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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  May 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i can't see out of my one eye. >> a brick in a bus? shattered glass goes flying after someone threw a brick or a rock through a school bus window, and now this young woman you saw there has to get surgery to remove glass stuck in her eye. who people are looking for this morning. breaking news from overnight another earthquake hits nepal at least, four people are dead, latest from that part of the world. brady and his balls, the the nfl coming down hard on patriots quarterback tom brady but he is not giving up. i sense an appeal coming up here. punishment the patriots and to tom are facing this morning. could not happen to a -- never mind. it the is tuesday may 12th 2015.
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have you ever been stuck in rush hour traffic? have of course, you have. if you commuted at all, you certainly have. so can a man out run, the morning commute, on the schuylkill expressway. >> what man shall we choose. >> how about quincy harris, he is training for a marathon. he said he can run from let's say manayunk to olde city faster than a card. >> i would put my money on him. >> it depend on the morning of course. >> and the the timing of the morning. >> we will try that at 7:00. >> we have all thought it. i betty could get out of the car and just run. >> we will see what happens. >> it is 6:01. our number of the day is an eight out of ten once again. bus stop buddy with his polo shirt on, today. warm and humid. not expect ago lot of thunderstorm activity this morning or this afternoon but we will get cooler temperatures by this time tomorrow. cloud around this morning and widely scattered showers, you can see sunshine burning
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through these cloud 68 degrees right now. and it is a humid morning. so maybe not the best hair day for you. feeling like summertime this afternoon with that high of 88 degrees, before the the breezes pick up, later on in the day and we will get much cooler tonight and tomorrow. so, i guess the the question is bob kelly, if you have held out this long do you turn air conditioning on today because you know tomorrow you won't need it. >> i already broke down mainly because of the allergies. you open up the window and all that pollen comes back in the house. if you have allergies like i do and the kid you have already put the the air on over last week or so but 95, southbound starting to see jams from the academy in toward bridge street, beginning of the morning rush hour underway here. ben franklin looking good here. here's one of the spots you can get out and run a across faster than traffic during the height of our rush hour, no problems or delays here at the moment coming over bennie. we had an earlier opening at that coney palmyra now 6:15
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we're set for an opening at burlington bristol bridge. so watch the clock, 6:15 is the time to beat. live look here at the schuylkill expressway. we had a mattress of some sort laying in the left lane, penndot truck pulled up and kick it up to the side. we are good to go leaving town on the the schuylkill expressway. take a a look at the fog we're dealing work down in delaware. this is along route one delaware's route one near route 52. we have patches, south of wilmington. live look at route 202 not far from the king of prussia mall, chesterbrook boulevard interchange nice and quiet from kop through west chester. nice look here at the city sky line as sun begins to rise. pack your stuff and get out. have you ever heard that before. >> my mother said it repeatedly. >> it is move out day on the campus of the university of pennsylvania, so grab the mini fridge and lets go they are shutting down spruce street all day between 34th and 40th
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so the students and u-haul vans can roll in there. that will block the schuylkill exiting at both south street and at university. otherwise mass transit is looking good, with no delays mike and alex. >> a schuylkill congestion today. >> yes. >> it will clog the schuylkill. >> perfect for quincy. 6:04 on this tuesday. doughnuts and dollars new this morning police say a man broke in the dunkin' donuts in southwest philadelphia and stole the whole cash register. you can see broken glass at 63rd and girard. unidentified suspect was taken into custody at a home not very far from the dunkin' donuts. no school today for special needs student who got glass in her eye when someone threw a rock through school bus. >> philadelphia police are revealing surveillance video from businesses in the area in hopes of identifying people who threw brick or rock and
