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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 11, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> live from fourth and market. this is "good day philadlephia" at 9:00. >> ♪ ♪ >> sure is, like that guy with the deep voice said, it is good day. >> hi, everybody, it is wednesday, march the 11, 2015. lauren johnson's here. >> hello. >> i'm doing very good. >> hi, lauren? high. >> you caught me in the men's bathroom. >> ya. i went to pee and come on, it was lock, commercial break. and outcomes lauren johnson. >> i know, because i felt like come on, we have -- so i took -- >> you got to do what you got to do. >> sue, 9:00. hoping to get married? no need. you can now rent a husband. where men are helping out around the house for free. >> plus, ashton kutcher has a stink i problem. he's calling out men's barmes, lauren. what the new dad wants installed in public rest rooms. >> okay? >> oh, oh. and the star power just keeps growing on empire every week
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new person. this week marry jay blige, we talked to her before. her parent on the show tonight. on god day. >> she'll be on here in just a little bit. welshing new study from georgia tech, out of atlanta looks into the real reason why people gossip. and that's what we love to do in this 9:00 hour. it is what we do. that's how we roll. >> right. >> gossip is of course more prevalent than any time i think in america because of all of the things that are going on, all of the tabloid shows, tabloid magazines stuff like that. it remind me of my favorite movie mean girls. >> hello? hold on. i'm on the other line with bridgette. grover send driving me nuts. hold on. >> okay, hurry up. it's ren evening a. she wants to hang out with me tonight but she told me not to tell you. do not hang out with her. bye. she doesn't want me to tell you. hold on. oh my gosh. she's so annoying. >> who is? >> who is this?
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>> gretchen. >> right. hold on. >> hasn't that happened to all of us? >> ya. >> you used to click over, and you didn't click over? okay. i want to make an announcement on retraction, that's not my favorite move. >> i favorite movie? >> according to the study though we found 15% of office emails are gossip, and about 80% of what we hear in the office, is actually true. researchers of course say negative gossip is more prevalent than positive gossip. >> did you though know this, mike? when you gossip about another person, the person that you're gossipping to, they sometimes start to associate you with whatever you are describing, so talking about someone in a positive way sue serio is so nice, so pleasant, always orders great weather, they start seeing you as a noise guy, too. but alex holley, ugh then they start seeing you as a complain err. >> al sex so annoying. >> right. they'll say -- >> they'll think that i'm annoying? >> right.
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because you are bringing all of this negativity to them. stowe could backfire when you're gossipping. >> what i saw interesting about this, work e emails, people can see that, trace that. >> i've never sent a work e-mail that's gossip, because you never know who is looking at your e-mail. >> dow that all the time. >> i've been e-mailing with hillary clinton for about five years. >> is that why she -- >> that's right ya. >> i can see that. now, ya. gosh ya. i will say ya, i got to stop doing that. >> do you know what i have done? >> i'll put nasty words like in a email, too. really upset about something? >> no, your favorite word sometimes boom. >> boom. >> good thing, usually boom. >> boom stands for yes. >> oh, is that what it means? >> ya. >> i didn't know. >> i'll meet you there at 8:30, boom. got it. >> you know everything is good when you got the boom. >> boom. >> and the hand motion with it. >> ya. whenever he sends me that text i know he's just doing that.
