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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 24, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x fin the future of awesome. right now we are following breaking news out of louisiana. several people shot at a lafayette movie themed details they're still coming in but we do know two people are dead including the shooter. >> five others are hurt. three of them critically. this just happened aft 9:00 tonight. we'll stay on top of this and bring you any new information as soon as we get it. meanwhile here at home arrest. witnesses call shocking. caught on phone video. the man who record this says it shows officers beating a delaware county man. >> fox 29's chris o'connell talked to the man who shot that video. he is live at the delaware county courthouse with an interview you'll see only on fox. chris? >> reporter: well, iain, first of of all tonight although he seize no evidence of excess tiff force used by chester city police officers, the delaware county district attorney has launched an investigation into
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that arrest of a chester man on sunday ton night as you said, fox 29 has spoke exclusively with the person who recorded that controversial encounter. >> bleep. >> this ain't cool, man just like sickening every time i see it. >> after fear of threats retribution you're just hearing the voice of the man who shot this controversial video. >> everybody beating him. kicking and jumping him like a street fight. >> it's a three minute of a man getting purged during violent arrest in chester on sunday. >> i seen cops brutally punching a man in the face much another cop pulling up he came out with a taser. tase him! she tased him after that she pulled out her baton and started beating him witness stick. >> reporter: the man at the center it 49-year-old walter moat by friends as eddie f. they say he's mentally disable. chester police stop him driving the wrong way down a one-way
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street. what happens in the moments after was captured on smart phone. >> if you carefully look at the phone mr. moat is resisting. >> reporter: delaware county da jack whelan launched the investigation after the video was made public on social media. he says what the video does not show moat punching two police officers. a stolen handgun found in his waistband and a long list of felonies dating back to the mid 80s. >> this is a dangerous individual and the police were lucky to apprehend him without murder incident. >> reporter: despite the police report, the man who watched and recorded the arrest says he never saw a gun and thinks what happened to moat was excessive. he says he was afraid to help fearing the same thing would happen to him. >> i want to do help him honest honestly. but i couldn't. >> reporter: now moat remains in the delaware county prison on $175,000 bail. the officers involved in that
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arrest are still on active duty tonight. iain? >> chris, thank you. black smoke pouring out of this camden county building night. skyfox over the 700 block of colonial square drive in lindenwold just before 7:00. crews are not giving us much information tonight but you can see how many fire trucks are working to get the flames under control. the red cross tells us they are helping people from four townhomes. day at the beach turns scary for a 12 year old girl in atlantic city. police say she and a friend notice add man staring at them while they were in the water off annapolis avenue on july 11th and he look like this right here. police say the man got closer and actually grabbed one of the girls legs in the water. she got away. but police say he followed her and several minutes later groped her. that's when she screamed and he took off. police are now looking for this guy. a dunkin' donuts in south philly was robbed earlier this month but it's how the robber got away with the crash that's got a lot of us talking to night night. now police need your help to
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find him and let's just say it shouldn't be that hard. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from south philadelphia tonight. dave, this robber used an interesting method to disguise himself. >> reporter: yeah, he will really did. he used a clear plastic bag over his face the only problem is that the cameras security cameras actually saw his face before he ever put that bag on. surveillance camera rah records from above as a man covered with a clear plastic bag jumps the counter of a south philadelphia done did you doughnuts with a knife in hand. >> it's scary. it's definitely scary. >> reporter: he freaks out the store worker as he moves to the money box under the register stealing an unknown amount of cash according to philadelphia police. >> i think it's unbelievable. dunkin' donuts is never any problems out here. >> reporter: customers were spoke with were surprised it happened on spot they regularly frequent on the 300 block oregon avenue. >> usually there's cops around here all the time. it's brazen to jump many over the counter like that.
