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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 13, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, on the fox it the news, the crash that could affect commuters this morning, good morning, jen. >> i good morning, lauren, eight year old boy shot in the foot. how did it happen? police are saying, the family story is not adding up, sabina. >> good morning, jenny, states top prosecutors breaks her silence about the charges against her. why she says she's being pushed out of office. lauren? >> thank you so many. you're about to pay more for crossing busy local bridges, huge price hike, just announced. >> good day everybody, almost at the end of the week. it is thursday, august 13th, 2015. sue serio, it was a great day in the weather department yesterday. hoping for another one today. >> yes, it ended up being pretty good. and i think we've got even better day today if that's
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possible. we have 71 degrees to start you off, 4:00 in the morning on your thursday, northerly breeze, at 6 miles an hour, relative humidity is at 63%. that feels pretty good out there. so, here's a look at satellite radar. really there isn't anything ton to show you. almost looks like we forgot to put the satelite picture on it, if you look real closely you see few clouds here and there, but not a big deal. so this should be no surprise that we are going with a ten out of ten in your weather by the numbers for today. temperatures, right now, comfortable, 60 degrees in allentown, cool 56 in mount pocono, 64 in trenton, and 61 degrees in pottstown, and over in lancaster and in millville. nice morning at the shore, little bit of breeze there, 63 degrees in wildwood and atlantic city so that's your morning, and breezes are coming pretty much out of the north-northeast, actually land breeze in
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atlantic city, and calm winds in wildwood right now, so it is a nice morning everywhere, the winds aren't too hi, just little breeze to make you feel good. this is your foxcast for today. mid 80s once again, it will be dry day, low humidity day, very sunny day, as women. so this is one to enjoy. 66 degrees tonight, mostly clear skies. how long can this perfection last? of course, heat, humidity coming back. we'll tell when you in the seven day coming upment bob kelly is here right now, already some issues this morning? >> oh, we always have some issues over here in the traffic department. good morning, everybody, 4:02, on this thursday morning. it is national lefthanders day by the way. anybody here left hand? >> not me. >> okay so far. live look right here 95 northbound, the right lane is blocked as you work your way up toward philadelphia international airport. so the crews will be out. maybe another half hour or so. live look at the schuylkill expressway. we're eastbound right lane is
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blocked, right near belmont avenue. there is a couple of spots actually along the schuylkill eastbound at gladwynn, eastbound at belmont, also, at city line. so a lot of overnight construction, they are loving the cooler temps, and they are also still working here on the pennsylvania turnpike between ft. washington, pretty much all the way over to the philly bensalem interchange. there is a couple of different work zones set up in both directions, so just be aware of that. then let's roll some video of the news van, when we pulled up, actually, this is chopper video from skyfox, flourtown road, huge water main break, that errupted last night before the sun went down. this along flourtown road right near joshua road. that's still blocked for the morning rush hour. so, watch for some local detours in that area. and then also, 95 northbound the on and off ramp to cottman avenue remain block, again, all part of the overnight
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construction still out there. and eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, again today, expect delays during the midday at around 9:00, crews will take out the right lane, between girard and spring garden, tree trimming, so if you are coming into the city after the rush hour, you want to use the kelly or the martin luther king drive. and in south jersey, we are in good shape, no problems up and down that garden state parkway. the new jersey turnpike, which was a mess yesterday, because of that tractor-trailer fire, is reopened this morning, so you're good to go if you are headed northbound during the morning rush hour. lauren, back over to you. >> all good news, thanks, bob. new this morning, police investigating double shooting in west philadelphia. police were called out around 11:00 to the 5300 block of chancellor street, they say 24 year old man and 26 year old man have both been shot in the feet both men treated, family member of one of the victims