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there is steve on the scene. >> reporter: a combination of concrete bricks, rocks, right next to the street here. why that pile of rocks is there, who knows but, some kids thought let break big rock into smaller roxanne as we pan left here comes a september bus down the the street. aspen street is a street that buses take. pick up the sticks and come down here and give people a view of the street here. buses are coming down street we have fields on both side. as we spin around we are right across the street from what is called middle years alternative philadelphia public school which has grade five through eight. ten year-old through 14 years old and that is likely age range of the boy seen throwing rocks at passing yellow school bus here right after cool at 3:30 yesterday coming from another school with nine special needs students, two bus aids and a school bus driver who quickly stopped the bus as one big chunk of concrete came crashing through a bus window, close to the kid
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in the back, the shattering glass and a piece of the rock then broke off, hit the the the eye of courtney clancy. >> it must be did you but they told me a boy threw a brick through the window and hurt my daughter. she had glass all in her eye. >> i was sitting in my seat. a boy put a brick in the window and it went in my eye. >> we're working on cameras. we think we have footage from a city camera here. we are hopeful we can get that video out to identify these individual. right now we have very minimal descriptions. it appears to be for no reason at all. >> reporter: minimal description maybe positive identification shortly after schools opened since middle years alternative right across the the street from the mill creek playground and you can see right in front of the playground, it is a sad but there is a reason that real
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crime time camera is there. that is because this has been a crime spot before. they put those cameras in high crime area. that is sad you have to have that next to the playground and a school. obviously detectives figure the boys fifth through eighth graders here since it was at 3:30 yesterday. a although they could be from another school but this is first they will take that video and good freeze frames to the teachers and administrators here and see if they can somehow identify the kid. maybe even wearing uniforms from the school here on forty-seventh street, right at that playground. maybe the kids saw all of the coverage, feel so terrible about this little girl having her eye cut and having it blackened by the rocking go through and say we didn't mean to throw it at somebody we were just trying to hit the bus and we apologize and we will come forward and tell mom and dad and maybe tell the principal too. i don't know, don't count on it right. >> don't count on it. 6:07. shooting near college campus
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in california leaves two people the shot and a third person hurt, why police are questioning one of the supposed victims. but first philadelphia's primary election is one week away, we will tell you you can still make sure your vote counts. >> it is important.
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we are one week away from the primary election. >> candidates are beginning
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their final push for the vote but when you have this town the the mayor of fill will be chosen a week from today even though it is just a primary you know what i'm saying. a a few gathered in center city for forum hosted by global philadelphia association. latest forum focused on philadelphia's role are as an international city. we sure are. questions included how globalization has an effect, on our region. primary election as alex has said three times now is a week from today. >> want to make sure people remember. how many forums and things have they done since this started. >> at least 25. >> i would say. >> sometimes 3a day. >> if you are going to be out of town you need to vote absentee if you vote with absentee ballot today is your last day to register. not sure how? head over to my fox we will show you how to register before today. here we go again. >> someone taking shots at george zimmerman but bullet
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just missing him, missing his face and it turns out the gun man noise stranger. we will take you live to florida to tell you how they met before. >> george zimmerman again bob. >> good morning. 6:12. live look at 422. we are seeing volume pop heading toward king of prussia can you run faster than driving on the schuylkill expressway? all that and more in sue's forecast when we come right back.