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>> you can see in the video the manure lies on the clear plastic bag to cover up his face. >> like he didn't care. he wanted to get caught but he didn't want to get caught at the same time. >> i'm here every morning three or four times a dame never an issue here. >> which is why neighbors want this case closed quickly. >> they got to catch the guy because it could happen anywhere anywhere. it could happen at any store. >> reporter: thankfully no one got hurt in this incident. give philadelphia police a call if you have any information on the suspect. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. on your radar clear skies tonight. scott, so easy to get you've to gorgeous weather like this. >> it's beautiful, it's comfortable. the humidity is really low. take a look at this. 36% temperatures right now in the upper 70s. but take look at the map here. 56 degrees already in the pocono mountains. upper 60s for allentown as well as reading. so for tonight the outer
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suburbs we're looking at temperatures dropping into the upper 50s. 66 degrees in the city. if you liked today you'll love tomorrow. a lot of sunshine, temperatures by 1:00 o'clock 83 degrees. 87 for the high. i am tracking more rain in the seven day forecast as well as another potential heat wave brewing. details on that coming up. >> all right, scott thank you. you saw it first on fox. a philadelphia furniture store accused of of not giving customers what they paid for. fox 29 investigates went digging for answers and now the state's top prosecutor is taking action. fox 29 weekend anchor karen hepp spoke to some customers who say they are victims. >> reporter: every time willie mcdonald looks around his empty house, he feels angry. >> if i was 30 years younger and i was not christian like i am now, i know what would happen. no doubt about it. >> reporter: he spent nearly $3,000 on furniture he never got and now he's out his money and his patience.
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>> so many people they cheated out of money. >> i think that it's atrocious that they've actually done this to people elderly people. >> reporter: it wasn't just the elderly. scores of people contacted fox 29 investigates saying they bought stuff from furniture sir plus which became furniture king and they got nothing. now the state attorney general' office is taking all of the own owners to court. we decided to file suit and include preliminarily injunction motion so we can get a full accounting of all the assets, all the funds all the resources that they have to make sure that these consumers that were harmed by these various businesses are provided with dollar for dollar refund. >> reporter: right now the store is still open and we saw customers still shopping. the current owner says, he is trying to make things right. >> i'm here to help the cuff mers. (inaudible). >> so you're trying to make rye witness cuff mers? >> been trying to make it right
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for a long time. the owner tells karen hepp he got behind with the change of ownership. watch fox 29 investigates original report on our website head to developing right now a texas medical examiner is just release released autopsy report in the death of sandra bland. now bland's death is behind much controversy including questions as to whether she really hanged herself inside a texas jail cell. the 28-year-old was found dead in her cell three days after a state trooper arrested her during a traffic stop. the autopsy report released today reveals no injuries that would suggest someone killed her. she did not have any defensive injuries on her hands that would indicate a struggle. the report also shows that she had marijuana in her system. her family maintains she would not have killed herself and right now the texas rangers and fbi are investigating. it may take all night to get this water main fixed in east
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falls from skyfox you can see water bubbling up through the cracked road along scotts lane. the main broke this afternoon a nearby shopping complex is the only place in the area without water tonight. homes and property in that area were not damaged. former goal running back lesean mccoy coming back to philly but not on the football field. >> howard it's for a party. >> well, something tells me that this party may not turn out well well. it already has a few issues. the former eagle lesean mccoy holding a women's only party here in philadelphia. now, you have to register and only then will you be told the location. but looking at his invitation on instagram let me explain why this may not be a good idea. all right. let's start with here we have a picture of how the bills running back lesean mccoy with the buffalo bills logo on the background. the post has been taken down. the bills issued a release that he cannot use their logo. all right.
