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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  March 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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yesterday. tonight who that co-pilot was, new information about the final moments before the crash and questions about your safety in the skies. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. more on the plane crash in a moment but we begin with breaking news tonight. an explosion rocks new york city's east village. this happened around thee 30:00 this afternoon at second avenue and seventh street. new york fire department is calling it a seven alarm fire as well as a building collapse. more than 200 emergency responders are on the scene. new york fire department says 12 people are injured, three them critically. our sabina kuriakose is live at the scene. she'll have a report for us coming up at 5:30. >> investigators are come through the wreckage of germanwings flight 9525 tonight as we learn the crash most like likely is no accident. french prosecutors announced today the co-pilot's plan was to quote destroy the plane.
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good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. here with what we know right now. knife recordings indicate co-pilot lubitz ignored the captain's frantic pounding on the door to be let back into the cockpit. investigators are saying lubitz sent the plane into a steady decent crashing into the french alps and killing everyone on board and so tonight there are tough questions about lubitz's background and mental state. >> jeff cole is in the studio to begin our team coverage. >> reporter: why would the co-pilot of the german aircraft snuff out the lives of plain full of passengers in an instant instant. a question on the minds of people around the globe this evening and one that may be very difficult to answer. news of sabotage in the air claiming 150 lives in a flash was incomprehensible. germany's transportation minister. >> the french authorityies have elaborateed on is shocking. >> reporter: ill fated plain's black box voice recorder held
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the horrible according to a french prosecutor. the co-pilot barricaded himself in the cockpit and deliberately drove the air crash craft full speed into the french alps. the captain of the aircraft who left the cockpit for a short time was lock out and frantically pounded on the door to get in. >> i think the victim only realized at the most moment. on the record ugh only hear the screams literally on the last moment. >> reporter: 28-year-old co-pilot and and dray as lubitz was intent on destroying the plane says the prosecutor. the jet was flying from barcelona to duesseldorf when suddenly it began dropping from its cruising altitude of 38,000 feet. for eight minutes the aircraft dropped from the sky with lubitz at the helm saying nothing and the pilot hammering on the door to get in. the locked cockpit door does have an override say officials but it does not work if the person inside the cockpit
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specifically denies entry. investigators at this point see no link to terrorism. we select cockpit personnel very carefully because this is certainly part of our dna. >> reporter: there's a call for strictor airline rules in europe tonight. two people in the cockpit at all times standard practice in the united states. post 9/11. iain. >> jeff, thank you today we also learned the co-pilot andreas lubitz trained here in the united states and train facility in good year a suburb phoenix. one of several locations around the world but the only one in the us where lufthansa trains pilots to get their pilot licenses german pilots have to train here for about four and a half months. we take a live look at the philadelphia international airport crash is most certainly on the minds of travelers here. in the united states jeff cole just touched on we do have procedures in place post 9/11 that might have prevented the crash of the germanwings flight.
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fox 29's karen schep at the airport with that part of our story. karen? >> reporter: lucy that's exactly right. a lot of nerves on edge at philadelphia international airport. touched on this exactly. we have many different things that are different here than are different from what is europe. here's what aviation experts have to say. >> i'm even more anxious. >> it is a nerve racking time to be a traveler but current commercial pilot herb hortman says in this country there's always a safety person or a babysitter who steps into the cockpit if the pilot needs to step out. >> the reason they are in the cockpit primarily is when the other person is ready to come back they'll call us on the phone, tell us they're ready to come back and the babysitter will look through the peep hole and verify it's the person that says they are comeing back and verify there's not somebody around them holding a knife to them or a gun to them. if we do not want to allow somebody into the cockpit we have a single button we shall push which hard locks the door so the door cannot be opened in
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either direction for a long period of time. >> reporter: that is what appears to have happened in this case according to investigators. so how do we vet our pilots? in this country most either come up through the military which pre screens people or through a very long are a dues? commercial aviation process which demands many flying hours over a long period of time. >> that means from the beginning so you walk in, you knock on lufthansa door say i want to be an airline pilot i have no time in airplane and they start you with single epp gin airplane and move you up, up up until you end up in the right seat of airline. this guy had 600 hours. i can tell you that's no time at all. >> reporter: if you happen to be flying lufthansa or one of the other european carriers if they are flying to this country they do have to follow that rule to have two people at all times in the cockpit. in this case this was a flight that was originating from spain and flying to germany so they did not have to in this instance
