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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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of 12 minute, in two separate incident here in south philadelphia. a six month pregnant woman narrowly escaped the gunfire. >> if you commute between south jersey and pa, listen up, you could be paying more to cross the river. lauren? >> all right, new developments in the corruption case surrounding pennsylvania's attorney general. why some defense attorneys think today's press conference is a big mistake. good day everybody, it is wednesday, august 12th, 2015. the week halfway over, sue serio. made it after soggy tuesday, but you say good news is in store for the rest of the week. >> in is your pay offment monday wasn't the best looking day either. but yesterday really got stormy, at times, so today, tada, a nine out of ten. it would be a ten, but we have a slight chance of a little spring they will afternoon, mostly just see a loft extra clouds in the afternoon, but, for right now, the cold front is off shore. even down to the south, the showers we were looking at
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pretty much dissipated. that's it for that. seven open degrees, right now, and little tiff humidity still sticky, not that bad. 78%, that will be dropping, as northwesterly winds, continue to blow in, not very high, though, those winds, 3 miles an hour. and 6:10 your sunrise time, see, it is dried out, nicely, here in old city. so, in the pocono mountains, it is in the lower 60s, some places in the pocono mountains got 2 inches every rain yesterday. 64 degrees, allentown, pottstown, lancaster at 63, 67 in trenton. sixty-seven as well in wilmington, delaware, still mug any wildwood with 72 degrees, that's where we are at the moment. it was indeed sticky, and at times stormy yesterday. but we ended up with eight a degrees, for high temperature, pretty close to average. that's where we will be again today. it will feel a lot different out there, it won't be as humid. and some clouds rolling in, the afternoon, for tonight, we have a low of 65 degrees, that's what our clouds we get
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will clear out. looks pretty good for today. what about the rest of the weekend? most importantly, the weekends, that forecast is coming up. bob kelly is here right now. >> sue, you got a lot of outdoor activities, maroon five on the beach in atlantic city this coming weekends, as women. 5:02, good morning, everybody, an accident, just cleared out of the way south 95, all of the lanes open, good news if you are head that way this morning. i95 near cottman, where it has been hot bed of construction all this week, and get ready for a new traffic pattern, that will be coming this way by the weekend. starting friday, all through sunday penndot, curbside here 42 freeway, coming in toward philadelphia, starting to see volume pop between the expressway and the walt whitman bridge, good morning, seaside heights, happens to be where we are headed on friday, headed down the shore, seaside
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height, trying to get myself access to the shore house from jersey shore, what was that show? >> jersey snore. >> jersey shore, the shore house. going to work on, that okay? not quite sure what it will like like once we get inside because i hear it is rented out for the summer, but we're attempt to go do. that will throughout the day, midday construction, penndot will be doing some tree trimming, east on the schuylkill, between spring garden -- between girard and spring garden. coming into philadelphia, right lane block beginning at 9:00. so after the morning rush hour, you may want to use the kelly drive or the martin luther king drive, if you are coming into the city. leaving the suburbs, working your way into king of prussia, no problems at the moment. all of the bridges look fine. and mass transit running with this delays. lauren, back over to you. >> okay, 5:03, breaking news from overnight, police investigating violent night in the city point breeze neighborhood. jenny joyce live at one of the scenes, right now, with more information. hi, jenny. >> good morning, violent neutral, here in south
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philadelphia, alone, we know three people shot in two separate incidents, live along the 30th street, south 30th street here, where you can see remnants of evidence signifying violent scene. police say at least 24 shots were fired at this location, two men, who were sitting on front porch, were struck by bullet. they are being treated at presbyterian hospital, ran in stable condition. the shooting happened at 11:42 last night, here on the 1800 block every south 30th street. one of the victims lives at the home, as bullet were being fired, a 29 year old pregnant woman stepped outside, and narrowly missed becoming a target, a bullet also hit nearby house on the block. and just missed an person who was lying on the couch. the 22 year old and 20 year old sitting on the front porch of private residence where the 22 year old lives. when at least 24 shots rang out. both victims then ran inside
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the house, the victims, 24 year old victim's 29 year old sister was standing at the front door talking to both victims when the shots rang out. one of the bullets entered the front window of the property. just missing this 29 year old female by several feet. she is very lucky as she's also six months pregnant. there was also a 22 year old female, asleep, on the living room couch. she was also barely hit by the bullet that went through the window by several feet. so we could have easily had two additional victims. thirds person struck 1500 block of wood strock street. twenty-one year old male. shot in the leg. no word on the shooters involved in any of these incidents. all three people shot here in south philadelphia, were shot, within a matter of 12 minutes.
