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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> well, steve, how do you like your wawa hoggy? little turkey, cheese, mayo, onions? how about a beer? that could soon happen here at this wawa, naman's road in chads forwards, first wawa to approve the sale of beer. >> garbage truck flies down the street and the driver is not behind the wheel. we will show you what happens and how the company is responding to this mistake. >> oh! >> their response might and mistake. good day, it is wednesday, august 5th, 2015. >> that's hard to watch. >> i know. >> makes me wonder what else is off camera we can't see? >> all kind of cars like domino effect? >> it could be, because everybody parks on the street in fill. >> i speaking every fill what i a game last night at the ballpark. phillies win again. with jimmy rollins getting nice standing ovation returning to philadelphia. >> and who got the grand-slam? >> franco. >> yes. >> he's what a good rookie he
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is. >> how exciting. bus stop buddy excited because he put away the umbrella, muggy the dog inside. i don't think it will be too humid today. we have some sun to look forward tonight so make sure you have the sunscreen, make sure to reply, especially if you're poolside today. cold front has moved off shore it, will stall to the south, but shouldn't bother us today. high pressure builds in. so now at 74 degrees, with 5-mile per hour breeze. and 76% relative humidity. not great. but not too bad. 6:03 your sunrise time. dow think the dew point will be dropping throughout the day. so if you are to the north of us, in the 50's, lower 60s, to the south us, it is around 70 degrees. and as we go through the rest of the day, by 9:00 still have some clouds around, in the # zero's, and then, 88 degrees, by lunchtime. probably topping off at around 90, and there is the most important word: less humid today. so that's your foxcast for hump day wednesday. get you close to the weekends, then through the weekends, with some weather changes
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coming up. we will talk all about it in just few minutes. but bob kelly is here right now. how is it looking this morning? >> not bad. looking good. hope we can make it look good for the trip to ocean city friday morning, if this is your week down the shore, we are coming your way friday morning, down there, on the board walk ocean city. more about that as we move through throughout the morning, live look, the boulevard, live look at the roosevelt boulevard, right near fox street. no problems or delays at all. otherwise, good shape. looking good up and down the blue route, no problems on the schuylkill or 95, we were not in good shape on our turnpike yesterday. skyfox, over the scene of the pennsylvania turnpike. where a tractor-trailer fire shut down the eastbound lanes all throughout the day, yesterday, pushed all of the traffic onto 611 through willow grove. traffic is open, and the turnpike red think morning. however, also, yesterday, look at this pile up of traffic on the new jersey turnpike. this was a fatal truck accident that occurred between exits ten and 14.
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they finally reopened in a that stretch of the roadway last night around 10:00. good news we come back both turnpikes open for the morning rush hour. , north on 95, be ready for that squeeze, that construction pattern, northbound, between center city, and girard avenue. otherwise, the bridges look fine, and mass transit, no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you. 5:03. right now philadelphia police are is her clinic for three men who shot and killed a young man in wynnefield, shooting happened after midnight at the intersection of 53rd and berks streets. police say the victim is a man believed to be in his late teens to early 20's, found shot in the head. fire crews on the scene after house fire, 700 block every chadwick street. the fire broke out just before midnight under control short time later, officials say a dryer in a basement there
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caused the fire, no one hurt in this incident. >> get ready to open your wallet. for drivers connecting pennsylvania, especially talking about the talcony pal my, a burlington bristol bridges. steve keeley live in palmyra with more on there is hi, steve. >> don't you guys love it when they go it is not a done deal. we will will have public hearings, just like new jersey transit, all of the public hearings, and i don't think anybody at the public hearings talked in favor of raising the fares yet. went up despite hearing from thousands of people. so this is likely a done deal. but, budgets savvy drivers take this talcony palmyra bridge now because it costs just two bucks to cross, less than half the 5-dollar toll of the closed by betsy ross bridge. they'll put up with the occasional openings for ships bob kelly mentions almost every day to pass under it, and get stuck in traffic, waiting for the steep toll discount. well, that discount is not going to be as big any more,
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and you got to wonder if drivers may switch. because of that through the betsy ross bridge, which puts you directly on 95 either way, just to save dollar. bus if you pay cash, the toll on the talcony palmyra and burlington bristol bridge is doubling from two to four bucks, ooh e-zpass, if you don't have it already, you may want to get it if you want to continue to save. because you only have to pay $3 on your account, if you have an e-zpass account, and you use the talcony pal my, a still save two bucks compared to the betsy ross. but, unlike the drpa toll hikes, chris, lauren, this one is actually going to be used to upgrade a lot of 80 year old parts on these two old bridges. not paying down debt from borrowing, building, a lot of politicians pet project like the kimmel center, soccer stadium, et cetera, et cetera, on both sides of the river like the drpa will be paying for decades to come.