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american red cross say dozens of people spending a night in the shelter set up in a east texas town of van where a deadly tornado hit. rescue teams helped 40 teams last night but that number is down from the 50 people that stayed sunday night after the tornado hit this town. crew is a say two people were killed and nearly 120 homes were destroyed. >> not much left of the town of ran just outside of dallas texas night before last. major hurricane. well like a hurricane a tornado. look at the tarps on the roof. >> they are all cyclones, the le pressure system, counter clock wise circulation just different forms that they take. hurricane season has not started yet and we have used our first name the list, tropical depression ana just out there off the coast of wallops island virginia. 30-mile an hour wind moving toward the north east. this is path it will take over the the next 24 hours as it head up toward northern new jersey and, really isn't having a big effect on our
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weather at all. we're seeing some sunshine here in olde city. we have some cloud around. as we look at our future temperatures we will get in the upper 80's by three or 4:00 this afternoon. eighty-seven will 88 degrees should be the the high temperature. this is may 12th. high temperature is supposed to be about 72. we're well above average. this is an early taste of summertime of course, 86 in wilmington. mid 80's every where else. tonight we will see temperatures drop down after a cold front comes through tomorrow morning for good day philadelphia, we are in the mid 50's and it is our spring fling morning. we will need sweater meeting us out in media in the morning or in the evening because by the time it is evening it is only in the upper 60's, instead of the upper 80's. we will lose 20 degrees between today and tomorrow and early in the morning on thursday, many of us will be in the 40's, so that will be a shock to the system after today's temperatures, that will be in the upper 80's. right now walking out the door 68 degrees in philadelphia 64
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mount pocono. lancaster had 63. it is 66 degrees in wildwood. we have been checking visibility and they are reduced in a couple places. a a lot of moisture in the air. very humid. 3 miles trenton half mile visibility in wilmington and quarter mile in millville. that fog comes and goes. it is nothing that is solid and dense this months guy it is out there 80's return yesterday, high of 84. here is your average high where we are supposed to be about 72. we will get there. we will get below average actually tomorrow and beautiful day on thursday but remember we're going to start out chilly with temperature around 50 in the city and 40's in the suburbs. friday's high 75 degrees. saturday a warm front brings the possibility of some scattered thunderstorms. less than perfect over the weekend but temperatures so at least it will be feeling like spring again bob kelly after today. >> sound good. 6:17. sueby, good morning everybody. tuesday.
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sun beginning to rise. live look at i-95. we have sun glare rolling northbound, up from delaware up toward philly international airport. and starting to see some volume here as well, curb side along the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia. all of the construction here in bellmawr, 295 pick up and they are gone out of here already for a morning rush. already a jam on the schuylkill expressway, a westbound, you know tuesday mornings are one of the busiest morning rush hours of the whole week. monday a lot of folks like to work from home make those appointment but tuesday everyone seems to head in the office and we are seeing that already here westbound on the schuylkill jammed from city out toward belmont avenue. downtown philadelphia the i-95, coming in through penns landing heading in toward the tunnels there in the vine street expressway. light volume. we have the old marriott there in the background. but no problems between the the airport and center city this morning. we have a move in day or move out day on the campus of the the university of
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pennsylvania, and spruce street closed between 34th and 40th all day long and septa also detouring bus routes 40 and 42, with the students packing it up and moving out mike and alex, back over to you. another major earthquake hits nepal near the chinese border. officials are reportedly that at least four people were killed and a number of buildings collapsed in an isolated little town after nepal's latest disaster a rescue, and search team has already begun searching through wreckage following this magnitude, listen to this for another quake, 7.4. norwegian red cross posted to its twitter account saying it is already treating victims who need help. as you know, three weeks agony paul suffered a huge earthquake almost and eight magnitude that killed over 8,000 people. they got hit again just yesterday. police are investigating a violent incident near the
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university of california, santa barbara campus . two men were shot and a third was a all thed in a home. one of the injured men is believed to be, a suspect . and a police are looking for a second suspect, as well. it is unclear if the men are students at uc santa barbara, their injuries reportedly were just moderate. incident happened in the same area where elliott roger, killed six students and wounded 14 others, before killing himself, that was, back a year ago. in may as a matter of fact exactly a year ago. well george zimmerman has another mug shot or could be on his way to another mug shovel involved in another shooting yesterday. >> as it turns out mike, zimmerman has had a run in with a gunman before jackie is live in st. mary lake florida where this gunman has had trouble handling his road rage jackie. >> reporter: that is right guys, good morning to you. i'm outside lake mary police department where we are learning more about what
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sparked this road rage incident yesterday. we should get the 911 call as well. lets lot the at extent of that damage a. lake mary police say george zimmerman flagged an officer down after a bullet just missed his head as he was driving his truck yesterday afternoon. now the former neighborhood watch volunteer wasn't seriously hurt. he only suffered minor injuries after being cut by the shattered glass when the bullet went through passenger side window of his pickup truck. zimmerman's name became known after shooting and killing after trayvon martin in 2013 and zimmerman was acquitted. as you guys mentioned zimmerman had several run ins with the past with the apparent shooter matthew averson. back in september he called police that zimmerman there the toned kill him while they were both driving on lake marry boulevard. and then a couple days after that, incident, averson told police that zimmerman was following him. he to not press charges.
