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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  March 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7, in theaters april 3rd. philadelphia police opened fire when they say a man points a shotgun at them but they caught him. >> started crying. i broke down. i got here. i was hysterical. >> a mother stream willly upset after finding out her kid were picked up by police but they didn't do anything wrong. what officers say it was for their own safety.
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no good deed, as they say in the business. straight up 7:00 o'clock, sue. look at this. >> green change to go white on ultimate doppler radar. we have reports of the first flakes throughout the region. the what is happening at your house? we will find out in a few minutes, mike. >> all right. look, real quickly before we get too far into the 7:00 o'clock hour, happy birth the day, alex. look at how happy she is, spring starts tonight at 6:45. >> yes, alex's first day on the first take of spring. this is his first time on tv. >> look at the hash tag team alex. >> so cute. >> yes, i kind of feel like she does at 7:00 o'clock tonight i will go like that it is spring. >> with your pajamas on. >> i will be out. >> i will be going to bed early tonight. >> yeah, that will happen. >> sure. >> i want photograph evidence of that happen, and your pajamas. >> we have a look at weather by the numbers, it is a le
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number today because of the mess that is on the way, it is a three out of ten and first flakes are falling out there bus stop buddy is all ready for it. and here's the mess as depict upon, ultimate doppler radar and you can see green is changing over to white as air cools down. we said earlier not a lot is making it to the ground but it is starting, folks are looking out their window to see what is going on. sunrise 7:05. bottom line is by 8:00 we will see the snow here in philadelphia noon to 5:00 p.m. heavier of whatever you are getting will fall whether it is wet snow and or rain, tapering off, let's say between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. by the time it is out of here it will be officially be spring because it happens at 6:45. we are normally not this technical will but normally we don't get snow. >> we are tired of the normal
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stuff. good morning, everybody. an accident involving a tractor trailer has all lanes blocked now. this is southbound, northeast extension approaching mid county. so anyone leaving quakertown or lansdale air were coming south all lanes are block. it all happened five minutes or so. your best bet getting ready to step out the the front door, 309 would be the best alternate to get down toward fort washington interchange. outside we will go a live look at the skew you kill expressway in, flakes here but we have an accident on the ramp from belmont avenue to head eastbound, in toward philadelphia, it is that, that is a tough ramp there. there is no acceleration there by manayunk railroad bridge. i-95 stop and go into girard. penndot put down that brine yet. we are ready to go. hopefully flakes won't be sticking to the road surface. after a rough morning all lanes are opened, food is
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cleaned up and we are good to go. if you use patco high speed line they are using their construction schedule today which means single tracking, and you could find those 26 minute gaps between the trains all during the rush hour, mike and alex, back to you. >> do you remember 24 hours on that bridge. >> mess. >> my goodness we have breaking news in northeast philadelphia sky fox over a scene of the 2,000 block of murray street. you can see some officials going in front of the home there. police are looking for two men who broke into this home here on murray street in northeast philadelphia. >> as the sun get further inner the sky we will get a better picture. no officers were hurt here this morning when police said they found a man walking around north philadelphia with a shotgun. the location is interesting too, it is between the second and lehigh basically. you know what happened there two weeks ago yesterday. a officer was killed. >> you can only imagine what the officers were feeling when they asked the man to put the weapon down and they pointed
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the gun right toward them. lets bring in steve keeley live at police headquarters with the details on what happened. >> reporter: we're talking the same street lehigh avenue. same police district the between the second. same officer who worked side by side with officer wilson on his same night shift. here is the rid ohio. a mossberg 12 gauge shotgun with a revolver grip handle and pump action shotgun capacity that can do damage to somebody wearing a bullet-proof vest as police do according to chief inspector scott small. he tells us what happened after a woman called 911 to say there is a guy walking on than lehigh avenue out here just past midnight with a real big shotgun. >> the officers exited the police car, identified themselves as police officers, they were both in full uniform. told the male to drop the gun. the male raised the gun pulling it at both of these uniform officers. that is when one of the
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officers fired his weapon. suspect then dropped their weapon, and fled from police. he fled into the the bar, in the 3,000 block of north 22nd street. >> reporter: the bar is dougie's place. so the the guy goes in there. still opened a loft people in there. he runs in the men's room, takes off his hooded sweat shirt and his sneakers, leaves them behind, runs out without the the shirt and shoes out. then police who followed him in there to say where is he. he just ran outside. they radio ahead. others responding to help out see this guy with no shoes on, easy to spot walking around with no shoes on. they pick him up, 30 years old. they bring him back. everybody in the bar that saw him positively identified him. two officers staring down the barrel of the shotgun positively identify him and he is lucky he was not shot as one of the office are fired a shot and taken care of their lives. another incident to show how high tensions are in that very
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same neighborhood where one of their own was killed two weeks ago that night. >> what an interesting thing to do there. he knows that they have his description with the hood and shoes. he takes hoodie off and didn't have a shirt underneath it. >> running around barefoot. >> all right steve, you never know what the news will be. flames tear through a home in south philadelphia leaving one man dead. >> this is horrible. officials are calling it suspicious, though, jenny, have they indicated why they are saying suspicious. >> reporter: no, just because they fired fire in different parts of the homes in terms of the origin. they are not exactly sure where it first started but take a look at this charred home here on the 2500 block of south warknock street. fire officials say they found this man dead in the second floor bedroom and neighbor says the man is elderly. fire happened just after 11:00 o'clock. it was called in as heavy fire with smoke. the it was placed under control by 11:30 but fire
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fighters in that time found a mandy seized. we talk to the neighbor who described the intense quick moments after neighbors first noticed flames. fire commissioner derek sawyer says the man did not have a working smoke detector. >> unfortunately thinks our sixth fatality of this year. last year at this time we had ten fatality. so six fatalities, ten last year. we looked through the the property. it appears that the origin of the the fire is in first floor at the time. this may be a suspicious fire because we have located multiple points of the fire in the dwelling. >> i was watching tv. i just heard somebody yell hey, around the neighborhood. i started thinking that somebody was arguing or fighting. until my dog was banging they ever i never heard it before and they said you need to get out. i looked. you could see flames coming out. i just grabbed my dogs and ran
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across the street. >> reporter: that neighbor was up all night airing out his home and sadly he didn't realize at first anybody died. he didn't think the man was home. he says victim was elderly and didn't get around too fast. this morning fire officials reminding people to check those alarms. call 311 if you need a smoke detector. make sure you have an evacuation plan in place because you never know if something like this could happen. mike and alex. >> we had another fire in germantown too overnight this one at 64 year old woman had to be rushed to the hospital after being rescued from the eighth floor of the high rise apartment fire. >> dispatchers say would the men was burn at 60 percent of her body. fire broke out just before 1:00 on the 61 hundred block of moore street. all other residents have been since let back into their apartments. officials in bucks county are investigating a two car crash that killed two people. sky fox was over street road in feasterville last night.
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one car flipped on its side, the the other came to a reza long the tree line, right there, you can see, street road was closed between bustleton and bustleton pike and philmont avenue for three hours. a third person was rush to the hospital, his or her condition not known. the entire fraternity system at penn state is under scrutiny in the wake of the scandal involving a frat the house and facebook photos of unsuspecting nude women. kappa delta row say they have been discovered of the facebook group obtaining pictures of the name unconscious women but now a criminal investigation is underway and some students could be expelled. penn state's president eric baron says school is considering options including reevaluation of the entire fraternity system and not just that one. >> it is important to sort of reconsider. it is in the like just a single will school problem kind of a thing. >> i honestly think it happens more than people know about.