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>> steve, thank you. >> one local wawa gets the gwen light to sell six packs. >> live outside the wawa, jen, good morning. >> good morning, chris, lauren washings list of things you can't get from wawa, getting shorter and short, you can come their get some fuel, to get some food, and now, maybe, to even grab a beer, to have with your lunch or your dinner. >> this wawa here on naman's road, the first and only wawa store in the state to approve the sale of beer, the news came last night, announced at concord township board every supervisors meeting. we talk to people in the area about this news. some people for it, some against t the nay sayers think it might make it easier for under age drink tears get their hands on beer. they already frequent, and nearby beer distributor put out because he says how can he compete with wawa. so, food, smacks, and now six packs, customers that we talk to seem content with the plan.
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>> i don't think it is a big deal. i assume the outlets won't like it, from a business standpoint, but i don't think there is any real issue. >> for me the convenience, i just leave very close, it will be very convenient. why not? >> i'm concerned that my sales would be affected, simply because -- >> so while the approval from the board of supervisors came last night, there is also approval needed from the pennsylvania liquor control board. no word on whether that could come. beer sales at the store would also be restricted to certain hours, acme, giant, whole foods in the area, already carry beer, and wegmans opening in the area soon, will
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also have alcohol. lauren, chris? >> jenny joyce, thank you so much. >> an officer serious lip hurt after being dragged by car, skyfox at the scene, 2700 block every grant avenue yesterday evening. >> that's where officials tell us, female police officer was dragged, while trying to make arrest. they say she is suffering from a hand injury. no arrest haves been made at this time. we don't know what led to up that incident. >> and, out of bucks county last night, skyfox over trap lane, langhorne, where investigators were at work, that's where police say 66 year old plan was stabbed and killed, just before 5:00 tuesday night. officials say they've arrested the man's 26 year old son. they believe he stabbed his father in the stomach with a sword. >> new jersey state police working to ida victim using a hand drawn sketch. detective say, they are body was found along the delaware river in west depford, in january of 2014. investigators think she was between 30 and 60 years old. and about 5 feet five to five-seven, officials say they still don't know how she died f this photo looks familiar to
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you at all you are asked to call police. >> new information in the hit-and-run after five year old girl in north philadelphia. fox 29 has learned police are looking at a vehicle that may have hit the little girl wednesday night. investigators won't confirm whether it is the suv they believe is involved. carly green was playing on north lambert street when police say an s.u.v. came up the block, hit her, and kept going. doctors released carly from the hospital last night. >> unmanned and out of control. not talking about me. >> right. a run away garbage truck left huge mess on this street in beaver county, the truck operator said he stepped out to talk to his supervisor. watch. >> this brakes disengage. there is a park car. there is the garbage truck t couldn't slow down. well, you can't see this. three more cars further down the block also ended up in it path. and there he is changes the truck. well the garbage company also says they're not quite sure if they're going to cover the damage to the cars, in a true mike jerrick moment there is
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stinks. >> oh. >> you like that? dude, do you see this? and then watch him go run behind it. that's the worse part. >> waste management. >> but how do you say you're not going to pay for that? >> clearly right there on the video. how are you not culpable? >> can you imagine? and account p many for the damage. >> and you raised and scurried and got together, going outside to get in your car to go to work. >> which is every morning. >> and where is your car? >> oh, what a mess. 5:10, newly records presidential contender chris christie's take home pay. >> yes, he has earned more than $270,000 in wages over the last year, and a half as new jersey governor. christy also received between 15 and $50,000 from blind trust and the same amount in royalties. the report was filed with the federal election commission on
