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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> live from the fox 29 studios. >> this is "good day philadelphia". kathleen kane, boy, she comes out swinging. she says the charges against her, all part of some grand plan to keep her silent, the scandal she claims people in harrisburg are trying to cover up. >> ♪ >> explosion on the new jersey turnpike seen for miles away. two tractor-trailers collide, and you won't believe what happened to the driver. >> and, should chris christie resign? almost half of new jersians think so. but they still say he shouldn't be forced to do so. we'll try to explain that on a thursday morning. good day everybody, it is thursday, august the 13th, 2015. hi, everybody. >> hello. >> here we go. here we go. >> how did you like yesterday? >> it was fantastic.
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>> people were openly talking about it in public. >> yes. >> so nice. >> openly talking about how wonderful it was. i was little stink i yesterday. i gave it a nine. so today we go to double king glitz oh, teacher is in a good mood today. >> that's right, student, were you very good, you behaved yourselves, you're getting your ten for today. bus stop buddy went camping today. wanted to watch the shooting stars meteor shower. >> you were in a tent out in the woods? >> look at this. >> here's a nice start to the day, temperatures, mostly in the 60s, this morning, couple of 70s out there. and the sun is rising, with just few clouds, 63 percent relative humidity, sunrise, official, at 6:11 this morning. 70 degrees to get you started. nothing to show you on radar. that's why, a loft folks were able to see the meteor shower last night. 85 degrees, and dry today, low humidity day, with all of the sunshine, and now tonight, you may be able to get another glimpse of the percent
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perseids meteor showers, clear skies, low of 66 degrees. how long can it last? we'll let you know when the 90s return, in our seven day forecast, coming up. hi, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody. 6:02 this thursday, starting to see volume pop around the board, rush hour underway. just had line up, single file on the vine street expressway. folks headed in toward 30th street station, on the left side here, folks coming into downtown, no problems on the vine. schuylkill looking good. little bit of volume at girard. live look at i995 in delaware county, folks coming up, with the sunrise, in the background there. now, we had water main break last night on the way home. let's roll video from skyfox, we pulled up over flourtown road, thousands of gallons spilled out from underground, and of course, all of the dirt that's now all over the roadway, let's go back to the maps. this will be closed for at least the morning rush hour. flourtown road, joshua over to thomas, and whitemarsh, montgomery county. so you want to use stenton avenue as the alternate for
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this morning. we had a problem last night, on the wilmington line, everything is back to normal, so, all of the regional rail lines, including that wilmington line, running with no delays this morning. starting to see delays south on 95, out of the northeast, into girard. and then tonight, through the weekends, penndot's putting in new traffic pattern on 95, near cottman avenue. keep that in mine for the gang heading home from the billy joel concert later tonight. mike, alex, over to you. >> 6:03, bob. police are investigating a double shooting in west philadelphia, police were called out, around 11:00 last night to the 5300 block of chancellor street. they say, a 24 year old man and 26 year old man had both been shot in the their feet. police say the shooting followed an early incident, but it is unclear who shot whom. both men were treated at hospital, but no word on their current conditions, family member of one of the victims was also arrested for showing up to the scene with a gun. >> and septa and amtrak
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officials investigating a deadly incident. >> this is just after 11:00 p.m. last night. officials say person was struck along the amtrak and septa lines in glenolden, delaware county. service on rail line suspended for sometime. septa has since restored service on it wilmington newark regional rail line. also in delaware couldn't, police in folcroft, investigating a pedestrian hit by a car. it happened shortly before 12:30 this morning at the intersection of chester pike, folcroft avenue. no word on the victim's condition. >> how about yesterday afternoon? kathleen kane breaks her silence for the first time is since she was criminally charged for leaking information, allegedly leaking information to a reporter, as revenge against her former prosecutor, and then, allegedly, lied about it. >> sabina live in norristown outside montgomery county courthouse. sabina? >> reporter: good morning, mike, amex. in her if -- alex. attorney general kathleen kane came out swinging. she says she's ready for a fight. the 49 year old democrat said she is a victim of retaliation