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around he is dollars for showing up to the scene with a handgun. >> septa suspend service on the wilmington-newark line after deadly incident after 11:00 last night. officials say a person was hit along the amtrak and septa lines in glenolden in delaware county. officials say service on the rail line has been suspended until further notice. also in delaware county, police in sole croft are investigating pedestrian, who was hit by car there. this happened shortly before 12:30 this morning, at the intersection of chester pike and folcroft avenue. no word on the victim's condition. >> developing this morning, philadelphia police trying to find out how a eight year old boy got shot in the foot. his family says he found the gun an accidentally shot himself. fox 29's jenny joyce live at the lani wrong recreation center in east germantown where his family says this all happened. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, that's exactly what his family is telling police. police have been combing this park. they haven't found an ounce of evidence. they found no witnesses. so at this point the family
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story is not adding up. how did this eight year old get shot in the foot? that's what police are still trying to figure out. so, last night, they were out here working in the area of north 21st street. but they found, again, no evidence of a crime, no witnesses to a crime, police tell us, that the boy's family is telling them the eight year old found a gun inside a bag here at the lani young recreation center. gun accidentally went off. the boy shot himself. at the time the park was packed with parent and children and still police can't find anyone who heard anything or saw anything and they found no crime scene. >> what we know for sure is a eight year old boy is shot in the left foot. we want to find out the truth, how this shooting occurred. the bullet did cause a bone to break-in his foot. but necessary stable condition. he is going to be okay. >> reporter: pop warner football teams were practicing around the time of the allege alleged shooting at the center, cheerleading practice
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was going on, at this point police have no weapon but they do have a victim. they also have a questionable story, again, you heard police say there is eight year old is expected to be okay. he does have a broken foot, lauren? that's good news, jenny, thank you so much. gunshots ring outright near local water ice stand tuesday, police say teenager was shot in the head. the 19 year old victim was hit once in the back of the head-on the 7400 block of drexel road in overbrook. police raised into the hospital in critical condition, so far, there have been no arrests, police have yet to find a weapon at the scene. >> philadelphia police say it will take some time to figure out if the bus driver in tuesday's deadly hit-and-run accident should face any charges. investigators say that 66 year old from philadelphia told them he had no idea he ran over a pedestrian. officers found 46 year old joseph heard in the middle of franklin and race street, just before 10:00 a.m. tuesday. surveillance video showed the tour bus hitting him in the intersection before continuing on, all the way to washington, dc. police inspected that vehicle
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back here in philadelphia. the driver is said to be cooperating with police. kathleen kane breaks her silence for the first time since she was criminally charged for leaking information to a reporter as revenge against a former prosecutor, and then lying about it, sabina kuriakose live in norristown this morning outside the montgomery county courthouse with more, hi, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, that he is are her first public comment regarding the case, embattled top prosecutor says the case against her is retaliation, filed as part of effort by state prosecutors and judges to conceal pornographic and racist emails sent among them. forty-nine year old democrat, kathleen kane, says she is innocent of any wrong-doing, montgomery county republican da risa furman says kane leaked secret grand jury information to newspaper report nerve order to embarrass state prosecutors, kane believed was source of unflattering story about her. kane claims the charges running used as political weapon to discredit her, this after her office opened, uncovered, pornographic and
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ex-police it videos, hundreds of the state employee videos while the predecessor handling of the jerry sandusky case, led to the firing and resignation of several top state officials. now kane said she wants judge to release more of the emails which she says will expose more people. >> i neither conspired with anyone nor directed anyone to do anything illegal or unlawful. i made a prom that's i was going to finish a job and i was going to do it. and that's where we stand today. >> vote her out. i think that's where it is at. governor should step forward and do that. >> i think it is the beginning of her side of the story. >> what is? >> pornographic emails are the beginning of her side of the storey? >> correct. >> kane says she will not resign despite a growing number of calls including from people in her own party to do so, lauren, she is the top ranking woman in pa state government. back to you. >> still so much more to come, thanks, sabina.
