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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  January 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> in parts of new jersey getting hit with some snow, one of the concerns is possible flooding, we will have a live report. and things are pretty messy out there on the roads, crews are clearing the snow but travel bans, are still in, place in some areas, latest delays or restrictions still ahead. >> they are enjoying a day off. all public and catholic schools in philadelphia are closed to day. we have latest closings and delays all morning long. and good morning to you. on this tuesday. hello. >> good morning. >> so, lets get to sues serio because on this tuesday, january 27th, 2015, lot of people have this day off by way of work. there is school closures. sue, it is not as bad as we anticipated. >> the the storm did not perform as it could have. undoubted we are looking out the window saying what?
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well it is snowing but just not as much as it could have been. this was a for the philadelphia area an under performing storm but if you get to the north and east, go up to boston getting hammered. it is a a three out of ten because it will still be difficult to travel around. we still have the blizzard warning and places we had it yesterday, we were never, ever around a blizzard warning in philadelphia i want to make that clear. but new york, connecticut, boston, port land, maine still under that blizzard warning because of the high wind, along with this snow. and then more snowfall all the way down through ocean county. philadelphia under winter weather advisory, so is bucks county a and montgomery county. burlington county and camden counties in new jersey still expect several more inches of accumulation in addition to the unimpressive totals on the ground right now. that is what is going on with that. you see the the snow spreading in the area, center of the storm around cape cod
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but we do of snow but just not as heavy, it is in the falling heavily right the now. 25 degrees. a lot colder then yesterday. it feels like 12 outside. keep that in mind. the visibility is in the great as you can see there. 7:14 is our sunrise time. 2 miles visibility at the the airport. same in pottstown. with the snow falling right now we will continue to see reduced visibility and these are our cold temperatures in the 20's this morning but wind chills are in the teens. today, high of around 30 degrees, if we get there if we get enough sunshine in the afternoon after the snow cuts off and that should be by noon today at the very latest. seventeen overnight with clear skies. it will be a cold one. that takes cire of your tuesday, we will in the course of the hour offering an explanation about what happen why we didn't get a whole lot of snow that is coming up with your seven day forecast so we can look ahead to the
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end of january really because been kelly, february starts on sunday. >> there you go good morning, everybody. 5:03 on this tuesday morning. looking out your front window looking for snow. here's a live look at garden state park, new jersey turnpike, new jersey turnpike up near newark, international airport where snow covered ape with the travel ban in effect a across the garden state all emergency vehicles are only permitted outside on the roadway. here's a live look at the new jersey side of the lincoln continue toll give you an idea where the the snow is falling and where it is impacted right now, up there toward new york. closer to home airport circle route 38 route 70 not a problem at all. road are wet, yet ape at 26 and,.
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>> no problems here at all on the schuylkill expressway. penndot, full force, last night, new jersey dot, dell dot, there is salt every where. keeping the road wet. first accident of the morning here west chester pike, right near sprawl road. there is still a snow emergency in effect. that means no parking on the snow emergency route. if you park, they toe your car, it is $300 to get your car, out of the lot in delaware avenue. i put up on my twitter page and facebook page a map that shows, in red, the streets that are properly marked as snow emergency routes. don't roll dice make sure are carries not park where it should be. septa.
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>> you know spots manayunk roxborough, if you go to, click on system status, click your bus number and you will see the exact route that you are taking today. that will change. hopefully get better moving through the day. regional rail lines with the the low expected ridership, for today, a a lot of folks taking day off and kid off from school saturday schedule, but cynwyd regional rail lines is suspended all together. >> chris and alex back to you. >> 5:06. we have head down the the shore to see how things are there. >> jennifer joyce is covering the keen for us good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex and mike. we have since moved. we are in the heart of town with the outlets behind me as well as caesars hotel, give you a sense. looking on the ground you do
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see, some snow accumulation. it is starting to stick here. i saw this is about an inch of snow or so. we do see crews out here, they are plowing, the shopping center. we are seeing the plow trucks pass us by. other than that, atlantic it the i is pretty quiet. we know schools are closed to day as snow continues to fall. we heard sue serio say we are in for at least a couple of more inches of snow down this way. the waves are pretty high at the shore. national weather service is saying that the heart of the storm that has moved this way up to new england is 90 miles off shore, so that is a sense of how this storm system really shifted, and late last
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night, and early this morning. chris and alex. >> since we went on the air at 3:00 this morning it looks like the conditions have become worse for you now that it is after 5:00a m. >> reporter: you know, yeah seeing that the snow is really starting to stick it seems like the consistency of the snowfall has change, earlier this morning it was more of that snow, wintry mix, rain, and now it seems a little bit more like snow and snow flakes are getting a little bit larger and little bit larger. i'll be interested to see what further develops. we are just keeping an eye on the storm for now we do see some traffic moving our way. i will get out of the street. we are live along missouri avenue here, chris and alex. >> other part of new jersey,. >> for that part of the story let go to fox 29's steve keeley live in mercer county.
