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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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here we go again, air bags stolen out of cars in northeast philadelphia, but thieves are only going after one type of car a certain brand they are tarring. heart break on the basketball court villanova comes home after an upsetting loss to nc state. what the coach had to say about his teams hustle. and... >> i believe in america and her people. i believe that we can stand up and restore our promise. it is going to... y guess it is official. senator ted cruz announced he is running for president, on twitter work this video but he is not officially announcing for a few more hours. his message for the american people. good day, everybody. it is monday march 23rd, 2015. hi, how was the weekend. >> good morning, everybody.
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>> good morning. >> we melted some snow, which was great. >> i caught my cold. >> yes, thank you for passing that on. >> yes. >> yes. >> we're family we spread colds. >> it will be great at 6:01. >> we have a lot of sunshine in store but it will be deceiving sunshine. we will give you a six out of ten because it will be 10 degrees colder then it is supposed to be. so kid still to have bundle up at the the bus stop with the mittens and nice blanket coat on like bus stop buddy has. an 8-mile an hour wind means a 28-degree, feels like 20, so you have to dress for temperatures mostly that are in the teens, that is what the wind chills are, anyway sunrise at 7:00 o'clock on the dot. and your monday planner a has a high temperature even with all of that sunshine 43 degrees, so it is first monday of spring but it sure doesn't feel like it. we will tell you when it will feel like spring and when we will get spring showers coming up in the seven day forecast,
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good morning bob kelly. >> good morning, sue. exactly 6:02 on the clock as we say good morning to the gang leaving say downingtown coatsville, slowing down on 30 bypass. lets take a live look at 422 422, right there, the clicker doesn't seem ton working but we will give it the a shot. hit that space bar there, sue, bam. that may not work. >> we have a jammo here with the clicker and our computers i did not spill coffee in the the keyboard, let me say that again. >> was it a jelly doughnut. >> we have got everybody trying to click it. first of all, 422 i-95 schuylkill expressway all free, and clear, at the moment. major roadways are in good shape. they have set up a new construction zone over the the weekend along i-95, right here near betsy ross bridge interchange, and so, just watch for a tighter squeeze as you come out of this part of the philadelphia and get minor
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delays on route 11 and route 13 trolley because of an earlier accident in the neighborhood. or wise we're looking good on mass transit mike and alex back over to you. we have some breaking news. >> several cars broken into in the northeast. >> philadelphia police say thieves want the air bags out of the hondas and steve is on that block right now. here's steve. >> reporter: well, i got a staggering fact from the detective who just showed up, after seeing our reports this morning. he saw a video from a previous air bag theft out of a honda and he says from the time the guy walk up to the window smash the window and walked away with the air bag was 172nd. that is how fast these guys strike. the that is why they can strike multiple times. the reason they didn't hit all of the hondas on this street and there is a dozen not the hit in addition to the four that were because one of the alarms went off on one of the cars.
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thieves have these things that don't shatter the windows and they break a window with often, not hitting the alarm system and that is how they can strike so many times in a relatively small spot without anybody knowing it but the alarm is the reason they scared them off. the honda that you were looking at was edward's silver hon a there was a honda behind that it wasn't struck. all three vehicles behind our live truck are hondas as well on our street. vehicle number one that silver truck you'll hear him the the second man he heard an alarm. his truck was not struck. but, the the two vehicles behind him, was and it already has tape on the window. that is how bad it is. nine vehicles on seven streets three weeks ago and now video of the four vehicles just on this one start havertel in northeast philadelphia this time. there may be more as car owners wake up and come out, and after our 5:00 a.m. report when they reported that the
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own der not know at the the time his car was hit because police left an incident report that was still sitting on the driver's ceta monk all of the the shattered glass under the the steering wheel with the wires dangling from the the now missing air bag. >> unaudible. >> other than sleeping in your car all night, did you think there is really not much you can do other than just hope you don't get hit. >> just hope you don't get hit. >> it makes you concern, it makes you wonder and it is sad because insurance is already high in the city. now they have these peoples air bags ripped off. will their rates go up. you know will they hit me next. i don't know. >> reporter: councilman's office and city hall people were they warning but honda as or all cars. >> they specifically said how
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easy it was to hit a honda and just a few minutes into it and then it is gone. >> reporter: so here is our file footage from the saturday night into sunday morning march 1st, 9 hondas hit, all just a mile from where we are in northeast philadelphia all but one back then, 2013 hondas. on this street that alarm sounding and people waking up and looking out their windows likely stopped from way more being struck because they hit this street, this should be called honda owner street because there are so many on this street. when it takes 17 seconds to strike you can hit probably a dozen cars in less than 15 or 20 minutes and getaway with these things. everybody is watching and saying why are air bags being stolen? well, they cost a thousand bucks. looking at philadelphia detective now, looking around to see if there are more vehicles. they cost a you this dollars minimum to replace and this detective says sometimes up to $3,000 for the whole job to be done not counting the the
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glass. all these convenience. here we are in another hard working neighborhood like we were when the tires were being slashed. this way more expensive then the tires. you've got the two retired people here that we know of that were hit on fixed incomes and this will really set their economic life back a whole lot. what a sad thing. what they are doing mike and alex unscrupulous garages out there by teeing things from the thief for a hundred dollars. then they bill the insurance company for the full price. that is why they make such a huge profit on the back end. >> it seems like you can pop the air bag off that steering wheel, very easily. >> seventeen seconds. from glass shattering to the air bag out. thanks, steve. 6:07. more than a hundred men and women in the arms services could be in harms way. terror group isis posting this hit list on line. what the marines suggest these men and women can do to protect themselves. and then this...
