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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> it only took 12 minutes, three people shot this time in point breeze. police trying to figure out if all of these cases are related. a pregnant woman was involved. >> attorney general kathleen kane is getting ready to make a big statement today. will she plead guilty to the criminal charges against her? >> and look what we have here. new video out of ferguson, missouri, surveillance video, that shows the moment a man pulls out gun during the anniversary protest of michael brown's death. it is a wednesday morning, good day everybody, it is wednesday, august the 12th, 2015. hello, welcome to "good day" philadelphia. mike, mike, mike, mike, what day is it? >> hump day. >> wade it to wednesday. >> thousand that we got that out of the way, never have to do that again. >> and what's the difference from yesterday at this time. it was so wet. >> i believe a lightning bolt hit my apartment yesterday afternoon. >> really? >> i'm not kidding. >> what's your evidence? >> when i flew off my couch? >> oh, okay. >> when the thunder hit. >> the thunder hit.
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was p about 5:00? well, you pinpointed the weather yesterday perfectly. rain, sun came out, boom. >> that could have a been a sign, you know? >> a sign whatever? >> with the papal visit on its way here. >> that's true. >> give him left right. >> well, today would be good day to do that. >> what do you have, a ten today? >> not quitement got extra clouds coming in later today. we go with nine, save the ten for tomorrow. always need something to look forward tonight here is bus stop buddy looking forward to being back at the pool today. temperatures are in the 60s, 70s, few clouds out there, right now, but it looks like it will be a day where you need that model of sunscreen. and we won't have any thunderstorms because colds front you see on the cat slight and radar picture has moved off shore. actually cleared out most of those clouds, beautiful sunrise about to happen. officially at 6:10 this morning, it is 70 degrees
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right now, with northwesterly breeze at 7 miles an hour, and we expect the breezes to pick up just little bit. but here is the best part. it will be sunny, less humid throughout the early part of the day. some clouds roll in, later on, high temperature, 85 degrees. so, i believe that is nine worthy. we will see how long we can keep the good weather going in the seven day forecast, coming up. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, always say, nine it, means teachers' in a good mood. 6:02, live look at 422, not that bad at all, starting to see pockets working your bay in toward king of prussia. work crews pick up and gone. good morning to the benny. headlight coming into downtown, no problems or delays on the bridges. and actually south jersey casino of quiet, as well. 295, the new jersey turnpike, no problems rolling through maple shade for the shaders. however, today, coming into philadelphia, heads up. penndot will be working eastbound, on the schuylkill, so after 9:00, they're doing some tree trimming here between girard and spring garden. taking out the right lane.
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major back up the expected, coming into philly after the rush hour, so after 9:00 you want to use the kelly or martin luther king drivers, then watch it, that uneven pavement here along columbus boulevard, from that overnight paving operation. otherwise, mass transit looking good. mike, alec, back to you. >> 6:03, police are investigating a violent night in the city's point breeze neighborhood. >> i believe we've use that same line every day this week. >> we have. >> jenny joyce on this one, point breeze, here we go, jenny? >> good morning, this is only the violence here in the point breeze section, violence elsewhere in the city last night so. here in south philadelphia, alone, three people shot, two separate incidents, that happened last night. live on the 30th street here in south philadelphia. you can sigh, renmant of evidence signifying a violent scene. police say at least 24 shots were fired, at this location alone. two men who were sitting on front porch were struck by bullet, they're being treated at presbyterian hospital. they are in stable condition. the shooting happened at 11:42
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last night. here on the 1800 block every south 30th street. one of the victims lives at the home as bullets were being fired, a 29 year old pregnant woman has stepped outside, narrowly missed, becoming a target, a bullet also hit a house, on the block, and just missed the person lying on couch. >> initial information is the 22 year old, and 20 year old, sit on the front porch of private residence where the 22 year old lives, when at least 24 shots rang out. both victims then ran inside the house. we know 24 shots were fired, at least, because we found 24 spent shell casings, all in the 1800 block of south 30th street. after being shot, both victims ran inside the house. and then were subsequently transported to the hospital by a private auto. >> in a separate shooting, a third person was struck by
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gunfire on the 1500 block of woodstock street. the victim is 21 year old male. he was shot in the leg. no word on the shooters involved in either of these two incident, again, all three people shot within matter of 12 minutes last night, alex, mike. >> my goodness, 05:00. >> let's get to triple shooting in east germantown. police say assault rifle was used in this shooting incident. >> officials say, it is unusual. but not unheard of. the other weapon, a semiautomatic handgun, police received numerous calls, to 911, reporting shots fired, 5600 block of crows end street. when they arrived, just before 1:00 this morning, they found 25 shell casings. but no victims. soon after officers witnessed an s.u.v. running a red light, and then they followed that suv to einstein medical center. three shooting victims were inside the hospital. two men are in critical condition. a woman in stable. police believe drugs may have
