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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 30, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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best, whether you want your hair up or down for your big dty. >> i would say that is best salon in philadelphia right there. we will tell you where it is. varsity blues, school officials tell a teenage they are young man, he had has special needs, he is not the allowed to wear a varsity letter jacket because he is not the a varsity athlete. how complete strangers are supporting this young man from all over the country. >> wow. >> you know what, i thought these windows were sound proof. >> nope, in the at all you can still hear them drumming. >> they just dropped. >> you hear right through the window. >> you can. >> okay, fine. >> i got a text yesterday morning as i a awakened on sunday, on my way to church. >> lovely. >> after running a marathon and doing some gardening. >> what did the text say. >> we will talk about this and ill a's try to find it the. >> new poll find, that mike got a text probably in the for you.
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70 percent of people do it cord to go recent british research. 4 percent say they receive a message intended for someone else. >> one in ten said they were fired for accidentally sending a rude picture or joke to their boss, risque. >> what can be item bar racing. >> i got one yesterday morning. i think that this is somewhat clean from my friend guess contact hey mike what does it say. >> i have no idea you why sent me those picks how are you. >> i don't either, i am not. hoy. i am peachy, you. >> what picture did you send. >> i have no idea. >> you have to show them to us. >> there is the one i sent but that is not her it the is me and somebody else. >> that is awkward. >> it is not a bad picture this stuff happens all the time. it can be embarrassing when this stuff happens. >> a couple years ago somebody that i know had texted me a question about the weather. summer time, vacation are whatever. next text was obviously not
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member for me. it was let's just say extreme detail about am rust adventures that person wanted to have with their significant other, and, of course, i went gulp. i said i don't think that was for me. >> how embarrassing. >> did you respond. >> yes, it was pro fuse apologies and we have never spoken of it again. >> you know this person. >> yeah. >> you have seen them out and about. >> well, yeah. >> are they in this building. >> no, no, no. >> are they in this city. >> sort of. >> well, suburbs. >> yes. >> what did you do next time you seen them. >> well, you know, it was interesting. >> i think you miss played it. >> i would have played along and seen how deep you could have gone. >> tell me more. >> oh, baby yeah. >> yes. >> what i'm texting if i'm thinking about the person if i'm talking about someone they
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are in my head. i will type in a name and send us that text. it happens to me. i was in college right. we were in a car. person was driving. she is accusing me she had an attitude. i was talking to the passenger. i was thinking of the person driving. i sent the the the text to the drive while you you were shopping why does she have a attitude. >> yes. >> i'm actually talking about this. >> so the driver, at a stop light so do you think i have an attitude. >> i was like wow, wow. >> yeah. >> i believe i told you this back in the the take when you had phone in the car, on the little stan. >> i had one of those. >> yes. >> when we pick up, teresa teresa, therese was her name. >> so annoying this woman. >> yes. >> so we call her and she doesn't pick up. so i think i hung up. >> oh, no.
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>> we're blasting this woman. as we are's going to pick her up. so, i go up to her house. she opens the door and in the background you can hear her playing the answering machine letting it run, i was just listening to your message. i was ripping her. >> what did you say. >> it was a joke. >> isn't that funny. >> i knew were you listening all along. >> whenever i get really long voice mails i listen through because you never know what you will hear. i don't believe them. >> i did a pocket dial yesterday, it was doctor mike. >> what did he say. >> he was at a car wash with his son. >> did you hear him in the background good nicholas, nicholas. >> that happens all the time. >> my husband has pocket dialed me before and then i did it to him once and he heard a whole conversation between my mother and me. i was in baltimore. he was here. but he started asking me all
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these questions about things i hadn't told him about. also what about blah blah, blah. i said how did you know about. >> what about that other child you are having in cleveland. >> my gosh. >> that was creepy. >> it will get new trouble. you have to be careful. >> did you realize last night they had this thing called i heart radio. they have them in miami. sure, i have been. >> because you are the number one stunner and you shine every summer. >> and i have been to the the one in vegas. anyway. >> you have been an inside connect. >> my daughter jessica kind of runs this iheart radio concert. turf get her take on what happened last night in l.a. >> jamie fox hosted the show. >> it was interesting because he was going around, it seemed very improvement to. he tweeted out this is jamie fox script. it was a blank page. >> he was adlibbing it. >> he is criticizing because he may have put his foot in the mouth because of the comment he made about bruce
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jener. >> we have some ground breaking performance is here too tonight. the bruce jener will be doing musical performances he is doing a his and her diet all by him he self. >> well, that bad a diet all by himself. >> the his and her fact playing on the fact that he is transitioning. >> paris hilton said shame on you, for allowing jamie fox to be trans phobic on national television. those jokes were wrong. >> that is trans phobic. >> well, i think he is calling on it iheart radio because you can tell they had bruce jener's picture that was not adlib that was written. >> there were other parts he was adlibbing enough. >> and justin timberlake winning the innovator award and he faced two special women in helps life.
