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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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76. this is near belmont. >> kathleen kane, she said it is a grand plan to keep her silent. she claims the people in harrisburg are trying to cover up. and, oh, man, bad news, former president jimmy carter, says, he does have cancer, and it is spreading throughout his body. when he plans to talk more about his condition my gosh, chase utley, ten teams are chasing chase. are the phillies close to trading chase? could it happen while out there? on the west coast? the team that is trying to acquire chase utley from the phillies. he may never come back here from the west coast. >> said women everywhere screaming. no! >> and i was thinking about
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how many seven and eight year old are walking around with the name chase? >> yes. >> right? because when we won the world series, great year, and everybody naming their kids chase. >> so about seven years old, these kids. >> yes. >> looks like he may be going to the giants. >> to the number of the day, because we decided that we were stingy yesterday. and going to double digit today. bosh kel i have course get to go traffic first, because we have the huge sheet rock problem. >> fifty-nine minute, close to hour delay, on the schuylkill expressway, we go outside, take live look, i think we were either going to go to chop, take the grounds camera, bumper to bumper on the westbound schuylkill expressway. we showed you video few moment ago, dry wall, spilled all over the westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway, approaching belmont avenue. one lane squeezing on through, hour delay pretty much
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montgomery drive all the way out of town, past city down to one lane, at belmont avenue. the best way to get around this, if you are headed out of town, forget about the schuylkill expressway. coming in from new jersey or center city i would go 95 south, take the blue route north. that will put you up in conshohocken. if you want to work through the neighborhoods, obviously, roxborough, manayunk, you can take main street, to ridge, on the opposite side, you can take conshy state road. but again the westbound schuylkill an absolute mess with only this one lane. now, on the overnight, we had a water main break along flower to up road poppled up with water main break, water on the roadway, also all of the dirt now needs to get cleaned up. so back to the maps, flourtown road, remains blocked between joshua and thomas, stenton avenue good news, tonight happen until december the 15th, more on exactly the prices that will be going up
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on the tac-pal in burlington coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> like i was saying, ten out of ten, our price went up, too, we had our increase today. that's good thing. so it is a nice start to the day. bus stop buddy, he's at summer camp today, temperatures in the 60s, seven 70s, see the mix every sunday and clouds out there this morning, 7% relative humidity, northerly breeze of 5 miles an hour 68 degrees, head today high in the 80s later today. it will be in the mid 80s, eight a should be height later on, and we will get to probably mid 60s tonight, could be another nice night for star gaizing, because we're still in those peak days
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>> chancellor street, they say 24 year old man, 26 year old man, both had been shot in their feet. now police say the shooting followed earlier incident, but unclear who shot whom. both treated in the hospital, no word on current conditionsment family members of one of the victims already arrested for showing up to the scene with a gun. investigating a deadly incident. >> just about 11:00 last night, officials say person was struck along the amtrak and septa lines, in glenolden, delaware county. service on the rail line was suspended, for quite a bit of time. septa has since restored service, on it wilmington, newark, regional rail. >> investigating a pedestrian
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hit by car, happened shortly before 12:30 this morning, at the intersection of chester pike and folcroft. no word on the victim's condition. back to the kathleen kane story, cat loan kane breaks silence for the first time since criminally charged for allegedly leaking information to a reporter, and, well, as revenge against former prosecutor. that allegedly lying about it. >> and sabina live in norristown with what she said at the press conference. sabina? >> reporter: good morning, mike, alex. in her first public comments about the case against her, attorney general kathleen kane came out swinging, she says she is ready for a fight. the 49 year old democrat says she is a victim of retaliation after her office uncovered pornographic and racist emails set among top state official. kane maintains her innocence benz criminal charges that she leaked secret grand jury information to newspaper reporter, in order to embarrass the state prosecutor she allegedly blamed for negative story about her. montgomery county district attorney, republican risa furman, filed the charges including perjury against
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kane, kane wants a judge to allow release what she says are additional offensive emails set among other state and employees. she says the criminal charges are an effort to discredit her, make sure the additional emails don't see the light of day. here she is addressing her two young sons at press conference yesterday. >> there are two types of evil in this life. one is traditional evil that i desperately try to save my boys from, and the 13 million people of this commonwealth. and the other type of evil is when good people stand back and do nothing. and i'm telling you, christopher and zach, you know i have never been that person. i brought this fight to our doorstep. literally to our doorstep. because that's not the type of person that i am. and i want you to know that i made a promise to the voters of this commonwealth, and the non-voters of this commonwealth, whether they voted for me or not, i made a promise that i was going to finish a job and i was going
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to do it. >> there is a great interest in proceeding with impeachment, there is also the hope of a disciplinary board review with the supreme court. i think we -- there was significant interest here in both chambers and both parties that we proceed with impeach: >> republicans there saying impeaching kane is an option. she says she will not resign. she is the first democrat and the first woman elected to the post of attorney general in pennsylvania. she is also the top ranking woman in pennsylvania, state government, guys, back to you. >> yes, there used to be a tonight dollars the attorney aty generals, then 1908 we started electing them in the state of pennsylvania. 7:07. two truck drivers are recovering this morning, after a horrifying crash on the new jersey turnpike. the tractor-trailer collided around 8:00 last night near east brunswick, one of the trucks blew up. both drivers are just fine. check out the video of a
