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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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right now on fox 29, a murder mystery. philadelphia police find this car riddle led with bullets in kensington this morning inside a 32 year old woman shot dead, but by whom. i'm joist evans and i'm dawn timmeney and investigators are searching for the women's killer right now. sabina karakose talked to frightened neighbors. crime scene investigators comb this 2014 ford escape for evidence, determined to find a person who murdered a 32 year old woman early saturday morning. it was liquefier crackers. it was 1:00 and is was upstairs and heard them. richard leaves right across the street from the parking lot of this converted school yard. he says after he heard those gun
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shots officers from the 24th district searched the streets with spot lights. it wasn't until just after 5 when police found the woman in the driver's see the of the car. she had been shot in the head and body and was pronounced dead minutes later by medics at the scene. >> to help people women to help people get back off their feet and right here in this same block someone loses their life. the building adjacent to the parking lot where the car was found houses a ged prep center run by community women's education project. it is advertising a upper camp 6789 calls to the numbers listed on the building were not returned. the scene of the alleged murder was a few blocks from where a port richmond mother was begunked down. it's getting out of control. police haven't made any arrests and they don't have a motive.
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investigators are investigating. sabina karakose, fox 25 news. the search is on for whoever shot a man and left him to die in the street. the 32 year old man was found lying in the side what can in the 2900 block of mountain street. the man died at the hospital. so far no arrests or suspects or any hints as to why the shooting happened in the first place. to your fox 29 weather authority. a pretty nice saturday following a very sticky week. let's go to fox 29 meteorologist dave warren. we'll keep the heat at least for a while. the nice water is here at least another day. it gets sticky again. first of all the heat wave continues. 88-degrees right now. we hit 90. another day of 90-degree plus. we're barely there. a lot going on tonight and there's a few flips blips on the radar screen. we'll start off in poconos, the
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pocono raceway. if you're heading to the ballpark for the phillies looking mostly clear. beautiful day down the shore, a little warm trying to get that see breeze to develop. temperatures climbed into the 80s, but nothing on the radar screen right now. that may change over the next few hours. here they are very isolated right now. they're drifting in from the west. you'll see the clouds come in. might see a brief shower as these move through tonight. they could be happening anywhere and there will be sliding few a few stronger showers possibly to the south moving off the coast there. but this is between about now and 2:00 a.m. that after that it clears out and it's done for the rest of the weekend. it looks like we're drying out on sat definitely seeing a few less clouds out there. just as hot. temperatures are dropping into the 80s overnight tonight. we'll be at 80 at about 8:15 when the sun goes down mainly dry. looking at just a few showers
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moving through. by 7:00, 73-degrees. 6:00 tomorrow morning that is sunrise starting off fairly nice with bright sunshine and just a few clouds. we have the heat and the humidity coming back. it's all in the sex-day forecast and we'll see it ends coming up a little bit later. it was a great day to unveil the phillies new mural. fans turning out to see the master piece at the walnut street bridge this afternoon. it's between 23rd street and skew skill avenue. it features former players and the moments from the 1980 and 2008 championships. steve keeley is live at citizens bank park where fans are reliving the glory days this evening. >> a beautiful day for baseball, but the baseball in philadelphia these days is ugly. it's not ugly. the sky line in center city is growing, but it's stunted growth here in south philadelphia when it comes to all four franchises no philadelphia team in the
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playoffs from any major sport. so to get some excitement here look who we ran into at the ballpark on an august weekend. some of the philly grates have been brought back, charley manuel and mike smith. they brought back playoff and world series clamps of the past. it was a manager, charley manager that got the biggest loudest, longest owe investigation of them all. with no teams in the playoffs it's really hard. the fans are still here. it's alumni weekend and they're showing their spirit out here. what team do you think the best chance of winning the championship. >> i would go with the flyers. i love my flyers. i'm a big flyers fan. so you think they're the hopes to do anything next of all four teams? >> of course. but i haven't given up on my phyllis yet. what sport do you think philadelphia has the best chance to get a championship yet. >> i have to say the eagles.