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closed after raid by federal agent yesterday. skyfox over the cell phone repair store as agent from homeland security criminal division conducted their search. the case is not believed to be connected to any suspected terrorism, the raid is part of an investigation into the possible sales of counterfeit phones and knock off accessories. fox 29 tells tulles the raid proceeded by undercover agent visiting the stores, no word of any after he cents. >> starting next month, drivers will pay more to cross two bridges connecting pennsylvanian south jersey. last night the burlington county bridge commission vote today increase tolls for the talcony pal my, a the burlington bristol bridges. starting september 15th, if paying with cash it, will cost you $4 up from $2, and e-zpass users will pay $3, hikes will help pay for upgrades to those bridges. we wish we didn't have to do this. we're compelled in the interest of safety, and the interest of viability. >> consumers travel the burlington bristol bridge every day, and i don't think it is fair.
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>> the toll hike will bring in about $12 million more per year, the fare hike the first in 15 years. >> former president jimmy carter reveal he has been diagnosed with cancer. the 09 year old had surgery earlier this month to remove a small mass from his liver which revealed a cancer t has reportedly spread to other part of his body. he plans to undergo treatment at emory hospital in atlanta. mr. carter said more details concerning his condition will be released next week. >> a mississippi couple is accused of plotting to join isis overseas. how investigators say they were going to use their relationships to execute their mission. >> and hillary clinton is on damage control after finally turning over her private emails. what the presidential hopeful is saying now about classified materials being electronically sent.
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>> we're not quite flawless when we get up, sue serio, but we did get up like this, with some pretty good weather outside. >> i didn't wake up like. >> this i have applied cosmetics, much to your relief to the folks out there. to the airport this morning, light breeze out there, draw
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your attention to tweet we got from lauren dawn johnson. she said allergies are out of control. what's going on outside? at sue serio fox 29. lauren, you sparked a little discussion from our early morning twitter followers. so i thought i would give you the pollen count for today. and it is not good. it is medium to high levels today. and it only get worse, as we get toward the weekend. they go up and un -- up. by sunday, very high level. so you must be allergic to grasses or nettles or chenopods. do you have look those up, pictures of what they're just those pollen-weed kind of things, all over the place right now, so we will get into the time of fall allergies pretty soon. that he what's going on if you are sneezing 80 times per day. satellite radar picture, we have nothing to show you here. we mentioned this on twitter year, it, to maybe go outside while still dark, watch the
4:16 am
meteor showers, the best thing to do, stands outside for awhile, just look toward the northeast. that's where you probably will see the best, and you might see some meteors with tails like shooting stars. , if you do, let us know on twitter and facebook, take a picture, tough to do, and to get as good as it looks with the naked eye, but that would be real cool. temperatures 50's north of us, mountains, 56 degrees, 64 trenton, 61 pot pawn, in the 70s in the city, cooler to the south. in the lower 60s, in wildwood, atlantic city, 64 degrees, in wilmington. and checking those dew points, it is looking good. once the dew point are in the 50's, we have low humidity, very comfortable out there, and, enjoy it while it lasts. because the dog days of sum remember not over yet. now, we haven't seen nine's in the last seven days, but as we look ahead to the next seven days, after eight a degrees yesterday, we are back to 85 today, low humidity, just perfect. little warmer tomorrow, 88,
4:17 am
still going to give it a ten, and then the humidity comes back saturday. oh, it starts to get hot. with 90's, on saturday, sunday, for the eagles game, and monday, and tuesday, and probably wednesday, as well, with some pop up thunderstorms eventually, as we build up heat, humidity for number of days. so, yes, we will be sweating again. it will feel like august around here again. enjoy the low humidity today, bob kelly. >> couple of weeks before woe give up on the august heat. good morning, everybody, 4:17. hello northeast philadelphia, live look at i959 where the crews are still working up near cottman avenue. >> watch for construction crews, then see some pattern changes start to develop tonight, through the weekend. i-95 northbound, beginning tonight, all the way through the weekend. they're going to be putting in a new pattern as you head
4:18 am