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tuesday. it also says christy's wife had long been the family's higher earning bread winner. but she was hired from her well paid wall street job before christy announced he's running for president. you decide, first republican debate has been set. >> announced line up of the gop candidates in thursday night debate. batting first, donald trump, jeb bush, trump, scott walker, ben carson, mike huckabee, at the time cruz, marco rubio, ran paul, chris christie, and sean casekasich. >> she died inside texas jail. now law sued will keep sandra bland's name very much alive in the headlines. strong words from lawyers this morning. >> talk about strong words, it is getting ugly already between jeb bush and hillary clinton. what had them so fired up. that's after the break. case i can.
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happy anniversary to me. acme's huge anniversary sale! it's just better. reading lauren dawn johnson's horoscope. you can see the benefit of being fiersely independent, new project that's very special to you. does that ren owe ate with you? >> keep reading, good part coming. >> really? you get to call all the shots. >> you don't have to answer to
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anyone. >> yes. >> that's a good horoscope. >> how is that, sue serio? >> that's a good life. >> you want that horoscope 365. >> oh, all right, hey, you know what? tonight is the finale of the vocalist at the media theater, been going on for this will be the fifth week now, and it is sort of the local verb sean, you remember american idol, still going on, this is local kids who love to sing and who are really, really good. so, take tonight go to dining under the stars in media, which chris murphy lovers, right, dining under the stars, then come over to the media theater state street at 7:00. enjoy the finale. see who wins the vocalist, and that person is part of their prize. i don't know if you consider it a prize, but they get to sing on good day philadelphia, one day next week. so we hope to see you, maybe bus stop buddy will be there tonight at the media theser. >> temperatures range from the 50's in the pocono mountains
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to the 70s in the city. inbetween, comfortable temperatures in the 60s, dew points dropping as well. that's good. it means lower humidity. zero seven in wildwood, 69 in wilmington, delaware, so see temperatures just before sunrise drop little bit. and then they'll go back up again. we had most of the wind still out of the southwest, but again, now that the cold front has come through, we will start to see the dew point dropping. winds may pick up little bit once the sunrises, as well. satellite radar picture, a lot of clouds here. and well off shore, are the thunderstorms, from that cold front. some of you along the coast, probably, heard some thunder last night, maybe got some rain, but that's about it for that. so now we're in day eight, yesterday, of our heatwave washings high of 93 degrees, today will be close one. thinking get to 89, 90, for high temperature if we make it to 90, it will be a nine day heatwave. and that will be it. tomorrow, looks pretty good.
5:17 am
tonight we could get rain, lingering into friday morning, now little if-ee, whether we'll see rain in the philadelphia area, looks like south and east storm, definitely southern storm moving in on friday. so, we are still working on getting rid of it for ocean city for the big trip down the shore friday, but see what happens with that regard liz of the rest of the weekend pretty good. lingering clouds, maybe shower saturday morning, but the rest of saturday and sunday look very good, more seasonable temperatures, we will not be in the 90s this weekend, and even with a chance of thunderstorms, on monday, we stay in the 80s continuing the trend on tuesday. that's your seven day forecast, looks like things are moving along okay, so far this morning, bob kelly. >> yes, so far. you work on a friday forecast, i don't like my job since popcorn soggy, okay? >> okay. >> johnson's popcorn and cup of coffee, that's what i am looking forward to on friday morning.
