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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  March 31, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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morning, later on this have afternoon, in fact it is clear right now. we will have sunshine to start the the day. official sunrise at 6:45. we are getting there. weather by the numbers is a five out of ten. we will start out nice and then end up rainy, snowing north and west of the city. a half and half kind of a day. 40 degrees. temperatures dropped a bit since last half an hour. northwesterly breeze at 5 miles an hour. there is your 6:47 sunrise time. nothing here in, cloud, in precipitation. looking out west toward pittsburgh and you will see mess heading our way for later in the day. if you are out all day long be prepared with rain gear. we will get to 53 degrees in the city much chillier far north and west which is why we have snow in the forecast and we will talk about that when we look at the future cast. tonight the rain will eventually taper off but it does continue in the overnight hours with the low of 35 degrees. is there a look at your fox cast for tuesday which feels like a monday, i bet to you, bob kelly. >> it does feel like a monday,
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yes. it is, but it is already tuesday. advantage of having a monday off, a short workweek and i think a short week for a lot of folks to with the who will take coming up here. a lot of the schools have days off, spring break we will call that between this week and next week. we could see some light volume depending upon where you begin and end your trip but we're all in a stop here on the tacony palmyra bridge. that bridge opening at the top of the 5:00 o'clock hour. traffic stopped on both side. use the the betsy ross bridge as the alternate and then north on i-95 crews are still about us here, north bound, down to one lane and heading in to towards girard avenue. they say five or 5:30 or so and hopefully they will stick to that f not i will cut their coffee and dough he nut supply so they do have to get out of there. i-95 north working your way up toward northeast philadelphia, be ready to hit the the brakes from the center city to betsy. detours in conshohocken from an overnight fire first avenue closed from main toll forest. traffic divert odd to elm.
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schuylkill expressway, blue route, pennsy turnpike all off to a quiet start. but all this week they are using shuttle buses on the 36 trolley, a track program through this week between 80th and eastwick and seventh third and elmwood. mass transit the looking good with no delays. lauren back over to you. fire fighters are still on the scene in conshohocken. fire started in a home just before 3:00 o'clock this morning on the 100 block of west first avenue. we have found out luckily no one was injured. darby boro police say they are a step closer to charge something one in connection with the shooting death of one of of their own officers. jenny joyce is covering the story and she joins us live from darby police with the the details, hi, jenny are are the report good morning. yesterday charges were filed begins mark hudson's girlfriend not in relation to his murder but, in relation to terroristic threat charges. according to police this...
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>> we lost jenny joyce many we will check back with her and give you an update the to that story. after an explosion on jackson street on monday evening, fire fighters raced to a darby township house fire where a man was trapped inside. neighbors say that the man, who was found dead inside of the basement was known as mr. duke. he was a beloved neighbor whom they say will be missed. >> he just said mommy, is there a fire outside. she said mommy, it police duke's house. >> she watched me. he was just like my god dad to me. >> it took crews an hour to get the blaze under control. fire fighters reported seeing a blue flame which means gas was in the area. neighbors say mr. duke was a scrap metal collector with cars and other metal objects surrounding his home. court today for two temple football players accused of beating another student at an off campus party back in january. dion dawkins and hasan reddick were suspended from the team.