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i think the eagles have a really good shot making it to the playoffs. what was going through your mind when you her the owe investigation for charley he man yell. that was great. charley manual really deserved that. it was great. was it a bit sad that was for the manager that got fired a few years ago. >> we love charley. we were inside the stadium and not a huge rush to fill the seats on this sunny saturday. those coming in will see smith and manual around the batting cage. all around the stadium signing ought graphs for the next few minutes so who will the next champion and what team will be the next franchise to get into the post season. we're getting different answers, but the eagles season is up next. this stadium to be filled and loud and the last and only team with the eagles with a winning record, but now almost a completely new team and maybe one day it will be again not a
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player but a coach who gets the biggest owe investigation if he brings the championship to philadelphia. either that or chip kelly will get booed out to the irport. this is long a longshoremen down here in south philadelphia i after a double shift in line for three cheese stakes. as only steve keeley could give it to us. tonight a 2 # year old wilkesbarre ' man is under arrest charged with kidnapping and assaulting a teenage girl. walter lewis took jen a peterson from her home. that's jen a paterson. authorities issued an amber alert this morning and police got a tip where the two were spotted in the hospital parking garage. well, officers say lewis tried to runaway but they were able to catch him and arrest him. authorities say paterson was not hurt. no word yet on why the kidnapping happened in the first place. in franklin, new jersey, managers noticed on some strange
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behavior at a walmart bathroom and they called police. when it was all said and done, officers arrested 24 year old brittany gym son here. police have not said said exactly what she was doing. but they did say that they found her in the bathroom with heroin, hypodermic needles and some other drug paraphernalia. she's due to be in court next week. dangerous wild fires are spreading in several western states and now comes word a firefighter has been killed in one fast moving fire in northern california. fox's will carr is following the story for us from los angeles. >>reporter: about 0 large fires are ranging across northern california destroying homes and forcing hundreds of residents to flee. we saw it behind our house. we you sabina the smoke pouring over. so we started collecting stuff and we've left. we've lost two dogs and my grandparents' house is completely gone.
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my mom's house is still standing. some 8000 firefighters are batting the dangers. because of the dry conditions because of the drought stricken vegetation accompanied by the steep terrain and winds we're seeing fire activity that's typically abnormal for this time of year. strong winds fulled the fire taking the life of david rule a us firefighter. he was on temporary assignment in california. one of the biggest fires that is threaten homes in the lower lake area north of san francisco. and the rocky fire in lake county has now spread to over 2 # thousand acres. firefighters challenged by winds that are changing direction constantly. it's going to be a matter of following this fire around in kind of a curve. governor jerry brown has issued a state of emergency activating the national guard to help with disaster recovery. in los angeles, will carr fox news.
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and still ahead on fox 29 news at 6 a georgia community is warned to watch out for a deadly make. a deadly snake why officials believe this videotaper here made it to south africa. it could be loose near atlanta. plus a dog found severe burned is recovering and in a very special forever home. meet the little girl who knows the horror he suffered better than most. the heartwarming story coming up. cole hamels getting ready for his first start in texas. ahead sports. what the ran
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family and friends say goodbye today to bobby christina brown, mourners arrived at the funeral service just outside atlanta. the invitation only event took place at the st. james united methodist church. noticeably not in attendance mike gordon, brown's boyfriend. bobby christina who dreamed of growing up and achieving fame her parents died in hospice care on july 26 about 20 months after she was found face down and unresponsive in her townhome. they described the incident as a drowning. investigators are investigating her death. bobby christina will be laid to rest beside her mother in new jersey. she was only 2 # years old. two commercial airplanes come within a drone at john if kennedy international airport
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that's from audio from recording reportings. then a few hours later a delta flight was preparing to land when it reported seeing a drone below its rightwing. both planes did land safely. the federal aviation administration is investigating. drone operations must have official clearance to fly within five miles of an airport or city air space. > three of osama bin laden relatives die in a small plane crash in england according to british police. a saudi tv channel says that the relatives were bin laden's mother, her father and her husband. it crashed on landing at an airport in southern england and the pilot was also killed. the bin laden family disowned osama in 1984 when of militant activities.