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been motivate in the crime. a bag of marijuana was found at the scene of the shooting. >> 6:06. attorney general kathleen kane schedule 1:00 p.m. conference at the state capitol to discuss criminal charges against her, accused every leaking grand jury secrets to the press then lying about it under oath. prosecutors say kane's goal was to embarrass the former state prosecute here had been critical of her. the 49 year old was arraigned saturday, but did not enter plea. however, she is long maintained her innocence making it clear she has no intention of resigning. >> and yesterday kane's driver head of the security detail former police chief patrick pleaded not guilty to using a special e-mail system to obtain secret grand jury information for his boss. officials allege kane was on campaign to crush critics. >> this is her war based upon the evidence, conducted without regard to the rules,
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without regard to the law, and without regard to any collateral damage the battle might entail. >> kane's preliminary hearing set for august 24th. >> how about this? woman in south jersey, thought she was letting two water department workers into her house. that was until her money and jewelry went missing. now, these two con artists talk their way into her house. >> and the epa now apologizing for causing dangerous minerals to flow into a colorado river. why neighboring state wants to sue.
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>> 6:10, gloucester county police are warning to look out for two men posting as workers and ripped off an elderly woman. >> happened in subdivision corner every honey locust and meadow run drive. cops say the men told the lady inside the house they had a check, they had to check her faucets, that she had some leaks. and swiped her money and jewelry when she wasn't looking. the woman was not hurt. but police officers say she was certainly shaken up about it. neighbors say the victim has lived alone ever since her husband died a few years ago, and feel for what she's been through over the last couple
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of years. >> the lady was outside. she look really upset. >> very active scene here. just very, very nice people. >> to pray on zero on somebody like, that extremely cowardly. >> got to be careful. gloucester township police also say of course you don't have to answer the door if you find someone suspicious, yell, or contact the water department and make sure that they've badges, and stuff like that. don't let them in. >> 6:11. >> new video out of ferguson, surveillance video shows the moment a man took out gun during the one year mark, protests of michael brown's death. >> 61:00; penndot getting ready for new traffic pattern on 95 near cottman avenue. we are getting word after accident, northbound, 95, in bucks county. up near route 413. that would be the levittown interchange. as we take a live look at i95,
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the sun beginning to rise over wilmington, delaware. no problems here. sue has the forecast, stay there, we will grab cup of coffee and come right back.
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>> 6:14, starting off cooler than yesterday. we had warmfront, then cold front, inbetween sunshine. so the front, charged up, a few thunderstorms, that were
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pretty loud in the afternoon and evening yesterday. all that is well off shore now shall high pressure building in the weather-maker for probably the next three, four days. , few afternoon clouds. yesterday, two and a quarter inches every rain, one place, jobstown, then lightning struck a house southampton, new jersey, mount pocono, about three quarters avenin philadelphia at the airport, over inch in reading, and in write town, and in millville, and down in wildwood, they got rained on, as well. but today will be much better day, at the beach. so if this is your vacation week, that was your rainy day today it is looking good. satellite radar again shows the front off shore, temperatures, comfortable, poconos, six a reading, 63
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lancaster, 70 in the city, and 72 in wildwood. the humidity still hanging onto the south of us. northwest breezes will dry out the air, 7-mile per hour breeze in the sit, getting more refreshing here, then eventually, it will be less humid down in wildwood, and dover, it is all coming northwest to southeast, sticky and storm way high of 85 yesterday. we just take away the sticky, take away the stormy, give you eight a degrees again, but nine out of ten today loverly day tomorrow, getting warmer friday, inning to the upper 80s, but will still be fabulous for our trip to seaside height, on friday morning, and saturday and sunday we inch into the 90s, probably, and including our eagles game, against the colts, 1:00 o'clock at the linc sunday, looks like it has will be nice and hot for you then, heat continues through tuesday of next week phillies come back to town, play the