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>> thankfully my mother taught me being different was a good thing. being different meant you could make a difference so, tonight i want to thank my mom, she's probably at home watching. thank you, mother. finally i want to thank my guess friend, my favorite collaborate or my wife jessica the at home, who is watching, and, honey, i can't wait to see our greatest creation yet don't worry, daddy's heading home right the new to innovate, by learning how to change a poop i diaper and get me swaddle on. thank you all. >> he was really cute speech. on is people said, in high school i was so different. did he go to high school. he wases in the mickey mouse club. home schooled. dating brittany spears. >> yes. >> he said he was different. maybe inspiration telling people don't worry about being different because being different can make a difference. >> his life has work out pretty well, hasn't it.
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>> it has. >> okay. >> he is successful too, you know. >> taylor swift was a huge winner last night. i said that repeatedly for past five years. >> so she got the artist of the the year award but her reaction for best lyrics, that went, that is getting a lot of attention. watch them react. >> taylor swift. >> ♪ >> maybe justin timberlake's award. >> no, he is trying to be funny. >> they look like friend. >> i'm justin timberlake's biggest fan. >> it is great. >> great to see them act like that. >> that is a great dress i think that dress is great. >> all sparkling. >> another big taylor swift moment when she join madonna on the stage for an unlikely due it.
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>> this was fantastic. >> now, a as successful as taylor swift is, look at the that leg she must have been thrilled by this. >> for sure. >> on stage with madonna. >> yes. >> i want to watch some of this. >> is that from her new cd rebel heart. >> or she wouldn't be on stage. >> madonna always has a place on the stage. >> she sang that song on ellen. >> she has been singing a lot with the grammys. >> okay, we have on breaking news, this is out of the hatfield, sky fox live over a crash at bethlehem pike and sterling drive. sue, are you learning more about this. >> well, all we have here is a vehicle was on fire you see the fire has been put out and the carries about to be taken
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away. it is on the tow truck there. so a two car accident bethlehem pike which is also at this point route 309. >> yes. >> right at sterling drive. if you are familiar with that area sterling drive at bethlehem pike is where this has happened. >> shut down. >> obviously that side of the road a at least is shut down and only one lane gets by on the other side. there is the backup. >> yeah. >> you can see it. >> this time of the day when lighter volume as we have been talking about all morning because it is spring break this will go down for quite a ways. now that you know you can avoid that area bethlehem pike route 309 at sterling drive. >> yeah. >> suv all the way off the road. >> wow, look at that backup. >> my goodness. >> it goes on and a on and on. >> hatfield not a good place to be traveling this morning. >> thanks, sue. this story is getting a lieutenant of attention not only in this country but around the world a teenage inner kansas who played high school's special need
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basketball team has been told to take a letter jacket off it is a varsity letter jacket. the school rules say, well listen, you are not a varsity athlete so you should president be walking around the halls with that jacket on. >> wichita east high school, michael kelly a 19 year-old student with down syndrome and autism has to leave his letter jacket at home. >> he loves it. >> school board members said he was willing will to give matter consideration. this is not a district wide policy but he said social media was set on fire about this. so hash tag give them letters is a move supporting special need athlete. michael kelly does not plan to present their case at a school board meeting tonight. family is overwhelmed by support by the wichita community and really should. >> this is another one of those cases karen hepp is please bring in the the common sense police. who in the world is complaining, right. >> it is okay to break the rules sometimes. >> well, sometimes it is. >> it is common sense police
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on this one. it it was another kid who said. >> another varsity athlete. >> he is not really an at the let that deserves to wear this. we have work so hard. we earn this one. he complain. then they go to the school. they think bit. they tell the child they cannot the wear this. it is one of those what does it the hurt other people. everyone knows who is playing and fit means so much to somebody and just his mom and his family h this is in the a district wide policy. this is like middle managers and bureaucratics. >> rules are the rules. >> well, rules are you can have your own policy. the the principal can make what they want to to do to determine on this one. this is is not something the whole district is determine just that principal and that school set out when they asked around and they said he is in the really a varsity letter athlete but i think after all of this outrage from people were just saying why can't we make it feel good. >> i think back because i went to high school in that town. my mother actually graduated from that very school years
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and years ago. i remember walking through the halls and how important it was to athletes to put on their letter jackets for the first time. >> or to earn your letters. >> but again let kid wear the the jacket and shut up. >> he is on the team. i don't it devalues what a typical kiddies the word for that. a typical kiddies doing and their athletic proes to have someone with special needs playing on the team. >> i bet something changes on that today. >> he will get a jacket that he can just wear. >> he deserves one for sure. >> blue acees, that is their mascot. >> i think they gave him another sweat shirt and it was a with man's sweat shirt. >> making it worse. >> it gets worse. >> seriously. >> take the shovel out of their hand. >> yes. >> i bet that changes today. we will report it tomorrow. now you know segment we do you've got to try this. well franklin square, a few blocks from our studio hero owe what happened.