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instance. we'll have a whole lot more coming up at 6:00 o'clock. back to you guys. >> thank you karen. we have continuing coverage of the plane crash on you'll find breaking news 24/7 on our home page. all right. warming up and we had little rain today. fox 29 weather authority live ultimate doppler radar shows that rain but this is going to move out and so are those warmer temperatures we got today. soon it will feel like winter again if you can believe that. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. that's right iain and lucy. temperatures today mid upper 60s, even 70 degrees for some we'll get to the temps coming up. but we will see a cool down behind this system headed into your friday and the upcoming weekend right now we're looking at pockets of rainfall in sections of south jersey and also we're watching a line off to the west with the main cold front that will move through a little later on this evening. we could see some downpours and maybe even a rumble of thunder. you can see right now toward the central part of the state. not anticipating any severe weather like the folks saw in sections of oklahoma and arkansas last night with the
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same system. but you can see as we expand the view out ahead of those winds have been out of the south and west warming us up but behind this system, it's going to be the return of winter. right now, take a look at the temperatures in the 60s as advertised. 66 degrees right now in philadelphia with those winds out of the south at 20 miles per hour. look at temperatures in dover. 68. we have 70 degrees right now in wilmington. and low 60s in sections of berks county reading. so if you're stepping outdoors, grab the umbrella keep it handy. we'll see on and off again showers moving through and then temperatures by 11:00 o'clock around 57 degrees. when i come up when i come back rather we'll talk about chances for snow as we kick off the upcoming weekend. iain and lucy? >> all right scott thanks. deadly tractor trailer accident is responsible for traffic problems on a major texas highway. police say the truck hit an overhead construction beam near an unfinished bridge on i-35 that's about 40 miles north of austin. four other trucks were involved
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in that wreck and debris from the bridge came crashing down. one person was killed. three others taken to the hospital and traffic was backed up for miles after the crash. developing right now a mid morning shooting on the city sidewalk. a man riding his bike in kensington opened fire on two unsuspecting people. camera caught the whole thing as horrified witnesses dove for cover. one of those victims now clinging to life and police are using surveillance video to track down the shooter. fox 29's dave schratwieser is at police headquarters. dave, what is the latest here? >> reporter: well, police now say this victim is just 17 years old. he was shot multiple times. remains in grave condition at temple university hospital tonight. police are searching for the gunman and a motive. we want to warn you video obtained by fox 29 is troubling. >> oh, my god! wow! >> reporter: it was just after 10:30 thursday morning the victim and a friend were standing in front of the cambria
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mini mart when the gunman road up the block on his bicycle seconds later pulled out a gun and opened fire striking the victim several times. >> right now i'm afraid you know, i'm afraid to come to the store and everything. >> as people dove for cover the gunman fell from his bike. got up to spot his victim then got back on the bike and fled down amber street to monmouth street. then disappeared. police raced the victim to temple hospital, store customers like rodriguez were stunned. >> come in here with your daughter? >> yes. >> and your grandson. >> um-hmm. >> scare you? >> scared me. what happened scared me. >> other people are out there. it just tells you the mentality you're dealing with in terms of folks not hearing. >> the entire shooting was captured on surveillance cameras mounted on poles outside the mark. the store owner was too shaken to talk. but neighbors with small children worried about their safety. >> they better catch that guy because that can't be happening around here. >> neighbors who were too frightened to talk on camera watched as crime scene experts
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gathered evidence at the scene and took pictures. this is a neighborhood plagued by drug dealing and the violence that goes with it. the shooting left many here in fear. yeah. worry a lot. worry me a lot. >> bullets don't have names on them. they have no regard for human life. definitely somebody we need to get off the street. definitely. no one else was injured in the shooting again tonight. police looking for a motive and for that suspect. if you want to get another look at that individual go to our website at if you recognize the gunman you can call east detectives. we will have the very latest on the investigation coming up at 6:00. iain? >> dave, thank you. a philadelphia man will spend the rest of his live in jail for killing another man all over some headphones. are a kell garcia shot 21-year-old christian massey in west philadelphia back in 2013. massey told police just before he died that someone grabbed his beats by dr. dray headphones when he tried to get them back he was shot. garcia was the shooter prosecutors say. his sentence means he'll have no
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chance at parole. have you seen amanda? >> local family is hoping that you have it has been months since anyone saw her and tonight her family is stepping up their push to find her. what happened right before amanda disappeared? >> and saying goodbye to eagles icon. chuck bednarik had a historic career with the eagles. we're there tonight as loved ones and fans say farewell. >> dozens of children stuck in a school gym when a tornado touches down and cameras rolled as firefighters rush in to save them. >> and later cincinnati bengals player and local guy devon still captured our attention and hearts by documenting his doctor's fight with cancer. they just learned she's cancer free. why she just told her d
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♪ friends, family and fans are paying their last respects to eagles legend chuck bednarik nicknamed concrete charlie he played for the birds his entire career. that's 1949 to 1962. he passed away last week at the age of 89. fox 29' bruce gordon is live in bednarik's hometown of bethlehem bethlehem. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, if you looked up the definition of football player in the dictionary you might well find a photograph of number 60 chuck bednarik. he pitt tow maced the toughness of his sport his team and yes this his hometown. under drab gray skies and a steady drizzle they came to say goodbye to concrete charlie hometown hero made good. >> they don't make them like this any more.