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hi steve. >> we're in trenton we decided to get out of the car in the say lalor plaza where they showed us opened dunkin' donuts. they are living by their word opened 24 hours. but look at route 129, again very busy. we are saying private vehicles. it is non-stop busy. these are river line track that is they are crediting and river line shut down with the rest of new jersey transit because we thought they would be a lot worse conditions out here at this time of the day even if it may get worse later on but that is why you see, no new jersey transit, buses. but here's a guy walking up the street, going every which way. we had private plows in the parking lot but here, we have what looks like a city plow. they will were going to wait until 4 inches. you can see plow train along the river line here we will see more private vehicles and boy plow trucks were bored when we saw them all meeting at trenton then are minor
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league ballpark about a hour ago waiting for something to plow. maybe they figure instead of sitting there in neutral ape park lets getting and make sure these vehicles can move. we see about a half dozen of them. you can hear plows scraping on the ground because there is no snow to plow. they leave this much on the street. at this intersection here at 29 you see a lot of vehicle traffic and right now up on the flags above dunkin' donuts you can see win is starting to blow and gust and that is why you will see a lot of snow on rooftops half inch or inch that fell will blow on to have of you. a a lot of the snow will be blowing off rooftops every where because it is getting very windy a and those flags in the too far off the ground on the first floor rooftop. is there more powder on the doughnuts then there is out on the street but it the is starting to pick up and conditions starting to worsen. if you get out like all these people are, we are seeing plenty of taxi cabs lick this
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guy here. a a lot of people are up and out in trenton despite the work force staying put and the plow guys finally getting to do something after sitting there and waiting and in the staging a area waiting for order. here you go, it looks like there is traffic. i would have been surprised to see this much traffic around trenton knowing there was a travel ban in effect but we are near a state prison and there are a lot of essential workers here in trenton as well. perhaps that is where we are seeing private vehicles because i do see among people topping for coffee some of the great prison guard that have a tough job to do. that prison coffee in where near the tasty coffee that they have at dunkin' donuts. >> clearly not you showed that flag there up above. sue just eye bald that. she thinks it is 30 or 40 miles an hour gust but she's checking to find out how strong the wind are for you in trenton. >> reporter: sue and i experienced blizzard conditions working on the great lakes. you can have a blizzard
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without even having any snow falling. all you need to key to blizzard are wind and that is where you get wind chill factor in your face and dangerous conditions because you cannot see with wind blowing in your faces specially if you are driving. that is where we get the word white out and all that stuff from. right now more in south jersey we have had a buzzer warning but in blizzard warning to my knowledge at this point. >> sue just check and she said 25 to 30 miles an hour wind is what we are dealing with their. check back in with you steve. coming up we are keeping an eye on this storm as it moves throughout the area and northeast, with boston really getting the the heavier part of it. we will take another lot at the forecast when we
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5:15. it is quiet at the the airport. everything is just still. >> i know jack johnson, who sings this song is not in philadelphia he is probably in his native hawaii, wouldn't you think. >> i don't know i'm not his appointment secretary. >> wow, look at that little sas. >> i'm in a bad mood because of this storm. >> sue, just take it away. >> let me show you ultimate doppler radar, right now.