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blue jays tuesday, hot night at the ballpark as well. so enjoy this come of the form weather, bob kelly, while it is here. >> 6:17. sun beginning to rise, all of the bridges look fine. fifty-nine south starting to see delays south into girard. getting words of an accident north on 95, up near route 413, which should be levittown. so starting to see the delays from street road headed north, so look out for that if you are headed up toward bucks county. good morning to the toll plaza, got the camera poke down looking at the ben franklin bridge tolls. no problems or delays here, i know, sabina looking at that ayatollah hike mention going to the storm tomorrow, boom, seaside shop, all day tomorrow,. >> drop your kids off at 9:00 mike will take them down
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to the shore for the day. >> sure. >> won't that be great promo? >> oh, yeast. >> lower merion watch for the big 5k gets started about 7:00. delays and detours headed home later on tonight into lower merion after the evening rush hour, mike, alex being back to you. >> 6:18 this wednesday. police in ferguson, missouri release surveillance video, they say, supports their contention. some at police. >> 132nd clip released, confrontation happened sunday in ferguson following demonstrations to mark the first anniversary of michael brown's death. two feuding groups un relate were firing shots, they say, 18 year old tyrone harris fired unmarked police van, police fired back, critically injuring harris, harris facing ten felony count, including first degree assault on law enforcement officers. >> we need to re edit that. you see the guy pull his gun out and point it at the police officers, we'll redo.
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that will meanwhile, st. louis county police say they made no arrests following protests last night in ferguson. >> police say crowds mostly calm and post full, besides one incident where crowds got into the street and that's difference from monday night where police say crowds through frozen water bottles at police. about 23 after he cents were made on monday, for the st. louis county ex he can could make decision today to let the -- lift the state of emergency put in place in the region. >> well, let's talk political tills. presidential candidate hillary clinton is turning over the personal e-mail server she used while serving as secretary of state, will turn them over to the justice department. has been discovered during her time in offers two emails that crossed secretary clinton's private server deem top secret. senate judiciary committee says their mission to assure the american people everything has been done to protect national security, to hold
6:20 am
people accountable. here we go. >> the fbi is doing investigation. fbi ' investigation is looking into possible criminal, mishandling, of classified information. >> but officials say there is no evidence clinton used encryption software to shield information from prying eyes. some suggest this latest scandal will cause hillary clinton to lose favor with voters, while others say, it may all be soon forgotten, and a lot of people don't seem to care. >> two major rivers in colorado, ways fills. >> this is embarrassing. >> yes, yesterday, epa administrator gina mccarthy went before cameras, then apologized, but her apology coming six days after 3 million gallons of contaminated mine waste water began pouring into the rivers. >> pains me to no end to see this is happening. but we're working tirelessly to respond and committed full
6:21 am
review of exactly what happened to ensure that it can never happen again. >> , meanwhile neighboring new mexico said she is thinking about suing the government nor not being more forthcoming. they don't like the fact it took six days for them to apologize. >> and even tell everybody about it. there is arsonic in there? discusting, all coming out every gold gold mine from 100 years ago. >> sucker punch boom right to the jaw. lockerroom fight ends with jets quarterback gino smith with a broken jaw. will he be back in time to take on the eagles? it will be close. >> and here is a look at last night's mega millions lottery numbers.
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in the wrist, with a pitch. had to leave the game. an ever oh, man, can you imagine, how bad that foles? x-rays came back negative. good. no word on how long he's going to be out, though, things didn't get much better for the phillies after that. pitcher david buchanon, was roughed up in the diamond backs 13 to one victory. so phillies out scored 26 to four? in the last two games? all right, howard, what else you got? >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, eagles less than one week away from good ballgame against somebody other than themselves. eagles play indianapolis sunday at the linc, now the eagles are dealing with a kim of injuries kiko still out with a concussion, doesn't look like he's going to be playing sunday. and with defensive back shepherd now or the for the season with the acl tear, eagles have mo move some other players in on the nickel defense, one player, that's
6:26 am
now working that area, second round draft pick, eric, certainly not something that's used to. >> a lot more responsibility, i got to run fit, and the coverage, so things change when you are on the inside. >> it is called cramming, right. >> yes. >> stupidity, lockerroom, second year linebacker, sucker punched quarterback gino smith over a debt of $600. he broke the jaw of smith. he's now out six to ten weeks. could miss the eagles game, the jets released him. that's sports in a minute. >> that's crazy story. 6:26. the fda is after kim kardashian, why the agency is warning kim about her drug promotions. >> and then whether you go across the bridge this morning, pay attention to the toll. because later tonight that site could change, sabina?
