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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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deadly accident, septa suspending service t could affect commuters this morning. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, eight year old boy is shot, his family said it happened here at this rec center in east germantown. police have found no evidence. they're saying, the story really doesn't add up. sabina? >> reporter: good morning, jenny, well, attorney general kathleen kane speaks out about the criminal charges against her, why she says it is all part of a massive political cover up. lauren? >> reporter: and you're about to pay more for crossing busy local bridges. the huge price hike just passed last night. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, august 13th, 2015. sue serio, i heard you sneezing about 20 minutes ago. so we're all affected by the allergies today. >> yes, is it nettle? is it chenopod? grass maybe, yes, there are a lot of that, because we had so much rain earlier this week t
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made the grass grow, and we're all sneezing. that's the only down side today. it is a ten out of ten in your weather by the numbers. we took bus stop buddy, out camping. >> he has the phillies cap on. big giant bottle of sunscreen, off to nice start with 69 degrees, and 65% relative humidity, a 6-mile an hour wind out of the north, i think we got some six's going on here, maybe the lucky number today, sunrise at 6:11, this morning. we don't have too many clouds in the sky. folks are reporting maybe little difficulty seeing stars in the sky this morning. but hopefully, being up this early, like you are, you can run outside, look to the northeast, and see all of that before sunrise, because it is coming soon. 64 degrees trenton. sixty-two lancaster, 50's up in the higher elevations, and
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60s, low to mid 60s, to the south of us, and winds out of the north-northwest, not very high, so it is really pleasant morning. we get to 85 degrees, later on. we're saying it, just perfect, and just light northwesterly breeze, and then tonight, with clear skies, down to 65. so we'll keep this going for as long as we consideration but heat, humidity, will return, we'll tell when you in the seven day forecast, meanwhile, here's bob kelly, good morning. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 5:02, on this thursday, one day closer to the weekend. and looking live, the schuylkill expressway, right near 202. come on down. no problems or delays at all. we pick up all of the cones on the schuylkill, so ready for morning rush hour. live look at the benny, good morning, from the camden toll plaza, no problems up and over. here are some of the spots to look out for. first of all, septa regional rail lines, good news, tell you about the story last night, someone hit by one of the trains. but, all of the trains are operating this morning, on the wilmington line. and should not have a problem
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at all. first train out of the gaeton time at 5:00 a.m. rest of the regional rail lines running a-okay, as well. still, couple of left over construction crews on the pennsylvania turnpike. both directions between ft. washington, all the way over to philly bensalem. there is a crew right here in the area of philly bensalem headed westbound knocking speeds down, water main break, taking a peak from skyfox. pulled up over flourtown road, big old pipe burst underground, and of course water, and all of that dirt, all over the busy stretch of flourtown road. this is going to be a mess now, for our morning rush hour. because, flourtown road remains closed, as we come back to the maps here, between joshua, and thomas. so for the morning rush hour, you want to use stenton avenue, and be prepared for some delays with the confusion of the detour there. and then, after the rush hour, eastbound schuylkill, coming into philadelphia, between girard and spring garden, they're doing tree trimming,
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so they'll take out the right lane. so if i were you, after 9:00 a.m., coming into the sit, i would use the kelly or the martin luther king drive as alternate. ninety-five not bad at the moment. little patchings of volume, but heads up, going to the billy joel concert on the way home tonight and through the weekends, penndot will be putting in new traffic pattern on the northbound side near cottman avenue, lauren, back to you. >> search on this morning for missing man in abington, charles wilson, is his name, disappeared from saint joseph manor huntingdon pike. eight a years old, suffers from dementia. last seen, wearing a maroon phyllis coat. police were called to 5300 block of chancellor street, 22 and 26 year old men both shot in the feet. police say shooting followed earlier incident, but it is unclear who shot who. both men were treated at hospitals, but no word on
