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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 7, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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hour to free a person trapped in this mangled car. >> plus a three year old on the run along a busy street. your news starts in 30 seconds. (female announcer) you could win $1,000 a day for life... (husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life, from the pennsylvania lottery. (grover) nice! (husband) 3 club seats. 50 yard line. (female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. every day, for the rest of your life. (grover) new wheels. nice. see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. we begin we breaking news right now on fox 29. skyfox live right now over philadelphia international airport. this is an american airlines air bus 320 landing safely minutes after several calls to 911
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reporting the plane headed to seattle appeared to be in some danger. some callers reportedly claim they saw flames coming from an engine. police say they couldn't tacked the airport's tower weren't told the plane was being monitored and is not in danger, again it landed a short time ago. police say there were no signs of a fire. there were 145 people on board this american airlines flight. no one was injured. >> right now on fox 29, our other top story irving friar had an nfl career, a pro bowler, a once beloved philadelphia eagle. but now the former football star could be head to do prison for years. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. a jury today finding prior guilty of stealing more than a million dollars. fox 29's brad sattin live in the newsroom tonight with more on this verdict. brad. >> reporter: chris, the allegations first came to light almost two years ago and now there is a verdict after three- three-week trial friar and his mother found guilty today by
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burlington county jury of second degree charges of conspiracy and theft by deception in the crimes do carry significant jail time. the popular pro bowl wide receiver played for the eagles in the mid 1990's but friar score from seven banks will almost certainly land him in prison a jury convicting him and his mother of stealing more than $1.2 million. after football friar found and became pastor of new jerusalem house of god in mt. holly new jersey but his good guy image sacked following this 2013 indictment and conviction for using miss mother's willingboro new jersey home as collateral to take $700,000 for five equity loans on the property four closing on the same day in december 2009. each bank thinking there's was the only loan. three week later getting another $150,000 loan from a sixth bank. friar and his mother were also
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convicted in a mortgage scheme for another $400,000 loan. prosecutors say friar himself spent $200,000 of that money. the banks eventually taking losses on most of it. new jersey's acting attorney general john hoffman who's office prosecuted the case says a financial crime said friar's football and religious status don't mitigate the fact he and his mother engaged in elaborate criminal scheme to defraud seven banks of more than $1 million. sentencing now scheduled for october 2nd. they could face five to 10 years in prison along with $150,000 fine. dawn? >> all right. thank you brad. developing to night, three people are in the hospital after a bad accident in limerick montgomery county. it happened just before 8:00 o'clock this evening at west ridge pike and south limerick road. skyfox over that nasty scene there. you can see rescue workers working for nearly an hour to free one of the people who was trapped inside a car. we don't know the conditions of the three who were injured.
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no word yet on what might have caused that nasty crash. triple shooting in north philadelphia leaves one man dead and a second in extremely critical condition. at least five shots rang out in the 3,000 block of b street it happened around 4:30 this afternoon. police say a man in a mask ran up to a toyota and opened fire. 23-year-old man was killed. a 25-year-old shot in the chest is now critical an third is in stable condition. someone then drove the trio to the hospital. but then did something unusual. >> from preliminary information it appears that the driver of that toyota who drove the other three to the hospital was not a shooting victim. preliminary information is the driver drove all three to episcopal hospital then fled the scene. >> police now have the bullet riddled car but still no suspect or motive. the two surviving victims were transferred to temple hospital. a brazen attack against a local business owner. a philadelphia baker shot and
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robbed right outside of her store and tonight she's still fighting for her life. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live outside of the overbrook park section tonight. shawnette what is the latest. >> reporter: chris that woman had surgery earlier today at last check they she was in critical condition. alt this hour you can see behind me crime seen investigators are back here on the scene. they are park outside the back door where the victim was approached this morning. they believe this whole thing was planned. >> i'm sorry this happened to her. it's a shame. >> reporter: terry gains is saddened to hear what happened to business owner in the same parking lot where she works at a doctor's office. police say 56-year-old baker the owner of the bakery in overbrook park went out back of her business to smoke around 6:00 this morning. someone shot her in the face. >> we believe it's a robbery. they were here to take her apron she keeps her and in but there