5:15 pm
>> not at all much of the memories will last for quite a long time. >> reporter: he was not just from bethlehem, he was bethlehem bethlehem. eagle linebacker stamps out the threat. >> eastern european stock. he flu combat missions in world war ii became a three time all america at penn and eight time all pro with the eagles. played a key role in 2nfl championships for the birds and owe did i mention he played offense and defense. center and linebacker. the last two way starter in league history. >> he was my first sports here hero. >> reporter: what made him your hero? >> blue collar guy. >> he hung up his spikes is 1962 and so most folks around bethlehem remember him as neighbor and a as friend. >> chuck was chuck. i mean, you know, if you were on the good side of him he liked you. if you were on the other side of the line of scrimmage he didn't like you record. >> reporter: bednarik was -- he felt modern players were over played and soft.
5:16 pm
he had a relationship with his former mr. team. eagles owner jeffrey lurie will never be forgotten. >> what can you tell us about what this man meant to this franchise? >> everything. you know, he's not only an icon but everything you'd want for nfl franchise this man represented. toughness, passion for the game, pride in the city. >> reporter: you might assume that chuck bednarik got his nickname concrete karlly from his tough play and tough demeanor. in fact they he he actually sold concrete in the off season. football players were not milliary back in the day. a second viewing is set for tonight here in bethlehem a private funeral and burial scheduled for tomorrow. lucy. >> thank you very much, bruce. delay in sentence fog the philadelphia woman convict evidence kidnapping and sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl. christina rah gusts what set to hear her sentence today. however lawyers are still waiting for her psychological reports to come back.
5:17 pm
in january of 2013, regusters put on a veil impersonated the girl's mother abducted the child from her school. the next morning a person out for walk found the five-year-old half naked incredibly cold and hiding at a play ground. prosecutors are pushing for a live sentence. developing right now new twist in the case of a missing delaware county woman. amanda hasn't been seen since she walk out of her upper darby home last june. so now authorities suspect foul play in her disappearance. family members held a news conference today with upper darby police. they're hoping for any answers twos why amanda went missing and hasn't been heard from since. family members say it was not unlike her to leave home but she always kept in contact over the phone. amanda has two young children ages three and five and now family members are hoping for anything that will help bring her home. >> we just want to make sure she's safe even if it's just a phone call from her. but that it's save to come home. i think she's in a very bad place.