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their current conditions family member arrested for showing up at the scene with a gun. >> septa, amtrak officials, a deadly incident after 11:00 last night. officials say person was hit along the amtrak and septa lines in glenolden in delaware county. service on the rail line was suspended for some time. septa has since restored service on it wilmington-nuclear regional rail line. >> also in delaware county police in folcroft are investigating a pedestrian, who was hit by a car. this happened shortly before 12:30 this morning, at the intersection of chester pike and folcroft avenue. no word on the victim's condition. >> live in east germantown, the family claims, he accidentally shot himself. police not buying that story. jenny? >> they're not, lauren, that's right, the family says the shooting happened on the playground here at this rec center, in east germantown, but police are saying that
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they found no evidence, and the playground was packed with several hundred people yesterday. still, they found no witnesses, nobody heard anything, nobody saw anything. police notified of the shooting just after 5:00 p.m. they returned to the scene holding north 21st street as a crime scene, noon get search warrant for the home since they've yet to recover a weapon. police say, while there may have been minimal evidence of a shooting, anyway, because it was a minor shooting, there were hundreds of parent, and children, at the lonnie young recreation certain strange no one saw anything or heard anything. >> police checked the area it, not finds a crime scene. that is large recreation center so someone got shot in the foot, saw blood, may be difficult to find the crime scene. we didn't finds the crime scene. more importantly we didn't finds a gun at this time
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either. >> the child was taken to einstein head call center. he has broken foot. he is expected to be okay. so, police are continuing their investigation, they want the truth about how all of this happened. lauren? >> very strange. jenny, thank you so much. >> kathleen kane breaks her silence for the first time since she was criminally charged for leaking information to a reporter, as revenge against a former prosecutor, and then lying about it all. sabina kuriakose live in norristown this morning outside montgomery county courthouse, hi, sack even. >> good morning, lauren, stealth political weapon, that's what attorney general kathleen kane is calling the criminal case against her. she says it is in retaliation for her office exposing the net worth of pornographic and ex-police it emails shared among employees during a investigation, of the handling of the jerry sandusky case. those emails led to the resignation of state supreme court justice and firing of top cabinet official. kane says more emails out there, and claims she is being discredited so the documents
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never come out. but risa furman says kane leaked secret grand jury information to a newspaper reporter, in order to embarrass the political foe she believed was a sours of unflattering story about her. fuhrman says kane then lied under oath about her actions. meantime, republicans are talking impeach. , activists are calling from kane to step down or be removed from office. >> those are enough charges to force her, i think they are aggregious us to step in, use the power of the constitution, say for the senate, vote her out. i think that's where it is at right now. the governor should step forward and do that. >> since the first call for my resignation, in those 15 months, my office has announced 247 child preditor arrests. 1,174 drug arrests. since i've taken offers, there has been 800% increase in child preditor arrests, and a 30% increase in drug arrests. so any calls on my resignation
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somehow this has been a distract ton to me proofs otherwise by the fact and the number. pennsylvania is safer now than it has ever been. >> kane took no questions at her press conference, again, she says, she will not resign. she is the top ranking woman in pennsylvania state government, lauren? >> sack even, a thank you so much. harry telly come in upper darby closed its doors after arrayed yesterday. skyfox over the cell phone repair store, agent from homeland security criminal division conducted their is her: the case not believed to be connect today any suspected terrorism. the raid is though part of investigation into the possible sales of counterfeit phones and knock off accessories, fox 29 source tells us the raid was proceeded by undercover agents visiting the stores, no word on any arrests. starting next month, drivers will pay more to cross two bridges, connecting pennsylvania, and south jersey, last night the burlington county bridge commission voted to increase tolls for the talcony palmyra bridge and the burlington bristol bridges.
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starting september 15th, if you're paying in cash it, will cost you $4, e-zpass use letters pay $3, up from $2. the hikes will help pay for bridge maintenance progging. >> we wish we didn't have to do. >> this but we're compelled in the interest of safety, in the interest of viability. >> will hurt consumers traveling the burlington bristol bridge every day and i don't think it is fair. >> toll hoch will bring in 12 million more for year. the first in about 15 years. >> two truck drivers recovering this morning after a horrifying crash on the new jersey turnpike. the tractor-trailers collided around 8:00 last night, near east brunswick, and one of the trucks burst into flames. both drivers escaped serious injury. and check out this view from driver passing by on the opposite direction of the turnpike. he crosses -- caught this amazing images, one of the trucks erupt intoed flames.
