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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 4, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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strangers surveillance video surfaces why police say they will in the look into this case. and is this surveillance video, really think not. got to have a wawa, with a beer section inside. >> what? >> one store in our area wants to start selling beer. >> that is breaking news. and, you know, you always hear women complain i'm so cold in this room. can somebody turn up the thermostat. i hear it every day in this studio. well, new we know the reason. why ladies are always trying to bundle up, and, how you can actually save money and make them happy. and the the hint to the recent, mad men. >> mad men. >> the the tv show. >> yes. >> for the the era. >> i thought she was looking at it. >> now, we have a couple of
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people. >> someone walking by it. >> yes. >> okay. >> couple people on twitter says this is where the alleged surveillance tape was shot. >> um-hmm. >> but they say, the robot itself was left under the l fret's alley sign on a bench. we have a descrepancy. but this is close enough to the scene of the crime. >> it is in the area we will wait and see what happens. >> lets see what happens. >> okay. >> we will see how long you last, standing there. >> yes, okay. >> you don't worry about the people, i'm worried about the rain. >> it is holding up pretty well out there in the rain. >> can do i something. >> um-hmm. >> because it cannot be delayed any longer. we did a report on zoe and the baby. she said mike, you forgot about the fcc regulation about zoe and the baby. >> there you go. >> well, mother and baby are
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doing just fine. >> yes. >> you do it the same way too. >> it is regulated to have the same way. >> officials down in d.c. gave me a talking to. >> there is a fine and penalty for that. >> yes. >> we all know, so we won't get find sue. >> let's get to the numbers, and get your forecast, because, for many of us we woke up early because it was loud out there with the thunderstorms. we will give you a seven out of ten. is there a chance of more, popping up, later on in the day, but bus stop buddy, we left muggy in the house today because of the storm, and it won't be excessively muggy. but you will get a chance to go swimming, even with the pop up showers and thunderstorms. you can see we're losing the lightening, and just got, we just got the rain here in philadelphia, it is still raining but storms are moving through new jersey and should should be out of here. 76 degrees. 8 miles an her breeze. 74 percent relative humidity. our fox cast is for a high of
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90, 92, can't rule out a pop up then are storm later on in the day and then 70 degrees tonight, early thunderstorms, clearing later on, that is your tuesday, fox cast. big changes in the seven day coming up. >> another requirement, fcc regulars eulogies. can't rule it out. 7:03. slow go all around the board because of the early morning thunder boomers. umbrellas are backup here in downtown philadelphia. and speeds are down on our major roadways. this will take you longer to day then it did yesterday. down tree, west town road at neilds street in west chester. subsequent near lincoln drive and gypsy. schuylkill running slow from conshohocken to belmont. accident just popped up at northbound lanes of 476, right here near mark dade boulevard where all four lanes kind of squeeze into the zoom there. the these guys off to the left shoulder there. northeast philadelphia, heading to work southbound we are heavy from cottman avenue down through girard. that is on the southbound side. and then northbound, just
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watch for that new traffic pattern, between center city philadelphia and the girard avenue on ramp. slow going on the boulevard as well coming out of the northeast. back to mount holly we will get where the rain is starting to fall again. you can see the spray kicking up off the cars and the the trucks there in front of you. mass transit is looking good, mike and alex, back over to you. >> 7:04. a 19 district police officer here in philadelphia, collides with a taxi cab. that happened in west philadelphia. it happened at 66th and haverford. the police officer sustained minor injuries and she is in stable condition at presbyterian hospital. the intersection has been cleared, but let's check it out how it happened. >> yes. philadelphia so police say they are investigating destruction of hitchbot but no one has filed a complaint. >> hitchbot is a robot, what is left of it. thinks all over the internet. it is the source, that comes from olde city over by
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elfreth's alley and is there jenny joyce. hey, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, alex and mike. that brutal assault a on hitchbot happened across the the way here near elfreth's alley along second street. we have since, replaced this area with a cardboard cut out of alex holy for our own social experiment. yesterday video surfaced of the a assault on hitchbot. this video shows a person in an eagles jersey breaking the robot a apart. we were told that this was surveillance video, that was shared with us by a local well known prankster jesse, and he says he got the video from the art gallery on the corner. that gallery told us it does not have surveillance video of the attack. it raises many questions. was this surveillance video or was this cell even if video of a planned attack. regardless, one philadelphia company is stepping up to try to revive the robot. >> well, actually, right now we're sourcing parts, right. so finding the same kind of
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android phone that they use on it. it second parties the other things. but i think again consensus is we will do a new prod model and it would be just a bummer to lose tonight philadelphia. it is all about travel. >> reporter: another tech company created a facebook tribute page, philly loves hitchbot. there is a go fund me for hitchbot. so again, we have our own social experiment going on. right now you can see alex holley, quartered game cut out along the way. will she survive the mean streets of olde city here at second and elfreth's alley. we will find out over the next three hours, as good day continues. >> we have a couple decisions. you have to keep saying the word elfreth's, which is impossible to say. >> reporter: i know. >> second, do we know where this robot is. >> reporter: no. >> nobody does. >> can somebody tweet us and
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tell us. i have no idea where this robot is currently laying. >> yes. >> i don't think so. this company is trying to order parts and put it back together. >> you can order all of the parts you want but if you can't find it, how will you fix it. >> maybe they don't want people. >> i'm hoping he is somewhere. >> right, right. >> i looked at hitchbot's official twitter account, they have not said anything for a few days. hitchbot is recovering in the safe place so no one knows about. >> resting comfortably. 7:07. >> yes it is. >> schoolteacher fired for being a married lesbian takes her bite for equality to the archdiocese of philadelphia. >> lets see if this goes anywhere. sabina is on the the story, well, inside center city at the archdiocese. hi, sabina. >> reporter: hi, good morning, guys. supporters marched here with marge i winters yesterday, they had a petition sign by
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23,000 people of whom want marge i winter reinstated at waldron mercy academy. we had video as a dozen people gathered with marci to deliver that petition to the archdiocese. supporters say she was fired in june after the diocese found out that she is's married to a woman. here's the thing, winter says the school knew her marital status all long. she had been working there for eight years. they put pressure on the school to let winters again. waldron is not the run by the church. it is a private catholic school but it is not an archdiocese school. however, it did say that the diocese did say that it supports the decision of the school made. we talk with some supporters as well as marge i and her father, yesterday as they delivered that petition. let's listen to what they told us. her father speaks first. >> these are two catholic women devoted to lives, and taking care of people.
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>> it wasn't until the diocese was notified when something change. because the school knew. >> that is not the case then why did they allow her to teach for eight years if they weren't pressured by the archdiocese? >> reporter: a a lot of emotion, you can hear in those voices there as they delivered that petition to the archdiocese yesterday. now the petition alleged that school officials, feared the archdiocese will threaten the school's status, as a catholic school if it keeps winters, on as an educator but again, the archdiocese says it does not have anything to do with this. we reach out for the principal at waldron mercy but she did not get back to us. race is on. if supporters want winter reinstated by the beginning of the school year, just in time guys, for the the arrival of the pope here in philadelphia. >> we will see the response to this whole controversy. that is. >> that pope is coming here in
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less than two months. septa has launched their lottery and it has come and gone. i guess you won't know until thursday if you actually won the the lottery and got your septa passes. >> takes three days to figure out who got all of the tickets. the. >> the lottery ended, right around midnight, and apparently it went well. septa was selling, 350,000 regional rail passes at ten bucks a piece, and they believe that they will be able to satisfaction about 70,000 customers, who knows how many each purchased. you can get up to ten. based on how many tickets people requested, riders will board at select outlying stations for an express ride to the city. there will be three stops inside the city, septa's web site allowed them to choose their suburban line, and a time window for entering the city. those who entered the lottery will learn if their purchases
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went through, thursday, friday, saturday of this week. well, coming up at 7:11 exactly. at least two people killed and more than 20 were hurt when a circus tent came crashing down in new hampshire. severe storm slams into the fair ground last night in lancaster. thinks in northern new england causing the collapse of the 250 people, why inside the tent at the time this came one day after a ten t collapsed near a storm in chicago killing one person . former president jimmy carter has had a surgery. on the mend right now after having a small mass removed from his liver, a spokesperson , called the procedure, elective surgery but provided no detail on how the mass was detector what symptoms president carter displayed. she did say there were no issues with yesterday's operation. and former president carter's prognosis excellent for a full recovery. jimmy carter is 90 years old.