5:18 pm
i think she's scared. but we just want her to know that we love her very much and we're just concerned for her safety and want her to come home home. we want our amanda back. >> anyone with information on amanda's disappearance is asked to get in touch with upper darby police. >> secret frat facebook page now has women pictured on it coming forward. the women were nude or semi nude and police say looked passed out or asleep. state college police now say some of the penn state's fraternity's members are cooperateing with criminal investigation. penn state has suspended the cap to delta roh fraternity for a year. its national organization has ordered fraternity to reorganize and penn state is also gun an intensive review of the role fraternities and sororities play at the school. delaware health official say the state is seeing a record number of flu cases and flu deaths this season. health officials say there have been 2,309 confirmed flu cases so far this season. that's higher than the number of cases confirmed during the 2009-
5:19 pm
2009-2010 swine throughout break. delaware also has had 28 flew deaths this season which is higher than in past years. health officials say all but four of those who died this season were over the age of 65. well somebody won $40 million in tuesday's powerball drawing. >> clearly it's not us and that lucky person bought that winning ticket in new jersey. here you go. look at the winning numbers. 07 19, 23, 50, 54 powerball is 14. lottery officials have not said which store in new jersey sold that ticket. winner will get about 27 million fabulous retirement dollars before taxes taxes taxes if he or she opt the for a lump sum payment. man runs from police but gets stopped by a fence. >> part of that fence went right through him. why police say he was in such a hurry. plus it's being called on outbreak in indiana and authorities are considering calling in help from the federal government. why they see -- why they say they need that help now. >> driver pulled over with an
5:20 pm
interesting passenger riding shotgun. recognize him? the creative explanation he gave the officer who pulled him over. longhorn's dinner for two for $29.99. choose two of 7 entrees. like the grilled portabella sirloin. plus two sides, two salads & a shared appetizer or a dessert. dinner for two only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak.
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dramatic scene in oklahoma after a tornado tears through a school gym. firefightersfirefighters rescued dozens of children from a school gym in the city of moore. suburb of oklahoma city. the students sought shelter inside the school when that tornado hit. the walls collapsed around them but fortunately no major injuries were reported. the ordeal left some kids fearing for their lives. >> it was loud. everyone was screaming and crying. >> i was scared, and all we did was praise god that we were still alive. >> officials say one person was killed yesterday when a possible tornado touched down in another part of oklahoma. tornadoes were also spotted in arkansas. >> sadly a familiar story there in moore. floods in dessert region of chile killed two people in one town the flooding is literally sweeping people out of town look at that power of the water.
5:24 pm
wow. 40,000 people have no power. another 50000 now don't have any drinking water. chilean troops are still trying to rescue people in that town. and we have new information now in the army sergeant charged with abandoning his post in afghanistan. the list of charges bowe bergdahl faces include desertion, misbehave your before the enemy. the enemy says he left his post in 2009. he have left a note in his tent he intended to renounce his american citizenship. taliban captured him his attorney released a statement in bergdahl describes what it was like during his captivity saying "i was kept in constant isolation during the entire five years, with little to know underring of time" charges are raising questions about the deal, the white house made with taliban last year. the us released five taliban leaders in he can change for bergdahl. fox news source says three of them are already trying to rejoin their comrades. i hope we learn a lesson from this which is we can't
5:25 pm
negotiate again with terrorists. >> we have a commitment to our men and women serving overseas -- serving in our military defending our national security every day that we'll do everything to bring them home if we can and that's what we did in this case. >> the death penalty is now off the table as a sentence. bergdahl's maximum punishment would be live in prison. a man tried to jump a fence at the ft. lauderdale police department ends up impaled by a gate spike. his rescues caught on video and let me warn you it's a little tough to watch. police believe neeley was under the influence of street drug called flack today and was hallucinating when he tried to jump over the tall metal fence much his leg was impaled by a large spike. rescuers couldn't just remove him from it. they had to cut around it. >> we knew we had to cut the fence. you can't remove an impaled object because you have no idea what's going on inside. his leg was pretty much like right here. so we had to, you know, prevent burns and everything to the soft tissue. we had to pull back and make a
5:26 pm
real fine cut right here. >> all right. incredible. it took crews 10 minutes to free the guy. he was taken to the hospital where doctors removed the spike without cutting any major arteries and he's expected to be okay. wow. that is tough. all right. with warmer temperatures come allergies. >> we've got the top tips to help you face them head on. and we continue to follow breaking news. an explosion rocking the east village in new york city. flames shooting from a building. we're on the scene for a live report. scott? >> iain, temperatures today near 70 degrees in philadelphia. but don't get used to it. find out when highs could be stuck in the 30s and yes, we counderline evertz test
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we want to update on breaking news out of new york city. a massive explosion and building collapse rocking the city's east village. more than a dozen people are hurt. thee of them in critical condition. all this happened around 3:30 this afternoon. >> in fact, more than 200 emergency responders are on the scene right now and that's where fox 29's sabina kuriakose joins us live by phone. sabina what are you seeing. >> reporter: it is an incredibly heck tech scene out here right now. i'm on seventh street and third of a just about a block up from where this all happened and there's intense smoke still hanging around us. actually just started to abate a little bit. i'm standing behind some police tape. police are expanding the perimeter further and further out. you can still see firefighters coming and out of scene.