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was a struggle at that point. >> reporter: police believe the victim was forward inside and that's where the shooting happen. they believe she tried to fight off the robbers. she would have been there this morning much she's a regular customer. >> it shakes me a lot i would have been there this morning had i come in earlier. due to circumstances i was a little late and never know what happens. report roar police arrived and rush the bakery owner to the hospital. the bullet went through wind pipe and into her neck near her spine. fellow business owners say she's been here a decade. >> very nice lady. i know her for 10 years. very nice lady. >> reporter: as crime seen investigators comb the business throughout the day long-time customers stopped by in shock and hoping for the best. >> i'm horrified. really nice woman. my children get doughnuts here. we buy birthday cakes here. if you didn't have enough money she would actually help you. >> i hope everything pulls
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through for her. prayers going out. >> reporter: and back here live, here's something else that's interesting. police say that two men approached this woman just last friday and tried to rob her. then they were unsuccessful. police believe those same people likely came back today and pull this whole thing off again looking for two suspects crime seen investigators still processing the scene at this hour. dawn? >> all right. thank you shawnette. calls for justice at a somber memorial for a young philadelphia mother who was murdered inside her own home. family members friends and neighbors gather the towing along the 3,000 block of aramingo avenue to pray for stephanie. police say someone shot and killed the 22-year-old eight days ago while her child was there in the home. neighbors reported seeing a man in a hoodie leaving the scene just after that shooting but so far no arrests. homicide detectives are still working to find her killer. on your radar tonight pretty nice day out. pretty nice looking weekend ahead according to scott.
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good evening sir. >> hi, chris. the storm system that we saw early this morning has rapidly moved out to sea. we are looking at dry conditions for your friday evening out. low humidity and comfortable temperatures right now. 68 in millville. low 70s dover. 74 in wilmington as well as philadelphia. look at the pocono mountains already into the upper 50s. for tonight it's mostly clear arc comfortable night. upper 50s in the burbs mid 60s in the city. what about tomorrow? we'll take you around the region. staying in center city look for warm breezy conditions. 86 degrees for the high temperature. that's the average for this time of year. down the shore 80 degrees. there will be a risk of some rip currents. lehigh valley pocono mountains sunshine. temperatures top out in the mid to upper 70s. coming up, the timing of a rainfall back in the seven day forecast as well as a little at powerful typhoon. >> all right we'll talk to you in few minutes scott thanks. colorado movie theater shooter has avoided execution
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and will spend the rest of his life in prison. jurors failed to agree on whether james holmes should get death penalty the same group of nine men and three men convicted holmes of murder a few weeks ago. in 2012 the 27-year-old walked into a midnight screening of a batman movie and opened fire on the capacity crowd. 12 people died and 70 others suffered injuries. jurors were unanimous in rejecting holmes insanity defense all the more reason why today's came as a surprise. >> we the jury do not have a unanimous sentencing final sentencing verdict on this count and we the jury understand that as a result the court will impose a sentence of life in prison many without the possibility of parole on this counsel. >> holmes showed little emotion as the verdict was read but after it was all said and done he leaned over to his attorney, smiling and saying, thank you. state attorney general kathleen kane will turn herself in tomorrow to face criminal
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charges accused of of leaking grand jury information to get back at enemy and lying about it under oath. the state's top lawyer spent the day at her gnome in scranton according to her office much she is set to face a judge in norristown tomorrow. montgomery county district attorney ferman charging her yesterday with criminal conspiracy perjury and false swearing among other charges. of course we'll have complete coverage on fox 29 news tomorrow tomorrow. berks county ymca child care center is shut down by the state. officials from the department of human services issued an emergency order to the ynca berkshire center in wyomissing on thursday. state officials received a complaint about the center but wouldn't give any details about that complaint. statement from the department cites several violations involving gross incompetence, negligence and misconduct that pose serious danger to the life or health of children. ♪ a three-year-old runs through a neighborhood dodging traffic. when police go looking for
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answers they get nothing but questions from shocked neighbor. >> just said he was running down the street and i said, there's lots of cars end said yes. >> the mystery surrounding this little boy and how police figured out where he belonged coming up. plus history making history. how a civil war relic there play a par in the pope's visit to philadelphia. an disturbing video going viral. a fast food worker rubs a bun on the floor. what the restaurant is saying tonight. valuable parking spots on a city street gone. residents are furious. why they say the reason their precious street parking is lot is ridiculous.
