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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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on in. >> yes, darling. >> do you have a drink or some type of cocktail. >> no. >> margarita of course. >> doesn't it feel better. >> a lot better. >> hey. >> hey. >> good to see you. >> good to see you two. >> so warm. >> i would like to show show off the footwear. >> your sexy calves. >> you have nice legs. >> look at how white they are. >> oh, yeah. >> can you turnaround and show people at home because we got a sneak peak. >> there you go. >> look at these calf muscles. >> ii don't know why i thought you had chicken legs. >> yes. >> you can imagine the waves hitting your feet, and hitting the sand. >> we have a very hard beach here. >> yes. >> and it is blue. >> yes. >> it is very hard. >> dress up in your clothes at home and start feeling warmer. we have a lot the to get to, so lets go. >> speaking of picture i saw a picture of cindy crawford in the bikini.
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woman is 50 years old. >> and then, there is this one she posted this one. this is no photo shopping. she has had a couple of kid. we will show you this one, and then one of her in the the bikini that her house wand took over the weekend. and saturday night live. >> ♪ >> i love her, as beyonce. >> yes. >> she just stuns everybody. bringing out her beyonce character. we will break down top five hilarious moment of snl, 40 years. >> it does seem like no matter where she is her hair is blowing. >> yes, a fan somewhere. >> you cannot see. >> we will show more clips of saturday night live the big 40 year celebration.
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>> and, christian gray, we are bringing 50 shade of fashion to life, with the few simple pieces. what your guy can add, to your work out to transform his look. >> all right. >> last night was a big event, here in the philadelphia area. >> and that is a official start of the philly small business fashion week. it is first of its kind here in our area point, to bring up awareness and get people up and coming designers smaller boutiques to give them a voice. >> that was the theme red ball. >> red gala. >> it shows some pictures then because they have a beautiful set up here and they have mankins and designers from our area, all from our area. really showcasing the small designers here that will be taking over fashion worlds. everything was red. they wanted everybody to dress up in red and black. i was so honored that they invited me to ost the evening. i looked on the program and look who was getting an award
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quincy harris is getting humanitarian of the year award. >> he does do a lot for our city. >> he knows he was my guest on the red carpet we walk together. there he is, he gave a wonderful speech but love the fact that he is voice of philadelphia he puts a smile on peoples faces. he had has been radio since he was 18. he has been in the game for a while. i just called him out on his age but he is a great guy. it was also other honoraries. basically a week full of events. this is just a kick off. >> can we get back to the picture of you though because we just glossed over it. you are talking smoking hot. >> so sweet. >> great little dress you have on there. >> it was design, by dane, he has a line called rm67 that is his thing. >> he put it together. >> he got one just for you. >> very sweet of him to do that. it is an off the shoulder look. >> hold on. >> i love the hair. >> i do too.
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>> different associating alex holley with curls. >> whether he they put me in the chair i said i usually like a certain kind of way. >> she sad girl, we have to do big, something different. >> i said okay. >> now have been is talking about my hair this morning. >> it is just left over from last night. i tried to keep it the a little bit. hopefully i did okay. she said this is what you do to keep it. >> i'm terrible when it comes to hair. >> terrible. >> terrible. >> my texan is coming out. >> it was fun. congratulations to quincy our fox family. >> aren't you doing something today too. >> i'm going to the constitution center for president day. we will have some of the president there. we will do question and answer session with some of the kid. meet me there it starts at noon. >> busy women. >> yes. >> when do you sleepy like to be out and b i feel like i'm still getting to know the the area i like to say hello. if you want to say hi, it is cold, bring the kid, they are home from school at noon at constitution center.