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the miss a discovery of a wing fragment on a remeet island in the indian ocean. now dawn one person who was walking along the sore of that island could shed some light on what happened to that doomed flight. here's fox's greg halcott. >>reporter: along the rocky coastline that johnny bed wednesday morning was working and walking when he saw something sticking halfway out of the water. little he knew that could shed light on a human tragedy that happened thousands of miles across the indian ocean. i went down to see what it was and i realized that it was a piece of plane. he and others pulled the fling flap out of the water and word quickly spread that it could be from the doomed malaysia airlines flight 370. for investigators and for the families of victims who don't know what happened it would be good if this was the plane. >> as for johnny beck he would
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be more than happy to get out of the world media spotlight. my normal life is enough. i go to work. i cut the grass. i am not looking for anything more. by the way, johnny vague spoke with us he dashed off to his local soccer game apparently unfaced by his discovery which could mean so much so much to many people around the world. > and this weather, our weather made it a perfect day to find a little convenient outdoors. these seeing owes rolled out their mats for a yoga session at the popup garden at 14th and south. yoga on the ridge hosted hour-long sessions for anybody looking to take advantage of today's weather. and it was just one of the programs this this garden is hosting all summer long. the smash hit empire returns for season two next month and shooting is already underway. we'll take you to the cast and
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act os and producers say what you can expect. a deadly snake on the move. a georgia community is terrified after one woman claims she spotted this. the search for this dangerous videotaper is next.
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> it is one of the deadly yes
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sir snakes in the world and although it is native to south africa one woman says it crossed right in front of her car in georgia of all places. as fox's nicole a steve and reports there's now an owl out search for the snake. it is quite shocking that a snake would be crawling around here. the spokesman for the national depth of national resources is talking about this snake a wiper that can kill within minutes. i've been with the department 18 and a half years and i've never once heard of a georgia boon videotapes being found in the wild. >> until maybe two weeks ago. she said it was headed towards that older cemetery. she was driving on howardville road in harrison when she saw the distinct markings going across the street. it was something i had never
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seen. d and r responded. they had been running patrol in the area looking for the deadly videotaper originally to south africa and illegal to georgia. if someone is bitten by it they need to seek medical attention immediately. out of the abundance of caution they're asking the community to be aware. i'm hoping that it's found and nobody is hurt by it. that's a big snake. that was nicole a steve and. she says people in the area are being told to be particularly careful and not to walk through deep brush or shrubs. angelina jolie makes a huh mare tan visit to on son shoe issue and then both went to meet female wores. the mother of six asked the women about their living conditions. joe lee has already met with the
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president and visited a camp that shelters women displaced. she made the trip to southeast asia as a special on invoice. a dog found severely burned is nursed back to health and gets an extra special forever home. meet his new best friend who knows his came like most never could. this thieve picked the wrong person. our reporter. we might see a few showers in the area tonight, but it's not the only rain in the seven-day forecast. they'll popping up now. see if they'll in your area tonight, but when you can see more wide-spread rain. it's coming up in just a little bit.
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> no more fire debts. that's the name and the goal of a big push in philadelphia today. the red cross and the fire department teaming up to talk to about fire safety and going door to door installing smoke alarms in people's homes for free. officials say no more fire debts campaign has installed more than 500 alarms in people's homes to date and they inspect to 200 more over the course of today. a young girl and a dog in california from a very special friendship. the pup was found badly burned several months ago and as fox's rob recalls reports the dog was adopted by a family of a 12 year old girl who is also a burn victim. >>reporter: hey, boobie. a 12 year old girl. yeah i think he liked that. and her new best friend, a six-month chicago what would you mix named fireman who is about to become part of her family. i love him. he likes me. the two share a common heart,
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both survived severe burns. it gave me third degree burns and i had no skin from my mouth to my bellybutton. we first met at the veterinarian. he was left with what appeared to be chemical burns to his eves and stomach. he was nursed back to health by this animal shelter volunteer. they believe that somebody to toured him. his injuries were so severe that both his ears had to be amputated. no one was arrested for the apparent abuse, but after our story aired they received thousands of offers to adopt the dog. he's letting me give him belly rubs. one hospital recommended lowly. normal in normal world you don't
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meet burn survivors and then meeting a dog it's more special. her parents took a little convincing. i was please please please. my mom was fine, only because it's a special circumstance. i think that low ' is going to be able to help him heel his heart. a happy ending for a puppy with a rough start off to be a family who understands. he's going to be my baby. in pittsburgh, rob roth fox news. couldn't find a better family. i love that story. to the fox 29 weather authority. a nice day to bring in august. >> august 1. you want the rain. the lawn is a little brown. there's mow humidity today. that's what i was happy about. i like that. the lawns grow a little slower. we have rain in the forecast and we have humidity in the forecast. > a little bit of everything. we'll start off stepping outside. this is our live picture and there's a few clouds out there.