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>> details about the pope's visit coming up in september. secret service says pedestrians should expect some kind of law enforcement presence on the ben franklin bridge but no screening stations. agency which is in charge of security for the pope's visit to philadelphia says today neither the secret service nor the city of philadelphia will be screening papal visitor who's are walking across the bridge. the bridge will be closed to all vehicles except trains during the weekend of september 26th and 27th when the pope is in town. now history will meet history when the pontiff delivers his speech from independence mall. pope francis will be speaking from the very same lectern used by president abraham lincoln to give the gettysburg address and fox 29's joanne pileggi joining us live from independence mall. joanne two historic speeches at the same podium. pretty cool. >> reporter: it is pretty cool dawn. if you are waiting like so many
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other people are we've got about 45 days until pope francis is here. and now we've learned he will be speaking from the podium and lectern with major historical significance. >> who better historical figure pope francis is, you know, his whole thing he's looking out for -- for you know under privileged and people that are -- have been necked by society and that's kind of what abraham lincoln did in a way. i think it's very fitting. it will be cool. >> reporter: average person this simple walnut lectern might not seem to matter. but it is an important civil war artifact that will link former president abraham lincoln and pope francis' historic visit to philadelphia. >> the holy father's use of this lectern is incredibly significant as it is the same lectern used by president abraham lincoln to deliver the gettysburg address on november november 19th, 1863. >> reporter: it was little over 150 years ago when
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president lincoln used this lectern to dedicate part of the civil war battlefield at gettysburg as a cemetery giving one of the most famous speeches in american history. >> so to borrow a phrase from the address it is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this that this lectern be used by pope francis to deliver his address at independence hall. >> reporter: lectern is on loan to the union league for its civil war art facts collection. the idea to have pope francis use it at a meeting of vatican officials and event organizers at union meet earlier this year. >> to have this man of faith who speaks for peace love and religious freedom around the world to use president lincoln's gettysburg lectern to address all of those who will visit philadelphia and come to see him at this historic moment is truly
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eventful. >> i think it's awesome. i think it's going to be a great affair. >> if you're going to speak from the same podium abraham lincoln spoke from that's really -- i don't know that's kind of philly showing our love to the pope, though. >> reporter: that's right. next month the experts will remove the famous lectern from its current locate at the union league on broad street to prepare it for pope francis historic visit here. tonight we're live at independence mall, joanne pileggi fox 29 news. back to you in the studio. >> all right, thank you joanne. you can fine everything you need to know about the pope's visit in one place. head over to and look for the special section that we've created on our home page. a legendary philadelphia business will no longer call philadelphia home. ammo row so's bakery is moving from its long-time southwest philadelphia location to a new facility in bellmawr, new jersey jersey. the moves will mean 200 layoffs at the philly site. company officials say similar number of employees will be
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hired to work in jersey. the company says it's simply out grew the century old factory they called home since 1960. workers told us they were not surprised that the terminations but losing a job still stings. >> where am i going to go now? you know everybody is looking for a job. >> have to find a job. >> reporter: hard to find a new job? >> yeah. >> it doesn't bother me. >> reporter: you'll find something? >> yeah. i'm a motivator you know. i just keep on going. >> amoroso pass been making bread and famous roles since 1904 it actually started in camden moving to philadelphia in 1914. a frustrating discovery for residents in one part of a philadelphia neighborhood. they woke up this week to a newly painted bus zone on their busy block. most people who live in the city know how tough it can be to find a parking space in front of or even near their home. >> right. we sent our bruce gordon to richmond street where folks there say they've lost some of