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>> wild scene, three people shot in point breeze overnight. pregnant woman just narrowly becoming a fifth victim. nearly escapes becoming a victim. could all of these cases be
6:30 am
linked? >> and, probably time to pay up. the burlington county bridge commission getting ready to vote on toll increase. will vote tonight at 6:00. it is going up. >> and then this. some were using sheep, other were using goats, all with great success. >> well, towns in our area are getting the help from furry creatures to help them clean up. why they prefer to use goats over traditional landscapers. >> ya, a loft towns do. that will good day, it is wednesday, august the 12th, 2015. >> well, good morning to you, mike. >> good morning to you, alex holley. good morning to you, sue serio. >> so glad we got this rain out of the way. >> yes, big difference from yesterday. see few left over clouds from the system we had come through yesterday, making for gorgeous silhouette of the ben franklin bridge and christ church steeple. it is looking pretty good this morning, and it is only going to get better in the next couple of days. so, we've got bus stop buddy back outside, back at the
6:31 am
pool, oh, geez, stupid thing there. sorry. see it is a cable right there. >> oh, yes. >> that gets in my way. yes. i hear you. if you only new. we've got a nine out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. bob kelly no, sir. what's next? oh, yes, a look at the cold front that came through yesterday, now it is far off shore 786% relative humidity, today's foxcast for this morning. we will be at around 70 degrees with sunshine, and 80 degrees by lunchtime. high temperature 85, few extra clouds rolling in that you will notice. over wise fantastic, so step carefully, bob kelly, it is hard adder us over there. >> kick the wires off to the side there. 6:31, good morning, accident on i-95, north bound lanes for
6:32 am
the the gang heading up to levittown bucks county route 413. here is a live look at the back up here. as you head north on woodhaven and 413. now within in back up, there is another accident, there is two cars that are off to the side here. looks like one guy got hit fry behind, probably jamming on the brakes. but again, headed north on 95 expect delays between woodhaven because of the accident at route 413, traffic light are out in center city here, along seventh street, police are on the intersection of seventh and race, seventh and arch and seventh and vine here downtown, will tie us up center city headed for the rush hour, otherwise seeing sun glare, saint gabe's curve, so far so good along 202, and good morning, to south jersey, the collingswood circle no problems or delays at all. and the bridges looking fine at the moment. mike, alec being back to you. >> weather pretty good. skyfox up.
6:33 am
on the scene of house fire, exact address, 62 lewis avenue, in lansdowne. looks like they have it under control, ya. good job again. 6:33,. >> this from overnight, police investigating violent night in the city's point breeze neighborhood. >> around grays ferry, jenny joyce on the scene. what happened? >> three people shot within 12 minute, two separate incident, live along south 30th street here where you can see renmant of what was a violent night here in south philadelphia. police say at least 24 shots were fired, at this location alone, two men, who were sitting on front porch were struck by bullet, they are being treated at presbyterian hospital. and we're told they're in stable condition, the shooting happened at 1:14:23 last night here on the 1800 block every south 30th streetment one of the victims lives at the home happen as bullet were being fired a 29 year old pregnant
6:34 am
woman was stepping in and out of the house, she narrow list missed becoming a target, a bullet also hit the house, and narrowly missed someone who was lying on the couch. >> the 22 year olan 20 year old were sitting on the front porch of private residence where the 22 year old lives. when at least 24 shots rang out. both victims then ran inside the house. the victims, the 22 year old victims, 29 year old sister, was standing at the front door talking to both victims when the shots rang out. one of the bullet actually entered the front living room window of the property just missing this 29 year old female, by several feet. and she's very lucky as she's always six months pregnant. there was also a 22 year old female, asleep, on the living room couch. she was also barely hit by the
6:35 am
bullet, that went through the window, by several feet. so we could have easily had two additional victims. >> in a separate shooting third person was struck by gunfire on the 1500 block of woodstock street. the victim is a 21 year old male, shot in the leg, no word on the shooters involved in either of these incident overnight, again, they people shot in the point breeze section of the city within just 12 minute. last night. alex, mike? is yikes. 6:35. >> we go from three people being shot to triple shooting. mr. is say drugs may have been at the center of triple shooting in east germantown. >> in this case, instead of 24 shots, 25 shots fired, at this location. >> so 24 shell casings were from assault rifle. police arrived at the 5500 block of crows end street overnight, couldn't find any victim, soon after, officers witnessed a red suv running red lights in a lot -- and followed it to einstein medical center. three shooting victims were inside that suv.
