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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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there is a woman who watches the show lucky girl 36, is her twitter handle. she tweets, all the time. she's really a nice woman. she watches the show every day. she was so up is set that when mugs were deliver the other day, sue's mug was broken was all smashed up. >> sue and bob. >> yes sue's mug, my mug and lauren dawn johnson. >> she has now crafted a mug and i believe she's at the front door. i will run and talk to her in a second. but first this i am no angel is the name of the new campaign. >> so why people are wondering, it is trending on line. new campaign giving the secret angels a run for their money. >> what do you do when you cannot get in touch with your husband to serve him divorce papers? you can send him a facebook
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message. landmark ruling in just a bit. >> he got served. >> we have an attorney coming into explain. the it could shall the the wave of the future. i cannot wait for. that we are talking to billy crystal and josh gad. >> he is voice of ol af, they have a new show on fx called the comedians. >> how about this a texas man says he can never afford to pay, are you okay. >> i'm all right. >> what was that. >> i ate too much. >> breakfast sushi. >> i ate that whole thing good texas man says he can never after to pay a stay at home wife and mother the salary he deserves. >> he calculated how much she's really worth, a all of the chores that she does around the house with the kid and all that. are you ready. >> okay. >> his name is steven. >> that is him. >> his wife is name gloria. >> there she is. >> they have a two-year old son named israh. >> he posted this blog on
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christian lifestyle organization called we are glory. he said if you add up, a cost, child care cooking, cleaning laundry, paying the bills shopping for the family his wife gloria would be bringing in nearly $74,000 a year. that is for him the the total. $74,000 a year. she would be put in a different bracket tax bracket. >> interesting. >> well, that is right, that is right. >> so he closed the blog by saying i have tried to show my wife at appreciation that she deserves. she loves me. loves our son and our family. obviously she doesn't do any of these things for a paycheck or recognition but it doesn't hurt to know as a stay at home mom her appraised salary is nearly double my annual income. >> is that right. >> yes. >> you know what i think it is more than that. >> it seems like it would be worth more. >> if you had to pay a for all that. >> it does than after a price,
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things that moms do at home is priceless. hard to put a price on that. even a mother's love. >> you will make me cry. >> moms are special. >> beautifully put alex. >> sure. >> so jen. >> here's the thing. >> you are a working mom but when you go home you have to do all of the stuff of the stay at home mom too. >> yeah, you know what i don't like the word stay at home mom. i'm never home. they should call it professional mom. i'm kind of like part-time mom, people that stay at home without an extra job that is a professional mom. let's face it those are people that know that delicious like really inexpensive ketchup at trader joe's and produce you can get some cheap stuff at produce junction. they are shopping looking, doing. they know about the camps, they know best baby-sitter, swim teacher. they know which teacher you want for fourth grade and how don't want for kindergarten.
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all of the brain stuff they have so much. i will say our jobs on good day is different from moms that work because we are able to do it we're here and then we life between one and 3:00 p.m. depending on who you are and then the day starts over again. i should get 30 grand extra for nonsense i'm dealing w but this guy, this guy is talking about $70,000ish for cooking, cleaning, all. that he didn't even mention homework confidence, life skills, teaching people how to tie their shoes. teaching people how to flush the toilet. there is a lot more than just cooking and cleaning that goes into the momming. >> hey jen, one more thing too. bernadette says it depend how many kid you have too. that is double or triple. >> sure. >> i have a question for jen fred. >> what do you have. >> when i come in the morning a lot of times you are already at your desk at 5:00 o'clock in the morning. when do you sleep.
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i also see you tweeting at like 10:00 o'clock at night. >> there is no sleep in this mom business. i have had like, yes, and so it is diet doctor pepper. people ask how do we get this done. it is diet doctor pepper, it is slow burn of doctor pepper and a little bit of coffee in between. wine works. problem with wine mike, if you start the wine too early two things. you cannot drive the kids to lacrosse and can't do that fourth grade homework. >> that fourth grade math. >> i can't do that sober. >> thank you, jen fred. >> 9:05. >> a plus side lingerie, are you okay, is fighting victoria secret beauty safer head on with this new marketing campaign. >> last year victoria secret was slammed for this particular ad displayed within very specific body type as the the perfect body.