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the nation's 39th president, of course. if you are keeping track at home. 7:12. the white house calls it, its new clean power plant, the starting gun for an all out push for climate change. president owe wam a says the plan will drastically reduce power plant's missions by 2030. it will create tens of thousands of new jobs in, green powered technology like solar, and wind. >> the epa is setting the first ever nationwide standard to end the dumping of carbon pollution from power plants. >> critics say compliance with the plan will cost billions. the president says, it is already anticipating a great deal of push back. he will speak in nevada at the clean energy summit as expected to be the first sitting u.s. president to visit the alaska air
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particular. darren wilson, man who shot and killed michael brownies telling his side of the story. >> yeah, wilson spoke with the new yorker magazine. he said he experienced a culture shock, working in mostly black counties in missouri. wilson says that there are two opposing views here. people who feel police have too much power and others who feel that they don't have enough power. he said that tension isn't racially motivated but communities are wrapped up in the wrong culture. a pregang culture focusing on instant gratification. >> are you kidding me. >> 7:13. memphis police officer is scheduled to make his first court appearance today utumain wilburn was arrested after turning himself into authorities. wilburn allegedly shot and killed officer sean bolton late saturday night near a traffic stop. police say the three three-year old officer interrupted a drug kiehl and now wilburn is charged with
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first degree murder. delta airlines has made a change, in policies, following the death of cecil the the lion, yeah, get this, the the at rant a based airline said it will no longer strip hunting trophies like this, and republican ordinary and elephants. delta has the most flights of any u.s. airline traveling to africa. several international airlines have also announced this same change. american dentist walter palmer as you know killed cecil the lion while on a hunting trip in zimbabwe. 7:14. g.o.p. hopefuls head to new hampshire for candidates forum. >> there are lots of them. >> oh, yeah. >> all but three of the 17 candidates for presidency, took part in yesterday's q and a. donald trump was one of three who did not attend. he sent out a mean tweet bit too. they addressed several hot bed issues namely abortion and
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immigration. marco rubio, ted cruz, rand paula tended via satellite from d.c. this was a warm up for the televised debate which is happening thursday night this was all sponsored by the very wealthy coke brothers out of the wichita kansas. you want our money, tell us what you want to hear. donald trump said you are all there, dancing around in front of the coke brothers, you puppets. hashtag, puppets. >> he has an advantage, he has trump money. >> he doesn't need coke brothers money. g.o.p. presidential hopeful new jersey governor chris christie is kicking off his fun raising today. and, he will be in asbury park to address supporters, tons of protesters are also expected to be meet agent today's event. they are upset with christie's opposition to paid sick leave. well, middle east is trapped under a brutal heat dump.
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>> this is, unbelievable. >> so it is reportedly feeling like, 164 degrees, in some areas. now, this is a man diving in the nearby river, extreme heat led to mandated holidays in iraq. forecasters say due to a high pressure ridge that causes air below it to sink while sending mercury soaring. iran and iraq are not likely to see much relief as this week continues. 164 degrees. >> sue? >> yes, they don't have humidity, it is a dry heat. >> yes. >> we had a tweet to that effect earlier this morning. this could be the end of our heat wave too. even though we have had thunderstorms and showers rolling through this morning, they are in advance of the actual cold front which has, yet to come through here. once that happens, and it could touch on a couple of more thunderstorms later on in the day. once that happens, we will get
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slightly cooler temperatures around here and that may be the end of the 90's. so we have the the even of the lightening, and moving through, as we look at this loop of the last hour and you can see how rapidly this area of showers is moving through. we will zoom in for you and we will show you what is going on around philadelphia, and we're seeing the showers, leaving, as it is still a little damp around here but in camden and burlington county we are seeing some rain and, is there another picture of what it is like right now. so along the atlantic city expressway right there, we do have some showers around, with winslow township and you can see them exiting philadelphia at the moment. so, for today, the rest of today and tonight we're still under a slight risk of severe thunderstorms, and a marginal risk north and west of the city. so as the the future cast shows, there is going to be very widely scattered, these thunderstorms, and, maybe, after 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon, maybe a couple of popping up around three or 4:00 o'clock but not everybody will see a then are storm later on in the day.
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they will be not quite as widespread as what we saw this morning, with that being said, of course, especially if you are going swimming or you are on the beach you have to listen for that thunder. temperatures in the 60's to the north of us. 76 degrees right now in philadelphia. it is not excessively muggy. but we have a 6-mile an hour breeze to get started. yesterday was day number seven of the heat way with a high of 93. ready for one more. ninety-two today. eighty-nine tomorrow, and 87 degrees on thursday. by friday, this one looks like it could be a rainy day, sorry to say that because i know we're going to ocean city on friday morning. we will work on that forecast. we hope to get the rain before of the of the way before the weekend. but with wet roadways this morning, bob kelly, we have had a few accidents. >> i don't know but, but do you remember going to the shore with all of the kid, and it would rain. >> get out board games. >> monopoly here we go, game of life, clue.
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that is what we are doing friday morning from ocean city. live lot at northbound lanes of the blue route. stacked and packed a approaching macdade a multi vehicle accident where all of the lanes come off of i-95 and squeeze together here, that is just an example of the road being wet and things are slippery and accidents popping up every where. here on the new jersey turnpike as we go for a ride, northbound up here near exit number 7a watch for a crash, good morning to delco, a live look at i-95, again, roads are damp and wet. i'm looking outside the window here. umbrella ars are back down. it is hit and miss depending on where you step out of the front door. a crash along the lincoln drive at gypsy rain. lincoln drive is slippery to begin with. you throw some rain on there the schuylkill expressway, westbound heavy at approaching the boulevard. pretty much all the way out and up the the hill toward conshohocken. are you ready for football. it is practice we're talking practice today. >> practice. >> parking lots open up at 9:00 at lincoln financial field.
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gates open up at ten. we start throwing the ball at 11:45. >> breaking news. >> let's punch up alex's camera. something is happening there. >> what are they doing. >> is that a life preserver. >> who are these people. >> a life preserver. >> because it is raining so much. >> yes. >> okay, anyway, back to the eagles. we can watch this later. >> hold on. that is what i need. >> let's go back, can we do that there. because we didn't pay for the extra -- what are they doing. >> that looks like color forms. >> i'm getting a make over. >> we don't just, good people who live in olde city, i guess these girls live in olde city. they are treating you nicely not disturbing you. >> look at you, pretty lit will princess. >> life jacket and a crown. >> back to lincoln financial
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feel. >> with the eagles to day, practice at 9:00, lots opened up. gates to the link open up at ten. practice begins at 11:45. we will see extra volume in and out. hopefully sue will keep rain off so we can have fun with the kid and it is alumni day by the way down at the link. >> okay, i might do that actually. 7:21. does your phone know what you want before you do? the technology apple and google are working on that is making people a little uncomfortable. can your phone know too much. >> you should see what is in my phone. >> but first your last night's lottery numbers.