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>> people of fishtown pray for a miracle this church is more than a hundred years old and now, one down why parishioners are appealing to the vatican.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] senator ted cruz kick off his 2016 cam paper. >> he is entering the the race via twitter with a little
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video. a time for truth. time to raise to the challenge just as americans have always done. i believe in america and her people and i believe that we can stand up, and restore our promise. it is going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives, to help make america great again. i'm ready to stand with you, to lead the fight. >> did you see the little shot of philadelphia in there. >> difficult. >> independent hall. >> about a second and a half. >> you better put news there. >> how much does that cost to make, beautifully done um. >> apparently ted cruz he will have an address later today at liberty university in virginia and during that event, he apparently is going to announce that he will run for president. we shall see what happens later today. 6:11. a man arm with a a machete out of new orleans attacks tsa agents and passengers on the new orleans airport but he may
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have wanted to bomb the airport. we will tell you how we know. that the here's bob. good morning everybody. 6:12 on this monday morning. we are in pretty good shape stepping out of the front door. go for a ride on the blue route heading south down toward the airport. problems already on mass transit. we will check ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you.
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we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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taking a look at our
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snowfall total do you remember friday? we even up in philadelphia with 3.9 inches of snow. most cases the snowfall exceeded expectations but it didn't take licensing for to it melt, did it especially on saturday there was major melting going on. now we have 26.9 inches of snow, just above the average of 21.8 but way below where we were last year 68 inches second most snowy winter of all time you remember that. here's the storm system to the south, but this is not expect to trouble us at all, we have our dry conditions, really for the next couple of days. it is a temperature that is so much colder then it is speaksed to be. we have temps in the 20's as we get started mostly in the upper 20's in philadelphia where it is 28. factor in the wind and it feels like 20 and chills in the teens in the north of us and south of us, feels like 17 in atlantic city and 18 in wildwood. wind speed at 18.
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they are coming from the chilly north. we are not getting springtime temperatures at least in the yet but take a look at the the seven day forecast and we will inch in the 50's on wednesday after another cold day tomorrow, and then it is warmer on thursday but we could also get a shower or a then are storm. possible with that high temperature of 65 degrees. so for most of us we will have 65, however we can get it. showers in the morning on friday sunshine in the afternoon with a high of 52. cold air moves in for weekend once again. while we are in the middle of the change of sees than bob kelly temperatures get whacko and there is lots of ups and down until we settle in warmer weather. >> make sure kid bundle up. even yourself. it can be deceiving with all that sunshine yesterday. it is still chilly out there we have the cones out. this is a live look at i-95 northbound off ramp to bartram avenue still closed right by cell phone parking lot area there as we head north on i-95
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as part of the that old rehab of the entire ramp. boy it needed it. it was littered with potholes. penndot, new jersey dot, dell dot, they said they will be out and about all day to day as long as weather hold up filling in those potholes that we found the hard way over the the weekend. live look at 202 right here near 29, no problems there. heading north on the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia, watch for an accident just popped upright here near i295 heading in toward philadelphia a a crash in the neighborhood at long shore and oxford. otherwise coming from downingtown, coatsville, coming from the turnpike and downingtown interchange so far, so good as we head in toward 202. keep in mind today begins penndot's work zone safety awareness week. i guarantee thaw penndot along with the police will be watching a little closely or closer in the work zones. speedometer readings on 202
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422, and portions of i-95. otherwise mass transit looking good mike and alex back to you. millionaire robert durst has a court appearance on drug and drug charge helps in new orleans. the his lawyer maintains he was ill legally arrested arguing there was in probable cause to keep him jailed. durst was arrested before the finally on the jinks on hbo. he can be heard confess to go three murders while in the bathroom. he said it on camera. he is charge in the 2004 murder of a friend. prosecutors believe she killed susan berman because she had information about the disappearance of his first wife. durst was acquitted in 2001 of a murder in texas. a massive manhunt is underway right new for the the suspect in tunisia's deadly museum attack. the tunisia government released this footage of two men who stormed the barto museum but officials say there were three attackers. the country's president is asking the public for its help to find this third assailant.