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>> means i'm in a good mood, right? boom. >> hey, i like hear the boom. >> haven't heard boom since vacation. >> ya. my booms are gone. vacation long gone from my memory. what's this? am i going to the omni after the show? boom. okay, you hoping to get married this spring? well forget t now you can just rent a husband. that's happening in moscow. ya for one hour, city leaders say you can rent a guy just call him your husband to perform traditional mail tasks around the house like fixing leaky faucets, repairing the car, well, the new social service program is free of charge for low income homes. and available for moderate fees for anybody, you know, in the middle class. >> you know, funny when i was in myrtle beach, i had some guy friends who would look out for me. moved there when i didn't know anybody? whenever something would happen, like if you needed help around the house, i would call them, and hey you know, this is going on, come help me out. i think it is casino of an interesting idea. little things, you know,
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people around the house oh, actually, i mean, i should probably learn to because i'm on my own. >> didn't you tip them? >> well, they were my friend, so maybe i would cook or when we go out dinner on me? >> barter. >> ya, because i really appreciate it. one time my car broke down, raining, late last night they came and got me. oh so sweet. >> so you returned the favor by taking them to dinner. >> exactly. >> but see over there in moscow, the government picks up the tab if you're low income. >> that's nice. real nice. i have lea that situation that alex describes single woman new city become friends with some men help with you certain situations, because you file helpless. >> and buy them a six pack if you put together my whatever. >> really? >> well, get some furniture at ikea you have to put it together yourself. >> but i don't have any. >> i've had so many fights and screaming, you know, where is -- there should be one more screw here. where is the screw. >> i know.
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speaking of men doing things for women, can i ask you a question alex, tell me what you think. yesterday it was raining i was driving my low tire flashes on, means i need air in my tire. i pull to ever a gas station, i need change, i go inside. i go out. my car the only one park by the gas pup p, a guy standing there. so i'm holding my umbrella under my hand, trying to unscrew, he just stood there the entire time. >> and watched you? >> and watched me put nare my tire. >> what did you want him to do? >> as a manny thought the reason he walk over was because he thought gosh this girl has her umbrella, doesn't know what she is doing let me help they are. i realize avenue after the entire thing he just was watching. >> not waiting for his up? >> no, not in a car. he just stood there, and when pulled off he walk off in a different direction. as a man as a woman, what do you think about that? >> he is ogling you, bending over unscrewing the cap. >> holding my umbrella. >> leer is the thing, if a man, you're in a place being
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single woman in new air, a man just started walking up to you, oh, can i help you, would you be first -- >> i would be cautious yes. >> we got you. >> thank you ladies. >> you know? you want to have -- >> innocent mind. >> i think i would have stepped in. >> i think would you have, too. >> struggling, let me get that for you. >> yes, it would be nice. >> because i didn't know what i was doing. >> maybe he recognized you like is that -- >> no. >> maybe he's trying to figure it snout. >> let me pump up your tires. i'm telling you i'm pathetic. my dad he never hired anybody. he had six kids, we didn't have much money. was never and didn't want to hire anybody to do anything around the house. one time our basement got infested when termites. he torre part the entire basement killed them all re built the entire balesment. termites all over me. >> you had fleas? >> he wanted to peach me. >> did you learn? >> would ask me, can you come out, he's under the car can you hand me wrench whatever.
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>> did you? >> oh, i want to get back in the house. >> have you changed flat tires? >> i have. >> maybe mike can be our call guy here in philly? >> i doubt it. >> if you be my call girl. i'll be the call guy. no. >> i walked into that one. >> listen to there is i live on 17th floor after building. >> and there are elevatorsment you can get down. >> ups ands downs in that elevator business. >> he lost his train of thought. >> that floored me. >> okay. >> really get the shaft in the business i'm telling that you. >> here he goes here he goes. >> now you're pushing my buttons. oh, they just keep coming. >> i can't. >> , no i have to call down, i can't seem to figure out how to get the sons cents off my light. >> change the bulling? call maintenance to change your bulbs? >> i can't get the sconse off. >> is it too high up oring? >> i can't get it out.
