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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 11, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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a deadly hit-and-run. where they finally found it hours later. bizarre police chase in the sky. what authorities thought this guy was dropping into prison that forced him to land. guy was dropping into prison that forced him to land. your news in 30 seconds. go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. go on kitty, kitty... fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. right now breaking details in a deadly hit-and-run right in front of police headquarters. we now know who was crossing the street in center city when police say this massive bus slammed into him and just kept going.
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investigators are working to try to piece it together. why that driver did not stop. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's head right now to shawnette wilson she's life at the seen of this morning's crash. shawnette? >> reporter: well police have identified the victim as joseph heard of south philadelphia. tonight they're still trying to figure out why the driver left the scene and whether the driver knew they had hit someone. >> i was just really surprised it happened early in the day. >> reporter: people enjoying the park at franklin square this evening are still in shock over a bus that hit a man crossing the street nearby at race and franklin after 9:30 this morning. the man was killed but the bus driver kept going. >> this isn't the first time there's been accidents septa buses, and like even like the mega buses and the bolt buses and all of those. they're keeping a tight schedule, you know, they're zooming right through. >> reporter: police say a 46-year-old man from south philadelphia was in the crosswalk when he was struck and killed. right across from police headquarters. cameras there captured video of
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the bus which police later determined continued on to washington, d.c. before returning to philly. they tracked him down at this bus maintenance lot on swanson street in south philly. >> we have officers down there inspecting the bus talking to the driver and trying to get more information to piece it together. >> reporter: people who live in the area fear what happened to the victim could happen to anyone. >> i'm terrified of buses and, you know, i'm generally in the city you have to be really aware, you know, there's people like little children and strollers and stuff like that and, you know, you have to go slowly and carefully. >> reporter: especially they say in and around chinatown where lots of buses come through transportation station that's area and streets aren't very wide. >> even when you have the right of way you still have to be careful because people are not paying attention to the traffic laws or the lights or anything like that. get back on the sidewalk and let them go. >> reporter: and we are still waiting for confirmation on the name of the bus company. the driver work for. the driver's name has not been release tonight. iain.
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>> shawnette, thank you. on your radar tonight's downpours finally moving out of our area. here's live look from wilmington, delaware rut now. you can see clear skies, roads are dry but it was a different story around the area when that rain moved in from center city. you can see buckets of rain that came down earlier tonight. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's right. certainly drying out across the area after rounds are round two moved through late this evening with more scattered showers and downpours. we ended up with about an inch of rainfall around the philadelphia area but you can see that system it is pulling away, behind it, drier conditions. dropping humidity and physicals you're outdoors take look at this. a twitter picture from philly shooter one of our photographers mike sent this in out of long neck, delaware. it is a double rainbow due to the reflection and refraction of the light. we have that primary rainbow the first one and then the secondary rainbow a beautiful site out there. if you ever see something send it my way scott fox 29 and we'll try and share it.
