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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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e been slick for ride home tonight and they won't be much better when you get up tomorrow. happy spring almost. good i'm i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams for what we can expect. scott. >> iain and lucy, we can continue to expect the rain. take look the malt doppler making for a messy afternoon and evening commute area wide, but thankfully it is just rain. even toward the lehigh valley right now, allentown the pocono mountains, looking at some of that rain. moderate to heavier rain right now from trenton to philadelphia down to chester and also wilmington as we move into south jersey hammonton atlantic city avalon, cape may looking at some of that light rain. lighter rain as we move no central and southern sections of delaware. but it will be picking up as we take a wider perspective off to the west. more will be moving in through the next several hours. so temperature wise right now 51 degrees outside of our studios. those windshield wipers are going. traffic delays out there and the umbrellas are up. so as we time everything out.
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you can see by eight 9:00 o'clock we're still looking at that rain. even heavier rain by 10:00 o'clock. find out when this moves out. what moves in and when temperatures will soar iain and lucy into the 60s coming up. >> all right scott thank you. breaking eagles news tonight tonight. it seems like we've been saying that every couple days. this time it's the birds starting ways with starting quarterback nick foles. howard eskin is live in the newsroom to break down the deal. >> i think chip kelly thinks he has fantasy team going on. moving around parts. knock yourself out down there at the duck pond or eagles complex. now there are a lot of reports floating at this hour. and the twitter world is obviously exploding with stories. doesn't it always a lot of them are not true. here's what i know right now. all right. this is what happened. nick foles, yes, has been traded. he was with the eagles for three seasons. eagles traded foles to st. louis and got a quarterback back in return. the eagles acquired quarterback sam bradford from the st. louis rams. bradford was the overall number
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one pick in the 2010 draft and was the rookie of the year that year. eagles offensive coordinator pat shurmer new bradford when he was with the rams because he was the offensive coordinator there. there are conflicting reports that the eagles also got a conditional pick but i'm told that's not the case either. now, here's one report. that the eagles swapped first round picks with the rams. where the eagles would move from 20 in the first round to 10. but a source told me that is not true. so the best thing that could happen they get conditional second round pick but i haven't confirm yet either. we know that two parties involve involve. gone this off season from the eagles foles lesean mccoy jerry maclin, trent cole, cary williams. todd herremans. dot dot dot et cetera we'll get to that in the next few days i'm sure. more information comes in by the minute and more coming up later in sports. >> thanks. we look forward to that. >> chip was at the linc right now surrounded by eagles fans he
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may be hearing some boos but there could be some cheers mixed in there as welch not everyone is upset about this latest move. >> i think it was, really good move for the eagles. >> still looks good like he's got a plan. >> i don't want to see bradford on the field at all this year. if we get mariota it will be a good trade. >> chip kelly i'm not sure what he's doing much he's messing the team up. he's coming in and putting a spin on thing bout me things are going wrong. >> howard will have a full recap of that deal. >> three more state legislators caught up a corruption case. philadelphia top prosecutor set setting his sights on the three. they're accused of of pocking cash in exchange for political favors. all part of undercover sting operation at one time deemed too flawed to yield convictions. jeff cole has the details on these charges along with the criticism against the state attorney general. >> you got it kathleen ca inform e asked about attorney general kathleen ca inform e seth william said he didn't want to talk about her too much adding
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she's her own worst end knee. >> then he started to talk about her. >> as the three public officials turned themselves in philadelphia's da seemed to aim his most aggressive criticism not at them but at attorney general kathleen kane. >> accuse prosecutors that work for me to be racist i think is gutter. >> williams was referring to kane's stated concern that the undercover sting which is now in snared six public officials was possibly racially tainted because the targets were black. >> this really makes me sick. >> reporter: the district attorney tuesday announced still more charges against public officials. state representative louise bishop michelle brownly and former state rep harold james. >> today i announced the indictments of three more state legislators. as before, i take no pleasure in this proceduring. >> reporter: all three were caught on tape by an undercover
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informant posing as a lobbyist offering cash for favors. the sting was run out of the state attorney general's office for two years starting in 2010. williams says bishop in office for nearly three decades and accused of taking 1500 bucks in bribes hoped her friendship with him would save her. >> i will not and cannot look the other way just because you are my friend or a member of my political party or my race. >> reporter: state rep tiff brownly is accused of pocketing $2,000 in former state rep harold james is charged with tacking 750 bucks he was caught on tape. >> the lobbyist explained the terms of the deal. well, you know, brother we might be needing your help. james responded that's right. >> reporter: in a statement attorney general kane said prosecutors exercise discretion all the time in deciding when to bring cases. she said, she supports all