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we have the center of the storm off the new jersey coast and throwing back a a lot of moisture there. there is another area of energy a trough, that has robbed us a a lot of the a lot snowfall we could have got prep this storm. having said that it the is snowing but the places really getting hammered cape cod boston massachusetts, rhode island eastern connecticut. they are seeing snow fall at the the rate of one to 2 inches per hour. snowing heavily there. snowing in philadelphia, upper darby, haverford media but lighter snow. every once in a while we will see a brighter white that will show maybe a snow burst, maybe around buckingham little heavier but we are seeing more accumulation and that will continue for the next couple of hours including down here in cumberland county around millville, maybe a little more accumulation happening right now. there is the low pressure system right off the jersey coast. it is exit strategy of the storm. as it continues to move north east it throws back more
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precipitation throughout the rest of the morning. not as much as we anticipated but still pretty slippery out there and it could be tricky travel. so until about ten or 11c we expect this to continue. storm is out by this afternoon. we can anticipate the next one. big thing a after this is how cold it will get, we will see temperatures really dropping tonight. still the blizzard warning in new york. we have winter storm warning that extend to the the west of there in ocean county and in philadelphia a it is winter weather advisory for couple more inches of snow. we could have two to four when all is said and done and increasing amounts west ward but just didn't pan out with the moisture. we will have more tea tailed plane nation with caitlin roth later on in this hour. cold temperatures out there right now. everybody is in the 20's and wind are making it feel colder. we have 16 miles an hour. there is a 25 miles april hour win gust in trenton where steve keeley is.
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23 miles an hour in the philadelphia we put that together in the seven day forecast. snow this morning. windy all day. even after the snow end. wind stay with us. whatever you get will be blowing around. you snow what that means bob kelly, that means you can get out, shovel the snow, half an hour later and snow is all over your sidewalk again. >> good exercise for you good morning, sue. 5:18. where ever you go you need a big old jelly doughnut. this is blue windshield washer fluid. i used a gallon of it this morning on the way in because road are wet. you have all that rock salt and brine being kick up every where this morning. lets go for a tour here with our 300 jam cams. good morning, to camden, new jersey. this is live look at admiral wilson boulevard heading in to the ben franklin there is bennie in the background there. travel ban still in effect in south jersey only emergency vehicles permitted outside on the roadway, here in south
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jersey, they will get some snow and up to this i believe is mount holly new jersey. we are getting a dusting here. that dusting could lay on top of icy road surfaces as road are wet. good morning to bayonne, new jersey, live look at garden state parkway all the way up there near new york. further north you go better chance of snow you will have to see. here's the deal at philly international. yesterday in advance of the today's storm they canceled mostly all of the flights. given that the game plan has change they will get things back into motion. they have to reposition the planes. they basically didn't want to have any planes stuck in the snow storm. airlines to have get planes into philadelphia before they can load them up and helped them back out. check with the airlines things should improve as the day goes on. for gang through wilmington still speed restrictions up and down 495 but schuylkill expressway i-95 looking good
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come on down road are opened in center city chris back over to you. >> new jersey is one of the several states with a state of emergency. governor christie urging motorist to stay off the road. statewide travel ban in effect in new jersey right new. >> we will look closer a at is what happening on the roadways. the lets get to jen fred how is it going this morning jen. >> it is around philadelphia and completely clear, and just left, and snow coverage as well. the we are outside pemberton township. we are on our way to the parkway, we might make it by the end of this report. the snow covered road. they are slick in spots. exactly what bob kelly has been talking about all morning long. we're on our way to toms river, new jersey and as you can see the side road places
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like this they are still covered with snow. it is interesting you mentioned travel ban because despite the fact that it is three and four and 5:00 in the morning we have seen plenty of cars on the road. not just snowplows ande in mergecy vehicles, we have seen, cars with people they look like they are going to work. the as you can see the car coming this way. i don't know if you can see it in the distance. the good news is many of the people are traveling slowly. they under tan that these road are as they say still covered in a thick amount of snow but one thing they have not seen on these major roads is a snowplow. i think they are making sure that all of the road main road the highways, if you were trying to get your child today care because you have to go to work because it is not as snowy as some people anticipated, if you didn't have a four-wheel drive vehicle you might have some