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it will be a nice wednesday. we're talking about humidity, sunshine, mixing with a few clouds. temperatures tomorrow top out around 85 degrees. so coming we'll talk about the drying out, the lower humidity comfortable temperatures and already preview the upcoming weekend. of course, we have big eagles game taking place on sunday at the linc. forecast for that coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank uh-uh saw it first on fox last night. a philadelphia woman and her boyfriend accused of keeping her severely autistic brother captive in their overbrook home tom night we're getting our first look at that couple police say 26-year-old latrice graves and her boyfriend philip martin kept the 28-year-old man duck taped and handcuffed inside their home. they say he somehow got away and ran into a nearby corner store. the owner of that store says the man started grabbing food and drinks from the shelves sat on the floor and started eating. saying he was starving. when police went to the home they say they found deplorable conditions. graves and martin are facing a slew of charges to night including negligent, false
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imprisonment, assault and kidnapping for ransom. happening right now, calm tonight on the streets of ferguson. hundreds have taken to the streets the past couple of tonight as you can see the crowd is not as large as previous ones. we've seen a couple of dozen people along the sides of roads this evening. sunday marked one year since ferguson police officer darrin wilson shot and killed michael brown setting off protests across the country. much different scene over the past four nights, however, yesterday police took dozens into custody after crowds started blocking traffic on major highway but even last night's protests much different than sunday's demonstrators when gunfire erupted despite tense moments last night, no police officers or protesters were hurt. meanwhile a texas police officer has been killed for killing an unarmed college football player. arlington police chief says 49-year-old brad miller could also face criminal charges. police were called to car dealership early friday morning for suspected burg reach the
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chief says miller ordered 19-year-old christian taylor to get on the ground then walked towards him. miller fired four times. the police chief says miller's mistake caused the deadly confrontation and put other cops in danger. new developments tonight in the corruption case surrounding pennsylvania's attorney general today kathleen kane's driver answered to a judge while the attorney general herself prepares to speak to the press. some defense attorneys think tomorrow' news conference is a huge mistake fox 29's jeff cole breaks down the case. >> reporter: the former lackawanna county police chief and the head of the security detail, the attorney general this must have been airheads head snapping reversal of fortune. accustomed to bringing criminal charges tuesday patrick reece told a judge he was not guilty of one. reece, 48, whose also kane's driver was charged thursday with using a special e-mail system to snoop into secret grand jury
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information for his boss. thumbing his nose alleges the montgomery county district attorney at a county judge who issued a protective order shielding the info from prying eyes. it was all part claimed prosecutors of kane's war on her critic. >> this is war. this is her war based upon the evidencconducted without with ro the rules, without with regard to the law and without regard to any chat daal damage the battle might entail. >> kane is charged with leaking grand jury information. she claims she's not guilty and defiantly walked into county offices saturday to be fingerprinted, her mug shot taken. wednesday at 1:00 in harrisburg, kane is expected to return fire at prosecutors in what her spokesperson says will be a full question and answer session with reporters. >> what's the up side? how can this possibly help her? the
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answer so that question is he can't. >> fred tecce is a former federal prosecutor now in private practice and he argues kane will play with fire wednesday by potentially giving prosecutors a weapon to hammer her with. >> if she makes some statement to try and say that she didn't do x, y and z and the commonwealth knows she did x, y and z she's on the witness stand they'll beat her over the head with that. >> reporter: meanwhile, the problems mount for kane. a government watch dog jean, filed a complaint with a lawyers disciplinary committee in attempt to have her law license pulled. his motto, cane is not able. in the newsroom, jeff cole fox 29 news. kane is expected to speak tomorrow from harrisburg at 1:00 p.m. we will be there. you can watch it streaming live on our website just head to prayers tonight for the family of a teenaged boy shot and killed inside relative's home. family members, friends and neighbors of 16 year old cory tunnel, jr., gathered on the
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6300 block of read land street that's where police say the teen was sunday night when he was shot in the face. investigators are still hoping to speak with tunnel's 18-year-old brother and another friend who they say were inside the house at the time of the shooting. national transportation safety board says new jersey turnpike crash that killed one man and injured comedian tracy morgan would have been a lot less severe. the city key was seat belts and investigators say none of the passengers in morgan's limo were wearing them. comedian james mcnair died in that wreck and morgan is still recovering. investigators also say the wal*mart truck driver that slammed into the limo was going 65 miles an hour in a 45 miles an hour zone in june of last year. the ntsb says the trucker kevin roper was also too tired and they believe he had driven 12 hours to work before his 14-hour shift. roper is facing charges of death by auto. >> a warning from police in gloucester township after two men posed as public works employees to pull off a recent burglary. the kind of crime authorities
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say you can prevent just by finding out who is really knocking at your door. fox 29's dave kinchen is in gloucester township tonight. that message echoes far beyond residents there. >> reporter: that's right. police say this is something that happens frequently throughout the region. and in most cases like this one, they're targeting the elderly. >> what happened to morals. >> reporter: it's a question many are asking after police say two men posed as water company employees and ripped off an elderly woman at honey locust and meadow run drive. >> i hope they get them. >> the lady was outside. she looked really upset. >> very active senior and just very very nice people and prey on somebody like that is just extremely cowardly. >> reporter: investigators say one of the fake water department workers told the woman they had to check her faucets police say both got inside and swiped her money and jewelry. >> people just care about their own selves not nobody else, you know, work hard to have something nice and then they want to come and take it.