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all right. this is weirder, trying to explain, then the the robot being destroyed so i won't attempt it. 7:24. so are smart phones, maybe getting too smarty pants for us. >> so is there new technology, where that apple and google is introducing where the phone can know what you want before
7:25 am
you do. how can this work, lauren simonetti. >> hello. >> because they stud what i we do on our phones all day long. apps we go to. how long we spend on them. when we like to listen to music what music we like to listen to. what circus we like. they have built this profile of us and then can be pro active or predictive or invasive, instead of -- setting stuff up like calendar a appointments based on what they see coming through based on meetings that you might have. you pop in your headphones, maybe they think there is going to be listen to music, and they will like this type of music. it is stuff like this that makes your life easier but can be considered invasive. apple's new surveyor will be on ios9, new software operating system and google is called google new you on tap and that comes out later this year. >> so let's say i am googling,
7:26 am
dunkin' donuts. >> um-hmm. >> and a lot. >> like every day. >> they will eventually start sending me, ads from dunkin' donuts. >> that could happen. that could absolutely happen. that would be a money maker for apple or google but annoying to you. but, more useful, they can maybe necessity where you are, where your location is and say hey dunkin' donuts, the closest one is here or there. >> it is really best that people don't want to know what i'm googling. >> it would be so entertaining. >> it would be but whenever he is googling he turns the phone so i cannot see it. >> yes. >> plus my thoughts are from the space station. >> day in the life of mike jerrick's phone. >> oh, what a day. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> telling us what we're doing wrong with our make up, i certainly need help.
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>> yes, you do. >> i need help too, jen. >> everyone needs help and, we want to listen to our moms, thank you you very much, but, we are doing a lot wrong. she will start with the foundation. we're in southampton. coming back. you want to see everything that i have to fix.
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7:30. lit abe decent day now that these thunderstorms are moving out. what is our number. >> seven out of ten. we could have a couple pop ups. you could never rule out later on in the day after we hit 90 degrees. >> pop up then are storm. >> every single day of the summertime. >> is what the number. >> seven. >> just to keep you on your toes i mix things up. >> of course do you. >> we have 60's and 07's right now, some sun starting to emerge. the in most of the rain is on its way out as mike said. so there is your number of the day. here we go, seven, out of ten, and the last of the rain, moving through burlington and ocean counties, right now, 76 degrees. we still have quite a few clouds here in olde city but you can see sun trying to come through. we have 74 percent relative humidity and 6-mile an hour breeze out of the northwest at the moment.
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ninety-two, sunny and hot with pop up thunderstorm possible later on in the day and then later on, probably after midnight skies will start to clear out and we will have an overnight low of 70 degrees. we will tell what you happens after that in the seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly, what is going on. >> things are improving here, as you are talking i see sun bouncing off windshield out here at fourth and market but a jammo on the runway. weather delays for flights in and out of laguardia. they are getting hit with the thunder boom their held through our area around four or 5:00 this morning. so expect some delays, as that will cause a ripple effect on all of the airports that will have a problem there. north on the new jersey turnpike an accident near pa keep that in mind heading north pound. all because of the rain that rolled through earlier this morning. northbound lanes of the the blue route still wet with an accident here right here near macdade boulevard. bennie starting to backup. you can see the span is wet. earlier a jam we typically
7:32 am
don't this have backup here until 8:00 o'clock. we have a spiderweb on the camera lens as well. forty-two coming in toward the city slow go from the atlantic city expressway in toward 295. eagles practice again, here's the deal, 9:00 a.m. parking lots are open. they are not looking for everybody to come down there and tailgate like we do for a game. they are not opening up lots until 9:00. gates for link at 10:00. practice kicks off at 11:45. we will see extra volume in the stadium area. if you are going via 95, penndot will be working on the girard point double decker bridge. coming up from delaware county going to the practice, use the platt bridge, that will get you in there sooner and quicker. >> bob. >> yes. >> we learn something about chip kelly yesterday. >> what is that. >> he has been married, he was married for seven years in the 90's. >> get out. >> that came out. >> they had a picture of his friend, his lady friend. >> yes. >> they text message from time
7:33 am
to timey thought he was never married. >> also said, i'm fascinated why people even care about it. it is an interesting. >> a lot of people, he has been just married to football, life long batch already and then that story came out, and she was, you know, talking to the media, plus he likes his personal life so shut down. >> i don't know much about him. would you want to get beer at wawa, why not. >> makes it easier. so a hearing could determine if wawa will sell beer in delaware county. >> lauren johnson, is totally into it. she's in the newts room. >> reporter: good morning to you both. i cannot hear you. it is a meeting from last month. wawa sells beer in other states and would like to test it in pennsylvania. they are looking to test it at a wawa in chad forward. but there are many who are concerned, about alcohol, dangers and state convenient stores and alcohol doesn't mix. here's what some people we spoke to last month had to say
7:34 am
about this. >> i like to have a beer, it would be convenient to have access to it. more convenient and competitive for them. i have no problem with them. >> i don't drink chill because of what it has done to my family. so i wouldn't be a fan of it. >> i'm a christian so i'm thinking it is getting easier access but we're all supposed to use choice and use our discretion and how much we in take good wawa promises to put beer sales into place following all of the proper rules similar to supermarkets but some other smaller local businesses say it would not be fair because wawa already has a strong hold on customers. it is very true, mike and alex. when i lived in florida they were opening a wawa down there i never heard of it. people from the north who lived down south were so excited about it, they have a clan following. >> they are transplants up here and moving to florida. what a break through you can get beer in a convenient
7:35 am
store. >> or like in public, you can go and get your wine and your groceries in the same place. >> we are hurdling ourselves in the way the country lives. >> welcome to 2015. horrible video out of kentucky where an officer hand cuffed a third grader with disabilities, his reason for doing this to a child a magazine is upset ago lot of people this morning, their amazing hair issue is focusing on how you you can get popular hair styles from the 70's. model they picked for one hair due that has people calling out the magazine, really. >> let's check it. you are doing fine. 7:35.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at there is light at the end of the tunnel. do you know what we're talking about. this billy, the favorite neighborhood in our area we started with 32 neighborhood spread out from philadelphia, pennsylvania, new jersey, parts of the delaware. now voting has taken us down
7:39 am
to the final two. lets see if we got this fixed from yesterday. it is roxborough verse media. >> media did make it. >> yes. >> neighborhood do you think is the best? help us design, go to my fox, click on the philly neighborhood link right on the home page and once you are there you can vote on the final match up. voting is opened until friday, and then we will reveal the winner, next monday. >> okay. >> it will be media. 7:39. ladies, you know this is true, you get all dressed up for work only to sit in your cubicle freezing and trying to find a sweater. i am, inside of the new york times today this is one of their major articles. why women are cold at work. >> yeah. >> i'm always cold so i necessity what this feels like. it turns out most office buildings are kept at temperature that is comfortable for average man. >> hand sets the thermal the stat. >> new study says that women produce less body heat then
7:40 am
men. that means we're more child in the work place since our met about i can rate is slower. >> when your metabolic rate slows down, you get cold. >> women also wear less clothing. oh, yeah. >> yes. >> like dresses, your sleeves, like this. >> well, you know mike, i had been told i had to wear sleeveless dress. >> why can't you wear a cardigan. >> i don't know. >> it is hot outside. >> i guess i will start wearing your cardigan. >> so study says women make up half work force employers can save on utility bills by turning up the thermostat. you have said to me because every time i come in and freezing, my gosh, it is so cold, every woman complains when they come in here. it is fine, fine. >> it is a television studio, every television studio in the world is cold because we have so many lighting here and equipment, if it the got the hot, it burns it out. >> it doesn't have to be this
7:41 am
cold. >> it can be a tad bid warmer. you are wearing more clothes then i am. >> put some clothes on. >> would i like to. >> how about you woman move around more instead obvious sitting around in the office. just kidding. >> oh, what is this. >> she has a blanket. >> she's wearing a blanket on her legs. >> i don't have a blanket, i am wearing a sweater and my rain coat here. i need to get a blanket. i don't have a blanket. all blankets i have is loud and orange. >> we never would have known. >> unless we called you out on it. >> thank you. >> i don't know what we can do. we have to keep it cold because of the lighting. >> i need a blanket, neutral colored one. rap battle between drake and meek mill keeps going strong. >> some say it is already over. so what drake was spotted wearing at his music festival last night, and some of the pictures he had behind them when he took this stage, he is not letting this go.
