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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  August 2, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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this morning on fox 29 weekend are you feeling lucky? you will need that luck if you are hoping to take septa to town to see the pope this morning 59 tips you want to follow during tomorrow's septa pass lottery. plus teenage boy confront his adult neighbor. >> your daughter should not have to jump off a car. >> what led this boy to tell his mother to call police and have his neighbor arrested. it is your last chance, auditions for final season of american idol taking place in philadelphia right now, we are live as thousands of people hope to see their dreams come true. and good morning, everyone welcome to fox 29 weekend, karen is already, it is sunday and it is already august. >> i can't believe it is
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already august. such a busy day. we will have a great the day. jen fred making a special guest appearance on our show. but first lets look live outside and see what our weather will be like. wow, glorious up there in the poconos mountains dave warren. >> as expected skies are cleared up. we have fewer clouds out there and certainly number of the day that can only go up. we are up to a ten today, nice and comfortable for rest of the weekend here. very low humidity and just a light breeze. a few clouds, showers yesterday that kept number down but perfect today. when we step outside we show that live picture. we have had picture sent to us. beautiful sunrise right over the delaware with the ben franklin bridge. skies clear. that let these temperatures drop especially in the suburbs. look at mount pocono 65 degrees. allentown 68. up to 75 in philadelphia. the nice comfortable start there, cools off just a little bit across suburbs and south jersey but up to 57 in wildwood and atlantic city. ultimate doppler radar in rain
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out there will stay that way today. whether in center city down the shore poconos mountains looking at bright sunshine a little sea breeze developing keeping temperatures down at the shore nice and comfortable there pocono 400 in rain today. seventy-five, so a nice day, up in the poconos. the heat continues though for at least another day with that heat wave, we will look at those numbers in the seven day coming up. >> sound good. new this morning police are investigating an overnight shooting in chester county. this happened around 1:00 at pennsylvania and harmony streets in coatsville. witnesses say there were more than a dozen shell casings the on the ground and police say they are still looking for any victims. a ten year-old boy is in stable condition this morning after being shot in the stomach. it happened saturday on the 3,000 block of west third street in west chester, when office's arrived on the scene they say a good samaritan was caring for the boy. police say they took a 17 year in for questioning n word on necessity charges or what
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happened before the hooting. delays manhunt underway after a police officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop in tennessee. it happened 9:15 last night in memphis. police say the officer was shot multiple times by a person who was in the car that he a had pulled over. witness used that officer's radio in order to call for help, and just a few hours ago, the memphis police department have posted the officer's picture on their facebook page. three three-year old. his name is hahn hahn bolton. the officer is third in memphis to be shot and killed in just the past four years. so far police don't have any suspects. we are looking into this story that happen overnight. new york police are investigating a shooting a the a a house party in brooklyn. ten people were shot. police say they all survived. it is not clear what led to the shooting in the first place. and hundreds of people have been forced from their homes as a huge wild fire is continuing to burn, this is in lake county, california. flames have now covered more than 22,000 acres, and crews have only about 5 percent
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containment. so barely. people there say it is just devastating. >> we lost two dogs and my grandparents house is completely dog. my mom's house is tank but everything else around my parents house is completely gone. pretty shook up i lost a lot of my parents stuff yesterday and my grand mom's house burned to the ground. i'm shook up. we figure we will get all of the stuff we can here and, move to a safer place. >> reporter: here's one of the big issues as we look at this aerial picture right there. there have not been a lot of fires in that area of lake county meaning there is a lot of vegetation still left to burn. in other news verizon employees are working without a contract. they did not the go out on strike last night. their union is continuing to negotiate with the wireless carrier. decision came early this morning shortly after a contract covering 39,000 workers, expired. union says that the telecom giant is demanding workers sharply increase their health care contributions and make concessions on pensions, verizon says it is
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disappointed it has not reached a deal just yet. okay. so tomorrow we will call it take two, septa is set to sell their special passes for papal wrist it next month. but this time septa hopes you won't be locked out because they are switching to a lottery system. 175,000 ticket will be sold, to the lucky winners, and those will be the only people who can use regional rails the weekend the pope is in town. excuse me. but on social media people are not that optimistic bit. karen tweeted this will not end well, i fear septa pope passes, now with a lottery. she thinks it is all confusion. roy wrote worst, now you have to win a lottery to buy a septa pass for pope's visit. philadelphia is an embarrassment. septa is confident everything will be fine but there are some things you need to know before tomorrow's lot theory. joining us this morning is septa spokesperson, jerry williams. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> all right. so we're all concern but there