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>> the thing is that is the name of the bra but people say is they see their bodies and they are saying no, thinks a play on word. >> what they are saying is it is a bra that fits perfectly, that is what that meant. >> yes. >> but they are playing on that every model bryant steps is up with this. >> one word, sexy. >> honey, have you seen all this. >> hot. >> i'm no angel. >> i'm no angel. >> i'm all kind of sexy. >> exclusively from lane bryant. >> one word. >> that is lane bryant. >> they just released this i'm no angel campaign. >> we are not victoria secret type models. >> this is size 14 and up. >> and this is a new lingerie line. all types of sexy. >> how do you say that name of that bra or the company.
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>> cicique. >> seek and you shall find. >> i should have known that was coming. >> so it is lane bryant's lingerie line. >> yes. >> you got it. >> what does that mean, in french. it looks french to me. >> i have to look that up. >> sue google. >> what do you think it will mean. cups. >> maybe. >> or french sexy. >> maybe. >> what is it. >> should we say it here cicique. >> why are my hand like this. >> come on. >> let's see. >> that is okay. >> do you want to wait. >> let's just stare at everyone the at a home, hi, how are you what are you eating there for breakfast, are you laying in bed that is
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nice. >> don't say anything see fit word see if we can be quiet for ten seconds. >> calcium. >> that is what that means y would calcium brass. >> i don't know. >> i'm doing this very quickly. >> main they don't know what it means and they just put a word on there. >> how do you like my calcium bra. kind of bony. >> a a lot of pressure where are we going to go on a first date. should we go to the movie. get something to eat. >> i don't like movies on a first date. >> do you know what a good thing to do miniature golf. >> i like things you can interact and talk with the person . you go to the movies. you walk out and you don't know anything new about them. >> you have lost two hours. >> but still this is new dating app that shows you the top first dates, lauren, did you look at this list. >> i looked at the list. as you guys were saying a lot of times on your first date
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you wanting to maybe hundred tane bike riding you want to do a musical. some people go out. but how do you feel about pannera bread. >> the restaurant. >> how do you feel about pan era bread because they come in third place as most popular first days hot spots. 200,000 users on clover which is a dating web site who participated in this. if you don't like panner a, a lot of people like chipotle. >> i have been in pannera. >> yes. >> i think they are the ones with the bowl of soup. >> bread bowl. >> it is made out of bread. >> very good. >> yes. >> i get it with broccoli cheese soup, and i eat soup out and eat the bowl how many calories do you think that is. >> that is a hot first date watching you eat a bread bowl. >> chipotle, i love chipotle they are second place. first place though it is star bucks. they are number one on the list.