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police say two gunman were killed were to near ans in their 20's and they were trained in libya. isis a has claim responsibility. twenty-one people were killed in that attack. not far away in yemen rebels have taken over nearly one-third of the country prompting the president to leave the capitol. the u.n. security council fears the conflict will create a breeding ground for terror groups especially u.n. envoy was quoted assaying yemen is on the verge of civil war. the you had has removed all personnel from yemen. officials say isis has posted a hit list that includes the names of 100 members of the u.s. military. it was reportedly posted on line over the weekend. a defense department source reportedly says it is doubtful military record were hacked believing it is more likely information that came from social media postings. some things such as's address pose todd on this list. it is another example of psychological warfare.
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>> they are getting to a point now where they are actual very organized and they are really pressing just as hard in social media and on line and in their production value as they are on the battle field. >> often times you have military member that pose for a camera on social media such as facebook, instagram, et cetera and while in uniforms their names are displayed. >> their names are displayed and you can show your location. u.s. marine core is urging everyone to check their digital footprint and limit personal information they are posting. some say it is time that the military institute rules on social media use to prevent something like this from happening again. >> take those postings down for sure. you have been hearing about this bizarre attack at an airport in new orleans. >> thinks at louie armstrong international airport and ended with suspect dead and police searching for a motive. investigators believe the is suspect six three-year old richard white had a history of mental illness. white tried to attack tsa agents and passengers using
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bug spray and machete. witnesses say police act varied quickly here. >> guy comes running with the man shed i over his head swinging it through security and then hops a bench and comes toward my wife and i. i started swinging my suitcase at him good after searching his belongings police believe white may have been planning to bomb the airport as well. he had a bag with six gasoline filled molotov cocktails and barbecue lilter. the white died at the hospital saturday after being shot by deputies. >> female officer comes up and shot him three times. boy, an amazing story of determination right here. >> after reaching 500-pound a mother in louisville kentucky knew it was time for a change. she lost wait and trained hard but could not cross the the finish line by herself. who came to her side to make sure that she finished as a winner. >> that is a great story wait until you see the video. >> but first villanova lost, they came home after that looks to north carolina state what their coach jay wright had to say about his team.
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our sixers in los angeles taking on the lakers. jeremy lynn, do you remember his name jeremy lynn with the knicks. well, now he is playing for the lakers. he scored 29-point leading lakers to the 101-87 win over sixers. he made a stop in houston.
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sixers only have 12 games left in the season, yeah. now for a look at the rest of your sports, here's sean bell. good morning i'm sean bell. villanova was disappointing in the ncaa tournament for the second year in a row. third round ko by eighth seeded nc state sent them packing. the yesterday coach jay wright talk about a season that came up short. >> we failed, and we don't fear failure. we're not, we failed in one game. but they are not failures. they had a great season. but we have to accept our fate here and we have to own it. >> temple in the second round of the nit tournament trying to prove that they belong in the ncaa tournament. taking on george washington temple started the game with the first nine points. they never trailed. the owls get the w90-77. now to spring training for
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the second day in a row a phillies pitcher gets rock. handily ramirez with the blast, red sox win, seven-six. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. speaking of villanova the image of the crying pickleo player may be the lasting image from this game. this was all over social media. her name is rocks ann. she will be in studio with us. >> we could not hear her playing so she will play for us. should we make her-- no it must be hard to play when you are creek, right. >> it was hard enough when you are in the crying but she seems really cool. i was talking to her on twitter yesterday. a philadelphia church built over a hundred years ago is about to be hit by a wrecking ball. why the archdiocese want to knock this church down and how parishioners are taking action appealing all the way to the vatican. but first jennifer joyce covering a deadly shooting in west philadelphia and now they are calling the gun man a hero
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in this case jenny. >> that is right alexa cover to go police a customer opened fire inside this barber shop yesterday afternoon. there were several customers inside. another customer opened fire on the gun man, killing him, we will hear from witnesses co
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thieves ripped off the air bags of the cars in northeast philadelphia, and it is not the first time that this has happened.