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are about five tips, that we need to go through, and let's run through them and kind of give them the inside. first is be patient. >> absolutely, you have 24 hours to enter the lottery. it will start at 12:01, monday which is sunday going in to monday. it will end at 11:59 p.m. you have all day long. so, choose your time to enter, and just be patient. >> you have to be patient, you have to take your time but you also have to know you're continuery. you have to go into this with a plan, correct. >> yes, that is tip number two. know before you enter. you will have a choice of three stations, so if you are on say the trenton line, you are going to be able to decide if you get on at croyden or if you will get at cornwells heights you can make those deis as head of time. the here's an extra tip, we will can you if you want to get on between 5:30 and 8:30 or 8:30 or noon or either time
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goodies for you. if you pick either time you have a better chance of binge the lottery good fair enough. after you go through all thaw need your confirmation so hold on to that. >> absolutely. number three would be that you are going to receive, right on the screen, after you have been in a lottery a confirmation that you have, your entry has been submitted. maybe a few hours later you will get an e-mail. don't be concerned if you don't get that e-mail right away. sometime late their day you will get an e-mail confirming your lottery entry has been accepted. >> and then one of the tips is you can only enter the lottery once. >> that is what we suggest. we are going to have the consultant that we're working with ticketleap, threw all of the entries and they will remove duplications, they will remove things that look suspicious or fraudulent. you risk having your entry voided if you enter more than once. we suggest just enter one time, with your one address.
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>> we will kind of double down on the be patient but just take your time, relax, take a deep breath, take your time going through this. >> yes, because we have expanded the infrastructure, we now have the ability to accept even more entries, so we won't have to take down a system down like we may have the first time. but it may be slow. the the important thing is that you have all day long. you can keep entering fit is slow or just come back later, be patient. we have to wrap but one chance to make everybody comfortable, it is in fact going to work this time, you're confident. >> we are confident, not only are we working with ticketleap. that is what they do. they sell tickets on line. but, we also are working with our am on services, the the actual cities hosted by amazon. we have done everything we can. we don't want it to have a problem a second time so we feel very, very confident. >> jerry williams, we appreciate you being so accessible and sharing
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information. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right guys, everybody get ready, you heard tips, make sure you are up and ready. if you have any questions, comments leave them on our fox 29 facebook page. of course, you can tweet us at fox 29 philly just use our hashtag fox 29 weekend. all right, thanks, bill. officials are confirming this piece of metal that washed up on the beach is from a boeing triple seven, could it be that missing malaysia airplane in coming up we have a new piece of the puzzle, what officials are now investigate nothing a mystery that lasted more than a year. plus, forget pp a or people that work downtown, when you need to park, there is a new way to do it. you why may not have to worry about meters anymore. the jen fred making a special appearance on the weekend. good morning, jen. >> it is a special appearance, there is a reason for final season, all of the people here in north philadelphia. we are at temple. they are filming the opening scene right now, stay with us
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all morning, we will show you exactly what is happening.
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welcome back. we are coming up at 8:13. can't find a parking space underneath all of the trees
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because there are so few spaces, you cannot find them. working in this city can be a nightmare. now is there an app for. that this new app will be launching in philadelphia this week and people behind it says you don't to have worry about meters or crowded lots anymore. how will that happen? our sabina kuriakose has been checking out this app. how does it work? >> reporter: okay. well, it is called lucks, it is rally with it parking app, seems easy enough. let me pull it on my phone. i just down loaded it a few moments ago. so basically you down load the app, free to down load and drop a pin where you are and set a spot to meet. we have video for from you that app coming up. you set a time and place to hand off the car, owe somebody in a powder white suit will come get your car. the question is how comfortable do you feel handing your car off to a total stranger? well, lux, the company that manufacturers this app say they do criminal background
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checks and they check the sex offend are registry and they do all kind of stuff to make sure you you are comfortable with the person who is taking over this app. so basically they will take the car, take it to a designated lot in the city. they have contracts with the city at these different lots around here. they will put it in the lot for a heart time and then when you call them to come back and hand over the the keys you make it a spot where they hand keys off they will hand you the car back over to you. now, of course, you want to be sure that the car that you have insurance on car, right. they will only take the the car for you you if you are 18, you are on insurance in the car. you cannot already tell i read terms and services, before we went on the air today. the company has one million-dollar insurance on each of the cars, okay. so, they say that they are insured. if any damage happens you should be covered but it is one of those apps where you use it at your own risk. you want to be careful when you actually use it.