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so it's a shame. >> it scares me. my mother is 83 and leaves with us and if she didn't, i'd have to worry about that all the ti time. >> a lot of times it is the elderly who -- they prey upon, and take the money they don't have. >> reporter: gloucester township police captain anthony, says these cases are known as distraction burglaries where thieves pose as utility workers and lie their way into a senior's home to take advantage it. >> saddens me that i have to sit here and tell this story, because we have victims all over these predators are out there they find these victims. >> reporter: you should ask questions and pay close attention to protect yourself. >> don't be afraid to ask. let me verify your id. let me call your company. let me see if you are legitima legitimate. wait right there. a lot of times we hear, um, these people are overly aggressive and push she. any good business wouldn't be that way. >> reporter: police tell us that if you are suspicious, you don't even have to open the door. you can simply yell through the door that you're not interested. in gloucester township, dave kinchen, fox 29 news.
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♪ a guy storms behind the counter at wawa, shoving the women working but he's not after cash. the question a clerk asked that may have set him off. a little boy home alone when two men break in forced to hide in a closet. tonight one of those men has a message for the family. the one thing he wants them to know from his jail cell. >> plus she works closely with the president but now a possible love triangle could cost her her job. what she's accused of of doing to a capitol police officer that landed a white house staff in handcuffs. and personal challenges to the philadelphia tv to revive a city treasure. >> the mayor said to me, says, i've been watching your career. who knew? >> this local woman's amazing story.
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>> northeast philadelphia detectives. wawa on cottman avenue. a man and woman walked in after asking for carton of cigarettes. the clerk asked the man for id and police say he shoved employees behind the counter and stole the smokes. they got away in a dark colored saturn. if you recognize them call police. >> reporter: you don't have to look far to find something new in old city. we're talking lights, bright lights and coming to a neighborhood near you. take a look behind me. this is chestnut street, this is the way things you may be used
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to seeing but take look a little bit north. things just got a whole lot brighter. old city is no longer in the dark. >> they're definitely much brighter now. i know that i tended to a lot of walking at night just in general so having these lights definitely makes me feel safer. >> reporter: take stroll on third street you may think you walked into an operating room. >> i mean it's fresher and it makes the city feel fresher. and you know led also is eco friendly and it changes the city. >> reporter: the city is in the beginning stages of installing new led street lights in all corners of the city. eventually all 150,000 street lights will be changed to a brighter, bluer looking light. look for yourself. compare the old yellow hugh lights to the new ones. >> i really like it. i think it's really nice and i think it's a good place i can walk at night. >> the longer lasting more energy efficient bulbs are part of $850,000 safety project.
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it's not connected but well timed to the pope's visit next month. maria, works in old city and walks to the train station late every night. >> i feel very safe now, because i can actually see who is behind me or who is coming towards me. >> i think it still looks nice. it brings out the pretty old buildings and i appreciate the safety aspect of it being a girl living by myself. >> reporter: some say the lights are actually too bright and take away from the ambiance and historic charm of old city. >> i tend to like the old sort of yellowish lights. this is like a blue bright light. i don't really like. >> reporter: so far about a thousand new street lights have been installed in the city. the streets department says they'll be all over the city in the next few years. on third street right now they'll be going block by block as those blocks are needed. lucy? >> chris, you mention the papal visit. if you plan on using the norristown high speed line or septa trolley routes 101 or 102 you'll have to enter a lottery just like regional rail riders
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did. it opens at midnight tonight. it closes tomorrow night. new castle county police arrested 33-year-old michael rivera. investigators say he killed his mother. crews were called to the harbor house apartments in claymont back in december for a fire. officials found the body of 57-year-old what unite at a in one of those apartments. the medical examiner later ruled the death a homicide. rivera is facing unrelated charges in pennsylvania now. once that trial is over he'll be extradited to delaware to face murder charges. new video from police in glassboro tonight shows a man dragged down the street by a c car. home surveillance camera caught it early this morning on quincy court. police say two people inside that car got out went up to the house looked inside. two people inside went out to check out what was going on. one of them a 52-year-old man ended up fighting with a guy in the back seat of the car. police say the driver hit the gas and the car dragged him 10 feet. he's in the hospital he's got bumps and bruises. and police have arrested that 18-year-old driver.