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>> nice and toasty out there. at long as you have the the curls you might as well use it until they fall out. >> i might be curly will for a couple of days from now. >> so, lets just keep my schedule going. >> did you catch the 40th anniversary party saturday night live. this went on all night. they had a hour of red carpet and three and a half hour show but there is a lot to get to. >> it is true lot. >> jimmy fallon was on. >> we can't do it all. we put it down to about five different things that we like former cast member jimmy fallon with his good buddy justin timberlake, opened the show like this. >> ♪ >> history has taught us that opening the show with the musical number lead to a sharp drop in ratings.
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>> nbc doesn't care about ratings. >> they really don't. >> they recovered from season one up until the the present cast in this routine that lasted about five minutes. they jammed in a lot. >> and then there was this celebrity jeopardy skit. >> yes. >> justin beiber negative 17,000. >> it is like, it hasn't been a lot up here but you so much in here and i just want to get it out girl. >> you don't think. >> yes no, i don't know. >> for another contestants, the ad ventures of tom sawyer where this person adventure. >> i'm not knowing nothing about tom sawyer. >> then don't buzz in. >> she does a great job. >> that is a great beiber impression.
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>> jim carry azamat you mcconaughey. >> he looks good. >> yes. >> that was good stuff there. >> but everybody was buzzing about a skit that was about california that was going flat until bradley cooper came out followed by betty white and then this happened. >> hey you never said whatever happened to that balloon operator. >> owe yeah he took good care of me, if you know what i mean. >> his name was greg and it a has been a long time blonde. >> he came out but craig, craig, whatever. >> would you kiss betty white or i said what would you do if you had to kiss bed i white or is he he kissing bradley coupe are. >> it is a big moment for
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betty. >> she's 93 a lot of people want to kiss bradley cooper. >> big moment. >> betty whiteys that thing. >> she's an icon no question bit. >> good to see david spade again, kristin wigg i love that and new cast member is would the man on the right. >> your favorite. >> not my favorite. >> beyonce. >> i do like beyonce. i do think maya rodolph can do a great beyonce impersonation take a look at this. >> who need it when we have the great bee an say. >> saturday night, 40 years. beyonce. >> oh, my gosh. >> spot on, i love it. >> she has her down.
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>> she has her down. >> well then it was cool to see jerry seinfeld come out because he is rarely seen out in public anymore and guy that created the seinfeld show with jerry, larry david who went on to his own success. larry in the audience jerry up on stage. >> hey, larry david. >> hey hey. >> how are you doing. >> look at that. >> this is unbelievable. >> hey what is going on. >> let me ask you something. >> was i really a writer on saturday night life. >> yes, you wrote here for one season. >> and look at how big that we hit it after that. >> that is right. >> we had like the the biggest show of all time. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. >> fantastic. >> you know, we can never do that now, in the media landscape the such as it is. >> it is like we had the last two tickets before disney land burned down. >> beautiful, beautiful thingy
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love the hand movements too. >> yes. >> yes. >> way better. >> i did like the the grammys. >> so, then i was switching back and forth, when it got dull on saturday night life is there only so much you can take of this. >> three and a half hours. >> some of the skits fell flat. >> i switched over and guess what i caught in one of the switch overs half time of the nba all-star game and my little friend ari-a grande came out in her little black and white outfit and did this. >> ♪ >> yeah. >> oh, yeah that was nickie menaj who did the the rap part of bang, bang. >> it was great though when we were talking about the grammys and i said she always wears the same pair of white, heels
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now she brought out the same heels but we see it in black. >> yes. >> fired up about that. >> i was. >> i understand you have good pair of heels that don't hurt your feet would i wear them too. >> over and offer again. >> some people gave her trouble on twitter for being a good singer, but that don't think she's a very good dancer. it might be the the high heels. >> she lowered them. even beyonce these heels are not that high because you have to do moves. >> she's standing next to nickie menaj. >> some people say she has the half time show the entire thing. then she does that have hit. an she has this one. she is on fire. she has only been hot for what a year or two. >> about two years ago she was on that silly advertise knee channel i would watch all the time. so i started to watch her then. she's almost over exposed but in more ways than one. >> so just past 9:00. you know jim cantore he works