5:18 am
>> no problems on arrivals and departures, look like they pick up the cones, good morning bellmawr, new jersey. >> all of the overnight construction in south jersey pick up and gone. ready? >> ready to feel old? hey birthday, marcia, marcia, marcia. >> oh, yes? >> guess hold? >> oh? >> fifty? >> fifty-nine. >> fifty-nine? >> wow. >> there was right before she got wacked in the nose with a football. you remember that? oh, my nose. mom always said, don't play ball in the house, right? all right. good news for both the p a and the new jersey turnpike motorist after the truck fires yesterday. both roadways are open, and we are good to go for the morning rush hour. that spring garden street off ramp still closed, through next week, and they're doing some concrete repair. all of the extra volume gets pushed to the next exit which is 30th street. give yourself some extra time
5:19 am
if you are headed to the amtrak terminal there to get a train out of 30th street. chris, lauren, back to you. >> the family, sandra bland, filed wrongful death lawsuit, three weeks after she was found dead in her jail cell. bland's family claims, her constitutional rights were violated. the family also says, since her death, information they have obtained from law enforcement has been inconsistent. the lawsuit seeks jury trial for unspecified damages. >> this family needs an answer to the principal question what happened to sandra blands? that's what we are look to go do. >> attorney for water county preparing response, maintain bland took her own life. officials previously released dash cam video of the arrest. surveillance video of blands escorted into jail cell, and blands' autopsy, in a effort to prove their side of the story jurors hear from the 12 people killed for the first
5:20 am
time, testimonies came as prosecutors make their final push to have james holmes sentenced to death yesterday tom sullivan the father of 27 year old alex sullivan, gave a heart breaking testimony about life since his son's death. mr. sullivan told a tearful jury he now leaves an empty seat at concerts, games, trips with his son who was his best friends. >> bush making controversial remarks about funding women's health services. >> off social media outrage he is apologize g, hopeful saying, he misspoke when he questioned the amount of federal funds going toward health services for women. >> he responded by suggesting, other waste to spend funds planned par ends hood receives annually. hillary clinton had strong words, she tweets to jeb bush: you are absolutely unequivocally wrong. she also spoke against the comments at campaign
5:21 am
fundraiser out in colorado. it is already getting tense. >> well, let's analyze this for a minute. if jeb bush emerges as a republican contender, and hillary clinton on the democratic side, it is already getting ugly. can you imagine that debate, really going to go at t and two big families, the burn and clinton's? >> true. >> after all of the debating sparked by anti-abortion group filming and releasing undercover filming planned parenthood. >> fifth released just one day after the senate block a bill to de-funds that organization. members of the group posting as employees after field tissue procurement company captured this. planned parented hood director discuss ago bore sean procedures, she mentions how to get the most intact organs possible, then talks prices, some say that video though appears to be edited. >> technology and medicine merge yet again. straight ahead how 3d print is her changing the face of pharmaceuticals. let's take a look at your lottery numbers, as well.
5:22 am
>> let's talk netflix. game changer for parent watch they are doing that might make you second guess where you work. >> i wanted to get to the lottery numbers. >> okay, go now. >> here they are.
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j the medical community starting to use this more and more. >> fascinating, nda approved the world's very first 3d printed pill, the pill containing medicine to treat epilepsy, will dissolve easier than convenes songs, makes it easier for children and em errly who have problems swallowing large pills. pill part of 3d health products, including help replacement, dental implants, hope to soon replicate bones and skin, using 3d printing technology. >> amazing. >> it is amazing. game changing new policy, for new moms and dads, after pan end will love it. >> huge. the company now allowing employees to take paid unlimited maternity or paternity leave, during the first year after their child's birth or adoption, netflix will continue to pay the employee normal salary during the first year, streaming company was already receiving high marks, for offering it employees up limited paid
5:26 am
vacation. >> seems too good to be true. >> why anywhere else? >> we had our first child, our son, i didn't want to go back to work. because you're just in this little cacoon of love, this new child, everything else, but then, you start counting the days like oh, i have to go back to work. >> and the dollar. >> right. >> somebody's got to go to work, right? these babies aren't free? >> hey, me. >> okay, so, you need to be careful with that friend request button on your facebook page, because your connections could cost you a loan. >> so the this new technology making it all about who you know. facebook, patented this new way of processing loan requests, it is not being used right now, but in the future it can use your social network to authorize you the lender will be able to take a look at your friendlies, and see their credit ratings. if the average is above the minimum rating, hey you'll get approved. if not, you might get rejected . >> ouch. >> careful who you're friends with. >> told but this story, you tread water for four hours during a storm.