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their precious street parking for reasons that they find to be ridiculous. >> reporter: there it is, freshly painted and gleaming white. the pair of elongateed xs with the word bus in between. linda woke up wednesday morning to find streets department crew putting the finishing touches on this newly painted bus zone. what went through your mind? >> are they out of their mind? >> reporter: septa reminds this was always a no parking bus stop zone and that the newly painted lines simply followed a repaving of richmond street. but for folks at richmond and ontario, the lengthy zone represents a loss of precious street parking already in short supply. >> it's going to be horrible. i don't know what we're supposed to do with five spots we just lost. >> reporter: to make matters worse, she and her neighbors say this bus stop is rarely ever used. no surprise. since it sits two block from the septa bus terminal at richmond and west moreland. >> i see a fellow there maybe once or twice a week, and i see
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a lady get off once in a blue moon. >> reporter: there's more. by policy septa bus drivers are supposed to pull out of their driving lane and into the painted bus zone to pick up and discharge passengers. but if you've ever gotten stuck behind a septa bus, you know they rarely pull over. they have to fight their way to get back into the traffic lane. sure enough, the bus that dropped off the lone passenger we saw at this stop never pulled into the newly painted zone. >> never happens. never ever happens. >> reporter: you don't see the bus pull over into the bus zone. >> never. >> so says she and her neighbors have lost parking they knew was there to begin with a zone buses don't pull into and a bus stop few passengers use. what goes in your mind when you see this kind of a situation. >> that it's absolutely ridiculous. it really is. >> reporter: septa notes that parking is prohibited in these bus zones. in part, because they don't want passengers walking in between
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parked cars to get out to the bus. it's a reasonable point but one that probably gets them nowhere with the folks on richmond street. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. so the city's young musicians gathering in southwest philadelphia showing off think talent tonight. ♪ >> music group hosting community night of music. organizers they're they're using music to spread the word of the gospel. two dozen came out to play or take in the tunes. police check out a report of kids left home alone but find something far worse. the scene they discovered in a child's bedroom they may never forget next. a man is brutally attacked in an alley but this could have been far worse. who came to the rescue swinging a belt? overdue honors a local veteran finally finally receives the honors he earned in world war ii ii. who made it happen and why it took so long coming up. but first here's your look at
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your winning lottery numbers tonight. ♪ music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪
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♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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♪ families who lost relatives on the missing malaysia airlines plane fight to get inside the
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malaysian embassy in beijing they're trying to question officials about the malaysian government's claim that debris town in the indian ocean was part of flight 370. international investigator who's examined the peace of whipping that was found by remote island say it probably is but there's still not certain. most of the 239 people on board that plane were chinese. disappeared 18' ago a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. welfare check at a home in northwest georgia influence a startling discovery for police. >> officers got a tip call about a child left alone but they ended up finding something even more disturbing. investigators who went into that chatsworth home say they found an 11-year-old boy trapped in a tiny cage in a bedroom another make shift cage in different room was empty police suspect where the family kept the boys eight-year-old sister. two women are in police custody tonight including the mother of those children. investigators say they shouldn't have been in that home.