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driver passing by on the opposite side of the turnpike. >> this driver shot. >> this look at that. truck completely engulfed in flames. probably not the best idea to be shooting video as you are driving, but still. pretty impressive footage. listen to this: >> how about that? nearby resident also captured this video of the explosion, in china. no word on what led to this. but 44 people died, apparently you can hear this explosion, for like 25 miles away. >> yes, so it happened at hazardous materials warehouse, the fire even spread to nearby buildings, government officials say the fire mostly under control this morning. >> up real. >> former president jimmy carter reveals he's been diagnosed with cancer. the 09 year old had surgery
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earlier this month to remove small mass from his liver, which revealed the cancer. it is reportedly spread to other part of his body, he plans to undergo treatment at emory hospital in atlanta. the former president said more details concerning his condition, will be released, next week. >> and democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton tries to reassure supporters over her e-mail investigation. clinton's campaign sent message to supporters saying the former secretary of state is not facing criminal investigation, and is cooperating with federal officials. she also said many republican candidates also used private e-mail accounts for work. this comes a day after clinton handed over her personal server to the f.b.i. i clinton said she did not sends any classified materials through that personal account. >> all right, 7:09. almost 7:08. what time is it? 7:10. well the us has launched first air strikes against isis targets, in syria. the f16 fighter jet took off from turkey, the pentagon
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says, six of the air force's jets will be used in strike missions, part of combined joint task force operations, to stop the advance of isis. a message to nato regarding the mission red like. >> this the united state and the country of turkey, as member of the 60 plus nation coalition, fighting isis, are committed to the fight against isis in the pursuit of peace and stability in the region. >> all right, three more women have come forward claiming they, too, were victimized by bill cosby. according to their attorney, gloria allred, two of the women were actors, the third woman worked as a flight an at any can't. calling hughes claims she met cosby, while she was a flight attendant on a flight to los angeles, in the 70s. the other woman, linda ridgeway, said she was assaulted while sitting in a chair waiting for a job
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interview in a lobby. but was not drugged, waiting in the lobby. the final woman, identified as eden tull, said she was sexually has dollars during taping of the cosby show. >> he gloated over my humiliation. he planned it. even to this day, i am still ashamed that i went into shock. i wish i tried to kick him but i felt like my heart had stopped. i couldn't catch my breath. >> bumm cosby has an order to give a sworn deposition in court october 9th, in a lawsuit filed by one of his accusers who claims he abused her when she was 15 years old. cosby denies any wrong-doing. eleven past 7:00. let's talk about our phillies, the phillies sal raga win in arizona over the diamond backs. cameron rough, look at that, hit three run homerun in the phillies seven to six win. the phillies now head to milwaukee where they open a
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series with the brewers tomorrow night. >> oh, man. chase utley's days as a philly could be numbered. reports out yesterday say that chase has cleared waivers, and can be moved to, well, any team. the talks between the phillies and san francisco giants have reportedly progressed enough that the teams have started talking about which prospect or prospects could come to the phillies. chase has the right to decline a trade to any team if he doesn't want to go to that team, but he's spent a lot of time in california, and the giant are good just about every year. i would imagine that the giant want him, he will go to them. >> it will be sad. >> end of an era. >> for sure. >> if they trade him today, we'll have to have little tribute tomorrow on the show. >> should do that. >> like chase's top five moments. >> okay. >> something like. that will we will do it. it was a long day in court yesterday for tom brady and the nfl commissioner roger
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goodel. tom and the league are still battling over that deflate-gate punishment, and the judge is not happy. >> so, brady caught coming out of federal courtroom about ten minute apart yesterday. settlement conference lasted eight hours, including court and closed door meetings. the judge would like the two sides to find resolution to the four game suspension for brady. you know, tom brady's side, though like an injunction, so the judge has yet to make a decision thon. >> he had them back there in his private chambers, like they do on tv shows. see me in my chambers. >> eight hours. well the judge thinks it is just ridiculous, we go to all of this trouble and actually have a trial over a football? but here is the thing. after yesterday's hearing, it is the sketch artist, you know they have somebody in the courtroom sketching, because they don't allow cameras in there, right? courtroom artists. this woman, i think her name jane rosenberg, getting a lot of attention because of the
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way she portrayed tom brady. >> getting blasted. take a look right here. >> first every all he doesn't have white hair. >> that's tom brady. maybe light reflecting off his hair. so the drawing of brady comes off looking less like the quarterback, more like lurch. >> looks like lurch a little bit, yes. so saying she drew what she saw, spent most of the day frowning, looking down. >> that's what she did. >> and still the hashtag brady sketch was launched, and then it went on from there. so of course did -- >> here it comes. >> ton. comparing good looking tender profile picture to the real life version. >> that's great. >> and then also a play on nwa straight out of compton albumn, but says straight out of foxboro. then check out brady as et, the artist says he apologized for the drawing, and told abc news, i'm probably going to go home and feel terrible.
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>> oh, the poor woman. she has been doing it like for 30 years. has never had this casino of attention. but man that was a bad drawing. >> it really was. >> tom braid. >> i someone also compared him quasi mother owe, the hunchback. >> hunchback of notre dame. well there is about 100 of them out there. so we'll play as many as we can today. actually to. >> this breaking news out of evesham in new jersey, skyfox over the scene of a house fire on the 100 block of weaver drive. by the way about 30 minutes ago this fire was raging at two alarms. the fire fight verse really done a nice job of knocking this down. seeing a lot of white smoke now. >> you can see they are still working on it, see crews, oh, they have the hose going again. >> yep. sue, i hate to alarm you, but it is 7:15, and for 19 years, at 7:15 -- >> obviously you need to find out what traffic is going first -- >> do you want bob to go first?