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you decide 2016. bad news for new jersey governor chris christie. it seems voters back home still do not see him in the white house. according to a new rutgers eagleton poll 54% of new jersey registered voters say the word presidential does not describe christie at all. that's versus 29% who think he could be the country's neck president. this poll was done before the first republican primary debate last week. right now donald trump is still leading all republican candidates. forget those lawnmowers or hiring a company do the lawn perkasie has new city employees to keep a weed problem from growing. as fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer shows us these new hires are hungry for the job. >> reporter: when it was time to clear out this overgrown water basin in perkasie, bucks county, pennsylvania -- >> certainly didn't lock this tight. dan gilbert knew the perfect way to get job done.
10:19 pm
>> i think it's very forward thinking. i think it's a natural way to do things. >> reporter: he hired five very hungry goats. >> there's a lot of municipalities going to this now. some are using sheep. others are using goats. all the great success. >> reporter: goats are able to work on very steep inclines and don't mind the basin's rocky terrain much too dangerous for people. >> every time -- they're not eating whenever we come here. >> reporter: when i first arrived the goats were camera shy br bureau manager wrangled them up. >> they're all out here now. >> these guys about an acre of land to feast on and will pretty much devour everything in sight. >> they've been eating back under the trees back there. >> reporter: the area is completely fenced off with few minor adjustments so the goats don't make a run for it. >> they're very food motivated which is the signs about the goats biting not necessarily because they'll mean to bite you it's more when you're reaching your hand through the fence they don't know the difference between -- they don't care the difference between your fingers
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and a carrot. >> reporter: i don't think that will be an issue. in perkasie, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. a fight outside a busy shopping mall. security guards at a 15-year-old boy. what you don't see that could get the guards off the hook. >> a neighborhood wakes up to a troubling find right in their front yard. >> how come they couldn't have done it in the daytime to show your face. come out. -- don't ab non muss. come out and show your face. >> what was scattered around their and tire block that had them calling the police. think like a man. one company social media oops that got them apologizing tonight. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. lots of overnight road work out along i-95. working both directions on 95 in the area of cottman avenue till about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow. same deal here in center city.
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the repaving a columbus boulevard. watch for crews out between race and spring garden and good evening to malvern. route 401 and 202 watch for overnight crews out there as well. will it be another rainy rush hour? sue and i will see you bright and early at 4:00 with the answer. ♪
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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more than half a dozen first responders were the ones in need of saving when a fire truck collided with an ambulance in miami. 12 people were injured including a grandmother and two children in the back of the ambulance. everyone is expected to be okay. police say the vehicles were on two separate runs. they're still looking into the accident which they say happened at a busy intersection. video shows fight break out between a georgia teen an group of mall security guards. even captured one of the guards punching the 15-year-old before the other guards jumped in. that teen's family wants all three charged with a crime but lawyers for the guards say what the video doesn't show is the teen starting the fight. authorities say they'll have enough evidence charges on those guards no longer work at the mall. >> white house staff facing serious charges to night. she's accused of of firing shots at her boyfriend. >> and that boyfriend just happened to be a capitol police officer. they say barvetta singletary fired at him during an argument at her maryland home friday. police say it all began when she
10:25 pm
questioned him about another woman he was involved with. court documents show singletary reached into the officer's bag and grabbed his service weapon. authorities say she fired a shot toward him, ran off. and neighbors have really no idea what to make of this whole thing. >> i was leaving my house at about 6:20. i saw the lady -- police were escorting her, hands behind and one gentleman, i don't know whether her husband or the boyfriend or whatever. >> singletary is a special assistant to the president and house legislative affairs lie yea son. she's on unpaid leave and face assault and reckless inn danger many charges. >> let's call this the weirdest police chase. what they thought this guy was dropping into prison that forced him to land. >> accuse of break nothing a family's home with the 10-year-old hiding in a closet. >> there's boy in the closet and he ran.