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>> i love star bucks i can see that. >> i said the same thing when our producer was telling us about it. as a woman you wanting to there because is there a quick in and out. cup is only so big. fuzz are not feeling this date drink your tea, latte and coffee and peace out if you say maybe this person is interesting i want to nose more you can go for round two. dinner tait you have goat an april a advertiser, you have got your dinner, they come from dessert and drinks and there is no hope for you. you are stuck at the table. you have heard about my bad date. >> where did you go. >> i don't know it was a sushi restaurant at 20th or 20th street you get roll and then you are out. >> it was a lot of reinacting movies at the table. it was a lot. no second date. >> he started reinacting movies in the the restaurant. >> in the the restaurant. >> mind you this is a small tight closed in restaurant. is there people on both side
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in the booth and in the other side of the chairs. people were kind of looking like, because wow get up and one time when he got up he bumped the table. water was on the table. it shook the table. it spill. wait ace hot mess. >> reinacting titanic. >> you now flight. do you remember that time when denzel washington. i said no. then he kept going. >> he started to tell but it. >> no, no. >> first dates are hard. >> they are very hard. >> then he started to reinact the the scene with meg ryan when harry met sally. >> flight was one of the only movies, flight was the only movie another reason i like star bucks idea. when i first meet people. i know i can eat. on first dates i cannot eat. one time i was on a date. guy said you muts not be having a good time. i was told if the girl doesn't finish eating her meal she lets it sit there she's ready
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to go. >> oh, really. >> i said i don't like to eat in the beginning. i don't know. >> my very first date was at carabas. >> you guys have that in dallas. >> yes. >> my then boyfriend took me there and i ate everything on my plate. i put it in the middle of the table. he said, wow. >> wow. >> i think i'm just nervous. >> this girl can eat. >> and then talking and food in your mouth. >> then you wonder if you have food in your teeth something in your lip. >> just go to star bucks. >> first date and order spaghetti. >> lady and tramp type moment. >> you are sucking down noodles and sauce on your face. >> yes. >> you would mike. >> i think we're getting a cheese cake factory the at 15th and sansom. they are on number four, olive guard when those bread sticks. >> they are on the list in the top ten.
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>> chiles, i'm not a huge chiles fan. >> wednesday all you can eat lunch special it is soup and salad. >> seriously, i will take you to a first day to chiles or olive garden, you wouldn't like that. >> i wouldn't mine. >> no. >> who wouldn't mind? alex already told you. >> i knew you were going to bring this up. >> she never had a guy spend more than $50, or $70. >> i remember that. >> she wouldn't mind chiles or cheese cake factory. >> or grand cafe. >> i do like that. >> where did you meet these cheapos. >> i hang out with you. >> that is true. >> thanks, lauren. >> by the way, i have footage of my first date. >> really. >> well, it was many years ago. >> you took a video. >> it was surveillance video. >> here it is. >> you are a dog, um.
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woof. >> would you like my meat ball. >> all right. it is 9:14. i only bring that up to keep awe priced of the time. temperature is what? >> it says 58. >> it is already. >> all right. >> this is hilarious. president obama was going to read a book to some of the kids after the easter egg roll role. he was reading where the we will things are. it is supposed to be a nice calm book to read on the sun in the lawn. >> they are on the south lawn of the white house. >> but then a swarm of bees appear there during the reading and then this happened. >> when bees attack. >> bees. >> oh, notice a bee. that is okay, guys. bees are g they won't london you. >> they are scare. >> they will be okay.
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>> finally they zoom out, when the the kid are screaming. >> what i like about the president, he just keeps turning the pages. >> it is okay just some bees. >> i scream when i see bees too. >> they are so funny. >> one time putting up christmas lights no, we were trimming the evergreens in front of my house at and my dad was up there on the ladder. i'm holding the ladder. he is using the clippers to clip the evergreens in front of the house. a bunch of wasps come out they got me too. >> yes. >> they just bounce off you but they are biting you. >> my thing is when i was at camp, we were sitting down on these benches. we were outside doing a talk. there is a bee. i scream. i jump up and ran and the bee got me. when there is bees i go skill but i scream, getaway from me. i don't move.
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>> i don't like bees. >> but i will be screaming doing everything i can. >> bees are very important to the the society though. >> that is true. >> in fact, do we have a shortage of bees or something like that and it is a crisis. >> okay, hold on everybody. people use social media for everything these days including apparently filing for divorce. this is a actually a case. >> a judge in insuring is allowing a brooklyn woman to use facebook yes, facebook to serve divorce papers. >> jennifer brant our attorney here. explain what happened here. she could not just find her soon to be ex-husband. >> every state has service of divorce complaints n new york you have to serve personally unless you get leave of court to take it another way. >> you have have to actually hand. >> you don't hand it a as a party but hire somebody, a processor to hand over the divorce complaint to the party n pennsylvania we can do it the by mail certified mail different ways in different
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jurisdictions. in this particular case this woman could not find her husband n some cases you have to publish it in the local newspaper to give them notice there is a complaint filed against them. >> in a newspaper. >> right. >> she went to the judge and said i can't fine him. only way i know how to contact him is via facebook. the the judge allowed him to serve him divorce paper visa facebook which is a land mark ruling there. >> that is the message that was sent on facebook good his name is blood. >> when it comes to facebook in messages. they have read receipts. you can tell if somebody read it. that is it. what if he is not doing that. >> he does have to have respond. in this casey believe that the judge said that you have to do this every week for a period of i believe three or four weeks. >> yeah, three weeks. >> follow up with text messages and even if calls to a assure that he received it. so far as of of today there was no contact with him that he did receive it but this is is what going on.