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for the weather channel right. i have been following his career ten years. where ever weather is the the worst on the continent, he wants to go. >> he was doing a live shot for the wholer channel he has a fascination with then are snow. it is in the middle of the blizzard. you see lightening light up the sky, then you hear thunder in the spring. so, here he is doing a live shot in plymouth massachusetts when thunder snow, happened. >> yes, we got it baby we got it. wow. wow. we got it. yes, listen to that. >> i think maybe he is having a break down. >> i have never seen this excitement from a scientists ever. >> sometimes when i was in south caroline a would do
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hurricanes and is there nothing worse when you put together big storm coverage of the people out the in different parts of the beach and not exciting when they come to you. i would almost feel like rain win finally i have something to show. take a look at what is going on. >> the trouble is that he a has been up there in new england all winter and he has experienced about 90 inches of snow. >> he is starting too crack. >> we will that have theme tomorrow. maybe some thunder snow, sue. >> if you are waiting to see me jumping around like that. >> keep waiting. >> eighteen is our high temperature today. brutal cold out there. and two out of ten. tomorrow the snow rolls in and it start around 11 or 12:00 o'clock tonight and last through the morning tomorrow it will be a morning evening several inches, three to five in the philadelphia area we're
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thinking at the moment, tune in tonight at five. 6:00 and 10:00 scott williams whiffle the latest because we have to check the track of this storm to determine project snowfall totals but it will be shovellable for sure. now, snow showers wednesday evening with a cold front, a clipper system, and that will bring in more arctic air, so we will have about 9 degrees in the morning on thursday. zero on another frigid friday and chance of snow changing over to rain saturday night into sunday at least by sunday we are backup to highs in the 40's. so, quite an active weather week, between the brutal cold this morning for presidents day, the the snow in the forecast for tomorrow morning, and then another clipper system and more arctic air moving in later in the week. there is your seven day forecast guys, sweet treats what is going on. >> we are taking our beach wear over here to whether we call the lake. because a lot of you i know
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got chocolates for valentines day and maybe an over abundance for some of you so what do you do with the extra chong late around the house and little candice for conversation. >> because bob send me a 2-pound box of chocolates. 2-pound. we have great recipes to make with your valentines day left over. >> look who it is, chef abigail from park on rittenhouse square. you studied pastry in paris. >> i was born there so it was an easy switch. >> wiwi. >> how did you get to philly. >> my parent live in south jersey, you know. >> wait a minute were you born in paris and then they in moved to south injuriesy i'm's here to show you things we do at park. >> we have extra stuff. >> yes. >> i never get tired of chocolate in my house but if you have so much and i just don't want to eat it anymore you want do is very simple. i took these hearts. so cute. he i ground them up. >> yes, with the writing on them super cute.
9:16 am
grind them up or hammer rolling pin . >> food press zest or. >> yes, grind it up. >> or beat witt that thing. >> give it a try get right ahead. >> get it all out. >> you need super human strength good we can have him do it. >> make whip cream and wind up with these guys good how does it go from there to whipped cream. you grind it up. you sift it. it is the sweet the inner of your whipped cream. >> you put million income it. >> heavy cream. >> you grind this up, it is a powder. you put tonight a bowl. >> put your heavy cream and whip it up, wye hand, mixing bowl. >> that is it. >> super simple, you have a handy bag with a tip or in tip and tie it. i have a couple for you guys to try. >> what will you taste will it taste like candy hearts.
9:17 am
>> you will be a able to try them out. >> we'll this happening. >> anybody. >> no response. >> is it in the right spot. >> sure. >> is my feet broken or something. >> up and down. >> wait, wait until the shot happens. we are getting this from the space shuttle. satellite is coming in over our heads now. >> and houston. >> maybe it is not working. that camera probably broke over the weekend. >> too cold out. >> see. >> it turns out so nicely. >> you can do more or less whatever you want really. >> is it my head. we have it now. >> okay. give it a try. >> there is nice you can do on top of cup cakes. we do a little will bits here.