5:30 pm
it's just intense smoke and as you keep looking down all you see are the fire engine lights. you can't scene see the fire engines any more. just a lot of intense smoke right now. so when this all happened it was about three blocks away. we heard what sounded like a low boom intense you knew it wasn't like a car accident or anything. you knew it was something big and then you just heard sirens everywhere and they didn't stop. in fact they're still going on sirens all around this area. we ran down the street. ran down second avenue, got to the scene and we just saw firefighters throwing on their gear rushing in to the scene. getting trod poor water. the smoke was billowing up. flumes of smoke kept getting higher and higher. we saw crews rushing stretchers to the scene. we saw ambulances. all kinds of emergency crews out here on the scene. 200 emergency workers out here right now. again, police have kept pushing that perimeter back and back. further than we were a little bit earlier.
5:31 pm
right initially when i got to the scene i can hear people on their telephones, cell phones talking to family members. i heard a young woman who apparently works in the area she was on the phone with her father telling him she was okay. saw another gentleman trying to get to the scene talking to police officers how he can cross the police barriers to get closer to the scene. there's just ash everywhere. i don't know how i can describe the intensity of the the ash as we're standing here. i looked down at my hands and i saw it was just covered in ash and now even in the smoke has abated little bit you can see on the ground just soot and ash everywhere. so again just a really intense scene. you can imagine there is media everywhere. >> all right. sabina kuriakose there live in new york city. from what we understand this was a restaurant that was in that building. don't know what was involve in the fire initially or not. that initial explosion as well. followed by other explosions from witnesses on the scene anyhow. >> a lot of stuff going on there absolutely for more updates on this breaking news story head to we'll have the latest
5:32 pm
developments right there on our home page. now to another developing story investigating are comb through the wreckage of germanwings flight 9525 right now. french prosecutors say flight recordings indicate the co-pilot andreas lubitz ignored the cap's frantic pounding on the door to be let back into the cockpit. he zen the plane into a steady decent crashing into the french alps and killing all 150 people on board. >> back here at home the new jersey assembly is not happy with how governor christie'sed the state medical marijuana program. lawmakers approved a resolution saying christie's health department placed arbitrary and unnecessary restrictions on the program. just yesterday christie bashed the idea of fully legalizing marijuana to create tax revenue calling it blood money. new jersey lawmakers are set to vote on two additional marijuana bills including one that would add post traumatic stress disorder to the list of authorized medical conditions for the drugs. historic ground breaking
5:33 pm
ceremony delaware county. a new flagpole memorial will soon stan at the naval asylum national cemetery in yeadon. today's special ceremony at the cemetery 150 years to the day the first american service members were up ted l the flagpole memorial will honor the 2400 war veterans on the ground. today's ground breaking was organized by the va and saving hal low ground organization. >> a local restaurant has just raised thousands of dollars for the family of a fallen philadelphia police officer. look at all those people at sweet lucy's smoke house in northeast philadelphia. it donated half of yesterday's profits to sergeant robert wilson iii's family. that turned out to be $14,205. wilson died in the line of duty earlier this month trying to stop a robbery. to your fox 29 weather authority right now. i could almost say winter weather authority with what's around the bend. >> hard to believe it's near 70 degrees right now. but by saturday highs could be stuck in the 30s and we might be
5:34 pm
looking at some snow flurries across the area. i mean, winter wants to come back. we don't want it to come back. >> i don't any way. >> i don't either. >> thank you. we're done with it right? >> hopefully. >> let's talk about what's happening right now and malt doppler. we've been kind of mild and muggy on and off again showers. right now some light showers in sections of south jersey, moving down the shore. but take look off to the west. ultimate doppler showing you that mainline with the cold front even some lightning so, yes, we have the opportunity for some thunderstorms later on this evening as that front continues to push through. so look at ultimate doppler over the last several hours. some light rain once again down the shore but right now we're getting a lull in the action until this front continues to move in our direction over the neck several hours. so you can see right now just to the east of state college we're watching some thunderstorms kind of gathering this activity will continue to head in our direction so pockets of rain tonight, a rumble of thunder so keep the rain gear handy then
5:35 pm