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the specific brand that they are going after. >> those are the victims, not the thieves. >> good thing he was there because it could have ban lot worse. >> a man walking in the barber shop walks in the middle of a tense situation pulled out his gun and kills a man inside. why police are saying he probably did the right thing. and a woman running a race in kentucky gets a helping hand. she could not cross a finish line but someone watching the race was determined to help her finish. who was by her side for those final miles. >> good day, it is monday, march 23rd, 2015. it will be a good week, right. >> are you feeling it. >> look at this beautiful day the lord has made. >> oh, my goodness. >> that is center city philadelphia. >> that is beautiful. >> love some sun. i hope the sunnies here to stay sue. >> well, it will be here for a little while. it will be here today and tomorrow, and then thursday. but we will trade off for some warmness. the here's the thing, again,
6:31 am
that deceiving sunshine. it looks so beautiful outside but you have to bundle up to day. >> it is cold. >> it means we will get warmer weather, i'll take some sun. >> bye, see you. bus stop buddy is dressed the way you should be if you are outside for a while. blanket, coat, mittens, hat, i know, it is not winter anymore but it still feels like it. bundle up to day with six out of ten really in your weather by the numbers. it will look good but it will be colder then average. 28 degrees in philadelphia but it feels like 20 out there with sunrise at 7:00 o'clock on the dot. here's your planner for the the day. plan to squint a lot today. we will have very bright sunshine but a high of only 43 degrees to put it in perspective. average high is 54 for this time of the year. so more than 10 degrees below average. that is why you got six out of ten. that is your forecast from monday from the weather authority. bob kelly standing by to mack
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sure we get where we are going with the minimum of squinting. >> yes exactly. 6:32. good morning everybody. the delays starting to pop on the schuylkill expressway and i-95 reason for i-95 delay, every have kids dream a disable school bus. >> oh, no. >> don't worry, we will pick the kid up personally and make sure they get to school on time. this is a live look at i-95 southbound in the girard avenue construction zone. i don't think there is any kid on the bus so we are okay there but south on i-95 already jammed approaching girard avenue. rush hour starting to build. so in the work zone that right lane is block here with only two available as you head south. already look at this a 40 in minute delay from woodhaven road into downtown, 20 minutes inbound on that schuylkill expressway. a disable on the blue route 476 southbound right here near the the saint david villanova
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interchange. septa running with delays on both route 11 and route 13 trolley from a earlier accident there along island avenue. mike and alex back to you. lets get back to this honda story here. >> thieves targeting parked car in the northeast and they are looking for specific items. they are usually looking for money, gps but they are looking for air bags from honda as. >> back in the day they why stealing stereos and now it is air bags because they are so expensive. >> reporter: the poor people of northeast philadelphia, i have done countless live shots of the tires being shot, do you remember the expensive lights you didn't feel bad for them because they were on very very expensive cars. if you can afford one you can afford the insurance bill to get the lights fixed. now it is air bags. police call it the the new stereo, of the 2014 era. lets look the at the video. four honda is here right off castor, two on each side of castor avenue. that is what we know of. sunnies just coming up now.