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they were charged with assault, criminal conspiracy and recklessly endangering another person. they are now out on bail. in new jersey, today the governor's office will formally appeal a ruling that will require the state to make an additional $1.6 billion payment to the pension system. that is full payment required under a 2011 pension reform law but the governor had taken it out of the budget. lawmakers say they don't know where they would get the money from before the end of the fiscal year. septa is asking for the the public's help identify filing the pass evening shore pulled a gun on the driver. fox 29's steve keeley live at septa headquarters with more on that story, hi steve. >> reporter: no secret lauren that driving a big bus through small philly streets is probably the most thankless stressful job in philadelphia outside of being a police or fire fighter but these guys have to worry about a whole lot of stuff without having to worry about getting stabbed or having a knife at their throats but look at this surveillance video we want to show you because this is the the latest of three septa
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attacks in the past week. their job maiden more dangerous and stressful when all you do is try to get a guy out of the way clear the the aisle and doorway so passengers can get on and off the the bus. that is what happened last week here on the number 23 bus, in tie ohio, you see a passenger who was going to get off at germantown and erie avenues and just stood in the aisle. because the driver need to see the doorway and passenger getting on and off the busy tells the guy to move out of the way and that angered him enough to pull out a knife and threaten the driver in front of all of those other passengers and all of the surveillance cameras that can capture high definition of low lives like this attacking drivers. >> of course, we don't want to record any incidents but once its occurs we have surveillance video. we will not be able to catch that person on the spot we will make sure that we can identify him and we will go out and arrest him. >> that is one of the things septa has very good quality video on their buses there. but yeah, this is something, it is not something that a transit employee should to
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have deal with while doing their job. simply trying to get this guy to clear out of the way so passengers can get on the the bus appropriately and again this guy wants to pull out a knife and threaten him. it just does not make sense. >> reporter: philadelphia, septa a police, bus drivers and passengers war think guy could be sitting next to them and dare bump into him ape have a knife at their throat. they are hoping viewers seeing him here can call in some tips. they probably know the guy who from that hat brown check designer hat and tan scarves ensemble police with like his next picture to be less designer heart and scarves, and more cpp, and that stand for current fromheld prison which is where they will take him once they catch him. >> they want to see him in a mug shot. police hope these images will help catch the teenage hours attack another teen at a septa a stop. beating happened earlier this month. vick them was waiting for a train near locust when the the group of of boys surrounded him and attack him.
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he ended up in the hospital. if you necessity any of the kids thaw can recognize in these pictures you are asked to call the philadelphia police. lansdale police are investigating allegations of inappropriate picture and video sharing at north pen high school. the allegations first sue surfaced last friday forcing district officials to e mile parents. this he say students at the the school, may have within involved in creating and sharing in a prep eighth pictures. they are believed to be nude female students. school held talk sessions is he students could voice their concerns. >> i continue to urge any within with knowledge to contribute to the investigation of such activity to directly contact his or her local police department. >> the school's principal also released an on line video statement to inform the community. west chester university students are on alert following a series of recent violent crimes. latest incident involved a sexual assault over the weekend. in the past two weeks there have been two sexual assaults
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reported and two strong armed robberies as well. three of the four were off campus but boundary offered little will comfort to students. >> it rattles me to my core. that could be anybody. >> does it change your behavior in other word where and when you go out and who you go out with. >> i like am always with a friend. i don't go out when it is too dark. >> i think the campus is safe it is just people off campus are crazy. >> reporter: crime statistics show west chester university averages just over one violent crime per month. in a statement west chester university officials say crime is not increasing but that it keeps students informed through digital crime alerts. also in montgomery county police arrested an alleged peeping tom. three two-year old mikhail is accused of recording woman in the changing rooms in the target in abington. the authorities say he used a ballpoint pen with a built in video camera to take pictures. he claims he never up loaded
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them to the internet. police believe he started recording woman november until will this past weekend. a jury has awarded more than 38 million-dollar in damages to the families of the two women killed by co-worker at the craft food plant in philadelphia le tanya brown and tanya wilson were killed by a delusional employee who thought co workers were spraying her with toxic chemicals. forty-eight year-old devon hiller is, serving two life terms for the rampage. the attorneys for the two families say security guards failed to protect employees but the the company vowed a appeal saying its personnel acted with courage in the the face of the direct threat to their own lives. the lawyers for quick cop killer mumia abu-jamal wants to know why his clients has been hospitalized. he says that he is in critical care unit in a pennsylvania hospital. prison officials won't tell him why. abu-jamal is serving life in prison for the murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. meanwhile a lawsuit in response to a taped commencement speech given by abu-jamal is being reviewed in federal court.