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difficultity. i caution people to look out the window and say here it is pretty clear. even when you get to these middle sized road you will still have some trouble, guys. >> it is a reminder is there a statewide travel ban out there. >> yes good don't go out unless you have to but good for people who are out, are driving slowly so we thank jen for that report. we will keep an eye on the conditions all over our area now we will look live in olde city, there is some snow coming down walking in the the station i had to do the little shuffle so i wouldn't slip. we will take another look at the the forecast
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we are checking in with boston right now. take a look it is starting to pile up a little bit there. they are expect to get 36 inches of snow today and we've actually we cannot see it now but we he saw on cars people walking about but now that it is on tv. >> there is somebody, look wonder what they are doing. >> so boston public schools are closed to day, power could be out to thousands of people brunt of this could come later today. so they are not out of the woods. they are looking at wind gusts of 50 to 70 miles an hour, 500 national guard troops have been called in as the governor there, governor charlie baker made that decision yesterday and our audio guy shawn on it playing boston the ban
5:26 am
earlier. >> we will check with boston for sure good do you see that lone ranger walking around. >> he looked like he had about three coats on. >> you hud for something like that. if you tried to get on face bike you may have experienced a interruption are. >> lauren johnson has details on this for us, hello there lauren. >> you know how much i love my social media. >> yes, it is non-stop. >> it is what we do. >> imagine being locked out? facebook taking blame for outage that happened. here's exactly what happened. social media site was down for one hour users all across the country dealt with the outage. a lot of people were still sleeping and might not have known what happened. facebook instagram service not accessible. it was felt not just here in the u.s. but in the united kingdom, asia and australia. a a according to the fat is book statement it was cause by a technical glitch changes it a maid to the site. the chris and alex it was not a cyber attack. your accounts are okay. they are intact. people are with us this
5:27 am
morning already on facebook twitter and instagram. we are back in business. >> i'm sure people are trying to log in like what do we do know no facebook. in instagram. >> it was in the overnight hours so a lot of people aside from frustrates were still sleeping. >> we were the only ones trying to use our social media at that hour. >> we forget how these stupid things changed our lives. what did we do before that. coming up, we want to see what the snow looks like where you are. send us your picks . use the the hash tag fox 29 snow. >> this was one from beth, i love it when it falls, hash tag snow day. we want to see all kind of pictures. are you to go something different if you don't after lot of stuff. we want to see all kind of things. >> binge watch today good yes. >> netflix will be your friend.
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this is the "name your price" tool.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at a winter storm making a mess of the entire area. here's a live look from new jersey. we have a live report of the conditions there. >> we will look at the ultimate doppler radar to see where the system is depending where you live. you coon see some snow out there sue serio has your totals. we have been scrolling along on the bottom of the screen. kid so exited to to, just that. we're looking forward to this, snow day.
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hopefully they have snuff snow to play in. >> you can play basketball kick ball or something. you can make this a fun day. >> you will be the best mom some day. >> i hope so. i want to be a fun mom. you have to get creative or snow days. good day, it is tuesday january 27th. we're on earlier this morning. we're getting you all of the coverage this morning. lets get to sue to get new updated totals for today. >> we will look at bus stop buddy and yes, as you mention add lieutenant of schools are closed but here's what we want to know, from you, gist let us necessity fur kiddies going to school today and, going to school and let us know. it is in the as much snow on the ground as there could have been, having said that it is snowing right now and windy right new with temperatures in the 20's. we will give you a three out of ten today. and, i decided to call it an aggravating snowstorm because it was a bear to information cast, all the way through but
5:32 am
now it the is acknowledge straighting because of the way it is playing out. snow showers are continuing right now, through the rest of the morning, for most of us, and, by noon at the latest the the snow should be ending. it should taper west to east as the main storm, which is off the jersey coast continues to move towards the the northeast, and much lower snow totals then originally anticipated, but windy, all day, even after the snow end so that will blow whatever we get around a lot and next storm to anticipate is a clip are system for thursday. late in the day. just saying. but it is only tuesday and we do expect some sunshine before the day is through and a high temperature of around 30 degrees. it is a lot colder right now then it was yesterday a at this time. is our low tonight and skies will be clearing. it will allow for radiational cooling and we will have another cold and breezy day tomorrow. so is there your tuesday forecast. we will get things get together. we will give you an