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>> person living nearby, no word on what led the trucks to crash. >> some folks in new jersey are barking mad at new limit on how many dogs they can have in their family. east goshen township thinks the number should be four for any family with less than 3 acres of lands. the township board of supervisors just revisited its k9 restrictions saying safety and noise are the major concerns. but in comparison, the limit of spade or neutered dogs and cats, you can have in philadelphia, is 12. and its limitless in other areas lie west chester borough. some in each ghost end think the number every dogs you can handle ought to be up to you. >> i hate to say what other people should have. like children, how many children should you have, right? >> you should have as many as you want, as long as you can handle them. >> i don't think they should tell them anything. it is none of their business. >> well, the township can take to you court for violating restriction, judge would
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decide your penalty. >> 5:11, death toll rises in baghdad after truck explosion, what officials say made the bombing hard to distinguish. >> and a young couple from mississippi is accused of plotting to join isis overseas. how investigators say they were going to use their relationship to execute that mission. come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free. sesame place. ♪ go before they grow.
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before little kids cobecome big kids.ce and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free. sesame place. ♪ go before they grow.
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>> i never new until billie jean king was here and on the show that health n john wrote that song for her. >> did he? >> that's cool. >> how awesome. that's why her tennis team is called the philadelphia freedom. >> today is really supposed to be one of the best viewing times, for most of us, we do have clear skies out there, so allow about a half hour of viewing time, don't just go out oh, i didn't see anything. i mean, stay out there for a while, it is nice out, it is okay, best viewed outside of urban areas, so if you are in the suburbs, in the country, it is a greater chance every seeing the shooting stars. look toward the northeast best viewed with the naked eye. so more tweets about the
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meteor shower, crystal clear here in williamstown, insomnia has its perks. hashtag meteor shower perseids meteor shower. saw a dozen amazing ways to start the day. and one moral err gentlemen tweet. very bad allergy week, see, lauren, everybody sympethizing with us, hashtag flonase. hashtag singular. up get the idea? you will need those meds, if you're allergic to anything, nasty nettles, chenopods, whatever they are. anyway, it is all happening, and increasing in intensity throughout the weekends, don't have any satellite radar. temperatures so come of the until this morning, 56 degrees up in the mountains, 06 in pottstown, allentown, close to 07 in philadelphia. sixty-three in wildwood. and 64 degrees in wilmington, delaware and dew point,
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talking yesterday, when they're in the 15 he is, a comfortable range, and we are, with dew point of 57 in the city. so see right here, around 55, 50, 55 dew points, means pleasant and refreshing. >> evening else pre-season game suns day against the comes, 1:00 kick off time. by 1:00 already be near 909 degrees, so if you have ticket to the game, you want to dress for really hot weather, and make sure you have the sunscreen, because, it will be blazing sunshine on sunday. >> looks like monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week, so heatwave number four of 2015 is not only possible, it looks like it could be another long one. that's your weather authority forecast, all right, bob kelly, i'm just looking at empty roadway thereon your traffic camera?
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>> route 309 up there in ft. washington. >> oh, here comes a car. >> there you go. good morning, everybody, no problems at all up and down 309, as you head in toward the turnpike. still couple of left over crews on the turnpike in the area of ft. washington, over there, near the philly-bensalem interchange. downtown we go. >> folks waking up, no problems end to end. tomorrow morning, it is a friday, we're going down the shore. >> seaside heights, reporting from the boardwalk, on the boardwalk 6:00 to 10:00. jenn fred will be roaming around seaside height. there was going to be camera here. which showed the bridge, that i'm going to use, hopefully not a problem with the bridge there. we will work on. that will the wilmington, newark line had been suspended last night, because of a pedestrian accident, the trains are rolling this morning, without a problem, so no delays under wilmington line, paoli line, looking
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good. water main break from last night, lets guess for ride. skyfox over the scene. >> dirt and debris now has to be cleaned up, repairs made, to the water main. >> flourtown road joshua to thomas, stenton avenue is the best bet. and just allow yourselves some extra time rolling through whitemarsh township this morning. lauren, back to you. >> isis is claim claiming responsibility for massive explosion at market in baghdad, the bombing killed at least 62 people, injured dozens more. the militants used refrigeration truck, to bomb the predominantly shiite area. isis has made up of sunni's, traders to the muslim religion. >> in china at least 44 people dead following explosion, in the port city city, the blast happened at warehouse for hazardous material, and fire spread to nearby buildings,
5:20 am
golf officials say the fire's mostly under control this morning, no word on what cause that explosion, teams now serving the area to determine if a toxic chemical was released. >> former president jimmy carter reveals he has been diagnosed with cancer. the 90 year old, had surgery earlier this month, to remove small mass from his liver. which revealed the cancer, it is reportedly spread to other parts of his body, and he plans to undergo treatment at emory hospital in atlanta, mr. carter said more details concerning his condition will be released next week. sake not facing criminal investigation, and is cooperating with federal officials. she also said many republican candidates also used private e-mail accounts for work. this comes day after clinton handed over her personal server to the f.b.i. clinton says she did not send any classified materials through her personal account.