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there is nothing on that map. >> apparently it is not. there is a map that says down the shore. thanks for letting me know. all right -- >> so apparently, nothing is happening in weather. not one -- oh, okay. >> there go. >> this is tomorrow. >> tomorrow will be beautiful. >> where are you going to be? are you going to be down the shore? >> bob kelly going to seaside height. >> isn't that the snooki place? >> it is. and bob is trying to get the people, aren't you, bob, the people staying in the jersey shore house, to let you in? >> i don't know, we are working on that. >> okay? >> he is working his connections. well, i can tell you, that outside on the boardwalk in seaside height, it will be fabulous tomorrow. little bit of sea breeze, 65 to 70 degrees, plenty of sunshine, so it will be worth the trip. here is your "shorecast" for today. not bad at all. in fact, pretty great. in fact, we will get our satisfy breeze later onment northwest winds right now, but the surf temperatures about 72. it is a low rip countries
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being. the uv index is eight today. temps in the lower 80s, plenty of sunshine just few clouds here and there. and satellite radar proves that we can't find too many clouds unless we go way off shore. so let's check temperatures as you are walking out the door this morning, very cool and comfortable 55 degrees in mount pocono, 58 in allentown, 68 degrees here in philadelphia, and in the 60s, to the south of us, as well, looking very good and feeling good out there, because the humidity is slow. we have the north-northwesterly breezes out there. 5 miles an hour in philadelphia. so, it has been a while since we've seen temperatures in the 90s. that's actually good thing. we were in the 80s yesterday. mid 80s the day before. but, as you look ahead in the seven day forecast, today is a ten. tomorrow is a ten. but by saturday, the high temperature is 90 degrees. it is going to be hot for the eagles on sunday. high temperature of 92. and probably get to go
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heatwave and one that could be pretty long, as we get into the middle of next week. hey, bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody. 7:18. mess getting out of town on the schuylkill expressway. westbound lanes jammo from pretty much center city all the way out to belmont avenue. tractor-trailer lost it load of dry wall, and that has only one lane open, and we are just inching along leaving town here westbound over an hour delay from center city, even the boulevard here, jammed, as well, trying to get on to the schuylkill, down to 7 miles an hour, again, with only that one lane open approaching belmont. you can get on at belmont. getting ready to leave town right now, headed out toward conshohocken, here's your alternates, from center city use either main street, work your way through manayunk, use conshy state road, but if you're in center city, or maybe coming in from new jersey, and you typically use that westbound schuylkill, i would go for the blue route. use 476 north, that will put
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you up in conshohocken, again, already have hour delay ahead of you thereon that schuylkill expressway. tomorrow, sue mention, we go to seaside height. there is a live look at the bridge, that takes you up and over in toward the shore town live tomorrow 6:00 to 10:00, working to get inside that shore house. , jim tan laundry, all line up for that. >> eastbound schuylkill, 25 minute into downtown, half hour south on 95 from woodhaven, into center city. mining, alex, back to you. >> time for breakfast. breakfast of champions, alex. >> how about the beer of champions? wheaties wants to get to the beer business, where you will have to go if you want to try it. >> wheaties beer? >> maybe that should be you got to try this segment. >> it's got to be wheat beer. >> here is a look at last night's winning powerball numbers.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪
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>> beautiful look at old city. breakfast of champions is getting it buzz on. lauren, does this mean we can have beer for breakfast and it is okay? >> absolutely, you can most certainly have beer for breakfast. that will will really get you going in the morning. no. but we do have a partnership between two minneapolis companies, general mills, which makes wheels east, the cereal, you know, they put bruce jenner on the cereal way back then, then you have abreu err locate in the minneapolis, they're teaming up to make heffa wheaties, yes, that's a beer. flakes aren't in the beer but lots of wheat; hence the inspiration. hence my orange jacket today. i feel very wheaties up. >> i guess they know about wheat, so i guess it makes sense. how much will it be? be able to get it in grocery stores? >> i don't know if we are going to be able to get get it. i think they're filling it locally to start it out.
7:24 am
>> so they'll test it out than we'll see it. >> i wonder what it tastes like? we have to get some of this in here. >> i guess it tastes like wheaties cereal? >> i don't think so. i don't think so, no. i think they're just playing with the name and the brand. >> yes. >> tell me about there is we all know about deflate gate, when the new england pray tree at took on the indianapolis colt, and indianapolis fans are still mad about it, they think he cheated tomorrow brady and the patriots. >> so finding a interesting way to express t apparently a brewery in inched ann, a i don't know the name of this beer company. what is it, do you know? >> this is my favorite story of the morning. sun king beers. >> okay. >> base in the indianapolis. one of their workers, workers name is biscuit. i mean, common. biscuit decided to take revenge on tom brady and the patriots, by stamping the bottom of the beer cans 20,000 of them with tom brady sucks.
7:25 am
>> sux. >> sux. how great is that? now, he did not get fired. i guess his boss kind of liked his move. but now, every time he stamped a can he has to get it approved. >> so there are restrictions. and by the way, what made the pregnant lady do two alcohol stories in one morning? >> oh, look at that. >> you can report, just don't drink it. >> not at all. >> so can you imagine all of the friends now, when you tilt the can up, it says tom brady sux. on the bottom of the can. >> yes. >> that's great. >> that's fun. >> i that's what we would do in fill. >> i it is genius, he didn't get fired, though, really. >> shouldn't be too mad. we are talking about it, getting a loft attention about you he defaced the cans. some companies might fire you. >> they might be collector items. >> they are for sure now. two beer stories no one report, nicely done. >> you can tell she misses drinking little bit?