north bound between bridge and cottman avenue. soap, just be aware of overnight lane closures, especially if you are coming home from the billy joel concert, later on tonight. now, tomorrow morning, it is time to go to the shore. we're going to be headed to seaside height. going to be live on the boardwalk in seaside heights. here is the bridge headed up and over the water in toward the shore town, so see you down there bright and early in see syd height tomorrow morning. water main break, last night on the way home, let's go for aeried skyfox over the scene, flourtown road, between joshua and thomas road when that pipe burst underground, making a mess for last evening's rush hour. going back to the maps for the morning rush hour. crews are out there, so flourtown roadblocked, joshua to thomas, you want to use stinton avenue at your alternate. crews still working here, on the pennsylvania turnpike, couple of different spots, between ft. washington, through willow grove, over to philly bensalem. they'll be out until about
4:19 am
5:00 or so with some lane restrictions in both direction action. otherwise the bridges look fine, and no delays. >> thank you so much. 4:19 this morning, let's get to the story. democratic hopeful hillary clinton tries to reassure supporters over her e-mail investigation. clinton's campaign sent message to supporters saying the former secretary of state is not facing a criminal investigation. and is cooperating with federal officials. she also said many republican candidates also used private e-mail accounts for work. this comes a day after clinton handed over her personal server to the f.b.i. clinton says she did not sends any classified materials through her personal account. >> at least 62 people are dead this morning after truck bomb explodes in a market in baghdad. at least 89 others are hurt after the explosion. officials say the bomb was in a refrigeration truck making it hard to distinguish from other trucks. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack in the predominantly ethnic shiite neighborhood in china. at least 44 people are dead
4:20 am
following an explosion there in the port city, the blast happened at warehouse where hazardous material and fire spread to nearby buildings. government officials say the fire mostly under control this morning. no word on what caused that explosion. >> young mississippi couple accused of plotting to travel overseas to join isis, officials say jaylen young and muhammad plan to get married and use their honeymoon as a cover to get to syria and join the terror group. the two former mississippi state university student were ordered held without bail tuesday. >> pending charges. those who knew them are completely stunned. >> in his version of islam, islam is a religion of peace. >> in no way were their views radical. they were what you would expect, devout muslim family to feel like. >> officials say cases like this are proof why it is so important for communities to cooperate with law enforcement
4:21 am
and report any red flags. many say the internet and social media make it way too easy for terror groups to spread their message. >> st. louis county top executive says he will keep state of emergency involving ferguson in place for at least another day. the emergency declaration put in place monday will stay in effect for 24 more hours. the move authorized counties, police chief, to take control of police emergency management in and around ferguson. official say law enforcers on monday and tuesday nights established order, and prevented violence during ferguson's protest linked to the one year death anniversary of michael brown. >> a prayer rally set in arlington, texas, ceremony for the unarmed college football player shot and killed by a police officer during a suspected burglary, the rally will include the city's mayor. police chief and two local pastors. a statement from the church says the event was designed for young people to share their grief, event their frustrations, and ask questions following the failed shooting of 19 year old
4:22 am
kristin taylor or friday. >> more than 200 days since tom brady and the nfl have been dealing with deflate gate. what federal judge would like to see as a possible resolution. >> and if you didn't want to be like mike before, just wait. the staggering dollar amount a lawyer says michael jordan's name alone is worth. here's a look at last night's winning powerball numbers. >> ♪
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>> good morning, i'm howard eskin, since the nfl has been dealing with deflate gate, yesterday the sides got together in federal court with the players association, and tom brady, trying to find a way to block the nfl and the four game suspension of brady. roger goodel, brady were in the courtroom, along with attorneys for both sides. federal judge would like to find a resolution to the four game suspension, barring that brady side, would like an injunction. the judge has yet to make a decision, i'm wondering how a judge can override something that has been collectively bargained. the phillies won a game yesterday. to arizona, they lost the first two, but the third one, it is four-four in the sixth, and that's cameron rough. this is one of the reasons he's playing catcher instead of ruiz, three run homer, phillies were up seven-four, and they end up winning it seven-46, no hit nerve seattle this is the final out, and it is the fourth no hit they are year. that's sports in a minute.
