaware, southern part of the delaware but this is a little bit milder there. we will see rain, nothing much in philadelphia just yet but we will get our turn, believe me and we could get a lot of snow between tonight and tomorrow, in the city. buckingham in bucks county getting some steadier snow it
5:47 am
the looks like and as you go up toward lehigh valley it gets heavier. we will lah at southampton in new jersey getting heavier snow and across the the river in cherry hill, mays landing and then milford delaware just some drizzle or light rain, so this breaks it town with the center of the storm and high snowfall amounts expect to be around new york city, north jersey long island connecticut, this is as we say the bull's eye i guess of the storm and then go away from there and we will get lighter amounts of snow. we have blizzard warning here along philadelphia, south jersey, and to the north of us it looks like we will have have maybe we could get, a foot of snow out of this storm. eight to 12 inches. lighter amounts but still some snow as we go further west but again we have talk about that sharp cut off there. this is our estimate for philadelphia at the moment, this could change as we get close inner to tonight and then five to 7 inches around wilmington, three to 5 inches
5:48 am
in the baltimore washington area but where it is bad it could be as much as 2 feet maybe more and add in the wind, and that is when you get blizzard warning because it is not only snowfall amounts that determine whether it is a blizzard or not but the win. so temperatures, 31 degrees in philadelphia 14 in the poconos. nineteen in allentown where we got a twitter report of snowfall. thirty-three in millville. thirty-seven in wildwood where they will see some rain. wind will pick up 13 miles an hour out of the north east in philadelphia. 21 miles an hour sustained in atlantic city. as we look at numbers, we will see the worst and high wind at the coast but we have 20 millions an hour win gusts in the city. 26 miles an hour in atlantic city. looking at the seven day forecast worst two days are today and tomorrow, morning snow, this should all be out of here by one or 2:00 in the afternoon at the latest tomorrow and then we will have to deal with cleaning it all
5:49 am
up. wednesday sin i and windy. we will see more, blowing and drifting. high of 30 degrees. maybe a little bit of snow on friday and cold weather as we get in the end of yan and first day of february, on sunday. the that is your seven day forecast. so back to this morning checking on the roads, our bob kelly, good morning. expect a lot of unusual delays. it will look like a snow globe and shake it up. if you have kid that are going to school be ready because a lot of them will get sent home early. that is another problem we will have later on. we will see folks leaving work early because kid are getting out. what will we did the with the kid? i'm sending my kid to mike jerrick's house. bus just takes them to mike's house. life look at 422. >> he raised two beautiful daughters who are very well add just ted human beings. >> why not. >> let them have have another bite at the apple. >> bus pulls up, door opens and in they go. have been to uncle mike's
5:50 am
house later today. that is 422. blue route, 476, good morning to ain't is a david,ville know of, all of the major roadways are wet. but keep in mind with 31 degrees there could be icing. in the area where we are eag snow right the new that dusting of snow is laying on top of that ice could make for dangerous driving. live look at the 30 bypass for gang leaving downingtown no problems on route 100 but the road are wet and the crews have been putting down the salt since last night. here's something that will pop up cheltenham township says at 4:00 this afternoon they are kicking snow in emergency. so, no parking on the snow emergency routes. keep that in mind rolling through the day and overnight as these townships and even the city of philadelphia start to declare, snow emergencies. all aboard path dough high speed line they are sending in all trains, between lindenwald and philadelphia, so all westbound philly bound trains, all trains, all stops this
5:51 am
morning, and they will run trains every six minutes. the rest of the new jersey transit system are cross honoring system wide. heading to the airport, pack your patients. some flights have been canceled. there were canceled flights last night because they didn't want to get planes stuck here in philadelphia. check with your airline. expect delays. do that before you head down to the airport, chris and lauren, back over to you. lots to keep track of bob, thank you. lets check back in with jenny joyce. >> where are you right new in the roving vehicle. >> good morning, guys. we are still traveling along route 23, we are in elverson which is in chester county, pennsylvania. here we will take a live look at the roads here a lot different with where we were previously in chester berks county. here you can see the road are pretty clear. they are wet. we are seeing these off and on flurries but back further toward minister again town we really saw the roads packed
5:52 am
with snow. the close to an inch of snow overnight, we did see the the snowplows out, we saw salt trucks out. a lot of, attempts, good attempts, to clean up these road ahead of rush hour as you can see some cars are out here now. we are not really slipping and sliding. we are not experiencing any issues but obviously it changes every few miles we get some parts are clear as route 23 is here and others have a coating of snow on the ground but you have to be careful because it does vary depending on where you are, lauren and chris. >> greg gillroy doing a fantastic job of keeping you safe out there. >> new york city's mayor warning residents that the snow fall in that city could be historic. >> so area of new york city is under a blizzard warning. meteorologist predicting two to 3 feet of snow in new york city with the worst expected tonight, mayor bill deblast yes told residents to be ready.
5:53 am
snow is expect to come down fast with heavy wind or high wind and visibility could be extremely reduced. >> new yorkers should not under estimate this storm. a assume conditions will be unsafe, assume that you do not the want to be outside in this storm, when you can stay indoors, stay indoors. when you can stay off the road stay off the roads. >> new york city plans to deploy more than 2100 sanitation plows and 2400 workers to fight that snowfall. all right. still ahead the saga ward were last night in l.a. it was full of surprises, the night's big winners coming up next.
5:54 am
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peter gabriel at 5:56. monday morning we could get big time snow totals. we are scrolling early dismissal times for a lot of the schools in the delaware veil. twenty-first actor screen act aors guild award why last night in los angeles. hit series orange is the the new block took home at ward for best even sem many in a comedy. this is series first win at the sag, award. eddie redmayne won outstanding performance by male actor in a lead role for his work in the theory of everything. and the the cast of bird man took home the award for
5:57 am
outstanding performance by a cast in the motion picture. because actor make up a large portion of the academy of motion pictures arts, sciences, the award are considered the most telling, and oscar preview. still ahead, preparing for snow followed by much more snow truly a 1/2 punch, how much will we get over the next 48 hours. sue serio will track that next. salt trucks were out overnight making sure road are safe for you as you head out the door, ab update on
5:58 am
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snow snow and more snow. the the big story today of course, just how much snow will we get. this whimpy storm is getting out of here and big one is coming tonight. sue is on it. >> bob kelly is keeping a close look at the road for you. this is route one hundred at chester county. we will have our reporters outside telling you what to expect, everything you need to know before you head out the door. >> it looks as if it is dark. we are not only ones bracing for some extreme, winter weather. some cities are bracing for 3 feet of snow. who will get smacked the worst? good day, it is monday bob kelly is back. hi bob good morning everybody. >> looking bronze. >> yes. >> bronze beauty over here. >> i was the irish guy getting off the plane in


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