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the suit seeks to determine if the the victims of the violent crimes can prevent convicted criminals from doing things that will cause further mental distress. it has been ten years since the public battle between husband and parents led to the removal of terry schiavo's feeding tube. this is how she looked before suffering permanent damage in 19 on. she died 13 days after her husband won a court order to remove the tube. the her family started narberth based terry schiavo life and hope network aimed at protecting the local medically vulnerable. there will be a pennsylvania mass in her name at cathedral basilica have of saints peter and palm tonight 59:00 o'clock followed by an event honoring those who best represent the the group's mission. 5:10. coming up, down to the wire with the deadline just hours away, it is crunch time for negotiators trying to reach a nuclear deal with iran. plus security scare how cross dressers got into a deadly confrontation at a federal facility. let's head back outside damp and cooler weather is
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moving in and we might even see snow, sue serio a has another look at your
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it sound like a song chris movie would i sing right. >> except i don't know it. >> rem. i don't know it either but it sound nice 567:89:13.
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44 degrees. it is chilly out there. tom is giving us the scoop on the latest social media theme. >> periscope, it is live. >> yeah, all right. well, if you do the periscope thingy you can see what we are doing behind the scenes sometimes. we have to work that out because i called it a thingy. lets talk about ultimate doppler radar. nothing yet but if you look right up to our north and west you can see the leading evening of the storm. it the is moving quickly out of the great lakes area and we will see snow for some parts of the area rain for or parts when it gets here. we have a winter advisory for carbon and monroe counties from noon until 10:00 p.m. that is the deal for that. several inches of snow, is possible. maybe one to 3 inches in the mountains. you can see a few in your is south of there say northern parts of the montgomery and bucks counties but we don't expect it to accumulate there.
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what we have to watch close liz are temperatures as this storm system arrives. it the looks leak upper 40's by 10:00 o'clock this morning for us and some rain, to the north bye further north by 2:00 in the afternoon temperatures have gone down to just above freezing when snow begins here. we will see 33 degrees for carbon and monroe counties and mount pocono later on this evening. so snow will accumulate but we are at 53 for a high temperature in the the city. we will stay in the 40's, as we get to nighttime hours temperature will drop in the 30's closer to the metro area. but it should be out on have here by the time we are together again at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news. that is our temperature watch as we get started. tomorrower with back in the 50's, as well. right now, we are at 39 degrees in allentown. thirty-one in mount pocono. already below freezing. forty in the city. 36 degrees in reading. thirty-five in trenton.
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thirty-seven wilmington. 46 degrees, down in dover, delaware, so it is 53 for a high today, 50 tomorrow with sunshine. we have a pretty day tomorrow and breezy and sunny on thursday, that is an excellent day because we have a high in the 60's. above average actually. we are up to 68 degrees on friday, good friday for some. start of the pass over for others but it looks like it will be a rainy take. showers lingering into saturday morning but we will clear out for easter sunday so you won't get a bit of rain on your easter bonnet, bob kelly. >> all good things upon it. 5:16 on this tuesday morning. to cone i palmyra bridge, almost ready to start rolling again. early morning bridge opening has had traffic stopped for the last ten or 15 minutes or so. getting ready to head outside the front door a how some extra time. maybe go for that jumbo cough east grab an extra jelly doughnut and we will good to go. the here's a live look at woodhaven road on the ramps
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for i-95. it looks like we have a police stop there up in northeast philadelphia. and then i-95 northbound the construction just pick up, and out of here. we are good to go on i-95 at least construction wise, and we're ready for a rush hour. still some detours around this early morning fire in conshohocken. the first avenue closed mapel over to forest and then the route 36 trolley using shuttle buses, all this week between 80th and eastwick and seventh third and elmwood due to a track project all the way through the the weekend a how some extra time through both of those points as we go from the trolleys to the buses. buses were rolling until 5:00 o'clock. we have to add just that. market frankford subway trains are back on track and we are good to go. coming in from new jersey, northbound on the freeway in the bad at all working your way toward i295 and work zone in bellmawr. lauren, back over to you. the deadline just hours away for iran nuclear negotiations, but no deal has been announced. or warning the potential deal
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could lead to dire consequences. fox's kelly wright reports. >> reporter: top diplomates including u.s. secretary of state john kerry are race ago begins a clock to reach a deal over iran's nuclear program. today is the deadline for negotiators to come up with a framework for an agreement. the the potential deal would reportedly ease international sanctions against tehran in exchange for limits on its nuclear capabilities. the the country's involved in the talks say they have made progress but key differences remain. >> we're in the in the position to be able to say we are close to resolving issues but we are hopeful that we will continue the the efforts. >> reporter: as negotiations continue in switzerland some analyst warn there his no guarantee iran will follow the terms of any nuclear deal. >> they are clearly conquering the middle east. so if iran is seeking to be the head power, dominating this region, do you really think it will adhere to any nuclear agreement that you sign.