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>> read receipt wouldn't be enough. >> sometimes can see that you have read message. >> he has to acknowledge receipt. >> people are liking it. we looked at it. people have like it. >> yes. >> there is just not him. in most jurisdictions you cannot serve divorce with by fax or e-mail. going from those sources commonly used in litigation and moving to it facebook. >> do we see this happening more often then. >> this is an aberration. i don't think this should be the normal but it does give an opportunity to people to come into court. when you can't find that other person. it does happen from time to time. i know a way of contacting other persons through technology, and maybe that will happen. >> they have been searching for five years. >> no, this has been a long time good she has shown the court, she did show the court that she exhausted all other sources. this was one way she knew that she could track him down.
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rather than just move to the default where he wouldn't show up at all, lets try it give this a try. >> let's move on with your life. >> what would be next i guess you can take a picture, post it on instagram and tweet it out. anyone knows this person i'm trying to reach him. >> put the whole thing in the banner and fly it over new york. >> the courts are a little bit behind when it comes to technology but they are getting more progress i have. >> you the woman. >> what is that color. >> turquoise for spring. >> just beautiful. >> look at all your rings. >> are you married. >> i'm married, yes. >> i'm still married. >> yes. >> i'll let you know when you're in the. >> are you happy. >> yes. >> did you know yesterday was national beer day. >> i know it is national beer day i have been drinking all morning. >> we told but beer madness, so, is there a competition a few weeks ago we will reveal
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the big beer winner of the beer bracket.q [ female announcer
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that is not smoke sit. the those are just low level clouds. >> i think it is just cloud. >> clouds in the valley. >> it is national peer day. >> last month we talk about the beer madness tournament right. >> like march madness. >> of course. this is how brackets broke down. thirty-two different beers from all over. we now know the 2015 beer magnet champion. >> here to announce it is michael greger, nice to see you. >> great to see you happy national beer day. >> right back at you. >> how do you celebrate. >> well, i got the one idea. >> yes. >> it looks like you have four ideas over there. >> how many beers in the tournament. >> we started with 32 all over the the country, in the just local. >> so, who won. >> dog fish head. >> that is log. >> they are based in delaware.
9:24 am
>> okay. >> the owner/brewer started home brewing in philadelphia. >> we are calling them local for sure. >> this started in someone's home. >> yeah, way back when. they are coming off their 20th anniversary. >> dog fish head. >> yes. >> why did you bring that big hammer in there. >> this is our mascot. i don't leave home without this i walk down the streets of philly with this. >> because he is hammered. >> on national beer day. >> it says philly beer week on it. >> what is the purpose of hammer. >> it is basically our mascot. i take this in the bar people will stop me and take pictures and put it on instagram, twitter. >> it is heavy. >> it is not bad. >> that is how he works out, mike. >> we have a miniature check late version that i have brought. >> a check late hammer. >> that is what they call alex the the check late hammer. >> you are terrible. >> yes. >> can we punch up michael's shot again. she just walk out of the shot.