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>> they are so excited about this milk shake we have to do weather first and then we will talk about this milk shake. >> because i'm not only going to give you forecast but tell you you what i did this weekend. you don't want to miss out on that, do you. >> here's a look at the seven day. so much going on this week. it is milder then yesterday. high of 57. we got the to 46 yesterday. fifty-three tomorrow with some rain in the afternoon and evening. and then sunny and nice on april fools day, no fooling. 55 degrees. and then it gets milder on thursday and friday, pass over friday night some showers for the beginning of pass over and then on easter sunday we will clear up with a high of 54 degrees. a lot of fun this weekend. saturday morning i got a chance to be part of the event called womanomick in delaware county sponsored by friend of the delaware county women's association all about
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empowerment. i learned a lot. on sunday scott williams and i hosted rescue on the runway event. that is a dog name bob marley who has the best haircut of any dog i have ever seen. so bob marley up for adoption. we had fashion show with humans and with pets. that was yesterday, delaware county spca, scott williams and i had a great time. that is what i did this weekend. >> you beat me, i'll tell you that. you'd probably like to wheat me. 9:15. franklin square is opened that wonderful park. and square burger is back opened again. >> we love the burgers, mike, but we have to try to the the cake shake. >> it is a new invention. i have chef jason over there. you're a chef over at a number of places. >> yes frankford hall, and, square burger. >> and square burger. >> can i say that is the best barbecue i have had in years. >> thank you i have lived in kansas city, ladies and
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gentlemen. >> that is saying a lot. >> that is frankford and girard. >> correct right at the this intersection. >> this shake puts a tastykake in it. >> it does. >> let's walk you through it. >> please. >> we will start out with butter scotch krimpets. >> my favorite. we will put this in first. it separates nicely through the entire milk shake. >> right in the shake. >> right in the shake. some milk. a little bit of milk. >> is there ice cream in there >> soft serve vanilla. >> yes. >> now you see, i have eaten ice cream that i put on top of the butter scotch krimpets so you are whipping it together. >> dig it. >> the finishing touch is carmel sauce. >> carmel sauce. >> i love carmel. >> and then we will make a little bit of noise in here. >> pretty simple. >> it is. >> that is the the beauty.
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>> so it will take some of the cake in there. >> you will you will get a little bit of cake junk in there and icing topping in there. on top of the vanilla and carmel. >> that is why jason brought the biggest, thickest straws we have ever seen. >> that explains it. >> you are trying to do it. >> that does explain the straw. >> it gets stuck in there. >> suck the cake up through it. >> here we go. >> a little bit of junk. >> carmel on the side of the cup too. >> yes. >> there you go. >> you are the the pro. >> fill it to the brim. >> nice big straw for that one. >> you go. >> are you sure. >> you have a hot of phlegm. >> you can take the other one. >> mucus maker. >> very healthy breakfast. >> this is good. you can take pieces of cake.
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>> cake is coming up through the straw. >> a little bit. >> really mike. >> that is really good. >> it is really good. >> did you make this today. >> we are opening up at 1:30. >> only at square burger. >> only at squareberger how did you come up with this idea to put this together. >> this is trial and error i think we started with the the jelly filled krimpets and moved to butter scotch. >> we like that. >> why couldn't you do anything that tastykake makes. >> we can do. >> it all flows together just like this. >> as long as you can puree. >> i thought the of something chocolate tastykakes, with the swirl on top. >> come on down we will try it for you. >> cup cake. >> it is. >> it can be a chocolate shake. >> yeah good a hoho. >> what about a dingdong.