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we have spoke with averson's attorney and said hade do these guys have an ongoing feud between them? the the attorney says i can only speak on behalf of my client i cannot know what is going on in george zimmerman's mind but averson's attorney did say he acted in self-defense. thinks still an ongoing investigation and we are trying to learn much more and once we get the the hand on that 911 tape later on today. we are reporting live from lake mary jackie back to you in philadelphia. >> talk about a troubled magnet, that is george zimmerman. 6:22. >> bolt bus catches fire forcing a highway in connecticut to shut down why one passenger said the bus stopped moments before this happened. >> my goodness. we will show you the whole tape. he is suspended nfl comes down on quarterback tom brady, there is tom but he is not alone. the what the team will to have give up. when is he go to go appeal.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. after last night's loss to pittsburgh phillies send third base man codey asche to triple a lehigh valley to learn to play left feel. he will be there to ten days. new to the game. phillies up one to nothing. third inning starring martwell. two on, jerome williams not a
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good breaking ball. pirates go up three-one the. nfl made their decision on the patriots and tom brady. choir boy quarterback gets a four game suspension. patriots lose their first round pick next year, fourth round pick in 2017 and they are fine one million-dollar. it goes right to the integrity of the game and nfl said it was unlikely that the footballs in the afc championship game were deflated without brady's knowledge. to equipment guys are suspended indefinitely. nba playoffs. washington was leading two games to one. but atlanta in the dark uniforms jeff with the drive, the score atlanta wins it 106-101, the series is now tied at two games appease. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. back to a disturbing story in philadelphia bricks and rocks hurled at a school bus yeah, kids were on board the bus. one of those students slashed by flying glass. she will be in surgery again this morning. lets get to jenny joyce with an update on the
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kensington fire we were bringing to you yesterday. we have more details on what might have happened jenny. >> reporter: alex and mike the investigation continues. this building is all boarded up now. we will hear from the witnesses coming up in a live report.
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we could see temperatures close to 90 degrees today but it will come to a big change tomorrow. big cool down, you know what that means. thunderstorms. listen up empire fans next season will be longer than season one and some big names have already signed on to be part of the show. well who we will see on the small screen this fall. big time names will be on empire next year and i mean the biggest. >> we miss empire. >> me too. >> on wednesday night, for sure. good day, it is tuesday may 12th 2015. sue says, on a scale of one to ten as far as weather is concern it will be an eight. >> so hot. >> most people i shouldn't say most some people are not complaining and some people will be happy to get spring temperatures back again here's bus stop buddy no jacket required. warm and humid out there. we have reports of some fog. not here in olde city where we
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have sunshine but plenty of places where there is fog. yep, there it is, you are eight out of ten. cloud around. little shower activity, all because of the off shore storms named ana and mix of clouds and sun right now with 68 degrees and 87 percent relative humidity. it is sticky out there. the not the best hair daze that we have ever had. your planner today goes for an early high of 88 degrees, meaning by two or 3:00 o'clock we should reach upper 80's feeling like july instead of may, but then a cool down by the afternoon and the evening with temperatures in the 70's for the drive home and then by thursday morning bob kelly temperatures might be about 40. >> wow. >> so much for shorts. >> yeah. >> 6:41. live look at i-95 as we head to work and school and play southbound heavy from academy through girard. morning rush hour underway. put a half april hour on the clock right now, south jersey
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same deal picking it up with volume between black horse pike and 295 bellmawr interchange, but in accidents coming in on the new jersey side. live look at the blue route in the area of route one in delaware county, again picking up volume but so far so good. we are dealing with fog. this is 495, in the the heart of the wilmington, delaware right along route 13 there. really thick fog rolling through wilmington but then closer up toward the city and we are clear as a bell. schuylkill expressway near conshohocken curve picking up volume but nothing out of the ordinary. as we head into philly international heading town to catch a flight out of the airport this morning, no delays on arrival and departures and mass transit also off to a good start. mike and alex, back to you. police say a man broke in the dunkin' donuts in southwest philadelphia and stole a cash register. you can see shattered glass that happened around 2:00 this morning at girard location.