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lauren? >> application responds to shooting in east germantown, they don't finds the victims until much later when police arrived at the 5500 block of crow son street. just before 1:00 this morning, they found shell casings littering the grounds, but no victims, soon after officers witnessed red suv racing through red lights, folds it to einstein medical center, three shooting having tips inside the vehicle, 26 year old man was shot twice in the back. now littles in the critical condition. twenty-eight year old man was hit in the stomach, also in critical, a 18 year old had a bullet in her foot, in stable condition. police say two weapons were used. >> balistic evidence indicate 25 shot were fired from two separate caliber weapons. we found 24 spent shell casings, and these shell casings appeared to be from as all rifle. >> police found bag of marijuana on the ground, believe drugs may have been at the center of the shooting. the driver is being interviewed by police as are several witnesses, office
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remembers also reviewing surveillance video recorded near the scene. woman and boyfriend, accused of keeping herself early autistic, in their overbrook home, first look at that couple. twenty-six year old graves and her boyfriend philip martin, kept the 28 year old man duck taped and handcuffed inside their home. they say he somehow escaped, ran into nearby corner store, the owner of the store says the man started grabbing food and drinks from the shelves sat on the floor, was eating, said he was starving. they fawn him in deplorable conditions. slew of charges including neglect, false imprisonment, kid nan for ransom. >> happening today, the burlington county bridge commission will vote tonight on proposed hike for two major bridges that connect pennsylvania and new jersey, the vote affect the talcony palmyra, burlington bristol bridges, let's head out live to fox 29's sabina kuriakose in palmyra with more on
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tonight's expected vote. hi, sabina. >> 5:00 in the morning, already good amount of traffic here. on the south jersey side headed into the city, now, as the the toll hike passes, price of passes will double for passenger cars over the talcony as well as burlington bristol bridge t would go up from $2 to $4, a dollar less if you have e-zpass. it is more for trucks and buses as well. why the hike? it needs the money for $110 million maintenance project, that includes, new paint jobs, mechanical upgrades, and infrastructure improvement. , bridges are safe as is, but they want to stay ahead of wear and tear. meantime the commission has held two public meetings so far over the proposed hike, see mixed reaction on both sides at those meetings, some folks want the toll hikes to maintain the bridges, others say the hikes are too high. and should be phased in gradually.
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that's specially significant if you are a daily commute here uses these bridges to get to work every day. now the commission votes tonight at their headquarters in palmyra. if the hike passes, we'll see the increase in about a month on september 15th, lauren? >> sack even, a thanks so. >> two men posted as water department workers, able it rip off olderly woman, happened in subdivision every honey locust and med island drive. men told the old err i lady they had to check her faucets. she let them n they later swiped her money and her jewelry when she wasn't looking. the woman wasn't hurt but police say she was certainly shaken up. neighbors think the victim has lived alone since her husband died few years ago, and they feel sorry moore she's been through. >> the lady was outside. she look really upset. >> very active scene here, and just very, very nice people. to pray on somebody line that, extremely cowardly.