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>> i don't think it is a product of the system. >> there was a facebook page devoted to photos but two photos posted may be criminal in nature. students could face charges under the revenge porn law. virginia's governor wants an investigation in the arrest of the african-american college student in the university of virginia. the the picture we are about to show you is disturbing. it shows marquis johnson held down by an officer. you can see there his face is bloody according, and this is according to the alcoholic beverage control department. agent walk up to johnson after a bar refused to let him in. johnson became belligerent. he says he was in the doing anything wrong. the the office are grabbed him from behind andes wereled him to the ground. the results were this. agents involved are on administrative duties. meanwhile johnson faces charges of obstruction of justice, without force and public swearing or intoxication. >> he was screaming, i'm a uv a student, i'm a uv a student.
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president barack a obama directly address is the eye rain an people as part of the final push for a nuclear deal with iran. they want to get it done by end of the march. the a associate the press reports that a draft version of the deal would require iran to drastically reduce its numbers of center viewinges a essential part in enriching uranium used to make nuclear weapons. in exchange, a number of economic sanctions imposed on tehran would be lifted. financial sanctions. president obama spoke to the iranian people ahead of the festival of spring which begins as a matter of fact it has already begun today. >> my message to you, the people of iran is that together we have to speak up for the future we eke. we have a chance, a chance to benefit our countries and world for many years to come. now it is up to all of us
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iranian and americans to seized this moment and possibility that can bloom in this new season. >> as i mentioned the countries involved here in the nuclear talks set a march 31st deadline for a framework to be reached but u.s. officials have hinted that time frame could be extended in to april. we shall see. prime minister announced new security measures that include a crackdown on web sites that promote terrorism after an attack at a museum in tunisia that killed 21 people. the islamic state has claim responsibility, however, tunisia authorities say the two gunman killed had in clear link to the group and even said that they were inspired by them. lets get into something more pleasant. >> yeah, like sports. >> villanova win, yeah. they easily advanced to the round of 32 in the ncaa tournament. >> you saw this come. number one seeded wildcats took care of the leopard of lafayette last night 93-52.
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lafayette lost it when they got off the the bus. villanova moves on to take on nc state tomorrow. nc state is pretty good. we have to be careful here. >> i'm afraid to look at my bracket. all a of the upsets we saw in the the first round, it was unbelievable. one of the most exciting was a finish between georgia state and baylor. >> no time outs left. >> look right in the upper left corner. >> that is rj hunt are is daddies the coach of the team tore his acl a while ago. >> help him up. >> so he forgot he tore his acl when his own son hits the shot to win the game and he fell and collapsed. >> wow. >> that had to hurt. >> wow. >> it was so funny though have after the game in a post conference interview rj the son, he sat down on the chair
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and imitated his dad's fall that was great. >> what a great moment for them. >> true good they beat baylor. >> yes good bay already was a high seed. >> i had baylor going to the final four. >> oh, shoot. >> bay already is good. >> they are good. >> what a win. >> how about iowa stating town i had them in the final four. i don't know. >> we don't know what we're doing. >> we have another flake. >> hold on. >> we have a flake near the king of prussia mall. >> this is in from joan. >> welshing thank. >> ff kop. >> one flake. >> thanks. >> we will see more, won't we. >> i'm afraid so. some follow being will need the snow shovel by the end of the day to day. you can see we are starting to change over from green to white throughout our area. lots of precipitation moving in, of whatever form you get. if you are seeing flakes it is probably snow flakes in chester county, lancaster
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county, up to the north it doesn't look like too much is in moving in just yet. lehigh valley, pocono, carbon, monroe counties. here in philadelphia we will see white on radar but we are not seeing anything outside our window just yet. that is what we are talking about all morning. it can show up on radar but not quite make it to the surface. we have to saturate the atmosphere and still dry at the surface but there is probably rain in sussex county delaware, right about now. the winter weather advisory is for most of the counties north of the new castle county delaware for the day i want to show you difference between two computer models. thinks called north american model. it has 34 degrees and temperatures remaining in the piece throughout the day. so mostly snow for that computer model as you can see the rain trying to sneak northward throughout the day. then we have the rpm and this has us going to 41 degrees, before going back over to snow. that is just how tricky it is,
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looking ahead with the the type of precipitation. so we will get a little more rain we will get 1 inch in philadelphia. if we get more snow we will probably get around 3 inches. it will be very wet, slushy snow, but shovellable, plowable snow blowerrable snow, three to 5 inches to the north of us, and not too much to the south. it is 35 degrees right now. but those temperatures will be going down. they all will. thirty-three in pottstown. it is only 25 in mount pocono. we are close to 40 in wildwood. we will probably see more rain then anything. the here's your seven day forecast, it is a cold within throughout the the day-to-day with that lovely in mix of priest spring precipitation. 52 degrees tomorrow. in the 40's, sunday, monday and tuesday of next week, back to the 50's by friday. it sounded like you just spent the night back to the 50's. so enthusiastic. i love it. >> 7:17. good morning everybody. not enthusiastic if you are
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heading out the front door for the the northeast extension. southbound all lanes are closed a approaching mid county. an accident involving a overturn vehicle and a tractor trailer midway between lansdale interchange and mid county tolls. so if you are heading out the the front door from q town or lansdale head for 309, that will get you down toward fort washington. now there are cars that are stuck between lansdale and that closure point. that will be a rough go as we get started for our morning rush hour. we have talk about some flakes moving in towards downingtown coatsville area here we go, a live look at route 30, the the 30 bypass, again starting to see snow roll through. it is not sticking to the road surface but obviously it is knocking down visibility. you can see glare here. obviously that salt brine solution is working and keeping road wet, even in the intersections here. this is route one and 202, painter's crossing.
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again in the last half an hour the road conditions started to change. we're dry here right near the west chester pike. just a mile or 21 way or the other will change road conditions for you this morning. traffic lights are knock over at seventh and callowhill coming into center city. travel time on the schuylkill eastbound about a 21 minute trip in center city. put 20 on the clock ape coffee from 95 south wood have men to downtown and mass transit looking good for the moment. mike an alex, back to you. now, they are just playing games. >> um-hmm. >> in fact the game based on casino town honors another city with a coveted, boardwalk spot. >> you know, monopoly, we played yesterday at show, it turn 80 yesterday. i'm shocked that they will from now on, there will be in boardwalk space on the game. >> just kick us while we're down. >> you will never guess what
7:20 am
town in america took its place. >> what is that woman doing. >> getting her bracket together but acting like she's working. the bosses see march madness as a major distraction for their employees but it can be a good thing. we will tell you what you can tell your boss if you are focusing on the march madness. >> it goodies for you. >> yeah. ♪
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we have breaking news a 15 year old wanted in the murder of the man walking his dog in overbrook has turn himself in. tykind hamilton turn himself in around 2:00 this morning. his 15 year-old classmate brandon smith was in custody. two overbrook high school student, freshman, at the high school, they are being charged as adults. >> now, three people are in custody, three teenagers are in custody but these two are involve with the murder, one was just a robbery. >> yes. >> we have more details about what happened in overbrook that night and seth williams business to come on our set and tell us it is just chilling. fox business news today, another loss for atlantic
7:24 am
city. >> we were proud to have our spot, the the top spot on monopoly. >> you're talking monopoly the board game change, swiped boardwalk off the board. >> reporter: yeah, what a dis to atlantic city, could things get any worse for this city how does that happen? >> reporter: new addition is called here and now. it comes out in the fall. the what the maker hasbro did because this is a game that is 80 years old. they have to stay upbeat, up to date. they decided to reach out on social media and have have people vote on what cities they wanted to replace the current atlantic city cities. so, guess what city is the the new boardwalk. >> what city. >> peer, south dakota. >> that is new boardwalk. >> the capitol of south day coat, that is spelled pierre. >> it is the capitol. >> pierre. >> they did a major pr effort in south dakota they had radio stations telling people to looking in and vote.