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so now there are requirements you have to meet. you must be at least 21. you must summit one picture and social media information. you must sign a confidentiality agreement and upon confirmation you will receive pick up/drop location and attire. i get the impression you may be turned down if they don't like your information f they sell alcohol is that legal and everyone is not invited? and remember an incident back in 2012 it was in december mccoy had a party bus with women and it ended up where he kicked some of the woman off the bus while driving up the turnpike. this party sounds like a blast to me. and now you wonder why the eagles got rid of him? iain, you're not invited! >> incredible rescue by a group of strangers they lift that car off a woman trapped underneath. why rescue crews say they couldn't do it a lone. stuck in an exercise machine machine. what happened in the weight room that landed this guy on a
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stretcher. >> plus hackers taking your information hostage infecting your friends and family then disappearing. how you can fight back against this invisible army. they spent hours battling these intense flames. but it's what happened later in a local diner that brought firefighters to tears. >> we're blessed to have people like that in our lives. we want more people like that in our lives. >> the random act of kindsness they will never forget. ♪♪
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♪ northeast philly police need your help finding this guy who they saw robbed a north wood family dollar store.
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it happened on july 12th on the 4500 block of castor avenue. the money used a stocking to cover his face before demanding money from an employee. he was able to get away with cash from both registers. new moms in delaware will be leaving the hospital with one less thing from here on out. >> you'll no longer leave after giving birth with a gift bag filled with bottles and formula. fox 29's shawnette wilson live tonight from christiana hospital in delaware. shawnette, officials are banning these bags for reason? >> reporter: yeah, iain. you know, delaware is actually the third state to ban these bags. they're touting the health benefits of breast feeding and they also say it will save families in and health care companies money. >> i bought everything. i have everything but i don't have formula yet because i don't know what the hospital might recommend or what they would think would be best. >> rebecca montgomery is expecting her first baby in two months. but she learn today that after she delivers they she won't be leaving the hospital with gift
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bag they have given out filled with bottles and formula. >> i don't think that's something they should take away. >> reporter: start dag delaware health officials say none of its hospitals in the state will give out formula samples any longer. if an effort to better promote breast feeding. >> i think that's something that they should give because not every mom will be able to breast feed. so i think that's something they should continue to give out. >> reporter: doctor carol, is a director of did he vision of public health in delaware. >> this is kind of changing the paradigm so that breast feeding is the first choice but if people choose not to, it's not a judgment on them, but certainly we don't want to be supporting them in quitting breast feeding when they're trying so hard to do so. >> reporter: 10 month old melissa's mom tara says parents should have a choice. she also feels the formula samples come in handy if a mom intends to breast feed but gets home and can't. >> i think everybody should have the option to, if they want to breast feed or if they want to
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have milk from any company you're so stressed out and you're not thinking of those things and to have it readily available it's like oh wow thank you so much. like i wasn't even thinking of this. >> reporter: and health officials also say that doing away with these bags will eliminate the assumption that hospitals actually prefer one formula brand over another. the formula bags were donated to hospitals by marketing companies. lucy? >> all right, thank you shawnette. traffic is moving smooth toll night on i-495 but a nasty crash you can see it right there shut it down in new castle today killing one person. hurting several others including young children. police say one of the cars crossed into the median went airborne and landed upside down on a car in the southbound lanes lanes. that driver died at the scene. four others in the car he hit went to the hospital including three children. one of them an eight-year-old boy is seriously hurt. in north wildwood police say they've caught the last of those three burglars who hit morey's
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piers. they now have 23-year-old leander jar al. on july 11th he and two teens stole a computerized cash register worth $2,400. jarrel now face faces theft criminal mischief and trespassing charges. officers arrest add 13-year-old and 16-year-old on tuesday. you can see this massive warehouse fire for miles in new jersey yesterday. even firefighters from around here called to help battle the flames for hour upon hour in north brunswick. a after a long hard day's work they were hungry and for some firefighters their meal came with quite a surprise that brought them to tears. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson explains. ♪ >> reporter: after battling a brutal fire for about 12 hours firefighter ball hullings just want add meal here and some rest. he had no idea that he'd end up on social media people applauding a random act of kindness from his waitress after
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speaking to the waitress about his experiences he and a friend were getting ready to leave the route 130 diner here in delran when they noticed what was written on their check. >> my friend tim young he was going to pay for the bill and he turn the bill over and look at it and says, we don't have to pay 40. the young lady gave us a free meal because of what we do and risking our lives every day report roar aside from appreciating the waitress who pick up his check mr. hullings was visibly shaken by the gesture. even hours later when i spoke to him. >> we're blessed to have people like that in our lives. we want more people like that in our lives to show they care about us for what we do. >> reporter: receipt was posted to social media by a friend. so the waitress here liz woodward had no idea what was going on and was still asleep when we reached out to her and she said ultimately she was surprised by the response because it was just the right thing to do. >> i wanted them to know, that they are appreciated, you know, and everything that i did say they are brave, they are
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courageous, and what they do does deserve to be appreciated. >> liz clearly appreciated mr. mr. hullings response but said after hearing his story because the least she can do. >> one random act of kindsness a day can change 365 lives. guys after spending a little time with her i found out helping people is just kind of who liz is. her father is quadriplegic and has been bedridden since suffering a brain aneurysm and liz is trying to raise funds so she has a fundraising page to buy transport van he can get out and get around. if you'd like to help the person who helped others, we'll get all that information up on our fox 29 facebook page. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> aiming for the sky. these mullica hill softball players getting in one more practice tonight before playing in their biggest tournament yet. the harrison township little league is the first local team to win the state championship. now, they're heading to bristol connecticut for the eastern regional tournament of the girls could not be more excited.