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>> sure, we can dingdong for you. >> only for you though. >> that is nice. >> and hopefully see it down there today. >> yes. >> and do you hear drumming in your head. >> i can hear the drumming. >> is it in my head. >> it is happening good look at it. >> we are getting ready for cherry blossom festival preview here. >> temple university is here on the drums. >> beat it, beat it. >> that is so good. >> wow. life's the food that brings
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us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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all right welcome back can you hear that. i'm now outside. this is them playing low can you hear this here. you're telling us about the big celebration that is coming. >> yes, for cherry blossoms. >> we have a week event festivities after sixth through the 12th, all over the city and in the suburbs. >> i know, we are wondering okay are they go to go bloom on time but it depend on the year. >> weather is dependent. we are supposed to get warmer wet they are week and we are hoping it can start so we should have them fingers crossed by april 12th. >> how many years have we been celebrating this here in philadelphia. >> this is 18th year of the cherry blossom festival here in philly. so we have grown pretty large, last year we had over 12,000 people at the main festival. >> wow. >> and when is it. >> april 12th. >> april 12th. >> what can we expect to see there. >> aside from these gentlemen
9:24 am
and their female counter parts, from their university, we will have martial arts demonstrations, hip-hop band, crafts for the whole family and just a lot of fun good lets talk about these guys. so they came from japan just to come here to perform. >> they are from tokyo. they are all students. they are here for about two weeks doing a tour of philadelphia d.c. and insuring. >> and how long do they have to train to necessity how to perform. >> i think most of these guys are juniors or seniors, so they are at least three or four years of intensive training and this university is an art university. so this is their course of study. >> wow. what kind of drums are these they're lab break. >> these are tyco drums. there are different sizes and styles. yeah, they have as you can see several different types. >> okay, all right. let's hear them perform. we will step out and let them go. this is a light drum let's see them go at it.
9:25 am
>> olde city is alive, with the sound of drums. >> okay, it is springtime now,
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brides are getting ready for that big day, right. what kind of hair style will you have? there is new trend in hair styles for brides. b@
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e. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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>> breaking news, new information about the co-pilot low crashed the plane in the french alms. apparently he was treated years ago for suicidal tendencies. now, his girlfriend mentioned yesterday, that she thought he had suicide at penn den cyst. and found no motives. french prosecutors say andrewas lubitz was troubled and did intentionally slam that plane into the
9:30 am
mountainside killing 149 people on board plus himself. yikes. now, there was indication too over the weekend that the girlfriends said that she did break one him the night before he crashed the plane. and dealing with that depression. >> okay, 9:30. so, lots of women are walking down the aisles this year, right? >> yes. >> see it in the spring time, spring weddings. she are some of the more popular wedding trends you can likely see them wearing? up do? down do? the owner every very popular a lot of people same the best hair salon in the city, center city very close to 17th and walnut, it is salon vanity. they have the hottest styles for your wedding. >> what you are seeing see for wedding hair trends with a lot of looking at come back, that are always endless endless timeless, and oh so
9:31 am
beautiful. but also having to come in hit at the twist to thing that those that want to be little affined guard fashion forward. here at vin at this, our brides to have that cutting edge look, so classic looks right now definitely in demand. >> our first look here, we have a classic finger weighted look that would be brushed out, that is really for girls who want to wear their hair down, feel very comfortable with their hair down, not used to wearing their hair up. very important to have the girl feel comfortable in a look that they feel like they're being themselves, most importantly. classic, extremely sexy, and most importantly she'll feel like herself on that day. very adaptable to strap less dresses, easy to go with, a lot of the classic's out there, too. >> here with our second loom. we have goes to be very
9:32 am
classic black tie formal structured polished up do. so her hair needs to be set for a foundation, and then after that will be brushed and shaped into her up-do style. which will stay for her through the whole entire night. and she won't have to worry about things coming out of the place, she can go about having great time, dancing around, and doing everything she is doing, having been photographed. >> i don't know. you like it up or down? >> oh, i like both of them, but i think i want it down. >> get down, get down. again, it is salon vanity, good place i hear some brides to be are already making their appointments to have their hair done by the stylist over there sal son vanity, even though their wed also still a year away. >> wow. so if you are going to do it, might want to make the call as soon as you can and plan in advance. >> a year. wow. >> in demand. >> who knew. 9:32, so usually the greenhouse will choose who will win the awards, right?