9:25 am
woman who bought the mug for sue. we can put beer in it. >> i have a goody bag for you guys for national beer week. >> thank you. >> mug from iron hill brewery. >> are there events for national beer day. >> we don't have any official events planned but every bar in the area -- >> michael, what do you do for a living. >> i do pr for philly beer week. >> wow, look at that. >> that is dog fish head glass. >> alex the check late hammer. >> take want of these beers pour them in and enjoy your national beer day. >> do you want to keep the hammer mike. >> this could be dangerous bringing this in bars, you know what i mean. >> let's get rid of this big desk. >> don't do it. >> there the -- he is the
9:26 am
voice of olaf the other guy is, mike from monster inc. >> so josh gad and billy crystal are here. >> they are on our show next. >> imagine them together on a show. >> is there would the man that is lucky girl, lucky girl on twitter, and she has made mugs for sue and bob. come on in, hi. >> hi. >> i said
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. 9:29 here in philly. well, billy crystal is teaming up with josh gad.
9:30 am
if you realize he is the voice of olaf? >> i knew. >> new series, you're seen it? >> i was watching it last night, i ended up staying up really late because i wanted to finish the episode. >> so billy and josh's fault you're crabby today because you were up late? >> you're calling me craigy? >> little bit. >> blame them. >> called the comedians okay? here's a little taste of it. >> sketch comedy. that's got to be really fun right. >> oh, ya, ya, ya, great better than having to do another movie where you have to play the wacky grandpa. >> i actually a.m. a grandfather, four times. >> no, no, no, that's not what i meant by that. >> oh, i'm sorry. how did you mean it? >> i was referring more to the wacky grandpa. >> oh, i see, i see oh, i get it. well, i will tell you something, that wacky grandpa grows dollars 150 million
9:31 am
world-wide. i'm serious, it did. >> that much much? >> uh-huh. >> got ya. >> it is good. billy and josh welcome to philadelphia. >> good morning. >> thank you so much. so great to be here in philadelphia where we actually right now even though it doesn't look like it. >> so glad it stopped snowing. >> yes. >> actually it was nice and i yesterday. >> did you guys go to the phillies game yesterday. >> we were there. we were there. mostly in spirit. >> wasn't there. >> in spirit. >> so we see your chemistry. i have to tell you i was watching this last night, it is good. the comedians. >> how should we describe it to our viewers? billy? >> it is a glimpse of the intimate sex life after 67 year old. couldn't be better. and josh is 67? >> and by the way where does that leave me? i'm -- >> ya. >> really funny look at the
9:32 am
teaming of josh and i. we play versions of ourselves in the show, and in the making of this sketch variety show for the fx networkment and it is really behind the scenes intimate look what goes in the mind every these two guys forced together to make the show. >> i love how it seem like an actual documentary. >> also directed by one of the great comedy dock ooh men tar janes, larry charles who did borat, and a lot of entheusiasm, so we were very -- in very good sure hands of making this. >> hey, when you're out and about, billy what do people -- well, what do they moan-in which move dow they mention most? >> well, right now they sean the clippers most because we're about to start to play. >> this but i still give people who will talk about "when harry met sally". people talk about city slickers. you know, still get people
9:33 am
come up to me and go have fun filming the castle. i get that casino of stuff. >> that's me by the way i'm in a someone. >> well, and for you, josh, i mean people, of course we know -- also when it comes to frozen do people ask you to talk like olaf? >> yes. people ask me to talk like olaf. and -- >> would you do it now? >> i'm actually doing it right now. >> now? >> this is now. >> this surround. olaf is you. >> hi, billy. hi billy, can i get a warm you go. >> oh, my god, it is olaf. >> that's me. that's me. >> that's unbelievable. >> i transformed. >> transformed? >> yes. i studied snowmen for about a year before i -- >> really? >> yes. >> was it chilling? >> you're actually coal. he's cold. >> my approach, ya, ya. >> method? method acting 101. >> so, it is olaf got into a fight with like mike from monsters inc who would win
9:34 am
that? >> oh, i don't know. >> about the same height. >> yes. but he poke me in the eye. >> right. >> coming at from your periphery. >> true, no periphery vision. >> yes. >> that's great. >> okay, so when can we see the comedians? >> thursday, 10:00 o'clock. >> ya. >> that's going to be fun. >> season debut and we have 13 shows, and i know speaking, i'll speak for josh, he couldn't be prouder of working with me. >> nice. >> great. >> before go, we had the phillies home opener yesterday afternoon. it was abut full day. then they played the game, billy. i know you're big baseball fan. are the phillies the worse team in baseball? >> i can't -- no. i can't say that. i'm on a good morning philadelphia show. >> oh,. >> you're setting me up.