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>> reporter: iran is determine to get a nuclear bomb and anything that it agrees to will only at best slow that process down. >> reporter: law makers in washington are continuing to voice their opposition to the talks, vowing to take action if the agreement is too lenient on tehran. >> anything that helps them move toward a time when they will have a nuclear weapon is unacceptable and there is bipartisan opposition to this. >> if this deal pre ducis some right to even rich, i think democrats will rebell. >> reporter: if a framework deal is reached today negotiators would move forward with their june 30th deadline for finalizing the terms of the deal. kelly bright, "fox news". saudi arabia steps up military action in yemen. saudi led naval forces posed a block on yemen's ports. air strikes continued throughout the the country. five day old military campaign is targeted a at least 21 provinces in yemen. the the u.s. the has provided support to the saudi led
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coalition but not carrying out direct military action. prosecutors in germany confirmed the pilot blamed for deliberately crashing that germanwings air liner had once been diagnosed with suicidal tendens see. the parent company have of germanwings declined to say whether it knew of andreas lubitz health problems but said he had passed all medical checks since starting work with the airlines two years ago. officials do not believe that the deadly incident at fort meed was terror related, they believe the men had been partying and were on drugs. authorities say the guard gave the men dressed as woman directions to leave, but they were reportedly accelerated toward an nsa vehicle and then tried to ram a gate at the national security agency headquarters. the guards fired killing one and injured the other. an officer was also hurt, and an investigation reveals that the vehicle had been stolen from a nearby hotel. the the florida highway patrol is investigating a church van accident that left eight people dead and ten others injured. according to reports the the 15 seat van was carrying 18
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people, when it ran a stop sign early monday morning. the the vehicle then crashed into a canal sometime after midnight and deputies arrived shortly thereafter. among those injuries was a four year-old child who was not in a car seat. police in minnesota say that a missing college student went in the mississippi river. they are trying to true trying to recover their body. they have video of june fur howell entering the river but they will not say whether she jumped in or fell in. only that she was alone. the 22-year old went missing friday after leaving a bar, her purse was found, a few blocks away. and police say university of california berkley soccer player who disappeared after leaving a party was killed by a car as he ran across a los angeles freeway. nineteen year-old, edward vasquez died early saturday. authorities say that vasquez who was on spring break in l.a. had left the party to take a walk a woman says he ran in front of her and she was not able to avoid hitting him. vasquez was not carrying an id which set off a missing persons search until the coroner identified him.