6:36 am
two minute critical, woman is stable. police interviewing the driver of the suv. >> special three day septa passes for the papal visit available on line today only. would be travelers must enter an on line lottery, by 11:59 tonight. passes only good on septa trolley routes 101, and 102. and the norristown high-speed line, they are $10 each, for use from saturday, the 26th, through monday, the 28th. so the world meeting of families has asked villanova university to use their parking lot facilities for friday through sunday to accommodate those norristown regional rail line riders. i would imagine that villanova will cooperate with that. >> burlington county bridge commission will vote tonight on proposed toll hike for two
6:37 am
major bridges that connect pennsylvanian south jersey. >> i will walk from fourth and market to the talcony palmyra bridge. tomorrow if they don't jack up the rates. >> okay. >> really, are we really holding our breath? >> let's don't hike it. >> okay. the vote affect the talcony palmyra and burlington bristol bridge. notice i didn't mention burlington bristol bridge, because that would be a far walk. sabina on the story. it will happen at 6:00 tonight? >> that's right. that's when they are going to vote. now take a look here, hine me, standing here along the talcony palmyra bridge on the south jersey side right at the mouth of it. >> good amount of traffic out here, been steady all morning long since we got out here at 4:00 this morning, so proposed hike will really affect a lot of people. now, if the toll hike passes, the price of passage will double for passenger cars, over the talcony as well as
6:38 am
burlington bristol bridge. mentioned there, mike, it would go from $2 to $4, a dollar less than that if you had easy pass. >> more for trucks and buses, why the hike? burlington county bridge commission says it needs the money for $110 million in maintenance project. that includes new paint jobs, mechanical upgrades and from a structure improvement. now the commission says, the bridges are safe as is. but officials say they want to stay ahead of wear and tear, the commission held two public hearings over the proposed hike and gotten mixed reaction, some folks want the toll hikes to maintain the bridges, other say the hikes too hi, want them phase in the gratedly, so back here live, you can start to hear and see the amount of traffic going by going to affect daily workers, the commission, again, vote tonight at 6:00 at their headquarters in palmyra.
6:39 am
and if the toll hike goes through you can see it tai effect, mike, al next. >> december 15th, okay. got to get my walking shoes on. >> do you think you might actually be dock the walk? >> no. >> just in case. >> it will go up. we'll have a camera there. just looking at one of the street lamps outside of the studio old school gas looking light. >> still got the yellow, yellowish bull be in it. so you know across the street yellow bulbs, too, where are the new lights? >> third street. >> developed, our way. >> it is really bright. >> oh, that's bright. almost like sunlight. that would be fourth and market. >> so soon, because i know they are trying to do this everywhere, city in the beginning stages. installing new led lights in all corners of the city. look how bright they are.
6:40 am
and you can in the the difference. >> thirds? >> yes, it is. so eventually all 150,000 street light change today brighter, blue err looking light. look for yourself, compare the old yellow hewett to the new ones, i'm telling you, you can in the the difference, longer lasting more energy efficient bulbs part of $150,000 project. the plan highlight safety but a lot of people are saying they're doing this for the pope. they are saying it isn't connect to the pope's visit, just very well time. >> yes. >> i think still looks nice, bridges out the pretty old buildings. >> carli lloyd in old city. >> some say the lights too bright. takes away from the old city of old city. they prefer the old yellow lights, because we're in old city, you know? >> old silly? >> it is all silly. >> it is. >> to the bright blue hue. >> i guess if you think about it, it is like you're in emergency rumor something.