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after her office uncovered pornographic and racist emails set among top city officials. kane maintains her innocence against criminal charges that she leaked secret grand jury information to a newspaper reporter, in order to embarrass the state prosecutor. she allegedly blamed for negative story about her, montgomery county district attorney republican risa furman filed those charges including perjury, now kane wants a judge to allow the release whatever she says are additional offensive emails, set among other state employees, she says, the criminal charges are an effort to discredit her, and make sure those additional emails don't see the light of day. here she is, addressing her two young sons at yesterday's press conference. >> there are two types of evil in this life: one is traditional evil that i desperately try to save my boys from, and the 13 million people of this commonwealth, and the other type of evil is when good people stand back and do nothing. and i'm telling you,
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christopher, and zach, you know i have ' never been that person. i've brought this fight to our doorstep literally to our doorstep because that's not the type of person that i am. and i want you to know that i made a promise to the voters of this commonwealth and the non-voters of this commonwealth, whether they voted for me or not, i made a promise that i was going to finish a job, and i was going to do it. >> there is a great interest in proceeding with i am people. , there is also the hope of a disciplinary board review, with the supreme court, i think we thought, but there was significant interest here in both chambers and both parties that we proceed with impeach: >> republicans as you heard there saying impeaching kane is an option. she said she will not resign. she is the top ranking woman in pennsylvania state government. mike, alex? >> my goodness, more on that in just a second. 6:06. how about this? former president jimmy carter revealed yesterday he's been diagnosed with cancer. we new he was dealing with this, but now he says it is
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spreading. ninety year old had surgery earlier this month to remove small mass from his liver. which revealed the cancer. it was, reportedly, spread to other parts of his body. this is not good. he plans to undergo treatment, at emory hospital in atlanta. president, former president carter, said more details concerning his condition will be released next week after the surgery. >> and, three more women come forward accusing bill cosby of drugging them and raping them. what one of the alleged victims told him the second time, the second time, she says he tried to pick her up. >> deadly explosion rocks china. what was in that warehouse that has officials worried?
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>> track took trailers collided around 8:00 last night near east brunswick, one of the trucks blew up. burst into flames. both drivers somehow escaped any serious injuries. and i bet you have seen this. look at this view from a driver passing by on the opposite direction of the turnpike. he caught this amazing image, as one of the trucks blew up,
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burst into flames, as i said, pulled out the cell phone, probably not the safest thing to do while driving. but got that footage. look at this. and listen to this. i think. >> no word what caused this truck to crash. >> but look at the image. goodness. >> that's something, to be that close to it, too. >> wow. >> and another explosion, this one in china. what was inside that warehouse, we're about to show this warehouse, that has some people worried. >> bob? >> well, couple of situations from yesterday, and now we're dealing with a shutdown of this schuylkill expressway, all westbound lanes of the schuylkill closed, between city avenue and belmont avenue because after crash. we'll go out to the live penndot cameras, sue's got the forecast, stay there, we're coming right back.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ j6:14, a live look, at fox 29, bird came there is beautiful, just gorgeous thursday morning.