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make sure you know ins and outs. let's go to the big thing here, pricing, right. they have a base price of $5 per hour. sound okay, right. $15 max per day, but guys, that is base pricing. so they do have peak hours, kind of like another driving app we know. so we want to make sure when you are calling, on these valet drivers that you know how much you are actually going to be paying. i looked it up, in the other cities they operate in a half dozen other cities right now. in manhattan maximum is $30 per day, boston is about $25. i was just looking at these lots over here, this guy, who was working at this lot over here at second street was telling me he pays $24 for about a full day at this lot. so you really want to do the math here. is it worth it, $25 to park your car for one full day verse $5 off peak hours? we talk about these fun, cool
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apps. it will help with parking because who wants to look for parking around the city. dowry search. try to figure out, how they feel about this? they are checking in for me. the company says they are working with the ppa to make sure they are in line with the regulations. when we find out we will let you know. back to you. >> that could be the lazy bill app. hand my keys over to somebody, hope the carries there when i come back. the let's check in and find out what is going on with weather. lets take a look at reading. really nice there. you see so many good things on our weather shots. dave, looks beautiful. how will it be. >> feels beautiful. it will be beautiful. there is a little more sunshine that we have throughout the day and that will help temperature climb quickly. cool in the surrounding suburbs but there is philadelphia, olde city, the airport, nothing on ultimate doppler. the temperature right now is at 75 degrees. that dew point is down though 58, very comfortable, ultimate doppler is all clear, we will zoom in here to gloucester
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county, because we have a weather question that came in from rowan university. they have a big ceremony happening today. >> hi dave, i'm doctor kathy lambert, on sunday morning rowan university school of osteopathic medicine welcomes its new student doctors at our white coat ceremony. can we count on sunny skies and warm temperatures? >> count on it, yes, sunny skies, warm temperatures, that starts this morning and we will look at temperatures in the 70's, quickly climbing to the 80's before noon. 86 degrees by this afternoon with just a light breeze. so very nice and comfortable. a little will cooler in mount pocono there, end of the race weekend starting off comfortable, nice maybe climbing in the 70's. already in the 70's in philadelphia, down the shore a little warmer then the city climbing in the 80's and drop as that sea breeze develops. a nice change compared to yesterday. we are heating up again. we will be close to 90. should be able to touch 90 with how dry it is in philadelphia. there is cooler wet's long the
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coast and tonight's relief there, allentown at 82 degrees. maybe the suburbs are not climbing above 80 this afternoon. it will be above 80 and then drop in atlantic city ocean city and cape may. here's the change with our wet they are week, slight chance for severe storms, this would be tomorrow night, a front moving through so heat wave should end, we will have some rain coming in, starting tuesday, wednesday, and maybe lasting through the even of the week. now lets go back out to the american idol auditions where we have jen fredrick. hi, jen. >> reporter: hi guys, yeah, it is really fun, temple university it is happening. guess what season seven, kristin is here. >> good morning, how are you. >> so you understand what these people are going through. >> yes, i do, i do, some of them have been here since midnight last night lining up. i remember i brought a pillow, i had a magazine and it was freezing, and then by the time it got warm we all had sun tan marks. >> perfect, perfect.
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>> it is a nerve racking experience. you don't know what to expect. you are cramped in with a bunch of people. ultimately one will win. >> i like t-shirt that says i'm the reason for the final season. that is a good slogan. you are part of the judging panel today. >> this is my second year doing it, so yeah, i'm pretty season the at this stage i know what i'm looking for. hopefully we find someone brilliant, that is my favorite thing, someone just walks up. is there a fair share of bad singers but when that one person walks up, you can feel the room know that that is like a star, sort of a fairy tail. >> we too hope we fine them here. >> i do too, yes. >> she hung out with mike jerrick so that means that she's a warrior and crazy. >> in new york, we partied it up, yes. >> we will be here all morning long. >> she's fun. >> it looks really fun. thanks, jen.