10:26 pm
>> this inmate's monday message to that family from behind bars. scott? >> lucy, storms are rolling out of here. drier air is moving in. how long will it last and also we're previewing the upcoming weekend forecast next. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm.
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what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state.
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>> finally drying out around the area. live look at trenton, new jersey tonight one of the areas hit hard by downpours and thunderstorms just a little bit earlier. scott williams is track wagon you need to know for your week in just a few minutes. philadelphia preparing for a historic visit by the pope. it won't be the first time the city of brotherly love has welcomed a pontiff. a delaware county pastor was in the city for the last papal visit back in 1979. >> he won't be here to see pope francis in person but he's opening his church so others can get them once in lifetime experience and fox 29's karen hepp takes us there. >> he's just a breath of fresh air. >> reverend joseph corly loves pope francis but age is coming up to him. >> i'm not going to go down because i don't think i could hang out for five or six hours there physically but i've read everything i could that he wrote. >> reporter: that's why his
10:30 pm
church blessed virgin mary is opening its doors welcoming pilgrims to stay in darby pope weekend. 30 young teens from boston are crashing out. >> spend that night and saturday night sleeping on the floor. guys in our parish hall. >> the boys will bunk in here. the girls is sleeping bags over at the school. lots of passion to see this po pope. >> younger people in our parish are going to the mass. >> reverend corly knows he's worth it. here he is right in the thick of the action when pope john paul ii came to philly back in 1979. >> it was just exciting. the roar of the people when they processed into that altar area, i mean you just -- it was like you were caught up in the excitement and the -- and the enthusiasm of the people and they were cheering. like it was great. >> reporter: it will be great this time, too. only he's going to be watching it on tv surrounded by 170 parish friends. yup, they're throwing a pope watch party. >> we'll have a social here with, you know, celebrate the mass. >> reporter: they'll be having that watch party right here in
10:31 pm
the basement of this church as so many in churches all over the greater delaware valley in fact that's one of the recommendati recommendations just to put the pause button i know this message went out to a lot of churches this weekend this sunday to encourage people to go down and it may seem daunting at this point. come the middle of september we'll have logistics figured out and there will be ways for everybody to get down and see the pope who wants or simply watch at home. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> on the subject of logistic another local college is changing up class schedules around the visit. the world meeting of families asked villanova university to use its parking facilities from friday september 25th through sunday september 27th. to accommodate those riding septa's norristown regional rail line. because of heavy traffic expected on campus villanova is all altering friday and saturday class schedule. new details comes in on the pope's visit we've got them on you'll find it all in special section halfway down our home page. an arizona boy comes face to
10:32 pm
face with two men that authorities say break into his home. they found the boy hiding and took off right into the hands of scottsdale police ton night one of those burglary suspects has a message for that little boy -- i'm sorry, 31-year-old cole, apologizing to the boy and his familiarly from and side the jail. he says he and his friend picked the house at random decided to break in because they were both low on cash. he says that he had no idea that a frightened boy was inside the home alone as aparen himself he would never intentionally have tried to scare the boy. >> i have three boys of my own, you know, to even think that i -- there's a child that i might have scarred for life or just scared period i'm not a mean person. i not a monster. >> he and his friend have been locked up sin the arrest. both have prior arrests and are now facing multiple felony charges for the break in.