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>> oh, gorgeous day today. now, tomorrow, equally as gorgeous, in the morning, all more reason for you to head to seaside heights, new jersey, meet up with bob kelly on the board walk tomorrow morning, 56 to 707 degrees, sunny, breezy, gorgeous day, tomorrow, but today, isn't going to be that either at the shore. here is your thursday "shorecast", temp on the beach in the lower 80s, and, sea breeze little later today. 27 degrees surf temp, and uv index eight today. of course you have to have your sunscreen, we jump ahead in future cast to saturday, because, we do have a cold front, that is going to try to make it way through the area. there you see, out to the western part of the state, there is some rain in pit burying saturday, mover through the afternoon, 5:00 o'clock, 6:00, 10:00 at
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night, those showers dissipating before they have a chance to get here. so we do not have showers in the forecast for saturday, 06 in reading, allentown, cool 59 degrees in pottstown, 70 at philadelphia international airport. (dew points, checking them yesterday, waiting for them to get down to the 50's, well, many of them are this morning, that's why it is such a beautiful and comfortable morning with the dew point in the 50's, usually pleasant, temperatures, eight a the past couple of days clouding yesterday. we will be about eight a degrees today. another ten tomorrow, saturday inch back to the 90s, humidity returns in time for the weekends, hot day for the eagles game, sunday, at the
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linc. eagles and the colts and the pre-season game, and heatwave possible, monday, tuesday of neck week, when the phillies come back to town to play the blue jays tuesday, in the midst of the hot, humid, dog days of summer. >> fox fursday i guess that's appropriate, bob kelly. >> yes, it is. 6:17. good morning, everybody, shutdown on the schuylkill expressway. all because after accident, here is a live look, at the westbound lanes of the schuylkill, you know it is bad when folks are out of their cars and walking around, the tree here, obviously, blogging the actual accident scene. but it is the westbound suing between city avenue and belmont. look at them stacking like pancakes, leaving town, headed west, also a delay on the roosevelt. right now, westbound lanes closed between city avenue and belmont avenue. really no good alternate here. maybe rolling through manayunk, main street, or
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maybe conshy state road if you are headed out of town. there is also a delay on the eastbound side, that's where your gaper delay. accident in wilmington south on 95 right at exit seven. that's the one just south of route 202, we talked about the bridge fares going up. doesn't happen today. doesn't go into effect until september 15th. and here is the deal. cars will double to four bucks, if you have e-zpass, it will only cost you an extra dollar. e-zpass tolls again to 3:00. regional rail lines, we have some problems with the wilmington line last night. everything is back to normal. in you see little back pack on billy joel tonight, that's the baby. place tonight. we will see a lot of extra volume headed into the stadium complex, on the way home leaving the concert tonight, going back to the northeast, penndot will be putting in new traffic pattern it, will go down to one lane, 95 tonight,
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near cottman avenue. mike, alex, back over to you. >> are you saying billy joel had a baby yesterday his wife? >> his wife had a baby in yes, fantastic. >> that's wonderful. 6:19. in china, massive blast rocks the port city of continue jen, at least 44 people are dead. >> huge. the blast occurred at a lazarus material warehouse. this is the fourth largest port city in the world, matter of fact, the fire spread to some nearby buildings, government officials say the fire is mostly under control at this hour. but it was gigantic. and, dozens more reported in serious condition after that blast. there is no word on what caused the explosion. teams are now surround veining the area to determine if any toxic chemicals were released from that plant when it blew up. >> and three new women have come forward claiming they, too, were victimized by bill
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cosby. according to attorney gloria allred, two of the victims were actors, third victim worked as flight attendant. colleen hughes claim she met cosby when stewardess on a flight in the 70s, second victim, linda ridgway, said she was assaulted while sitting in a chair waiting for a job interview, but was not drugged. the final victim identified as eat and, said, she was sexually harassed during a taping of the cosby show. >> when you already had me once, and i don't want to ever be drugged by you again. bill said did you report that to anyone? and i said not yet, no. you are bill cosby. who would believe me? >> has been ordered to give a sworn deposition in court on october 9th. and a lawsuit filed by one of his accusers claim he abused her when she was 15 years old. cosby denies any wrong-doing. well, many of the presidential candidates will step on to the stage, for the
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traditional soap box speech at the ohio state fair. they'll each be given about 20 minute to speak on the republican side, we got a big list. new jersey governor chris christie former pennsylvania senator rick santorum will be there along with jeb bush, john kasich, scott walker, marco rubio, bobby jindal, mike huckabee, lindsey graham, ted cruz, ben carson, carly fee rena, and that guy. donald trump. as for the democrats? bernie sanders will be there, martin o'malley, jim web, lincoln cavee, yes all running for president on the democratic side. but, oh, by the way, debbie wasserman shultz will be there, too, the chairperson of the dnc. but guess who is not going? hillary clinton is not going to be there as least for now. 21:00. >> democratic law makers in new jersey want to pass a law that requires governor christie and all future governors to resign if they run for president.