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unidentified suspect was taken in custody at a nearby home. a map has died after up investigators a say someone purposely firebombed a kensington apartment building yesterday morning. >> now police are looking for the person responsible for this firebomb. it is an arson case that jenny joyce is covering in kensington general i. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. as many as 18 people lost their homes in this fire. one man lost his life. investigators are trying to find out who set this fire. it happened yesterday morning on kensington avenue near will air. witnesses a neighbors say when they saw flames they rush ladder over to the window to rescue people inside the building 306789 year-old matt was trying to come down ladder but piece of equipment collapsed and he fell to his death. the first responders say the the property did not have any working smoke alarms. the landlord says he installed a system but tenants stripped device for its part. that is why it was not working. neighbors rushed over to the property to try to save lives
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and reflect on what they saw. >> we got one of my ladders out me, my brother and another friend threw the ladder up. we got one guy down but other guy already jumped out the window and there was still three women in there and a baby. >> reporter: everybody got out from the fire department at that point. >> yes, fire department showed up and rest got out. >> you could see the alarm. go look and take your pictures. i spent almost $4,000 for electronic alarm system. >> there is an alarm and fit wasn't working. >> it is because they scrapped, they stripped the piping f you look up hallways, all of the piping is pulled apart and all of the wires are missing. >> reporter: we are told several people jump topped safety in this fire, and fire fighters had to rescue three people including a child, one man on the scene told us his wife is now hospitalized in critical condition while their three-year old daughter under accounts treatment at st. christopher's hospital. crime scene detectives and fire officials are continuing to investigate the cause of the fire and figure out who
6:35 am
may have been behind it, alex and mike. >> thank goodness, all right. 6:34. stowe away found dead on the ship bringing cocoa beans from west africa. >> now u.s. customs officials are investigating what happened on that ship. now, docked in south philadelphia. it arrived at pier 84 on columbus boulevard around noon time. that was yesterday afternoon. officials say that workers were unloading the cocoa beans when they found a man's body. now police are trying to figure out, who this man is. a arraignment for a mother accused of pushing her 20 month-old son off a bridge in allentown and then jumping herself. nineteen year-old jonisha perry is charged with murder after her son died over the weekend rescuers found perry back on the river bank back on may third and pulled her child from the river. d.a. described what witnesses saw on the bridge that left them shocked. >> when miss perry got to the middle of the bridge. she took the child out of the stroller held him on the railing of the bridge.