6:34 am
people are just waking up. we may tell you before the show is over that ten cars were hit but we know of four now. the reason i tell thaw because just three weeks ago saturday into sunday march 1st, 9 cars on seven streets were hit here in the same neighborhood just about a mile from here. so that tells you how prevalent this is. it was a subject of the town watch meeting the other day with city councilman o'neill's staff here and city hall official as well warning people if you own a honda which so many people do because i counted a does then were not hit just on the two block stretch be on the look out. what can you do short of sleeping in your car. these people are out here and now they are out over a thousand bucks easy. >> it went through my mind, and, and... >> town watch warned everybody, other than sleeping in your car all night, did you think there is not much you can do other than hope you do not get hit. >> just hope that you don't
6:35 am
get hit. >> you know, you don't want to be the next one to get hit. and, it is bad, because the the insurance is already high in the the city and having these peoples air bags ripped off, it is just too much. will they hit me next? i don't know. >> reporter: councilman's office were they warning you specifically about a time or were they saying all cars. >> they specifically said how easy it was to hit a honda and just a few minutes and then it is gone. >> reporter: well, 17 seconds, not even a few minutes but 17 seconds according to the philadelphia detective out here who told me they have surveillance video from a previous incident where the the time it takes are smashing the window and grabbing air bags which has a detonator in it. these things explode. you really do have to know how to do it. apparently it pops off within
6:36 am
moments. as we come back live what you were just looking at where some of the incidents from march 1st but you can see there is a honda here right here in front of edward's house who was hired frustrated. this wasn't hit. panning to the left another honda this is lemar, second man, he just took off to go to work. honda behind him was not hit. one behind that the tape on the window. even those people hear the alarms they still got away with them. problem that is a alarm the problem for the thieves is that alarm going off probably saved all these other honda owners right here. how many hondas just on our one spot f that alarm didn't go off. they have these things that shatter windows without setting alarms as well. technology for thieves is better for technology for us honest people. >> steve, have you noticed it is a certain model, or civics, what are the the other ones there is accords. >> reporter: right, it is different models, but and it was different years here at
6:37 am
least the two that i know of the the years from talking to the owners. but in that last group of incidents all but one for 2013's. >> i got you. >> this was maybe a certain year but maybe they are also honda. they had problems with their air bags in the recall. i don't know what that has to do with it but probably air baggies a standard air bag for all honda vehicles and there is so many what happens is they steel them, sell them to a unscrupulous garage for a hundred bucks but cost is over a thousand bucks and these guys will fix it and then bill the insurance company for full cost and these garages can make money. >> a honda just pulled up behind you. police are looking for gunman who shot a man in lawncrest, happened shortly before 11:30 in the 900 block of branch street. rick tim was taken to einstein hospital. his condition is unknown this morning. police are investigating a murder/suicide in bucks county.
6:38 am
family members were concern when a man did not arrive at his jewelers row store as expect. they failed to show for a plan birthday party causing a search of their who will an home month. man was found dead in her bed. her husband also in his 60's was on the floor of the master bedroom. both shot in the head. a handgun was recovered from the scene. today at the barber shop turns violent when one customer opens fire and another customer shoots and kills him. >> jenny is on the the scene in west philadelphia good morning. >> reporter: police are calling this a close call that could have been a lot worse a violent a chaotic moment broke out here in the 600 block of north preston street. it happened yesterday afternoon. apparently a couple people inside got in an argument about something, barber told his client to chill out and 40 year-old man pulled out a gun, opened fire with up to ten people inside and that very moment another customer with a license to carry pull out his weapon and shot multiple times
6:39 am
and killed it gunman. >> he was taking it too far. within of the barbers said chill out. so, i was watching tv in the barber shop i heard gunshots. i ran. >> inside the barber shop at the time there might have been eight to ten people. could have been worse if it wasn't for this guy who responded and basically saved a lot of people in there. >> i take my hat off to him. thankfully he was there it could have been a lot worse but he was there. >> reporter: police are calling responding shooter a life safer we have talk to another witness who did not wanting to on camera but he thinks the man took the the situation too far. he shot the gun man once to get the the situation under control according to this witness but then continued to fire at a the man killing him. well that customer left the barber shop and turn himself in a few blocks away at 16th district. police are still investigating but initially they are saying that they don't think charges will be filed, mike and alex.
6:40 am
>> that is first time i heard. that shot him once but he went down but kept shooting. >> reporter: that is according to this witness. he knock on the door and said you need to hear the whole story. he said he works at the barber shop and he saw everything go down. >> police will figure it out. 6:40. despite a push to save it a 19th century church in fishtown will meet a wrecking ball. >> yes, the the archdiocese of philadelphia announced its plans to tear down this church, over a hundred years old. the church closed a year ago after an engineering firm said it could collapse. it is beautiful inside. the archdiocese said it will cost three .5 million-dollar to to rerepair and restore it. parishioners said their experts put repair cost at least than a million-dollar. they did their own independent study. they appealed all the way to the the vatican but say they have not received a response just yet. lady gaga may be engaged but she takes a back seat for her best friend's big day.