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>> gloucester township police say you don't have to ever answer your door if you think someone suspicious is outside, yell at your door, and if you need to call police. >> attorney general kathleen cane plans to answer questions at 1:00 p.m. press conference at the state capitol. she is accused of leaking grand jury secrets to the press then flying it under oath. prosecutors say kane's goal was to embarrass former state prosecute heres had been critical of her. the 49 year old was arraigned on saturday, but she did not end area plea. how much, she has long maintained her innocence, making it clear, she has no intention of resigning. some legal experts say today's press conference, real bad idea. >> what's up upside? how could this help her? the teens that question is it can't f she makes some statement to try and say she didn't do x, y, z, and the commonwealth knows that she did x, y and z, she gets on the witness stand, they'll beat her over the head with that. >> kane's driver and security head, patrick rocco reese, pleaded not guilty to using a
5:11 am
special e-mail system, to obtain secret grand jury information for his boss. expected to speak at 8:00. we'll of course be there, watch it streaming liver from the website >> tech as police office here killed un armed college football player during the suspected burglary last week, has been fired. what his boss says he did wrong. >> and let's call this the most weirds police chase we've ever seen. what they thought this guy was dropping into a prison, that forced the order to land.
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(laughing) blank 14:00. still dark outside. pretty good day ahead of us? >> that's right. we've got your weather report for you. you can see it, dried out, finally, from yesterday.
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and things are looking pretty good in our neighborhood. here in old city. nice, dry roads, what a difference. >> we continue to dry out today. lower humidity, something most of us enjoy, never say everybody, there is always somebody who enjoys it, tropical. comfortable temperatures, especially today, and tomorrow. so, let us know what you're doing on twitter, at sue serio fox 29 at fox 29 philly, you can let us know, too. here is the cold front. that came through yesterday. now that it is well off shore, we do have a chance to dry out today. wanted to show this future cast. plenty of sunshine to start the day. we do expect an increase in clouds, very weak system coming through, i think it will mostly be just cloudy, but this model showing the possibility of little spring em or two maybe one, two, 3:00 in the afternoon, then that's out of there. doesn't seem likely but if you get little spill inning later in the day don't be surprised,
5:16 am
going with a ten out of ten for today. 70 degrees in the city. sixty-one out up in the mountains, 66 degrees in reading. at the shore we have 68 degrees atlantic city, 72 wildwood, and 67 in wilmington, delaware, and we have dew points, that are in the process of going down. this is our measure every moisture, dew point in the 60s, in the mountains, close to the 50's in lancaster. but we're still casino of on the sticky side to the south of us. you can see, it is refreshing when around. 50 degrees dew point, once into the 60s, little sticky, but things will be improving throughout the rest of the day. all we need is more of the northwesterly breasts to move in and they are. eight a degrees yesterday. that sunshine we had inbetween the thunderstorms, sunshine back, but no thunderstorms today. 58 degrees our high temperature, 84 tomorrow, and 88 on friday, summertime, mid august weekend ahead. even though we will be in the
5:17 am
90s, that will be great summertime weather, so you just have to make sure that you bring a lot of sunscreen with you to the link on sunday if you are going to the game, or you mentioned earlier, going to the shore for the maroon concert on sunday, out there end on the beach. >> for sure. a loft outdoor, brown saturday down at the ballpark, we have of course eagles on sunday, we got maroon five, we got concert fish in concert at the man later on tonight. summertime concerts everywhere. a live look here at the schuylkill expressway, coming into downtown, no problems at the moment. inbound or out bound along the schuylkill expressway. good morning to the benny. headlights coming into center city, again, three lanes open into downtown, so light volume at least at this hour. no problems south jersey along 295 or 42, bamm, going to the mall. ready? good morning to cherry
5:18 am
hill -- oh, got everybody's attention in here. sue popped her head up. cherry hill mall, good morning to you, route 70 right near haddonfield road. grab your coupons and let's go. then later on today, grab your sneakers and let's g lower merion, mid summer 5k, is going to take over the township with road closures tonight around 7:00. so be aware every that situation. ppl park, union versus chicago later tonight. see that volume exiting 95 therefore the 7:30 start time. >> coming into city use columbus boulevard, repaving on the overnight, then of course during the day, what is exposed those raised manhole covers, and you hit that with a little too much speed and will knock your hubcap out of line. crews pick up at cottman, good news for the rush hour, new traffic pattern coming our way this weekend on 95. could the machine avenue interchange. lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much. st. louis county executive says state of emergency could