7:26 am
>> she misses the beer. 7:25, well, a blessing for bradford, that's what they are calling it, you see this temple student trying to get the pope's attention, and more than 5,000 people have signed onto his petition, and now, national sport shows are talking about there is this young man from tell is in our studio. we will try to help him spread the word. rub sam's knees, pope francis. >> and jen is showing you how to get your high schooler ready for this year's force no blessing necessary, jen. >> no blessing necessary, but i do have three words for you. forget about fancy. going old school. making sure your kid knows the basics. before they try to be, well, big guy on campus. come oncome on back. giving you great tips that anyone can do, any ability. pea past .
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>> here is a look behind the scenes. >> i used to do that, what you are doing. >> sit on this side. >> the safest way to go. >> the good news, though, drifting in the middle of the lake there. >> i'm excited about this ten today, sue. >> you should be. because it is fabulous out
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there. get outside as soon as you can. bus stop stop buddy there. he went camping today, it is so great. off to nice start today. most of our temperatures right now, are in the 60s, inching into the 70s. now that the sun's been up for awhile. isn't that pretty? 68 degrees, 5-mile per hour winds out of the north, relative humidity add 70%. it is a ten. of course it is a ten today. humidity is down. sun is up. eight a degrees, is our high. just perfect with sunny skies, and tonight, clear sky, very nice night, with low in the city in the mid 60s. so that's good one. of course, it will get humid again. we'll tell when you coming up, bob kelly? >> lots of problems on the schuylkill expressway. right now, 7:30, jammo, all because of this sheet rock mess, this truck here, lost its load of sheet rock on the schuylkill expressway. about an hour and a half ago. right now, only one lane open, westbound, on that schuylkill expressway between city avenue
7:31 am
and belmont. and we are being looking at over one-hour delay, they moved everything off to the side, stacked it up neatly on the side of the roadway. but, again, with only one lane open, we go to the penndot camera. this is live look, approaching belmont avenue. and this delay pretty much stretches all the way back, and quickly building like the pancakes here. so, westbound, 76, about an hour, to make it from montgomery drive all the way out to approaching belmont with only that one lane. you have couple of options. coming from the neighborhoods, and you're familiar with how it works. main street, through manayunk, if you get on at belmont, you will be okay. you can use conshy state road out toward conshohocken. but if you're leaving center city, or coming in from new jersey, i would forget about the schuylkill and go for the blue route. 476 north, will get you up to conshohocken, and you'll be on your way. coming in from south jersey, north on the freeway, bumper to bumper from pretty much acx all the way in through 29a mike, alex, over to you.
7:32 am
>> pennsylvania attorney general comes out swinging. at the press conference yesterday. >> innocent of any wrong-doing. i neither conspired with anyone, nor directed anyone to do anything illegal or unlawful. my defense will not be that i'm the victim of an old boys network or otherwise, my defense will be that i broke no laws of this commonwealth, period. >> as you know, last week, kathleen kane was charged with leaking grand jury information, to a reporter, as, well, allegedly pay-back to former state prosecutor. and then lying about it, under oath. kathleen kane says that those charges were filed as part of a effort by state prosecutors and just to conceal pornographic and racially insensitive emails, that circulated with one another. and, she want them released. she also says she has no plans to quit her job, or take a
7:33 am
leave of absence, even the governor of the state has asked to do that. >> so former federal prosecutors fred joins us to break this all down, good morning. >> morning, thanks for having me. >> fourteen minute speech really. no questions afterward. >> correct. >> do you think this helped her? >> no, not even little bit. first of all, she didn't listen to her attorneys, so i'm sure the attorneys toll her not to do it. >> secondly she comes off as someone trying to like deflect attention from what she did. let's not lose site of the fact the charges against remember are that she leaked information from the grand jury and then she lied about it, now, i prosecuted people for perjury when was a federal prosecutor, i would argue with my office to get permission to do these charges. they are very tough charge. and you don't bring them unless you know you can convict. and so there is whole thing about how this was a political vin death, a she is the one who is accused of lying, the one accused of releasing the information, you know it, would be one thing if somebody found a pound kilo of cocaine in the truck of her car and she claimed this was a plan, that's that's not what is
7:34 am
going on here at all. >> i was surprised she spoke out. most attorneys say just keep your mouth shut until we go to trial. >> correct. because no good can come from. >> this first of all she was smart enough to stay away from just any kind of specific facts they could have used against her on cross-examination, but makes whole sale denial of the whole thing. part of the problem is i think she comes across as casino of i don't want to say argot, but but it is a fine line for the jury to jump over make a decision this lady thinks she above the law. that could could back to aunt her. >> she says there is more out there we don't know about. she said to the judge you need to list an order and release these emails. >> classic defense, she want you to look over, there look up there, come here, no, no, no, no. here is the bottom line. issue is whether or not you release grand jury material and you lied. now, whether or not there is something in some pornographic e-mail about why it is you released grand jury material and you lied, because you said
7:35 am
your words this is a war about something completely un related, that's got nothing to bo with with it. >> who is this other person? >> her driver. >> she allegedly asked this driver to do? >> well, couple them, one was to go through computers and try and crack people's emails or passwords and get information to find out who was doing what against her. i mean, it is, i tell you, i read the indictment, criminal charging count, it is very detailed. the allegations are very specific. and, you know, her alleged lies in front of the grand jury. remember she innocent until proven guilty. we get. that will but her alleged lies in front of the grand jury came about as a result of questions. everybody always likes to say don't ask a question you don't know the answer to. if you are talking in somebody in front of the grand jury bye perjury, you don't ask a question you don't know the answer to. >> how will risa furman, how are they going to prove any of this? >> how are they going to prove it? they've basically interviewed everybody around her. you know, they have got the documentary evidence, have
7:36 am
testimony al evidence. basically in order for the jury to acquit her they have to believe all of these other people who testified in the grand jury bye what happened basically lied and perjured themselves just to go get her. >> she has famous attorney, lenny dave us. >> yes. >> kathleen kane the victim of vendetta bee republicans angry with her for investigating her republican predecessors, and a delay in bringing child molester jerry san dust kerr -- san cuss did i to justice. remember she was going to pin tomorrow governor to the san dusty case. >> that was a fool. funny, i look at kathleen kane, some level very tragic. a woman first elected democratic attorney general, the first elected woman as attorney general. you know, 18 months ago everybody was talking about the fact if tom corbett had held offed in four years, she would be the democratic canned date for governor. her star was rising, and unbelievable pace. now it is just slightly crash, some levels tragic, very, very
7:37 am
sad. somehow that this woman who everybody had talk about going all the way to the governor's mansion is now the victim of people, this conspiracy to casino every undermine her. give me break. >> she said she is not going to resign. no plans to. >> innocent until proven guilt. >> i indeed. >> fred, thank you. 7:37. can you get in trouble tore liking a facebook post? are you kidding me? dow this almost every day. one man's now facing charges, because he liked a facebook post. how can that happen?