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just trying to produce one or two showers. i can't say we're completely dry tonight. we have showers and storms in the first headline. there's more heat as well. we're hitting 90-degrees today, so that heat wave continues, but we are back below 90 in the seven-day forecast. so if you step outside watch for just a few showers, very very isolated. most of you will not see any rain tonight. there's one or two showers across the lehigh rally and up across carbon and monroe county. they'll be out of here for tomorrow the race weekend continues. no problems there. the phillies game tonight is clear. across the delmarva maybe south jersey could see a passing shower. one or two towards washington and drift to the east. these are very very isolated. they hold together from now until midnight we could see a few showers across the area. if you step outside it's nice and comfortable. it will drop down below 70-degrees. a nice start to tomorrow.
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some dryer air is coming in so the humidity is actually dropping. isolated showers in the forecast tonight. it ends tonight and is gone for the rest of the weekend. 69 in the city and the north and the suburbs 64. hitting 90-degrees tomorrow. a different situation tomorrow we could see a sea breeze developing down shore. mid to low 80s and that could be dropping throughout the afternoon. no showers forth rest of the weekend in the pocono mountains. we have heat plus humidity and thinks starting sunday night to monday. 72 a little warmer when you start the workweek here. it's clear tomorrow and then the heat and humidity build. the temperatures climb above 90. so it's a hot and muggy day on monday. looking at this cooler air approaching for the northwest thoughment this is a marginal risk for severe weather. thinks the change we're talking about. a front will be pushing through part of the area starting late monday. so we could see a few stronger storms, especially in the north and western suburbs and up through the pocono mountains.
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this area is just the first category for that risk for severe storms and it does include part of the area. here are these storms developing monday at noon. nothing really tomorrow, but starting monday we'll watch a line of showers and storms work its way across the state and by about 4 5:00 they are approaching the north and western suburbs. this is this front and it's moving through but it becomes stationary so it will be a little tricky along with this area of low pressure. we could get periods of rain, showers andbstorms. it wall begins on monday. so it develops late monday with a shower maybe a thunderstorm and with that front stalling out we'll be just below 90-degrees, but we could have periods of rain, both monday night, tuesday, wednesday. maybe by thursday we'll get a little break so we could dry out briefly on thursday with partly cloudy skies. it will be a bit stormy this week. not comfortable like it is now. the showers and storms are in the forecast both monday, tuesday and even wednesday.
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and now we'll drop down below 90 starting on tuesday at 89. just a little bit, but itself he's enough. 86-degrees, chance of a shower on wednesday. we could dry out just a bit on thursday with a mix of sunday and clouds. the temperatures 83-degrees. the humidity comes back on friday. and by next weekend we could see maybe just a few showers coming in. but at least we're getting a little bit of rain. lawns will like it. we could see the lawnmowers firing back up. a lot of brown patches on my lawn. >> really? well, still ahead on fox 29 airport officials go all out to return a lost piece of luggage. how they managed to reunite a couple with a precious momento that this they really thought was gone forever. plus, a woman blind for nearly two decades is seeing the wor
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one, two, three. not a bad day for a familiar site in love park. seth williams members of the city council taking the als ice
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bucket plunge. slow mow there. it was a huge hit, if you can remember on social media last year, same cause, same challenge, dump a bucket of ice water over your head and donate money to als. it is to help to find a cure for gill take iting and deadly disease. this woman spending 16 years blind but a new bionic eye is helping her see the world in a whole new light. connie torres can finally see light after 16 years of darkness thanks to a bionic eye. yes, it does exist. i'm very strong:i was happy and i was sobbing like crazy. a joyful response after a complicated procedure which was the first of its kind in
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florida. the generations that are head try or age-related is what this device is aimed for. but again who knows in the future. doctors with the palmer eye institute use advanced technology created by a medical device company out of california. the implant consists of a receiver and an array of electrodes. think about that souped up version with all the bells and whiles. that's the tech month lie that we're talking about today. a miniature video camera in the eyeglasses captures the scene. that's how i'm going to get my objects, looking through the camera and this is a coil and this coil connect wi-fi to my implant inside my eye. with time and training that includes play time with her grandson. it looks like you can see that one. torres has learned to interpret visual patterns. the doppler shows you what she
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see is as to what you see blow. it's like learning a new language after an incurable eye diagnosis. so now she'll be enjoying every moment. very good. look different. look at this. in miami, and keel news. > she's all smiles. it's what you're waiting for season two of empire the smash hit right here on fox being shot in chicago and coming up hear from the actors and the producers about what your favorites are going to be up to this fall. accused identity they picked the wrong one. our consumer reporter that could save you from the same faith. i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson coming up tomorrow on fox 29 weekend we are talking american idol you a eggs dids, they're here live. the big lottery to get your septa peace.