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>> some parts of the home were okay. some parts of the home the two cage apparatuses were were less than anyone would want to live in. >> the mother and another woman are both faceing child cruelty charges. both kids are okay. they are in state custody tonight. and officials are digging up a backyard in los angeles make a disturbing discovery there. authorities uncover human skeletal remains in the yard of a california home big digging began yesterday when officials got a tip call regarding 2009 missing person's case the current homeowners are cooperating with the dig. the coroner's office is working to identify those remains. new york city health officials are on alert because of the growing outbreak of legionnaires' disease that is plaguing a section of the city. 10 people so far have died and
10:26 pm
officials fear more infections are likely to occur. this summer five cooling towers in the south bronx including ones at hotels and hospitals tested positive for lee joan nel la bacteria much the disease was discovered in 1976 that an american legion conference in philadelphia. it is a severe sometimes lethal form of pneumonia which is spread through the air. still trying to to figure out how you'll see a pope during next month's historic visit. there's one option you may not have considered yet. >> verizon will start charging full price for smart phones even if you sign new contract. what you will get in return. >> hey, scott. >> dawn, right now looking pretty good. one storm system is moving out. your entire weekend weather plus when rainfall chances move back into the picture next.
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♪ back to our breaking news out of the philadelphia international airport. that's where officials say an american airlines air bus 320 landed safely after experiencing
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some sort of engine trouble tonight. the airline says there were reports that people saw flames coming out of the engines of the plane but the airline cannot confirm there was indeed a fire as of yet. they say it may have have been app issue with unburned fuel. authorities on the ground at the airport say there were no signs of fire once the plane landed it took off from philadelphia and was bound for seattle. again that plane landing safely. all 145 people on board are safe. the airline now working with those passengers to get them to their destination. right now at 10:30 how are you getting into the city to see the pope? well we've all heard getting around town during the world meeting of families will be a challenge. roads will be closed, regional rail will be busy, but what about groups coming into town on chart buses? fox 29 weekend's bill anderson shows us buses also have a lot of restrictions during the papal visit. ♪ >> reporter: there are tens of thousands of people coming to philadelphia to see the pope and
10:31 pm
that's on buses alone. that means thousands of parking spaces thousands of security checks all to be coordinated and i was being handled by one company. >> go ground is the ground transportation management firm. our role is to make sure all the buses are registered certified and then credentialed and provide parking spots when they come into philadelphia. >> reporter: although taking a bus into the city is probably easier on the passenger there are numerous logistical concerns for the organizer and most of us wouldn't even think of. >> certify the buses to make sure that they have operating authority. you have to make sure you know where they're coming from so you can plan the traffic flow coming in and you have to make sure that you connect witness drivers because all of our drivers will be connected to gps so we can watch them coming in. >> reporter: even with the organizational challenges of the buses, most people recommending that you don't even try to drive into the city and public transportation is the severely limited. the buses may be your best option.
10:32 pm
>> the buses are clearly the number one form of group transportation, and clearly every time a bus comes in, that means, you know, somewhere in the range of 15 cars are off the roads. >> reporter: although go ground is doing everything possible to make bus travel as relaxed as humanly possible, you have to remember to be patient. >> plan enough time to get from the parking lot which is will be at the stadium to center city. plan enough time and have patience to do some walking. make sure you have comfortable shoes. and very importantly enjoy yourself at the events. >> reporter: now looked into the various forms of transportation for the pope's visit and common theme seems to be patience. there is no magic way to avoid the security checks or to avoid the backup in parking but the organizers tell me that minor inconveniences are far out weighed by the enjoyment of nuns lifetime occasion. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. new information on preparations for the papal visit
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have been rolling in on daily basis for the most up to date information, go to just look for link on the home page. almost 70 years after completing his military service a montgomery county veteran is taking home some very overdue honors. with the help of senator pat toomey sergeant robert paterson finally receiving his bronze star and nine other military awards for his service. paterson was a rifle man in world war ii and even fought in the battle of the bulge but the arm army did not send him his well-deserve the medals when he return back in 1946 and he never asked about them. paterson credits his daughter-in-law for making things right. when she found out that these soldiers and military personnel didn't get what they should have gotten she called up mr. toomey's -- senator toomey' office right away. she didn't think that was right.