9:33 am
but on nickelodeon of course always about the kids. so emma stone named favorite movie actress by the kids who vote. >> and ben stellar name favorite movie actor and in favorite movie the hunger games knocking back jay part 1t favorite villain brought out one of the best speeches of the night. >> i want to say when i was little, i was told that i was different. and i felt out of shape and too loud, too full of fire, never good at sitting still never good at sitting in and then one day i realized something. something i hope you all realize. different is good. so don't fit in, don't sit still. don't ever try to be left in what -- less than what you are. when someone tells us that you are different smile and hole your head up high and be proud. >> she also joked as villain important to make a little
9:34 am
trouble every now and then, and it is good for to you make some trouble sometimes. the award winner was seen celebrating with her two girls zahar a and silo. tweeted out picture of the two of them jumping into her ampules and laughing, really sweet. now as i said few weeks ago oh are we continuing on here? anyway, few week ago i said i have the solution to the brian williams problem. >> okay? >> he always wanted to be a comic, right? comedian? even asked to take over for jay leno, nbc executive no. so he's moved over because of the lion stuff. and then quit the daily show. so you move matt to the evenings to do brian williams job, okay? then john stewart takes over the "today show". then move brian williams to john stewart's show the daily show so can live out his dream as a comedian. >> okay. >> and the news. >> very complicated plan but i think i followed you. >> it is perfect. they didn't listen to me. they're right flag john too
9:35 am
start with the "today show" a guy contributor on the show, and his name is trevor noah. >> this was tweeted just couple of minutes ago basically? >> yes very excited to welcome our new host the daily show producer extra or noah from south africa, stands up comic, contributor on the daily show. >> we can google and take up a picture, there he is, oh, okay. nice. >> and as a great accent, what's his accent, sue? what's it sound like? >> has a south african accent, little bit british. >> thank you sue. >> what if you could drive cross country on one tank of gasoline? do you hear me? that's 3,000 miles. now you're going have to do it in that. >> this is the car of the future? >> ya. 3,000 miles to the gallon, there is a local university where the student made this. >> that's a lot of miles. >> what university do you think it is? >> i don't know, but i can't wait to find o
9:36 am
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9:38 am
9:39 am
student from swarthmore college say that hard at work building the car of the future err, now they're red at this show it off with the shells echo marathon. now, mike, this car can get thousand of miles per gallon. >> you can go probably 3,000 miles to fuel up again. but it is made of fiberglass, this is an early model i'm not driving to la in this thing. hi kneel. >> how are you doing? >> thigh, chris. >> you're both swarthmore students? >> that's correct. >> what year in. >> sophomore. >> senior. >> what is this? >> this is a hydrogen fuel prototype vehicle for competition, the marathon, fuel efficiency competition that they're holding this detroit this year.
9:40 am
high schools universities, which challenges students, to create a prototype vehicle can travel as far as possible on the lease amount of fuel. >> was i right 3,000 miles? >> hard to say. >> be honest. >> we gave about, if you carry to like gallon of gasoline, we get about 11 1200 miles, on what would be the equivalent of gallon of gasoline. >> but not gasoline? >> no. >> let me look in the engine here. come over here. >> can you open that up? >> of course. >> the tank every hydrogen goes in here. and ten flows into the fuel cell which generates electricity. then you the electricity flows to the rear motor which powers the wheel. >> actually slid into this thing even in here? >> no. >> because you need somebody small? >> we need someone small and light to get the maximum efficient. >> i are you moving it with their feet, their pedals? >> in here we have -- >> steering wheel.
9:41 am
>> and we have essentially what's the gas pedal. >> oh. so then this powers how much power we get to the rear wheel. then that steering throttle bridges the whole thing together. >> i see you have fire extinguisher. >> we haven't used yet. >> of course you can't take it out on the road. >> last year, as well. >> why is shell the oil company involved in this? >> well, if they want to lead and help student develop technology, for the next generation of motor vehicles. >> how many years away are we, going 1200 miles on a gallon of anything? >> well, i think, you know the way the industry is moving now, we'll have increasing battery powers. so it will be hard to say in terms every gallons, but whether it is a fuel cell or gasoline engine, charging the battery in your hybrid it will be hard to say in ten years. >> and swarthmore will be leading the way, good to see you guys. >> thank you very much. >> chris, don't do so much talking next time, sorry.