7:25 am
they did get a lot of votes. other people said we don't care, whatever monopoly. >> they had had to work for it. >> all 12 people in pierre voted: they did. >> another space is different too, isn't it. >> reporter: park place. minneapolis. >> minneapolis. >> see, why didn't i hear about this contest. >> they should have told people, so we could defend our spot. >> reporter: i have done this story before yesterday we were talking about it. last night we got results of the game. it was 80th anniversary of the game. what gets me so much about monopoly, it takes forever to play. there are no ways to speed it up. it is still popular. people still love it. >> lauren? >> it is all about greed, making money. >> well, that is you inside and out. >> yes. >> there is a version of monday pol that i comes with
7:26 am
the timer and whoever ahead after the the hour clicks off. you win. >> okay, that speeds it up. >> will you be playing board games this weekend, lauren with your husband. >> no. will you be replying board games this weekend. >> i am going to play candy land with my friends. >> reporter: now you are making me think of the old school board games. what is the one that is red and you put. >> hooks and ladders. >> no. >> connect four. >> connect four. >> connect four. >> i used to love that. >> all right. we have to go, lauren. >> reporter: i loved connect four. okay. have a great weekend. >> time to get into serious discussion of two different topics. one, 26 year-old man, brandon-tait brown was shot and killed by police in december and new we are finding out officers will not be charged in his death. the case upset so many people a protest broke out last night. basically almost contact i am to fisticuffs the at a town
7:27 am
hall meeting. we will have seth williams our district attorney in about two minutes to explain why this all happened. also, jen is at the convention center. i wanting to to this thing. this is a big travel expo. >> we love traveling. >> it is huge, ps i'm in the in philadelphia, it is not snowing on the first day of spring. we are hanging in key west with one of my favorite chefs, billy in the house, even though it is key west situation. we will tell you all about this show and how amazing it is. it is stone craft season. i love it.
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we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
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it is exactly 7:30. as you know spring starts tonight at 6:45. >> that is right. >> but sewer getting a lot of tweet about snow people are starting to see it. >> it is true. >> we have in the seen it outside our window just yet. >> west chester. >> chester county, west chester. >> delaware, big time. >> poconos. >> right. a as we saw in bob kelly's traffic camera, it is reducing visibility dramatically in many places. i check about an hour ago on this map here that you are about to sianni everybody has had 10-mile visibility. look at it now. half mile in pottstown, reading, allentown, mount pocono.
7:31 am
>> downingtown, starting to stick. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> so here it comes. >> just like we said. >> probably around day break. that is happening, pretty soon. reduced visibility with precipitation. bus stop buddy is seeing first flakes falling as well. be prepared for that. it is trick bye early dismissal with school and everything today because this is going to be snow for a while, may change over to rain for a while, get back to snow. whatever you get, you will probably get a mess. that will be the rest of the day as we zoom into philadelphia. we will look closer at radar. here we are at 35 degrees. 8 miles an hour wind means it will feel like 29 degrees. the the almost spring snow arrives for everybody by about 8:00 o'clock but between noon and 5:00 is when we will get heavier offer whatever we're getting wet the snow rain, combination of both five to 9:00 p.m. it tapers off. we will have more details come
7:32 am
up as we look more closely coming up but bob, you are closely examining those traffic cameras. >> the visibility getting knocked down quickly as we start to see first flakes but we have a problem on the northeast extension southbound accident only the shoulder now is getting by involving a tractor trailer and overturn vehicle. leaving quakertown or lansdale this morning head for route 309, as that will save you sometime. we will go out to a live camera here this is live look at 30 bypass at the route 202, where we are starting to see flakes within the last half an hour and that quickly visibility got knocked down. make sure your head lights are on as we rel roll out of the driveway. what we have seen so far is that the snow is just sticking to the grass. the here's a live look at downingtown interchange look at bottom right there you can see the snow sticking to the grass surface but it is just causing the major roadways, to be wet this morning. but just that in itself could
7:33 am
make for a mess. poor visibility here rolling out of the downingtown and coatsville. live look at 30 bypass heading in toward king of prussia. we are seeing a change and it is happening quickly. mass transit is looking good with no delays. mike and alex, back over to you. >> 7:32. a 15 year-old wanted in the murder of the man walking his dog in overbrook has turn himself in. tyfine hamilton turn himself in. his 15 year-old classmate brandon smith and a 14 year-old were already in custody. >> seth williams just told bus this, all three now. >> yes. >> you have in custody. >> only two charged with murder. >> terrible tragedy, as of right now. fifty-one year-old man should be able to just walk his dog and go home to his daughter. these three young men good teenagers. >> a 14 year-old and two, 15 years old playing basketball decided they want to go rob are somebody. they shot him in the chest. just a senseless act.
7:34 am
he was begging and pleading for his life and they left him there. >> tyfind is the one that pulled the trigger. >> we believe hamilton is the one who pulled the trigger. again he was a truant. every time i'm on this shoe i'm talk about how truancy, people who not graduate high school is number one indicate or of criminal behavior in philadelphia. >> they are just playing basketball, one happens to have a gun. lets go rob somebody. sit the true you they were kind of following a different guy who had a bigger dog. >> they saw this gentlemen who was 51 who was older and dog that he had was a poodle and was weak. >> yes. >> so they choose him because they were going to rob the first guy. >> correct. >> a sad, sad statement. just a testament too many illegal guns on our streets and too many young people that we don't provide a appropriate programming for. but you this goes back to just too many illegal guns on the
7:35 am
street. >> even though they are teens have they done anything else as far as robberies. >> i'm in the liberty to discuss that right now, but we will charge the trigger man and eras adults and one is cooperating. i'm very thankful to the great police work of the philadelphia department homicide unit. >> we have to talk about what happened december 15th. this was a town hall meeting. >> ironically town hall meeting called so that the community can meet with the police and law enforcement, district attorney to talk about what we can do to make the community safer. >> this is in lawncrest. >> hosted by state representative david cohen. >> and so, what they were upset about was that i decided as a result of the review of the evidence that what happened to brandon tait-brown was a tragedy. i met with his mother. i can't understand or comprehend her grief this woman is right in the commissioner's face here. >> they are upset.
7:36 am
>> tell us what happened that night. >> people have a right to be upset about racism in america, racism in the criminal justice system but this isn't that case. this is a case of a young man had an illegal gun in his car. he was pull over by police at the 2:45 in the morning december 15th. they wanted to stop him because he didn't have have his lights on. he had an illegal gun. he knew that. he wasn't going down. they struggled with him repeatedly. >> he gets out of the car. we have video cameras from a gun store ironically and a bank atm, we have three civilians that were on the scene. we have physical evidence. we also have dna of that gun that matches brandon tait-brown. >> mother said maybe he was running from the beating and not running to get his gun. >> i understand a moth wore say. that no mother want to think that her child would do something like this. i understand that. i told her i'm hure she wishes
7:37 am
she could whisper in her son's ear that morning hey, calm down. i wish we could put a calming hand on the police. my roll as a d.a. toys decide pursuant to 508 of the pennsylvania crimes code did what the police officer do reasonable. i have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what he did was unreasonable. he had to use that force to protect himself, others and civilians when he knew brandon tait-brown was trying to go around the car to get into the passenger door that was opened to get that illegal gun. >> his family says his body when he was shot in the back of the car, is that true. >> that is in the the true. >> we have demonstrated evidence. >> we have photographs. the assistant district attorney from my office got to the scene 20 minutes after the shooting before internal affairs division was there good why don't you let us see the whole tape. >> we have had members coming in, as a result of, u.s. attorney jenner i can holder coming to philadelphiaer with trying to do more so we don't have ferguson type situations. we brought the the community,
7:38 am
clergy into the office. >> did you show the the tape to the public. >> did you show the tape to the mother. >> and statements of the police, and civilians. this isn't the case of the police shooting an unarmed man running away. this is a situation where a person who was stopped, trying to get an illegal gun that was loaded, with his dna on it. that is what this case is all about. people are upset. they don't want to listen to the facts. >> some say that video is blurry. >> video is very grain i, the video is grain i. >> yes. >> any chance you cannery lease the whole thing. >> we have allowed people to watch it. it is now a civil the matter. they will sue city and get types of stuff but ultimately for me, this was a tragedy what happened. but it wasn't criminal. >> is it a policy of the police department and you, as well thaw can and won't release the name of the officers involve. >> right the now i'm just deferring to the police commissioner.