4:26 am
and i'm howard eskin. $480 million. that's what michael jordan's name is worth to nike. that figure revealed yesterday in court. jordan currently involved in a lawsuit right now, over grocery store, using his name, and number, 23, to sell a discounted steak, jordan's attorneys are revealing how much jordan's name is valued by his payden doors ores, they claim his name worth $10 million each time it is used in a ad. breaking her silence, the first time she is speaking out since being charged for lying about leaked information. hear what kathleen kane has to say about the accusations. >> and the piano man will be live in philly tonight playing all your favorite tunes. the big news, billy joel is celebrating, at age 66. >> ♪
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and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target, and upgrade to a shiny new everything. and now when you buy a phone, get 20% off your target run. all things mobile. all in one place. a eight year old shoot himself in the foot with a gun, his family says he got at a local rec center. it is what police cannot finds that's puzzling investigators. good morning, sabina. >> hey, good morning, lauren, the state's embattled attorney general speaks out about criminal charges against her, why she says she's being made into a political target. lauren? >> and, if you cross the bridge to go over to jersey,
4:30 am
or coming to philly, you're about to pay more. we'll tell but a huge price hike that just passed last night. good day everybody, it is thursday, august 13th, 2015, sue serio, would would like to call that friday eve around here. >> so, it is friday eve the 13th? >> yes. >> a lucky day for us, because it is a beautiful weather day. we brought bus stop buddy in, because he decided to go camping. you know, if you look for the meteor shower, and you still have little built of time, while it is still dark out, it is best to be away from the urban areas, to be out in the country, so that's why the families camping. now, he does have the giant bottle of sunscreen for late on, it is a nice start to the day. and, for most of you, you should be able to see the stars, with a clear skies. we have very few clouds out there. we have northerly breeze at 6 miles an hour, and 71 degrees out there, with 63% relative humidity, 6:11 is your sunrise time, it is 4:30 now, you still have time to go outside, maybe look toward the northeast, and maybe you'll
4:31 am
see some shooting stars, the meteor showers, one of the peak days, but actually continues through the 26th of august. but this should be one of the best viewing days, because we really can't find too many clouds in the sky. as we look at the satellite and radar picture, so that's a good thing. and soy is this, in our weather by the numbers, it is a ten, out of ten today with temperatures that are in the 70s, in the city, 50's in the mountains, and 60s everywhere inbetween. comfortable day, low dew points, as well. so the winds, most of them out of the north-northwest, and that's where the dry air comes from. and that's why dew points are pretty low, our foxcast for today, is a high of eight a degrees, bright sunshine, and low humidity, and then tomorrow, it looks like -- tonight i should say low of 66, with mostly clear skies. that's your foxcast for today. we'll see if we can keep it going for awhile in the seven day forecast, but the humidity will return. let's find out what issues you had before the hit the roads
4:32 am
even this early in the morning, bob kelly. >> 422 into rush, left over crew just picking up the cones out near trooper road. you work your way in toward 363. here is a live look at the 42 freeway, where there are left over crews still out there along 295 in the bellmawr interchange. and then, the pennsylvania turnpike, work crews, there is a couple of different work crews, between ft. washington, all the way over to philly bensalem, in both directions, so the signs are lit up, the cones are down, until about 5:00 or so. so if you are head the to the turnpike, just be aware of that, we had water main break last night, let's roll some video from skyfox, over the scene, flourtown road, when the big old pipe gave way
4:33 am
underground, leading to mess along flourtown road. that's a mess for the morning rush hour. as we go back to the maps, flourtown roadblocked from joshua over to thomas, so see the local detours, stenton avenue will be your best bet from the get go, then 95, they've been working all night, they just opened up the ram tops cottman avenue. but be aware through the weekend eventually put a new traffic pattern that play, 95, northbound, at cottman avenue. the bridges and mass transit looking good. >> search on for missing man in abington, charles wilson disappeared last night from st. joseph manor on hunt ickier inning ton pike. he suffers from dimension, last seen wearing a phillies coat. >> philadelphia police trying to find out how eight year old boy ended upshot in the foot. his family said he found the bag in the lonnie young recreation center and accidentally shot himself just