9:18 am
sometimes it is nice to switch it up. it taste like candy hearts. >> all whipped up. >> well, what we also did. >> my gosh. >> crazy. >> i know isn't it great. >> it vice minty. >> it has a mint y flavor. >> how about a big bag of kisses. >> these are super easy to work with. get your kid, neighbors friend to help you out. you melt it down equal parts of heavy cream, check late melt it down and over low heat. >> would i stick tonight the the microwave. >> you can but you have to be careful you can burn. 302nd intervals and mix it up. >> and end up in little bowls. >> yes, they are so cute. >> you just kind of like, you know, pour it on. >> my gosh we are making a mess. >> it is like. >> after 15, 19 years. >> and that is house mace ice
9:19 am
cream we make at park. we make all ice cream. >> that is a hershey kiss. >> full flavor. you can do any check late, carmel, whatever you have around a. >> what about this. >> this caught my eye. >> if you get tired of chocolate. not me anyway, but you can come into park and we have beautiful seasonal dishes. >> we are looking at these little things. she's talking about the tarts here. >> you have segments of the mylum m, super complex but it is a fancy lemon tarty see lemon but is what orange. >> those are cumcats and we have little bit of sugar. >> i do in the know what that is. >> grab one, get it the with that little foot right there. >> it is like a meaty orange. >> it is color you are wearing you little cumcombat.
9:20 am
>> i will get to parks. >> yes. >> super fresh. >> and then we have which we are known for. you can order them or get them to go. bulk order if you really want to plan ahead for your wedding or whatever you may be good you two have been very successful at a are young age. >> thank you very much. >> very nice meeting you guys. >> say hello to carol. >> she loves you you guys. >> she's nuts. >> how did the the stars celebrate valentines day. do they do it like us. they send out a adorable pictures. that is what they do. jessica simpson somebody had a 50 shade have gray night on saturday night. we have picks of that. >> we will see it are that
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i will take beauty into my own hands where it belongs. olay regenerist
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renews. to reveal new skin in only five days without drastic measures. stunningly youthful, award-winning skin. from the world's number one. olay. your best beautiful. stay still. like a statue. just like a statue. look at this, where'd he go? look here. alright. when your day goes on and on you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel. it is president day. >> yes. >> we started off presidents day with celebrating a birthday of, your george
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washington and your abe lincoln and then we have combined those together. >> now we are celebrating all president. >> as we should. >> thinks a live lot at constitution center. >> i will be here later on today. so hopefully they will be there, a lot of kid, like 200 kid. >> by the the way, fish face, thinks one day that place is free. >> even better. >> no reason not to go. >> i have to make sure i have the the the right time here. >> you said noon. >> you did say noon. >> yes, programs starts at noon at the kirby auditorium and town hall. we will have thomas jefferson abe link ham and tom adams. >> shocking news. >> somehow i will be there moderating you are presidential. >> you are our first lady. >> oh, please. >> her first cumquat. >> did you like it.