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>> hatching plot to travel overseas and join isis. jaylen young and hue ham add planned to get married and use their honeymoon as a cover up to get to syria and joan the terror group. two former mississippi state university student ordered held without bail tuesday, pending federal grand jury action on charges those who knew them are completely stunned by this. >> pennsylvania man say he violated restraining order by liking the facebook photos of woman he's accused of stalking. restraining order was put in place last month, against justin, his ex-girlfriend accuses him of harassing her and her friends and even threatening to shoot her. >> he like 22 videos and photos on his ex's facebook page after post that. >> just in time for back to school shopping, new discount shoe store popping up here in philadelphia.
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and pucker up. that kiss i face, that you see on screen smooches that they always look romantic, well, experts are saying, kissing isn't as desired as you may think. >> ♪
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>> a competitor in the discount shoe game popping up here in philly. shoe carnival officially opening seven stores in the area. the first store will open up this saturday, at the neshaminy mall in bensalem. kfc unveils two new eye catching items. black diamond bacon spicy chicken burger, it comes on black bun, and the rose cheese roasted chicken burger, comes in a pink bun. diners posted picks on instagram, spreading the word about the new menu items f interested in trying them, you have to travel to china. right now, the special sandwiches are only available there. ice cream making come back, production brought to halt by wistaria contamination. trucks back on the road making deliveries, no word yet when your favorite blue bell flavors will be back in stores, for some customers, that day can't come soon enough. it is excellent. we're so excited. we can't wait to get more blue
5:26 am
bell. we have a place in our freezer already cleared out, to put blue bell in it. we've had to breakdown and by another brands. but it is not the same as blue bell. we want our blue bell back. >> i'm with you, girl. we want our blue bell back. we need to get some here to sue and bob. it is so good. in april, blue bell voluntarily recalled all products after its products were linked to ten wistaria illnesses in four states, four people died in kansas. big moment in most relationships, the set for a new kiss. not everyone likes to do it. >> they say not even half of the different cultures surveyed in the study, kiss romantically. as for those who do, scientists say, it is often to evaluate a potential mate, or you want to just maintain that bonds you have. >> a eight year old shoots himself in the foot with a gun, who is family says he got at local rec center. it is what police cannot find that's puzzling investigators. and these two police officers going viral over picture meant to bring people
5:27 am
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>> pennsylvania attorney fights back, why kathleen kane is calling accusations all part of grand plan, she says. good morning, jenny. >> good morning, lauren, eight year old boy was shot yesterday. family said it happened here at this rec center while it was packed with hundreds of people, police say they found no evidence of a shooting, and now they're searching for the truth, lauren? >> and you might think they're just out for a stroll around old city. how center city dog walkers are using the pooches to fight crime. >> good day everybody, we're close to the ends of the week. it is thursday, august 13th, 2015. and sue is giving today a what? >> a ten. >> yes. >> and you know what, it is fox fursday, this is the 9:00 hour talk about micro chipping your pet. actually going to perform microchip procedure in the 9:00 hour. so, it will be cool t won't be, you know, it won't be grossment it is really
5:31 am
important. so, fox fursday, will have that story about the old city dog walkers coming up. bus stop buddy right now, you don't see his pet muggy the dog. we only bring him out when it is humid and muggy. so he is not here today. and i'm just about to sneeze. allergy problem. there you go, graphically demonstrated right there. so off to nice start this morning, buddy's camping today, so he can look at the stars overnight. but now it is getting light out. so that's about it for your viewing of the meteor shower today. you probably have another chance tonight, though, and early, early tomorrow morning, 69 degrees, early breeze, at 6 miles an hour, thank you, bob kelly. always right on it. we have 65% relative humidity, sunrise time at 6:11, we will point with a tissue box, no clouds in the area right now. temperatures in the 50's, in the mountains, 60s all over the place, and really, really comfortable out there, because the dew point are low, and
5:32 am
that's because winds are coming out of the north-northwest. >> allergy thing, only down side of beautiful day, like today so take your meds, hopefully enjoy the eight a degrees, all that sunshine, and tonight, 66, with clear skies, so that's your thursday foxcast, yes, it is thursday already. thanks for the tissues. >> you say take your meds, everybody knows you what talking about here, and your allergy medicine, too. 5:32, good morning, everybody. >> working here along cottman, that crew is done, so ready for the rush hour. good morning bellmawr. headlight coming in toward philadelphia on the 42 freeway. not bad coming out of south jersey. your normal volume at around this 5:30 hour. but we had water main break last night on the way home.
