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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 12, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> detective in east germantown are investigating a triple shooting watch police are saying is likely the cause of the violence. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, four people shot in a matter of 12 minutes, and on this block, woman six months pregnant, narrowly miss that gunfire, sabina. >> good morning, jen, your commute might be getting little more expensive, a new vote on proposed toll hike happens today. lauren? >> new developments in the corruption case surrounding pennsylvania attorney general. why some defense lawyers think today's press conference is huge mistake. good day everybody, it is august 12th, on this wednesday. sue serio, it was a soggy, wet, gross day, yesterday. but you have good news for us today, don't you? >> this is your pay off for living through yesterday.
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we didn't even get sunshine at times, but some loud thunderstorms were around, as well, hopefully you made it through that, this is the cold front, that caused it all. well off shore. we just have a little bit of left over shower activity. and it is down to the south of us, in southern delaware, and the eastern shore of maryland. so there is some rain headed toward ocean city maryland, bethany beach, delaware, just exited saulsbury, maryland. so that should be the last of it. we may see a left over drip or two down the south this morning, but that's it. 72 degrees, and it is dry in philadelphia right now. now, this is the key. our wind direction has changed. it is northwesterly wind at 6 miles an hour. so eventually, not quite yet, will drop the relative humidity, drop the dew points, things will get little more comfortable around here. 6:10 now our sunrise time, as these days start to get shorter in mid-august, 72 degrees, as we said here, it is in the six off's up in
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mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, down to the south we have 68 degrees atlantic city, 72 in wildwood. as we said, north-northwest wind coming in, so drier air will be moving in, much more pleasant conditions, we're still in the process of the winds shifting from that humid air that we had yesterday, to the drier air today. so today's foxcast says high of 85. sun, some clouds building in later on in the day, but shouldn't be big deal, and breezes pick being up after sunrise, 65 degrees, mostly clear tonight, looking good for your wednesday. but how long will it last? we'll let you know in the seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly is here right now, it is hump day. >> hump day good morning. everybody, 4:02, and i just adjusted timers on my, like, landscape lights for the house, and of course it has taken me all summer to finally ' just the time. now we start changing the sunrise time, no sun yet, but
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we do have the work crews out, along i-95, as you head out the front door, up here, near cottman avenue, bamm, there is a live look, at i-95 right near cottman avenue, the off ramp from 95 north, to cottman, remains closed, for another half hour or so. they are also working here on the 42 freeway, as they're backing up picking up the cones here so watch for a break tap as you work your way in toward philly. couple of the other project still with us on this early wednesday morning, repaving the stretch of clubbing bus boulevard between race and spring garden, so during the midday when they are not there, those uneven surround if a cents will be there for you, maybe that raised sewage great there that's going to knock your front ends alignment out of wack. route 401, route 202, crews working out there in malvern, chester county, and work crew out on the northeast extension, near the quakertown interchange. otherwise, mass transit and the airport, off to good start. lauren, back to you. >> thank so much, bob.