9:25 am
>> yes. >> it is very tiny. >> anyway lets talk about valentines day. >> saturday, big valentines day night. all of the restaurants were book. i know who took this picture. she was it ising next to me at a concert in atlantic city. >> charlie wilson. he said my name is charlie, last name wilson. he showed up and showed out. he was singing. he knew gap band hits. he started beat boxing, rapping, dancing, he took us to church. >> don't you think he is a better performer, i have seen chris brown, drake, i have seen usher. >> that is true. >> how old is he now. >> he is 62 now. >> maybe more than that. >> yes. >> anyway, we met so many good day viewer there, thank you for coming up and sale hello. >> of course yes i was third wheeling but only because mike invited me white. we are having a great time. and i will take this picture apparently people were starting on twitter and
9:26 am
instagram. >> i'm hugging my fiance. >> i was trying to hide her. >> but no they were having a moment. i said this is perfect time to be that third wheel. >> look at you were. >> so i snapped a picture and mike caught me in the middle of doing it. >> he photo bombed your picture. >> you did photo bomb it. >> thank you so much mike. >> it was fun good i didn't mean to be a third wheel. >> it was packed too good then we walk outside the boardwalk to go to caesars palace, the wind must have been 60 miles an hour and it was snowing and drifting. all these women in their skirts and high heels. >> it was so bad. >> people were sliding. >> yesterday at the height of all this wind, i didn't have her on the leash rolled down the sidewalk. she's 4-pound. >> same thing happened to her. >> i imagine your little dog wow. >> yes. >> celebrities are posting
9:27 am
pictures too. so jessica simpson it seems like he had a 50 shades of gray party for valentines day. that is her husband, isn't it. >> yes eric johnson. >> yes. >> it was a series of photos and, everyone was talking about 50 shade of gray but she captured this one with i'm so in love with you. >> oh, my. >> other were a little too racey. >> speaking of christian gray how about your guy if we dressed him up to look like christian gray. >> hey. >> yeah. >> owned good to me. >> do you think you can turn a bob kill any to a christian gray type of fellow. we have a designer here who will turn your man into chris an gray. >> oh, man. >> get the handcuffs. >> look at this reveal
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welcome back, "50 shades of grey" debuted with record numbers at the box office this weekend, many of are you still drooling over the many looks of christian grey, which he could go to the golf course, i'm sure he does little golfing. christian grey, always dress timed press whether he is having business meeting or taking anastasia to fancy gala, or whisk her away for weekend get away. so ladies, we're helping you out with your imagination here when it comes to "50 shades of grey". that will good way, all right? g rated way helping you get that look. you know, christian grey, how about that? joining us now, we have, tell me your name one more time? >> aaron peters. >> okay, from commonwealth propertier. >> correct. >> tell us what do you how tuck he will us about christian grey, how to become lick him.
9:32 am
>> i do sitting poor men clients come in, want to look sleek, dashing, just like christian grey, transition from work to play. >> yes. >> two outfits over here. >> some guys real dow come in and say hey make me look like christian grey? >> i wouldn't very specific but you can tell they want that look, that confidence, the ability to have wardrobe first always looking put together. >> and i guess the wardrobe can change a man. look what we have over here. i don't even know if i recognize him. is that you bob kelly? >> we aim to please, miss steel. >> chris murphy. >> yes, babe. >> i look at you, i can feel the confidence. >> you've never look at me quite this way before, have you? >> i think that is true, yes. looking at you now. so tell me, what look are we going to start with first? >> we start with bob first. >> okay. >> this gist your nice light gray spring light weight suit layered with blue underneath blue tie on ton pushing the spring, very cool silhouette.