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efforts to obtain equal justice under the law. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> lucy. >> thank you, jeff. hang right now reaction to a verdict in the trial against a man accused of of shooting a philadelphia cop. eric torres shot officer ward davies in a mini mart two years ago. the bullet hit him inches blow his bullet proof vest. he survived and is still recovering. the man who pull the trigger could spend a very long time in jail. fox 29's dawn timmy yaw in the courtroom for the verdict. she joins us live in center city. dawn? >> reporter: lucy the jury began deliberations on friday afternoon. a jury of nine women and three men. they announced thriver this afternoon about 2:00 o'clock. not guilty of attempted murder and receiving stolen property but guilty of all the other charges and there are a lot of them. enough to make sure that eric torres doesn't walk the streets again. >> i'm huring. i want to go home and relax with the family. >> reporter: philadelphia police officer edward davies
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speaking briefly with reporters outside the criminal justice center this afternoon. the 41-year-old expressing relief after a jury finds eric torres guilty of shooting and critically wounding him during a violent confrontation with police inside this corner store in feltonville in august of 2013. it started when a traffic stop and ended with police chasing torres into the mini mart at west fourth and answer bury and shots being fired. >> there was cocaine in his system that came out at trial. he was violent. he was resisting. he was kicking. he was elbowing these officers. and sadly it ended up with officer davies being shot report roar the officer suffering live changing injuries. he was shot inches blow his bullet proof vest rush to the hospital by a fellow officer in bad shape. he's had numerous surgeries with more to go. >> i'm just happy it's over. that's all. >> he has a three year old at home he can't pick him up in his house. he can't take him out to play in the snow we're just happy this over. we're happy we got a conviction and we're ready for officer
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davies to start that hearing process. >> reporter: torres on the other hand facing numerous charges and years behind bars. >> i can tell that you the assault on law enforcement officer, that's just the starting point. that's a 20 to 40 year mandatory mandatory. we're very happy. >> reporter: the assistant district attorney says when you add up all the charges against torres gun charges aggravateed assault a drug charge, he's lookinglooking at 66 to 122 years behind bars. torres' attorney had argued he accidentally shotly police officer during the struggle that it was not intentional much the jury didn't buy it. torres will be sentenced in june. lucy. >> all right, dawn, thank you very much. were the odds today then these probably looked familiar after a rough winter our roads are really torn up and those potholes well, they're tearing up our cars. we had no problem whatsoever finding potholes and frustrated drivers throughout the region today. our own dave kinchen has been all over the place on pothole patrol. life in west philly right now. i'm just guessing dave f your
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rid was anything like mine today it was a bumpy one. >> reporter: yeah, pretty bumpy to say the leave. in fact, that's the story here at 56th and chestnut. take a look at this pothole over high shoulder here. a lot of afternoon drivers making their way trying to carefully avoid that one. it looks like they did there. any way that's the story all across the city. it's a sure way to punish your tires. it's like driving on the moon rolling along this stretch of the city line avenue near the delaware county philadelphia line. it takes a good swerve to avoid any damage. >> i mean they deep. they ain't a pothole. they gullies. >> one they ride up the traffic comes to standstill. >> darrell rivers was for to do drop 75 bucks after sustaining damage on city line. >> i was coming up here last night, and my tear just hit the pothole like pow. money that could have been in my pock. true. true. >> reporter: penndot crews plan on starting city line of a repairs next week and will spend five days patching up the damage
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here and of course there are numerous other trouble spots in philly rittenhouse square has a big one at walnut and 20th. viewer tweeted us these craters at 20th and sansom in center city and not much better at third and girard in north philly philly. >> we try to fill 100 to thee hundred a day per crew. >> philadelphia streets department says the weather is just now allowing them to get on the job. and we noticed lincoln drive has several potholes patched up. >> yesterday was the first nice day to start filling the potholes. it might take us longer. however we will get to that pothole. >> reporter: that's another grouping of potholes there at chestnut and 56th. one of two sets over here and if you think this is bad well, the streets department says that so far in philly there are 9,000 potholes. but we're talking about 21,000 this time in the city last year. so last year actually seems pretty worse when you look at the numbers although it may not feel like it. >> i remember last year. all right. thanks, buddy. philadelphia police would like
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to you take look at something. >> it is surveillance video of a man hanging out at a local doggie daycare but he's up to no good. what police say he's about to do. >> plus a disgusting stomach churning mess outside a local woman's home. she contacted the property authorities but learned she might have to wait awhile for it to be cleaned up. we'r