9:35 am
some tough fans in fill. >> oh, we know, he knows. >> that's a bad one. >> how did the yankees do yesterday? >> that's also a tough one. >> ya? >> we had a bad start. we lost six to one. >> ya? >> tough, tough day but long season. >> baseball is the one where they tackle each other? >> ya, they should have tackled most of our players yesterday. >> it is a rebuilding year. >> that's true. we're all rebuilding. >> for the phillies, right? >> oh -- >> a lot of the sports teams actually. >> guys, congratulations on this. and come and see us in philly sometime. >> thank you. >> see you in barsto. >> have a great day everybody. >> you too. >> 9:35. >> lets guess back to jen. >> reporter: i have three words for you: homerun derby. the prize, jesse show us what we are talking about.
9:36 am
bamm. that's a green molly. anyone having any fun? ya, i thought so. having fun at spring break camp. come on back. crus2xh@s!
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whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger! talking about spring break, jen is in new jersey, kids are out and about trying to find things to do. it is raining so you can find a loft things to do indoors. what are you doing jen? >> reporter: they have so many activities, we have to come back in the summer to show everything. but we will have a homerun derby, with wiffle ball, right? >> that's exactly what we will do. you will have a great time. >> now brett we waited for you all morning, pal. everyone says this guy, you're in second grade? >> yes. >> a shame you're not so tall.
9:40 am
kidding. and you are like the one that can crash it? >> let's see, there is brett way to go. so the rules of this homerun derby, i keep -- that's what it is called, homerun derby? they're going to get five pitches? >> five swings. >> five swings. >> if they hit a homerun, they get an additional swing. >> all right, go for it zach. again, what's really cool about wiffle ball, they just -- really? all right, come on that's a warm up. let's go. >> come on, zach. and does that count as a homerun, or not? >> looking for the ball to go over the fence, to hit a homerun. >> so much pressure. poor guy. wow. all right, he hit it up in the air. >> so that's two. brett, by the way we can see you can hit. now give us a homerun now that you have warmed up. >> oh, man. it is the pressure of television.
9:41 am
did you get one more? >> gets two more. >> two more. >> okay. >> give him good one. >> oops. i do like that camradery. everyone is trying to make sure that they're good. >> and oh, does that counseled, or no? >> off the wall. just missed. he gets one more? >> he gets one more. >> all right then we go will to the next hitter. >> i can't wait for the next hitter. okay, he tried. nice try. it was awesome. you go. look -- luke before you pit a -- put a lady in, we got to have a lady in. can you do this? hi, there is a loft guys here, you need to crush. >> this you need to show for us what he is up against knock. >> okay. >> all right, so let's see what we have. batter batter batter swing. she one of your better girl hitters? >> she is a terrific softball player also a great wiffle ball player. >> oh. >> all right, it is cool. it is cool. you got the right outfit on. and nice. all right.