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4:03, breaking news from overnight. police investigating violent night in the city's point breeze neighborhood. our jenny joyce live at one of the scenes right now, good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, four people shot and two separate incident here along south 30th street. see renmant of shell casings signifying a have i lent scene, police say, at least 24 shots were fired at this location. two men, who are sitting on front porch, struck by bullet, they are being treated at press presbyterian hospital, in stable condition. so the shooting happened at 11:42 last night here on the 1800 block every south 30th street. one of the victims lives at the home, as bullets were being fired, a 29 year old pregnant woman stepped outside and narrowly missed becoming a target. a bullet also hit house on the block and just missed the person lying on the couch. later on, a third shooting victim showed up at h.u.p. and said he, too, was hit by flying bullets on south 30th street. >> while investigating the
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scene, police learned that two shooting victims were driven by private auto to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. a 22 year old male was shot once in each leg, and 20 year old male was shot once in the foot, once in the lower back. they're both in stable condition. initial information is the 22 year old and 20 year old were sitting on the front porch of a private residence where the 22 year old lives. when at least 24 shots rang out. both victims then ran inside the house. >> in a separate shooting a fourth person was struck by gunfire on the 1500 block of woodstock street. the victim is a 21 year old male. was shot in the leg. no word on the shooters involved in nip of the incidents overnight. again, four people shot in just a matter of 12 minute. lauren? >> thanks so much, jenny joyce. >> and police say drugs may have been at the center after triple shooting in east germantown, police received
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numerous 911 calls reporting shot fired on the 5500 block of krause on street when they arrived just before 1:00 this morning they found shell casings littering the grounds, but no victims. soon after they witnessed victims running through red lites, followed to medical center that's correct shooting victims were inside. a 26 year old man was shot twice in the back, list in the critical condition. twenty-eight year old plan was struck in the stomach and is also in critical, and 18 year old had a bullet in her foot. she is in stable condition. police say a high powered weapon was used in the shootings. balistic evidence indicate at least 25 shots were fired from two separate caliber weapons. we found 24 spent shell casings, and these shell casings appeared to be from an assault rifle. >> a bag of marijuana was also found on the ground, and police say this is a well known drug area. the driver of the suv is being interviewed by police as are several witnesses. police are also reviewing
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surveillance video recorded near the scene. people enjoying the park at franklin square yesterday say they're still in shock over bus that hit a man crossing the street nearby at race and franklin. police say 46 year old man was from south philadelphia. he was in the crosswalk when he was hit and killed right across from police headquarters. cameras reported the bus which police later determined continued onto washington, d.c., before returning to philadelphia. they tracked it down at the bus maintenance long in south fill. >> i this isn't the first time, you know, there has been accidents with septa buses, and like even like the mega buses, bolt buses, all of those, third keeping a tight schedule. they are being rid through. >> people in the area say they fear what happened to the victim could happen to anyone, specially in and around chinatown where lots of buses come through transportation stations. happening today, the burlington county bridge commission will vote tonight on proposed toll hike for two
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major bridges that connect pennsylvanian south jersey. the vote affect the talcony palmyra and the burlington bristol bridges. let's head out live to sabina kuriakose in palmyra with more on the vote tonight. high. >> hi, lauren, if the hike goes through, that could mean the commute calls for some people would be double it, would be the commissioned first toll hike in 15 years, but not everybody of course is on board. now the burlington county bridge commission operate the talcony palmyra and the burlington bristol bridges as well as several smaller spans, toll increase would up passenger car price frost about $2 to $4. e-zpass, fee pass more for trucks and buses as well. commission says it needs the money to maintain to pay for fund for about $110 million maintenance project. officials held two public meet this is week to get the reaction from people on both sides. some say they can't afford it, other say the bridges need to be updated.
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back here live outside the talcony pal mia bridge, see this early morning, bridge traffic steady out here. now the commission will vote on the proposed hike at its headquarters in palmyra six evening, back to you. >> thanks so much, sack even a gloucester township police warning resident to be on the look-out for two men who potes dollars as water department workers and ripped off elderly woman. >> this happened in subdivision the corner every honey locust, meadow run driver. cops same they told the elderly lady they had, swiped her jewelry when she wasn't looking. comes say she was certainly shaken up, neighbors say the victim has lived alone ever since her husband died few years ago and they feel sorry for what she's been through. >> lock very upset. >> very active scene. just very, very nice people. >> to pray on somebody like is very cowardly. >> they say you don't have to