10:33 pm
let's check in with the fox 29 weather authority the one and only scott william much scott, active day today. >> that's right, lucy. not one but two rounds of showers and thunderstorms. on average we picked up from 13 quarters of an inch to a little over an inch towards reading as well as the millville area. we needed the rainfall many locations down about an inch so far this month. so round one was this morning. this afternoon and evening with the cold front we saw a line of scattered showers and some thunderstorms. a couple of them turned severe in sections of burlington county ocean county as well as kent county in delaware but you can see things have finally gun to settle down. here's the cold front it will be pushing off the shore overnight tonight. clearing skies lowering humidity it's still a little sticky in some locations but you can see as we go hour by hour by tomorrow morning it's mostly sunny. it will ab comfortable start out there for your wednesday. really a nice day. there could be a couple of instability clouds maybe produ producing a sprinkle late in the day tomorrow. but most of us stay dry.
10:34 pm
winds will be out of the north and west quiet for your wednesday night as well. the high made it up to 85 degrees today. the normal this time of year is 86. but look at the record. 101 set back in 1900. that is safe. 69 in millville. 70 in dover. 70 in pottstown. mid 60s right now in the pocon poconos. and the dew point the measure of moisture in the atmosphere any time it's above 60 it starts to feel kind of sticky. still dew points upper 60s. 70 dew points even in fact toward wilmington as well as dover but they are dropping north and west into the low 60s. eventually into the 50s by tomorrow morning in many locations. so drying out clearing overnig overnight. low 60s bushes, upper 60s in the city. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you beautiful weather. a pair of tens as we move over the next several days but take look at up coming weekend. heat and humidity builds we're looking at temperatures by early next week in the low 90s maybe even another heat wave sprinkled in and what about previewing
10:35 pm
sunday? football weather, not so much. but temperatures are going to be near 90 degrees as the colts take on the eagles at the linc. it is going to be hot so keep that in mind and stay hydrated. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. 91-year-old arrested accused of smuggling a lot of cocaine. what really caught our eye? where prosecutors say it was hidden. >> neighborhood wakes up to a troubling find right in their front yard. what was scattered around their block that had them calling the police. and think like a man. one company social media oops going viral. but definitely not in a good way. for life...
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(grover) new wheels. nice. see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. ♪ >> none-year-old man says he was hand add bag that was intented as gift for someone. inside investigators found cocaine hidden in 27 packages of soap. victor tort the former surgeon says he had no idea. his son says he's victim avenue exam targeting the elderly and so do australian authorities but he faces charges of transporting drugs in australia and life in prison if he's convicted. n your money tonight, you won't need to drive down to passyunk avenue to get your geno's cheesesteaks any more because the iconic cheesesteaks spot is going to open up a second
10:39 pm
location in south philly this one will be inside xfinity life at the sports complexion. new store will offer famous cheesesteaks for the same price as the original location. they're hoping to be open the eagles first home game of the regular season on september 20th against the boys. >> timing is everything. one company attempt to honor women backfired terribly and of course people took to twitter to point it out. take look here. the pe inform bic posted this to celebrate south africass national women's day. it implies women need to quote think like a man to work like a boss. i don't even know what that means. what,, what does that even mean many headed straight to social media calling the post sexist. bic has since apologized saying it knows where it went wrong. maybe it was his thinking like a man. i don't know. on the subject of social medi media -- i love men. a mommy taking off helping families meet cops under sweeter
10:40 pm
circumstances than a traffic ticket. >> law enforcement in one community as gone viral after one weekend. fourth grader lemonade stand got some love. their colleagues were her best customers all weekend long. deputees stepping in and posting photos under the hash tag cops love let me non made stands. >> they're like are they stopping to get lemonade? oh, my gosh, yes, they are, yes, they are it. >> let's you know and it let's your children know that they are real people. >> deputees hope the visits ensure the next generation she serves will have a trusting not tart relationship with police. >> that's g lemonade. local volunteer firefighters under arrest. what they're accused of of doing in a new jersey mall parking l lot. >> and from personal challenges to the philadelphia pd to revising a city treasure. one local woman's amazing story on her road to success.