7:39 am
he was with me last night when people were demanding names so they can bring their own street justice to the police officer. i can't not allow that. part of my job toys prevent crime. >> you mentioned his mother. this is a statement. she wants to leave philadelphia. >> i'm appalled and can't wait to leave philadelphia as much as i love philadelphia. >> did it surprise you at all. >> no, but does it a make my heart heavier and relive it again, yes. >> you understand. >> i have three daughters. i understand that. but my job as passionate thely look at evidence and to apply the law. i would have to conclude that the police officer was unreasonable to think he had to use this force to protect himself or others when he he knew brandon tait-brown was trying to go around the car to go in the open door to get an illegal gun that was loaded. >> he did break away from them. >> multiple times. >> civilians saw the struggle and fight. all he had had to do was put his hand up and he chose not
7:40 am
to. >> how about this, an officer gives a ride to two young kid who missed their school bus. sounded like the right thing to do. >> but their mommies furious. why the officer now has to
7:41 am
7:42 am
nicole: we all have different needs for our children and basing all of the childrens' needs on one test is not the right road to go down. and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore. what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d? gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now?
7:43 am
there it is rolling in. >> it is stuff you don't want to see when we are welcoming in spring. >> and friday, when you want to fly out of the town for weekend. >> or maybe we stay here in philly because we love it so much. >> sometimes it the is nice to get away. >> go to miami for a friday night or something like that. >> um-hmm. >> i need this explained to me because it is a south philly mother wants answers after her two daughters ended up in the back of the police car. >> police say a 911 call came in, when taylor sisters were seen walk ago long at 25th and snyder. when officers arrived they learn girls just missed their school bus and they were lock out. officers decided to help out. they took the girls, put them back in an drove them to school. >> the supervisor advised the
7:44 am
officers to drive the children to school. they brought them into school. they check them in with the office and wrote the the report and went on their way. >> intent was to protect those children to get them in school. >> here's where mother says is there an issue. he didn't know what happened to her girls until a neighbor called her and neighbor called and said hey, i just saw your daughters get in the car and drive away with police. the department admits officers probably should have call but they stan by their decision to help the girls out. they say it is part of the philosophy of community policing. >> no good deed. >> i guess i can see for a mother that can be shocking, my daughter kid, police called what is going on. >> horrible. >> in hind site do you know your mother's phone number at work? they probably didn't know. >> i don't know. >> if you are young sometimes you don't know your mother's work number. >> each story had has two side but i can understand both.
7:45 am
>> villanova, there was no problem. they will go in the second round. they will play north carolina state. >> nova. >> you know leopard put up a decent fight. >> we have decided to do brackets. >> yes. >> they are posted on the web site. we will see how our brackets are doing new after all those upsets. >> my bracket is like my face, busted. it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash, only at your lincoln dealer.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
the shot is great at lake wallenpaupack in the pocono mountains there will be snow there as well. eventually we will all get it but we won't get a record snowfall for this date, that is a record that was set 57 years ago march 20th 1958 when we got 9.6 inches of snow, over 10 inches in wilmington delaware, over 16 in allentown. for march 20th, wow. 5 inches in atlantic city. this is middle day of the four day snowfall which brought 50 inches to morgan town, pennsylvania. that record won't be broken anytime soon. we have white on our ultimate doppler radar picture as well as some green. we appreciate all over twitter you guys are reporting what is happening in your neighborhood. we are seeing snow flakes in chester county, berks, lancaster county, as well as here in the philadelphia area,
7:49 am
we just haven't seen much outside our door just yet. it is starting slowly. the atmosphere will get more saturated and we will see more of that falling. it could be snow, rain in west deptford. a mix of both and heavier rain falling down into parts of the sussex county delaware and other parts we are seeing some snow, sneak nothing, how long will it last? that depend on the temperature. winter weather advisory does not extend down that far but you have to be careful no math ther what kind of precipitation you get. our advisory goes until 8:00 tonight. this will be an all day event. i showed you this before and we will show you again. comparison of two computer models. here's two in the afternoon with 34 degrees in philadelphia and mostly a snow event, maybe sleet mixed in and that rain line comes in northward but doesn't quite make it. here's another model that shows us at 2:00 in the afternoon starting to get milder, upper 30's and we could get that rain moving
7:50 am
further northward. we could get a mix in for a while. that could affect the totals closer to 3 inches or closer to 1 inch depending on how much rain gets milk in. coat to go an inch to the south of us, three to 5 inches where it just stays snow, all day long up in allentown, mount pocono, places where they welcome the snow like ski resorts. they will be happy bit. 35 degrees in philadelphia 32 lancaster. the freezing at allentown ape pot town as well. mild inner wildwood where it is 39 and dover has 36. we think maybe upper 30's, when we will get that mix in with rain, lower 30's when it is snow, accumulating mostly on the grass surfaces but we have to watch those untreated rose ways and, of course, sidewalks where we are trying to walk as we go through the afternoon because bob kill which these temperatures so close to freezing it could be wet or it could be slippery. >> here's a perfect example right outside our window here
7:51 am
at fourth and market we have flake age here fourth and market looking outside our window. you are right even though snow is falling here in center city, it is not sticking to the pavement or sticking to the road surface but especially here in olde city where we have the brick sidewalks it could be slippery, this morning. so we are starting to see road conditions change and also, conditions are changing at philly international. some airlines have already canceled flights for later on this afternoon. so, if you have a flight, scheduled at philly international maybe waiting for somebody to come in, check with the airline throughout the the day. accident southbound on the northeast extension, right approaching mid county there approaching a tractor trailer and one vehicle overturn. only the shoulder is getting on by. then a live look the at the schuylkill expressway right here near conshohocken we are seeing road conditions, the conditions change, just a light flakes starting to fall here and then again not
7:52 am
sticking to the road surface just to that grass surface and then out in the north and western suburbs we are socked in with poor visibility. this is a live look at route 202, you can barely make out seven or eight car lengths here so gap make sure your head lights are on. here's a live look at 202 at route 30 between west chester and malvern. road conditions and visibility starting to go downhill, here in the second half of the rush hour, mike and alex, back over to you. >> now that we have seen this i really wanting to travel somewhere, jen. i know you are at the convention center with you lets go ahead and go away. >> do you want to do this kind of a thing rock climbing kind of a thing or do you wanting to to india. you can even go to inn use. we are talk about the amazing things you can do, ps, we have an amazing five things in less than five hours away from philly. you will be excited, you stuck around this morning. having it all?