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answer your door if you find someone suspicious, you can just yell through the door that you are nod interesting, and of course call police. >> attorney general kathleen kane expected to hold press conference today at 1:00 p.m. at the state capitol to discuss criminal charges again zero against her, accused every leaking grand jury secrets to the press then lying about it under oath. prosecutors say kane's goal was to embarrass a former state prosecutor who had been critical of her, 49 year old arraigned saturday, but did not end area plea, however, she has long maintain her innocence making it clear she has no inch at any sean every resigning. some say today's planned conference could backfire on kane. >> what's the upside to this? will it help her? it can't. if she tried to make a statement she didn't try to do xyz, and the commonwealth knows she did xyz, she's on the witness stand, they'll beat her over the head with that. >> yesterday, cane's driver
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and patrick rocco reese pleaded not guilty to using special e-mail system to obtain secret grand jury information before his boss. >> kane is expected to speak today from harrisburg at 1:00 p.m., and we will be there, you can watch her press conference, streaming live, on our website that's my fox. com. -- >> texas police office here killed unarmed college football player during suspected burglary has been fired. what investigators say he did wrong. >> anarchs white house staffer accused in a dangerous lover spat. why police say she pulled a gun on a capitol police officer after they had sex. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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>> you can see buckets of rain came down, started early until the morning, so a loft us are acting will today and different storey? we'll check in with sue serio to get the answer to that question. my umbrella was like over
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worked yesterday. >> i know, not too much problem with the wind. see the umbrellas weren't blowing inside out. but you're right, they sure got a work out. before we look ahead, talk about the the worse of the storms were, it seems like burlington county got it the worse with lightning in florence, and in southampton township, a house was struck by lightning, and heavy, heavy rain was flooding in jobs town, all of that, again, burlington county new jersey. we ended with three quarters after inch of rain in philadelphia, well over inch in reading, little over half inch, over an inch in millville, new jersey, atlantic city half inch of rain, so just depended on where you were. up from got one of those really heavy downpours that lasted for awhile, boy, did you get hit. but at least you didn't have to water your flowers yesterday. yes, we were talking about that on twitter, facebook yesterday. there is the cold front, well off shore. and you just go down to the -- just go down to the south, little rain toward ocean city
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marl wand, fenwick island delaware saulsbury got a little bit. dissipating, it is on its way out. so temperatures right now, 61 degrees in mount pocono, mid 60s in reading, and in allentown, 72 degrees, here in the city. humidity still hanging on, some of the warmth hanging on to the south of us, 72 to get you start in the wildwood. everything is improving. now, over the past seven days, we have seen things cool off. at least machine day did with high of 79. woe did get enough sunshine to get us to eight a degrees yesterday, and we will get to 85 today without the thunderstorm, in fact, when you take a look at this entire seven day forecast, you'll see that it is free of showers and thunderstorms. increasing crowds coming later in the day. tomorrow looks excellent, highs in the mid 80s, then weep start to warm up little bit. and eventually by the weekend
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the humidity will return. , into the nine the zero's saturday, on sunday, on monday, and on tuesday, and once again, all of that rain we had yesterday. it will have to last for awhile. because it really looks rain-fro, bob kelly for the next seven days. >> ponding, puddles, like yesterday, do have an accident this one i95, southbound i95 near route 320 between 320 and 476. see the three travel lanes, southbound (ever just squeezing through on the shoulder, so right now, not a lot of volume it, will change in the next half hour or so. this is south 95 delaware county. krause still working on 95 up in northeast philadelphia. this is a left over from last night, the northbound 95, off ramp to cottman avenue, remains block, a live look at the benny, no problems at all
4:18 am
coming in from south jersey, we're in good shape in to downtown. septa trolley brit continues through the weaken where all of the subway surface trolleys dump everybody off at 40th and market. from there they hook up at the market frankford line, it furthers the trip into center city. working this week on 422, mainly overnights, down to one lane near trooper rod. during the daytime house been working along trooper with lane restrictions. keep that in mind in and out of the king of prussia area. , uneven payment with thus week, repaving the stretch of columbus boulevard, back in the day, we call that delaware avenue, between race and spring garden. so even though the crews are not out there during the day, just watch it, you hit the big old manhole covers that are casino of sticking up there, that will knock your front ends alignment out, or maybe lose hubcap along the way. crews out there for maybe another ten, 15 minutes or so. also still working out there along route 401 at 202. otherwise, mass transit looking good. lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. police officer in texas who