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♪ >> developing right now the streets of ferguson we go. let's take look at life pictur pictures. we have seen the crowds grow rather significantly over the past 45 minutes we showed you live pictures at the top of the show as well. you've got the police in riot gear out again tonight. people talking back and forth very animated.
10:44 pm
so far we're not seeing clashes between police and protesters. i will tell you that st. louis county police department is very active on twitter and always saying when people are throwing rocks and bottles. so far it's very quiet. hopefully it stays that waist sunday marked one year since ferguson police officer darrin wilson shot and killed michael brown that of course set off protests nationwide. two volunteer firefighters arrested for a prank at a local mall. lawrence township police in new jersey say 18-year-olds robert bennett and joseph vandergrift used an official quaker bridge mall radio frequency to call in a disturbance at the mall on saturday. the mall security officers spotted the teens in a car in the mall's park lot. both are facing charges of creating a false public alarm. neighbors in one georgia community woke up to what they're calling a shocking discovery on their front steps. someone went door to door outside of atlanta leaving recruit many flyers for the kkk. left in front yards driveways
10:45 pm
and right at their front doors. neighbors say it's not only disturbing it's disappointing. some in the neighborhood did call the sheriff's office which is now investigating. different kind of police chase in the skies above california. los angeles county sheriff deputees started following this guy on motorized paraglider after he flew over a detention center. officials thought he was dropping something illegal into the prison. so deputees order him to land. it turns out the guy didn't realize he was flying over a prison made mistake. he was however issued a citati citation. >> she is behind the incredible revival of a local treasure the dell music center and it turns out susan schlossen has an incredible story herself over coming challenges to get to where she is today. >> our joyce evan got her to open up about the personal obstacles she's overcome. ♪ >> reporter: every notice the woman with that sharp short cut just off stage at the dell music center? >> well she hopes you don't notice her.
10:46 pm
because she and her no nonsense crew are about the business of making sure things move on time and seamlessly. behind the scenes of this recently resurrected fully loaded state of the art amphitheater in east fairmount park. >> it was almost lost, joyce, and what a tragedy it would have been if the dell music center had closed and never reopen. >> reporter: few people thought the old robin hood dell east could come back built in 1929 the summer home of the philadelphia orchestra was a cultural gem. ♪ >> reporter: although the music changed over the decades, the memories remained. but a lack of funding, years of neglect and poor management took a toll. all in an area where frankly people did not feel safe and big named artists would not perform. >> people had lost hope with
10:47 pm
this venue here. ♪ >> reporter: but look at it now. after five years, nearly 6,000 people are packing the house free programs and concerts happen here. all tickets under $80 for some of the world's top performers. >> if there's supposed to be so good -- >> it was exactly what mayor michael nutter wanted when he hand picked lieutenant susan schlossen to spearhead the dell's return to glory. yes, she is a philly cop on loan appointed as first deputy commissioner of rec croatian and programs. >> the mayor said to me, he says i've been watching your career. who knew. >> reporter: perhaps it had something to do with her track record of tackling huge problems quietly and gracefully. >> but without taking any mess or no for an answer. >> i have a few different hats.
10:48 pm
>> and they always push her into the spotlight no matter how reluctant she is to take any credit for anything she's done. as commanding officer of the once male dominated pal she developed and secured funding and gained public and private support for programs just for girls. >> they were waiting for somebody to say, you're important, we have something for you. >> hundreds of girls enrolled immediately. her idea protect and serve. remember what others did for y you. >> that's what we're supposed to do. i'm not supposed to do it because i need to be recognized. because if i'm doing it for that reason i really shouldn't do it. >> reporter: that grit and determination developed long before she entered the police academy. >> my first job when i work in the field in north carolina as a kid from the time i was eight until i was 14 years old. >> reporter: in 1974, she earned a spot in overbrook high school's scholars magnet progr program. but she arrived carrying more than brains and books.