4:34 am
after 5:00 last night. but investigators interviewed everyone there, and no one saw or heard anything, police couldn't find any evidence of a crime scene. >> with a we know for sure, eight year old boy is shot in the left foot. we want to find out the truth how this occurred. he broke a bone in his foot. necessary stable condition and will be okay. >> police requested search warrant to check the boy's grandmother's house, that's on the 6300 block of north 21st street, where he allegedly went after the shooting, at this point, no gun has been found. >> criminally charged for leaking information to reporter as revenge against former prosecutors and then lying about it, sabina kuriakose live in norristown this morning outside montgomery county courthouse with more on there is hi, sabina. >> good morning, lauren, in her first public comment, kathleen kane came out swinging, she says, she is ready for a fight. forty-nine year old democrat
4:35 am
kathleen kane said she is a victim of retaliation after her office uncovered pornographic and racist emails, sent among top state officials. now, kane maintains her innocence against criminal charges that she leak secret grand jury information to a newspaper reporter in order to embarrass the state prosecutor, she allegedly blamed for a negative story about her. montgomery county district attorney risa furman filed those charges including perjury, wants the judge to release what she says are additional offensive emails sent amongst other state employees. she said the criminal charges are to ever discredit her make sure those additional emails don't see the light of day. here she is add doctor g her two young sons at yesterday's press conference. >> there are two types of evil in this life. one is traditional evil that i desperately try to save my boys from, and the 13 million people of this commonwealth, and the other type of evil is when good people stand back
4:36 am
and do nothing. and i'm telling you, christopher, zach, you know i have never been that person. i brought this fight to our doorstep. literally to our doorstep. because that's not the type of person that i am. and i want you to know that i made a promise to the voters of this commonwealth, and the non-voters of this commonwealth, whether they voted for me or not, i made a promise that i was going to finish a job and i was going to do it. >> there is a great interest in proceedings impeach: there is also the hope of a disciplinary board review and with the supreme court, i think we -- there was significant interest here in both chambers and both party, that we proceed with impeach: >> republicans there saying impeaching kane is an option. she says, she will not resign, she is the first democrat, and the first woman elected to the post of attorney general in pennsylvania. lauren? >> all right, sabina, thank you so much. well, startings next month, drivers will pay more to cross
4:37 am
two bridges connecting pennsylvanian south jersey last night the burlington county bridge commission voted to increase tolls for the talcony palmyra and the burlington bristol bridges. starting september 15th, if you're paying with cash it, will cost you $4, up from 2:00 and if you use e-zpass you'll pay $3. the hikes will help pay for upgrades to the bridges. >> on screen smooches may seem really romantic. why experts are saying kissing isn't as desired as you may think. and, put down the weight, pick up your cups. new research saying getting eastbound can be as simple as ... >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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eastbound, as well play be most potent, all for just 11 sent per cup. new study turning the tables on saturday rated fat. it might not be the killer we've been led to believe. new study published in the british medical journal, found no link between saturated fat and heart disease. strokes, or type two diabetes, the fats fawn in math, dare up, weren't found increase the likelihood of early death either. they say, trans fats are the big problem, you can find them on in highly processed foods and baked goods. competitor in the discount shoe shopping is popping up. shoe cash ran opening seven stores in the philadelphia area, the first store will open up this at day at the neshaminy mall in bensalem. >> the message this veteran is sharing around the country one step at a time. and the piano man will be live in philly tonight playing all of your favorite tunes.