10:34 pm
that started -- that started the ball rolling and as a result here we are today. >> here we are. senator toomey calls him an unsung hero. paterson has been living in horsham since 1956. on to your fox 29 weather authority. scott i took a walk around old city tonight. first friday it was absolutely gorgeous. hopefully it's a prelude of the weekend. >> we're talking another nice weekend across our area. 87 was the high temperature today. low humidity. kind of comfortable. if you like dad i think you'll love tomorrow as well. let's talk a little bit about what happened today. early this morning we saw that system we've been talking about all week long it brought the clouds the showers especially south and east of the philadelphia area. they lingered down the shore longer but you can see as expected it is pulling away. drier air is moving in. however if you're down the shore, this weekend watch out for rip currents. a moderate risk due to that
10:35 pm
storm pulling away kind of chopping up the ocean as we talk about the temperatures right now, really comfortable. upper 60s millville. 72 in dover. low 70s north and west. look at pocono mountains already dipping into the upper 50s. down the shore right now surf city 72. somers point 70. upper right now 71 degrees. in town philadelphia for tomorrow hour by hour mixture of sun and clouds. 80 at 11:00 o'clock. 86 degrees by 3:00 in the afternoon. that's the high for tomorrow. pocono mountains looking beautiful. a pair of sevens saturday as well as sunday. cool starts as we look down the shore tomorrow winds out of the northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. 80 degrees for the high temperature. don't forget the sunscreen. low 80s for sunday water temperatures in the low 70s. take a look at the typhoon we've been monitoring. it laid landfall earlier today in taiwan. and we're talking about the mount 10 nass terrain saw 4 feet of rain. of the mountains squeeze out
10:36 pm
that moisture it's moving toward mainland china customers without power around taiwan 2 million. so this storm causing some damage. as far as our weather the next chance for some rain really not arriving till monday as we watch for some scattered showers and some storms. that weather authority seven day forecast showing i was beautiful weekend area wide. it will be a 10 on scale of one to 10. seasonal temperatures. and then once again early next week we reintroduce few scattered storms and showers but no heat waves we're looking at temperatures in the mid 80s for the entire seven day forecast. >> double 10. i like that. >> you can keep that rain away till monday. >> we'll try. >> thank you. disturbing video going viral tonight. a fast food worker rubs a hamburger bun on the floor. what the restaurant is saying tonight. and a brave little girl ends up in inch did you say game of tug of war with a grown man. how far she went to save her little sister. >> you can see it from earth but nasa is giving us a look at the
10:37 pm
dark side of the moon. the stunning images next.
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10:39 pm
♪ nasa release as serious of images capturing the dark side of the moon. satellite images showed the
10:40 pm
moon's far side which is never visible to us and it appears to be much more rugged than the near side. the snapshots were taken from satellite located between the moon system and the sun on july july 16th. >> very cool. um-hmm. >> in your money tonight a big shake up for verizon wireless. one of the nation's largest mobile carriers is ditching annual contracts and changing the way you'll end up paying for its service. today verizon announcing a new set of data plans requiring new customers to buy new phones out right or pay the full price monthly installments. it's a move that means customers will pay little more for their devices in exchange for lower service fees. verizon is wiping out single line options and family plans but says subscribers won't be locked into long-term contracts. the new plan goes into effect on thursday. a viral video leaving very bad taste in people's mouths to night for good reason. >> i don't think this is on the menu. this video shows a checkers restaurant employee rubbing a hamburger bun on the ground
10:41 pm
before continuing to make that burger. the incident happened a few week ago at a restaurant in a baltimore suburb. the video appeared on social media earlier this week. in the clip you see the female worker rub the bun on the ground and placing it on the sandwich production line all the while her co-workers laugh. now a spokesperson for the company is speaking out. >> i like you am appalled and disappointed by what i saw in that video. this morning we spoke to the employee in the video and her mother, and the employee is very sorry and embarrassed about what happened. she confirmed that she and her co-workers were playing around in the kitchen, and the product was never served to a guest. >> spokesperson went on to say the workers and others associated with the video are no longer employed at the checkers restaurant where this happened. a man is jumped in an alley but this attack could have been far worse who came to his rescue armed with belts.