5:33 am
let's go for ride. skyfox, above the scene here, flourtown road, when the big old pipe burst there, spilling thousands of gallons, and then, of course, all of the dirt that is kind of now sitting on top of the roadway. so this will be rough go for the morning rush hour. we go back to the maps here, flourtown road, block, joshua to thomas, use stenton avenue for the alternate this morning. friday in the summertime means we jump in the news van and going down the shore, tomorrow morning, seaside height, coming to invade your town, i'll be broadcasting live on the bore walk from 6:00 to 10:00 tomorrow morning. jenn fred will be roaming the town as we always do on a friday. so make plans if you're down the shore this week to come on by and say hi. good news last night. we had some problems on the wilmington line, everything back to normal. no problems on septa's regional rails lines. all of the buses and trolleys looking good. mass transit of course running with no delays. lauren, back over you. >> thanks so much, bob, family claims their eight year old accidentally shot himself at a
5:34 am
city playground. but, other than the injury, police haven't found any evidence. fox 29's jenny joyce live at the lonnie young recreation center, in east germantown where the family says this all happened. right, jenny? >> police are saying they're unsure how this boy was shot. the family is claiming it happened on the playground at this rec center in east germantown. police aren't so sure that's the case. they say they found no evidence, and they have no witnesses of any type of shooting. police were notified of the shooting after 5:00 p.m. they returned to the scene. police brought the boy to his grandmother's house, police hold that location, the 6300 block of north 21st street as a crime scene, and they plan to have a search warrant since they have no weapon yet recovered. while there may have been minimal evidence because of the type of shooting it was minor shooting involving his
5:35 am
foot, there were hundreds of parents and children at the lonnie young recreation center, and strange no one saw anything or heard anything. >> the playgrounds, the rec center in the 1100 block every east chelten was crowded with over 100 children playing organized basketball leagues, playing organized football, organized sports, playgrounds, swing sets, sliding boards, and that's crowded. so we know that there is very young children, teenagers, we didn't get any information from them about hearing any gunshots or hearing anyone shot. >> the child was taken to einstein medical sent, he has broken foot, but he is expected to be okay. in the meantime, police are king their investigation, they want the truth about how this child was shot, they also want to recover that weapon, that was involved, lauren? >> all right, let's hope they find t thanks so much, jenny a
5:36 am
lean kane breaks her silence for the first time since crimini charged for leaking information to reporter as revenge against former prosecutor, and then lying about it all. the attorney general called the accusations all part of a grand plan, to keep her quiet over an ugly scandal over racist, and pornographic emails. emails she says she uncovered during her probe into the sandusky investigation, by then attorney general tom corbett. many say cane is simply deflecting attention away from her, with talks about skin less emails, some advocate groups called on governor tom wolf to remove her from office. >> people walking their dogs in old sitly have you new duddy -- duty. a voluntary program with no commitment. people are simply asked to keep their eyes open and report to police what they see all while out wog g their dogs. last night the first training class was held to help people determine what to look out for, and how to report it.
5:37 am
>> it is behavior that's suspicious, over time, you start to learn things like somebody hanging in the driveway, or behind a home, they don't really belong, that's kind after weird circumstance. that's one of the things that you want to call in. >> a dog walker watches already up and running here in other neighborhoods, like northern liberties, it is in 1400 communities, across the country. >> well, it has been more than 200 days since tom brady and the nfl dealing with deflate gate. what federal judge would like to see as possible resolution to all of this. >> ♪
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good morning, phillies out scored 26 to four in two games, tried to get one back in the final series of the game. to arizona, against the diamond backs, it is tide, four-four, in the sixth inning, that's cameron rough, with two on, that's a three-run homer, that's one of the reasons playing more catcher than carlos ruiz, phillies go onto win it seven-six. and no-hitter yesterday. in baseball, to seattle, this is the fourth no-hitter, of the year, the first in the american league, and few years, patriots quarterback tom brady went to federal court in new york yet, trying to get an injunction to stop the four game suspension, both sides late laid out their case to the judge, so far, no
5:41 am
decision, not sure, how a court can legally interfere with something that has been collectively bargained. the phillies have the day off. they'll play again friday. the eagles back in camp today. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> rex ryan reveals who broke gino smith's jaw. ryan says linebacker ik decked jets quarterback gino smith breaking his jaw, leaving him out for ten weeks. he was sucker punched over a 600-dollar plane ticket. ryan, and ik, formerly of the jet organization, now both with the buffalo bills, thus making the rivalry between the two teams a little more heated . >> these two police officers going viral over to bring people together. their message to keep the peace. and the piano man live in philadelphia tonight, playing all of your favorite tunes. got some big news to announce, along with his big birthday.