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>> they laugh at me every time i walk by in the lob. >> i could you change my light bull somebody what do you have say? >> yes. it's pat he i can. >> it is. >> let me tell this, international telecommunication company, new policy for working mothers what do you think of this? >> i think it is good idea. vote a phone introducing mandatory minimum policy. new plan says at least 16 weeks of full pay for expecting moms. for the first six months after the mom returns to work they'll receive full pay for 30 hour week, company officials say they did this to help women successfully -- >> let's bring in somebody who has about 15 boys. she's birthed about 15 kids. karen hepp. what's the going standard now in america? >> i think it is about 12% of companies offer any casino of paid maternity leave. 12%. so, most people, when you have a child, it is all on you. you don't get any pay at all. which can be beyond frustrating. really hard. you don't know what to do. first time mom. so you barely can figure out having a baby. then you may not get paid for that situation. so the sound of people
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cheering women about policies like there is we hope it catches on. more companies will do this. this is a company bonn and, has has a loft international women. they realize they have a lot of their work force women weren't keeping any of the woman in though part of the country because they don't have a policy, that is, you know helpful for women. but they realize that women were staying with them in other parts of the worlds that offer really generous maternity policies. that's the first year most women get out of the work force. >> so, i -- people have paternity leave now too don't they? >> true. some companies, good companies, one of the high tech companies, if you can ever go out there and work for those googles those big companies, they have amazing policies. but most companies my baby is about to turn eight years old when i first had him, i had no maternity policy. that's even in the news business, where would you think for sure these major companies would have maternity policies, we didn't have any. >> our executive producer i can see behind your bed he looks board young and
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stretching. >> are you bored? are you bored? what you need? what you need? >> i know he looks like a 12 year old board. he is the he he can executive producer of the show. that's tom lowden. he is probably up there gossipping, that's what they do. >> they talk about him. >> right next to him, it is mary ann alyssa, a cobble of masters right there. >> look, he's pointing. who else is that? mary ann. >> ya. >> oh. >> talk about us while we're here. interesting. >> oh, i've heard. >> thanks, karen. hey, new dad ashton kutcher is speaking of parenting pretty hand on as a dad. >> but there is something that is really frustrating him. so fatly here, of course on social media. so over the weekends he posted there are never diaper changing stations in men's public rest rooms. the first public men's room that i go into that has one gets a free shout out on my facebook page. >> oh, whoop de do.
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>> but, i mean, interesting point though. >> they have the them on the east coast. >> do they? >> in the men's rooms. >> so his wife, isn't it? they had the baby five month ago, and people thought -- they thought they tied the knot apparently -- >> not married? >> not married. >> but they had a child together? >> they did. >> i know at penn station in new york when i take the train back to philly on amtrak, they have a changing station in the men's room, in the stall. >> it could be there. >> bob, do you ever see them around noun. >> yes, i see them in the men's rooms. the baby changing station. i've never actually used one but they are in there. >> somebody better tell ashton kutcher. >> sometimes i put my drink on it. >> i have seen women use it -- >> that's why i have never used it. >> thanks. >> at the airport people have like their bag luck and, make up, they use it for everything except the changing table sometimes. >> true. more prevalent in airports. la has to get up to speed.
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that's where ashton s bette midler lends her voice to kim kardashian's tweet. this let me set up this. from jimmy fallon, right? kit cat? jimmy kimmel. bette midler common jimmy kimmel's show, and he always been making fun of kim kardashian right jimmy? these are actual tweets of kim kardashian, 140 characters. >> perform by one bette midler . >> ♪ what color is that dress? i see white and gold ♪ kanye sees black and blue ♪ who is color blind ♪ i hate falling asleep with all of my make up on ♪ i never thought i would
9:14 am
say this but i'm wearing flats today. (laughing). >> oh, that's great. >> it is fan that is inning, what a great idea. just makes you think of how silly her tweets, are falling asleep with make up. i'm wearing flats. bette midler can make it sound good. >> that's for sure. i would love to have her sing my tweets. you. >> don't ever really tweet. >> i re tweet. i'm so lays any 2015, i only hit re tweet. now, sometimes i'll do re tweet with compliment. >> yep, the quote thing? >> then do you have figure out how to eliminate words still make sense to make it to 140. >> doesn't it feel good when you look up, and it is a zero? >> yes. >> and you just perfect perfect tweet? >> all 140 clark ers. where you can see the negative numb best like oh, no got to go back. >> negative one, what am i going to get rid of here. >> always get rid of your name