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big news billy joel is celebrating at aids 66. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> there it is. >> i would like to think it is me. >> it is you, sue serio, the woman of the hour.
4:45 am
you'll talk weather. >> i'm look to go talk astronomy, just little bit. >> why not? meteor shower out there, the perseids meteor shower. i really did think he was sing being me, the first time i heard that song, like where would he ever heard of me, that phil collins guy. now, through august 26th, but today is one of the peak viewing days, so, you go outside of the urban areas, and you have better chance every seeing some shooting stars view it with the make eye, actually better, i'm told, than using the telescope. now, we've gotten some tweets, very active on twit they are morning, and here's a tweet that says now there is cloud cover in the northeast direction, although, i saw two earlier, two shooting stars, they stroke boy faster than a nolan ryan not ball. another one: very cloudy here in bucks county, weather map says it is a christ tal
4:46 am
crease? >> did you see the tweet this says hope you feel better lauren. hang in there. >> isn't that sweet. >> yes, thanks for all of your tweets this morning. so, your pollen forecast, isn't great for today. >> heed yum hi, nettle, cello pots, good old pesky nettles and chenopods, anyway, only going to get worse as we get further into the weekend. that's one down side of not having any rain. satellite and radar picture, not seeing too many clouds. but, if they're outside of your house, and you can't see the meteor, sorry about that. anyway, 56 degrees in the mountains, and probably real good view of the shooting stars there. sixty in allentown, 61 pottstown, 71 here in the city. it is in the 60s, mostly low to mid six 60s to the south of us, very pleasant morning, very comfortable morning, why? because, the dew points are down. most of our dew points are in the 50's, and once we get into the 50's, that means, it is comfortable weather. yesterday, we had another day, with a high of 85, and it really was a lovely one, now
4:47 am
today, guess what? high of 85. and another lovely one. just perfect. a ten out of ten. even though we get little warmer tomorrow, it is still a ten, humidity really doesn't come back until saturday. back to the 90s, and that's where we're going to stay through sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday, of next week. it looks like we have the chance for an extended heatwave number four, of 2015. so, even though it has been lovely, yesterday, and it will be today, you didn't think we were going to get away were no more heat and humidity, did you bob kelly? >> and i hate opening up the windows, because you're right, the allergies just drive you nuts now. you fill the whole house up with all of that pollen and nettle pod. i hate that nettle pod. it really gets on my nerves. good morning, i95, right near philadelphia international airport, skyline lit up in the background,. >> they pickment cones, we're open for business and ready
4:48 am
for a morning rush hour. curbside headed into philadelphia, no problems or delays at all at the moment. good news, septa's wilmington line, was suspended on the overnight. from an accident, i just heard from septa, everything's back to normal and ready to roll for the morning rush hour. the first train actually leaves. >> left over construction crews pennsylvania turnpike, both directions between ft. washington through willow grove, over to the philly bensalem interchange until about 5:00, 5:30 or so, watch for some delays. flourtown road still closed as we go for ride, skyfox over the scene, when the big old pipe burst underground, making a mess of not just water but now, obviously, dirt clean up.