5:33 am
explanation of what happened with this storm bob kelly we have snow on the ground right now on our roadways. this morning 5:32, good morning everybody. hey bobby, can they put schools back on. all of the parents, in favor of that. i. good morning, everybody. i got 300 jam cams in my bag here and i will show you what is going on. with the temperatures below freezing you can see fine glaze of black ice. that is where we can get in trouble this morning. the lets look live at the new jersey side of the lincoln tunnel just to give you an idea where they are getting hit with the snow again, with the travel ban in effect in new jersey only emergency personnel, are permitted outside, on the roadway thinks
5:34 am
the new jersey turnpike near newark international airport. we had a plow train going through but closer to home here the the schuylkill expressway wet, opened for business, no problems, at all a near conshohocken. i-95, just watch maybe that right lane could be snow covered here on i-95 working your way in toward downtown. if you must head out today and don't want to drive i will suggest, pick one, anyone, market frankford or broad street subway two big work horses. they have been running all night long with no problems at all. otherwise regional rails are running on a at day schedule. no service on the cynwyd line. all of the september bus routes some on the detour, in through manayunk roxborough, go to and click on the system status, we will see the exact detour. services suspended on amtrak between new york and boston. however, reduced services between new york and washington and of course, new jersey transit, services suspended, statewide at least for now.
5:35 am
chris and alex, back over to you. i know a lot of people are upset we didn't get as much as we expect but we should be grateful. this could have caused a serious situation in our areas like atlantic city. >> so officials there in atlantic city are getting prepared. we understand that the mayor don guardian might say something later today an update. >> we heard he would be on the rode around 4:00 this morning. now we are hearing in the 6:00 o'clock hour we will meet up with him to gain, what has gone on so far and what their plan is moving for. there is a little bit more than an inch of snowfall in this section of atlantic city right now. we have not seen plow trucks coming through. they might be waiting for additional accumulation. we know 26 trucks have been roaming atlantic city making sure that the ground has been salted. that car just did some slipping and sliding. people, you know, we don't want to mislead you and seem that the storm is not as large
5:36 am
as initially predict but clearly the road are slick. if you are going out there you never necessity when you will hit a slick spots so definitely take it, slow out there. atlantic city schools are closed. we nose a number of school closings have been coming in and delayed opening. i think a lot have of people are trying to gauge what will happen in the next few hours. so like i said atlantic city was absolutely prepared for the worst in this situation and so far they have been coming out on top. mayor says yesterday, he did not want to shut down his casinos. he said obviously they have things going on. they have people staying at these hotels. they have various conventions happening right now. over last several months we know atlantic city has been hurting economically so this is absolutely a good situation. clearly the wind are an issue and snow is still coming down but this could have been a lot worse, alex and chris. >> the casinos are still
5:37 am
opened then. >> reporter: they are absolutely still open. >> you want to see some cars traveling behind you. staying safe. >> thanks, jenny. >> they need the business after what they went through into 2014. >> here's another live look at the radar. we will have your complete forecast coming up and we want to you send us pictures use hash tag fox 29 snow day what are you doing? how will you spend today. >> i will
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this storm made it a nightmare, threat the for travelers at philadelphia international the airport there were cancellations. we took a shot at the the airport this morning. completely empty. >> the airport it itself has doors opened but airlines that service airport this week decided in advance of the storm, let's in the fly because it wouldn't be safe. >> safety precaution. >> quincy is live outside the transportation center right new with how things are going there with a different kind of travel hey, quincy. >> it is okay. it is looking cool. it is still, very cold outside. very cold. some of the snow is sticking as you can tell when snow sticks, it becomes ice, it becomes very very slippery. people are going to work and they are husseling and bustling. >> is what your name. >> angela. >> where are you going to day. >> well, i just started at genes hospital so this is my second day. i was thanking god that i
5:41 am