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but what do voters think of this idea? >> well, 54% want christie to step down on his own, but only 45% believe he should be forced to do so. 53% of voters felt traveling out of state impacts christie's ability to govern, and nervily half said they didn't know when he was in the garden state or when he was traveling. the rutgers eagleton pole conducted before the gop debate. >> this has been debated for years, years, years. if you are running, should you step down from your current job? >> well, how about nicki minaj? >> she is in camden last weekend on her tour. before she took the stage she stopped by to visit kids over at chop. and she shared the first, her first, she has a road of her song. wait until you hear it. >> she said something with them. i know that. >> hey, by the way, powerball was last night. those are the numbers. >> ♪
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deflate gate, yesterday the sides got together with the players association and tom brady trying to find a way to block the nfl in four game suspension. roger goodel, braid bring in the courtroom. along with attorneys from both sides. now, the federal judge would like to find a resolution to the four game suspension, barring that brady side would like an injunction. the judge has yet to make a decision, i'm wondering how
6:26 am
judge can override something that has been collectively bargained. the phils won a game yesterday. to arizona, they lost the first two, but the thirds one, it is four-four in the sixth. and that's cam on rough. run of the reasons he's playing, three run homer, phillies up seven-four, ends up winning it seven-six. no hit nerve seattle. this is the final out. it is the fourth no hit they are year. that's sports in a minute, and i'm howard eskin. >> back when no hitters were so rare, now the fourth one this year. of course our cole hamels has a no-hitter. did you hear? looks like chase utley may go to the giant. that's big news. >> that is huge. i know our cole hamels can we call him ours? >> sure. i still claim him. even though he is arranger. i cannot pronounce this guy's name. want to give it a shot in the player who broke the jets quarterback gino smith's jaw this that lockerroom brawl? >> well, rex ryan pick him up
6:27 am
for the buffalo bills. >> i'll try it. ik. >> that's him. >> yes. so he's over at the buffalo bills. released from the jet after he punched gino smith, now this move makes the rivalry between the two teams a little more heated now. ik, you know, broke geno's jaw over 600-dollar plane ticket leaving him out for ten weeks. >> of course, rex ryan used to coach the new york jets. so kind of getting them back. so he teamed up now with our shady mccoy. we'll see how that works out. taking a bite out of crime, take a bite out of crime, how dog walkers are making the city safer. what? >> ♪
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>> kathleen kane was trying to tell her part of the story, now she says this is part of grand plan against her. >> as we new it was going to, it passed, the tolls are going up, if you cross the burlington bristol, or talcony palmyra bridge, when the tolls will double on those two bridges. going to happen pretty quickly. >> get ready, the gloucester premium outlets opened today.
6:31 am
the special events going on for the grand opening, and the celebrity who is going to be there, this saturday. >> celebrity will be there saturday. >> yes. >> man, people have been waiting for those outlet stores to open. good day, it is august the 13th, 2015. >> you agree? e ' excited because today will be a ten. >> that's what jacks you up. >> all right, jeff cole. >> and if you had been walking today bridge, the talcony palmyra, as you said you would, if the toll hike hadn't happened, would you have beautiful day for it, at less. >> yes. >> but not going to happen because they did it. anyway, bus stop buddy, it is summer camp today. very nice start to the day, with temperatures mostly in the 60s, few 70s out there, now that the sun's been out for awhile. yes, he's got the joint water bottle today. because you want to be outside as long as possible, stay hydrated. 5-mile per hour breast out of the north and 63% relative humidity, it is a good start to the day. can't finds too many clouds on our satellite and radar picture, there are a few out there, but in the weather by