9:15 am
first. >> good point. >> why don't you tweet something today? i feel like your first actual tweet. because technically re tweets don't count. >> okay, i'll tweet right now. >> sue, i guess everyone following you stay tuned for mike jerrick's tweet. real first tweet on his own. >> you tweet it and i'll sing it. >> there we go. >> oh, oh. he's not tweeting any more. >> hold on. let me put my glasses on. >> he will well all of the high level operation going on there, let's take a look at the seven day forecast. 62 degrees today. >> this will end up being if it makes it that high the warmest day of the year so far. and the warmest since christmas. so, on thursday, tomorrow, looks like a great day. little bit coolerment still real nice. high in the 50's. increasing clouds on friday, still in the 50's. rainy day possible, on saturday. maybe even into a little bit of sunday morning. we'll work on that, as we get closer to the weekend. saint patrick's day is on tuesday of next week. so far so good, with mix of sun and clouds in the
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forecast. and a high in the mid 50's. so what am i singing, mike jerek is. >> well, as soon as we get above the screen, you can read it and sing it. there it is. >> ♪ ♪ i can't believe i'm wearing pants today ♪ ♪ >> beautifully done. >> wonderful. >> bette serio. >> i can't wait. >> i think they're supposed to be joining me, but that's okay. so normally your bathe did a is a day that's just all about you. one local business woman is celebrating her 40th birthday by giving back to other. so here to tell us about her birthday of service sean i gives back. good morning. >> good morning. >> happy birthday sean i. >> yes. thank you, hey mike. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> we love what you are doing. >> what a way to celebrate watch made you want to give back to others instead of
9:17 am
getting? >> i starting this big 40th birthday celebration. i said i have to do social security to give back. so taking down the gift. >> we want to see you. >> of course. >> so i thought about doing a shoe give away. so i work with cheryl lee rouse and the diva foundation, when i toll her what i wanted to do she said, deaf, a you better do it. and so we started sean i birthday of service sean i gives back. what we will do is we will invite women in, recipients of brand new and some gently worn shoes. >> i understand. i think i have this concept. say somebody's been without a job. maybe even homeless, incarcerated or having hard time. >> exactly. >> can't afford good shoes to maybe go out for job interview or something. >> exactly. >> are these free to them? >> free to them. we've invited eight of the major social service agencies in the city. and outside of the city to bring in their women to be the recipient of these shoes. >> when is this? >> this saturday march 14th, at progress plaza. and the shoes have been
9:18 am
donated by celebrity donors, business women and essentially women giving back to other women. march is women's history month. forty, i think number of significant, age of awakening and i think people come into their own at that age. that's why i really wanted to do something to help others. >> going to be pack day. going to be like speeches? >> yes, we have panel of speakers, we have council plan del, to support me today. it will be women no matter what your position is in life, encouraging other women you. >> said some of these, most of them, a lot of them are new shoes? >> brand new. >> brand new shoes. >> good. >> aerosols, brand new shames. we want to give women something that really can bless them. we doesn't want to give people our leftovers. >> specially if you use it to walk into a job interview. want some nice shoes. >> just shoes? >> just shoes. shoes and socks of course, and we know that every woman has a pair of shoes in their closet that they didn't wear, didn't want them, that's what we want
9:19 am
you to donate. >> certain type of shoe that you want. >> we don't want stiletto's or anything like that. something that's comfortable sneakers, boots, rain boots, you know, these women could use all of those things. >> darn. i have stiletto's i was going do donate. i guess i won't. >> ii guess could you switch it out. >> even boot, too. >> yes, boots, shoes sneakers, all of those things. >> do you realize how many people will show up? it will be a mob. >> yes. >> we thought of this idea, we did not think it would be this big, but it is turning out to be real big. a blessing. >> you're cool. >> i thought this was going to be the highlight, my big party was going to be the highlight of my weaken there is really is. because giving is the best thing that you can real dow. >> what time should we be there? >> saturday 9:00 a.m. >> okay. >> from 9:00 a.m. to noon at the progress plaza. >> is that sullivan -- >> 1501 north broad street. >> okay. >> happy birthday to you. >> thanks so much.
9:20 am
>> very nice. >> what is the happiest year of your life? this is the third survey we've done in one year. last 159. then 48. well, there is new survey out that says the happiest year of your disbelieve is there a new age? >> new age yes. >> geez.