would be able to make it today to work. >> were you surprised when you came outside i thought there was supposed to be more. >> i was definitely surprised and i'm glad that septa is running because that is my only transportation to get to work. >> congratulations on the new job. >> thank you have a good one. >> you too. people are out here, still cold, but people are husseling and bustling going to work this young man right here. is what your name. >> kevin. >> when you woke up where are you from, kevin. >> i'm from the neighborhood you are going to work. >> i'm just getting done work. >> okay. >> getting off of work. >> when you came out of work were you surprised, this isn't had bad. >> i can't stand the snow at this point in my life, i would prefer a nice sunny day but this isn't too bad at all. >> you were also telling me you feel like sometimes we get it wrong. >> we get it wrong because i mean just because you read radar, you cannot predict
5:42 am
weather at all. it is okay thaw prepare for the worst. it is fine you have everything well in hand. >> you get off work and you take some sleep and enjoy your day. can i get some food from your house, are you going to cook. >> i don't know if i will cook for you. >> he will in the cook for us. >> if you are willing to cook for me and cameraman chris we will come back your house. i know you are off and you have extra food you will not cook and we'd love to have some. >> yes. >> every time we send you outside you are trying to find a way to get inside. >> can you blame him. >> no, no i'm ready to day. >> you are ready these are your gloves and i'm's ready. i just want to help the people out. you have extra food at home. i'm going to cook. >> yes. >> i'd love to come by. >> are there any business that is are opened because they
5:43 am
were panning around, everything was shut down. are there some businesses that are opened. >> it is quiet out there. >> mcdonald's is open. liberty bell restaurant is opened. doughnut shop around the corn are is opened. people are still moving around. i think the funny thing is people are disappointed. if we would have had snow i cannot get around. i cannot move around. >> you cannot win. >> you cannot win. >> we will take a live picture from boss to be massachusetts which looks like it is taking the brunt of this system. you wouldn't want to trade blazes with boston on this day. >> look at that snow piling up. from a different angle we had a shot and somebody is trying to shovel, can you imagine. >> the worst storm in boston's history was february 17th and 18th in 2003 where they had 27.5 inches. in idea if they will break that railroaded today or not because the system will continue to hit them for some
5:44 am
time. >> they are saying worst is supposed to come this afternoon and in the evening. they have a lot more to go. we will keep checking back with boston. we will be right back.
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5:46 am
it is snowing. it is just that the totals in philadelphia are in the what they could have been but as lou on ultimate doppler radar, they are getting ham nerd new england, boston road island we have report from plymouth
5:47 am
massachusetts, already 15 inches on the ground and much more happening right now. snow is falling there in parts of the connecticut as well, already a foot the on the ground at a rate of 2 inches an hour in some cases. so here in philadelphia snow is falling and we are going to get additional accumulation it just won't be as high as originally anticipated when we gave you worst case scenario. happily worst case scenario did not happen but we are seeing snow in philadelphia in trenton where steve keeley is this morning and, at the jersey shore. where jenny joyce is this morning. down in cape may it is snowing. temperatures have gotten colder so it the is only snow. low pressure system right now is centered right off the new jersey coast and it is deepening as it moved toward the north east. snow is expected to continue through the next couple of hours but just not heavy snow for us. it will be a bull's eye of the storm which is, new england but new york is still under a blizzard warning and we will
5:48 am
show you. that it is all out of here by noon for most of us but by 3:00 at very latest with the exit of that storm. so watches and warnings blizzard warning has been lifted for new york city as the the bull's eye of the storm does appear to be new england and blizzard warning does continue for eastern half of the long island philadelphia, still under a winter weather advisory and in between that and blizzard warning. we told you yesterday about that sharp cut off in accumulation. predictions for higher snowfall totals do continue through ocean county, new jersey. we have reduced our predictions of expect snow fall but we still could get two to 4 inches in the philadelphia area thanks to the folks who let us know their kid are going in late to school, some schools only have delayed opening abington was one and thanks to our twitter friend for that. temperatures continue to be in the 20's but thanks to the win it feels colder then that. 14 miles an hour sustained wind in philadelphia but we are seeing gusts up to
5:49 am