7:42 am
hey, jen freddie's telling us what we're doing one with our make up it is 2015 and we're still screwing this up. >> you are still screwing up, mike jerrick, you more than most people. she said you are either a yellow guy or a pink guy. >> correct. >> she does not want you putting the the foundation on the back of your hand. we will explain what that means when we come back to southampton.
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first take of open practice for philadelphia eagles. they are hold ago this at lincoln financial field. the gets will open as bob kelly has been telling you at 10:00 a.m. practice begins at 11:45. here is weather. we have sunny skies. it will be hot again. prepare for temperatures in the 80's. make sure you have sun screen with you. then later on this evening across the street, at citizens bank park we have a warm night for the the phillies as they open up with the dodgers, 88 degrees when the game begins at 7:05. that is what we have got
7:46 am
sports wise, couple things going on today. what is not going on anymore? hardly any rain left. it is all moved out of philadelphia we have sunshine in olde city. ocean county seem to be getting last of it before it all pushes off shore and then that is where we have stafford township up toward toms river. still raining there. everybody else is getting a break for now. 67 degrees in pottstown. sixty-five mount pocono. seventy-six in the city a lot warmer to the south where we have 79, already, in wildwood. jersey shore did in the get any rain out of that system. nor did millville. little bit around dover, delaware area earlier in the day. lets check our dew points, they are mostly in the mid 60's, very humid down to the south, where we didn't get any rain to cool things off at all, so for the areas that are in the 60's, it is in the uncomfortable range, above that, it is oppressive with the humidity but it is summertime. so, for past seven day we had
7:47 am
seven day heat wave. this looks to be number eight with a high of 92. then tomorrow we will get close but probably won't make it to 90. sunny, breezy on wednesday. some showers roll in on thursday. lingering into friday unfortunately. possibility of a pop up thunderstorm in the afternoon, showers lingering into saturday morning bun then the rest of the weekend looks good, no 90's for this weekend 82 on saturday and 85 degrees on sunday bob kelly. >> 7:47. sunnies popping up out here across downtown, those earlier thunder boomers now impacting air traffic at le guardia, we are looking at 45 minute delays on arrivals and departures in new york and that is having a come minute necessity effect here in philly. north bound on the new jersey turnpike, again, those storms resulting in an accident up here near exit number 7a, that is exit there for great adventure. still dealing with this crash north bound on the blue route at macdade and it looks like
7:48 am
we have a car, these two vehicles just pulled off the vehicle and it is causing come minute necessity effect on i-95 through delaware county. here comes some sun across the benny. still slow from the toll plaza up and over in downtown at eighth and vine for gang coming from the freeway heavy toward walt whitman. we have talk about the eagles practice. i had a question, i sent it out to the eagles, is the parking free? i know the event is free but how much will it cost to park. 9:00 o'clock parks lots open. gates open up at ten. practice begins at 11:45 and it goes until 2:10 or 2:15. when we get a answer how much to get in the lot,. >> that is perfect bob, great. >> 7:48. there are times they do in the want advice coming from your mother. >> is your mother still in town. >> she has left. >> we want talk about her. >> yes. >> this is one of the times when it comes to make up, i'm
7:49 am
one who gives her advice when it comes to make up but i may in the know what i'm talk about. >> i try to give my mom advice all the time, number one thing i try to talk about is rosacea. we're here with ani white, southampton, pennsylvania is pretty awesome. pretty fancy. rosacea is something you hear about all the time. >> all the time. >> when we talk about foundation, we're either one or two colors. >> you are either yellow or pink. >> what does that mean looking at foundation. >> in other word, most mediterranean woman have more olive skin tone, and no more of a yellow. then you have your fair hair ladies, the blondes, naturally you think they will be pink, okay, all american girl i like to call them. but you can see contrast. biggest mistake is women are putting it on their hand like this and they are in the blending it to the jaw line down. >> let's talk about what you
7:50 am
are talking about here good thinks our lovely victim/client. you say we need to start at the jaw line. >> correct. >> you will show us what we're talking about here. you need to be tapping not brushing it on. >> foundation, it makes me look old. problem is foundation is used to even out your skin tone. so other thing i try to say, two things i touch on one with the rosacea lots of times women have hard time finding a right foundtation. i call them turners. what happens is we will put base on the jaw line, they think it matches, after an an hour or two they will go out, and then they are orange. they have a two tone color. sometimes it is just not even red, it might be an orange under tone. so for orange we would put purple in there. >> a custom blend. >> custom blend, water based fragrance free, hypo allergic.
7:51 am
other thing too back to the foundation as far as the foundation, the other thing is skin care. you have to have the right skin care. but problem is, if they are putting it on their face. you want to avoid the mouth and a avoid over here, okay. what happens is as the day goes on your skin gets dehydrated, and new it the will emphasize little things we don't want to emphasize. >> foundation that could be a wrong color gets stuck in the creases. >> correct good other thing you say is definitely for bringing it down to the neck. >> if you have rosacea don't rub, pat. >> same thing washing your face you are stimulating circumstance in your skin. >> rubbing are it you are making your skin redder. >> youyou are defeating the whole purpose. >> the other thing we will do is you can have some questions. i like this idea is necessity if you are a yellow or pink. >> yes. >> because that is the beginning of the whole thing. >> sure. >> the basis everything.
7:52 am
fur foundation is right, everything is right. >> that is what i say. >> my foundation is right, everything is right. come on back we are going to do eye shot owe stuff. people make big mistakes there. >> very common. >> you are looking gorgeous. >> i like the fact that he doesn't look like she has a bunch of make up on. >> she looks natural. >> as if you are a professional make up artist. >> yes, she woke up like that. >> yes. >> pretty cool, right. >> pat, don't streak. >> one more word, add it. >> one more thing. >> woman with rosacea a stay away from rose. a lot of our clients wear lipstick and i always joke, poison ivy is naturally wouldn't rub it on my face. rose will stimulate the circulation. look for that in the ingredient. >> i just learn something. >> 7:52. >> we have to say happy birthday to camille, our producer producing right now. happy birthday. >> happy birthday.