5:19 am
be lifted after days every tension surrounding the anniversary of the faith al shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. unrest last year, officers not charged in the shooting death of him. released surveillance video that they say shows a teen critically wounded by officers on sunday, was in fact armed with a handgun. texas police officer killed an unarmed man has been fired. arlington police cleve says rookie officer brad miller should not have pursued 19 year old christian taylor alone when he responds today burglary call at auto dealership last friday. police say taylor refused to get down on the ground and charge toward officer miller, who shot him. but the chief says, the officers mistakes led to the deadly confrontation, and put other officers in danger. miller could also face criminal charges, once police complete their investigation. white house staffer is facing charges she is accused of firing shots at her boyfriend. and that boyfriends just happens to be capitol police officer. they say, barveta single tell
5:20 am
fired at him. police say it all started when she questioned him about another woman he was involved with. court documents show singletary then reached into the officer's bag, grabbed his service weapon, they say she fired at shot toward him. then ran away. neighbors have no idea what to make of all of this. >> i was leaving my house at about 620:67:89 i saw the lady escorting her, her hands behind her, one gentleman, i don't know, the husband or the boyfriend or whatever. >> singletary special assistant to the president and house legislative affairs liaison, on unpaid leave, faces first and second agree assault, wreckless endangerment charges. >> epa says it takes full responsibility for waste fill into two major rivers in colorado and new mexico. yesterday epa administrator gina motorcycle kate went before cameras, apologized. her apology coming three days after 3 million gallons of contaminated mine waste water
5:21 am
started pouring into the rivers. >> pains me, working tirelessly to respond, was committed to full review of exactly what happened to ensure that it can never happen again. >> colorado governor has allowed business toss reopen in the area, however, usage of the river water has not been cleared. meanwhile the governor of neighboring new mexico says, she is considering a lawsuit, wants to sue the government for not being more for the coming. >> different police chase in the skies above california. los angeles county sheriff deputies started following this man, on motorized parra glider after he flew over detention center. officials thought he was dropping something illegal into the prison. deputies order him to land. turns out the guy didn't realize he was flying over a prison, and just a mistake. he was just issued a citation. >> what college student need
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>> time of year when college student rent going back to
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school, some throws teens and college kids off the recommended amount of sleep. doctors suggest student gradually adjust their sleeping patterns few weeks before school starts. they say young adults often under estimate the real value of sleep. >> turns out sleep is not only important for health, but it is very important for academic performance, important for memory. and students who choose to sleep instead of even studying all night, usually do better on tests. >> important for everything. doctors also warn student should resist the turning use energy drinks and caffeinated beverages within a few hours of bed time. the american heart association says teens who suffer from major depression, bipolar dis offered, should be monday towards because they are at higher risk for heart disease. review reveals teens undergoing such treatment were more likely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, especially around the mid section, could pave it way for type it two diabetes,
5:26 am
teens with mood disorders, more likely to run healthy habits. more studies are needed to determine the correlation. new study reveals women with ovarian cancer have god reason to be hopeful. study published in the journal obstetrics, gynecology, reported as many as one third of women with ovarian cancer survived at least ten years. more than 11,000 patients were tracked from 94 until 2001. being diagnosed at earlier age while it was still a low grade tumor made all of the difference. researchers also found in addition to battling ovarian cancer, patients often struggle with anxiety, fatigue, and social problems. women undergoing may be less likely to give birth if they use frozen eggs from donors instead of fresh one. new study shows frozen eggs present 40% in live births, but fresh eggs resulted in 56% in live births. the study look only at egg donation ivf cycles, no the at women in cycles who freeze or use their own eggs.