10:49 pm
>> i'm a ninth greater the only ninth greater that's walking around pregnant. it was horrible. >> good girl from a good family. i was frowned upon. i think most people counseled me out without a question. >> reporter: she bore the shame. but she stayed on her game with help from her parents who didn't let up one bit on their expectations. but susan's goals were even higher. >> i had to make up in my mind win my heart that this isn't going to stop me. >> she graduated with honors, went to college. all while raising a little girl. >> from frazzle easesly. i don't. being a police officer you can can't. >> she's taken her share of criticism from the media as commanding officer of police public affairs. nice but -- >> i may appear to be little stern because it comes with the territory. >> reporter: she took some flack from closing swimming pools one summer as recreation
10:50 pm
commissioner. >> you have to make tough decisions. but she says her experiences as a teen mom is what taught her compassion. particularly for women who need help. >> because i know how it feels when people are not kind to you because you've made a mistake. >> reporter: today the married mother with a senior at saint joe's prep and a new grandson from her daughter says she loves exactly where she is and how she got here. >> what's next for you? >> i'm thinking i'd like to be a counseling psychologist. >> reporter: for today's young people -- >> it is a police officer, it is a mother. it is somebody that looks at these young ladies and say, i have to tell you, you don't have to listen, but i want to tell you any way. >> reporter: enough said. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> amazing. >> touching lives across many careers. >> impressive. what a journey. howard is here with a look what's coming in sports.
10:51 pm
>> the definition of stewed did the on a football team took place in the locker room of the new york jets over $600. eagles moving around some players after an injury in the secondary and how does sam bradford feel about playing in the eagles first game on sunday much that's all coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
♪ the eagles less than one week away from a football game
10:54 pm
against somebody other than each other. eagles play indianapolis on sunday at the lingering but now the eagles are dealing with a couple of injuries. linebacker key company alonso still out with a concussion lasting longer than first thought and it doesn't look like he'll be playing on sunday weren't defensive back gentleman cory shepherd out for the season with an acl injury the eagles have to move some other players around in the secondary on nickel defense. one player is second round draft pick eric row. certainly not something he's used to. >> yeah, it's tough to pick up just mentally 'cause lot more responsibility at nickels and corner now. some plays i blitz. i got run fits now. of course, you know, the coverage. so things change when you're on the inside. >> it's called cramming, right. >> yeah. all right. the player that all fans want to so in the game on sunday would be your new quarterback. fans went to see sam bradford chip kelly has not said what he's going to do yet. but i would think he got to play one or two zeros bradford wants
10:55 pm
to see what it's like now playing in game when he didn't play all last season. >> i need to get back on the field and get those reps, you know, it's been a long time. i have taken team reps now. whether that happens in the first game, the second game, the third game, the fourth game that's completely up to coach but i think it's definitely beneficial forme to get out there. >> game two of the series phillies against the diamondbacks. the phillies lost a player early in the game. let's go to arizona. franco in the fir inning hit by a pitch. x-rays were negative. it's a bone contusion. he went out of the game but in the second in inning against dad buchanan is grand slam. 11 runs for arizona in the second inning now lead the phillies 11-one in the fourth. sometimes players can be really stupid. take a the case of the jets second year player ikmpalli you never go after your quarterback
10:56 pm
on the practice field but this was even worse. the idiot punch the the quarterback geno smith in the locate kerr room and broke his jaw. he will be out six to 10 weeks. the word is geno still owed him $600. do you punch him? the words of jets head coach todd bowls, he cold cocked him a sucker punch. he released in 10 minutes. >> you don't punch -- walk up to another man and punch him in the face. i'll let them tell you something very childish sixth graders talk about and no reason for it to happen. >> sometimes they act like sixth graders. dallas coys boys gm gill brant had similar situation quarterback clint longly i don't know if people remember him sucker punched roger star back. i traded him for the number two pick in the 1977 draft. we took some guy named tony dorsett. >> the team that trade him is second for giving a second round
10:57 pm
pick for clint longly. >> interesting. >> all right. >> a full hour of entertainment news coming up next with tmz, followed by dish nation and tune into chasing nouns the simpsons. >> of course we're back here in just a few hours for you fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia". >> stick around. your mega millions lottery drawing is up next. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester.
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