7:53 am
>> yes. >> okay. >> all right. this is important for a lot of parents. >> okay. >> is your child a picky either. i can hear everybody going yes? why it could point to a bigger problem a bigger problem.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:56. we saw this study that says we have done this before but a new study has come out, we sit way too much during our workday. probably should try to stand as often as possible. so there are standing desks that are being manufactured now. doctor mike, would you consider, do you ever tell your people, your patients to stand more during the day. >> i have, in fact, in our area office my nutritionist has a standing desk, to show, patients, that is the way to go. sitting has been equate todd
7:57 am
almost as bad as smoking. how do you like that. and we do it all the time all day long. if your next door in your office what do i do, i e-mail you. i don't walk over. so if you stan, you're actually using muscles to remain standing. everybody is at attention all over the the studio. >> okay. >> so if you stand, you are, burning miracle wrist, you are being healthier, and you do it intermittently throughout the day so it doesn't hurt your back but if you get a standing desk. i am writing a tv prescription for all of you out there. go to your bosses and say doctor mike says i need a standing desk and i need it because it is good for my health and i need to you write a script. >> it helps with your even why i too. radio stations when they stand you up during the whole show to keep their energy up. >> yes. >> maybe we should be standing when we do the news. >> let's do it from now on. >> this is freaky. most kid, sometimes they are
7:58 am
picky eaters. they won't eat certain foods. what do you say that there is a deeper problem if you have a picky either at home, restrictive food in take disorder, how do you like that. >> that is a new diagnosis that is being talked about because kids, now my kid don't like certain things. i am not talking about they don't like broccoli. i am saying they will only eat certain things. some kid are so troubled by this, that they will vomit, they will get sick if they try to eat other things. the that is a sign of more serious problems. >> anxiety, depression. so you need to take it seriously. that is what this new study indicates. >> if you have a picky either at home what do you do, go to the doctor, what do you do about it. >> for the most part if it is not serious, you don't have to worry about it. my son nicholas doesn't like broccoli. my wife and doubt are love broccoli. nicholas doesn't.
7:59 am
i'm in the too worried bit. if he ruled out an entire food group, all vegetables and only ate pizza, or something then i would have more concern about it. >> what about this when it comes to teen then everyone is on social media. is there a thing where you are on it too much, and it can affect you. >> i think we're there. >> studies show in teens if you are on social media greater than two hours per day you did have an increased risk of having mental health problems. is it the chicken or the egg? is it the because you are on social media your isolated, you have nothing else better to do so you are on social media because you are already depressed or anxious or is it that you're doing it and because of bullying and things like that you get depressed because of what is on social media. everything is in moderation that is what my grandfather used to say, everything in moderation except one thing.
8:00 am
>> what is that. >> watching fox 29, that is only thing you you cannot do in moderation. >> make sure your kid do it certain amounts of time they day. >> they are doing it more than two hours a day. >> my mom will take away her phone. the that is enough for the day. >> good to see you. >> it is tuesday, august 4th, 2015, here we go. shocking video a sheriff puts a nine year-old boy in disability in shackles. video landing that officer smack dab in the middle of the lawsuit what the boy did that led to this. drake throws meek mill under the bus, again. what drake did last night, on stage, to prove this battle is far from over, lauren. >> yes it is. beauty backlash allure
8:01 am
magazine publishes an article on how to get the perfect afro why woman they have featured caused controversy right now, jen? while, doctor mike i kept getting distract because we have a big machine for to the right pointing at your, cut out. >> yes. >> it has been fine, so women apparently from olde city put that life jacket on said it was raining. >> yes. >> they are taken care of you. >> then a jogger just went by and did this. >> knock me over. >> do we have the footage, are we go to go roll it or not? >> wait for it. wait for it. >> somebody knocked you over and it was all caught on tape. a punch right tour face.
8:02 am
>> i thought i felt something. >> a voodoo doll. >> i really thought you would survive until 10:00 o'clock. >> she was out there for two hours and got punched in the face. >> we will have that for you just in a second. >> this is philadelphia. >> seven out of ten, weather by numbers, we are standing here too because doctor mike says so bus stop buddy is standing up pool side. now he is having some fun all take long. temps in the 60's and 07's. we have clouds and some sunshine, and the last of our showers, have moved through. this will be it for a while. 77 degrees in philadelphia 8 miles an hour pleas out of the southwest and 76 percent relative humidity. we have an eye of 90. 91 degrees and then 70-degree low tonight. little bit of thunder early and then skies will clear later tonight. we will tell what you happens after that in the seven day forecast. so we've got to get to crowded
8:03 am
roadways, bob kelly. >> 8:03 coming up on a tuesday morning. live look where we got sun glare what a difference a couple hours can make for traffic but also for alex's cut out on second street. but sun glare coming in the city from conshohocken to downtown. roads are still dam from all that rain we had early on between four and 5:00 o'clock this morning. bennie got some sun coming out here slow go on the new jersey side heavy from the black horse pike and the rain really knock us back. slow on the curve and slow on the blue route as well as i-95. northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike up toward new york an accident at exit number 7a. new york and north jersey. i mentioned new york because there are delays of about 45 minutes out of laguardia because of the weather and that is having a roll back effect here in philadelphia mike and alex, back over to you.
8:04 am
804:67:89 disturbing video out of kentucky captures a police officer handcuffing a third grader with disability. >> he is crying his head off, according to the video and complaint released by aclu, american civil liberties union, this allegedly happened last year inside of an elementary school and now the video has been discovered. lauren, what went down here. >> it was two kids, an eight year-old boy, nine year-old boy. aclu filed lawsuit on behalf of the two children against the the kenton county sheriff's office. video is the school resource officers hand cuffing the eight year-old boy who has attention deficit hyper activity disorder adht with a history of trauma. it could be upsetting for some people to see.
8:05 am
>> you that hurts. >> now sit down on the chair like i asked to you. >> the video has been edited, they added subtitles. this claim boy was in handcuffs for 15 minutes, no guidance safety prohibits use on small children. the nine year-old girl was handcuffed in the same way twice. she also has adhd and other special needs. the complaint alleged both children were being punish for behavior related to their disabilities. spokesperson for sheriff's office told huffing ton post he was waiting for their attorneys to review the lawsuit before commenting here. as you can imagine, we hear from the boy's mother that he is scared to go back to school, traumatized has bad dreams and just can't not move past this. >> well, it is just
8:06 am
ridiculous. does anybody know where the the footage came from. >> in the sure, i just know aclu got they are hand on it and they played it by the screen there. >> how can somebody stand by and videotape this and not make it stop. >> you wand shore saw it and didn't intervene. >> and just let it happen, hoist watching that. >> yeah. >> they are in big, big trouble. >> as they should. >> be my goodness, thank goodness for the tape, right. two men were shot outside a concert. >> yes, this was jcole and big sean, they had a concert in new jersey and new jersey state police say shooting happened just after 11:00 last night outside pnc bank arts center in new jersey. they say suspect fled in the wooded area nearby. witnesses say it was spark by an argument that broke out in the parking lot. no word on the conditions of the two victims, you will remember jcole had a cons inert camden friday but there weren't any incidents at that
8:07 am
concert. >> big sean was with him there too. >> yes. 8:07. amy schumer teamed up with her cousin senator chuck zoom inner new york to promote gun control. plea comes almost two weeks after gunman opened fire during a showing on one of her films in louisiana. two people were killed. >> train wreck, her latest movie emotional moment, amy says she was devastated by the shooting. >> my heart goes out to jillian, macy, to the survivors and family and everybody tied to this thankless horrible action of this this man who shouldn't have his hand on the gun in the first place. i'm not sure why man chose my movie and these two beautiful lives and injured nine others but it was very personal for me. >> wow. >> meanwhile senator schumer unveiled new legislation which rewards states when they implement background states. >> my goodness, that is rough.