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>> we have all heard that before they have partied with mike jerrick. it seems took a recurring theme. cecil the lion, shot and killed, prompting a worldwide outrage. >> we have an update about this one because we are concerned, that story broke out there, last we heard, what happened to that brother jer co, new details about that internet rumor that shocked that entire globe. >> plus this... >> your daughter should not have to jump off a car. >> teenage boy confronts his adult neighbor what led this boy to tell his mother to call police and have his neighbor arrested. also it is national sisters day so here's my two sisters. we would like to see you. that is liz i and joslin. lauren, thanks for sending us this one. i love to share joy and weddings. we have this nice one to tanya to when we were at grant view speed way, big race weekend up in the poconos.
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this one looks familiar to us, our ep, nicole wolf and her big sister. happy national sisters day, great picture. ♪
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♪ >> we have a little jennifer hudson playing in the background and that is fitting because we are taking a look at the american idol auditions right here in philadelphia in north philadelphia, of course, our jen freddie's there, it is the final season, car ebb. we have questions about the first few. >> i love the camera action, they are actually filming the opening right there. we want to necessity who was your favorite american idol judge? was it simon did you love him? did you love randy, he was good nature had one or paula, the heart of the whole show. vote on my fox and we will scroll down to the instant reaction poll or simple way you can tweet your answer so use your hash tax fox 29 simon, fox 29 randy, fox 29 paul a we will have your result in a little bit. we want your opinion about this one because it has attention. the there is an eight year-old little girl grabbing the side of her mother's car to keep
8:25 am
her from driving drunk. >> girl reportly told neighbors in farming ton, minnesota she was trying to keep her matter from going to the the liquor store. the little girl was hanging off the side of the suv as she back out of the driveway and drove down the street until the girl fell to the ground a few feet away. police came out. woman denied drinking and driving but that is not the story the officers got from her young daughter. >> and that is when they did the breathalizer. they did the test outside, in front of all of the kid. she has come out identify in her bra. this is unappropriate. and when you endanger your child's life and everyone elses i had to call the police on her. >> that was saying the daughter was right, woman blew a .30, more than three times the the legal limit to drive. police also saw her on surveillance video at a nearby liquor store buying a bottle of alcohol. she now faces multiple
8:26 am
charges. coming up, a fox reporter confronts the woman accused of stealing his identity. >> you pick the wrong guy. >> you absolutely did, he is on all the time on good day, consumer reporter steve novielo how he found out the about this whole thing and what you need to know. >> a little jordan sparks, i love her, i met her at the super bowl. she sang a number years ago. >> amazing the set and people that didn't even win you get on idol and become a success. keep watching, fox 29 weekend.
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8:30 on fox 29 weekend. we are getting you caught up on the head lines. tearful good bye as hundreds of family friend, celebrities, filled the church near atlanta, georgia to pay final respects to bobbi kristina brown. >> just 22 years old, bobbi kristina of course passed away last sunday months after being found unresponsive face down in a bathtub. tomorrow she will be laid to rest right beside her mom, whitney houston in her home state of new jersey. 8:29. three of osama bin laden's relatives have died in the small plane crash in england. this is according to british police. >> saudi tv channel said passengers were bin laden's half sister her mother and
8:30 am
husband. they were flying from milan italy in a private jet. it crashed at an airport in southern england. pilot was also kill. bin laden family disown osama in 1994 when saudi arabia stripped him of his citizenship because of militant activities. a piece of debris believed to be from that missing million layer a airplane is just a ladder. broadcasters are saying it could have been a plane door. object was discovered in the different location then somewhere that wing flap was found on the beach last week. this is a more recent piece not that one, more recent one. that plane part was definitely from a boeing triple seven that we are showing you right there. that is that same type of plane as that missing jet. we want to update you this morning's top stories. days after cecil the lie an was kill, his brother jericho is still alive. it was so confusing about what happened last night. there were internet rumors last night that jericho was shot and killed by poachers. it was put out on facebook
8:31 am
page of one of the official groups right there but officialness zimbabwe says that cat is alive. they have trackers because they know it is a female and adopted the cubs of the lion who was killed. all right. talk about vindication. fox consumer reporter steve novielo getting to the woman accused of stealing his credit card. story went viral. >> you used my credit card to check in my room. are you farrah. >> i am farrah. >> how did you get into the room? >> can you help other consumers by letting us know how did you this? did you use it on line? where did you get it. >> i'm hoping you can help me to protect other people from this happening to them too. quick ride down, farrah, i would have love your help. i got charges with your name on it, i would love for to you help me. where are you from, are you
8:32 am
local? i appreciate your apology. i am just hoping, i can help you. i will make a request after you get arrested and then we can talk, okay. >> on the elevator you think you can getaway. as you can imagine steve's story got a lot of reaction especially on social media. some of the people we have here, rex savage says way to go, steve. i'm afraid if i were afforded the same opportunity i would not have produced anything that could have been put on the air. good journalism. laura says mom just said she wouldn't be as calm, she would have been scratching her eyes out. mommies 75, 4 feet 11 and 94-pound. more responses coming in. katie, i bet farrah is pissed at whoever sold her that car. she was just trying to stay a few nights for free at the hilton. instead she's getting national news conference. my favorite parties we have to get a quick right down, farrah, hashtag team steve.