6:32 am
the number, tada, it is a ten, out of ten today. because of this high temperature of 85 degrees, a lovely day, and there is the key word: low humidity. now, it is august, in philadelphia, you know it is going to get sticky again, we will tell you when that happens, when we come back with the seven day forecast, in just a few minutes. but bob kelly, big problem on the schuylkill expressway this morning. >> well, if the contractor shows up without the dry wall, send him back to the schuylkill expressway. look at this mess. >> oh, no. >> this is a tractor trail their was caring all of that dry wall, that spilled all over the westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway. they pushed it all off neatly stacking it there, off to the shoulder, but right now, just one lane getting through here on the westbound side of the schuylkill expressway between city avenue and belmont
6:33 am
avenue. >> oh,. >> mike, is this the contractor coming. >> my bathroom, yes. >> there you go. >> holy sheet rock. >> there you go, batman, right there. now, let's go back to one of the live cameras. barely -- >> not going to pay the bill thereto that camera guy. but westbound schuylkill expressway jammed solid from approaching the boulevard out to belmont avenue. been closed for the last 20 minutes, as you can see, there is only one lane open. this is going to be a game changer for the morning rush hour. if you are headed out of town this morning, from center city, i would go south 95, and use the blue route up to conshy, or from the neighborhoods, you can use, go through main street, ridge avenue, or maybe conshy state road, but again, that westbound schuylkill, already a parking lot, and the roosevelt boulevard jammed, as well, heading south trying to get on to the schuylkill expressway. the regional rail lines, we had some problems with the wilmington line last night, back to normal there. no problems on the paoli line. tomorrow, sue mentioned, we're
6:34 am
going down the shore shall seaside heights, coming to your spot, the boardwalk, tomorrow morning, 6:00 to 10:00. if you are down the shore this week, come on by say hi tomorrow morning, mike, alex, back to you. >> 6:34, the search is on this morning for missing man in abington. charles wilson disappeared last night from st. joseph manor, on huntingdon pike. eight a year old suffers from dementia, last seen wearing maroon phillies coat. >> let's troy to get back to this now, try to explain what's going on here. kathleen kane, our attorney general, broke her silence yesterday for the first time since she was criminally charged for leaking information allegedly leaking information to a reporter, as revenge against a former prosecutor, and then allegedly lied about it. >> well, sabina live in norristown, because kathleen kane at a press conference, she said it is about some emails that the public needs to see. >> that's right, mike, alex. calling it a stealth political weapon. that's what she is saying the
6:35 am
criminal charges against her, she said retaliation for her office ex positioning the network of pornographic, racist emails, shared among state employees during a investigation of the handling of the jerry sandusky case. those emails led to the resignation of state supreme court justice, and the firing after top cabinet officials, kane says there are more of those emails out, there and she claims she's being discredited for those document, never come out. but montgomery county district attorney risa furman said kane leaked seek rat grand jury information to newspaper report nerve order to embarrass the political foe she believed was a source of an unflattering story about her. fuhrman says kane then lied under oath about her actions. meantime, republicans are talking impeach. and activists are calling for kane to step down or be removed from office. >> those are enough charges to force her, i think they're aggregious, the golf should even step in, use his power of the constitution, and say for the senate voter her out. i this i that's where it is at right now. the governor should step forward and do that.