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brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters. >> pup ill haze over the poconos. >> true. playing songs from the 60s. >> (al next. >> because the weather will be in the 60s so let's all run outside and enjoy it. so excited, warm wetter. >> should we meet in rittenhouse square and scamper? >> galavant around. >> top off. >> speaking of clothing and fashion, we've been -- >> something we -- >> an intervention. >> right. so someone on twitter says:
9:24 am
one after kind is her name. she says are those safety pins my girls -- >> hands up. >> look at this. >> i figure would you finally figure this out. >> yes. >> so one after kind. alex and i are intervening. >> now see. >> can you tell us? can you explain what happened here sir? >> what they have in their hands are cuff links, and over the last ten years -- >> hardest ones in america to put job instead of metal they use these -- made of material. >> wow. little rough. like putting a square peg in a round hole. >> i don't think these were meant for these. >> so one after kind is why he has no cuff links on. >> before this turns into a porno, they won't fit. >> you agree? sorry, we'll put it back in. >> maybe start new fashion trend of safety pins here? >> please be careful. >> i know, i won't poke you. >> i need someone -- >> what, did you think they weren't? >> really. these are some big safety pins.
9:25 am
>> well, kit cat i asked her to put them in for me, but the balls are too big. >> in my ear yes thank you. when she saw we couldn't do it either. >> no, it is not you, it is us. >> but what's at fault here? is it the cuff link, or the slit in the shirt? >> it is the safety pins. >> no, why can't it get through? >> i say the shirt the shirt should be able to accommodate all cuff links. >> great store in town, they came together. so there is something a miss here. >> i think maybe it is the cuff link? >> i think it is the kerlin. >> i have buttons like this on a shirt and it is the most impossible shirt to button. >> try doing this by yourself, which i did in the car this morning, fooling around. >> in the cab? potholes? >> you got to push the balls through the slits of the shirt before you put it on, before you put the shirt on. >> oh? >> you couldn't even do -- >> we can't do it now. >> we'll figure it o sorry we tried to help you out. >> i was trying to distract you from all of the make up on
9:26 am
my collar. >> don't worry about it. >> you always have make up on your collar. >> look at that. did i cussing. >> but i like your tie though. >> thank you, what was that commercial, ring around the collar? >> yes whisk you remember that, both too young to remember which ising? >> ring around the collar. >> ring around the collar. kit cat kline, can you find that commercial? ring around the collar? it was blue, wasn't it? you poured it along the collar? >> put it right around the collar. >> ya. >> okay, i'm excited about this story new study says unlocking the secret to happiness. >> i need it. >> starts at 8:34, i'm six months away. >> i'm screwed. >> researchers say around the time when we're established personally and professionally. average mid 30's, experience highs, like getting married kids. >> that's why i'm twice as un happen. >> i oh. so ya, people say naturally older err you get the happier you get. >> first survey done in
9:27 am
12th months. person said 60 years of age the happiest. >> because you're ready to retire. >> then 48 now down to 34. >> now got to be in the 20's, the teens keeping. >> then it will be down to feel us. ring around the collar. >> here it is. >> ♪ ♪ >> ring around the collar. ring around the collar. ring around the collar. >> those dirty rings. you try soaking them out. scrubbing them out. >> now watch. she will pour the list. being on it. >> whisk out cleans any other laundry product because it sank in, gets permanent press collars really clean. you won't hear ring around the collar with which ising. >> that's classic commercial. and back when things were good. >> when the wack would pack your bags. >> your woman would pack your bags. you know you're busy sleeping, maybe out at the bar drink withing your friend. you have to go on a business trip tomorrow morning. you know your wife, your woman; back packing your
9:28 am
shirts and socks for you. dress in the pearls and noise dress. >> guess what, you're riding solo. you're riding solo. >> true. i'm riding solo. we have to take a break. kit cat, do you want to tees anybody? maybe @
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
i just learned something from my friend my black lady friend we're talking about eyebrows because jen is doing a eye brow segment. you both have great eye brows but you get to the male barber shop. >> i go to a barber shop. i. done that before i came here but, it works i like it. >> clippers. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> really. >> precisely. >> how long does it last.