8:33 am
and finally, lynn says you just made this woman famous for a dastardly deed. is that a good thing? so let's find out, he's our hero today, steve, he joins us. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you. i'm actually 6-foot three, 236, so the urge was there, but, you know what, we talk about this with a lot of folks. this woman had no idea. she certainly didn't target me personally. identity theft is rarely a personal crime. i'm sure she had a tough road to this point and has a tough road a ahead of her. we tried to be as appropriate as we could to get the information we wanted. that is what rest mated with so many people. first outfit to pick this up was yahoo news in australia that was first alert i got, when i got to work. i said here we go. just person after person after person, e-mail after e-mail, fans saying thank you so much for this moment. this happened to me too.
8:34 am
>> how did you track them down? it happens to so many people. but how did you actually track them down? people want to know how you stop it in the process? >> it is actually very rare. cop says it is so unusual to find somebody in the act. the way that it happened is the way it happens with folks. you get a fraud alert. you call the credit card company immediately. we went through charges. i disputed them. they refersed them. they issued me a new card. i a said where did she go. she's at hilton. one of the charges was at hilton garden in here locally in texas. so i hung up, and i called the hotel. i said can you run my name, and somebody staying there under my identity. i said could you run my credit card information, against any recent payments, and they said, sure enough somebody just check in and they are using your credit card to pay for your roomy don't feel bad for this woman at all but she definitely pick the wrong person to do this too. were you surprised at
8:35 am
overwhelming social media response how quickly this spread across the country. >> it is interesting, a little bit, all they when i pitch the story to my bosses, i said get ready, i think this within will hit home with people. what we were able to do on behalf of consumers across the globe was deliver you that in moment of justice that each one of us craves in this situation where we look in the eyes of somebody and say who are you and why did you do this to me? because it is such an administrative nightmare to unravel, after somebody has assumed your identity or open up are credit card or used a credit card on your behalf. it that is moment that nobody ever gets to have for themselves. we own that moment for everybody. >> steve, i think we have a show then. i want to be your partner. we will launch a new show. >> come on down. >> thanks, always a pleasure. >> good to see you. >> you have a good one. that was a fun story. when you get a chance to crackdown on somebody doing a
8:36 am
wrong thing. we want to know what you think. leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page, tweet us at fox 29 philly. your story continues to go viral. we definitely want to hear from you but use our hashtag fox 29 weekend. i'm dave warren here with a quick look at the weather forecast. one thing that will change today and change quickly is temperatures. seventy-five in the city. sixty-eight in allentown. mount pocono 65. warmer to the south, quickly warming up with the bright sunshine that we have. no rain out there ultimate doppler is all a clear. new lets focus on the shore here real quickly, it will be a warm day to day, initially but then we will get that sea breeze there afternoon. we will go from 88 to down to 81. water temperatures in the mid 70's look for a few cloud. inland heat up that heat wave end in the seven day. i'll look at that coming up. dave, thank you. we are testing because everybody has big dreams, and whenever american idol comes to town. >> i cannot sing a little bit. >> i'll sing during dave's
8:37 am
weather. i'm in the ready to face that. >> jen has a bunch of good people out there ready to sing. do you see any good talent, karen. >> everyone that has sung for us, is either awesomely crazy or awesomely talented. that is really cool. we are right near the liacouras center in north philadelphia we are seeing thousands of people waiting, on line. most of them got here early this morning three or 4:00 a.m. we spotted you. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> where are you from. >> north philadelphia. >> where are you from. >> liz hamill. >> you are embarrassed for your mom because. >> because she loves you. >> it is super fun. you need to sing for us. we have to hear a little bit of it. >> are you ready yes. >> okay. >> um-hmm. >> ♪ >> ♪
8:38 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that sound really good, she sounded great, right guys. >> all right. >> it is the final season, is she the reason for the season? stay with us, we will interview one of the idol produce tours hear about what they are looking for. it is pretty cool. karen, you will be proud of me, i found a guy here in his under pants. >> yes. >> see that tonight. >> thank you, jen fred. >> why is that something you would be happen bye. >> i trust jen whole heartly the girl has a hook up. >> if you are in line and somebody asked to you sing you should probably know a song thaw will sing. >> let's talk about the eagles, we're so excited. >> okay. >> eagles are getting ready for their first practice of the season but they will be without one player today, coming up, who is no longer with the team and where he