9:42 am
what's is the woman's name? >> alex, and i'll talk to woman named jen. hey, jen? >> hi, how are you guys? the kids are making chim i chogas, here at congress hall, guys, have this amazing cooking with kids. we will talk about it right after the break. the bunny is here and so is the pig.
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@r i%
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♪ ♪ >> this is my anthem. i depend on me. >> right now at home ♪ ♪ >> and whether is your mommy and daddy coming? >> oh, please, they're coming this weekend, but that's not the point. >> test inch i child's says -- >> our indeed pen bent cam that's true. >> thank you. >> i think people always get on me, you always try too pawn me off i'm single. hey guys, i'm okay, i'm enjoying life, i'm independent. >> it is getting sad because now you and i are together on friday and saturday nights now because you're left with me. >> no, i think really what i think it is we enjoy spending time together. >> i enjoy looking at the airport. >> yes, real long shot of the airport. >> trying to get the graphic
9:46 am
that. >> maybe so you. >> but we enjoy hanging out outside of work? >> what, what? we posted picture from this weekend, went to charity event, and they're hanging out? doesn't mike have a fiance. >> yes, he does. >> it has nothing to do with that. but she a good kisser. >> oh, you're so bad. >> just kidding. >> south street. >> yes, the r&b dinner party. >> quite a few young men who wanted your digits. >> i guess, if that's what you say. >> i heard them. i saw them. >> oh, we're going to start this this wednesday april 1st, wednesday. >> yes. >> i'm not fooling. >> kicking off the spring fling. so we're spending all day wednesday in mt. laurel, new jersey, so you can come hang out with us, wednesday morning at victoria bake he will bristro starting at 7:00. >> that's on 38, 3131, would that be route 38? >> maybe people should gooing tell? >> 3131 route 38. >> there starting 7:00. we'll spends the whole day in mt. laurel, we hear it is
9:47 am
graying. checking out different spots across town, then live, from cocoa key at 5:00. >> so if you can't meet us at 7:00 meet us at 5:00. >> during the 5:00 o'clock news, and also the 6:00 at another place, i might even go to the high school, mt. laurel high school baseball game. >> oh, we'll have a lot of fun. mt. laurel coming for you now. >> first stop going to bunch of different cities in great spring break seeing a loft areas seeing spring break coming up. you have to find things to do, right? >> yes. >> so, you might want to try cooking with the kids. >> do we have to be quiet or should we have some up? >> let's have fun. >> i know? peg, bunny everyone here, getting ready. chef good morning to you. >> hello, how are you? >> so you will help these people get ready give them little lesson. we want to hear them have them make. one of the events you guys have going on for spring break. >> yes, the kids can cook event. we will make some mac and cheese. who likes macaroni and cheese? >> me. >> we have real simple easy recipe to make it home for mac
9:48 am
and cheese. all we really need is cheddar cheese, our pasta and then this is our mac and cheese sauce made with evaporated milk and eggs, how simple it is. we will take our pasta and we are going to mix it, with our cheese. >> yes. >> right? and take little spoon be and just mix it around nice and east. >> i bunny likes it. >> then our sauce here, we don't need all of the sauce as we have this mix with the cheese -- >> ready for your mac and cheese? >> we'll drop the pasta into the cup lining so. >> yes. >> okay? and then we will top it off. >> with the sauce. >> with our sauce, pour it in here. >> i love it. >> right? and again you don't need to put too much. so little bit. >> what's really cool about this, you can come to these easter egg hunts, the chefs cook, with the kids. even if you aren't staying. >> absolutely. everybody's welcomement excited to bring everybody guests or non-guests to have some fun. >> see how you guys are doing. so they already made chicken
9:49 am
chimmychogas, great class, $35 for the kids, 15 for the grownups, they literally eat you out of house and home. >> my gosh making five different things at the event they get to take home their cute chef hat and apron, great experience, and tons and tons of food. >> page, do you love this bunny? do you like the bunny? ya? all right. no one's afraid of the bunny. you like the bunny? turn around, wave, be on tv. now you guys have to make your food. oh, loves the bunny g over there, we want to see what you guys are doing, chef, why do you like cooking with the kids? what's fun about it for you? >> well, they get so excited about it, it seems all so new to them. they gotten theus dollars and i think an activity they don't get to do too much at home. >> you said chim i chunk a was nervous about that. stud all laid out ready to go and that's something that kids like. why did you choose that as one of the items in. >> easy quick one to put together, very important, when working with kids, to make