4:19 am
killed an unarmed man last week has been fired, the arlington police chief says the rookie officer made some deadly mistakes, the chief says, brad miller should not have approached 19 year old christian taylor alone during a burglary call. police were called to car dealership friday. they say miller pursued taylor through the dealership showroom, without telling his supervisor. and says taylor refused to get down the grounds, and charge toward officer miller, who shot him. but the chief says, the officers mistakes led to the deadly confrontation, and put other officers in danger. >> failing to communicate with fellow officer orvella arrest plan created a environment of cascading consequences, that produced an un recoverable outcome. >> brad mill here just graduated from the police academy earlier this year could also face criminal charges once police complete their investigation. >> the st. louis county executive says state of emergency could be lifted today after days of tension surrounding the anniversary of the fatal police shooting of michael brown, that's in
4:20 am
ferguson, missouri. there was unrest last year, when an officer was not charged in the shooting death of the 18 year old. county police on tuesday, released surveillance video, they say, shows that a teenager critically wounded by officers on sunday was in fact armed with a handgun. a white house staffer facing charges accused of firing shots at her boyfriend, and that boyfriend just happens to be a capitol police officer. they say, singletary fired at him during argument in her maryland home on friday, police say it all started when she questioned him about another woman. court document show singletary reached into the officer's bag, grabbed his service weapon. authorities say she fired a shot toward him and ran away. neighbors have no idea what to make of the situation. >> i was leaving my house at about 6:20. i soup the lady, police escorting her, hand behind her. one gentleman, i don't know, the husband or boy friend or -- >> singletary is a special
4:21 am
assistant to the president and house legislative affairs liaison, now on unpaid leave. fay cents first and second agree assault, wreckless endangerment charges. >> bad news for new jersey governor chris christie. it seems voters back home still do not see him in the white house. according to a new rutgers eagleton pole, 54% of new jersey registered voters say the word presidential does not describe christie at all. that's versus the 29% who think he could be the country's next president. this pole was done prior to the first republican primary debate. right now donald trump still leading all republican candidates. >> a 91 year old man says he was handed a bag that was intended as a gift for someone else. inside investigators say they found cocaine, hidden in 27 packages of soap. victor swarth, former surgeon, said he had no idea. his son said he is a victim after scam targeting elderly, and still faces charges of transporting drugs into australia, and life in prison
4:22 am
if convicted. >> phillies rookie mikhail franco knocked out of the game after being hit by a pitch. we have an update on his status when good day returns. >> and the eagles are now less than one week away from playing indianapolis at the linc. the injury keeping linebacker alonso out of sunday's game. here is a look at last night's mega millions lottery numbers. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ we work weekends here.
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because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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>> phillies wrap up their series, will be look to go salvage a series after getting blown out the first two games. phillies a scare early in the game. mikhail franco was hit in the wrist, with a pitch franco left the game, x-rays luckily came back negative. but things didn't get much better, pitcher david was roughed up and the diamond backs 13 to one victory. for a look at the rest of the night in sport, here's howard eskin. >> the eagles less than one week away from football game against somebody other than themselves. eagles play sunday at the linc, but now the eagles are deal with a couple of injuries. linebacker kiko alonso out with a concussion, lasting longer than the eagles first thought. doesn't look like he will be playing sunday. with cory shepherd out for the season with acl tear, eagles have to move some other players in on the nickel defense. one player that's now work
4:26 am
that area, second round draft pick, eric row, certainly not something he is used to. >> mentally, because a lot more responsibility, i got run fit, the coverage, so, things change. >> it is called cramming, right? >> ya. >> and stupidity, the new york jet lockerroom, second year linebacker, sucker punched quarterback gino smith over debt of $600. he broke the jaw of smith. he's now out six to ten weeks. could miss the eagles game week three. jets released him. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> wow. just matter of 15 minute, four people shot at three different location overnight. we'll take you live to one of the scenes in point breeze. and think like a man, one company's social media, oops it, has them apologize g this morning.