6:36 am
>> since the first call for my resignation, in those 15 months, my offers has announced 247 child preditor arrests, 1,174 drug arrests. since i've taken offers, there has been 800% increase in child preditor arrests, and a 30% increase in drug arrests. >> so when he calls for resignation based upon the fact that somehow this has been a distraction to me, proves otherwise, by the facts, and the numbers. pennsylvania is safer now than it has ever been. >> kane there talking about why she will not resign. she took no questions at her press conference, first court date set for august 24th. mike, alex? >> we will talk about it more with a attorney coming up in just a second. 6:36. man under arrest for murder of wilmington mother and the shooting of her four year old daughter, and another woman. >> twenty-one year old tyler carter facing murder, robbery, and other charges, la trees
6:37 am
killed on west seventh street, monday afternoon, her son, watched his mom and sister get shot. carter was arrested in newark yesterday afternoon. 6:37. philadelphia police are trying to find out how a eight year old boy got shot in his foot. his family says he found the gun in a bag at the lonnie young rec center in east germantown, and accidentally shot himself. this happened last night. shot himself in the foot. investigators interview everyone there, but no one saw or heard anything. really? and police didn't find any evidence after crime scene. police requested a search warrant to check the boy's grandmother's house, where he allegedly went after the shooting. at this point, no gun has been found. >> 6:37. starting next month, drivers will pay more to cross two bridges connecting pennsylvanian south jersey. >> yes, last night, 6:00, this is no surprise, the burlington
6:38 am
county bridge commission did vote to increase tolls for the talcony palmyra and the burlington bristol bridges. starting on september the 15th. if you're paying with cash, it will now cost you $4 to cross that bridge. that's double from the $2 it used to cost. you know, used to call this is the nickel bridge. only five sent. that was way back if the day. and e-zpass users will pay $3, the hikes will help pay for upgrades to the bridge. >> we wish we didn't have to do this. but we're compelled in the interest of safety, in the interest of viability. >> will hurt the consumers, traveling the burlington bristol mostly every day, and i don't think it is fair. >> how much money will they make? toll hike bring in about 12 million-dollar morse per year. fare hike, as i mention, will go into effect in the middle of the september, september 15th. >> now the first time the hike has gone or the toll has gone up. in 15 years. >> i'm sure a lot of people are disappointed not just
6:39 am
about the hike but the fact yesterday you said if they were not going to pass this, would you walk across the talcony palmyra bridge. >> i could have said i was going to walk to beijing. it was going to pass. >> yes, you new what you were doing. >> yes. >> shoppers rejoice. new premium outlet is opening in new jersey. >> people have been rating -- waiting on this, the grand opening of the gloucester premium outlets is today. >> so jenny joyce is live to show us around. are you shopping already? >> she is a shopper. >> i am a shopper, but they technically don't open until 10:00. so unfortunately i've been able to restrain myself, keep myself out of some trouble for now. but i said to co-worker jacky on the news it is being, when did this happen? we knew it was coming, i had no idea it would be finished today, opening today. very excited for south jersey shoppers, top stores like armany, banana republic, calvin klein, coal haan, columbia sports wear, nike brands, nike, puma, under army, vera brad lurks list goes on, 376,000 square foot
6:40 am
shopping center, will offer area shoppers savings of between 25 and 65% off every day. the four day grand opening celebration will run today through sunday with extended store hours, and range of free family friendly events, including live entertainment, and give aways. and on saturday, i heard mike and alex, you guys say, there was celebrity coming. that celebrity bethenny frankel, of the real housewives of new york sit. >> i bethenny frankel is the celebrity? >> oh, my. i thought it would be somebody -- >> can i tell you, i actually, i've met her before. she is nice. she is a top selling author, also. she has her skinny girl cocktail. >> i no who she is. >> we got luck which. that will anyway, so we have the ribbon cutting that's coming up at will the 30 this morning. and then you can start shopping until you drop or
6:41 am
until it is 10:00 o'clock tonight. because that's how late the stores are open. so on our website >> so to bethany, on real housewives of new york, had her own syndicated talk show. now she is opening malls. >> probably smart business move. jenny mentioned she has her skinny girl cocktails, maybe she's going to start selling them, you know, there, so -- >> i thought she sold that company for $170 million? >> i think she did actually sell. >> why would she have to open an outlet mall? seriously. >> maybe just real excited about it? >> maybe she likes clothes. >> towelly she is really nice. 6:41, nicki minaj, this is really sweet. nicki minaj was in town. was it friday? for concert? with meek mill? i can't remember. anyway, while she was if philadelphia, she went over to chop, the children's hospital of philadelphia, wait until you hear her first rap she ever wrote. she shared it with the kids of
6:42 am
chop. i've never heard it. >> wow, okay. can't wait to hear t we'll hear it soon. bob, ready to hear it? >> ready to go. 42:00, live look from skyfox over the scene of the schuylkill expressway. look at these guys, just kinds of leaning up against the barrier. wonder what they're talking about? look at this mess. the truck lost its load of dry wall, causing big delays, leaving town, we'll have an alternate, sue, with the forecast whether we come right back. consideration
6:43 am
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i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today.