9:33 am
one of our more classic fits, where you can really transition, very nicely there. >> check/the shoes. i love the shoes. >> sure, interesting. i think a lot of people do like black but this is a different choice? >> yes, went with brown here, the shoes of course by a shoe shop are you in center sit. >> i go to up bob's face, give us your best christian grey look, bob kelly. let's see it. >> all right wait for it. there we go. christian grey, give it to us. >> later baby. >> love it. okay. all right, thank you bob kelly. chris murphy? >> so this is more, i guess it could be day or night. >> yes so chris is bear something similar, very much for business, cat tow. >> oh, we like the look. >> we like it. >> i love it, i love it. >> but yes he is wearing nice midnight blue suit, transition again day to night very slicely, mini graph check
9:34 am
underneath, white collar through in forest green tie. very subtle. >> and the texture of the tie is different. >> yes. >> what's this. >> actually cashmere tie. >> that's why. >> look at you. >> okay, give us your best look, chris murphy, your christian grey look. >> i have an eye lash, hold on. >> there we go. >> oh, the christian grey. >> yes. >> first thing i noticed? >> tire ' tighter. >> that's the style now. >> slimmer yes. >> again, don't be afraid to un button the first button, be little more casual. >> open it up a little bit. >> that shows my fat. >> whatever, whatever. >> so, if men are looking at home hey what's the one thing i need, if i want the christian grey look, what's the one accessary i should get? >> start with your core, get your navy slim fit build out your wardrobe, you don't see christian grey doing ton of
9:35 am
crazy plaids and stuff like that bill out your core of solids. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i'm sure all of the ladies in philadelphia and new jersey and delaware will thank you as well. >> i hope so. >> one last look from the christian grey there yes. lets guess to mike, i guess co-have gotten some lessons from here, right. >> sure. >> it is okay. >> the cover of very famous food magazine salve or look what made the cover. that's something called a savory danish, and it is made right here in old city just down from the tv station by that dude right there. his name is chef eli. we'll talk. i want to know how did you t
9:36 am
9:37 am
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9:39 am
>> we head right next do, mark streak, to high street, being praised yet again for some great food. >> yes, last year the chef there was named one of food and magazine's best new chefs. and now bonn appetite has named high street the second best new restaurant in the entire country. >> now his food is on the cover of saveur magazine, so front and center of it all of course, mike is live there now at high street to get a taste. >> yes, isn't it amazing all of the different awards they're get not only forks next-door, the same people that own it, same people both restaurant high street on market. got the cover. that's like being like a swimsuit model and making sports illustrated right? >> sam hates being on tv so they made the cover.
9:40 am
you know chef eli he has been around here for awhile, had him on the show before. congratulations. and you are kurd you've been named to the best pastry chef in america. >> one of. >> well, close to number one food and wine magazine? >> yes. >> yes, why is she so good? >> she is completely understated her work is absolutely amazing she's so humble but her work just is like screaming out loud. >> so we're going to make. >> this you called it a savory danish. you describe how she does it, she'll do it. >> all right. so go ahead sam. show them what happens up. so the base here, we call it the red eye gravy dinner. the idea of red eye gravy sort of southern america thing where they have basically make a grave which coffee in it, so it has little bit like little bit of caffeine in there. >> what's she stuffing it into? >> base lick a bake off danish without any filling at this point. >> would it be sweet? >> no, i mean sort of like we sort of had the balance between like savory and sweet
9:41 am
every morning. so it just has little sweetness in the dough itself. and also, the pastry cream which we had sort of like savory sweet flavor, salty and sweet. >> what's she jamming in there? >> smoke country ham, from bacon in tennessee, so sort of like the american equivalent of proscuitto or something. ingredient more in the southern state they make it, and then she just sort of delicately puts it on there she will take little bit of that cheese there, which is peck reno, we get from meadow set farm, which is a sheep's dairy out in west chester county. and she puts that in there. from there all we do we flash it real quick in the oven, basically, just warm it up. already cooked, so just warm it up in the oven. then that's all there is to it. >> well, the place is great. i come over here almost every day. they're cooking and you have very well, unusual morning fair. >> yes. we don't do anything typical.
9:42 am
what you see there, squid ink white fish -- >> so it is like cuss town a bagel, but what we do, we add little bit of squiding to it, jet black little sesame. very sort of light flavor, not fishy flavor or anything like, that very very good. >> high shall everybody. good to see you. they make our coffee every day. >> they're ignoring us. >> i know. >> good to see you congratulations again. one award after the next. will you hold this, same? >> sam? >> should i go this one or that one? >> either one. doesn't matter. go for it. >> tom, i came over here with shorts now now have to go down the street to the studio. this should be interesting.