8:08 am
>> 8:08. a experiment this morning. we have put a cardboard cut out offal next olde city. >> my gosh. >> to see what would happen to it. >> yes. >> young ladies dressed you up. >> slow motion, my goodness. >> who does that. >> it is the home of rookie. >> but still. >> to punch me in the face good that is uncalled for a jogger in olde city, punches alex in the the face. jenny, what precipitated this. >> he was getting his morning work out in and he used alex's head as a punching bag. alex, you are down but not yet dead. also, someone just came by and put a post it note. i just tweeted it. fyi, if this was mike j, you could mug this but if you mug this of alex, head will roll. it looks like people are on your side in this case, alex.
8:09 am
if we can get a cardboard cut out of you, it could be a different story with mike. we are keeping an eye onal he can. we want to roll role video we were given last night of the actual incident involving hitchbot. you can see this guy in the eagles jersey wearing jersey number 12, punching, kicking, killing hitchbot at elfreth's alley second street early saturday morning. who is this man and where did this video come from. a well known prankster gave thus footage which he said came from the art gallery on the corn are but that art gallery told us it doesn't have surveillance video facing the street. regardless of what happened who killed hitchbot and how we got the video a tech company in west philadelphia is stepping up to try to revive the row about on the. >> multiple rerobots get made that is better f they start making these robots ape passing them around then cool.
8:10 am
now we have its own, it becomes bigger than what it already is and it is already massive. what it represents i feel like is so big. >> i don't know, there is in competition. >> it is really bizarre because we have the pope coming to the city and a lot of great things to come to the city and for this robot to be traveling worldwide and get dismantled in philadelphia on second street in olde city, i just think it is a shame. >> reporter: alex, i have to say i was surprised when we saw you get punch in the face because for the most part people are walking by, smiling, taking pictures adoring you completely. we will keep an eye on this and give you a live look as well, mike and alex. >> we need the same camera that was placed so we could sigh this face. >> watch for him to run right there. >> we will have to get craft i. >> down goes alex, down goes alex. >> that was route.
8:11 am
>> happy birthday, mr. president. we didn't forget. president obama's would it day toys day. >> but is he forgetting something. the one thing he for got to wear over weekend that has everyone speculating this morning, lot of rumors going around. >> chris murphy. hey, guys, today is open practice at lincoln financial field for the eagles as they get ready for the season. how are you doing. >> good. >> are you ready to see open practice. >> yes. >> free to the public. >> what is your name. >> jc. >> say we will be right back. >> we will be right back. soil is the foundation for healthy plants,
8:12 am
just like gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total mouthwash for gum health. it kills germs and forms a protective shield for 45% stronger gums. for stronger, healthier gums colgate total mouthwash.
8:13 am
8:14 am
skies over beautiful chester county, pennsylvania where we had a lot of rain at one point earlier this morning, several hours ago but things are clearing up, our view from sky fox is this morning. so, on twitter, we just got a request for the beach wind. the beach wind in your forecast, okay. let's check beach wind and everything else about your forecast for day. we will have a bit of the land breeze southeasterly but 15 miles an hour. kind of breezy, high around 90. 79 degrees surf temperature. this is the big thing moderate
8:15 am
risk of rip currents, make sure you swim near a life guard. eight is your index. rain has moved off shore and we have room for sunshine. temperature 77 in the city, cooler to the north with temperatures in the 60's. but it is close to 80 already in wildwood. we will get to a high of 92 degrees. this will be day number eight of the heat wave and close to 90 tomorrow but we may not make it. that might be it for this one. pop up thunderstorm isn't out of the question this afternoon and then gannon thursday afternoon we will cool town with some showers, on, friday. by saturday and sunday things are warming up a little bit and we will get in the lower 80's on saturday, mid 80's on sunday. we should salvage most of the weekend, bob kelly, what you do you got. >> good morning. 8:15. live look at that i-95 situation i told but yesterday and talk about it again this
8:16 am
morning. northbound use be a fourth lane at girard avenue, no, they took away that entire lane, moved everybody over in the center perks of the roadway. heading north on i-95 from center city we're squeezed in to three lanes quickly here at girard and that caused delays all day yesterday. this is just next phase of the construction zone that we will have to sit through here, at girard avenue. if you are going toes to go to the eagles practice, northbound lanes of i-95 they will begin after 9:00. after 9:00 heading up to the link use the hat bridge. i have been told parking is free at the practice. >> yes. >> free parking. >> come on down. >> michael ex-back to you. >> people are already out there, chris murphy. >> yes, they are already out here. we have fans here. we have backup of traffic going all the way down to
8:17 am
paterson, around the turn to the parking lot, parking lot opens here at 9:00 this is free, opened to the public. parking free. getting into lincoln financial field is free. the as i walk over here this is where fun stuff will be, head house plaza, that is where eagles alumni will be today. there will be cheerleader, sort of exhibitions for the game and everything else. head house plaza, those stadium will open up at 9:00. alumni q and a at ten there 30. 11:45. they will have a tackling demonstration. then practice will begin, right around 11:45, 12:00 o'clock. it will go for two, maybe two and a half hours. there will be field access for the fans. you guys fired up. they are fired up. lets talk about the real question marks and two of the new players. it is, of course, starting with demarco murray.
8:18 am
he did in the suit up and play yesterday, for the first day of training camp, a lot of questions about why did he do that. here's anybody led nfl in rushing and had carries. demarco had 392 carries last year. that is most of any running back since 2006. they are worried about him being beaten up, owe they try to rest him up. in how about sam brad for. we thought he would be wearing a knee brace after two acl surgeries? he did not have the knee brace yesterday. he looked mobile. the players said his passes were crisp. >> let's talk about something else going on here by the way at the ballpark in south philadelphia. the other ballpark citizens bank, there is a lot going on there tonight. guess who is returning. j roll, jimmy rollins, all time phillies hit liter is back tonight in a dodgers uniform mike and alex.
8:19 am
>> real quickly here talk to the the guys over there the fans. i want predictions. what do you think. >> we have predictions, 16 regular season games, what is the recording to be. >> good. >> give me a number. >> eleven-five. >> eleven-five. >> ten-six. >> someone said seven-nine. >> their offense is way too good. >> how will bradford do. >> i think he will do good. break out year for him good did you like foles. >> not at all. >> here we go. >> he is right, they could go 12-four. somebody had to be. >> jimmy rollins, one of my favorite people and i would like to see him and for summaries own is hitting really well when he play as begins the phillies. so is any other team as a matter of fact. alex, will and jada are
8:20 am
they really divorcing? did you see all of the things going on in the twitter yesterday. well, actor just did something he rarely does. he i is putting those rumors to rest. >> he was quite galante yesterday. >> i got my first kiss today and it is just mind blowing that i just can't feel it. >> do you remember lit griffin his first kiss made him a you tube star. first is within of the biggest moment in the relationship. we know that. is that the moment that makes us more nervous. major moment we hope we don't mess up, can you guess what it is. >> most nervous moment in the relationship? let me think...
8:21 am
school starts tomorrow, and they're not ready. with staples they'll be 110% ready. notebook, folders, glue sticks. 25¢, 15, 50¢. aw, now i'm not sure if i'm ready for them to go back. i'm so ready. make low prices happen. make 110% ready happen. staples. make more happen.