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but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> three shooting victims, more on the very violent neat in point breeze. good morning, sabina. >> good morning, lauren, crossing the delaware river might be about to get more expensive a toll hike, could be headed your way. lauren? >> okay, thanks so much, hillary clinton agreeing to let the justice department see her private e-mail server, what officials discovered during her time in office. good day everybody, it is wednesday, august 12th, 2015. and, we have some good weather in store, so for everyone who is frustrated with the rain, the umbrellas, their goloshes yesterday. >> oh, the puddles. >> yes. >> yes, all better, yes, lauren. until we sent bus stop buddy back outside, you know he was inside playing basketball yesterday, for most of the day good idea, but no wore
5:31 am
business thunder and lightning today. just make sure you have your extra large bottle of sunscreen, few clouds out there right now, but you will need the sunglasses later on in the day. after sunrise good idea. nine out of ten in your weather by the numbers, we have, no rain to show you on ultimate doppler. dry roads, 07 degrees in the sit, just 3-mile per hour breeze, but the direction from which this is coming is critical here, because it is north-northwesterly winds very much thely pumping dryer air, still on the sticky side, 78% relative humidity, look at the sunrise time now 6:10 a.m. >> less humid, 5 degrees, mix every sunday and clouds, clouds roll in later on in the afternoon, warm breeze, down the shore, with 84 degrees, and in the lehigh valley, sunny, nice, close to
5:32 am
780 degrees, that's what you've got in store for your wednesday, talk about the rest of the seven day forecast, coming up, the 95's coming back. >> national vinyl record day today, by the way. >> oh, well. >> six's are coming back. >> remember the 45 adapt err? >> yes. >> that was the most important thing at times. >> oh, yes. >> get those records on record player. put the needle on the record. let's g live look at the blue route, 476, right near the schuylkill expressway, light volume so far for the gang coming out every mid-county, sunrise pops up and over the lehigh vale, good morning to delco. i-95, here, northbound, no problems or delays. >> hot bed of construction, back after the rush hour, between 29 and trooper road. and then, after the rush hour,
5:33 am
coming into philadelphia's going to be little tough. penndot's going to be working eastbound, on the schuylkill today between girard and spring garden doing some tree trimming blocking the right lane, so after 9:00 a.m., if you are coming into the city, you want to use the kelly or the martin luther king drive. otherwise mass transit at the moment looking good. lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. breaking news from overnight, police investigating violent night in point breeze, four people shot, three all in about 12 minute, police say shots rang out shortly before midnight on the 1800 block every south 30th street. two men were shot while sitting on the front porch of the home. twenty year old shot in the back and foot and 22 year old shot in both legs. >> initial information the 22 year old and 20 year old sitting on the front porch of private residence where the 22 year old lives. when at least 24 shots rang out. both victims then ran inside the house. >> both men in stable condition. police say third man later
5:34 am
showed up at h.u.p. with a graze wound. he says he was shot a block away on the 1900 block of pastier street. also investigating third shooting scene on woodstock street where man in his 20's, was shot in the leg, they are look to go see if all of these shootings are connected. happening today, the burlington county bridge commission will vote tonight on proposed toll hike for two major bridges. that connect pennsylvania, and south jersey. sabina kuriakose is live in palmyra where one of those bridges is or could be affected. hi, sabina. >> good morning, lauren, if like a loft you drivers you see passing me over here, use the talcony or the burlington bristol to get to work each day may want to pack more cash in your wallet. will double the fees from two to $4, three if you have easy pass both bridges, updates here and, there now the burlington bridge commission says it needs more money for maintenance project. needs to raise $110 million for things like mechanical and infrastructure updates,
5:35 am
officials say the bridges are safe, but they want the money to make sure they stay that way. the commission held two public meetings leading up to the vote tonight. many people turned out to support the hike, others say it is too much, too fast, and they want the toll hike phase in the gradually back here live, see and hear a lot of traffic, rush hour here, mouth of the talcony palmyra bridge, on the south jersey side definitely will affect a lot of people, the commission votes tonight at 6:00. if the toll hike passes, you can see it going into effect in about a month on september september 15th. >> thanks so many special three day passes for the papal visit on line today only. travelers need don't err on line lottery by 11:59 tonight. passes are only good on septa trolley routes 101, 102, and the norristown high-speed line. they are $10 each for use saturday september 26th, through monday september 28th. asked villanova university to