5:42 am
>> ♪
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>> ♪ >> sue, i think today is my favorite day hands down
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whether it comes to music. they've been jamming upstairs. >> what did i say earlier? the music is on tweak. so silly when i say t anyway, really has been. that was a request from one bob kelly, the foundations. >> good happy hour sing along song. >> yes, you know it. now, bob kelly will be hosting happy hour, seaside heights, new jersey tomorrow, while any hour that bob is there is happy. so, meet him on the board walk tomorrow morning, it will be about 65, 07 degrees, nice breeze, plenty of sunshine, you are going to have great time, that's our shore town this week. seaside heights. now, pollen forecast for today, have been talking about this a lot, because it is meet yum high levels today. it is higher levels tomorrow. even higher than that, on saturday. the offenders, right now, grass, pollen, the big one. we have the nettle, and those pesky chenopods out there, as women. listen, i did google it. and i want you to look at the
5:46 am
picture. you'll know what they are. anyway, high pressure is in control. cold front, well off shore. still parked out there, so we have another low humidity day. once the high pressure system moves off shore. that will happen by saturday, for sure, that is when the humidity returns. we start to heat up. it will become one of those bermuda highs, we get every summer. not yet. it is very comfortable out there this morning, reading has 62 degrees, so does lancaster, we're at 60 in pottstown, 69 degrees here in the city. it is in the 50's, in the higher elevations, and trenton has 64, lower 60s, down at the shore, and 64 degrees in wilmington, delaware. dew points, remember, how we said yesterday, when they're in the 50's, that's whether we start to get comfortable? well, most of our dew points are in the 50's, including, at philadelphia international airport. so that's in the refreshing pleasant range, yeah. now, kick off forecast, for sunday eagles game, near 09 at 1:00. then temperatures will get even warmer than that, during
5:47 am
the game. so, make sure to dress appropriately. eagles and the colts, they're pre-season match upstart at 1:00. now, for the rest of us today, tomorrow, the most comfortable days of this seven day forecast, we start heating up saturday, sunday, 92, heatwave will become official probably on monday, or maybe tuesday, if we don't make it to 09 saturday. regardless, we've got nice stretch of hot and humid weather, dog days of summer on this fox fursday, bob kelly, will come back. >> yes, they are. i think we should make 5:00 a.m. every day happy hour. >> 5:00 a.m., new happy hour, for the morning gang. good morning, every, live look, abbottsford ford road off wissahickon. here is a look at the boulevard, they have fire activity again in the neighborhood.
5:48 am
so local detours, first car that i just saw kind of roll by. northbound, starting to see little sun glare pop out, there as you head northbound up toward philadelphia international airport. we roll video from skyfox, pulled up over the scene hovering over flourtown road, thousands of gallons of water all over the roadway, of course all of the dirt, and the earth that was moved, under your feet there, let's go back to the maps, flourtown road closed today between joshua and thomas, so traffic using stenton avenue has the alternate. billy joel in concert tonight, talk about him having baby yesterday. little carseat setting next to the piano, but 8:00 is the start time going down there tonight. great show. i had a chance to see him last year at the ballpark and looks like we will be in for good night. to be under the stars. i59 and the schuylkill, then if you are headed home, north
5:49 am
on 95 after the concert, heads up, grab big prep send for the ride home, new traffic pattern going into play here, and penndot will have 95 down to one lane approaching cottman avenue, again, later on tonight into around this time tomorrow morning. lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much, bob. 5:49. two texas police officers have a message of their own, their lives matter, pictures going viral. it didn't catch on overnight. fox's ashley johnson spoke to the officers about what inspired them to take the picture the count have i all talking about right now. >> picture worth a thousand words, why this picture might make the hall of fame. the fact it comes from small town trinity might surprise you, you see the same message two men, police chief steven jones. >> and i don't care about his race. i don't care about anything else, other than the fact that he treats me nice, i treat him nice, we like each other. >> and officer donald givens.