5:27 am
the new jersey man describes when a fishing trip turned into a fight for his life. >> push to get kids to read this summer. if i can get my kids offer the xbox it, would be a lot easier, right? how the nare of philadelphia is getting involved in the push to get kids to read. let's mobile. same plan. new phone.
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>> you have heard about this guy, tread water for four hours during a storm before the coast guard could finally rescue him for the first time, that new jersey man describes a fishing trip, turned into a fight for his life. steve keelie? >> no rescue in site for anybody trying to avoid a toll hike. if you drive tractor-trailer which chris murphy has always wanted to do, you're going to have the biggest vehicle on the road with the biggest toll hike, up $9, we'll tell you where. >> wow. i wish coy drove a tractor-trailer. i had a budd any high school stole beer truck once, does that count? >> summer reading happening today, encouraging kids to pick up their favorite bookie should say, facebook on the mine, i don't know why. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, august 5th, 2015. chris is still getting himself together. >> yep there is guy in high school seriously still one every my best friend, a legend this high school. he saw the beer truck parked idly, got in there, he had
5:31 am
never driven a 18 wheeler, drove it off. >> like that garbage truck down the road? >> got like 3 miles with this beer truck. >> then what? >> caught and thrown in jail. called his parents? sue serio, you know the store we did he last week when you are cool in high school? >> yes. >> our loser later in life? >> that's right. >> well, here is the deal. >> this guy -- >> what's he doing now? >> owns his own business and the richest guy i know. >> oh, man. >> now he's even more of a legend. >> start wad life of crime. >> hey, speaking of i loved hanging out with him. i want to hang out with buddy today, going to the beach, going to the game? >> poolside today. you notice, no umbrella today like we had yesterday. just bottle of sunscreen, you will need to make sure you have that with you, because it will be mostly sunshine, and few clouds. 60s and 70s to get you started this morning, we've got our rain far off shore. couple of hours ago, we had few thunderstorms along the coast. but they're all gone. we have 74 degrees in philadelphia. 5-mile an hour breeze, our
5:32 am
sunrise coming up at 03:00, and 76% relative humidity. temperatures from 74 in the city, to 54 in mount pocono. 65 degrees, in trenton. and 70 at atlantic city international. so, dew points will be dropping today. we are day eight of our heatwave yesterday. 93 degrees. we may evening out one more today. but still, even if we make it to 90, we will give you nine out of ten, because of the humidity dropping today. it should and pretty decent wednesday, high of 90. and low tonight 68 degrees. that's your weather authority forecast. we will get to the seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly is here right now, what's going on? >> soup, good morning, everybody, 5:32, looking good here on the schuylkill expressway. breaker one-nine, tractor-trailers coming eastbound on the schuylkill right near montgomery drive. no problems, they pick up the cones from the overnight work curbside on the freeway. here we go. time to make donuts, start to go see pockets of volume beginning the rush hour headed
5:33 am
in toward the city. overnight accident, that involved another truck fire, this is the third one in two days here, york road, between valley, and sugar bottom. other two truck fires occurred yesterday, on the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes, both roadways were closed for hours. good news for the morning, both roadways are open for vehicle traffic for the morning rush hour. east 422 coming in through collegeville. pick up the cones another trooper. then around 9:00 they'll rollback out the construction barriers, and set up shop and work out near trooper road throughout the day. no problems on the blue route if you are headed down toward philly international. looking good at the airport, and mass transit no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. tolls could soon rise for drivers crossing two bridges that connect south jersey to pennsylvania. >> so talking about the talcony palmyra the burlington bristol bridges. fox 29 steve keeley live in palmyra for this one for us.