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>> this has been like my dream since i first started softball, and knowing that there's like all star team i want wanted to be on it forever. now it's come dream. now i'm going to regionals. >> we practice hard and we work hard and we try to just get through it and better for our team. >> if the team wins in bristol they'll hit the road again for the little league softball world series. the tournaments in portland, oregon and the games there begin on august 11th. >> we give a shout out sunday. good job girls. plane in the air and instructor and students but they've got a problem. their lanning gear stuck. what happened as soon as this plane touched the ground. that shows what was really wrong wrong. forget the hotel either renting someone's condo for the night. where people are actually paying to sleep to make sure they get a good view. >> and mystery solved. what looks like a lion roaming around milwaukee where experts say it's hiding.
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>> but first a look at your winning lottery numbers. ♪♪ good evening, everybody. looking for something to do with the kids this weekend? i got just the thing for you. the delaware state fair opened up today. all the way through august 1st august 1st. so seeing a lot of extra volume along route 13 keep that in mind if you're heading down to the delaware beaches through the weekend watch are you doing for breakfast tomorrow? come on by and join me. you know what we do on fridays. we go down the shore tomorrow somers point we're coming your way. i'm going to be broadcasting live from the breakfast shop along bay avenue. if this your week down the shore or you want to throw the kids in the car bring them on by. we'll put them on tv when we go live tomorrow morning at 6am from somers point, new jersey. we'll see you bright and early
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♪ check out this incredible video. catches a group of strangers working to help a woman pinned under a car. surveillance video shows the car colliding with a motorcycle in dallas. the biker got trapped underneath the car and police tried to lift the car with a jack but it broke. the people near her actually jumped in to lift the car with their hands and others pulled that woman to safety after all of that she has no major injuries. a tragic discovery inside a tulsa oklahoma home.
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two teens are in jail tonight charged with killing five of their family members. three of those police found stabbed to death inside the broken arrow home. four children ages 12, seven and five. the adults were the parents of the suspects. 18-year-old and 16-year-old boys boys. two children have survived one of them is still in the hospital. police say a 911 call where no one spoke is what tipped them off and had them racing to the home. despite recent controversy donald trump took his republican presidential campaign to the mexican border today where he says he thinks he'll win the hispanic vote. trump also claims he can provide proof that illegal immigrants are often drug dealers rapists and other violent criminals. trump is currently leading all on the republicans seeking their party's presidential nomination according to recent polls. the search is on for a lion roaming the streets of milwaukee milwaukee. the milwaukee police department says they've gotten two dozen calls from people who have seen the lion. so far police have not found
3:25 am
anything resembling a wild beast. some think the large cat is in someone's basement. not because it's hiding there because that's its home. many aren't convinced it's a lion. >> i feel very strongly it's a male cougar you can tell by the size. it's a very well fed cougar. i believe truly that it's somebody's pet. >> cougar sightings in wisconsin not unheard of. last october two of them were spotted in the northern part of the state. according to the department of natural resources but this time lion has become a local celebrity. of course on twitter especially people posting mock sightings using the hash tag mke lion. >> several day cares close for g parents are out of luck. workers left high and dry. the trouble we found when we looking for answers. scott? >> lucy, beautiful weather today today. what about tomorrow? the upcoming weekend? i'm track something changes. the return of heat potential heat wave as well as storms. details next.