6:36 am
she have kissed her son and then pushed him over the edge. >> perry was released from the hospital last week and taken to the lehigh county jail. >> wow. 6:36. philadelphia police could release surveillance video of the suspect who threw rocks at the a school bus that was carrying special needs students. >> one of the students on the bus, got cut all over her eye, and in fact she had to have surgery again this morning steve what happened. >> reporter: well, mike her bus was going right under that surveillance camera, city police real time crime camera and it is here because there have been crimes before, but there is only a field on this side of the street, and a playground sadly on the the other side of the camera, which is right next to middle years alternative school and middle years because it is fifth through eighth graders and that is where detective believe the two boys probably go who threw the rocks at the bus and they have a shot of them on that video camera and now in our video of the aftermath you can see that the school bus had a shattered window because a large chunk
6:37 am
of concrete came flying through and tossed by two boys, on the bus, nine special needs kids kids not from this school but from the school of the future getting driven home for the day with two bus aids and the driver who immediately stopped once he heard courtney clancy crying. she got hit in the eye by a piece of the rock that broke off, and then shattered glass cut her lip, her cheek and parts of the glass and her eye as well. >> it came through window right where you were sitting. >> yes. >> how are you feeling. >> i cannot see out of my one eye. >> she got scratches in her eye back of the eye, it is blurry, and they said, i got to put drops in her eye from now until the heels and so she can sleep better. >> they hear bricks hitting vehicle. then he hears people
6:38 am
screaming. he stops bus immediately. the did his the right thing a alerts police. we take the kid to the hospital. >> no one cares what they do. but i just want this boy prosecuted. >> reporter: sadly gina's daughter courtney won't be going back to school today because she has to go back to the hospital because doctors believe there is some kind of glass, in her eye. as for the two boys, if they come back to school today chances are they won't be walking home at the end of the day but may get taken out of the school in the middle of the day by detectives who will likely get decent freeze frames enhanced from that video and show it to the teachers and administrators here's who may be easily identify them and that is if these kids don't come forward first and do something smart after doing something so dumb yesterday. >> dumb, dumb, dumb. happening right now some local nurses will spend the take on the picket line. they should be throughout in a little while. nurses union from crozer-chester medical center are demanding better staffing
6:39 am
this video is from them on strike last september. the union has been working without a contract since last june and the group says that they continued negotiations are moving slowly. last week nurses unions from across pennsylvania went to harrisburg to call attention to nurse to patient ratio issues. too many patients not enough nurses. lets get to wilmington delaware where mayor dennis williams will host town hall meeting on west ninth street at 6:00 o'clock tonight to discuss public safety, education and other initiatives being considered to improve quality of life for resident. meeting runs until 8:00 p.m. landing a new job is sometimes something to celebrate and maybe there will be celebration is today. philadelphia international airport is hosting a jobs fair at temple university liacouras center in north philadelphia. employers plan to fill hundreds of opened positions on this spot. this sound encouraging. do you want to work a at the a airport. jobs include positions with
6:40 am
the airline restaurants, retail shops governmental agencies right at philly international. job fair starts at 10:00 o'clock sharp this morning. if you ever sat in traffic so long you just think to yourself i might as well park, pull over and get out and just run to work. that is what quincy will do. should we call this the what kind of a challenge should we call this carvers man challenge. >> i like that one. >> commuter challenge, sue. >> that is a good one, commuter challenge with q. we will see how that goes. we can promise some perspiration today with that high temperature of 88 degrees but don't put sweat's way, we will tell you when you need them coming up next.
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we're looking live at the poconos. we will check back in a bit because jen fred will be there. checking out aqua topia largest indoor water park at cammal back lodge and what a great day to play in the water. we are talking about the 90's today. we will check back in there at 7:00. we are getting ready for spring fling tomorrow. this week we are going to media. at the 7:00 o'clock hour we
6:44 am
will be at court diner in baltimore avenue. then we will move to the coffee corner for 8:00 o'clock hour. at 9:00 we will go all over, we will be live from rose tree park but fun, of course toss in the stop in the morning. party will continue until the evening shows. from 5:00 to 6:30 we will be live dining under the stars along state street. we will be at opinion neck ohio's pizza on baltimore avenue. media pennsylvania we are coming your way and sue that means we are coming your way. >> that is right to everybody a's hometown, media a pennsylvania. it is a a great place. hopefully you will join us either in the morning evening or both. we will see you at some point. we have got the fog kind of coming and going out there. it is very humid. a lot of moisture, quarter mile visibility in wilmington, just 1 mile in millville. now atlantic city we have one and a half mile visibility. just depend where you are. it comes and goes. we have moisture coming from ana, former tropical storm and now tropical depression just off the virginia coast