7:53 am
7:54 am
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7:56 am
i love basketball. i went to the university of kansas. just living and breathing. don't give me that, alex. she went to missouri. so, i love basketball. this is best time of the year march madness. every newspaper in the country the sports section has the word busted including front page of the u.s.a. today above the foal. brackets are busted. michael bradley from 97.5 the fanatic is here. give me history about what happened last night. >> five games decided by one point. eleven boy ten or fewer. so yesterday for the person, wanted to sit down and watch basketball for get about your brackets. they are busted by the dumpster fire right now. just sit back and enjoy it. georgia state hunter made the
7:57 am
shot. i was running around screaming. it was so dramatic. >> we will show that clip and have reaction of the coach. >> yes, his dad. >> we have to talk about nova, right. do you like my big bracket. >> this is unbelievable. >> great stuff. >> there is in shot here. in 16 has ever beaten a one. >> 122-zero. villanova proved it gets sloppy with a 45-point lead but other than that this was a mismatch from the start. they did what they were supposed to do. they took care of a less opponent. >> now they have to take on north carolina state. that is a a decent team. >> they are supposed to shoot three point shot well but they were five of 24 against louisiana state. they shouldn't be here. lsu blew a 16-point lead, missed their last 12 field gola tempt and free throws and lost by one. >> who are you afraid of here for villanova. >> well, virginia is scary down there at the bottom number two. michigan state is a real sleeper team. they could lose in the first
7:58 am
round or win three or four games. look out for oklahoma, they are dangerous. they have good guard. they have some. but yesterday big 12 went zero and three. maybe that conference is a sham. >> what happens today when my kansas jayhawks. >> they might play wichita state which they have been dodging. >> they are toughy think they can beat them. so lets get to the case have been is talking about today. what was it georgia. >> georgia state good where are they. >> right here. >> that game bay already a one seed takes on 14th seed, georgia state. >> now as i understand it, bay already was up ten with two mints. >> great story is georgia state's coach tore his achilles tendon celebrating their conference championship win. >> winning bucket. >> he is sitting on a stool in the sidelines. his son hits the three pointer. he is lying around like a turtle there with a cast on his leg. >> that is his son. >> yeah. >> that is his son.
7:59 am
here's the assistant that has to pick him up. leave me alone. >> three or four guys to pull him up. >> look at that. >> beautiful. >> his son imitate that had at the press conference yesterday afterward. >> they win and he loves it. >> yes. >> who do you have in the final. >> final final game. >> kentucky against gonzaga. >> so they smashed hampton. >> yes, there is no need for them to win by 60 there. >> calipari got them some work and we will play cincinnati which won a great overtime game against purdue. >> can cincinnati give them a game. >> little bit. problem is nobody has kentucky's depth. key is defense that it the play is. kentucky plays historic defense, within of the best teams ever. >> what was fun game for you. >> ucla. >> yeah, i think smu got jobbed. people say it was goal tenning. there was no way that ball was going in. they dumped its football team
8:00 am
and it went out and won its game 14-three. >> you say kentucky. >> oh, shoot. >> what do i do. >> you just cleared the whole board. >> your winner, that is well done, man. >> yes. >> yes. >> right, alex. >> no, not at all, missouri, either way my bracket is busted. >> you don't even know how to spell missouri. >> it is friday, march 20th, 2015. messy weather out there. it looks weird. i think we can call this freaky friday. what it looks like something under a microscope? no, a camera lens with droplets of flakes falling on it. we have wet snow and rain messing up your friday, your forecast is coming up.
8:01 am
>> maybe the flakes are microscopic. >> bob has a mug. >> i have a mug, yeah, we have a mug here, but why don't you send me your mug. i will be happy to send you one of our mugs back in return there we go. >> this is from the pa leadership charter school. >> i necessity them. >> special needs students. >> they allow them to work from home. >> very nice. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good mug. >> mug coming your way. >> get some hot check late in there. >> yes. >> snowing all over the region now. >> yes, very wet snow. in the case outside our door it is paul as snow but melting when it hits the the ground. through see that good looking mug out there. >> yes. >> you see this number. >> three out of ten. >> messy out there. >> bus stop buddy is ready with the first flakes continuing to fall throughout the region. here's what is going on, on
8:02 am
ultimate doppler. you can see the green with the rain. a lot of the the green change to go white as atmosphere cools down and we will start to get precipitation just about every where. it is sort of the mix in the philadelphia area at the moment. we are looking more in department coming up. 34 degrees. wind chill of 26. and so the snow continues to arrive, west to east and this rain down to the south of us, in southern delaware, noon to 5:00 heavier wet snow and or rain, whatever you get, mostly will fall between noon and 5:00. on a friday do we really need this? of course not. because spring arrives at 6:45. but that is around when this thing will start to taper off. just get ready for a messy day, i think freaky friday describes it perfectly bob kelly. >> yes. >> the the gentlemen in the blue sweater here. >> i have a question, what is disappointing because weather is so bad. first day of spring we would normally have rita's what the
8:03 am
are ice. it is in the spring-like conditions. >> i'm or toy say that. >> wait, wait for it. >> they have shown up. >> look at that. >> sue, they brought their own tent and everything out there. >> in matter what. >> nothing stops rita's. >> that is right. >> it is funny just watching, folks giving out water ice and then there is another guy walking by with hot check late freezing cold, snow in his hair all over his jacket. >> it is freaky friday. >> i think they have hot check late too. >> rita's water ice. >> mix it up. >> is there a flavor. >> hot chocolate water ice. >> 8:00 snow and or rain owe three. slow go south on i-95 out of northeast philadelphia a. here's what it looks like that i-95 corridor starting to see flakes as we have here in center city. but brine, and road surfaces are just wet but it is incoming down visibility. here is an example of the 95
8:04 am
down near the airport. you can see only half a mile visibility on the load ways. that is one of the reason why that is lend to go delay at philly international. some airlines have canceled flights for this afternoon so check with the airline whether you think you are flying in and out later today or heading down to pick somebody up. ease wound schuylkill running slow conshohocken to belmont avenue. south on the extension an accident approaching mid county only shoulder gets by. for gang leaving quakertown and lansdale try using 309 to get down to fort washington. traffic lights got knocked over here at seventh and callowhill in center city. septa a says they are running 15 minute delays on the broad street subway because of the disable train but just watch for those slippery platforms throughout the rest of the day. mike anal a ex, back over to you. lets get back to the news we have learned about a while ago, 8:04. fifteen year-old tyfine hamilton has turned himself
8:05 am
into police after witnesses placed him at the the the murder scene of james stuhlman. this is in overbrook. the the the guy was simply walking his dog in the 6600 block of wood crest avenue about a week ago. in fact a week ago yesterday. police say that hamilton and 15 year-old brandon smith, who was already in custody, are charged with murder, as adults. the so smith and another person we are not identifying who is 14 years old at the scene. everybody is now in custody. the night of the murder they gave statements to police. the the youngest of them the 14 year-old, was charged as a juvenile and faces robbery and not murder charges. police are trying to figure out why a man was walking around north philadelphia with a loaded shotgun last night. >> the gun man after receiving a 911 call this happened around is 1:00 a.m. steve, you have details on what happened. >> reporter: well, this snow right now, not that the police were reminded but this is
8:06 am
secondary minder in the last few hours what they are facing every day. it was snowing two weeks ago last night when robert wilson was kill. so despite the the wet ther, bad things still happen. on the the two weeks to the moment guys working the shift last night they get the call, to look for a guy, with a gun on the the same street robert wilson was killed lehigh avenue up in north philadelphia. a lady stops him and says there is the guy over there with the gun. so police a approach him. they go drop the gun. they are in uniform. they are in the marked car. he doesn't drop the gun. he raises it and points it at two officers. they take cover. he drops the gun as he's running away from him. runs in the bar where people in the bar saw him outside the bar with the the gun and they also called police to say there is a guy out here with the gun. we don't know if he is coming into rob us or what. he runs back in the bar. he takes off his shoes. his headed sweat shirt. gets back out of the car and when the police go in there they thought they had doors
8:07 am
covered. he just ran out of here with no shoes and took off his hooded shirt. they radio that. two other officers catch him. they bring him back to the bar. they will all identify him the on the baron lehigh avenue. two officers had gunpointed at him. you can see the gun on the hood of the police car, a 12 gauge mossberg shotgun this can kill a cop even if the cop has a bullet-proof vest on. that is power of it when you are point blank. we have talk to inspector scott small about the officer's feeling on the street in the same area and we talk to commissioner ramsey about what they are facing these days. >> the fact that the police officer was shot and killed, just recently, has all police officers, on edge. added stress for all police officers when they get a radio call of the person with the gun or in this case somebody flags them down and said there is a person down the street with the gun. >> shotgun pointed, fired a round, didn't strike anything. guy is in custody. we have the shotgun recovered. but again, i mean we have got a lot of violence occurring
8:08 am
out there on our streets. there is some people that want to stick their head in the sand and pretend that is in the an issue that it is all about police and what police do but the reality is we've got a the lot of violent people out there. help us fix the problem. help us get them off the the streets so they cannot harm anyone else. >> reporter: people at dougi's cafe that is a good sign for police that they are not doing this all by themselves. people knew something was wrong with this guy. commissioner ramsey told us that 1500 guns were taken off the people on the streets that shouldn't be carrying guns just last year. that is almost like five guns a day they are finding on people without a shot being fired by the way by the police in those 1500 cases. >> all right steve get out of the weather there. 8:08. sixty-four year-old woman had to be rushed to the hospital after being rescued from the eighth floor of the high rise apartment fire. officials say women was burn over 60 percent of her body.