9:42 am
now, okay. here's what's going to happen. you have been good. i want you to throw to me. cameron, get over here. all right, you are now like, joe buck and who ever the other person is on fox. you ready to throw me a ball? who is going to throw me a ball? you're so good. why mess it up by the way? high five. so here we go. it is the green mile. i'm in fenway. >> very exciting. >> how many homeruns do you think? over or un three? >> under three. under zero. >> wow. can i say something? >> short. >> i never played this game. pretty good for me. next one gets, seriously, you don't have anything to say about me connecting with the ball? >> hit the green monster. >> here she goes. her second swing. >> i don't know what it is. >> oh. i should have stopped. >> okay, that -- do you have any tips for me? >> i recommend do you have put
9:43 am
your weight back. when you swing extends the elbows, that's where you get your power. >> get the hips involved. lower body. >> oh. there you go. drop the bat. >> homerun derby so far. >> couple of things. couple of things. a as old as dirt. i don't play this game. i think i did pretty good. lights out. whew! >> looks fun. i would like to play an adult wiffle ballgame. >> what's great no matter what it is outside, you can go and have fun. you're not ruined by the weather. >> you agree holly, alex holley beautifully stated. >> i think this is the 13th year caribbean week. >> hum. >> so where you can get cash inch yan -- car inch inch yan cuisin. look at this, is there any jerk chicken over here? i hope so. >> ♪ ♪
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no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at >> is today the seventh or the eighth? >> i knew it was the seventh. you owe me monday. >> i it is billie holliday's birthday. >> true. >> well, here we go. for the 11th year in a row, i was wrong the 11th year in a row, it is caribbean week t starts tomorrow. and there are all sorts every restaurants around the philadelphia area serving fantastic caribbean spirited
9:47 am
food. >> what's great about this, if you participate, you can eat also help out some deserving students realize their dreams. jeneel! >> what's that network about? >> network basically committed to raising funds for so young caribbean athletes can come and compete in the pen re lays every single year. >> that's a big fling. >> yes, it is. >> how can we help? >> pay, get some dishes, so we have fantastic restaurants have partnered with us to help in our 11th year. >> where can i find a list every those restaurants? >> good question. www.caribbean cuisin week. com. on facebook and twitter, as well. so visit our website finds a list of all participating restaurants. >> there are a lot? >> we have a good amount this year. real excited about that. >> if you just want to go to our website we will link to their website. okay, what do we have here? where is this from? >> from 48 street grill. newest restaurant.
9:48 am
and what you have over here is salmon chile glazed salmon, also have it over a bed of mashed ginger yams. and also, we have also have string beans, as well. >> few favorite. >> pretty good. >> how is it? >> it is fantastic. >> i told you. >> so 48th street grill. okay. where is this from? >> can i do something first? >> sure. >> i'm a little parched. >> over just trying -- i see what you are doing. >> what is this? >> you want to go ahead and get started. >> what is this? yes, actually, reef signature drink, rum pun. >> hole on, it is strong, see says. >> it is very strong. >> whew. >> yes, it is. >> what's this? >> so this is 48th street grill, it is called their island wings so it is island wings and they also have a ranch and pineapple dipping sauce, also pretty fantastic. >> now, is that similar to jerk chicken? >> so casino every like a sweet pick to it.
9:49 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> are you kidding me? she said take it slow. >> really good. >> mike! that's not good. are you okay? oh now you are going to work on mine? >> ya, sure, go ahead take it. >> okay, good. >> and this sauce? >> pineapple. >> pineapple. >> like spicy flavor of the wings. >> okay, great. then what do you have smear. >> so over here in latin america, so this dish is actually from cornish hen rice and beans avacado -- >> oh, my gosh. >> so sometimes i go to a restaurant then just get the beans and rice and then the maintains. >> yes. >> i'll cut it up, put it in the rice and eat it together. >> so good. >> spite i -- spicy and sweet. >> sweet and savory. >> and it fills you up, too. >> on pine street. >> forty-eighth street grill. >> that's on 48th. >> very good. very good. next one? >> now at reese restaurant, so this is -- south street?
9:50 am
>> yes. >> actually my favorite, objection tail rice and peas, and bronx broccoli. >> so peas? >> butter beans. >> broccoli? >> seriously mike? again? >> that's two! he's not going to be able to walk. how many more minutes do we have to the show? my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> where is that from? >> oh, i love reese. i go around third and south street. >> yes. >> what are those little things on top? >> that's butter beans. >> yum. >> yes. and it goes real well with the objection tail. >> so tender. >> very tenner. >> i looks objection tail. >> thank you so much. so when is this? it starts tomorrow? >> april 8th, you can visit our website www.caribbean cuisin week. com. >> and there will be a link on our website >> your family? >> jamaican. >> oh, you're from jamaica. >> yes. >> so jamaicay me crazy. >> i think so, too. >> nice to meet you.