6:45 am
continuing to move in toward the north east and then this cold front coming through later in the afternoon. it doesn't look like it will come through at the this point with a lot of fanfare like we saw yesterday but could be a pop up storm or two behind that front though, air that is about 20 25 degrees cooler then what we have in place right now. keep that in mind. a a few pop up showers with that off shore storm moving across the delaware bay into cumberland and salem counties right now and prediction have ovulater temperatures, 87 to 88 degrees by three or 4:00 in the afternoon. pretty humid. we could have a few pop up showers or storms but not a lot, i don't think, tonight. then tomorrow morning, for our spring fling temps in the 50's, and then 40's to the north of us, and then during the day, upper 60's is a all we will manage instead of upper 80's. that is more springy. and then thursday morning weak see some temperatures in the 40's once again. so done prepared for the cool
6:46 am
down. that is why we're here to prepare you for it. 68 degrees right now in the city, and 64 up in the mountain. sixty-seven at the shore. 66 degrees in wilmington delaware. we have been pretty warm over the past couple of days staying in the 80's since thursday of last week, and 84 degrees on both sunday and monday, even warmer than that today but you look at the drop, we will see that graph really take a plunge and it is a roller coaster ride for sure. we will plunge 20 degrees between today and tomorrow, and so cool, and nice for spring fling, nice day on thursday, next chance of rain will be on saturday with the warm front coming true and with alma moisture in the air it is hazy and fog any a lot of spots this morning. >> we definitely solve fog. i mentioned it earlier down in delaware. here's a live look at route 202 north of the naamans road, down in delaware, so again 495 portions of i-95
6:47 am
202, as you roll north but up toward 202 and 926 and then we are clear as a bell. give you an idea how patchy we are depend ing where you begin and end your trip for this morning rush hour. good morning from the bennie high atop camden toll plaza in problems yet as you work your way up and over the span in toward downtown philadelphia at eighth and vine. coming down the boulevard again light volume, so far work ago cross the twin bridge is here heading over towards the schuylkill. here's a live look at i-95 right here near commodore barry bridge. you can see volume popping on the northbound side just keep in mind university city today it is move out day on the campus of the university of pennsylvania. so sprees street will be closed between 34th and 40th so they can double park the cars and moving vans and parent pick kid up with all of the mini fridges and junk that they have accumulated this semester and septa also will detour bus route 40 and 42, that starts, actually already started 6:30 into this evening. a lot of extra volume exiting
6:48 am
the schuylkill there at university. mass transit is looking g mike and alex back over to you. boy, tense moments in the skies after a plane is forced to make an emergency landing, at lax, los angeles international airport. officials say plane's landing gear would not drop all the way down. pilots however did manage to land the plane beautiful job. nobody hurt. mechanics are inspecting the plane to find out what went wrong with the landing gear. tilting to the left there. good thing it didn't spark any fire. >> that is dangerous, wow. how about this a bolt bus on its way to boston from new york city, caught fire yesterday and on a highway in connecticut. all 46 passengers were able to get off safely. state police temporarily shut down the highway so fire fighters could extinguish these flames.
6:49 am
bus company says passengers were put on another bolt bus and now investigating what caused that fire. one passenger said they had stopped because of a in mechanical issue before the fire erupted. 6:49. former president jimmy carter says he is fine after canceling a trip overseas because of a health issue. he cut his trip short over the weekend because what hes in the feeling well. carter said he just had a bad cold. former president is scheduled to speak today at a conference in atlanta. >> right back at it. 6:49. so now for entertainment news on his debut album was college drop out but now kanye west can call himself a doctor. he got his doctorate. >> he was a drop out literally. he was awarded that honorary doctorate degree from chicago university that is a good school. it comes from the artist institute of chicago to be specific. while accepting his degree, kanye spoke a bit about being an artist and how he addressed
6:50 am
his opinions and puts it out there publicly. although he received his degree to applause, some 1500 students did sign a petition begins the school's decision to do this. kanye actually dropped out of the chicago's state university when he was just 20 years old. let's talk about empire it has been a while. >> are you ready foresees on two. >> yes. >> i am too. >> big names have signed on to fox's mega hit chris rock, lenny cravats and alycia keys. i like those picks. >> um-hmm. >> but when it comes to rumors, other people might be on the show, rapper common and one and only oprah and fox is planning a longer second season. we will get more empire guys with 18 episode over just last seasons 12. you will see it right here on fox 29, on wednesday starting this fall there an exact date? i don't think so. >> i would think first wednesday of september you'll see that first episode. >> good.