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8:41. welcome back to fox 29 weekend. the it is national sisters day and pictures are coming, kathy says this is great supporter of the show. me and my sister laurie, love
8:42 am
her lots. great picture from kathy. >> american idol we have david archleta playing underneath. pamela says happy birthday to my daughter. happy birthday to you. many, many more once full ones as well. >> we have american idol and we have some sports news. how about fightin phillies, right before their game honoring their greats. phillies may be the worst team in baseball but they have been hot against the braves. absolutely outstanding. they could not be stopped. they won that 112-two. >> very nice good lets talk about a team that has a chance of winning this season. eagles report for their first scheduled practice at training camp but they will be without one player, cornerback brandon boykin was traded to the pittsburgh steelers last night for conditional fifth round pick next year. they didn't get that much for him. boykin is best remembered for interception in 2013 against kyle orton of the cowboys that gave eagles the the division title but back in june boykin
8:43 am
complained about not being a starter saying it is getting kind of of old. now he has an opportunity to try to start in pitberg. >> someplace new, how about that one. new members and old members, all of the members of the american idol family from different seasons. some of your favorites. let us know use your hashtag fox 29 weekend who your favorite acts were over the years. >> yes. >> jennifer hudson, i loved chris dougherty, all of the ones that didn't necessarily win. let us know what you think, we will be right back.
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welcome back a glorious sunday morning. air is so clear you can see for miles, in a lot of the area and it will be at one of the places, it will be so hot, up at liacouras center in north philadelphia because next american idol could be right here in our area there are thousands of idol hopefuls gearing up for today's big audition. they all think they can be the next idol at liacouras center. >> one of the fun things to do is sam will talent. the lets get out to jen fred out there listening to some folks testing their pipes, good morning, jen. >> good morning to you guys. we are in the presence of idol greatness the senior
8:47 am
supervising producer patrick lynn, good morning. >> thanks for the nice intro. >> you are the big shot, so i asked you this, you have been here since day one. did you think you would be doing this 14 years, 14 seasons later. >> no, in fact, very first time we did this it was a little chaotic, 200, 300 people showed up, there was a lot of producers running around with their heads cut off. but by second season we were like we will be around for a while. >> it was special, that second season. >> yeah, it got really good. >> you have some idol favorites. we have clay aiken coming here. they will help with you this initial round of judging. how do they help you weed out who will be a star and who needs to work on their stuff. >> good thing about carli and clay, they have first hand knowledge of this round and what it takes to get through and kind of continue on, you know, they necessity what it is like, and carli and clay will both get up and talk to
8:48 am
the crowd and whatnot. it is just them having first hand knowledge of the process and what people have to be prepared for what they should and shouldn't do. things like. that one thing for a produce tore say from my standpoint but for them it is real. >> so a lot of people we are aware that this is final season when makes it great for you guys because you you can make this be like the super bowl of all american idol seasons. >> well, yeah, it will be a great season. we have a lot of surprises coming up. it will be a fun time for everybody. >> what are they doing here real quick as we wrap it up, a little tweet thing. >> this is a little thing from star maker, you you put a little jit together and put it on social media, and then we are getting people inside to sit their seats and eventually we will get down to brass tax and start the audition is you said people of philadelphia have already been nice to you. >> people, i lost my wallet last night in a liquor store
8:49 am
and i ran back after 30 or 45 minutes and the guys were there waiting, south street market on south street, the the guy, nicest guy ever you will be on idol here, it will happen. >> we came to philly for a reason. last time we were here we got our biggest crowd ever, so we figure for our farewell season we have to come back to the scene of the crime as it the were and what kind of crowd we will get. it is already a big crowd. we're super happy to be here. philly is an a awesome town. >> go get me a idol. >> where do i go. >> bye. >> we appreciate it. >> in the beginning ps, awesome. >> a a lot of people that tried out, by the way are here, we are hoping they are home pick, go get them through. >> who was your favorite idol ever. >> for me, i really like carli simpson she was really nice to me but in terms of host like
8:50 am