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8:23 am
i'd like to put in my 15-years notice.ration you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. alex still on her back after being punched out on olde city
8:24 am
in second street. >> i just can't believe that this happened. here was hashtag, hitchbot verse holley. and apparently, i'm in the doing so well. >> at least you still have your head on. >> oh, man other hollywood break up. gwenn stephani has filed for divorce from her rock star husband gavin racedale after 13 years of marriage, according to reports, the divorce papers site that old buga boo irreconcilable differences as reason for the split. the couple has three children, a nine, six and one year-old. good oh, well. >> they will remain partners in parents in a joint statement good and country singer reba macintyre said she and her husband are separating have after 26 years of major. >> wow. >> reba said she hain her ex-husband have been separated for past several months. they have one son together.
8:25 am
she has three other marriages, within of which is married to kelly clarkson. >> all of these singers hacking out together. well, yesterday, it was all over the internet, started on facebook and spread to all social media that jada pink it smith and will smith were divorcing. it looked real. >> internet really blew up yesterday after reports of the power couple were getting a divorce. i saw it, thinking this cannot be possible. a lot of media outlets reported that the couple was trying to settle their 240 million-dollar fortune and they have broken news to their two children. >> this is not, i kind of believed it. there has been reports that they are splitting up, swingers and everything else for years. >> do you see that picture on the right. he gave a speech when his wife got an a war. he addressed the fact last tomb rumors came out and saw they were rumors and said no, i love this women. >> he normally doesn't respond to all this garbage on the internet but he did yesterday.
8:26 am
>> he said he was responding because so many people reached out extending their condolences. if he ever decides to divorce his queen, well, he will tell it to himself. >> he called her his queen. >> over and over again, jada and i are not getting a. jada replied, she tweeted out my king has spoken. >> i can see her saying that. my king has spoken. >> um-hmm. >> they are still together, people. >> this came up in the gym yesterday, because, you know, i said my gosh i hope this isn't true about will and jada. someone says aren't they reportedly in a open relationship. i said, and this is in jenny said that is just like a man, you give him everything. fit is true, you have a open relationship and still find a way to want to get out of it, seriously. >> open relationship. >> yeah. >> that has never been confirmedy was talking in yen
8:27 am
when it comes to men a lot of rumors flying about those two. we have some breaking news, sky fox is live over an accident in chester county. >> this is fair view road in glenn more. >> horrible crash. >> two cars on the scene. >> we will have more information, bob kelly has information, we will get to him after that break. >> i wouldn't doubt that was a head on.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. welcome back. breaking news, out of chester county. as we look live, from sky fox, over this nasty accident. thinks along route 401, right at fairview road. it is right where we're call it a t intersection. the yellow lines there. that is route 401, which is conestoga road and it looks like, you can see off to the left there that what we call, again a t intersection there, that vehicle looks like it is
8:31 am
split in half wrapped around that telephone pole there. route 401 is closed right now in chester county, i'm being told it has been confirmed as a fatality. this is a stretch right here near route 100, if you go to the maps i will give you an idea exactly where we're talking about. it is chester county, 401, just west, of route 100. i have driven that stretch a number of times. it is a winding road, there is some narrow one lane bridge necessary that area with you that looks like a situation where maybe somebody ran a stop sign but we have a fatal crash and investigation underway and we will stay with sky fox throughout the half an hour ande when these lanes get opened backup. coming into downtown what a difference a couple hours can make. we had nasty thunder boom tours kick it off. we have sun glare here now and delays coming from the vine street expressway, sue, as you work your way in to downtown
8:32 am
philadelphia. sun glare on that schuylkill expressway. are all of these thunder boomers out of here. >> we may see a few more pop up but that is why we gave buddy the umbrella he is also pool side and sunshine for him. now that he is off school doesn't mean traffic and sun glare but it means having fun pool side and you'll have plenty of time to do that today because we will have sunshine and a high of 92 degrees. pop up thunderstorms though possible later on in the day throughout the evening hours but then skies will clear up overnight and overnight low will be cooler then last night, guys, low of 70 tonight. >> i'm hoping up the windows. >> allure magazine find itself in trouble this morning after an article they published in this months issue. >> believe it or not it is all stemming from some hair tutorials which lauren, it is what they do they have beauty tips, hair tips. >> but this one in particular,
8:33 am
alex is drumming up backlash a lure magazine published an article about how to get the perfect afro. problem lies with both model, a company, a tutorial and who it is toward. it is called amazing hair. cover features a stunning selma heyek with hair tutorials they can find inside the magazine including sexy air dried looks and 70 styles. that is where some people believe the magazine sort of missed the mark. tutorial is featured in the retro modern 70's styles titled you, yes you, can have an afro even if you have straight hair. photo is of a white actress marisa, and in fact, entire retro modern section appears to only feature white woman. readers are angry about that but also how the magazine chose not to use a black model and show a style from the 07's that had great important to the african-american culture and identity back then. readers took to their disappointment. olivia coal wrote why would
8:34 am
you ever in your life think this was okay. eileen says what a missed opportunity for allure magazine to actually talk about afro hair to girls who actually have it. not all responsees were negative. christine brown from love brown that honestly, i didn't ghetto fended at all when i read at lure piece. i'm flattered actually a lure responded saying using beauty and hair as a form of self expression is what is happening in our country today. >> but if you read the caption, can we put that backup kit cat kline. >> yes, it is talking to white women. >> you can do this too. >> but, it is interesting they would have an article saying that. it is flattering if people want to have hear like african-american women. the last blogger did say at some point in her comments that imitations the the best form of flattery. >> it still seems a little will strange but you cannot complain the about the fact they don't have
8:35 am
african-american women because it is no the direct towards them. >> white women can do this to your hair too, yes, you, white woman can have this type of hair. >> maybe this is fair. some people straighten their hair, other people want it curly. little strange. the especially considering recent story that happen. >> rachel. >> rachel dolezal. >> yes. >> a lot have of controversy. >> with the naacp. >> could i have an afro. >> probably not a curly one. >> it would be really short, mike. >> i will grow it out. >> all right. >> you will look like justin guarino. >> or screech from saved by the bell. >> you know what he ended up doing... never mind. ladies, are you freezing, when you go to work at your office. >> yes. >> well, men are to blame. >> i blame you. >> i know. >> i'm being blamed for everything. >> oh, please. but rap beat just
8:36 am
continues, drake throws meek mill under the bus again, is this just overkill at this point. >> yes. >> what drake did last night on stage that proves, according to him, this battle is far from over. he is not done yet.
8:37 am
i'm so not ready for back to school. with staples you'll be ready. i can get thirty comp books and notebooks at a low price? yep, 50 and 25 cents each. oh, i can save money and have less stress! and less drama. he's the drama teacher. got it. teachers, this week get 40% back in teacher rewards. staples, make more happen.