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>> get ready to pull out extra bucks crossing the bridges, the vote on the price hike is tonight. we'll preview the big meeting, as if you walk around old city at nice recent lip, you may have noticed things little brighter. visible difference people are starting to notice, and talk about. >> good day everybody, it is august 12th, on this
4:30 am
wednesday, better known as hump day around here. nice ring to it. >> hump day. >> i'm awake now, yes, we have some energy today. we have a loft sunshine to look forward to. >> you can see very clearly on ultimate doppler, that the cold front is off shore. thunderstorms that went with it, now we zoom into the southern part of our viewing area, we see, couple of showers there in southern kent county and couple of showers headed toward ocean sit, maryland, and that's about it. from yesterday's rain, in some cases it was an inch and a half of rain in some isolated places, 72 degrees now, though, dry here in old city. we've got wind coming out of the northwest. that generally is a good thing, unless you like humidity. westerly winds, 76%, still not
4:31 am
process of driving the air out. sunrise at 6:10 this morning, yes, that he sunrise getting little later as the days get shorter, plenty of long days to enjoy. we have 66 degrees in allentown, 66 in reading, 63 in pottstown. we move to the south. see 72 in wildwood. still muggy there. 68 degrees in wilmington, delaware. it was sticky and stormy yesterday. our high temperature, though, ended up at 85 degrees. because we did have some times of sunshine, what touch off some of the loud thunderstorms in the afternoon, and evening yesterday. i think we will be sunny by 9:00 with 74 degrees, 82 by lunchtime, should top off eight a degrees. notice extra clouds by the end of the day but all-in-all looking pretty good in our foxcast for wednesday. can we keep this going? we'll let you know in the seven day forecast coming up. so bob kelly, looks like i missed an problem on i95 in delco this morning. definitely missioned it. what is good there is accident at least for us, coming
4:32 am
northbound there is accident southbound, southbound, i95, just south of 476, just passed the blue route, before you get into that situation where you have chestnut street, and all of the other overpasses come into play. all throw lanes of i95 are blocked right now. the only good thing here is that we have the off ramp, off ramp that what would be chestnut street, in delaware county, open, see folks inning on by, crawling here, light volume at the moment. is he we don't have major back up. but this will be game changer in the next half hour or so. that southbound 95, just south of 476 before you get to the commodore barry bridge. not bad. crews still working on 95 up in northeast philly, at cottman avenue. non-working northbound, but get ready for traffic pattern change, that is coming our way this coming weekends. i know diane, upstairs, in the
4:33 am
control room, said they were moving the barriers around getting things in place, that's going to be whole different scenario come this weekend up there in the great northeast. otherwise, if you are coming in from south jersey looking good on the freeway, no problems or delays at all. still working on the northeast extension, near the quakertown interchange. , nice and quiet coming into town on the schuylkill expressway, there was work crew near gladwynn, no problems for the gang coming out every villanova. being look good working your way across town on the vine expressway. the septa trolley blitz continues, so again, all of the subway surface trolleys diverting at 40th and market, from there, the market frankford line bridges you into downtown. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, all right, thanks so much. breaking news, police investigating violent night in the city point breeze neighborhood. our jenny joyce live at one of those scenes, right now, good morning, jenny. >> good morning, lauren looks people shot in a matter of 12 minutes, live here along south 30th street, you can see evidence after violent night police say at least 24 shots fired at this location, two
4:34 am
men were bidding on front porch, struck by bullet, they are being treated at presbyterian hospital. and we are told that they are in stable condition, the shooting happened at 11:42 last night here on the 1800 block every south 30th street. one of the victims lives at the home, as bullets were being fired, 29 year old pregnant woman, narrowly missed becoming a target, a bullet also hit house on the block, and just missed an person who was lying on the couch. >> initial information, the 22 year old and 20 year old were sitting on the front porch of private residence where the 22 year old lives. when at least two shots rang out. both victims then ran inside the house. we know 24 shots were fired, at least, because we found 24 spent shell casings all in the 1800 block of south 30th street. after being shot both victims ran inside the house and then
4:35 am
were subsequently transported to the hospital by a private auto. >> 1500 block of woodstock street, victim 21 year old male, he was shot in the leg, no word on the shooters involved in any of these incidents overnight. again, three people shot in just a mother of 12 minute. lauren? >> bridge commission will vote tonight for toll hikes for two bridges that connect pennsylvanian south jersey. affect the talcony palmyra, burlington bristol bridges, fares increase $2 to four, e-zpass customers have to pay $3. supporters say the hike is necessary to pay for maintenance project. this would be the first toll hike in 15 years. commissioners vote tonight at 6:00. >> old city in the dark, if you take a stroll on third street, you would think maybe you walked no an operating room. city in the beginning stages every installing new led
4:36 am
street lights, on all corners of the city. eventually all 150,000 street light will be changed to a brighter, blue err looking light. the longer lasting more energy efficient bulbs are part of $850,000 project. the plan highlight safety, but it isn't connected but pretty well tide to the pope's visit next month. some say the light are actually too bright and take away from the ambience and charm of old city preferring the old yellow light to the bright blue hughes. >> think like a man. one company's social media oops that has them apologizing to women this morning. for life...