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we've got five things you need to know if you,(
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> the power of social media and dedication of some airport workers reuniting a couple from
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afghanistan with their wedding album. the couple moved from afghanistan to california. they went through la's airport, lax where somehow their wedding album got lost. airport workers kept it safe, they dug around a little bit. they posted it on facebook which led to the couple. this week's the airport's honor guard delivered the album back to the happy couple. our officers, police force recognized that it was an air loom. it was a treasurer and it's worth to find the family. how it can be find it was totally american for me. how nice was that. the couple married in 2012. they moved to california just last year. an accused an credit card thieve really picked the wrong person to target. police say she used the visa of our very own consumer reporter steve know of yellow. he managed, as you can imagine, to track her downment he called
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the police and then he confronted her face to face. you picked the wrong guy. if you've ever felt ticked off, ripped off or feered fraud this is your moment. who picked me, sarah. >> a face to face encounter with the person accused of stealing your credit card information. are you sarah? >> this is sarah pass, and she's accused of stealing mine. credit card numbers get stolen many different ways. how did the cops know, i tipped them off thanks to a fraud alert i placed on my account i got this notice that someone may be trying to use my visa card to pay for a room at the hilton garden in in richardson. fortunately the people that used your credit card they trade at the hotel. that chance to track them is what prompted me to investigate. after i contacted visa, i called the hilton explained the situation and asked if anyone had checked in using my name. the clerk said no. so i asked him to run my credit
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card against any recent payments. bingo, someone had checked in, to room 239. sarah pass,. at check in she presented a card with her name on it. when the magnetic strip wouldn't swipe, the account number was entered manually. turns out that account number was my account number. it takes a special kind of person to actually manufacture a credit card. you thattive to have special equipment for that. it's all spelled out in this police report. i called the cops. sent them to their room. we were able to go there. the people were still at the hotel. and headed to the hotel. to try and meet her. i would love to be to trap these folks, is that possible. >> probably not at this time. this was all happening in a public space so armed with my iphone and that room number 239, i went upstairs and waited for far a to come to me. did you use my credit card to
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check into your room. >> i am sarah. > how did you pay for the room. >> can you help other consumers by letting us know how you did this? did you get it online where did you get it? i'm hoping you can help me to protect other people from preventing this from happening to them. i've got charges with your name on it for your room for three days. i've love for you to be able to help me. where are you from? are you local. >> i appreciate your apology and i'm hoping you might be able to help me. i'm going to come and make a request to come visit you after you get arrested and we can talk. okay? she rejected my request. i was hoping she would shed some light on what made me, a guy who makes a good living. we have employees at the police department that have become victims.
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the fact is we're all targets. as long as we use credit we can only minimize risk. id theft can happen at any time. but the to meet the person who has gained access to your account, that comes only once. that woman, sarah is facing a number of charges. to protect yourself steve know of yellow suggests placing a fraud alert on your accounts. it could be a hassle, but it could help you out from the long run. treasures from the past are unvailed in hughes ton texas. the us postal service taking a step back in time from 9 # 2. that had all kinds of goodies inside a newspaper and an envelope with a 4-cent stamp on it. it dates back to the main post office. the city closed that office back in may. fox's hit show em breaking records last season.