8:09 am
the fire broke out at 1:00 o'clock in the 6100 block of morris street. all other residents have been since let back into their apartments. fire that killed a south philadelphia man is now being called suspicious. commissioner says that there were multiple points of the origin inside. crew where is called to the 2500 block of south warincome street just before 11:00 last night. they found we have i fire but they had it under control in 20 minutes. victim was fund dead in the second floor bedroom. a smoke detector was fund but was not working. >> anytime is there more than one location, origin of the fire, what was going on here. no charges will be filed against two philadelphia police officers involved this is deadly shooting on december the 15th. >> district attorney seth williams says evidence backs up officers story that the the shooting was justified. twenty-six year-old brandon tait brown was shot the in the head by an officer after being pulled over at a traffic stop in december. the officers say that he was reaching for a gun and investigators used security footage, dna and witness
8:10 am
statements to verify the story. tait brown's mother and attorney are disputing the findings and they are threatening legal action. >> maybe a civil case now coming up. coming up, the the next movie in the die verge event series hits movies this weekend but sit worth seeing? we will ask kevin our movie critic. he has seen it. >> it is time to check with quincy for another q sleet in the snow. >> i'm in the show, in concordville delaware county. we have leroy and lonnie, are you prepared and ready for snow. >> more than a nuisance. we have got the van stuck one time. >> i'm tired, ready to hit dewey beach up. >> i'm tired, ready to hit dewey beach up. >> we will warm people up here
8:11 am
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here it is, your last couple of hours of winter, looking like winter, at least it does here on ultimate doppler radar. we are seeing some green change over to white as far south as, southern delaware. you might see snow milk with your rain there. couple of dry slots here in
8:14 am
chester county but don't worry, there is more to come. if you look up toward lehigh valley, carbon and monroe counties it is very light but there is snow falling there. we will get very wet rainy kind of snow here in the philadelphia area at the the moment and down to the south we are seeing a change over in parts of the sussex county, and all a rain and mother nature has other ideas. it is all rain. winter weather advisory continues until 8:00 o'clock tonight for all these counties highlighted but it could be messy every where. it doesn't matter where we have advisory just got to take your time today. one of our computer models takes to us an inch and a half inch have of snow in philadelphia a closer to 3 inches to the north of us, but is there still disparity about how much rain will be milk in and that will affect snowfall totals. i it will accumulate on the grass surfaces but still will be slippery on untreated
8:15 am
roadways. one to 3-inch's long the the metro area and just to the south of that, a coat to go an inch. three to 5 inches possible in the northern and western suburbs. now the other thing that will slow you down besides the the weather is the visibility. fog in allentown. we are sock in reading, pottstown and lancaster. half mile visibility right now at philly international. trenton not the so great with the mile. zero in wilmington. we have been seeing this situation deteriorate as the the precipitation as moved in. temperatures are getting closer to freezing, last her we were at 35 in philadelphia, now we are at 33. we will stay in the the 30's we think throughout the day with that wet snow mixed with rain, sunny and milder tomorrow with high of 52. forty-four on sunday. staying in the 40 as as we get cold again just as we get the the first couple days of spring. here are spring showers with thursday with a high of
8:16 am
61 degrees. it will get better, but just not yet. >> just not today. >> 8:16 on a friday morning slow go all way around the board. visibility knocked down quickly. so is speed meeting readings here. schuylkill express waste running slow. here's a live look at the conshohocken, and snow not sticking to the road surface but knocking down visibility. blowing around like the the snow globe here. that is just the wet road, that will make it tough enough during morning rush hour. some airlines have already canceled flights at philly international this afternoon. check with your air lynn before you head down there schuylkill expressway running slow from conshohocken all the way into center city. watch secondary road an inside streets. they were not treated. although major roadways are becoming wet but not snow covered, the secondary roads and sidewalks that have the
8:17 am
brick sidewalks are slippery. we just went out front a couple minutes ago. 422, eastbound heavy from oaks to king of prussia. 202 poor visibility rolling northbound up into route 401. mike and alex, back to you. >> i think this little girl who sent me a picture on twitter, kind of says it all. this was sent in by harley quinn. it is kind of fun. and then i got the another one with a little child who has a grimace on their face. >> yes. >> that is what i'm doing. >> we will show you that in a bit. >> it doesn't make sense, snow on going into the the start of the spring. >> yes. >> but it doesn't stop our quincy. he goes to to street on any type of weather. >> yes, any kind of weather. this snow we are in concordville delaware county. it is starting to accumulate.
8:18 am
it is really cold. i had to bug some people at a gas station. really tackle people. i met the this guy, very interesting. he is over here. his name is rob smith. rob, how are you doing. >> all right. how are you. >> how long is your commute every day. >> about an hour and 15 minutes. >> you are from concordville to. >> from coatsville to chester. >> yes. >> so, again, snow getting in my eyes. what do you do in chester. >> i work for the philadelphia union, major league soccer you say you have a game tonight. >> we have a game tonight. >> so you will be out there, snow coming down. >> snow coming down, cold. >> wow. >> and the the players will be out there doing their thing. >> well, tell peter papas we said hello. >> mr. qg. >> you take care. >> yes good we will bug this lady over here. it will take you longer so it would be a jammo as bob kelly would say. hello, ma'am what is your
8:19 am
name. >> joe and smith. >> where are you headed. >> hilton head, the start of my vacation and this is how i have to start it. >> are you driving to hilton head. >> my friend is in wawa and we're driving. >> how long do you expect your drive to be. >> war driving tonight to north caroline, pick up my sister and from north carolina tomorrow morning to hilton head. >> can i go down. >> i don't think there is any room. >> thinks just girls traveling. >> you guys are doing a they will in man and louise thing going on down. >> yes. >> let me look at your fingers, okay, wow, listen. >> he is going in a couple weeks. >> be careful down there. we know about you. >> we are headed to west chester, the snow is coming down more about the weather,. >> yes good and conditions are really slick. conditions are slick. back to you in the studio. >> when you get over to west chester, west chester university canceled classes
8:20 am
today. is it snow or something else. there is not much snow. >> when i was in school we would walk in 10 inches at snow at temple university. >> absolutely naked with in shoes on. >> for 10-mile. >> you a had to walk 20 miles back, it was very weird. >> thanks, quincy. >> coming up. >> we will soon find out how many calories are in their favorite alcohol drinks. >> i don't want to know. >> nutrition labels on alcohol. >> what company plans to display on the product. you know what you are doing. >> i like the idea. >> would it stop from you drinking. >> probably not. >> i feel owe sad i looked at window at the rita's water ice folks. they were standing there by themselves, nobody was buying, but it is free. i just ordered a cherry. >> i want mango. >> okay.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
we have a shot of the intern bria. we have three man goes and a cherry coming into the studio now. >> thank you. >> what a great tradition. >> i love how they do it whether it is snow rain, sleet we will still have free italian ice. >> i wish they had had my new favorite flare chocolate covered strawberry. >> they didn't bring it. >> it is so good. >> what is blue now, that is cotton candy. >> here we go. >> hi, bria, good to see you. >> thank you. >> there is cherry. >> first day of spring, and the cup. >> how cute. >> only bright thing we will be seeing today. >> it is. >> sometimes when i go to different coffee shops i still get frozen, whatever. i like cold stuff on cold days. >> i like mine to be warm up.