6:41 am
>> because it is so bright. >> come on, not that bright, is it? >> or stadium lights. put it this way. was walking down the street, and i look, something is different, why is it so bright? i remember thinking that. >> new lights. led's. >> but just saying, it is that noticeable. >> nice shot, live shot outside of the studio there, very yellowish. haven't gotten down here yet to fourth and market. >> do you think they will? >> i don't know about the pope. it also helps with security cameras, surveillance cameras, image is so much better. it is done for security. >> i have to say, there aren't a lot of shadows left. so you're not looking around trying to figure out what's over there. >> it is all about lighting. >> it is all about lighting. we know that for sure. >> how great is this? fda has gone after kim kardashian, yes. what she posted on her instagram account, that has the federal drug administration going after her. >> you are so gleeful about that. >> yes, few disclaimers she left out of that, we will find
6:42 am
out, more about that, and also about the dropping dew points in our area alex, aren't you excited, dropping dew points? >> i'm very excited. my hair is excited, too. >> dropping due? it sound filth. >> i you goof ball. >> how about this? celebrity chef robert iron vine will be in our studio this morning, during the 9:00 hour of good day. but you want to know what's even better about this? >> what? >> he's going to answer our cooking questions. so on twitter, instagram, facebook, use the hashtag talking about grilling watch are grilling tips and secrets? what do you want to know about grilling? have the last barbeque before the summer over. use the #fox29goodday. he'll answer your questions, on air. >> ♪
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6:46 am
this friday morning, starting at 6:00 seaside heights, new jersey, now, today, much better day at the beach than yesterday. yesterday was pretty lousy, that was your play board games in the room, today mid eight's, mix of sun, clouds, have northwesterly breeze turn miles an hour, surf temps going down, up welling of the storms, so 70, 72, ocean water temperature, but low rip countries being today, uv index is a eight. that's pretty high. cold front off shore. getting more comfortable out there, 61 degrees, in mount pocono, allentown, we've got 70 here in philadelphia, and in dover, and in willed wood, these temperatures have gone down over the last couple of hours. more importantly, dew points are going down, once you see those dew point in the 50's, that means, it is starting to get more comfortable. so getting close to that in
6:47 am
philadelphia with the 62 degrees dew points. still in the sticky range, heading tore refreshing, feel it the end. day today with northwest breezes, so eight an ended up being the high yesterday. did warm up from monday when we had all of the clouds. but, today's eight an is going to feel a will the different with the lower humidity, and the breezes out there. nice nine out of ten today. even better tomorrow. without those clouds, that we will get in the afternoon today, getting warmer friday, upper 80s, back to the 90s by saturday. and the humidity returns over the weekend, as well. so you will feel summary whatever you are doing outside sunday if that includes the eagles game, or maroon five concert at the shore. nice and hot both days of the weekends, bob kelly? >> yes, definitely, 6:47. sue, good morning, everybody, penndot, moving the cameras around here, showing a jammo, on i-95, this is i95,
6:48 am
northbound, look at this guy. >> oh, oh,. >> look at them. >> they are just going to turn around, and say, you know what? forget about it. this is 95, northbound, between woodhaven and route 413, and an accident, in the northbound lanes, look how quickly, we are stack and packed, like the pancakes here. now, some folks are going -- once one guy does it, another guy, another guy, for example turn it around, headed south, back toward woodhaven road. again northbound 95, an accident, approaching route 413, taking out two of the three lanes. some sun glare downtown here, coming into center city, then the traffic lights are out along seventh street. seventh and race, seventh and arch, seventh and vine. that's going to tie things up coming in for the morning rush hour. okay, you guys remember on friday when i was in ocean sit, couple invited us to the wedding, ladies and gentlemen? introducing for the first time in public, as husband and wife, the new mr. and
6:49 am
mrs. brookshire. >> awe. >> tough to see them but they had their beach wedding last night, they had the tent up, remember, because we had the rain. >> sure. >> we were all invited. >> how was it, bob? >> we didn't get a chance to go down. i said we would rather come down friday, stay for the weekends. so we head down there. but congrats not brookshire's, i got married down on the beach, and sun glare in cherry hill, new jersey, right near the cherry hill mall. so waking up and sun glare also on the conshy curve coming into the citiment and south 95 your normal delay from the betsy on into girard. mining, alex, back to you. >> national transportation safety board says the new jersey turnpike crash that killed one man and injured tracy morgan, you know the comedian? could have been a lot less severe. duh. >> investigators say no one in morgan's limo was wearing seatbelts. investigators also say the wal-mart truck that slammed into the limo was going six a miles an hour, and 45-mile an hour zone. this was of course back in june of last year.