5:34 am
hi, steve. >> as soon as in september, which is just about a month in the, if all goes as planned, and it likely will go as planned, as the drpa raised tolls repeatedly in recent years, next-door neighbor to the north here, the burlington county bridge commission, in the bridge business, just above the drpa, did not raise tolls. talcony palmyra bridge the one you are looking at held steady at two blocks for 15 years now, while the drpa betsy ross and four other bridges went way up more than doubling the talcony palmyra toll, now five bucks to cross with the drpa bridges. so the talcony palmyra and the burlington bristol bridge will still be cheaper to cross even after this coming toll hike, but not as cheap, because this 2-dollar toll is double itself to four bucks if you pay cash, so, if you don't have e cents pass, may want to quickly sign up for t if you have e-zpass transponder, you are only getting hit with 1 dollar toll hike to $3. so be wise to get e-zpass for
5:35 am
many reasons, but, there is a financial one, right there, hearings set for monday and tuesday, the plan now, again, raise these tolls, just in september, no exact date. the toll hike going back into upgrading the bridges, which is good news, i guess. the talcony palmyra now 86 years old, the bullying toll bristol bridge 84 years old. the toll to cross this bridge just a dollar. when i started driving in 1979, i used to take this bridge, just to get pretzels. because the bridge toll then, just a dime. 10 cents. it was worth it to go get some fresh pretzels in philadelphia. not any more. >> dime. was that the same price back then after phonecall and a pay boot, remember those, a dime? >> you actually could get stuff for a dime back then. >> i remember when things were a dime. how sad is that?
5:36 am
>> you're still available to us, steve keel. >> i i would give you 25 sent for you these days. >> man stayed afloat without a life perserver for four hours talking about what he did before help arrived. >> how did he do it? four hours. damian of williamstown lost his footing. he was reaching off the boat for a hat and then he fell in, right? he said the vessel's auto pilot made it impossible for him to get back on board, despite heavy rain, strong winds, sexton treaded water and swam 10 miles to reach a cargo ship in the distance. sexton says he had a lot of motivation to stay alive. >> the love i have for my wife and kids, i wouldn't be here, they kept me going. and i'm sure god had something to do with it all but i couldn't imagine them, you know, hearing the news that i'm not here any more. because that would be like the
5:37 am
most devastating pain they could ever experience. and that would be my fault. and i just couldn't let that happen. >> what a great dad. >> makes me want to cry. >> sexton said the coordinated effort between the coast guard, the freighter and a friend on his boat also helped save his life. >> happening today, philadelphia reads will hold second annual reads award show at the community college of philadelphia. summer reads provides six weeks every literacy, education, in fishtown, fairmount, south philadelphia. aims to avoid learning deficits while children are out of school. >> all right, 5:37. is beyonce hiding something? the big rumors flowing around the beehive this morning. >> and it is the final fight undefeated floyd may weather just announced he's challenging for the last time in the ring.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
floyd may weather announced his final fight. he said he will ' be going up against andre burto in last vague this is september, currently 48 and zero, will be defending his weather weight title. he hopes to match the late heavy weight champion, rocky's records of 49 matches. undefeated. >> all right, he says he's getting ready took back in the ring. he want to show the world he is the best ever, berto saying he will do what the 48 fighter before him weren't able to and beat mayweather, yes,
5:41 am
somebody's going to get knock out, and it won't be me. >> those are fighting words. >> literally. show time pay purview will be broadcasting the fight, and these guys will get rich again. they got real rich from the last fight. >> and not even exciting. >> the worse fight i ever saw, a a bunch of dudes in the neighborhood said let's pay for it, and man, we were falling a sheep. >> i went to fight party saw. that will i remember everyone was talking more than watching the fight. >> just boring. >> rumors building again, that beyonce's pregnant. >> so this week, she was spotted getting off a helicopter using her laptop to cover her stomach. she was wearing a loose dress, loose jacket, so now the rumor mill is churning, that she might be pregnant with baby number two. there is no confirmation of course from her camp. i don't know, never been pregnant, so i don't understand the hype around it. you say i'm pregnant or you don't. rumors, cover it up?