9:32 am
>> i go every two weeks. >> yes. >> what did you do. >> i spread it out, i dread it but we have our eyebrows on fleek. >> eyebrows on f theleek. >> well, cow want to get your eyebrows on fleek jen has a solution she's in marlton this morning. >> hi guys, by the way colleen will be everyone's new best friend. >> good morning. >> we have been gossipping and having fun. good morning to you as well. let's begin with the bad girls of brows. is there all this instagram people care about brows they are having a moment. we will begin with brandy. >> brandy. >> they are up and over. it is like mcdonald's arches. >> it is literally if you don't have them i totally get it she's trying to color them in but color them so dramatic and ended like mcdonald's. >> pam anderson. >> again it is like straight, look a line, you want to blend your lines. if you don't have hair just
9:33 am
pencil it in and blend it. >> is people are get gooding grade from miss colleen. >> we will begin with rihanna. >> perfect hundred percent symmetric california and it start where it need to start. her brow starts right rear and inner portion of her eye and it extend all the way to the end. if you take this part of her brow out, say that part get removed and it makes her nest look twice the size. >> say that again. >> we have a graphic. but she makes the good list. >> she makes the good list but when we're talking about rihanna when i say symmetric california it starts and end where it should hence, her brow it starts in the inner portion of her eye. >> okay. >> it arches where it should. it end where it should. if you rein move this section of her before you on both side it will make her nose look twice the the size. >> women try to pluck out the inside. >> you know, unibrows are in the cool but over tweezing in the cool. >> my eyebrows are in the
9:34 am
teased and they are not. >> brows are not 100 percent symmetric california but you fill them in and blend. we filled in the one side verse other but what a different it makes in finishing your face with make up on. your your brow is frame of the face and you definitely want to make sure you fill it in with make up. >> my mom, remember my mom who doesn't live her. they pluck the you know what out of their plows. are they supposed to be drawing a bunch of stuff in. >> you want to fill them in. i stress fill in and blend. literally i could show you, and just fill your other brow in. you just want to, place the color in. just like this. >> you recommend a pencil as opposed to shadow. >> pencil or a shadow whatever you find you can do and in the look like, you know, ronald mcdonald. >> we can't have that. >> if you start heavy you can see i'm placing the color, it
9:35 am
is a little bit heavy here. >> colleen can we come back here another time. >> sure. >> you look amazing. thank you. mike away, shame we don't have time, there is a woman here not that these women aren't sexy but she walk by, she is the sexiest woman i have ever seen in real life. >> jersey barbie. >> but you cannot see her because we don't have time bye. >> way to leave us hanging. >> i tell you somebody i find sexy mary j. blige. we
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
this is for music therapists. >> what is this. >> ♪ >> only to more in nights of
9:39 am
the show that is breaking record and changing the face of tv. >> i want to be with you. >> no one will be hurting my son. >> judging by that clip of empire which is on tonight at 9:00, it the is going to be good. >> we will have have some great guest stars. >> welshing one of them is on our tv show right now, hi mary j. blige. >> hi alex and mike. >> welcome back to philly. >> thank you. >> so, will you be singing tonight? >> yes, i'm singing a due it with terence howard. >> ♪ >> you are kind of like a blast from the past in this episode is that right. >> yes i play luke's girl friend from the 90's her name is angie she's a singer, there is a a lot going on, you have to watch it. >> so are there love scenes
9:40 am