5:36 am
use parking facilities from friday through sunday, that weekends to accommodate those riding septa's norristown regional rail lines. >> while serving as secretary of state to the justice department. it has been discovered during her time in office, two emails that crossed clinton's private server were deemed top secret. the senate judiciary committee says their mission to assure the american people that everything has been done to protect national security, and to hold people accountable. >> looking possible miss handling of classified information. no evidence she used encryption software. some suggest this latest scandal will cause clinton ooh use lose favor with voters, others say it may all be soon forgot glenn referees and tablets, see them grabbing the technology during pre-season. how helpful they plan to be on
5:37 am
the football field. and, a major scare for the phillies, mikhail franco knock out of the game after being hit by a pitch. the latest on hits condition this morning. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
5:38 am
5:39 am
phillies and diamond backs, the phillies will be look to go salvage a win in the series after getting blown out in the first two games. the phillies had a scare, early in the game, last night. rookie third baseman, mikhail frank open, was hit in the
5:40 am
wrist with a pitch. oh, he left the game. the x-rays came back negative. that's good news. things didn't get better though for the phillies after. that will david buchanon roughed up, 13 to one victory, for a look at the rest of the night in sport, here's howard eskin. >> this is fox 29 sports. >> eagles play a game finally sunday against the indianapolis colts at the linc. may be few things the fans want to see. sam bradford, would be one of those things, the player the fans real dow want to see. i think he may play one, two series, but the pant aren't the only ones that want the new quarterback on the field. >> i knew to be back on the field, get the reps, been a long time. you know, i've taken keep reps, now, whether that happens, and first game, second game, third game, fourth game, completely to up coach. but i think it is definitely beneficial for me to get out there. >> and, stupidity, real stupidity. in the jet lockerroom, second year linebacker ik, sucker punched quarterback
5:41 am
gino, over debt of $600, broke the jaw, now out six to ten weeks, could miss eagles game, and released him in about ten minute. conditioning owe alonso still with the concussion, unlikely he'll play sunday. that's right sport in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> accused every breaking into a family home with a ten year old in the closet. one message from the family. >> fda keeping up with the cards ash yan. why the agency warning kim about her drug promotion. >> ♪
5:42 am
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>> nick i can minaj said if you need something to do in your spare time, try this, i left feeling so inspired by these incredibly strong dynamic children. pray for them, you guys those have melt your hearts. we missed these pictures last week, in town for her big concert with boyfriend meek mills. but of course, she made some time for the kids over at chop. >> yes, so while we were gossipping about her, she was over at chop doing a good thing. and rocking quite a ponytail, i might add, as well. isn't that a glad one. >> trip down the shore again. this friday morning, where are we this week? let's look. yes, seaside height, new jersey, up to the north, there we are on the boardwalk, boy do we have great forecast for you. so plan to come and see us and
5:45 am
seaside heights, it will be sunny, friday morning, breezy, get started around 6:00. further exact location on the board walk, boardwalk only about a mile long, shouldn't than difficult to find us on friday morning. now today, your pay off. yesterday was your play man openly, go bowling day at the shore. today is your beach day. and grab that sunscreen. yes, we got eight for your uv index, very high. low risk of rip current, up welling because. storms yesterday, so the ocean water with 70, 72 degrees, northwesterly breeze, on the beach at 10 miles an hour, temperatures in the mid 80s, looks like fantastic day at the shorement rainfall totals yesterday, impressive in some places, with 2 inches in the poconos, almost three quarters of an inch at philadelphia international airport. almost an inch and a third in reading. little over inch in millville. >> half inch in wilmington and atlantic city yesterday.