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>> all right, scott. what swimming up the delaware canal? we're not talking about shark. why officiaia
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♪ >> right now at 10:30 we're still following breaking news. several people shot at a lafayette movie theater. two people are dead including
3:29 am
the shooter and police now say the gunman opened fire right around 7:30 then turn the gun on himself. >> sick others are hurt of the three of them crit cream this happened just after 9:00 tonight. we of course will stay on top of this and bring you information as we get it. >> in the meantime here at home a parent teacher organization president are a revved and charged with using bank account as a personal piggy bank. abington township police say this woman spent near nearly 20 years from the rydell pto. she you've the money on groceries, international airline tickets and glasses. the spending started last september. she since resigned. >> several daycares shut down without any warning in camden and considering it's the middle of summer, parents have been scrambling to find a new place for their children. >> employees are now looking for new jobs. fox 29's bruce gordon went to find out what happened. >> reporter: the door is closed and lock at the martin luther king child development center on penn street in camden.
3:30 am
it was shut down without warning last friday. leaving parents like felicia reyes morton in the lurch. her 10 month old ruby had been cared for at mlk nowing. >> you're trying desperately to find some place. yes. >> you have to pay $100 a week more and drive to cherry hill. none available spots in the city. >> workers at the penn street facility where infants and toddlers were cared for say in recent weeks the once well stock facility showed signs of decline decline. >> we were bringing our own supplies from our own house as far as toilet paper and tissue. >> you had to bring your own toilet paper? we had to bring our toilet paper for us adults to go to the bathroom ton dry our hands off using the bathroom. >> reporter: overall atmosphere within the last several weeks, months? >> whoo! just sad. >> reporter: last thursday came a letter from mlk executive director diana walker. telling workers she was quote unable to issue paychecks as scheduled due to an unexpected hold on our been account.
3:31 am
>> no paycheck. >> no paycheck. >> reporter: any idea if and when you'll get a paycheck? >> no, basically she's not going to pay us. >> we come here every day. work our behinds off and then like this is what happens to us? loyal employees. >> reporter: subsequent letter said the mlk site on florence street was closed permanently. while the penn street location and the center in sicklerville may reopen this fall. a woman whom workers identified as diana walker entered the florence street building without comment. later the man with her could be scenery moving what appeared to be personal belongings and packing them into a car. says felicia reyes morton -- >> just unprofessional and um, unsavory and it's just not right. >> reporter: that letter from walker describing the temporary closure of this facility and the one in sicklerville says in the coming weeks they will be recruiting new employees for those sights to reopen this fall. workers we talked to wonder whether those new employees will be treated the same way they were treated.