9:50 am
sure you can have all of your your green ingredients ready to go. >> mac and cheese, everyone lovers mac and cheese, awesome. and then will you go and then obviously go heat up the stuff after they assemble it? >> last thing you will make with them is dessert ate snell. >> yes. >> and this is fancy right? it is truffles? >> cookie dough truffles. >> okay. >> , are you surprised by how well they do? you have done there are to up kel of years now? >> yes, we have. >> are you surprised how well they do? >> i am surprised how well they do. they often get very excited and seem to, comes trait. >> we love it. you guys did great. look, having up? >> otter, you having fun? >> yes. >> so this is the main age that would you recommend like, you know, five to maybe 12? >> yep. >> the little princess team is adorable, and they are making it happen. princesses, do you want to say happy spring break? you want to wave at the camera page? that's the camera guy. wave at the camera. say happy spring break. >> happy spring break. >> right back at you. >> these are the cute he is
9:51 am
kids. >> my princess posse, they're do-able. >> they are. they really are. >> that's a cute segment you just did. >> i have to hand it to you. >> smith that for an emmy. >> okay, destiny's child reunited. they always think that beyonce won't show. they all get back together, right? >> oh, this is -- do you know this song mike? >> you're not red. >> i no, yes it is. >> ♪ ♪ >> i'm not ready moore. >> we'll say why they came together over the weekends to reunited. >> okay, i'll shut up. >> ♪
9:52 am
9:53 am
hey, how's it going? oh, jennifer and i had the most romantic vacation. really? there were gunshots... explosions... one night we decided to spice things up so we sent an innocent woman to prison for being a witch. you are guilty! then we called it a night because we had an early tee time. with so much to do stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at
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judge talking two philly boys. jays i jet and the fresh prince. he is a dj, i am the rapper. it was released 27 years ago.
9:55 am
>> today. >> wow hip hop golden age tweeted this image included the hit of course paris just don't understand. you remember the lyrics, mike? >> so to all of the kids across the land, there is no need to argue parent just don't understanded. >> ya, drop the mike. >> boom. >> my kids, listen to there is oh,. >> of course because parent don't understand. really good. >> they'll never make it in the business. attendees at this year's stellar gospel awards in las vegas got surprise performance. look at this. >> talk about reunion? >> that's right, destiny child reunited. continuance a kelly joined the show during this event. it was michelle's song say yes. >> yes. >> so took home her first stellar award for music video of the year for say yes. and we will be able to see this next week.
9:56 am
>> about a year after say deaths continue i child michelle came into our studio to launch, well cheeks do it here but watched her gospel career. >> really taking off. >> got stellar award, good for her. >> always great to see them bag together. >> can you imagine, the stellar awards, right? gospel music, in vegas, all the sudden kelly roland and beyonce come out. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, i'm glad i came. >> what's snapping. >> yikes. well, the animated movie home, who -- were you tom tweeting about this? somebody on our staff saw home. >> probably jenn fred. >> was it jenn fred? somebody did. $54 million is made, then get hard with kevin hart, did okay and then the rest of them there. >> insurgent cinderella, hey home. >> it follows, follows all the rest of them. kidding. >> oh, very good. >> oh, i just got that, ya. >> remind everybody that the day after tomorrow, starting
9:57 am
our spring flank r we going to do it eight weeks tomorrow testimony? >> well, i believe at least eight -- >> oh, great. >> so all day we go to different towns interviewing areas. so wednesday, this is april 1st, this is not a joke, we are going to be in mt. laurel for good day philadelphia but also, the 5:00 o'clock news in the afternoon, and the 6:00 news in the evening, and alex and lib in mt. laurel in the 5:00 and the 6:00. >> so you'll see all types of fox in the morning and at night. we want you to come out join us, having loft fun. you have a chance to be on tv. you can't beat that. >> be on tv. and by 5:00 or 6:00 in the afternoon, we are a mess, so this should and lot of fun. >> it will be a long work day but we're happy to do it. >> so glad to see different areas around town. >> sure. >> come say hello. have a great
9:58 am
9:59 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show."
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