5:50 am
>> to letted the world know offers remembers good people. >> but this picture wasn't an overnight sensation, trinity police up loaded it to both facebook and twitter back in may but american conservatives of color re shared it on facebook, now 93,000 shares and more than 19,000 likes. >> i was shock. because that picture, that me and my chief took, was probably three, four months old. and i'm glad it d the issue, that we're looking at in our nation, is a serious one. and that goes beyond the grass roots effort, black lives matter, which goes back to 2013, when george zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. seen racial tensions soar with ferguson, staten island, water country with walter bland, protests using the slogan black lives matter. >> they turned more of hate group no different than the
5:51 am
kkk, the black panthers, or the skinheads. and they're just bullying people, and trying to shove their agenda down people's throats. >> what do you think it will take to change people's perceptions? >> it starts in the home. simple as that. it starts in the home. if you teach hate in the home, you will teach hate in the community. teach your children the right way, you teach them to love one another, and go out and talk to one another, instead of reacting, i think we will be better community, city and nation. >> that was ashley johnson reporting both officers say they hope other departments across the country finds their own way to regain their community trust.
5:52 am
>> billy joel has some news, the piano man singer and his wife welcome their first child together a daughter yesterday. del a rose joel born in new york, new dad will have to step away from his wife and new addition today for at least a few hours, he is expected to perform at citizens bank park here in philadelphia tonight. >> beyonce's vogue cover for the september issue gets leak, queen bee's third time on the cover. she looks hot. she has on lavender lays dress, her hair is wet, this is also the third time that vogue's all important september issue is featured a black woman on the cover. naomi campbell, halle barry, the other two covers. >> food network star is out of the hospital after having another surge troy treat her breast kearns, lee shared this photo on facebook yesterday, and announced her surgery went well in may lee underwent a double masectomy, but there were complications, which
5:53 am
resulted in the second surgery on tuesday. this year marks the 38th anniversary of elvis presley's death. what better time for the postal service to unveil a forever stamp in the king's honor. the event was held, where else, but graceland. his beloved home in memphis, tennessee. his ex-wife priscilla was among many who attended the ceremony. >> walking with a purpose. the message this veteran is sharing around the country, one step at a time. >> ♪ ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan).
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dear fellow citizen, kids are a great thing. before you know it, they're in college. if you're lucky, they get a degree in finance and figure out how to pay for it. could happen. but just in case it doesn't, i can help. we have new student loans others don't offer. next time you have a question about how to pay for college, ask me. sincerely, jared duemling, fellow ninja and fellow citizen
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>> one man on an application to walk cross country for ptsd. ryan started his cross country walk in dover, delaware, operation iraqi freedom vet. he serves in the marine corps, from 1999 until 2003. wheldon says, his goal is to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder, in military, and law enforcement veterans. >> takes more than 22 veterans about suicide every single day, and i just, as a veteran, just unacceptable, something had to be done, and really no end date, however long it takes to save a life. good for him.
5:57 am
wheldon currently in danson, texas, will be in houston by the end of the month, then he plans to keep going. and head out to san francisco. >> a deadly explosion rocks china, what was in that warehouse, that has officials worried this morning. >> and, the jets let ik go for punching quarterback gino smith in the jaw, a date later he signs with the bills. why rex ryan scooped him up so quickly. mike and alex up next on good day. >> ♪
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>> live from the fox 29 studios. >> this is "good day philadelphia". kathleen kane, boy, she comes out swinging. she says the charges against her, all part of some grand plan to keep her silent, the scandal she claims people in harrisburg are trying to cover up. >> ♪ >> explosion on the new jersey turnpike seen for miles away. two tractor-trailers collide, and you won't believe what happened to the driver. >> and, should chris christie resign? almost half of new jersians think so. but they still say he shouldn't be forced to do so. we'll try to explain that on a thursday morning. good day everybody, it is thursday, august the 13th, 2015. hi, everybody. >> hello. >> here we go. here we go. >> how did you like yesterday? >> it was


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