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the cast and crew back in chicago filming right now with high hopes for season two. fox's dawn hasbro has details. >>reporter: empire season two is here again being shot in chicago. and jessie smell lethargy malon the show was happy to return. chicago is the most beautiful city. i just love being -- it's literally one of my favorite cities in the nation. the show is set in new york, but when it came to shooting episodes, the show's co-creator said chicago was an easy pick. literally i was on the call and they said you could be in and i went to chicago. i talked to the stars at a stand up to cancer master card event season two. on how her life has completely changed in less and year. i orange informantly went in thinking i was going to be the next rap artist. she read some lines and the next thing she knew i she was cast as
6:49 pm
cookie's assistant. i have eight siblings and i think they're all jealous because i'm the favorite one now. when we have something coming up i say come meet my daughter. i had to ask for the scoop how do you top last season? i think that we might be topping it. lee and danny are here and they're just genius. they're brilliant and brilliant people and what they've done with this next season is going to set your souls on fire. we asked the show creators lee daniels and danny strong about how they write great story lines week after week. >> i try not to take it too serious. then i'll get swept away by what people think. i just want to have fun. and writing for that insanity. and dealing with all those crazy black folks. it's crazy. what's going to happen this
6:50 pm
season. >> i'll i'm not telling you anything. there's no spoilers here. maybe jamal will reveal some of this season's romance like who hooks up with you. >> i cannot tell you that my darling. we want to know the scoop. >> i cannot tell you. all will be revealed in episode one coming september 23 on fox. what he's telling you guys patients is a virtue. ahead in sports phillies are 11 1 # and 2 since the all star breaks. one of the big reasons comes down to just one word. a new uniform, but a new attitude
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> phillies and brace coming up in just a few minutes from citizens bank park. since the all star break, how about this phillies are 11 and
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2. is that best record in baseball. how sobering is this, they are still 4 24 games below 500. the fills beat the brace 9 to 3 last night. it was john brown's second homerun. it was the catch in the bull pen with a hat. it was made by justin defrayed us. different since the all star break isn't just on the field. i think it's just been an all around for all of us, just staying loose and being ready to play and have a good time plage the game. that's what i think has helped us the most. finding the fun again. absolutely. it's always a lot more fun when you're wins. cameron will be catching. he will be making his third major league start. he picked up his first major league win last week against the chicago cubes. with cole hamels traded yesterday i tried to pick his
6:54 pm
brain as much as possible. i could just tell how great of a guy he is, how great of a player he is. just picking his brain about how he handled coming up in his career and how he strifed to do the best that he can be. just as much time and chance that i got to talk to him i did. admit it phillies fans you're going to have one eye on the game in philadelphia the another one in arlington texas where cole hamels will start against the san francisco giants. the rangers gave up six players to get cole hamels and relief pitcher dike man. in their eyes this was a no brainer. a tough guy on the mound as far as a hitters is concerned never getting a good look, but really a guy, the body can of work. when you look over the course of
6:55 pm
time and the guys that are winners you see that in cole. > he looks good wearing that uniform. remember this guy also traded yesterday, that is been reviewer. it looks like a nice play b but when you watch i did he really have to jump the way he did. ben makes the catch, but the royals beat the blue jays, the royals won it this afternoon 7-6. how about the freeway series in los angeles. another former philly, jimmy rollins still shows he can play some short stop. in town for three ways against the phillies next week. jazz whoa being with the nice catch behind clayton cure schall. the eagles reporting for training camp at the novacare complex today. the first workout scheduled for tomorrow morning.
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kevin ma none guy who played four seasons at villanova. it was a stuff start for quarterback zac mat in berger. i said matten burger, not mat in beggar which is how the titans actually spelled it on the back of his jersey. they kind of forgot the r. kind of a bad owe men formatten burger. matten burger started for them last year and now he's going to be a backup and now he's metten beggar. hopefully they will fix that one. jay role and cole. >> i don't like the blue on them. as long as we start bleeding red sometime soon we'll take it. that's what i'm hoping for. be sure to join us tonight. an angry dead jumps behind the wheel of an vu and does the
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unthinkable. he tried to run down a group of kids and what the teens had to say about it. also this guy is in the back of a police car. what exactly is you chewing on. you can't even imagine. find out how far he's going to hide his identity from police officers. you got to wait to find out. that's our news for the 6:00 show on a saturday night. tmz is next. have a terrific night. see you back here for fox 29 news at 10.
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