24 miles an hour. at the shore an 18-mile an hour gust in wildwood. here's the seven day forecast from the weather authority 30 degrees today. thirty-four tomorrow. we have sunshine. we may see sunshine before the day is through, today, next clipper system he is expect to move in late in the day on thursday. should president be a powerful storm. more on that coming up when we're finished with this one and another chance in the morning on monday, maybe sunday nate -- night into monday. we are hearing from a lot of you because it looks outside lot different then we said it could be. here to give us a bit of the explanation about what happened outside is caitlin roth. so let's tell folks as best we can what went on with this storm. >> exactly, sue. we were living on the edge with this storm to begin with and we always thought it would make it to philadelphia and by it we are talking about heavy snow in north jersey new york
5:50 am
city and new england where the storm always has been and will remain n laymen's terms best we can explain it is storm did not make it here. it did not get pushed far enough west. why? is there is another system in central pennsylvania. this trough brought snow showers to parts of the state but it had a lot of dry era associated with this. these systems one will block the other. so our big storm which was off shore could not penetrate further west war. it could in the bring heavy snow toward our area as a result it took a while to even get close enough to produce some snow. when you have that lost time of snowfall you lose your window and therefore accumulation. we had a storm system to the west blocking it. we had a shorter window and because of that dry air aloft, we did not get the snowfall rates and ratios that we expected. we have been showing radar. it looks white that there is snow coming down and there is snow coming down but it is these tiny flakes that cannot
5:51 am
accumulation on the road. the snow at higher levels is much heavier it is evaporating before it reaches surface here and we can the not seem to get it to pile up. so for what it is worth that is an explanation for what happened in philadelphia still heavy snows and blizzard conditions in part of new england, chris and alex. >> i got a good job out there. we have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you. good morning everybody. speedometer readings in the bad at all on the the schuylkill expressway as caitlin showed us out front at fourth and market. road are wet. it is on and off ramps. untreated surface that he is could have that light dusting. but underneath that dusting could that be fine glaze have of ice. southbound i-95 seeing delays rolling into girard. harleysville pike at main street watch for a crash. no parking on the dance floor do you remember that song, no parking on the snow emergency routes because remember philadelphia and surrounding counties are still under a snow emergency so until that
5:52 am
gets lifted, no parking on market street. $300 fine, a. and, her carries missing. head down to delaware avenue we will have have have it down there. at philly international, most flights were canceled yesterday, for today, and in advance of the storm, do check with your airline today. obviously, they are waking up a and in the where they are expect. we will get things back to normal. we have to reposition the planes. in planes here in philadelphia and, and and do check with the airline. you could have a good chance getting a flight out of philadelphia, heading west later on today. let's get outside to a live look in mount holly, new jersey where we're looking at a light dusting and, you know what this is cape may. on the way to cape may, a as we are's singing there but
5:53 am
take a look at the pennsylvania parkway, little further north of cape may. depending pneumonia where you begin and end your trip, wet road, snow covered road and make sure you clean all of that snow off of the cars the roof, the hood, the trunk before you pull out of the parking spot alex, back over to you. >> you don't want it flying off before you hit the the roads there. coming up our snow coverage continues. here's a live look in new jersey, seeing some flakes still out there we will have a live report from just a little [
5:54 am
5:55 am
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all right. we are checking back in with boston. is there a car going through. but, that snow is piling up, how much do you think that is, chris. >> i'm's in the sure but as many as four times in boston's history they have had storms that dumped 2 feet of snow mess of which in 2003. they had 27.5 inches. in the sure what this storm will to and wait and see what snow totals it is. >> 5:56. some snowed in singles were hoping to use the snow day to find love. >> so, they are turning to craigs list. >> singles ads are popping up in search of, a blizzard boyfriend or girl friend particularly, in new york.
5:57 am
a snip it of 1ad read i'm seeking a a single 20 or 30 something female so my excitement for snow days and create similar romantic mildly productive yet equally fun adult version in this movie cookies, whiskey and red wine. that is an ad all right. >> as long as it is wildly productive and not reproductive right. >> that is true. >> in nine months we might than seeing a lot of babies popping up. >> to you remember these snow days in january. >> in college in missouri, we only had one snow day and that because you knew you would be snowed in everybody was paring up. who will you be with you. you have to find somebody. it a has to be somebody you really like. can you imagine being stuck with someone for 24 hours straight. you have to pick well. >> girl work about marriage. >> that is every day isn't it. >> stuck with someone. >> snow day, come on. >> we are keeping an eye on this snow day and conditions all across the region, there
5:58 am
is a a live look from the pocono mountains we will be right back.
5:59 am
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