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>> lock at this mess, the back up that stretches for over an hour, this is impacting everyone, on the schuylkill expressway, impacting everyone leaving the sit. only one lane open here. my guess is that they're going to leave it at least one lane here. they got everything off to the shoulder. get another truck to come n they have to hand load all of that dry wall, up onto another
6:46 am
flatbed. at least they got the one lane open. going to our fixed camera here, westbound, the railroad bridge between city avenue and belmont. if you get on at belmont, you will be okay. trouble getting past the accident scene not easy trick here. do you have work your way through manayunk, you can use main street, to up ridge, or possibly conshy state road. but we are bumper to bumper to bumper here from pretty much montgomery drive, all the way out to approaching belmont, over an hour, just to sit in that delay. then, coming eastbound on the schuylkill, later on this morning, after the rush hour, penndot doing tree trimming again on the eastbound side, so coming into philly, you want to use the kelly or the martin luther king drive, as alternate. south on 95, disable, at girard avenue, in that construction zone. so, we're back up from cottman avenue on into center city, and then, north 95, beginning tonight, through the weekend,
6:47 am
penndot will be setting up new traffic pattern, up near this cottman avenue interchange. so that's going to tie us up, keep that in mine, sue, if you are coming home from the billy joel concert tonight. obviously after 10:00 when these guys are packing up. >> couple of cd's in your listening to billy joel because you'll be all jazzed up, a all allege have a lot of time. pollen forecast, in the great. we've been hearing from you, on twitter, all morning, about the allergy situation. so, if you're having problems, you must be allergic to one every this is thing, the nasty chenopods, or the nettle, or the grass. anyway, medium to high levels of pollen, today, tomorrow, and saturday. then on sunday, it is expected to go up even more, and that's because of the lack of rain, which means good weather for us, high pressure is in control. the cold front from day before
6:48 am
yesterday is still way off shore. so we don't have anything else to look at, this cold front, will try to get through on saturday. >> western part in the state in the afternoon, but trying, but high pressure looks it will block that rain, from getting here, stowe look like we are going to stay rain-free, for the entire weekend. temperatures, look how cool and comfortable it is in mount pocono, with 54 degrees, 70 in philadelphia, very lovely morning at the shore, 61 degrees atlantic city, 61 wildwood. see, we told you on tuesday, when it was so rainy, nasty, that you would get your pay off by the ends of the week it, happens, dew point in the 50's. >> sunday the eagles play the comes at 1:00 in their
6:49 am
pre-season game, temperature will be near 90 when the game begins, and it is only going to get worse from there, and the humidity will be up by sunday, as well. so it will be typical sticky august day, by then. but it was a wonderful wednesday with the high of eight a degrees, yesterday, today, back to 85, and just perfect with a ten out of ten little warmer tomorrow. still ten. i think the real humidity doesn't come back until saturday full force monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week so dog days of summer shall return. >> i know it is early to google, but could you google something for me? >> with pleasure. >> i want to know how old billy joel's daughter. is her name alexa? >> i think 29 but i'll check it. alexa ' joel, yes. >> his caughter? >> with christy brinkly. well,. >> you may be right, he may be crazy. whatever song that is. billy joel is a dad again. his wife had a baby yesterday,
6:50 am
yes. >> so, they welcome their first child together, a daughter. del a rose joel. >> nice name, del a rose. >> yes, born in new york, and the new dad will have to pry himself away from wife and new addition at least for few hours because performing at citizens bank park here in philly tonight. >> so, alexa, his daughter 29, you know what i am driving at here? how old is his wife? do we know her name? >> i think she 32, 33. and he's 66. >> so, he has daughter 29, his wife is 33. what are you looking at? i have nothing say about it. >> trying to make a point? >> i'm just as bad. >> are you? you're going have a child soon? >> no, no, no, no, no. >> congratulations. >> seriously, you're the father of 80 kids. >> so bob would know. >> bob would know. okay, you know ryan seacrest. great guy. he loves the children's hospital of philadelphia. put radio station in there.