7:38 am
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>> we started when 32 neighborhoods across the area, now it came to. >> this after weeks every voting down to just two neighborhoods, roxborough from the philadelphia side of the bracket, and cherry hill, from the suburban half. >> i thought it was media? >> you know, what i thought so too. >> i'm so happy this thing is over. so, it was cherry hill.
7:41 am
so the winner is roxborough. >> congratulations, roxborough. slow clap. mike has the slow clap. little upset over here. >> i like roxborough. >> thank you. we'll never do that again. 7:41, the rap battle is over apparently. is it really over? >> it is never over. well, meek mill, posted and then pulled on social media. >> sorry, drake, no, i'm not. >> then jen showing you thousand get your high schooler ready. let's go. she is working out. >> look at my man right here, he is making it happen. doesn't need any high tech apparatus whatsoever. forget about fancy. we'll get your kids ready for great, great fall season. work t i know it is early guys but work it.
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by switching to progressive.
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that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> this will be a stay for any beach, camel beach, beach, beach. watch out for the gags, nettles, chenopods, that you take some medication, because
7:45 am
we have medium to high pollen, levels, for today, tomorrow, and saturday, and even worse sunday. but, it is low humidity again, high pressure in control, that really is the allergy thing, one of the only down sides of gorgeous weather, like this, and it will be with us, this high pressure system, for awhile. but after it moves off the coast, that is when the humidity goes up. and we start to get that bermuda hide effect where we get the heat and the humidity, but, for right now, it is fantastic, now, we jump ahead in the future cast to saturday. the only day we might have had a chance of precipitation, and it doesn't look like that cold front, is going to really make it here, it dissipates before it has a chance to get here. again, thanks to that high pressure system, which will be off shore. by then, that's the only problem again with the allergies, won't have any rain, so temperatures right now, comfortable, cool out there, 55, mount pocono, 58, allentown, 68 in the city. sixty-one reading, lancaster
7:46 am
at 60 degrees, we have 62 millville. dover, waking up to 64. and it is 66 in wildwood this morning, dew point, we are watching for the dew point, in the 50's, and they are here. most of them, are in the 50's, and that means, of course, that it is comfortable outside. that will not be the case when the eagles play the indianapolis colt, on sunday, pre-season game starts 1:00. humid, hot by 1:00 already near 09 degrees, and it will probably be about 92 when all is said and done on sunday. so, gradual warming trend, and eventually, probably, heatwave number four of 2015. humidity returns on saturday. by monday we are into the mid 90s, into tuesday, as well. we eventually get some pop up thunderstorms, along with that heat, which will be with us for awhile. so, whether you need to enjoy today, bob kelly, because it
7:47 am
is not going to be with us four long. >> tell you what, looks like this dry wall situation will be with us for at least little while this morning. 7:47. morning, everybody, here is video from skyfox over the scene of the hot mess here on the schuylkill expressway. about 6:00 this morning, this truck lost it load of dry wall on the westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway right before you get to belmont avenue. >> they stack up off to the shoulder, only one lane open right now on the westbound side, let's go to the penndot camera, which is a live look, from montgomery drive, bumper to bumper to bumper headed out of town over an hour to make the trip from center city, all the way out to approaching belmont, where there is only that one lane. now, here is your options. if you are getting ready to head out the front door right now, if you get on at belmont, you are okay. so use main street, up through roxborough, manayunk, there,
7:48 am
get on at belmont, be okay headed west, could you use conshy state road to work your way out to conshohocken, but if you are leaving center city right now, or trying to come over anyone of the bridges, there is already a one hour delay ahead of you, i would just head for 95 south, and take the blue route north, and that will put you up in conshohocken and it will probably be with us for the rest of the morning rush hour, then eastbound lanes of 422, heavy working your way in, pretty much, collegeville all the way in through trooper. south, on the 42 freeway, for the folks here on the right, no problems headed into new jersey, but, coming into philadelphia, north on the freeway, stack up, into 295. billy joel in concert tonight at 8:00. see a lot of volume for evening rush hour, heads up, headed to the concert, heading home, penndot will take 95, down to one lane tonight, at cottman avenue. and that's all part of new traffic pattern, and that will go into play over this weekend. alex, back over to you.