10:42 pm
plus an elderly man collapses on the street and nearly dies. two men see it happen and do something you've never expect. what his family has to say to them tonight. >> couple of cops put on their dancing shoes. the national night out video going viral.
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♪ toddler is found just wandering around a minnesota neighborhood. he was walking down busy streets wearing just a diaper. and the little boy could only tell police that his first name was mikey. >> fox's olsen explains they finally figured out where he belongs. >> i've never seen the child on this street. >> reporter:. >> ever. >> jill love was shock to discover after five hours of trying to figure out who he was the little boy named mikey came from a house only four doors down. police brought mikey to her right away knowing she hosted night out in the neighborhood but shed no idea where he was. where was he going? did he glare no, he just said he was running down the street and i said there's lots of cars and he said yes. he said sometimes he went in the grass. >> reporter: mikey could only tell police his first name not his last, not his parent' names. not where he walk from. found around 7:40am it was
10:46 pm
afternoon when police got the call of the missing kid. >> well it sounds like there was some type of miscommunication but that's obviously something that we're going to have to look into and conduct a follow-up investigation into. how the child got out of the house. >> reporter: police say the mom had gone to work early in the morning and other adults in the home didn't realize that the boy was gone. and no one came to jill's night out party either. >> so you don't know those people you never really see them and you've never seen a child there? >> no. 91. >> reporter: you find that odd? >> yeah. i mean i see them drive in but i never see them with children there. >> that was fox's rob olsen reporting. young girl in washington is being credited with saving her sister from an attempted abduction while right in their own backyard. at a comb in a police say a stranger noticed the two-year-old girl and tried to pull over a fence. the toddler screamed and grabbed the gate as her seven-year-old sister ran in to help.
10:47 pm
the terrifying tug of war ended with the man letting go and taking off. >> mommy, there's man just tried to pull her right through the fence. tried to pull her. what do you mean he tried to pull her? she said, a man he tried to pull her out of the yard. >> well that voice belongs to the mother of those little girls. she said she didn't want to be identified because of the traumatic event. all of her daughters are okay. but still shaken up tacoma police are looking for the suspect. two good samaritans safe a portland man's life and just disappear t night his family wants to find them to say thank you. the 79-year-old man was running a quick errand at the us bank in forest grove on monday afternoon but before he can make it inside he collapsed in the parking lot and went into cardiac arrest. witnesses say that's when two men who just happened to be walking down the street saw the elderly man in distress and rushed to give him cpr keeping him alive until medic arrived on the scene. >> while this is all going on the number one thing on our minds is who are these two
10:48 pm
people that came over and saved his life? and like a true hero, they do this and they leave. and they don't contact anyone. leave their name with anyone. from the bottom of our hearts we're grateful for everyone that saved our poppa. >> the elderly man is in the hospital tonight after having heart surgery. he still may need a pacemaker but he's expected to make full recovery which might not have been the case without the help of these two kinds strangers. a man is jumped by two muggers in washington, d.c. alley. his injuries were bad but would have been whole lot if would restaurant workers didn't step in. fox's matt act land explains. >> reporter: the surveillance video is chilling. it was 6:00 p.m. when a d.c. man walked through the alley next ben's chili bowl and was jumped from behind. his injuries so bad doctors told him the attackers may have been holding on to keys as they punched him. >> the kids i sauce that night were vicious. these were not you know, all they wanted to do was beat and
10:49 pm
all they wanted to do was hurt. >> reporter: and the hurt may have been worse if not for two ben's chili bowl cooks in the parking lot. jawn and a man named pedro. >> when i saw the two guy coming behind the guy and he jump and hit him behind the steps and when i saw i told my friend look at this. >> reporter: you can see the play out here on ben's security camera video. jawn and pedro spring into action both pulling off their belts to use as weapons. >> some people would run away. you ran in to help. >> because when you sigh something happening you need to help. >> reporter: ben chili owner called jawn and pedro her stars. she says she couldn't have been more proud as she watched them in the video. >> bring in the belt. buckle in on that swing. >> they pulled their belts off and chased them up u street. making sure that they didn't do anything else to me as they came back. they were fully running.