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>> 4:39. good news, after we all got drenched yesterday. more on the forecast coming up. one company's attempt to honor women has backfired terribly, and of course, people took to twitter to point it all out. take a look. the company posted this to its south african facebook and twitter accounts. it was to celebrate south africa's national woman's day,
4:40 am
implies women need to quote think like a man to work like a boss. many head today social media calling the pope sexist. bick has since apologize today anyone offer earned dollars saying they know where they did go wrong here. encouraging news about the survival rates of women battling ovarian cancer. study published in the journal obstetrics and gynecology reported as many as one third of women with ovarian cancer survived at least ten years. more than 11,000 patients were tracked from 1994 until 2001. being diagnosed as earlier age while it was still low grade tumor made all of the difference, researchers also found in addition to battling ovarian cancer, patients often struggled with anxiety, fatigue, and social problems. women undergoing in vetro fertilization may be less likely to give birth if they used frozen egg from donors instead of fresh one. new study shows frozen eggs produced 47% in live births, but the fresh eggs resulted in 58% in live births.
4:41 am
the study looked only at egg donation ifs cycles not at psych unless women who freeze or use their own eggs, and researchers warn because of the study's limitation, no one can say fresh eggs are better, these findings appear in the journal of the american medical association. >> cards ash life vest saves the life after texas man. duane was having a heart attack, found out he had two arteries that were 99% blocked. his cardiologist put stints in to open up the artery, but that was not all. his doctor also ordered a cardiac live vest, which ended up saving his life eight days later. >> save his life if he had not had a life vest on, woe have likely died due to ventricular fib lakes, which is often fatal rhythm. >> it did he can actually what it is supposed to do. i was in a deadly situation, where if nothing was done, i would have died. >> doctors say the life vest not permanent solution for sudden cardiac arrest
4:42 am
patients. >> off -- austin hairstylist work to go make life more beautiful. why her donations have kids wigging out. >> the fda has been keeping up with the kardashian's, why the agency is warning kim k about her drug promotion. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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all right, there he is, you guys have been asking plea on twitter, on facebook, on instagram. why are you by yourself all week? does this tell the storey? >> that's it. >> it should. that's because chris murphy is living life in california hanging out with his family, his mom is out there, both of his kids, his wife, they had a date night the other day, which he says doesn't happen often, sue serio. >> well, they had a lot of babysitters because family was around. >> this that picture he captioned it good to the last drop. >> yep, those california vinyards, maybe we'll get some souvenirs, do you think? when he comes? i doubt it. >> let's hope. >> anyway, yesterday, when those storms came through it seemed like the worse of it was in burlington county, in jobstown, there was 2.25, two and quarter inches of rain from one heavy downpours right there. and then, lightning hit a house in burlington township, southampton township, burlington county, i should say. these are s rainfall totals that we had, 2 inches every
4:46 am
rain, in mount pocono, .7 of an inch about three quarters avenin philadelphia. >> wildwood, new jersey as women, rained a l so look where all of the rain is right now. well off shore with the cold front. in the wake of the cold front, high pressure building in, it means, lower humidity for today, and couple of left over showers, we had one, moving toward ocean city, maryland, you just see few distributes there along the eastern shore, and that's it. so, let's check temperatures before you walk out the door this morning. sixty-three in pottstown, mid 60s in reading and in allentown, 61, in mount pocono. as they dry out from the 2 inches of rain. it is 72 in the city. sixty-eight at atlantic city international, wilmington, delaware, 07 in dover, that's where we are now. as we look back to yesterday, we ended up with enough sunshine to get to eight a degrees, so that warmed it up from monday now today's eight a degrees, will be a little different than yesterday's, it