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move pose es a potential threat to other on line referral and business rating services including angie's list yelp and thumb tack. a mcmuffin for dinner, how does that sound. this might happen. mcdonald's plans to test an all day breakfast menu next in but trial run will only be done far, far away from here in san diego. mcdonald's says have have move is in response to customers who said they with like to eat breakfast food outside typical hours that they are served. breakfast end at 10:30. they say that is because grills are not big enough for breakfast and lunch. toyota cutting prices of the safety features that automatically breaks vehicles to avoid a collision. auto maker will offer lower cost version are of the the high tech systems in the new lexus and toyota suv's. company hopes to have mess of the cars equipped with the cheaper devices by 20176789 systems currently cost two you this dollars and they are mainly found in the luxury
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vehicles. the lincoln continental is returning to the streets. thirteen years after the last continental rolled off the assembly line, ford is resurrecting it. new continental debuts in concept format at this years auto show. production version goes on sale next year. coming up, philadelphia's named one of the worst cities in the country for traffic bob kelly can you fix this. how long backups last in the city of brotherly love. and later justin beiber in the hot seat, which stars came out for his comedy central roast.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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another september bus driver attack, is what happening to keep drivers and passengers safe. and auto body shop in delaware, in big trouble. what prosecutors say they did to peoples cars that has them worried about whether they are even safe to drive. plus a new study vows that list the worst cities for traffic. we will tell you where philadelphia ranks. good day it is tuesday, march 31st, 2015. sue serio we cannot hold bob kelly responsible for bad traffic. he tries to keep us out of the traffic while on the roads. >> it keeps bob kelly busy and out of trouble. it is okay. we can say that right because we're here in the studio while you are trying to get where you are going. the bus stop buddy has rain
5:30 am
gear but in the for the morning commute for later on this a afternoon. we will have sun to start, temperatures are on the chilly side this morning. we will give you a five out of ten in your weather by the numbers because the first part of the day will look completely different then the second part of the day. 40 degrees is our current temperature, 51 percent relative humidity, 5 miles an hour breeze. sunrise at 6:47 this morning. nothing on radar, just yet but you'll see that this storm system is sneaking toward us from the western part of the state. we will keep an eye on that, later on, your morning commute, 39 degrees, by 7:00 o'clock, 40 by 8:00 and in the lower 40's by 9:00. all these temperatures mean that when the precipitation arrives for most of us in the metro area this is in the form of the rain. thinks your drive home with the windshield wipers going and temperatures in the lower 50's, slight possibility of the thunderstorm. if you are far north and west of the city, you will be driving in some snow. we will talk about that in a few minutes.
5:31 am
one thing bob kelly, we noticed yesterday watching traffic, lighter volume because of spring break. >> yes. >> we have spring break time. this weekend next week depending upon the school districts. the kid have the daze off parents may have to take off as well, school buses, stay park. you'll see unusual traffic patterns or lack thereafter because of spring break but good morning to the bennie coming into downtown no problems or delays at all coming into downtown philadelphia four lanes opened for your driving pleasure this morning, it is a live look at 422, copping in from say, collegeville royersford so far, so good as you work your way in to king of prussia we have fire fighters on the scene of this overnight fire in conshohocken. the first avenue block mapel over to forest. traffic using elm as an alternate. heading north bound on 202, from say west chester through that malvern construction zone, in problems or delays at the all. and all this week, septa is doing track work. route 36 trolley is using
5:32 am
shuttle buses between 80th and eastwick over to seventh third and elmwood. the market frankford subway railroads running with in delays. heading to the airport getting out of town lucky you in problems at all at philly international this morning. no problems getting there up and down i-95. lauren back over to you. thanks very much. darby boro police say they are a step closer to charge something one in the shooting death of one of their officers. mark hudson was shot and killed on saturday. police say killed by his own department issued revolver. the officer and volunteer fire fighter was off-duty at the time. police say his girlfriend was the the only person who was with him. a septa bus driver is threatened with a knife, police say that the suspect was a passenger. fox 29's steve keeley is live at septa headquarters with more on this story, hi steve. >> reporter: again, thankful for surveillance video and looking at it right now all of the septa bus driver did was tell this guy to get out of the aisle and out of the way owe that passengers could get on and off the bus. you can see him in the back of
5:33 am
the bus as a passenger before this happened. that is the the best look at this guy, with a very distinctive hat and scarves on and police want to catch him because this guy carries a a knife on him and owe pulled it on the driver. septa has high definition septa camera on the inside and outside of the buses. here's a disturbing reason why. the passenger very recognizable to anybody who knows him. he rides the number 23 bus at germantown and erie avenue in tioga. last week he is blocking aisle in the the and the driver's view of the door as passengers are trying to get on and off and having to walk around the guy. when the septa a driver wants him to move the the guy goes off on driver pulls on it a knife and threat tense kill the driver. inn is the he had on have the getting off at erie avenue. >> they go through a whole lot traveling buses. it ain't nothing like, it the is their job. i mean that is how they feed their families. >> i think they are going
5:34 am
through a whole lot. >> it is a shame. they get paid well but you can't get paid enough to get hurt. >> it is senseless, assaulting a a transit work their is doing nothing but transporting you to your destination. it is senseless. hopefully somebody can identify this guy. again his clothing is very distinct. hopefully bee can get tips in and get this guy in custody. >> reporter: this is among three attacks on septa bus drivers in this the the past week and it is in the like they don't have enough to worry about piloting these multi ton vehicles on these busy streets acting as cashiers, bouncer/door men. here's within of those double buses going down market street. i cannot imagine having to drive one of them and where big a hundred passengers getting on and off and making sure have been pays and everybody action like they are supposed to. when you tell a guy get out of the way the the guy has a knife at your throat real soon. good thing that septa bus driver was in the her.