9:51 am
>> thank you. >> nice to meet you. okay funny and beautiful. kate upton recreates the scene from the movie step brothers, her hilarious video apparently we'll show it to you next. >> we are bringing in friends with a road trip starting with good day on every newscast throughout the dayment taking over a town near you.
9:52 am
jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
9:53 am
1 underline evertz test text1
9:54 am
we have very happy special birthday for calvin garnet, turning 78 today. he watches every day. also, what makes him special err linda garnet's father. one of the producers here on the show. >> you did a great job raise that young woman. >> i have a question. remember that scene step brothers when will far sell interviewing for a job but can't seem to get the interviewers name right? >> human resources lady.
9:55 am
>> it is actually, pam. >> sorry. >> well, pam. >> no, my name is pam. >> pan? or pam? >> i'm saying pam. >> oh, gosh. >> so that's a funny scene kate upton and her boyfriend justin hilarious instagram video which they perfectly created? scene. >> it is pam. >> i'm sorry. >> well, pan -- >> , no my name is pam. >> are you saying pan? or pam? >> i'm saying pam. >> it is pam. >> so of course using -- we it, we can use that, so i guess, you know, now that mlb had opening day he's going to be on the road the next seven days, had fun quality time together. >> because he is a detroit tigers getting our animals mixed up detroit tigers pitcher, that's justin very lander yes. >> wonderful. having fun. >> he has a fairly nice life. now, he is dating a super
9:56 am
model. >> kate upton. >> swimsuit model, right? and vick tort ya's secret. 's millionaire and he plays baseball. by the way speaking of baseball, out to opening day yesterday, and huey dillon went with us, you took your selfie stick. >> that's right. apparently it is not banned at citizens bank park, thank goodness, so i used for the phillies when walking into the stadium. then we met up with everybody else look, there is chris lauren, oh chris lauren and bob kelly was there sorry i couldn't see the camera was in the way. there is vein victorino. shane loves that restaurant del frisco, he said he and his wife own a home in philadelphia. they still love philly. would love to return here after his baseball career is over. >> and he was received well at the game, clapping, cheering for him. >> he got standing ovation when he came to up bat for the first time. yeah philly still likes that guy. still does a lot of work for boys and girls clubs of philadelphia. >> and then you were there of course? >> i was there yes. >> legal analyst.
9:57 am
>> i took this picture with this young lady dane a and look who photo bombed us. >> who is that? is that chris murphy. >> it is chris murphy. >> oh, my gosh. look at him. >> we had such a good time. >> good photo bomb. >> it was the weather was amazing, i just wanted to run around. >> and then they played the game. >> oh. anyway so, bob has his mug segment every day. some people, look, common in here melissa some people sent us mugs, and sue's was smashed in the like delivery. hi melissa. >> hi, mike. >> she watches the show every day. so what did you do? >> i made sue and alex mugs. >> oh, so sweet. >> these are really cute. >> i had sent in a mug with bus stop buddy, and because of my dad, it was in memory of my dad. and i was not able to get pictures with sue or mal ex -- alex the mugs got broken, so i made you your own mugs. >> so sweet. >> so s for sue. >> yes? >> and the other is for aling.
9:58 am
>> one for aling. >> thank you for
9:59 am
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100% real milk. no discomfort. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today it's getting hot in here. wendy is serving all of today's sizzling hot topics. and wendy and her panel are talking on biggest headlines of the week. plus, superstar tricia yearwood heats up the kitchen with healthy twists on comfort foods. now, here's wendy! ♪ [ applause ] >> wendy: good to see you again.


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