7:49 am
>> jen is here getting you back into sports. >> here at shipley, not only the coaches you about bring in guys like kevin. you are basically personal trainer, not just guys like jamil nelson, but for teams like this as well? >> we work with schools in the area, i work with primarily shipley school thanks to mark duncan, we come in here, work with all of the strength conditioning, for most of the athlete, all have access to me here as well as the other facility. >> you said it perfectly. it doesn't have to be fancy to be fan fast i can. you want these kids, high school athlete, all over the region, focusing on the basics. >> absolute limit you see a lot of fancy like smoke and mirror type exercises out there. everybody wants what look cools, and, you know, stars and stripes and all of that casino of stuff. but, we really want to take it back it the base being being quote that i love is that the only thing that separates the
7:50 am
expert from everybody else, is that the expert are the masters of the basics. there is absolutely nothing wrong with pro rag he is the lead athlete, making master, basic month, should have learned long time ago. >> basically could you have someone a super specialist in lacrosse, football, baseball, they are really good at like pitching, catching, whatever. you want to bring them back and make sure that they can move their body? >> right. exactly. everything we do is base in the basic human movement. if they can't do, you know, these moves that are just inherently natural to us, we don't put anything else on. we don't add any extra flare or anything like that. >> that is something that could you just look at your kid and see if you are a mom or dad at home, you are trying to make them do these fancy drills, maybe bring it back, can they do a push up? how are their cities? >> just like. that will again, we focus on the basic, human movement, it is really simple stuff. you can learn from very young age. you can start drilling them in at a young age. and there is nothing wrong with rehearsing it, takes years to master them, we do
7:51 am
our best to try and make sure they can use their own body before we give them anything added extra. >> i like t you also want to keep it fun. even if in high school, even if they think they'll be awesome in college, whatever, there has to be the element of fun. >> right. absolutely. we try to incorporate different kinds of games, still competing with each other on the field, a sued from actual sport still again incorporating all of the movement we talked becomes crawling, rolling, running, sprinting, jumping, caring stuff, different things like that, that make it little more fun than coming into the gym and working out. >> here is what i like about you guys. did i not hear the word over use, overdoing one sport, high five up top. very nice. the lady soccer checks are here too. we'll hang out with them in little bitment soccer girls, little tardy for the party. we have to call them out on tv. guys, i hope you're sweating, i hope you're sweating. hi, guys. we have to put you on tv in a little bit. seriously most adorable children ever. >> shipley kids. >> they look ready.
7:52 am
>> it is that time of year, clock 51. >> can you get in trouble for like ago facebook post? one man is now facing charges, because of it. how can that happen? >> temple student getting attention across the country. can he grab the pope's attention in this is a tall task. he's in our studio right now.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> let's talk about this temple senior getting world-wide recognition. >> this petition has more than 5,600 signatures. we're still counting. i'm sure it has gone up since we said it. >> we will cause it to go up big time. >> this petition is to have
7:56 am
pope francis bless the needs of eagle quarterback sam bradford, the petition even reached national attention. >> hand mind this petition, it is his idea, you blame him. good to see you, my man. >> good to see you. >> wonderful, nice to peach you. >> born and raised audubon. >> audubon, pennsylvania, bonn and raised all 22 years, and that's where i get my philly blood from, so that's where i get this. >> bleeding green. >> i am, i am. >> your whole life. eagles fan? >> i have been. phillies sports fan. >> so are you a sam bradford fan? >> i am. when the whole trade happened, i thought it was a chip for no pun intended a chip for marcus mario. i think the whole city thought. that will when the trade didn't happen, i started to except the fact that we have the number one draft pick, number one draft pick, former heisman trophy winner, so i'm on board for sam bradford. >> he was a draft pick years ago. >> exactly. >> still number one draft pick.