8:25 am
>> speaking of consuming things in cups and glasses, what is in your glass. drinkers will soon find out because they will put nutrition labels on alcohol. >> so the company that produces vodka, and gin and irish stodt guinness, the the the company says it is voluntarily putting calories, fat, carbs and protein on the bottled labels. >> i hepp they all do this now. >> london based distiller says it will be based on typical serving sizes. consumers can know what they are drinking. so typical night i don't know if it will be typical. >> a lot of calories in alcohol. >> that is what they say. >> they start drinking drinkings new vodka called chopan, and chopan. it is made with potatoes only. it is are few calories. >> but maybe that will help people in the the to cringe as much.
8:26 am
>> i would hope so. >> i'm sure jen knows she hangs out with super models. she knows that about vodka. >> yeah, you drink vodka and soda water with a thousand limes to keep the tummy flat. i heard it was snowing outside. we wanting to swimming. this is traveling adventure show. first time in philadelphia even better than that i'll tell you how to park for free and tell you how to get in for free. you heard me,
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
icy outside, and maybe inside your tummy, as you get that free water ice, yes, spring will begin in a couple of hours, the a 6:45 p.m. but first day of spring so folks at rita's are all outside helping us celebrate, sort of, even in the the snow, they are
8:30 am
intrepid dent you think. so is bus stop buddy, for little buddies that are still waiting for the school bus, and make sure we have rain and snow gear. the first flakes are certainly falling, and it is very heavy, wet snow out there right now. only accumulating at the moment on grass surfaces. it is three out of ten, here's the messy ultimate doppler radar, plenty of, and, and, and, and a, wind chill of 26, so you still need that winter gear. so wet snow continues with rain the two south, and, and, more rain accumulates because you might have an and/or and tea pend on what time and temperature. and between five and nine, throughout the the rest of the the day. so, by the time it is springtime it will be feeling like spring but between new
8:31 am
and then, it is going to be a mess whether you are getting rain, snow or both, right bob kelly. >> exactly, been a mess, i would say hour and a half things started to go downhill, with speedometer readings and, chester county, 202 and route 30 right here where the the bypass comes into play here, again, the snow not sticking to the road surface on the in major roadways that were treated like 202, schuylkill, blue route, i-95 but it is incoming down visibility and it is sticking to the grass surfaces. the so maybe the secondary road, side streets, front pavement, that front step could be slippery. here's the update from philly international. they had a ground stop in effect until 8:30. that meant that any flights could not leave other airports destined for philly, until with 8:30. so that naturally is going to put a delay, and morning rush hour at philly interest and,
8:32 am
and, flight status. over a half an hour, and, back over to you. >> when we have weather like this i want to get away. we have found a woman, i believe it is a woman, yeah, who has written a book on the best places to check out. >> yes, best thing is these are under five hours from philly. >> yes. >> we got the to go, mike. >> let's do it. >> we will talk to patricia in just one second but first we have to talk to big wave dave. right now it is chilly. tomorrow will be 88 degrees. it will be great. it is spring. guess what, it is snowing outside. tropical vacation, the island here and go scuba diving. >> it is all free, learn about how we breathe under walter. >> the the other thing you can do you can come here, my man
8:33 am
has some offers for some very important people. good morning. >> good morning. >> welcome. >> i love this whole set up. >> this is a new show to philadelphia. >> that is right we do travel adventure show in seven markets and last stop of the year is here in fill and we are so excited to be here. >> for some people they can get in for free. first responders, teachers, military. >> we have a hero's program. bring your id to the desk and come in for free. we will take care of them too. >> you can do stuff, you can get up close with the the shot and give them a smooch. i hear it is, hi gorgeous. >> how are you. >> i hear it is stone crab season. >> i brought sunshine, no matter if there is snowy got the sun. >> you are from philly but you are a chef down there. so we have talk about this. it is a thousand places to see before you die. patricia, you will be here signing autographs. >> yes, yes. >> speaking as well. >> talk to me. i need to get in the car. first place less than five hours is new york hudson valley. >> it is my home town 247. always something going on.
8:34 am
head up hudson valley beautiful, historically rich great art trail and food, and scenically gorgeous. >> chesapeake bay. >> really close to you. the quaint water side towns, great food, blue crab. >> i love it. >> then you say williamsberg. you like history but not a history nerd but williamsberg is great. >> also for all generations for young kids bring the grandparents, colonial williamsberg, hundreds of buildings from authentic, some replica, you have kind of a slice of life in the late 1700s. >> because you live in insuring you have promised to come back and share with us more from these amazing books. >> yes, my other 900 plus places. >> so tom, seriously people are coming here. you want people here, saturday and sunday. >> that is writ we are opened ten to 5:00 on saturday, 11 to 4:00 on sunday. great speakers. we have samantha brown, so it will be i great show here for
8:35 am
everybody to fill your travel dreams out and meet thousands of exhibitors around the world. >> the experts will be here. >> that is right. >> you get to meet the the cutie chef. alex, seriously are you willing to get to key west and see my friend. >> sure. >> yes. >> that is key limes and yes, they are yellow. >> key limes are always yellow. that is how you know they are good. >> we will start cracking some crabs. if they come down to the show i will feed first hundred that sees me on the stage, crabs, free stone crabs. >> i'm in the coming back. >> yes. >> we have to fly them up. >> thanks, jen. >> so a thousand things to do, places to see before you die. >> i got to get on this. >> your bucket list. >> yeah, seriously. >> yeah. >> our floor director just said you ran out of time. >> that is really sweet of her. >> you know that actress eva menendez, smoking hot, she says there is an article of
8:36 am
clothing you should never wear in front of your husband. she believes this article of clothing leads to divorce what do you think it is, start guessing. >> okay. battle of the sexes, enters the kitchen, we have to settle this, who are better cooks, men or women. jim: it's a bad idea to assess children this way.
8:37 am
it takes away the joy of learning in a classroom, which was one of the reasons we all became teachers - to see the bright look on their face when you finally got them. ros: it's those years where we had that teacher who gave us a little extra, who spent a little bit more time with us, who made us stay after school, who kept calling our parent. a standardized test is one of the weakest ways to assess student learning and student knowledge. jim: it's detrimental. standardized testing is sucking the air out of classrooms.
8:38 am
8:39 am
the friday before i left for the the caribbean, i realized, my passport was going to expire about a week after, in about a week. the but i could still make the trip, inside of the time of the expiration, right. >> you are okay. >> no. >> i went to the the web site of the country i was going to, they said you need to have, it
8:40 am
need to be within six months of expiration. i went into a panic at 4:00 in the afternoon, run over there, they are basically closed but thank the two loving people over there they watch this show and let me hang around. >> do you have your photo. >> no. >> is there photo shop. >> hade to get a quick photo, run back over, fill it the out real fast. >> you kept them opened, waiting on you. >> i shouldn't have said that. >> people were still working there. >> thank you. >> anyway i digress. >> it snowed the entire time. >> i'm not missing this and you are not either. let's switch to some of the photos. >> i say she has the the idea here. she's grim ages. i don't think people like this late snow. >> i agree, i agree. >> how cute though. >> still so cute. >> punch ear one. >> i should have a clicker.