10:50 pm
>> reporter: following the attack virginia sent flowers to lance the victim who had been taken away in an ambulance. >> we were concerned about deep his injury was. he could have lost an eye. >> as she clears on her hero employees something has to be done to stop these attacks. >> we need to find somebody to get rid of this crime and do something about the crime in the city is just awful. that was fox's matt ackland reporting. dc police are now working to find who ever is behind that attack. a minnesota community gets to see some of its police officers showing off their moves during national night out. check this out. a police crew from all over the country visited their respective neighborhood to celebrates the get together. few members of the hopkins police department started dancing with some kids and a woman happened to capture the moment from her home outside her home and now well that video is going viral being shared to us and thousands of times on social media.
10:51 pm
everybody having a good time there. >> sean bell you got those kind of moves? >> yes, i do actually. (laughter). >> i'll bet do you. >> nay nay all of the above. ya'll have to catch me in the club for all of that. eagles are an injury away from the quarterback situation. real shaky. one backup stepping up just in case. and ryan matthews get something extra reps with demarco missing camp time. the coaches are glowing about working with this guy. hear their thoughts next in sports.
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♪ it's already the battle of nutrition at eagles camp. chip kelly fast offense and practice your stamina has to be on point. demarco murray learning that first hasn't. he miff yesterday's practice with a respiratory if he can not taking care of itself he participate dad was limited. only went through individual drills. chip' system ab can be problem for new players but murray's backup ryan matthews has no issues. matthews coming over from san diego probably going to see a ton of time during the season because murray needing a breather out of fresno state this guy was supposed to be an absolute beast but hasn't lived up to it. new system, new scenario has the manhunt agreement coaches were thrilled to get him and matthews looking like he means business on and off the field.
10:55 pm
>> it's been fun. it's different than what i was used to, um, like i said, everything is fast tempo and you know really upbeat and from one station to another and just keep going until practice is over. >> high little smile on my face when he came here. i remember when he came out of college. i thought, you know, coming out of fresno i thought he was an outstanding running back, and we certainly weren't in a position to draft him but i've always kind of appreciated what he is as a player. another guy who has fallen short of high expectations coming out of college is matt barkley. barkley was supposed to be a number one overall pick out of usc, but he sat the bench first two season now he's battling just to get a roster spot with tim tebow. camp has a few days so far but bark system looking really good now and showing some of that potential he once shown us before. >> i've been in offense for two full years so i know what i'm doing. it feels natural and the timing
10:56 pm
of the routes, the timing of drops, the foot work that transition from being mostly under center and all the play action stuff i did in college that all feels natural now. so i think the combination of all those thing allowed me to play faster. >> in baseball mets taking control of the inform l east. ninth inning down three-two. michael coming through with the clutch rbi double ties the game at three. couple batters later wilmer flores coming up huge right here the go ahead rbi single. mets within four-three. their seven straight wins the nationals lose again so the mets way 2.5 game lead in the east and ever since the all star break they've been dominating but get this, the phillies best team since the all star break. worst team in the league somehow they're that bad and they still don't have a shot. >> they still don't have shot but at least we can watch them now. they're of whattable.
10:57 pm
>> exactlyexactly couldn't watch before. >> exactly. >> full hours of entertainment news is next followed by tmz dish nation, then tune into chasing news and the simpsons. we got it all. >> fox 29 weekend starts at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. remember, your mega millions lottery drawing is next. thanks for joining us. have a great night ♪
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