7:57 am
>> 2acl tears, what the big concern is. if he can stay healthy we have very good season. >> we could have superbowl parade down broad street if he could stay health. >> i oh,. >> that's what we all want. >> that's the key, alex, he has to stay healthy, thus, your petioning the pope when he is here in what five weeks? >> yes. >> to twinge by nova care, where ever you can find sam bradford, you want the pope to do what? >> i want the pope to bless sam bradford's knees, i want that to happen. again, you just said it, saving bradford, 2acl injuries, not good, not something that sits well in philly fans. we want to know who our quarterback is. so, i want him to bless him, be healthy, play all 16 games in order for us to make the playoffs, make the superbowl run. >> do you want limb to place his hands physically on sam's knees? >> that would be pretty cool. if he could casino of give a little pope rub sort of thing, hashtag pope rub, talking about this, you know, that
7:58 am
would be something really cool. >> what made you thaw do a petition, of all of the things to do, why that? >> so, the petition really came about, the pope shutting down about half of philadelphia. you know? when mayor michael nutter had his press conference, and we were -- he was talking about all of the road crews, all of that, i tried to come one light weight, make this fun, and make it casino of real exciting. and, again, this is a big year for the eagles, i kind of put them both together said hey if the pope is coming here (not bless sam bradford's knees, and have a superbowl team. >> you got couple of three, four, six, 20 problems here. one every them is sam bradford will be in new york playing against the jets when the pope's here what are you going to do? >> this is where i need the eagles help, where i need mayor nutter's help. i will be at the game sunday, if the eagles could have anything on their big board,
7:59 am
talking about this petition, that would be a big help. we need to work with them. we need to figure out how we will do this. this will not be through a web cast, day early, or the pope will be in new york, the same day that the eagles are in new york. >> true. >> maybe we can go over to the big apples? maybe the eagles can take over the big apple actually happen. i fully believe that this can happen. >> so you're not just making light of. >> this you really want this to happen? >> i want it to happen. i think it would be one of the most his tore being sites in sports history i this think in philadelphia history. >> of course it would be. here is the thing, not just talking about this in philadelphia. i was watching espn, a national show, his and hers, and they brought you up. listen. >> we have seen a lot of fan driven effort, petitions recently. this one takes it to the next level over in philly. the fans have 1700 supporters so far on a petition to have pope francis bless sam bradford's knees during his upcoming trip to the city of
8:00 am
brotherly love. god knows -- >> you're getting national attention here. here is the down side. this is never going to happen. >> oh, don't dash his dreams. >> you know what? >> everything that's happened in four business days already, the fact that i am here right now, i am completely honored, and everything that's happened so far, i'm never going to leave anything off the table any more. >> okay. >> did i think that, you know, it would be a stretch, i knew that running this petition, that there would be a lot to have on that get this right. the fact i am here in four days, the fact that we are are getting the wore out, have 5600 supporters, that makes me believe, that makes me have fate in these philly people. >> okay, i take it back. >> all right, man? >> let's do this. let's do this. >> all right. so while they are hugging it out, good day to you, it is thursday, august 13th, august august 15 -- august 2515. >> pen mean n charged with violating restraining order after something he did on
8:01 am
facebook. the small thing you do every day on line. that got this man into big trouble. >> at he can, i'm ready to shop until i drop. are you? today the gloucester premium outlets opened. we will show you all of the goods coming up, lauren? all right, jenny joyce. tom brady, is that you? it is the courtroom sketch sparking means, getting everyone's attention, now the artist speaking out, why she couldn't get good look at brady during the hearing. >> sing us the star tonight ♪ ♪ >> are you going? are you going tonight? get ready, philly, billy joel is at the bank tonight he has something huge to celebrate. why tonight's concert might be extra special, something big-time happened to billy, yesterday.
8:02 am
i bet he talks about it tonight. >> waist going to be beautiful night for con s i think it is a sell-out. i'm quite sure it is. >> no doubt. >> i went last year, great night. >> we were on the first town to really i believe embrace. >> used to play the spectrum. >> outside at citizens bank park, that's right. >> on a day. >> that's correct, man. it is a double digit for today. bus stop buddy went out to summer camp in the woods, in the mountains, there because he wanted to look at the shooting stars last night. percent perseids meteor shower, clear skies once again, meanwhile, off to nice start, with sunshine, and few clouds, here and there, and temperatures in the 60s, and 70s, we've reached 71 degrees in philadelphia. , 63% relative humidity, north northwest breeze at # miles an hour. planner for today, high of eight a degrees. i mean, just need those two words, bob kelly.
8:03 am
lovely day. >> lovely on the schuylkill. >> sheet rock, two words of the morning. 8:03, good morning, video, skyfox, over the scene of this accident. it all happened about 6:00, this truck headed west on the schuylkill, lost it load of sheet rock, dry wall, all over the westbound lanes. now, they stack it up nicely off to the side there, but right now, there is only one lane open westbound on the schuylkill expressway approaching belmont avenue. going to the live camera, that's on the grounds, over an hour delay, leaving town, on the schuylkill now another accident, within the actual delay, right here at the roosevelt b so if you are getting ready to head out toward conshohocken, it is over an hour, stack and pack, all the way out to belmont, with only that one lane open. >> if you're in the neighborhoods, of course you can use main street through manayunk, on at belmont, you
8:04 am
will be okay. you can use conshy state road, out to conshohocken, but leaving center city or coming in from new jersey, i would head right for the blue route, head north on 476. to get access to conshohocken, mike, alec, back to you. >> former president jimmy carter has cancer. the 90 year old had surgery earlier this month to remove small mass from his liver, we new about that, but, yesterday, it was reported that the cancer has now spread to other part of his body. he plans to undergo treatment, at emory hospital, in his home state, down in atlanta. mr. president carter said more details concerning his condition will be released probably early next week. you don't have to travel far now to visit premium outlet. >> today the opening of the gloucester premium outlets in new jersey where jen is, she has the place to her sever. >> yes, i do, for the moment, mike and alex, earlier this morning we dropped bombshell
8:05 am
about the celebrity guest coming to town later this weekend. >> for a lot of jersey girls, appreciate the real housewives, i'm sure it will be exciting for them. for want to show you what the outlets have to offer. a lot of stores, talking about top stores, like armany, banana republic, calvin klein, columbia, a sports wear, lucky brands, nike, obama, a under armour, vera brad lurks and the list goes on, this is 37,600,000 square foot shopping center, we will offer shoppers saving between 25 and six a % off every day. if your day grand opening celebration starts today, will run through sunday, with extended store hours, and range of free family friendly event, including entertainment, give aways, back to bethenny frankel, she will be here saturday. will be able to visit with fans, vip shoppers club lounge, from one until 4:30, dollars premium outlets has a
8:06 am
lot planned, kicked off 9:30, live look, you can see, people are starting to gather, we are awaiting the official ribbon cutting which will be in at 9:30 but then start shopping until you drop, or until 10:00 tonight, mike, alex. bethany. >> so i'm sure mike will be going down to meet her for sure. >> i'm sure, will be first in line, you know. >> she has been on our show many, many times. she cool. >> 8:06. long day in court yesterday for tom brady. >> the two left about ten minute apart, after spending nearly eight hours in the settlement conference, judge, really is encouraging two sides, to just settle the issue on their own, obviously can't agree. judge has not announced decision in the case. >> i think tom, if they do go to court, i think he has a chance of winning this. >> they do? >> well, this is what people are talking about now, after yesterday's hearing, it is the sketch artist that is getting all of attention. >> poor jane rosenberg.