4:47 am
won't be as muggy and will have few clouds building in in the afternoon. some breezes picking up, as well. all-in-all, nine out of ten today. we will give you those double digits thursday, friday, as we start to warm up friday, the humidity really doesn't come back until saturday, when we head back to the 90's, and we conned up with three, four days in a row, of 09 or above. that would be heatwave number four of 2015, and right in the middle of that is sunday's eagles game, with the indianapolis colts, at 1:00. so you better have your sunscreen, bob kelly, and wear something cool. >> i am ready, tooly, down there from the night before. i go see zach brown. >> look at you. >> in town on saturday night. at citizens bank park, then since i'm be there all day, may as well just stay in the parking lot. just sleep in the parking lot. >> okay. >> i probably won't be the only one doing that, though. live look at i95, gang. we got this accident, south of 476. looks like all of the
4:48 am
firetrucks have pulled away. but, still got lane row vick sean here, starting to see little bit after back up again, southbound 95, just south of 476, the blue route, so watch for delays, if you are out and b hello to the shaders, maple shade, new jersey, live look at route 73, right near fellowship, no problems or delays as you are waking up in south jersey. however, the crews are coming to the schuylkill expressway today, get ready, they'll be doing some tree trimming. we actually signed mike jerrick up to help for. >> this eastbound, schuylkill, at girard avenue, between girard and spring garden, the right lane will be taken out, beginning at 9:00. so coming into the city, is going to be little rough today. your best bet, maybe use the kelly drive martin luther king drive after the rush hour to avoid that delay. that's on that eastbound side. otherwise coming in from say downingtown on the turnpike, no problems on route 30 quiet
4:49 am
at the airport, yet we had big delays all throughout the day because of the storms. so do you have good start here at philadelphia international airport with no delays at the airport. we are looking live downtown charlie brown. looking good on the vine street expressway in both directions. and no problems on mass transit. lauren barks being to you. >> love to hear that, bob. thanks so much. texas hairstylist and her partner work to go make life little better for children battling cancer. kenya came up with a plan to help sick kids. she created bandana wigs and donated them to kids in need, enlisting the help of her partner jasmine johnson. two austin women began buying hair, colorful bandannas, and accessories with their own money, created dreams for diamonds. duo made over 200 of the bandana wigs, for children with cancer. >> i am literally woke up one morning and i was like, honey, i want to do something nice for kids. >> all of those hours we stayed up make that wig, the lack of sleep, it doesn't matter any more. that smile made it not matter
4:50 am
any more. >> it was all worth it. hoping to prance toyings real hair and offering free haircuts to anyone donate their locks to the cause through the end of the year. >> all right, let's go don't tapement. f d.a. says kim k is in violation of federal drug promotion rules. kardashian fans know the reality star pushes tons of products through her social media accounts. and that includes a prescription pill used to treat morning sickness. her post about the drug also linked to the company's website. but fda regulators say the post failed to mention side effect, which is a violation. the agency calls on the company to remove the social media post immediately, and outline a plan for preventing future violations. the post cited by the fda no longer appeared on cardiac and's accounts, as of yesterday afternoon. >> the national transportation safety board says the new jersey turnpike crash that killed one man and injured comedian tracy morgan, could have been a lot less severe. the key was seatbelt. investigators say none of the
4:51 am