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♪ take a good look at these pictures. police say this man robbed a doggie daycare store in society hill last week. he talked to an employee and another customer for at least 15 minutes and when the employee walked to the other end of the store, he helped himself to cash and register. no word on how much he stole. if you know anything about this, call police. love the name of that place. something stings in one philadelphia neighborhood and fox 29 is working to get results. for about two months now cobbs creek resident michelle nelson has to deal with a backed up
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drain now that clog is pushing all kinds of sewage right in front of her home. officials with several agencies inspected that drain but the problem has not been fixed. >> nelson reached out to us when she said nobody would help her. and we got our bruce gordon to get results. >> reporter: it's not uncommon to see neighbors out on the sidewalk shooting breeze as the weather improves. but on the 6,000 block of irving street the talk is of sewage raw human waste gurgling up from a curb stop right next to michelle nelson's home. >> when it pops out of the drain it shoots up in the air. someone could be walking past it could get on them. >> reporter: literally like a geyser of explores yes,. >> reporter: it's been like this for a couple of months. michelle has complained without success to the renter who lives next door. and she called the philadelphia water department back on march 2nd. >> the water department came out on that particular day gave them a violation which takes 10 days. if they don't fix the plumbing problem win 10 days they'll shut the water off.
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>> reporter: in the meantime you've got this on your sidewalk. >> yes. every day i'm putting bleach and ammonia and water. it's been on hiv going problem. >> reporter: i'm reach out to the water department they confirm they had indeed sight cited the house next door gave the owners 10 days until this thursday to fix the problem. they told me only a safety hazard would prompt faster action. >> we're literally looking at human waste and raw sewage on the sidewalk right out where anyone can walk through it or be impacted by it. >> i found the renter when i knock at the back door of his place. >> i just called the landlord. >> you did? >> yes. >> can i talk to you about that? >> no. >> reporter: he didn't want to talk but said he has also made the realtor aware of the need for repairs. as for michelle she waits and fumes over the fumes. >> you look out the window and you see that. what goes through your mind. >> i just want to move away from the door he is special physical i'm getting ready to eat or cooking dinner. the just horrick. it's just horrific. >> reporter: again the schedule as it now stands for the water department to come
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back out here no earlier than thursday to reinspect this mess. hard to believe the department does not consider raw sewage sitting on the crosswalk reason enough to expedite things and get the water shut off prior to that date. in cobbs creek i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> all right. bruce, thank you. book your fox 29 winter wet authority now. mild out there but you saw bruce with that umbrella. >> raining everywhere right now. look at that big green blob behind you scott. >> we have several hours of this mess to get through but thankfully we're in the looking at wintry precipitation much ultimate doppler is lit up with the green. you can see the disturbance moving through the ohio river valley and all of this moisture is moving from west to east. so watch out on the roadways out there. ponding and also puddles potholes just making for a bad combination on the roads. we'll see some gradual clearing tomorrow after fog so that is going to be the concern after the rain ends early early tomorrow morning and then p.m. sunshine for tomorrow. and temperatures topping out at
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60 degrees or better the warmest yet on tap. but right now north and west, norristown doylestown moving toward sections of allentown looking at that moderate rain as we move into south jersey you can see more of the same. so a good soaking area wide to be had over the next several hours as that rain and system moves through. so as we watch the clock by 8:00 p.m. you can see we're still looking at those showers. nine, 10:00 o'clock tonight moderate to heavy rain the darker green and also that yellow indicating where we'll see some moderate to heavy rain move through overnight. and then once again gradual clearing but we're looking at a lot of clouds and fog to start on your wednesday morning. so as we roll the clock you can see additional rain a half an inch to three quarters of an inch in philadelphia. so that will be about the average. temperatures root now rain cooled into the low 50s after a high temperature today believe it or not of 59 degrees. so we saw some early sunshine, the rain started a little later than expected in some locations and right now as we take a look
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at that visibility we are down to zero in lancaster. 1.5 files in philadelphia as well as wilmington and these numbers will continue to drop into the overnight and tomorrow morning likely around zero in many locations. so look at the temperatures right now. 51 philadelphia. upper 40s atlantic city. 40 degrees right now in reading. but once that rain and fog move out, we're looking at temperatures soaring tomorrow with that pattern change that will move temperatures up into the low 60s. so once again we're looking that rainfall tonight. gradual clearing tomorrow. it's going to be cloudy to start. 62 for the high temperature. thursday cooler by 10 degrees. but sunny and we'll take that and then moving toward friday upper 40s for high temperatures. cloud cover increases and then overnight friday into saturday, we're looking at some rainfall moving in. it could stick around much of the day saturday. and then temperatures monday, tuesday next wee week above average by a few degrees in the mid 50s.