6:51 am
so, he released some video of nicki minaj, when she visited children's hospital of philadelphia last week. now, look at this. >> i think you guys have to make sure that it is really what you want to do, and that you're not doing it for any other reason than this is your passion, and if it is truly your passion, then go for t but stay in school. don't ever think that it is a guarantee that you make it at anything in the arts. do your arts, but also do your education, as well. >> nicely done, nicky. did you see the little kid off to the left? it is the kid who was the very first child who had a hand transplant. both hands, matter of fact. isn't that great? there is ryan seacrest radio station right there in the lobby over at children's hospital. nicky also told her kids there her favorite place to eat in philly is wawa. >> that's great. >> so, meek mill, you know, her boyfriend, i'm sure he's been showing her around, she knows what's up, yes, in town last week with her tour.
6:52 am
so i thought we would hear first rap. >> i lied to you, i lied to you. >> that's okay. >> i apologize for, that that will never happen again. 6:52. taking a bite out of crime. how dog walkers are making the city safer. >> well, they can be, you know, came to watch the neighborhood walking around, right? >> that's true, they have eyes. >> ♪
6:53 am
6:54 am
oh, my gosh, that's a groundhog.
6:55 am
>> this groundhog looked for his shadow in the wrong spot, ended up getting stuck with a tin can. >> they struggle to free him, the officer set it down it, wasted no time running back into the woods. >> oh,. >> yes, you know what, this actually looks like? is a body camera on a police officer, doesn't it? >> it might be. >> captures everything in those body cams. >> true, day in the life. >> including groundhogs. 65:00, a people out walking their dogs in old sit, they're soon going to have new duddy. not talking about picking up those -- >> picking up duty in. >> yes. >> okay, dog walker, watch, will start next month. it is a voluntary program with no commitment really. people are simply asked to keep their eyes open, report to police, what they see. all while out walking the dogs. last night, the first training class was held to help people determine what to look out for as they're walking the dog, and how to report it.
6:56 am
>> people suspicious, it is behavior that's suspicious. so, over time, you start to learn somebody hanging in the driveway, behind a home, they don't really belong, that's casino after weird circumstance, that's one of the things that you want to call in. >> oh, i would love to go to one of these meetings. a dog walker watch already up and running here in other neighborhoods, like northern liberties has one. it is in 1400 communities, across the country. kind of interesting idea. >> it is. more eyes the better. >> yes, but i would like it hear what they determine is somebody who is suspicious. you snow. >> that is true. >> what the determination is. >> yes? well, 6:56. it is the beer of champions. wheaties want to get into the beer business, where you want to go if you want to try it. >> you mean beer for breakfast? is that what you are saying? >> maybe. >> oh, and blessing for bradford. a temple student is trying to get the pope's attention, and
6:57 am
more than 5,000 people are on board with this idea. he's in our studio, we will help him spread the word. yes, the pope, he want the pope to rub sam brad for ever forward's knees hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo! (dad) you caught us daydreaming. about a couple of touring bikes? (dad) yeah... mounted on top of a new suv? (mom) uh huh... hooked up to the back of a custom motorhome? (dad) exactly! but how did you- you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. (dad) right! bankroll doubler. (mom, off-screen) with top prizes of $300,000. (male announcer) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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6:59 am lling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at >> this is good day philadelphia. >> oh, sheet rock. dry wall, all over the highway, a fell off truck on
7:00 am
76. this is near belmont. >> kathleen kane, she said it is a grand plan to keep her silent. she claims the people in harrisburg are trying to cover up. and, oh, man, bad news, former president jimmy carter, says, he does have cancer, and it is spreading throughout his body. when he plans to talk more about his condition my gosh, chase utley, ten teams are chasing chase. are the phillies close to trading chase? could it happen while out there? on the west coast? the team that is trying to acquire chase utley from the phillies. he may never come back here from the west coast. >> said women everywhere screaming. no! >> and i was


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