3:32 am
in camden, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> some tense moments for night instructor and student when they're landing gear stopped working mid air. crews were concerned it wasn't completely lock after circling a small ft. lauderdale airport. they were able to come down safely. witnesses think the front wheel may have jam. no one was hurt. >> summer the talk has been sharks down the shore. a different water animal is grabbing the attention delaware. check it out. super cute it's a manatee. i love manatees. state wildlife official say it's made its way to the canal near saint georges. they're asking any boaters in the area to keep an eye out and keep your distance. we don't want this guy to be hurt. >> absolute. >> meantime let's get a check rats on your radar. here's scott will jumps. >> looking pretty good over the next couple of days. we'll keep the humidity down. low dew points. we've been talking about that lately. they've been below 60. mostly sunny skies but remember that sunscreen especially during
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those hours of about 10am. to 4:00 p.m. you can burn pretty easeing. seasonal temperatures though tomorrow mid to upper 80s. the high today made it up to 83 degrees. below the normal for this time of year which is 87. but take a look. in 2011, it was stifling. 101 degrees that was the record high for today's date. 79 degrees right now in philadelphia. 36% humidity. look at some of the temperatures once you move outside of the city. 66 already in millville. 67 in atlantic city. mid 60s in pottstown. already into the mid 50s for the pocono mountains. down the shore right now pretty comfort every comfortable as well. 78 in cape may. somers point checking in at 71 degrees. of course, good day going to be down there tomorrow morning. stop by and say hi. as far as those dew points right now you can see we're in the 50s pretty much area wide. dew point right now in philadelphia at 50. we have a dew point of 54 in allentown. so basically that's the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. once again above 60 it starts to
3:34 am
get sticky last week we saw dew point in the 70s and it was oppressive. but right now, those dew points making it feel pretty refreshing and pleasant when you step outdoors. so give the ac a break. open up the windows. let fresh air in. high pressure still in control. showers and storms off to the south of us. and then we'll have to wait until about sunday afternoon and evening here's our next weather maker well to the north in canada as well as parts of north dakota. showers and thunderstorms with that. but as we time everything out tomorrow it's dry it's quiet it's comfortable get outdoors and enjoy it have your lunch outdoors. saturday maybe headed to festivals or headed into the dover area looking pretty good as we move hour by hour it's dry and quiet for your saturday night. then sunday we'll watch that front slowly but surely try and move toward our direction there could be few scattered showers or thunderstorms late sunday. so for tomorrow, 87 degrees. down the shore it's going to be beautiful. don't forget that sunscreen though. 82 for friday.
3:35 am
low 80s saturday and sunday. the pocono mountains refreshing tomorrow a little cool. and then high temperatures near 80. low 80s saturday and sunday. better chance for storms on sunday. we start to heat thing up as well. you can see 89 on saturday. dry, maybe a late day thunderstorm sunday. pop-up showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday. but then it look like another heat wave could be brewing for tuesday, wednesday into thursday three consecutive at or above 90 looks possible. >> beautiful now, though. >> yeah, it. >> exercise outside. not inside. look what happened to this guy. he got stuck in an exercise machine. what happened in the weight room that landed this guy on a stretcher. >> forget the hotel or even renting someone's condo for the night. where people are actually paying to sleep to make sure they get a good view.
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♪ this is unusual. firefighters in south florida
3:39 am
rescuing a guy whose head got stuck in a piece of hotel exercise equipment. the 60-year-old man was doing shoulder work out fell off the machine and got his head stuck. firefighters had to use a bar to free the man who was injured but alert when taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. poor guy. >> in your money tonight trouble for discount chain tj maxx. retail giant facing legal troubles after a couple of california customers filed a class act lawsuit. here's their problem. they're claiming the company placed deceptive price tags on its products and that you're not saving as much as you might think you are. a tj maxx disclaimer here. it says it's compare at price reflects estimates determined by its buying staff and it encourages you to just shop around. all you beer lovers out there we got a drink for you tonight that will go perfectly with your neck lobster meal. maine brewer teaming up way brewery from italy serving up a special kind of beer brood with live lobster and sea saul.