cool and breezy for your friday a few left over showers around and then colder air really starts to take over across the area on saturday with those snow flurries in the forecast. temperatures right now 66 degrees. we have a mixture of sun and clouds out there but mainly cloudy skies. winds out of the south at 20 miles per hour so that has allowed those temperatures to soar like we talked about yesterday. 70 in wilmington. we have upper 60s in dover. mid 60s right now in lancaster. so wild weather out ahead of that front near 70 degrees today today. but behind it tomorrow a little cooler and then that really cold air arrives on saturday with high temperatures only near 40 degrees. so right now, that front is still off to the west. we're watching that line of showers and thunderstorms kind of take shape right now. and then you can see the timing by 8:00 o'clock moving toward the philadelphia area. and then by nine 10:00 o'clock moving through center city and then moving into south jersey before it weakens. we're not anticipating the severity of what the folks in oklahoma saw with tornadoes and
5:36 pm
hail but we could see gusty winds with the rumble of thunder later on tonight. for your friday, that front stalls a little bit to the south. so lingering lingering clouds left over showers but that cold air continues to funnel in. and look, by saturday morning 8:00 a.m. we're looking at potential for some snow squalls maybe snow flurries across the area and yes, it is going to be chilly with high temperatures only near 40 degrees on saturday. so scattered showers that rumble of thunder over the next several hours. 44 in the city tonight and then for tomorrow, high temperatures only near 50. mostly cloudy and cooler with those leftover showers. and the weather authority seven day forecast will show you upper 30s for high temperatures on saturday. with those snow flurries possible. we could see a coating if it snows heavy enough but it shouldn't be a major deal, of course we're competing with that late late march sun angle headed into early neck week temperatures more seasonal. into the 50s even low 60s by thursday of next week.
5:37 pm
>> about time. >> yeah. >> but it still could snow in april. >> i know. we know that but let's not -- >> okay. >> we're not talking about that. >> all right scott. thanks. it's being called outbreak in indiana and authorities are considering in help from the federal government. >> why they say they need that help right now. a driver pulled over with the most interesting man in the world as his passenger. it's a cardboard version. the creative explanation he gave the officer who pulled him over. and coming up at six three local college students fit a man with a special gift. to night he gets the helping why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us.
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♪ indiana's governor declaring a public health emergency because of an hiv outbreak. governor mike pentz issuing an executive order declaring the emergency today. the state is setting up a short-term needle exchange program to help curb the spread since january there's been 79 new hiv infections reported in one southern indiana county. all of those cases are linked to people sharing needles during drug use. >> to anyone in the sound of my voice who is involved in inn have a veinous drug use stop! your fifty five at stake. the number of cases tied to
5:41 pm
the county is up 26 cases from just a month ago. the county says it typically seize five cases each year. >> to your health now the weather of course is warming up at least for couple of days right and after this year's winter it's hard not to be excited for spring but if you have allergies the changing of the seasons isn't all so good. dr. oz is sharing his top allergy fighting tips. ♪ spring it's in the air and with it allergy season most pervasive problem starter pollen. but allergy relief doesn't have to come in a pill. here are my topics to help keep your allergy symptoms at bay drug free. first add an energy fighting foods. shown that diet rich in antioxidants and walnuts and salmon help fight flam nation and may leave 88 energy symptoms symptoms. skip energy inducing foods that contain antihistamines aged cheeses and processed meat.
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finally it may be wise to skip dairy. these foods sometimes increase the am of mucus in your throat and nasal passages creating a perfect trap for irritating allergens like pole len. >> you can catch the dr. oz show right here on fox 29 it is of course weekdays 1:00 p.m. >> it was a harrowing story with a great ending. >> that's right. cincinnati bengals player and local die devon still captured our attention and our hearts by documenting his daughter's fight with cancer and they just learned she's in remission. the bargain her dad made with her they now plans to make good love this one. hey, sean. >> lucy, cole hamels back on the mound. he was she would his last two outings so he's trying to get back right with the
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>> topping your entertainment headlines tonight fall out continues for one direction. music world all a buzz with the announcement in zayn malik is leaving the popular boy band and apparently that news is not sitting well with other members of the group. joining us now the hosts of dish nation head crack and porsche william. guys, the group had to take the stage last night the first time as a quartet. how did that go? >> it didn't go so well. you know, as you can imagine i'm sure every teenager in the room their eyes were crying. they were crying and just going crazy. it ran over to harry. harry styles had to break down on stage. he was crying and obviously upset and you know, it's clear he loved his group member. zayn malik he really wanted him to be part of the group but zayn he did release a statement basically saying it was due to stress. there were rumors and allegations that he had been cheating on his girlfriend at the time. she stood by him and they decided to get engaged.