5:35 am
who knows, the next one could be hurt if this guy is a allowed to walk on the street and ride buses. they are hoping our viewers like they always do recognize this guy and calls in a good tip. lauren. >> let's hope so steve thank very much. a delaware cup i body shop is in big trouble accused of insurance fraud. according to authorities transformers collision specialist in darby boro would smash up peoples cars to get bigger insurance pay outs. eleven people including the owner defrauded insurance companies, out of $85,000. >> i believe that they should see time in jail for their activity for defrauding, the not the the insurance companies but one of the things we know from these cases is that every single person that owns a car in pennsylvania me, you, we all suffer as a result of this type of fraud because that is why our rates go up. >> prosecutors say if you had work done at that shop give someone else a chance to check it out to make sure it is right. a cumberland county man is
5:36 am
charged for first degree murder for the death of the nine week old baby. the prosecutors charged three three-year old manual mike with murder and child endangerment. prosecutors say that emergency crews heading to a home in millville for reports of an unresponse have baby. this was early on friday. they pronounced the baby dead at the scene. the authorities say that little girl died from blunt force trauma to the back of her head. girl was in mike's care because her mother was in the hospital. a philadelphia city council committee's attempt to regulate food trucks has stalled, it is trying to make sure that a deadly blast like the one we saw last year does not happen again. a propane tank set off last july's blast killing a a mother and daughter working inside the truck in feltonville. yesterday the the council committee discussed a bill that would let the city regulate all of those trucks we saw across philadelphia. the the state current liz inspects them and it is unclear if the city has a right to. city council is expected to take up the bill once again once members figure out if the city candy manned inspections. we have some breaking news to tell but in fairfax county
5:37 am
virginia. prisoner in custody and private security guard has escaped from fairfax hospital. this is a live look from that ken. we're also told reports of shots being fired at the the scene. we have not been able to confirm that information just yet. road around this hospital have been shot dunn as a a search continues. of course, we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates a as we learn them but all we know is a prisoner escapes from a hospital in fairfax virginia. we will leave you with these
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good morning i'm howard eskin. last night is what is wrong with the nba. it benefited both teams to lose the game for draft picks. sixers get the lakers first pick in round one fit is no the in the top five. the the sixers did their part. to the wells fargo center in overtime, tied at 111. that is wayne ellington out of the episcopal academy high to jordan clarkson no defense by sixers. that is how they do it. they lose it 113-11 in overtime. i'm told miles austin is coming to town today for a physical and when that is okay the eagles will sign him to a one year deal. he played seven years with the cowboys and last year he played with the cleve ran browns. even with his achilles jurying also extended the contract of demeco ryans one year through 2016. it is more to help reducing the salary cap hit for eagles this year.
5:41 am
ryans rehab is going really well. could be ready by mini camps. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. atlanta falcons being find by nba. it turns out the team violated league rules for using fake noise at home games along with losing a draft pick. they will to have pay a $350,000 fine. the team's president has been suspended from the league's competition committee. if you are looking to make a trip to the final four in indianapolis next week you better be ready to pay up. ticket prices for semi finals championship game are at their highest level since 2011. a ticket for all three games could run you an average, just under $2,000. three of the schools, vying for the national championship are within 350 miles of the game. so that is a tracking an enlarger number of fans. coming up, justin beiber, roasted, the mess shocking moments from his comedy
5:42 am
central roast, let's get back outside, rain is on the the way and some places could even see, snow, but later in the week a warm up, that is good news, sue serio explains it all in the full
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5:44 am
let's follow breaking news out of fairfax county virginia a prisoner is in custody of the private security guard who has escaped from fairfax hospital. you are taking a live look at the scene. there were also reports of shots fired at that scene.