4:49 am
flourtown roadblocked joshua to thomas, use stenton avenue as the alternate. don't be surprised if you see little carseat sitting next to the piano tonight. billy joel in town, 8:00 tonight. wouldn't that be cool? baby right there next to him on the piano -- probably wouldn't be good for the babies ears, but 8:00 anyhow down there. i saw him last year great show looks like it will impact our evening rush hour, keep that in mind i95 or over the walt watt. ninety-five northbound, they've opened up all of the lanes at cottman avenue. good to go. >> new traffic pattern on your way home of the billy joel concert, shuffling barriers around on the northbound side, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. one man on mission walking cross country for ptsd. ryan started his cross country walk in february, in dover, delaware, a operation iraqi
4:50 am
freedom vet. served in the marine corps from 1999 to 2003. welted on says his goal is to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder in military and law enforcement veterans. thanks, more than 22 veterans, suicide every single day, and as a veteran just un sellable. something had to be done. >> and really no end date, however long it takes to save a life. >> wheldon currently in danson, texas, will be in houston by the end of the month, then plans to head over to san francisco. >> bob kelly gave it away, it could be a carseat, that's because the piano man singer and his wife welcomed their first child together, a daughter yesterday. was born in new york, the new
4:51 am
dad, will have to apply himself away from his wife and new addition today at least for just few hours, because as bob said, he's expected to perform at september sense bank park here in philadelphia tonight. he, 66, his new wife, 32 or 33. he's going to be running around behind that baby. hopefully he can keep up. all right, so network star ang lee out of the hospital after another surgery for breast surgery, went well in me. lee underwent double masectomy, there were complications which resulted in the second surgery, on tuesday. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> diamonds in the sky ♪ >> from rihanna to kanye to taylor swift, debuting audio photo and video content on twitter to boost marketing
4:52 am
effort without spending big bucks, social networking platform used by the rolling stones, dianna ross, recently created accounts to connect with the millennials, kanye announced new title in february, and gaga used video product actuals to announce upcoming season american horror story hotel. >> well, you might think they're just out for a stroll around old city. half of center city dog walkers are fighting crime. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> we picked that song for the next story. you might think they're out for walk. group of philadelphia dog owners doing much more. taking on new roles, keeping the community safe, serving as extra eyes and ears for police. shawnette wilson shows us how these daily strolls have become another strategy to cut crime in philadelphia. >> great idea, you know, just extra set of eyes, ears, in the neighborhood, so why not? >> one every many dog owners, part of dog walk or watch to help keep neighborhoods safer.
4:56 am
sim lip asked to keep their eyes open, report to police what they see. >> i feel comfortable f i'm doing something to help someone, then you have to open your mouth, say something. >> tonight the first training class to teach people out with their pets what to look out for, how to report it. philadelphia police are also involved in the training. >> there is no commitment, you're not trying to like contract -- >> matt, executive director of the national association of town watch. >> people suspicious, it is behavior that's suspicious. so, over time, you start to learn something like hanging in the driveway, or behind home, don't really belong, that's kind after weird circumstance, that's one of the things that you want to call it. >> leslie, volunteering to do the job, along with his dog, bella. >> constantly aware of what's going on, because she and i go out at like 5:30 in the morning. >> looking forward to when the program is up and running next month. already in effect locally in other areas, like northern liberties. >> i mean, i think the more people that are out and about,
4:57 am
about -- >> in old city, shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news". >> eight year old shoots himself in the foot with a gun. the family said he got it at local rec center. but police can't find something in their -- and they're puzzled by all of this. breaking her silence, the first time she's speaking out since lying about leak information. can you hear about kathleen kane had to said about the accusations? we'll show in you just a few minutes.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
deadly accident, septa suspending service t could affect commuters this morning. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, eight year old boy is shot, his family said it happened here at this rec center in east germantown. police have found no evidence. they're saying, the story really doesn't add up. sabina? >> reporter: good morning, jenny, well, attorney general kathleen kane speaks out about the criminal charges against her, why she says it is all part of a massive political cover up. lauren? >> reporter: and you're about to pay more for crossing busy local bridges. the huge price hike just passed last night. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, august 13th, 2015. sue serio, i heard you sneezing about 20 minutes ago. so we're all affected by the allergies today. >> yes, is it nettle? is it chenopod? grass maybe, yes, there are a lot of that, because we had so much rain


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