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8:39 am
after a jogger pun ched you out, and fell over this woman, making us feel bet ber ourselves. >> here in philadelphia. >> yes good put your crown back on. >> how sweet. >> thank you so much, thank you for having mercy, whoever you are. >> she will put it on your neck. >> yeah. >> i'll take it. >> you look quite happy there leaning up against your trash can. >> i will take trash can over being knock out on the bench every day. >> now we are back erect and
8:40 am
looking better. >> i have faith in people in philly all over again. >> but going off the post it note there on your skirt, it says, welshing i will show you later. embarrassment for meek mill over his argument with drake is not going away. in fact, drake is taking it up a inch last night. >> if you can take it up anymore. >> yes good check this out drake was sporting a free meek mill t-shirt in toronto just hours before performing at the festival. >> meek mill career is in jaily saw this and retweeted this, but then drake did this, he got on the stage and started out opened a set by performing his to meek mill disk track. that was charge up and then back to back. he back it up with things that behind him on stage that said drake should get a participation a word for his
8:41 am
disk track. >> yes. >> the whole time all these different things making fun of meek mill this one, from what aberg their mocks the battle between the two wrappers. meek mill take it from frustrat, if you go to go start a beef, surveyed high quality. >> that is after the rap battle and war they have been having after meek called out drake for not writing his own lyrics to a song that was on meek mill's cd but you don't write your own rap. it is interesting because someone tweeted out yesterday, i think it was complex mag, they tweeted out video from someone in the audience. while drake was performing back to back, and audience was like laughing. it is bad, it is real bad. now the tourist coming to camden, right. >> which tour. >> meek mill and nicki minaj. i wonder how they will be received. you have to show them some love. >> bet he can't wait to get back to his home town.
8:42 am
>> nicki is showing him love. >> he posted a picture with him. >> she has a lot of love to share, yes. >> is this jen fred. >> getting more make up tips. >> make up tips. >> first of all bob kelly update you all over open practice at lincoln financial field, parking is free. >> yes. >> all right. >> just want to check. lets talk about eye shadow. look down. she needs eye shadow on there. we have really great tips about how to get your eye shadow to stay, we are here, forgive my coffee breath. we will be right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
there are sink holes and then there are sink holes. this must have happen in the
8:46 am
long ago that was a big sink hell in brooklyn new york. it is around fifth avenue knew and sixth fourth street, that is in the sunset park section of brooklyn. but there is no, well, i see yellow tape now, yeah, they are starting to cordond it off and some cones. >> look at that blue van how close it is. >> my gosh. >> imagine if that happened in the middle of the night and walking your dog, look at the size of the pipe that it fell in. >> or trying to get to your car to get to work in the morning. >> it looks like, i don't see any vehicles around it just yet. they need to block it off in the front too. 6:46. 8:46. somewhere. >> it was 6:46 a couple hours ago, and now it is. >> yes, yesterday it is up in boston and clearing coast of new england right now. temperatures 77 in the city. sixty's to the north. it has reached 07 with
8:47 am
sunshine in reading. already 82 in wildwood. warm one on the beach today and we did have our seven day heat wave, and, yesterday's high was 93. we will there been today with a high of 92. that should be it for the heat wave. all of the rest of the temperatures are below 90 including friday when we have rain in the forecast. we will get to a high of only 79 degrees. after today mike and alex, say bye-bye to the 90 easing. >> bye-bye. good riddings. >> thinks a huge frustration for women in the summer, figuring out how to keep your eye sad owe on. after a while you sweat and you get creases and it is like, ahh. a lot of times i will use a cream base before i put on my eye shadow. it is supposed to help a little bit. >> i think they will be happy did you that. melissa is here. good morning. she works with gorgeous
8:48 am
model-like people. we are southampton this morning. the first of all, you say contouring the eye is just as important as contouring my kim kardashian face. >> exactly. the biggest thing i notice with women is that they are applying the shadow first, with a brush which is fine but when awe apply it they are putting it all over. i call it a windshield wiper application. here and here and here. >> why do you talk about how i put my makeup on in the morning. alex said she puts a cream on first. thinks a primer mixed with a concealer. >> little primer, little concealer, together. it is the client is greasy you went to do a loose powder. >> yes. >> when you get that primer on you have to put shadow on. it will move. you just to have put shadow on, set it and then go from there. >> okay. >> looking at your eyes, and it looks perfect because you are a make up artist.
8:49 am
what you say is, brushes are for blending not for putting it on. >> correct. >> you can apply with the brush but don't get that misconstrued. i use a sponge because i like my eye shadow to be set. no one is setting make up. they are taking colors and putting on their eyes with the brush and putting it all over. they are not padding it. >> she's padding it right now good what she's doggies setting shadow. >> when you do your contour here, first of all, when eye deep color, that is your strongest. so first place you put it will be the strongest pigment coming through if you want to work from the corner of your eye or to the right here first and then take it off. what will happies it will get lighter and lighter, softer and then blend it. most women are just brushing it like in like this brushing it back. they are in the really doing anything. >> you want to us like jam it
8:50 am
in there, let it set, right? just so we're all clear. i'm not a make up artist. these are word i might use. jam it in, let it set and then you blendy blendy. >> correct. if you get that down you are good to go. >> i'm good to go. we will stay through 9:00 o'clock hour and did more make up stuff. we're in southampton having fun . thanks, gorgeous. >> mike, would you like it here because they are all adorable. >> i can tell. i can make tonight southampton by 10:30. >> he likes it the anywhere, where he could be surrounded by woman. forget diamond rings, one pair of diamond stilettos. >> so they are shoes fit for a queen and beyonce, of course, has them, she just bought them. why it may be cheaper to put a ring on it because we will tell you how much when we come back. >> maybe she just won lottery.
8:51 am
8:52 am
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8:54 am
8:54. accident on route 401 just west of route 100 out here in chester county with some local detours. sun glare, delays west on that schuylkill expressway. heading down to the eagles practice again gates open up at ten, practice at 11:45. it is free parking. summertime means summer camp but what about the kids that are in the hospital. yesterday i was joined by codey asche from the phillies. we went down to ai du pont hospital and we had a summer camp for kids in the hospital.
8:55 am
every day this week is a different event. yesterday was baseball and there is the whole crew down there child life specialist having fun with the kids that are stuck in the hospital. codey got to use austin's bat as practice with the kids. hopefully that will come in handy for him later on. >> did i see your wife. >> yes, she's a child life specialist down there. >> codey is always out and about with the kid. >> he gets around. >> nice guy. >> you know beyonce is a fantastic singer, and dancer, and she can dance in high heels. i can't. >> oh, yeah. >> word is dancing shoes, she's about to get more fancy. rumor has it beyonce bought a pair of diamond encrusted stilettos, wait for it, $337,000. >> that is just silly. >> heels feature 1290 precious stones and they have a lifetime guarantee. if you buy suggest like that, diamond, stone falls off i want it replaced.
8:56 am
>> yes. >> reportedly she will wear them in a new music video. >> i will look for those high heels. >> what i'm looking for is new music, we are getting new music. quincy harris and i were talking about this, he thinks she will release a new album or big single before made in america because she will perform, she's head lining it. she had has to have something new to give us. we will wait and see. >> she needs money because she's buying very expensive shoes. >> lets check on your cut out there. >> i can't look. >> here's my experiment. >> what did you do. >> the post it note on your crouch or thigh, says if you put a cut out of me there, it would be destroyed faster then yours. >> somebody is look at it now. >> reading the note. >> we will see happens to you verse me. >> yes. >> if anybody will get vandalized i say it is my face. >> i got punched in the face.
8:57 am
>> come on by.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
that is the scene of the beat up of the robot. >> hitchbot. >> it was more than a beat up, he was murdered. >> decapitated. >> yeah. >> here comes another guy around the corner. >> there is another place i would rather be because we are trying to experiment. i have been out there for three hours now. >> you have been pouchched to the face and knocked to the ground month. man picked you up and leaned against the trash can and somebody put a post it note on your thigh that says if mike cut out was out here it would be destroyed before yours. we shall see. we have an hour to go. the first kiss, it is one of the big moments in the relationship. you go in for it. but


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