5:45 am
we have in the been able to confirm that just yet but we do know that the road around the hospital have been shut down as the the search continues, for this escapee. we will continue to follow this story bring you updates as soon as we learn them. back here in philadelphia a a lets switch gears and talk about the weather outside, sue serio, still chilly for spring. >> it is. the daze will look a lot different then it will start because we will start with some sunshine this morning. but you can see as you look outside the western part of the state, right around where the groundhog lives in punxsutawney it is starting to snow a little bit there. it is chillier then it the is here. there is the rest of the system coming from the great lakes into the western part of pennsylvania. we have a winter weather advisory for carbon and monroe counties until 10:00 o'clock tonight. it starts at noon, several inches of snow in the the forecast for those locations, and for us it it looks like nothing but rain but then if you are in between us and
5:46 am
them, you might see a little bit of wet snow but not enough to accumulate. this will be affecting the afternoon and evening rush and not us here in the morning. we have got 40 degrees in philadelphia right now. thirty-one in mount pocono and it is expected to stay close to freezing in the higher elevations and some have of these temperatures will cool as the precipitation comes in. it is 36 degrees in pottstown and in redding this morning. we have pennsylvania 35 in trenton. thirty-four in millville. forty-six down there in dover delaware. so it was a milder monday then it was over weekend when temperatures never got out of the 40's. fifty-eight is the average high. we got to 57. pretty decent day yesterday for the second to the last day of march. new the the last day of the month will have a high of 53 degrees. sun in the morning, rain in the afternoon and evening. and then it clears up tomorrow for the the first day of april, so playing a prank on somebody, you can do so without any rain to bother you
5:47 am
now. we will get toward the the end of the week. we have a lot going on. we have good friday rain and high of 68 degrees. it is start of the pass over friday evening. and then saturday morning we will linger with some of those showers, but it clears up for easter sunday, and phillies opening day is on monday, and then it does look like it will be decent, maybe for once on a opening day bob kelly we won't need to wear a parka. >> that would be great. >> good morning, everybody. a a lot going on this week here and some kids have spring break sprinkled in there between this week and next week. we will see some unusual traffic patterns another the next ten or 12 days or so. jam up here on the the schuylkill expressway in bound coming into philly. eastbound an accident involving this tractor trailer on the ramp from the eastbound schuylkill coming on to the vine street expressway and just out of our camera view here, we have police on the scene. there is only one lane opened basically coming into philadelphia, right now on the the schuylkill expressway. the cars, heading to your left
5:48 am
here that is off ramp for 30th street station. getting ready to come into philadelphia right new would i use maybe the kelly drive or martin luther king drive because traffic is starting to backup pretty quickly here as you work your way in to the vine street expressway with only that one lane right at that off ramp. otherwise i-95 leaving northeast philadelphia again starting to see pockets heading southbound down through the construction zone, cottman down through girard. still quiet on 422 coming from the suburbs. no problems from 202 from west chester. we're in good shape on the pennsy turnpike at least at the moment from bensalem over to valley forge. they have pick up construction at willow grove. no problems coming down the extension at the lansdale ape mid county. mass transit is looking good with no delays. lauren, back over to you. bob, stick around to hear this story. do you feel like you are always stuck in traffic. >> yes. >> a new study find philadelphians spend roughly three days every year just sitting in traffic. average commute time to work
5:49 am
is 30 minutes. the city of brotherly love ranks 20th on the list compiled by mapping company tom tom. >> top five worse cities, los angeles, san francisco honolulu. >> really. >> honolulu. >> new york. >> new york. >> okay. >> and seattle. >> i totally thought atlanta a would make that list. >> how does honolulu. >> isn't everybody on the beach. >> beach traffic. >> that is crazy. >> philly makes that list too. the defense has begun presenting its case in the boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the his attorneys are trying to show that his older brother was the the master mind behind the bombings. also yesterday, before prosecutors rested their case a medical examiner testified about the devastating injuries suffered by one of the victims in the the a attack. jury was also presented with autopsy photos. aaron hernandez's fiance took the stand in the trial against him yesterday.