5:42 am
>> well, in all seriousness, you wait usually 12 week, first apply miss err because of complications you might lose the kid, then after 12 weeks that's when you kind of roll out, telling the family and everything else. >> that's fair. >> and about six months you really start showing. >> all right. what are we doing, going to break? >> let's take a time out here, and we also want to tell you why we're going to show you this famous footage, straight ahead.
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>> your alarm in. >> 1:30. you get up at 1:30 as snell. >> me too. >> what do you do in your house, does it wake billy up? >> , no he just stay up, he figures that, you know, the alarm would wake him up anyway. then we get to talk little when i wake up in the morning. >> that's sweet. >> because usually i'm so exciting ankle congress out at 6:30 at night. >> he stays up, then he goes to bed when you go to work. >> pretty much. >> perfect. >> you work it out. whatever you are doing, you work it out. >> talking about the trip down the shore, not the ideal forecast, say that right away. our location, our destination, ocean city, new jersey, yes,
5:46 am
there is a chance of rain on friday morning with temperatures in the mid 60s, to around 70. whether we get started down there at 6:00. from the music pier, the boardwalk, at ninth street, maybe outside of the music pier, maybe undercover. your early call, come see us ocean city, the "shorecast" for today, fabulous, excellent forecast. west northwest winds five to 10 miles an hour, up welling, the ocean water temperatures, only begin down couple every degrees, low risk of rip current, and a very high uv index of eight. temperatures right now, cool to the north of us, little milder to the south of us, with temperatures in the 70s, at 74 in philadelphia, and we will check the dew point real quick, because the 50 degrees dew point to the north of us, very comfortable, humidity, and the dew point will be going down during the day.
5:47 am
>> 309 today, eight a tomorrow, 78 in the city friday. we may or may not get the rain at the shore because it has southern storm that's rolling in early friday morning. actually late thursday night into friday morning. so, talking about things clearing up, in time for the weekend, at least, saturday, sunday, bob kelly, looking pretty good. >> sounds good, sue. 5:47. good morning shall everybody, on a wednesday. live look 422 where the cones are down here, and this is where the work crews will show up after the rush hour, trooper road overpass here, 422, part of the widening project. here we go. starting to see the brakes tap, between cottman avenue and girard avenue. downtown live look at the expressway, spring garden off ramp still blocked. that's putting extra volume during the rush hour. an accident at truck fire
5:48 am
along york roadblocked between valley and sugar bottom road. otherwise, we could see some delays at the airport, because of some storms coming through up in boston, i just got alert for. that will otherwise, mass transit looking good with no delays. >> steve off the landing, ma'am. that's one small step for man. one for mankind. >> probably the most famous recording of all time. >> right. >> neil armstrong would have turned 85 today. the area owe space engineer was the first person to step foot on the moon, as you can see here, on july 21st, 1969. before fame, armstrong took his first flight at the age of six, with his father in ohio. >> number 11, shortstop, jimmy
5:49 am
rollins. >> (cheers). >> double tip of the cap. oh, the scene last night, the fans welcoming back j-roll at citizens bank park, all time phillies hit leader. big daddy graham from wip radio is with us now, big daddy, did you get the chance to watch this? i had already headed do you have bed. >> oh, no, no, no, once i get up, then i'm up for the rest of the day, no i saw it as it happened. i tell you what. had he not stepped into the box after the second tip, woe
5:50 am
have continued on. he wanted to get the game going. i thought he was generally moved. you know, philadelphia time and time and time again, comes up classy when a player returns, and i was so happy to see him get the response he did. you were kind of almost thinking, you know, jimmy might throw in a little singer, but he didn't. they were classy, too. , i'm big fan. geez, just week ago, going like there is i got a big spot in my heart for cole hamels. well, guess what? another big spot for that man. any member that far team. >> that was warm, warm welcome. so all eyes on him, big daddy. then mikhail franco and the big grand-slam. >> this is right after scott says to larry andersen, you know, he's never gotten an hit with the bases loaded.