3:40 am
this is the perfect taste of the maine. it contains four-point 5% alcohol and available on a limited basis. >> sounds wrong. but anyhow. >> hurry up. how about this? website air b and b offering i was new way to get great view and stay win your budget. >> here's the catch, iain. you're paying to sleep in somebody else's car. >> huh? >> take look. these unique, unique short term rentals are popping up on air b and b in new york city. you got a chevy van 39 bucks a night in long island. one homeowner -- owner converted his taxi. it comes with sheets, a bed an portable wireless air-conditioner. >> oh, my goodness. there's a bed in here. >> look in here. >> honestly that has been that way for i would say three week. >> it has house rules. if you want to stay there, you can't -- you can't smoke. you can't invite outside guests
3:41 am
and there's no cooking. owner would prefer if you took off your street shoes please. so far the online reviews are positive. neighbors, though, aren't loving it. they call it little creepy. >> i think eighths little creepy creepy. >> me too. >> hackers taking your information hostage infecting your friends and familiar and disappearing. how you can find back against this invisible army. >> their picture went
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♪ on top of breaking news. several people shot at a lafayette movie theater. this video just into our newsroom. two people are dead including the shooter. police say the gunman opened fire right around 7:30 then turned the gun on himself. sick others are hurt. three are critically hurt. we're staying on top of this. of course we'll bring you more as we get it. important records to banking information those photos you can just replace all your priceless music it's all on your computer and a target for ransom. pay up or lose it. >> computer experts say you won't be able to do to stop these digital stick up artists and that includes catching them fox 29's joyce evans breaks this all down. ♪
3:45 am
>> it's basically a very high-tech form of trickery. >> becoming more destructive every day it seems. >> just when you think you have it solved, the hackers are the criminals. that should change the game of viruses. >> costly game gone viral according to tech expert anthony mongeluzo. >> the spreads so fast and hits so many things. >> who's taken on a dozen new clients in just one week and some of them repeats. row infected by different versions of crypto locker. >> well now the 3.0 version do you meaned to cost the us people $18 million already. we're only halfway through the year. >> reporter: typically worming its way in disguised as somebody you know. it's not just looking to tack you. it targets everybody on your contact list too. >> once your computer gets hit your computer and your e-mail will transmit this as you with a clever personal message such as hey, annal knee, this is joyce.
3:46 am
can you open this file. take look and tell me what you think, thanks, joyce evans. >> process repeats and repeats and repeats. >> reporter: when the hackers gain complete control of data belonging to each and of one of you, the ransom note appears on your screen. >> they actually give you a warning clock. >> a countdown to melt down. >> except when you encrypt a file you have the key to unlock it. and in this case, the hackers remotely encrypt you and they go, hey you want the key? it's right who are. give me a thousand bucks. >> reporter: paid with untriesable bit coin or a green dot money packard. what if you say no? >> then you lose your date today. >> reporter: unless you have all or most of it backed up. >> but again if you're a large company it could take seven or eight hours to recover your backup. you get 50 employees not working. so at that point is it cheaper just to give them a thousand dollars? >> very scary. >> reporter: still oak mortgage company refused to pay a single bit coin of ransom.
3:47 am
>> it infected a few other people in our office but we caught it quick enough it didn't spread through the whole company. >> reporter: by shutting down everybody, connected to that drive, but joanna graph says they had to beat the ransom clock to ensure protection of a countless number of clients information. >> we can't lose that date t i mean that is data we need to function every day. it would take too long to recreate something like that. >> reporter: it's an easy fix for his laptop says pcs tech support agent ryan freeze eighty three. >> since oak mortgage had good protection in place before they got hacked. >> we have all the files. okay? >> great. >> we back up the back up now we have cyber insurance. >> reporter: still -- >> you never know. you never know. could it still be lying dormant on your computer somewhere. >> reporter: just waiting for somebody to open it. >> there's ransom note right there. >> reporter: and forget trying to track them down with fake ip addresses and slick network
3:48 am
maneuvering anthony says they could be anywhere in the world and that they keep their ransom affordable allowing them to hit collect and disappear quick. >> in terms of absolute destruction it's probably the worse, yeah. >> what is still relatively safe data kept on multiple devices. for instance your desk top gets hit. anything you have on your mac, your phone and your iphone is relatively safe. for how long. >> it's just a matter of time. >> joyce evans fox 29 news. >> scary stuff there man bill cosby mural is gone. officially painted off. it used to grace the side of a building on broad street in north philadelphia. it was slated to come down spokesperson for the mural arts program said recent headlines did factor into the taking down the mural sooner rather than later. piñata maker in mexico gives people what they want and what they want these days apparently are piñatas of escaped drug lead