8:41 am
>> remember the days with the slides, the slide technology was faster then this. >> we have to show this again. >> she is cute. >> first flakes. >> thanks for the people at rita's water ice because they did in the have to have come over here. it is nasty out. >> mike, you schooled me and i got a tweet about how to say it. >> water ice. >> water ice. >> y'all know i'm new, water ice. i'm enjoying it. it is really good. manget flavor is good. >> you know what, i have some information about a couple of philadelphians that are becoming very, very famous. one kevin hart, yeah, philly a's own kevin hart bought his ex-wife a car for his birthday. he must have a lot of money. >> but he has a fiance i wonder what she thought about all that. >> he bought this ex-wife this vehicle and he has a fiance. >> it is the the mother of his
8:42 am
kid his ex-wife. >> we will tell you the kind kid his ex-wife. >> we will tell you the kind what's with the suit?
8:43 am
oh, i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month, no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit. actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee.
8:44 am
8:45 am
it is water ice. >> water, water. >> okay. probably dax has no idea what we're talking about. sketch hart, parentally he gets along pretty well with his ex-wife. he bought her something for her birthday. he does have have, dax, a fiance a so what did he get her. >> he bought her a beautiful, brand new, cadillac escalade. >> it is gorgeous, great car. she instagramed a photo out of it. the she's very excited. she was in need of a car, kevin found out. he said, you know, i will help you get that car because it sound like his ex-wife and his current fiance have kind of mended all of the drama between the the two of them accounts torey hart had gone on twitter ranting and raving saying he had cheated on her with this new fiance and there
8:46 am
was bad black for a long time and it seems like new they have put all that behind them. they are doing what is best for the kid, even now the fiance and ex-wife hang out together at the the kid soccer game or i'm sorry, basketball games. they are doing well. kevin said you guys doing fine i'll get you this car. you can pick out any car you want and she chose the escalade. >> any car you want. >> what would you choose, alex, if you could have any car you want. >> would i do a lexus convertible. >> what would you pick, mike. >> i don't know. >> dax, do you have a car you you want. >> what do you drive. >> i would say, kevin, i need a bugot i. >> sure. >> you know we love the the beiber, the tool, justin beiber. he at one point almost a year ago, dax, that he egged his neighbor's house.
8:47 am
>> american that at this point. the guy had gone after him. he won the the court case over the egging. the justin had to pay $80,000 to fix the damages and all that stuff. new that same neighbor jeff schwartz is going have after beiber again. he is now suing him, saying that he suffered all this mental anguish, living next to justin beiber, i guess there was obscenities thrown around toward his wife and his daughter, that justin terrorized his neighborhood driving fast, screaming things at him, having parties, at one point i guess the neighbor had stopped justin because he was driving fast in the neighborhood and claims that the body guard called the neighbor a a little jew boy and so all this is in this lawsuit and he is going after beiber and he wants machine for emotional distress.
8:48 am
>> why does he bring it up now this happened a couple years ago. >> i don't know, at this point justin is in the living in the neighborhood. you have chloe kardashian there, there is a lot more peaceful. i would say just let it go. >> let it go. >> we will let you go, you have a great weekend. >> thanks, guys have a great one. >> that is an entertainment segment. i want to a announce we have another skit today. and i had forgotten, to measure. i didn't measure your face. it does that actually fit. it kind of does. >> okay. you have to keep pushing. >> there we go. >> so hang around, right at the top of the nine and we have been missing you, sun. so watch for the "good day philadelphia" art players,
8:49 am
right at straight up 9:00 o'clock. don't go anywhere. there is american just this. >> there has got to be more. >> listen to this. >> put your sundown, son. >> is this the story ortiz. >> this is the story. >> you were ill not believe this. >> in big deal i guess. but that is a magnum pi house in hawaii, right. it was filmed back in the day. guess who is buying it? >> the president of the united states. >> yes. >> president barack obama. >> that is his home state so went out and buy this big house. >> sold for 8.7 million-dollar, half of the original asking price. he got a deal. check out this facebook post, a attorney for president obama said a his client bought the president. he didn't say which property or client. there is speculation that the client is the the president. but we're thinking, if the president is going to get one, probably why not this. >> i'll be darned. >> it looks like the first family when they leave in
8:50 am
2016, 2017, yeah, january of 2017, they will move to new york city, and vacation home would be magnum pi's house. >> yes, exactly. >> hawaii. >> coming up, ladies and gentlemen, are husband better cooks then their wife's. a new study has shown the result.
8:51 am
what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single, sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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8:53 am
thinks a preview of what will happen when mighty good day players get started in a tribute to yes, the first day of spring. we have been counting down for weeks and weeks and weeks now and it is finally here.
8:54 am
you think you will see them today? i don't think so. vernal equinox is tonight 6:45 friday march 20th toys day. so what does equinox mean day and night, almost equal in length. in matter what the weather is but it was on this date 57 years ago that we got 9.6 inches of snow. that is record for march 20th. no matter what happens we will get 9.6 inches of snow. it was even more in allentown, wilmington. atlantic city got 5 inches. we are starting to see snow and continuing to see some snow on ultimate doppler radar. i dropped my toll up so we can take a look. little dry slot here in the philadelphia area right new but more to come. very light precipitation in the lehigh valley area, but we will come down to new jersey and we will see it all light snow and mixed with rain. it is very wet and only accumulating a at this point on the grass surfaces. so it is all gone tomorrow. we will get up to 52.
8:55 am
that is a nice day. then coal again starting on sunday, is there your weather authority forecast. hey, sun, what is going on. >> mr. sun, mr. sun, mr. golden sun, the the kid sing that. >> please shine down on me. >> you are the only sun. >> thank you. probably only sun you will see today. good morning, everybody. live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near belmont avenue road are wet, again snow not sticking to the road surface but sticking to the grassy surfaces. we have an opening coming our way of the burlington bristol bridge set for an opening at 9:25 this morning. head for that tacony palmyra. so there is already delays out the airport, some of the airlines, canceled their flights for this afternoon. do check with the the flight status wychecking with the airport, i should say airline. in the just today and tomorrow. any flights that did in the the get the in this afternoon
8:56 am
that could have a an impact on departures tomorrow morning. alex, back over to you. >> you kept that on the whole time. >> i was than the supposed to. >> it is great, great. >> well, spring is in the air and so is love. why so many couples get engaged on this date we're talking about today and then also you saw we were showing the sun and flowers, we are going to bring you another performance from the mighty good day players. don't miss it. good day players. don't miss it. trliving with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox® an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine. 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by my doctor once every 3 months. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms.
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alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue and headache. don't take botox® if you have a skin infection. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. put the odds on your side. visit to learn how to save on your treatment. talk to a headache specialist today about botox®.
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8:59 am
♪ there we go. lease an mkz for $299 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash, only at your lincoln dealer. first day of spring. >> yes, so close. >> thinks our grand entrance. >> your waves are just too much, girl. >> this is it. >> you are supposed to be sunshine.
9:00 am
>> yes, sunshine. >> yes. >> and sunshine and rain we've got snow. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> old man winter, what is a few more hearst of winter. the sun will come out tomorrow. >> in way. >> yes, bet your bottom dollar. >> today is our day. >> tonight, we will start spring, wait your turn, wait your turn, you little toll up. >> are you supposed to be. >> old man winter. >> that is who i am. don't try to flush me out until it is time. >> spring starts. >> you have had plenty of time. >> last year was my year. >> but you know what we want to see us. >> hello. >> they don't want to see you. >> winter until 6:45. >> we shall be waiting for tonight. >> the sun will come out tomorrow. >> no to


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