5:51 am
right? boom. the grand-slam happened. there is your future right there. you know what? they're 13 and three. every night, i common the air, and i've been making a big production of it. and i'm really want to pay attention to this. thirteen and three since the all-star break. >> that's just it, you keep pete, the interim phillies manager, when they're so hot. >> well, here is what i was told. my insiders, he's not really that interested in being manager, 63, but winning changes everything, right? if they continue to win like there is he's going to want to come back, the phils obviously, i know coming in and usually means that guy want his own guy. but i know let's see what happens here. but it is not like 13 and three, the small sample size. starting to get a little big.
5:52 am
>> thirteen and three, that dollars up to 16. hey, that's the number regular season games for the eagles this coming year. let's talk about 13 and three and how they get there and talk about bradford. >> wait. lauren, how do you work next to such genius? >> mamee tis. >> i can add up to like 20, 25. >> my god. i missed it, oh, bradford. i don't know what i'm missing here. you know, i guess because of buying him and so many injuries, maybe trying to get him on the cheap, i'm missing something here. i want to sign this guy. and i think they are going to sign. well, that's if bradford agrees. this is the eagles want to go do it more than bradford want to go do it. >> he seems too long rose the dyson himself you. >> eat crow. he will be the come back player of the year and be 13 and three. >> we'll see what happens.
5:53 am
big daddy, real quickly, tell us about your appearance. >> saturday august 15th, theater right there, the great joe conklin, we will be doing a sing off. but i have to get this in. i want him to be great. chris, stop it. >> i know, you miss foles, i know you. >> i do actually. >> big daddy we love you, thanks, man. all right, playing the lottery every single day for years. finally pays offer. guess what happens? he throws the ticket away and he gets back. we'll tell you how it all happened.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
what if you through the big winner away? >> he stopped outside of his convenience store every day to buy one lottery ticket in atlanta friday night he won $10,000. except for the fact that he misread his ticket, thought he was one number off, asked the clerk to trash the ticket. it wasn't until the very next day that he realized his mistake. >> so i ran back to the car, i didn't have it. i of oh, i throw it away. but i did pretty good. though.
5:57 am
>> the following day a clerk found the ticket in a back room trash can, jackson claimed his prize, this week, and even shared some of the cash with his favorite convenience store. happy ending there. >> treading water for hours, new jersey man refused to give up. a fishing trip turns into the fight for his life when he was thrown overboard. now, we're hearing his story and his own words, for the first time. >> and empire returns to fox next month. ever wish you could be on that show? well, now you can. auditions taking place for spot on the show right here in philly. mike and alex are up next. good a starts? just a few minutes.
5:58 am
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tolls over some bridges into philly and out every philly may be going up, which ones are looking at a toll hike and how much more will you have to pay soon? >> survived hours in the ocean in a storm, now talking about his experience, the fish fishing trip that turned into the fight of his life. >> off cape may, new jersey, he treaded for four hours, could you? and is this heatwave finally november are we going into a ninth day after heatwave? is that unprecedented? i can tell you this, sue serio. >> tell me this. >> it is a gorgeous morning, look at that. >> isn't it? >> as far as heatwaves


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