5:46 am
>> no clouds, rain to show you any more, temperatures starting to cool down bit. dew points going down, as women. so we have 61 degrees, the temperature, in mount pocono, they dry out from the 2 inches of rain, and 70 in the city, 66 in reading, 63 lancaster, and 72 degrees in wildwood. and 67 degrees wilmington, checking dew points, seeing them inch down into the 50's, to the north of us, and still in the upper 60s and 70s, so still pretty sticky down in southern new jersey, southern delaware, but things will be improving throughout the day. yes, once in the 60s, in the uncomfortable range. fifty's, pretty nice. that's our measure of moisture. measuring the temperature from yesterday, just enough sunshine to get us to 85 degrees on tuesday. for wednesday, back to 85, no more thunderstorms, notice increase in clouds, later on in the afternoon, maybe
5:47 am
sprinkle or two, looks like pretty nice day, lovely day, ten tomorrow, ten on friday, as we head into the upper 80s, by the weaken, humidity returns, 90 saturday. hot for the eagles game sunday. or whatever else you're doing out of doors. and we could end up with another heatwave if we stay in the 90s, three, four days in a row, and it looks like there is a good chance that we will. so, summer wine down, bob kelly, it is really going to feel like it. >> sound good, yes. good morning, 5:47. remember on friday, i was in ocean sit, than couple came up and invited us all to their wedding? well, they had beach wedding last night. ladies and gentlemen, the new mr. and mrs. brookshire. here they are. they sent me picture from their beach wedding last night, congratulations to them. we weren't able to make the reception, but we do plan oncoming down friday, and staying the weekend.
5:48 am
how that sound? down there in ocean sit. congrats to those nice folks, had nice beach wedding last night down there in ocean city. a live look at i95, through delaware county, no problems or delays at all. >> coming in toward philadelphia, 42 freeway, starting to see pockets of volume, rush hour starting to shape up, head in the toward philly. otherwise no problems coming up 55, watch out, the construction zone, working your way through bellmawr there. today, after 9:00, here you go. penndot's got to do list. they'll tree trim on the schuylkill, eastbound, between girard, and spring garden, so coming into the city, after 91:00 lane taken out, jammo use the kelly or martin luther king drive after 9:00 a.m. to avoid that delay coming into center city. >> good morning malvern, 202, 30, where again you have the construction zone, in to 401, if you are coming up and down
5:49 am
columbus boulevard, the rest of this week, they've been repaving on the overnight. so during the day, you have that uneven pavement there between race and spring garden, otherwise mass transit looking good, lauren, back to you. >> thanks, those tablets you see nfl coach holding bigger part of the game this season, this pre-season coaches players now referees able to watch re plays using those tablet. the replay on the tablet will only be available during 20 pre-season games, and if the test in the pre-season games goes well, nfl will consider expanding use of tablets during the regular season, down the road. >> czar zone a boy comes face-to-face with two men, authorities say broke into his home, found the boy hiding and took off right into the hands of scottsdale police. one of the burglary suspect has message for that little boy. he is saying i'm sorry. thirty-one year old apologizing to the boy and his family inside the can't i jail. he and his friend picked a house at random, decided to break-in because they were
5:50 am
both low on cash. he said he had no idea a frightened boy was inside the home alone, and a parent himself he said he never would have intentionally tried to scare the little boy. >> i have three boys of my own. you know, to even think that i -- there is a child that i might have scarred for life, or just scared period, i am not a mean person, i am not a monster. >> he and his friends have been lock up since the arrest, both had prior arrests, now facing multiple felony charges for the break-in's. >> ntsb sales the new jersey turnpike crash that killed one man, injured comedian tracy morgan could have been less severe if those driving if the car had worn their seat belt. investigators also say the wal-mart truck driver that slammed into the limo was driving 65 miles an hour, in a 45-mile per hour zone in june of last year. comedian james motorcyclemc,
5:51 am
near, and morgan still recovering. clarence howard in court trying to over turn divorce settlement with his ex-wife. empire star was expected to testify during the hearing this week, howard contends the 2013 agreement that dictated how his ex-wife would be paid was extorted by threatening to leak embarrassing information about his sex life. these are claims kai night the ex, howard and wife married in 2010. she filed for divorce a year later. >> the f d.a. says kim kardashian in violation every federal drug promotion rules, cards ash yan fans know the reality star pushes lots of products through the social media site. that includes pill used to treat morning sickness, post about the drug also linked to the company website, but fda regulators say the pope failed to mention side effect, which is a violation, the agency calls on the company to remove the social media post immediately, and outline a plan for preventing future violations.