passengers in morgan's limousine were wearing them. investigators also say the wal-mart truck driver that slammed into the limo was going 65 miles an hour in a 45-mile an hour zone in june of last year. comedian james motorcycle near died in the wreck, and morgan still recovering. >> police have confirmed that the body recovered from the hudson river monday is iaian jones, annie lenox's body friend. also confirmed tuesday morning that it was her son. sources say ian jones, an art hoist described himself as a philadelphia native, was kayaking around new york with his girlfriend, when the boat capsized on saturday morning. >> we know at least one guest who will be appearing on first episode of the late show with steven colbert. republican contender jeb burbon his personal account tweeted jeb bush will be on hashtag lssc september 8th. my first gop candidate. luckily i do 200 shows a year so i think i can fit them all. the former florida governor made it on to the main stage
4:52 am
for the first republican presidential debate on fox news. colbert left comedy central to take over the late show when david letterman announced his retirement. >> 43:52 this morning. cops in indianna are drinking up for a great cause. why a good deed beverage is creating a social media movement.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> police force making a positive impression on the people it serves. fox's alexis gray reports how their work something becoming a social media movement, aimed at kids and parents under sweeter circumstances, than, say, a traffic ticket. >> fourth grader jena lee roll runs sweet storefront on her sidewalk. it is casual. but business is ripe. these strawberries jena's magic ingredient. and they did the trick on some very special passersby. >> her face when she saw two deputies headed toward her stands. >> appreciate it. >> yep. >> but these two are no strangers. >> i feel like -- hi, jena. >> this past friday the same deputies paid jena her patronage. >> are they stopping to get more lemonade? oh, my gosh, yes, they are, yes, they are. >> it was a first for her mom, too. >> i was very surprised. >> jena's stand wasn't alone. all weekend long, deputies
4:56 am
posting photos under the hashtag: cops love lemonade stands. >> so satisfied knowing i put a smile on that little girl's fails, it was for the best cause. >> ensure the next generation she is her lovers have a trusting, not tart, relationship with police. >> it lets you know and it let your children know that they are real people. >> jena isn't just getting a hands-on taste of good business skills. she's also raising money for a good cause. >> a lot of people on the road who have diabetes, and it is not really fun to have. >> jena knows this, first-hand. because she has juvenile diabetes. >> we raise money so we can find a cure for diabetes. >> jena's new friends hope to one day see her dream come true. but, for today, a simple your welcome with a strawberry on top is enough. >> their smiles are the best part. but lemonade is good, too. >> well, that was fox's alexis gray reporting. coming up: three shooting
4:57 am
victims, one night, jennifer joyce covers violent night in point breeze. and two more dollars to cross two bridges that connect pennsylvania and new jersey. we have a preview of tonight's big vote.
4:58 am
let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target, and upgrade to a shiny new everything. and now when you buy a phone, get 20% off your target run. all things mobile. all in one place.
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detective in east germantown investigating a triple shooting watch police are saying is likely the cause of the violence. good morning, jen. >> i good morning, lauren, three people shot in a matter
5:00 am
of 12 minute, in two separate incident here in south philadelphia. a six month pregnant woman narrowly escaped the gunfire. >> if you commute between south jersey and pa, listen up, you could be paying more to cross the river. lauren? >> all right, new developments in the corruption case surrounding pennsylvania's attorney general. why some defense attorneys think today's press conference is a big mistake. good day everybody, it is wednesday, august 12th, 2015. the week halfway over, sue serio. made it after soggy tuesday, but you say good news is in store for the rest of the week. >> in is your pay offment monday wasn't the best looking day either. but yesterday really got stormy, at times, so today, tada, a nine out of ten. it would be a ten, but we have a slight chance of a little spring they will afternoon, mostly just see a loft extra clouds in the afternoon, but, for right now, the cold front is off shore. even down to the south, the showers we were


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