maryj. >> no, there are not any love scenes. there aren't any love scenes but what there is, there is terence trying to get angie to move in with him. >> god made man. >> i have a milk name for terence howard character, luke i call him lying luke. >> he is always lying he is always telling lies. >> o oh, yeah he is definitely a liar. >> marry j you are a big, big music star, you have done some agoing before, but this is a tv show. sometimes big stars i'm not doing these tr shows. why did you choose to be on empire and why do you think the show is so big. >> well, my girlfriend taraji asked me do i want to be on the show but i was over in london, you know working the london album. after that lee daniels himself, he personally asked me to be on the show and lee daniels always writes
9:41 am
something great for us. i would have never turn it down, not with lee daniels ever. >> the show is a amazing. it remind me as a kid watching dynasty with my parents and how amazing dynasty was and how we all ran home in real time at 9:00 o'clock to watch the show. people are doing that with empire. that is just phenomenal. this is a even if machine on. i think it is a phenomenon because it is real life. it is not it is not a black show or a white show or a chinese show, it is a people show and that is why it is just sweeping the country, because everyone can relate to something that is going on in that show. some of the younger people, to the people of my age group and just, you know, the music business was in the 90's and what life is all about today. >> a agree, something you just can sit down and watch. if you have to watch it live, if you don't everybody will
9:42 am
be talking about and you will in the know what everybody is talking about. >> commercials and all you have to wait through. >> that is true. >> you cannot look at twitter during the show to give everything a away. >> even a fan of you, your voice. >> how about this new album. >> your 13th album. >> london sessions. >> yeah, thank you so much. you know there is a documentary attached to it as well and it got accepted in the tribeca film festival and man, it is an amazing album. it is something i had to do. it is something different but i am happy that you guys love it. that makes me happy. >> by the way mary j. blige you look fantastic and thank you for spending time in philly with us. >> just fabulous. >> thank you guys, appreciate it, i had a great time. >> okay, kelly's count down continues, we are throwing an irish party how you can wow your friend and kid like with
9:43 am
st. patri what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at down down continues this morning, go to my fox philly and vote on your favorite irish pub and restaurant. the just click on the kelly's count down link on the home page and then your vote will help us decide which pub and restaurant we will take good day live to on st. patrick's day morning. >> of course, that is for the adults. for any within like kid, i
9:46 am
have six kid at home we're not taking them to the pubs and restaurants. >> you want something the whole family can enjoy. >> we have plenty of ideas here. welcome to lenore a lifestyle expert. we love when we have samples. >> we have morning tonight morning tonight. we will start with the morning. >> perfect. >> a lot of parties start early. you want to have pancakes and waffles. why not make them green. all you do these are green pancakes, silver dollar pancakes. take pancake waffle mix put food coloring in it and you have good pancakes. >> before the kid go to school pancakes. >> yes, that is right. >> okay. >> and also you might want to do smooth he is and shakes. very popular shakes, shamrock shake from mcdonald's. >> we talk about that earlier. >> here you can make your own at home. you need vanilla a ice cream, milk mint extract. people use pepper mint and that will completely change the flavor. then again food coloring a as
9:47 am
well. >> just something to green it. >> a little bit of column offer. >> and it does. >> i'm having one with our straw with our mustaches. >> we will make mustache straws later. you know, it need to be green as the theme. if you start a morning you also want to make yeah right like a milk mustache. you want to do, a lot of times single serve bite site food. so people can have a little bit of different options. >> instead of the big bowl four or five kid, maybe you have some friend over. >> right exactly right. >> what is this. >> this is shepherd's pie. >> you have meat on the bottom and mashed potatoes on top. >> so for those who don't know. >> yes, it has meat peas, it has a ton of different vegetables. it depend on different recipes that is potatoes in them, moshed potatoes on top. it is a comforting food.