6:41 am
so who is going to call her a bridesmaid. sue is the bridesmaid. >> no. >> you're throwing to it her. >> sue would make a lovely bridesmaid there was a time i had a closet full of dresses. anyway, will we ever get those warm temperatures. we got rid of the now snow over
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
it will be a good day. it is the name of our program. we will have some sunshine. that is atlantic city which a beautiful sunrise. now, have temperatures been warm enough for cherry blossoms to bloom in washington d.c. lets take a look. the national cherry blossom festival those are opening ceremonies on sat the day at the warner theater. the the trees were a gift from tokyo, in 1912 with the the intend that every spring brings new blossoming of the tokyo/american friendship. i guess that would be japan and america, tokyo and d.c. maybe. google. >> just getting started.
6:45 am
>> cherry trees lining the river is expect to be in full bloom, from april 11th until the 14th. >> so why did they open up the festival saturday night? why don't they wait. >> i don't know, anyway. let's do some juxtaposition. that is beautiful. now that is a a live shot in chicago, that better not becoming here sue patricia serio. >> well, by the the time it the gets here it will be rain. so. >> oh. >> we will get warmer temperatures but that was the scene very similar to friday, around these parts, when we ended up with 3.9 inches of snow in philadelphia so now our grand total and we're still saying, so far this season, because it is not out of the question we could get maybe another measurable snowfall, not this week, but i'm just saying. the seasonal average is 21.8. we are above average for the season but not nearly as snowy as we were last year with 68 inches of snow.
6:46 am
here's the storm system to the south. not expected to affect us. it will stay to the south. so we will have dry weather. the it will be a very good looking day. any little patches of snow that you might still have left should be taken care of today. not yet. it is well below freezing. twenty-eight in philadelphia. sixteen mount pocono. twenty-three reading. twenty-three trenton. twenty-four in wilmington. 28 degrees in wildwood. factor in those wind. the it makes it feel like single digits in mount pocono. wind chills in the teens in reading, allentown, trenton 17 is what it feels like in wilmington and atlantic city. new win direction has changed northerly wind but at least it won't be as windy as yesterday as we walk outside yesterday and got blown around. the it will still be cold but not as windy, 43 degrees to daze. forty-five tomorrow. then 52 on wednesday. it starts to get better. we will get much milder on thursday, but there is the trade off rain and possibility of the thunderstorm and then cold
6:47 am
front on friday morning means we will chill down to 50 degrees on friday, mid 40's gannon saturday. so a cold start to the weekend, and by just the hint of warmer temperatures to come every once in a while, bob kelly. >> keep that stuff from chicago from coming our way, for sure at least it is warm that it is dumping on the roadways. live look here at home, the the schuylkill, 34 miles an hour. but we are jammo heading westbound out of town and an early morning delay on the schuylkill westbound from the boulevard, out through city line avenue. also, the i-95 ramp the northbound i-95 ramp to bartram avenue is still closed here, through the end of the month as you can see the sun begins to rise here. they are repaving that whole ramp littered with potholes. lights out traffic lights out on route 611 anal also house road. because of of an early morning accident the the route 11 abe 13 trolleys are using shuttle buses. expect minor delays through
6:48 am
the first half of the morning rush hour in northeast philadelphia, long shore and oxford watch for an accident that disabled school bus that was on i-95 got a little push off at girard avenue. the lanes are not blocked. but the the delay begins back here at cottman. it takes you down into girard avenue. and then coming in from new jersey north on the freeway, watch for a crash right here near i295. just a little bit of the delay heading in toward the the walt whitman and ben franklin. we are on good shape on 295 and route 73. in problems yet up and over the bridges. back over to you. >> did you hear king richard the third died. >> difficult not the. >> they buried him. >> did he owe us any money. >> probably. well yes, the medieval monarch will be laid to rest for the second time this week. skeletal remains of king richard the third were found in september of 2012, under a parking lot in england. >> yes. >> he died on the battle ground right.