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>> we love above average. >> all right. scott, thank you. >> spiking of above average. >> -- i'm getting fitted for my golf clubs tomorrow. >> nice. nice and warm. >> you are always a busy man. you are busier than usual today. >> the phillies are getting buried in this whole thing. remember them? the news got worse for the pitcher cliff lee today. but chip kelly off season merry-go-round took another spin today. this time nick foles heading towards the west. who the eagles are getting back and what it means f
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♪ that eagles coach chip kelly he is just a mad scientist. chip did nor work on his fantasy football team today. he traded his starting quarterback nick foles to the st. louis rams for their start starting quarterback eagles got the 20,101st overall pick in the draft that would be sam bradford. that year bradford won the rookie of the year award with the rams. one of the eagles coaches nose bradford well. that would be pat shurmer who was the offensive coordinator with the rams when bradford came in the league. i would think he had some input on the info for chip. there are conflicting reports but no eagles did not they did not nip first round picks with the rams as the nfl network reported. there may be a conditional pick coming to the eagles.
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now running back frank gore remember him did change his mind officially today. he signed a three-year deal with the indianapolis colts for almost the same money the eagles deal were have been here in philadelphia. and not good news for cliff lee. all right. it's confirmed that cliff lee has a torn tend in his left elbow. he will not have surgery because that would be probably end the season and his career. and had try to pitch through it. but he said he won't pitch if he's in pain. i would say sometime this season maybe the end of cliff lee's career. >> we're not terribly optimistic but there's still a possibility that he can come back and throw and throw with, you know, a minimal amount of diss comfort but, um, you know, we've trieded to this, you know, rehab him non surly twice now. >> you know here's where the phillies made the mistake. >> yeah g not trading him last year. you goat a certain number of pitchers just like a running back they do in football you got move on and now they wanted to trade him when he got healthy. now you won't be able to trade
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him all year. forget about any prospects for cliff lee. cole hamels they better not wait. ruben this is night advice to you. don't wait too long because if he gets hurt, that is your best chip in your really in trouble. remember he was a little injured the beginning of last spring training. the eagles -- >> speaking of chip. >> just -- i wanted to get the phillies out of the way. the eagles it's crazy. it's just absolutely insane. but i do like sam bradford he's coming off an injury. if i had to take bradford or foles, i would take bradford. again, i'm comfortable that chip leaned on i'm sure, i don't know this for fact, lean on his offensive coordinator pat shurmer who nim st. louis. >> they're in the done yet. >> they better not be. >> i'm sure probably news at 10:00. tune in tonight for fox 29 news at 10:00. the food you have in your fridge right now could be money down the drain. certain foods go bad in the fridge fast much the changes you need to make when you get home from the grocery store to save
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yourself some money. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. ha
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frat house scandal. >> not alone. can you believe she is the house mom? >> then, save the baby. the kidnapper and the big sis and her brother giving chase. >> how they saved the day. >> bobbi kristina's boyfriend's meltdown. why he stormed out of the dr. phil interview. >> i'm done. i'm done. >> i went to do an interview that became an intervention. >> then, remember alex from target? the photo that made him a phenomenon.


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