5:47 pm
now, for me, being a woman it's quite possible maybe she gave him ultimatum hey you need to do the group or be with me. and he went in the direction to be with her. so, you know, i'm sure he'll be missed but the group will continue with the four members that they have left. >> i think the real winner is harry styles. he's probably the only dude on the planet that can cry and actually get more girls because of it. the dude is a winner. true legend. >> porsche i didn't follow up on yours. i'm not going to touch that. it looks like the beginning of the end for the hit beebee show top gear. one of the hosts of the show was fired. what happened here. >> injury knee clarkson he was officially fired on wednesday by the bbc because he officially attack add producer on the show. who has beef? apparently not this guy. that's what the beef started over. he wanted a hot meal particularly a steak they didn't have it for him and after a long day of taping. so he socked one of the producers and even though top
5:48 pm
gear is one of the biggest shows in the bbc more than 50 million viewers worldwide hay list sin this type of behavior will not be tolerated and let him go. he let him 5 million twitter followers won't be back. i used to be on the bbc top motoring show top gear. he has other cool thing going on in his life. maybe he'll get that steak he wanted. >> he was just hasn't agree. >> a lot more time for it. >> exactly g head crack, gallons to see you. porsche good to see you as well after fox 29 news at 102 hours of news info taken many for you. you can catch tmz and inside edition dish nation and chasing news the 12:30. >> one guys cardboard buddy couldn't fool a washington state trooper. he tried to use a cardboard cut out of the most interesting man in the world. those lanes require at least two people in the car. motorcycle troopers spotted the one dimensional passenger pulled
5:49 pm
over the driver. he knew right away that he was busted but still claimed the cut out was his best friend. costly friend by the way. his fine, 124 bucks. >> steep. >> all right. cincinnati bengals and local guy devon still captured our hearts as he documented his daughter lea's battle with cancer yesterday they received great news from the doctors at chop. lea's caps ser is now in remission. >> the super happy father and daughter stopped by good day this morning to celebrate with mike and alex. >> all the instagram pictures. >> right. >> how were you feeling when you got the news and how did you get the news? >> um, the doctors called us and told us that they finally got the bone o*p biopsy back we was waiting for since last week and it came back negative which meant my daughter's cancer was in remission and they first told us the news i didn't know what to do. i kind of sat in the car just feeling numb just trying to really understand what the doctors just told me, because for the past 296 days i've been day dreaming about what that feeling would be like.
5:50 pm
finally i just look at my daughter and started crying and she knew why i was crying. she asked me did i beat up cancer? and i told her yes and we just kept hugging and kissing. >> that is so sweet. >> you really -- as she understood what's she's going through. >> she understood exactly what she's going through. she's only four but very bright and she just has been great throughout this whole process she never complained not one day about what she was going through. she just continueed to fight strong. >> everyone knows the fist bump. do you guys all do this ever since she was really little. >> that's something we did in the car that day when we was going to her surgery. i just wanted to nothing get her mind off of what she was about to go through because she look pretty nervous in the back seat. >> now you guys did it again you beat up cancer, lea. >> beat it up. >> can i give you one? >> boom! >> kite get one too. >> yeah. >> by the way, love the koy koy girl boots. >> do you like koy girl boots. >> um-hmm. >> you want to ride a horse some
5:51 pm
day. >> that's 'cause i ask daddy for a pony. >> oh did you. >> oh, are you going to get one. >> she beat up cancer i got to get her a horse. >> you deserve a pony and so much more. >> let's by the clydesdales for goodness sake. >> so what dud to celebrate? did you do anything to celebrate yet? >> a cancer party. >> oh -- >> sophia. >> from the movie frozen. >> who's your favorite princess? >> else is a. >> i knew it. >> and rare yell and prayers princess jasmine. >> jasmine is good, too. yeah yeah. >> you can tell she's an elsa fan. she has the bracelet fan. >> do you always have bracelets on? >> yeah. >> um-hmm. >> beats that hospital bracelet. >> any day. >> man. >> any day. >> i don't like the hospital bracelet. >> no. >> now you don't have to wear it huh? >> um-um. >> what is -- what was the original diagnosis neuro --
5:52 pm
>> stage four flurry blass tomorrow ma. >> what is that. it's a nerve tissue disease. >> is it only in kids. you see it in more kids. it's really really just immature cells that don't develop all the way and it starts to spread into cancer into a tumor. >> when she was first diagnosed what were her chance. >> 50/50. >> my gosh. >> wow. >> you beat it up. >> i have two daughters devon. when you first heard about this, over a year ago how do you handle it? >> you really don't know how to. you really -- especially being only 25. i'm still trying to figure out how to be a father and to be hit with something like that, i didn't know how to handle it. i just took it step by step, and of course, seeing the strength my daughter showed me throughout this whole battle helped me deal with it a lot better. we found a way to try to deal with it and make the best of something negative. >> her strength has inspired so many. what are the next steps. >> checkups every so often?