6:49 am
>> yes. >> eventually 500 years later they built a parking lot over him. the king's grave had been lost during religious reforms of henry the eighth. richard the third's coffin had been housed at the university there in england. he will be laid to rest at a beautiful cathedral on thursday. they basically had done a tour all over the the place, southern england especially with this coffin having different festivals and ceremonies. >> and then now... >> and now they want tourist to come to this cathedral and pay a donation to see his remains although it will be just a stone, 500 years. the geese. before she takes her own walk down the the aisle, lady gaga stands up for a friend. >> yeah, gaga was bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding in new orleans. she wore a violet gown and little make up and kept her hair down. she instagramed this picture watching your best friend to
6:50 am
get married, these are the special times. >> that is kind of a cool picture. >> look at the the size of her ring. >> she says a specialist times in my life. >> yes. >> all right. >> she's good singing, grammar maybe in the. >> maybe her own word that she created. >> that is it. >> the gaga way. >> princess no longer rules the box office, cinderella ousted by a sequel. >> what beat it. >> time to fight back. >> we don't have the numbers. >> we will. >> that that is kate wins let movie insurgent. >> and mekhi was here in the studio talking bit. second installment of the divergent series which opened up with 54 million-dollar. pretty nice. cinderella slipped to second. you cannot just say cinderella but cinderella and frozen the short. >> right. >> sean pen's the gun man, third. >> that is why it is third. >> followed by run all night,
6:51 am
kings man the secret service rounded out top five. >> gunman only made 5 million. they blew more than that. >> they need to you see it this weekend. philly's own kevin hartist preparing for his film to be released. >> his co-star is will ferrell, it hard. >> what. >> that is name of the movie. it opens up next week. philadelphia phillies will enjoy a special creek today in clearwater. in it ferrell plays -- pays heart to teach him to survive in prison. the venue though hart has never been to jail, he is just acting. the film is a spoof on stereotypes. the it should be a good one. >> on kevin hart's instagram. >> yes. >> this whole time. >> yes. >> in fact on saturday, he said i'm doing two things you need to do promote this movie, hit hard and spend time with my family. >> because his daughter just turn ten. >> that is right. >> see how much you get to know other people on twitter.
6:52 am
>> after a reaching over 500-pound a woman in louisville kentucky knew it was time for a change. so she started training for an upcoming race, right. but she could not cross the finish line by herself. we will tell you after teasing you for 50 minutes who helped her cross the darn finish line. >> who, mike. >> i'm not telling you yet but it is cool.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
look, way out there a small in the small boat. >> yes, maybe the fish is pulling him. i don't know is what wrong with me today, too much cold medication. 6:55. i have decided not to tell you who finished, with this race. >> you have to. >> no, let's don't. >> there is a woman she put on a lot of weight. she wants to start doing 5k's, 10k's down in louisville kentucky i will just tell you. there was a police officer at the finish line. she was struggling walking, running a little bit. so after reaching nearly 500-pound. her name is asia ford. she said turf lose some weight. so yesterday with just 2 miles to go in the 6-mile race, it
6:56 am
was a 10k asia was struggling to reach her goal crossing the finish line. ab officer came to her rescue making sure she didn't quit. together they crossed the finish line. >> i was like no, we have two more miles to go. >> your heart fills up, get goose bumps and tingles all over your body. when i watched her a approach and hearing people scream, i let her get right before the end and watch her raise her hands, there are not word. >> so last night, there it is, there is the shot, i knew somebody would get it. louie will's mayor tweeted about the race and posted a photo of asia and this officer running a alongside quote unquote what a compassionate city looks like. what a compassionate city looks like louisville,
6:57 am
kentucky. >> i love that. >> nicely done. >>
6:58 am
6:59 am
we have a problem in the northeast and it is all about the bags, air bags, stolen out of the cars in northeast philadelphia that is one of our top stories a bunch more
7:00 am
hondas were struck. >> and stopping by star bucks on your way to work and cool your cup won't have the word together race together. >> no. >> remember that campaign the whole company talking about race. >> yes. >> company received backlash on social media but they say they are not giving up on the conversation. so the next step for star bucks. >> okay. >> and then this. >> bob, do we have the slide. >> no from the the tv station just broke. >> did you break it, mike. >> it is a monday here. >> i have a cold. >> she as a cold. and now you fox 29 has a cold. >> cold medicine. >> yes. >> bob kelly, you and me need hand sanitizer quick. >> it is tough. we are using same keyboard, door handles, one of us goes down. >> in the commercial breaks we have the group hugs. >> maybe they have to stop. >> we make out... >> well, okay i went a little too far. >> what do we


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