9:43 am
>> it should be. just run mike, it is not that far down. >> don't slip, though, he last on lover. >> true. first thing he might choke. >> that's delicious. >> all right, wash it down, mike. all right, thank you. cindy crawford's head turning photos. you ready for this? no photo shop at all. what the world is saying about the model as her husband stresses about her trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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lisa, good day at the beach. gab re he will says waiting for the summer to come and for the pool to open. >> oh, they look like they're having so much fun. jc anderson want to go head back to the beach with my daughter. oh that's a cute picture too. >> you got to love it. >> i wish i was in florida right now. >> oh, no, oh, goodness, scaring people now. >> nothing to see here. >> nothing to see at all. >> you should have seen the looks i got out running danely down the street. >> i bet were you. >> could you feel your legs at all? >> i tried to feel them. >> looking at mike mike jerrick's legs, how nice they are? nice legs. yep, wing that coat. >> i was thinking when did you, that looks like he's like want to buy a watch? >> see this? >> rolex on this side.
9:47 am
>> goodness gracious. >> all right, let's talk about cindy crawford, couple of pictures we saw over the weekend. >> she's still got it. >> oh, yes. now that's not touch up? >> at all. mother of two social media she is 40 something snow. >> forty-nine. >> forty-nine, so, this picture you can't tell, but apparently is from 2013, she was posting for marie claire, whatever they call it, then her husband -- >> look at her stomach there. >> i glow for the effect of two children. >> and age. >> yes. >> just starts to droop. >> she got flowers and i got her. that's from her husband restauranteur, ran i gerber. >> yes. tweet that message to the world yesterday. as his wife's picture was heating up on the web everybody was talking about it, how sweet is that? >> she is laying out at the pool. >> yes. >> has her tummy out. >> kit cat kline emmy award winning producer in the booth trying to find that picture because rand ski having a picture of them on vacation,
9:48 am
she in a bikini and looks fantastic. >> there it is. >> oh, she does look good. >> her stomach looks nothing thousand looks in the picture. >> yes. >> well, she laying down, which helps tremendous. >> i that too. i know, just doesn't work for me. a lay down all the time. >> i look down. >> what's going on here? >> that roll still there. >> well maybe if you do a back ends it will go away. >> really? i got to do a lot of jerking and moving. >> oh, please. >> anyway, i put these shorts on today for stupid bit we're doing, wow. i put on some weight since the last time i was on vacation. >> they're but the orthopedics? >> they're but the orthopedics. >> sipped? >> but ready to pop. >> no way you gained weight. >> oh, alex is blind. all right, so a mom is in arizona, decides to let her toddler boys style her for a whole week. they will pick out the clothe for mom make up and hair and
9:49 am
all of that casino of stuff. >> i don't know why she let them do this. >> snow is the summer before the transformation. >> first, her name is summer. >> this is summer? >> yes. >> before the transformation, how about that? co-founder of the girls with glasses show, she blogged about this whole experience. so these are somer's too boys, we're about to show you next, summer says as a mom always making decision and telling her boys what to do. she decided to let them take charge. here's -- >> oh! >> well, that's something. >> look at that hat. >> that's not too too bad for little boys, right? >> oh, boy. >> got to have the mickey mouse of course. i wonder how she did it? wonder had them go in her closet and raid it or gave them options? >> i bet she said go into my room and pick out some stuff. you can tell she is a designer though, and as fancy as those boys are marching cowboy hats. >> she looks good, though. >> i feel like they would pick t-shirts because avenue lot of t-shirts in my closet? isn't the one thing you want
9:50 am
to do. do you it every day. when the cameras go off, alex holley puts on her sweat pants, sweatshirt, immediately, and her sneaker. >> and i pull it right up over my dress. >> that's right. you have a beautiful pink dress on today. >> thank you. >> you will get your -- you never see sweat pant, yank it up over the dress, i don't know that i have ever seen this. >> and her pink and gray sneaker. >> because it is cold, cold outside, and cold in here. pull them right over. >> i was so cold yesterday when we got back from atlantic sit bye 2:30, 3:00 in the afternoon, i go in turn on my tv watching the pebble beach invitation golf tournament in monterrey californiament look at this. so sitting in freezing temperatures, these dudes playing golf along the pacific ocean. >> keep showing aerial shots the waves crashing. >> one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. >> gorgeous and brant won the whole thing. anyway, it took me back to a throw-back, i got to walk that