5:50 am
sheana jenkins testified that she removed a box from his basement the day of odin lloyd's murder but she said she never even looked inside the box before she threw it in the the dumpster. she said it smelled skunk i and thought it contained weed. prosecutors suggest that was the the murder weapon inside of the box. gun used in the murder has never been found. the backlash over inn yan a's religious freedom law is growing as state law maker work to clarify it. latest boycott coming from the governor of washington and the mayor of seattle. they are banning government trial to indiana. state sports officials are planning a indy welcomes all campaign in the wake of this weekend's ncaa final four in indianapolis. they say it legalizes discrimination against gays and lesbians. we have all heard this before a apple a day keeps the doctor away. well it might not be true but it could save you a prescription co pay. a national health survey
5:51 am
taking by dartmouth medical school says there is in proof apples will keep you out of the doctor's office but 8400 person study had another interesting fine research shows those who ate one small apple every have have day were less likely to need prescription drugs. gnc announced new testing guidelines the move follows a lawsuit filed by new york's attorney jena ledging ingredients in the company's products could not be verified. under the agreement gnc will use war coating to confirm the authenticity of the ingredients. music fans have been told to leave their selfie sticks at home. the devices are banned from this summer's music festivals this summer. selfie sticks are a popular photo taking tool but is there a growing number of the events and locations taking a stand against those sticks. so some consider them a safety has air others just say that they are annoying. organizers for the festivals called the devices narcissist particular. comedy central announce aid replacement for jon stewart on the daily show.
5:52 am
south african comedian trever noah has landed the role of the fake news show. noah has appeared on the show just a few times. the the 31 year-old comedian has hosted a late night talk show in south africa. in february jon stewart announced he was leaving the daily show after after 16 years. the beiber gets burn during comedy central's roast of the pop star last night. the justin beiber sat front and center has hollywood and hip-hop community went on the the scandal ridden singer. nothing was off limits as they joke from beiber's rocky reman's with selena gem toes his numerous run ins with the law. kevin hart played master of ceremonies but it was an unexpect guest that caused the most commotion. >> justin, before i go here's my final piece of advice, you need to settle down, bring some balance into your life find yourself the right girl but she will have have to be someone on your level, someone powerful and famous and rich,
5:53 am
i'm talking about a playa in the board room and a freak in the bedroom. so justin my final piece of advice is, call me he. >> look at martha stewart offering 21 year-old beiber some advice in when he end up, in prison. coming up a 12 year-old boy in massachusetts home sick from school springs into action, when he thinks his home is being rob. how he help police capture the suspect.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:56 this morning. it is 40 chilly degrees outside. a massachusetts boy home sick there school helped police nab a suspect robber. luke for inner says someone kept ringing the door bell. when he called his mother heading home from work she told him not to answer the door. that is when luke told her he thought the person was trying to get in the house. >> it was very surreal. i just can't even explain it. i said okay i'll be home in a few minutes. just don't open the door good luke said he lock himself in
5:57 am
the bedroom and called 911. when police arrived suspect ran off. when they caught up with him he was carrying stolen items from another home in the neighborhood we continue to follow breaking news in virginia, a prisoner in custody of a private cure guard has escaped from fairfax hospital there. you are taking a live look at the pictures from the scene. you can see lots of police activity. there was reports of shots fired at that scene. we have not been able to confirm those details just yet. roads around the hospital have been shut down as they continue to search for that prisoner, we of course will continue to follow story and bring you updates as we learn
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
a community in disbelief a beloved neighbor killed in the fire last night where he was minutes before the the fire erupted. it is hard. it is really hard. >> you are emotional. >> yeah. >> when you watch a kid grow up like that, it is hard. >> a darby police officer gunned down in his own home, those who knew him are still trying to wrap their head around what happened. charges his girl friend is now facing. and march came in like a lion, for sure and on this last day it is going out like a lion. it is not supposed to work that way. some places may see know again


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