9:48 am
>> kid never eat anything. >> it is perfect size. >> i love this. >> keep going. >> these are like your own pot of gold. >> your own pot of gold. here what i have done is get these mini ones and i got these multi colored twist letters, you can cut them up. >> that is the rainbow. >> that is exactly right. >> yes. >> so, there you go. >> they are so cute. >> i love that idea. >> little pop of gold. >> super fun. >> kid would love that. >> kid love it. >> if you have also, sausage and peppers which is actually also something very irish as well you can do mini size. >> kids will love this. it is like little hot dog rolls. >> if you want this is more for at dult then kid. i like to have a little bit of, a little bit of kick to my food and so here you can do green condiments too. this is greenhouse tabasco sauce. >> eyeing the cup cakes since you came here so explain this
9:49 am
to us here. >> okay. so these are green velvet cup cakes. >> wait a minute, green velvet. >> explain now. >> they actually sell blue velvet red velvet, green velvet. >> sue serio was looking it up yesterday on the the computer. >> it taste the aim. >> taste the same. >> a a lot of times you will want to have theme parties kid parties, or a baby sure or whatever you might want to do. they have them different colors now. or what you can do is get a a regular white mix regular white cake, and then food coloring. >> is this green cream cheese icing then. >> yes. >> this is huge. >> you got have to have the cream around it. >> easy bake oven on. >> yes. >> what do we have here, this is healthier. >> a little bit healthier. we made tonight to a rainbow. >> can you make that. >> i got it. >> anything with these colors. so we have strawberry, pine apple but you can do grape,
9:50 am
orange slices, whatever colors work for you just walk around with the grocery store and you'll fine colors. marshmallows for the clouds and then you have the pot have gold at the even. >> i love this. >> kid love this stuff. >> we have to keep them bus which some crafts. >> we have some crafts. we want to make the mustache straws. i'm challenge when it comes to actually printing and then cutting. so i have like a fancy cricket cutting machine which basically what it does is it the cuts for you. it is basically like a machine and i basically just get you'll see right here, there we go. so i have the treat. >> i gotcha. >> and then what do is take a little bit of glue. take a little bit of glue. then take the the mustache. that is all you do. >> a lot of party fun. >> these are cute idea good thanks so much. we are all set for kid st. patrick's day party.
9:51 am
>> see check out jordan sparks new music video do you recognize anyone here. the the familiar face philadelphia face, making an appearance, a lot of people talking about this one.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
terence howard turns 46 years old today. >> but, of course, we will celebrate by watching empire tonight on fox 29 at 9:00 followed by fox 29 news at ten. he has to come on the show. >> i know it? we have hat a lot of big empire stars. >> he has been on the show before, in the past,er has a lot of ties to philadelphia, no question bit. way back in the day when i was watching american idol i pick on the very first show jordan sparks. >> you knew she was a star. >> every time i see her she never forgets her. you predict on tv that i would
9:55 am
win. >> that is sweet. >> so you want to see her new video. look closely at the guy in this video. he is a philadelphia eagles. >> ♪ yes. >> so brandon boykin so here the video. >> there he is, quick shot. >> quick shot. >> he is her love interest. >> hello brandon. >> he is double tapping. >> yes, double tap. >> it is like all this stuff with the eagles but we know because michael kendricks was in the the music video. brandon boykin.
9:56 am
we know we're known for trades and also videos. >> i'm more worried about brandon this morning because he was tweeting that he wasn't too happy with all of the trade a going on and they just hired a guy today an oregon duck. >> another duck. >> who kind of a rival with brandon. they both thought they were the best cornerback in the league. >> brandon played at georgia, georgia bulldogs. >> very nice guy. very handsome. >> so, drake, students at strawberry mansion high cool that is get a chance to use their new recording studio courtesy of the rapper drake. bought them a recording studio but they had had be in to teach. >> gave the school $75,000 back in 2013 to create a recording studio for students this was after abc news report highlighting challenging faced in philly schools but hold up is in finding a teacher. at last long they have found a
9:57 am
instructor and now the kid they are so ready to create some tunes. maybe they will have a collaboration with drake then. >> that would be cool. >> that would be something. >> now that they have it up and running wouldn't it be cool if he came in and helped them out. >> came in and surprised them, perform a class. >> as i dress up like chip kelly again we are working to get my new cuff links. >> you need your visor. >> you and alex can do this. >> mike things if we tube kate them with wd40 it will work. >> you need your green. you have lubricated the green cuplings. >> because the one it won't fit through the slits in my shirt. >> if you can get them through there. >> we have to get it through. >> your shirt will be ruined. >> come on you are going to be traded. >> my goodness. >> i will trade you. >> where will you send me. >> channel ten and you are going to the wb.
9:58 am
>> wow. >> yes. >> you are both traded. >> join me tomorrow with@r i%
9:59 am
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