3:49 am
guzman he's got few versions and they're almost as big as a hit hit as donald trump piñata. requests came in for the donald piñata after comments he made about mexican immigrants. >> hug between two dogs literally saved their lives. >> yes indeed. now they're looking for place to call home together. despite some recent rumors, kayla and kyra are still looking for a home. this just grabs me. it's a second chance at life for this photo of them sharing a hug went viral. they met while waiting at an atlanta animal cling to be put down, you know, killed. we're toll the photo is not an in any way staged. it is stolen the hearts of animal rescuers who say since that time, the puppies have been best friends. >> they're definitely bonded bonded. they love to sleep together, play together, eat together, they are inn september rabble. >> i we shall i had enough room at my place and together where the rescue organization would like them to stay it's hoping
3:50 am
someone will adopt both of them but until that happens don't nations for their care are coming in. $3,400 so far. all right. howard is here with a look at sports. >> lesean mccoy isn't he such a great guy? he's having a party but it's not that simple to attend. i'll have the details coming up. and former eagles defensive back cary williams showing a little edge when he's talking about his former eagles team. hear from cary williams coming up in sports.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ lesean mccoy. remember him? he had something that looks like it's built to have issues. former e guilty lesean mccoy holding a women's only party here in philadelphia. now, you have to register and only then will you be told the location. but looking at his invitation on the instagram let me explain why
3:54 am
this may not be a good idea. all right. here we have a picture of how -- here -- lesean mccoy got the buffalo bills logo in the background much that's a problem much that is just one of the problem. the post has been taken down and the bills issued a release statement that he cannot use the bills logo. shocking. but there are requirements you have to meet. now you must be at least 21. you must meet -- summit one picture and social media information much that's important. you must sign a confidentiality agreement. and upon confirmation you will receive a pick up/drop location and attire. unbelievable. just truly unbelievable. i don't even want to get into it. the guy is an idiot. >> football camps in the that. fl have already opened. the baltimore ravens reported yesterday. eagles report on august 1st. many players are already working out at their facilities and that includes former eagle cary william. now with seattle. can't let some things go with
3:55 am
the eagle. number one he was released. >> yeah. it shocked me initially um, then i felt angry you know what i mean because like i said it's a lot of things people don't know about that happened in those four walls and i'll just going to keep it at that because i don't want people to think that i'm adding or i'm holding on and harboring anything. i just use that stuff to fuel. >> that means your harboring it. all right. don't these guys have clue? phillies open a zeros tomorrow afternoon in chicago. cole hamels decided he didn't want to pitch tomorrow rather pitch on saturday. why not? jerome williams is back after a terrible outing in new york. the mets and dodgers clayton kershaw right now 29 straight scoreless innings. the strikeout right here he had 11 for the game and jimmy rollins jimmy pumped up his average to .205 tonight. got up .204.
3:56 am
hit a homerun. dodgers win it three to nothing. anything to get people in ballpark. independent league team in minnesota. they held a pillow fight. 6,261 fans involve in the pillow fight which is a new guiness book of world records. now who -- who counted to determine that was the guiness book of world records. >> lesean mccoy maybe? (laughter). >> possibility, howard. possibility. >> wee want up to date you on that breaking news lafayette louisiana. fox news is reporting three people dead including the gunman of the nine people injured. >> for the very latest go to you'll get breaking news 24/ ♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪ [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling...
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♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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another deadly movie theater shooting this time it is lou san, two people dead, hear from witnesses about how violence played out. a violent arrest caught on camera of a man some say is mentally disable. we will hear from the witness who watched it a all happened. what the d.a.'s office is now saying about the individual row. south philadelphia detectives searching for a robbery suspect who they say hit a dunkin' dough new jersey in packer park and they need your help in the investigation. did day it is friday, july 24th, 2015. >> you know what i did. >> what. >> i pennsylvania parked my kara long penns landing and just sat there for a minute and looked at the river. >> took it all in. >> it was the most beautiful scene, best weather in the world. if you watch us right now head outside during the commercial break take it all in a


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