9:51 am
course years ago with a bunch of celebrities. >> why because? >> with my mullet with clint eastwood. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at you. >> another one stunner. ♪ ♪ >> sean connery, right there. let's see who else? >> is this black and white. >> no, she didn't. >> oh, yes she did. >> i bet you don't even know who that is? >> oh, i do, arnold palmer. >> no, jack lemon. he's dead. >> oh, seriously mike? you stay like that. >> shah sean connery there? >> it does look like sean con. >> i they look like -- >> they're trying to concentrate on golfing. >> look at you. why are you so close awkward up in their personal space. >> well, because i think avenue mike on and they don't. >> oh, so trying to do one of those. >> mike at keaton, mark mcgwire, baseball player. >> i'm fascinated by your hair. >> i know, it is hard to get your mind off my hair. >> i mean, you have got like a bang. >> you look good, though. >> got like the farrah
9:52 am
fawcett. >> glen campbell, huey lewis mark. >> and mike. >> what a beautiful day that was. what a course it is. >> so this was all in one day. >> yes. >> i got to walk the whole course the famous 18th hole. okay when we come back, i'll tell you a story out of atlantic city yesterday afternoon when we almost lost alex holley. but first. >> the bachelorette andy door of man speaking out about her failed engagement to josh murray. really surprise add lot of people. we will talk about what she says went wrong.
9:53 am
whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger!
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brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters. >> thank you for send that in. thank you. >> and here is his mom lauren johnson.
9:56 am
>> nice. >> nice. before i tell you the atlantic city story where we almost lost and i holly yesterday. former bachelor, andy door of man, said splitting from josh murray the guy from the show her biggest failure. >> yes andy made the comment during the chris tells all special. she admitted despite appearing in love during the bachelor premiere, she and murray new that they were essentially over. >> goodness. >> said people were asking about their wedding date which forced them to wonder well why haven't we set a date. andy said trip was very eye-opening. >> oh, real a it will tv. but nothing is real about it. >> what do you expect? for goodness sake. >> just so made up and stupid and making out with 25 other people creepy. anyway so, we go to the concert. >> yes. >> charlie wilson concert. >> charlie. last name wilson. uh-huh. >> so the next day we get up, freezing cold, the wind had to be 67 miles an hour at this hotel where we were staying in atlantic city. so we eat some breakfast
9:57 am
that's whort other story. she aid something the size of this table. >> hey, don't call me out. okay? >> i don't know how -- you look so darn good. anyway so we go outside car is waiting there. we step outside on to the sidewalk get in the car al sex right behind me with my fiancee. >> yes. >> i turn around, sliding down the sidewalk, right out of frame, like -- >> stand interesting all the sudden -- brrr. >> what happened? >> behind me and oh, let me take one of your bags to help you out. and then she started going grabbed me and we were gust going together. >> and when did you do? >> ice on the sidewalk, so the 70-mile per hour winds sliding down the sidewalk, to the ocean. >> and you did what? >> (laughing). >> gentlemen, just stand interesting like ugh ugh. at least he didn't get his phone out. that's the new thing to do. >> there should be video of t it was great. literally, walk through like this. oh let's get to the door, wait wait. it was -- >> actually scared on the ride
9:58 am
back too. >> it was crazy. >> okay, getting snow starting tonight. so we'll have snow day aga
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." today it's a hot monday and we're kicking off the week with a super sized dose of the juiciest hot topics. plus hollywood scoop's diana madison brings out the scoop on will smith's shocking admission. we have more chances for you to win big in our grand fantasy giveaway. now here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: so good.


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