5:52 am
>> republican presidential contender jeb bush will appear on the first ever the late show, with he steven colbert. on personal account, he tweeted jeb bush will be on hashtag lssc september 8th, my first video of candidate, luckily do 200 shows a year, so i think i can fit them all. the former florida governor made it onto main stage for the first republican presidential debate on fox news, colbert left to take over the late show, when letterman announced his retirement. >> brittany's back. this time on tv. spears is set to guest star on the "cw" hit jane the virgin. the producer says when she heard the pop star was a fan, she pushed for an episode where spears gets to play herself who are just so happens to be a long time rival of one of the main characters. the episode is not expected to air until october. >> a texas hairstylist is working to make life a little bit more beautiful for children battling cancer. why her donation have kids
5:53 am
wigging out. >> ♪ >> i had called 311 numerous times, nothing being done. >> frustration, confusion, 31 cost a lot of money to operate. are your tax dollars being based? tonight fox news at 10:00.
5:54 am
let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target, and upgrade to a shiny new everything. and now when you buy a phone, get 20% off your target run. all things mobile. all in one place.
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>> texas hairstylist and her partner working to make live little better for children battling cancer. came up with a plan to help sick kids by creating bandana wigs, and donating them to kids in need, enlisting the help of her partner, jasmine, the two awesome women started buying hair, bandannas, accessories with their own money, created dreams for diamonds. the duo made over 200 of the bandana wigs for children with cancer. >> i literally woke up one morning, and i was like, honey, i want to do something nice for a kid, all those hours we stayed up making that wig. it doesn't matter any more. that smile, made it not matter any more. >> hoping to transition, and offering free haircuts to anyone donate g their locks to the cause through the ends of the year. sucker punch. a lockerroom fight ends with
5:57 am
quarterback gino smith with a broken jaw. will he be back by the time they face-off with the eagles? and new video out of ferguson, surveillance video shows the moment a man took out a gun during the anniversary protest of michael brown's death. mike and alex are up next. good stay starts in just a few.
5:58 am
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>> it only took 12 minutes, three people shot this time in point breeze. police trying to figure out if all of these cases are related. a pregnant woman was involved. >> attorney general kathleen kane is getting ready to make a big statement today. will she plead guilty to the criminal charges against her? >> and look what we have here. new video out of ferguson, missouri, surveillance video, that shows the moment a man pulls out gun during the anniversary protest of michael brown's death. it is a wednesday morning, good day everybody, it is wednesday, august the 12th, 2015. hello, welcome to "good day" philadelphia. mike, mike, mike, mike, what day is it? >> hump day. >> wade it to wednesday. >> thousand that we got that out of the way, never have to do that again. >> and what's the difference from yesterday at this time. it was so wet. >> i believe a lightning bolt hit my apartment yesterday afternoon. >> really? >> i'm not kidding. >> what's your evidence? >> when i flew off my couch? >> oh, okay. >> when the thunder hit. >> the t


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