6:51 am
some people were saying it wasn't going to start until january. >> no, no no, no good we will get it in the fall. >> i hope so, yes that is a hit. >> we can wait and do something empire related how about getting your nails done, right? you can keep it right on your fingertips this video was up loaded to the instagram account yesterday and also on twitter showing off new empire nail decals. >> i have to have this. >> you can apply your favorite characters little cookie on your hands, and then get luscious lying on your fingers. >> i will put luscious on my big toe. >> so it is all part of the manny monday. i was looking at twitter account. where can you get these? it is man crush monday. so manny monday. show off your manicure. >> really. >> yes. >> anyway, apparently you tweet them they will let you know where to get this set. >> taraji toenails. a sailor wake up to find a
6:52 am
sneaky stowe away on game. look at this dude. >> it is a seal. >> navy seal.
6:53 am
6:54 am
what a surprise for one sailor when he wakes up to a an unexpected guest sleeping next to him on his boat it was a seal. >> yes, snuck on boat and made
6:55 am
himself comfortable. california man grabbed his cell phone saying in one would believe him so pull out the phone and get this video. he thinks it snuck on the boat in the middle of the night and say i will solve fun here. >> that is a sea lion now that i look at it, that is a see he see lion, do you see the the lion. >> i see the the lion. >> okay. >> he said the animal did finally make its way off the boat. >> his name is luscious. >> you are such an empire fan. >> yes. >> getting my nails done today. >> you ain't lying. >> nicely done. >> thank you we have all been there. stuck in rush hour traffic thinking i can almost run to work and still not be ton, i guess people wouldn't be done with traffic. >> what you are saying is you can beat traffic just by getting out of your car leaving it on the side of the road and running into work. so here's the the the deal... basically we will start around manayunk okay okay. >> where lincoln drive connects to 76.
6:56 am
>> right. >> you can take kelly drive or get on the schuykill. quincy will run kelly drive and our photographer will get in his vehicle and try to beat him on the schuylkill expressway. who will get to fourth and market faster do you think? the car or the the man? >> man verse car. >> it is quincy. he is a super man. suspended for four games first round draft pick, nfl comes down hard on tom brady and patriots. do you think they were too harsh or not harsh enough. we will talk bit with former eagle garry cobb.
6:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at
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6:59 am
the glass slashing a young woman's face. today she's back in the hospital for more eye surgery. who would do such a thing. but the police do have a clue, who the the culprits are. too much or not enough. tom brady's suspension has football fans divided, we will bring in a former eagle garry cobb and get his take tweet us, let us know what you think as well. >> is that the guy that deflated his balls. quincy, out for a run along one, maybe 8 miles, where are you? >> wissohickon transportation center west philadelphia runners, and friend of, we will go against our fox 29
7:00 am
vehicle. we beat the commute. find out coming up next. >> okay. >> vehicle will take the schuylkill quincy will run kelly drive. and there is this. >> largest indoor water park in the northeast aqua topia is opened for business, we are sending jen fred to check it out. >> is that cammal back mountain. >> yes. >> great looking facility. >> that will be fun all summer. >> it just opened. >> yes. >> i'm sure she will get down a tube, 90-degree temperatures in some of our area. >> my goodness. >> and then... >> change. >> lets look at the number for today, it is an eight out of ten if you like it hot. bus stop buddy just a a polo shirt, no jacket required. it is warm and humid and areas of fog that might slow you down even though it had has been light on you for a while. quite a few clouds, a couple of stray showers down in cumberland county, new jersey. take a closer look at that i


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