6:50 am
the ntsb says trucker kevin roper was also too tired and believe he drove 12 hours to work before his 14 hour shift. facing charges of death by auto. >> former nightly news anchor brian williams, remember him? bry-y. officially off suspension, he will get paid again. >> brian was suspended for six month for telling a fake story about his experience in iraq, if about five, six other tall tails. starting this about four weeks, he will take on his new role as breaking news anchor for msnbc. as you know, lesser holt has since replaced brian williams on nightly news after filling in for the last sick months, he has the job permanently now. >> there go. 50:00. >> well, speaking of david letterman, saw him right there with brian william, where he toll one of his tall tails. steven colbert tweeted on his
6:51 am
personal account, he is the guy of course taking over for david letterman. , on september 8th, my guesser gop candidate, lucky do 200 shows a year, the former florida governor made it on to the main stage for first republican presidential debate on fox news. >> really? >> yes. and of course, you know, steven cobair was to take over the late show when david letterman announced his retirement. >> kim kardashian getting backlash from the federal drug administration, call it the fda. >> violated federal rules governing drug advertisement. >> what did she do? >> always posting different things on her stain gram. >> sure. >> judge but the f d.a. says no side effect are listed, on the posting, or the linc. >> and that's in direct violation of federal rules.
6:52 am
the agency calls on the company to remove called on the company to remove social media posts immediately also outlined plan for preventing future violations. as if she nodes any more money. she had to promote morning sickness drug. seriously? >> she does a lot of promotions on stain gram. but one of those things side effect so great, didn't want to put them on there. >> i love those commercial for different drugs. they run all day long. i think some on our show. then they list a minute of side effect. you know? depression, suicidal thoughts, heart attack. >> diarrhea. >> your head will fall off. your limbs will atrophy. but you won't have death. >> so there is that. >> 6:52. >> towns in our area are using goats to help them clean up. why they prefer to use goats over traditional landscapes. >> not bad idea. >> ♪
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> 6:55 on a wednesday, a loft discussions about robots, some worry they'll take overall of our jobs, robot could certainly do mine. but it may be goats, you need to be careful of. >> the public works department, in perkasie, are employing five very hungry gets as landscapers. officials say they're perfect because they work well on
6:56 am
steep inclines, around rocky terrain, might be too dangerous for people, and they eat just about everything in site. >> this has been done for years, bring in coats, get them eat the lawn. >> i'm sure they take their time though. >> i don't think they work by the hour. minimum wage. eagles fans are trying to get pope francis' attention. who they want him to bless. >> you? >> while he's in town. the pope has given up on me. this is one of our athletes in town. >> please, bless him. >> ♪
6:57 am
every day - the freshest food acme and low acme prices.eed, and right now you can save even more during our huge anniversary sale. happy anniversary to me. now hellman's mayonnaise is $2.49. delicious breyers ice cream is $2.49. and selected quaker favorites are only $1.49. happy anniversary to me. acme's huge anniversary sale! it's just better. i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe.
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i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
6:59 am
>> pay up, probably going to double up. tolls could soon double on some bridges, heading into philadelphia the vote being held tonight at 6:00. we'll be there, sucker punch, lockerroom fight ends with gino smith, with the broken jaw. >> think like a man. you know the people that make those bick pens, it is the bick company. apologizing, for this particular ad.
7:00 am
do you think that's exist? >> jen? >> for yolk, a i think. >> you guys do yoga? >> i used to. >> oh, yoga. >> yoga. you know time to get the kids some clothing, get back to school, in a couple of weeks. robert irvine in town, because he is a beast. >> yes, he is. >> he'll be in our studio during the 9:00 hour. here's what we want you to do. we want you to start tweeting facebook and instagram, some of your questions, when it comes to grilling watch are some grilling tips or secrets that you want to know from chef robert irvine, he'll come in the studio and answer them live on tv. but you have to use the #fox29goodday. >> i'll be happy to do that. >> some people grill way into the fall. >> october? >> sure. >> bonfi g


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