5:53 pm
>> she still has a couple more treatments to do because neuroblastoma is real aggressive cancer. so you see a lot of kids relapse when they're in remission so we'll go through one more round of chemo starting tomorrow to make sure we get everything out of her system and then that will be followed up by stem cell transplant which really wipes everything out and build back up the bone marrow. >> i'll bet you have pretty good thoughts at the people at chop. >> of course. not only the doctors but child life, too it takes a lot to make kids feel comfortable in the hospital. the child live people dell did that and the doctors put together the best plan possible to help my daughter beat this disease. >> what about football now? >> you can go back to concentrating on that little bit. >> i definitely can. feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders shoulders. i can go out there and focus on football a lot more. >> last week you resigned with the bengals. yes. >> congrats.
5:54 pm
>> a lot good news. >> another one he's epp gauged. >> life is good. >> it is very good. >> you're a local guy all the way, right? >> right. >> you were born in cam. >> you grew up in delaware. >> delaware. >> wilmington. >> right. you. >> went to penn state. oh yes. >> so all three states are claiming you this morning. >> yes. >> can we get a tight shot of lea. there you go. >> she's the cutest thing. >> smile lea. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? do you know? >> a nurse and dr. nurse. we believe you can do it for sure. >> you want to do everything. you get a lot of money. >> i love that. >> and then we're going back to cincinnati you're playing for the eagle. >> you heard. we want him to play for the eagles too. plus to tell chip kelly. >> devon still playing for the eagles out of the mouth of babes and he's get a pony you can watch that whole interview again
5:55 pm
on god bless them. look for a link on our home page page. straight ahead at six the investigation into the germanwings air bus crash takes a sinister turn. clues tonight the co-pilot flew the plane into the french alps on purpose. the new revelations revelations now forcing a harsh look at your safety at 30,000 feet. ♪ and with this rain comes warmer temperatures. but don't welcome spring just yet. another shot of winter is right around the
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sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses...
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he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x fin the future of awesome. right now at 6:00, horrifying revelations in
5:59 pm
germanwings plane crash tom night investigators say they have proof the co-pilot purposely crashed the plane into the french alps all 150 people on board including thee americans and many children died and so now.focus is on that man the co-pilot want could have led to this catastrophe. >> team coverage of that developing story in a few minutes. but first, your fox 29 weather authority. hey hayes been dreary soggy day for many of you. the good news is the temperatures though were a lot warmer but don't get used it to a lot of that is about to change. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. winter like feel making a come back. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. yeah, it will ab crazy ride over the neck 24 to 48 hours lucy and iain. right now it's mild, muggy it fetal like spring and we have spring thunderstorms showing up right now on ultimate doppler. but behind this system it's going to be the return of winter. but let's zoom in right now on that line of showers and thunderstorms that's kind of taking shape to the west of us and you can see right now around the harrisburg area, we're
6:00 pm
looking at some lightning so this is going to be a broken line as it continues to move from west to east over the next several hours. so we do have that lull in the act right now. but around 7:02 moving toward lancaster by 8:55 moving toward the philadelphia area if that line holds together. we'll be watching out for some gusty winds up to 40 miles per hour as well as some downpours but you can see right now toward the central part of the state, that's where that cold front is getting its act together. temperatures have been mild.


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