now, fantasia was very kind, i love carrie underwood. >> she might have been best ever. thanks, we appreciate it. >> it is very cool hearing jen's personal stories because she necessary them personally. we have been talking with taking a pole who was your favorite idol why, from the original season, karen we have the results. >> paula abdul 38 percent. one of my favs, heart of the show. randy da thewg jackson and simon cowell is your choice, 44 percent saying he was your favorite, original judge. lets take a look at the weather, so far dave gave it a ten. looks beautiful. wilmington, delaware. turf get back over there if it looks like. that the great times in wilmington. dave, tell us how people can get out and enjoy the day. >> just open the door and walk right on you. >> yes that is a legitimate question, walk right out and
8:51 am
enjoy. the nice and comfortable. that is what we're talking about now a lot of events happening to take. phillies playing this afternoon, looks good, 86 degrees but that temperature will be climbing and closer to 90 this afternoon. that is just one event, we have this event coming in later in philadelphia. >> hello, we're having a fashion show this sunday, 1641 cecil b more, i hope you can come out. dave, what is the weather like. >> looking good here tonight, that is at 7:00 o'clock there in philadelphia we will be closer to 90 and then dropping quickly. by 10:00 o'clock lower humidity down to 79. quick drop in temperatures here coming up this evening. the great interpretive dance there by the way, nice to see. sixty-five in mount pocono. sixty-eight in allentown. seventy-five in philadelphia upper 70's close to 80 already in wildwood. so it is starting off warm but will quickly drop here
8:52 am
throughout the day as that sea breeze develops. ultimate doppler is all clear but the change that we're talking about in the seven day forecast is when showers and storms come in late monday and tuesday. we will have a period of off and on showers and storms both tuesday and wednesday, but look at the temperatures, in longer do we have 90's, the heat wave is done, starting on tuesday. this is this weeks silly science things happening in the world of science. astronauts went viral this week with something he did to pass the time, on the international space station. a simplal contact seltzer tablet and a drop of water and zero gravity end up to a sphere contains with the bubbles that is very difficult to stop watching. this little bubble was a way
8:53 am
to test a new fancy camera, that do this. it is epic dragon camera by a company called red. it is same brand of cameras used for fox shows such as 24, and sleepy hallow. it records video that is 60 times the the detail, and that sweet h.d.t.v you are watching us on at home. it is great that the cameras shooting more tea tails pictures then ever before but kind of silly that the the earth technology that most of us have to watch it doesn't really do it justice. that thinks weeks silly science courtesy of nasa and a little busy tablet.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
i'm chris miller with the tree company and i'm here with this weeks around the house. you know, lot of us weeds what can do i to minimize storm damage in my trees. there might be storm damage in your trees best thing to have a professional come out to evaluate your trees looking for crack, broken dead branches. search for defects in the the tree. to thin out a tree means that what you will do is reduce the scale effects when those storms do come through. you don't want to thin it too much and you also, especially
8:57 am
want to stay away from chopping the tree. it is cutting the branches, the leaves of the trees way back, very large cuts. this is something as a professional we do not recommend because it is actually creates a decay pockets in the future growth of the tree. the average tree needs to be turned, every three to five years for mature trees. younger trees should be structured. if you have a question you want answered tweet us at hashtag, fox 29 weekend. we have your sister's pictures, we love them. pull guarino sending this one in, my wonderful sister marquettea, that is absolutely gorgeous. >> that is my sister from way back in the day, we have been that close forever. happy national sisters day, teresa. >> have love it. >> we do love it. thanks for spending your sunday morning with us. we appreciate it. showing off members of your family with our family. thank you. >> have have a wonderful sunday.
8:58 am
have have a good one.
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. countdown to the first republican presidential debate. with just four days to go, the contenders docking for position. >> hopefully we'll be on the stage. you know, there's no life or death in politics. you do the best you can. >> let's get a pull-up bar out there and see who can do the most pull-ups. >> with the largest field in recent political history, what are the stakes and what about donald trump? >> i never debated before. i'm not a debater. i get things done. >> we'll talk with two gop candidates vying for a prime time spot. ohio governor john kasich and former texas governor rick perry and our sunday group weighs in on what to look for in the debate and whether hillary clinton's troubles could entice a new rival into the democratic race.


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