8:07 am
getting blasted on twitter for her drawings, courtroom drawings, of tom brady. here is the thing, kit cat decline in the control room, bring up peter lori. i know you don't know who that is, but a long dead actor, peter lori. then we will put it up after lauren's report. hype, lauren dawn johnson. >> hello, people can't stop looking at the images, tom brady handsome guy. can you not tell from the courtroom sketch the drawing of brady come off looking less like the quarterback, and more like maybe lurch in the adams family so artist james rosenberg said she just drew what she saw. she said brady spent most of the session checking his phone, frowning, and looking down, although didn't intend to become sensation on twitter hashtag brady sketch is now everywhere. so people having field day with the means, it makes for perfect character in the thriller video, one person
8:08 am
says, and in this one real funny comparing good looking tinder profile picture to less attractive real life picture or the sketch. this person thought the sketch look little like quasi mother owe from the hunchback of notre dame. >> you like that one? >> and then this one takes it step further, comparing sketch to whole range of characters, from steve. >> yes, from fargo. >> like actor writer director. i don't know who he is. >> boardwalk empire. >> got it. then et in the screen painting, then one that just says nailed it at the end. the artist, there it is, yes, looking at different news outlets, apologizes for not making him look his best, but not in the business of flattering people, making them look beautiful the. >> certainly not. >> just doing what she size. now she said she is going home and feeling terrible about it, though. >> now we know what she sees, my goodness. >> beauty in the eyes of the beholder. >> i think that peter lurie actually did play this hunchback of notre dame.
8:09 am
didn't he? was that the actor? women, no. luaten plays that? yes, yes, that's too polished. that picture of him. he played a lot of weird characters. >> i think that sketch looks real scary, like when you look at it, nothing about it looks courtroom-ish, does it? >> not at all. >> looked dark, maybe afterring in there in there for eight hours apparently, maybe her hands were tired or something? maybe? sitting in a courtroom for eight hours, have to draw a person over and over and over again to get the best sketch, looking down on his phone? >> getting closer. >> getting close. >> we are. >> i think he was in the maltese falcon. >> here is what is stupid, blew eight hours of their lives discussing deflated balls. >> they did. >> the judge is not happy. he want this thing settled. >> but brady wants to go to court. >> settle this among themselves?
8:10 am
, right? >> want his good name back. >> tom brady not playing at all. >> it is back to school time. >> that means back to homework. >> now, doing back to school week, right? >> we r in the middle of it. so get ready, parent. your kids were asked to do a lot more homework this year. why this could be death mental to their grades. >> too much homework now. that's my opinion. and pennsylvania man charged with violating restraining order after something he did on facebook, can you do this thing every day on line. we'll tell you what got this man into big trouble. hey terry stop! they have a special!
8:11 am
so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one?
8:12 am
come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 2015 jetta s oe for $139 get a $1000 month
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so yoon this list at the les will lowest prices?hing we have a 110% price match staples has the lowest prices.l staples has the lowest prices with our price match guarantee. works for me. make 110% price match guarantee for school happen. staples make more happen. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> almost l weekends, every friday this summer, ever since memorial day, celebrate g at differ ren shore town, this week the turn of seaside height. so, meet bob kelly on the board walk, there mile long boards walk in see site height, recovered, fabulously after really getting beat up by hurricane sandy. still celebrate that even
8:14 am
couple years later, sunny breezy, six a to 70 degrees, great day. and today, whatever beach you visit, will be fabulous day, this afternoon sea breeze, northwest winds, 72 degrees, surf temp, a low risk of rip currents, and the uv index is eight today. temps in the lower 80s, fabulous. high pressure on show, low humidity, once it moves away, then we get the bermuda hi, get the southwest winds, and starts to get sticky again. that will will happen, just in time, for the weekend. so, enjoy today. 71 degrees in the city. but the comfortable mid 60s to the north of us, 59 degrees, mount pocono. 70 degrees right now in wildwood. winds as we said are coming out of the west or the northwest, and it is a very pleasant morning. so enjoy the ten today, the ten tomorrow, with 88 degrees, and then we are into the 90's, on saturday, on sunday, we not only the eagles game sunday,
8:15 am
but that maroon five concert, your last chance to win ticket i believe will be this friday seaside hides. that happens monday. it will be nice and hot on the beach, bob kelly, for that. >> definitely good weekends for outdoor activities. lots of concerts this weekend. and a lot of delays right now, a lot of dry wall on the schuylkill expressway this is video from skyfox, from about 6:00 a.m. when that truck was caring a load of dry wall, before it spilled all over the westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway. >> one lane on the schuylkill expressway, there is the mess that's got to get cleaned up. going to live camera, our penndot camera on the ground, jammo from girard all the way out toward belmont. only hour delay. heading westbound, that's also having a domino effect on the boulevard lincoln roads, all
8:16 am
the roads funnel into the schuylkill. couple of options, forget about use using the westbound schuylkill. conshy state road on the opposite side of the river or the blue route up to the conshy interchange. mike, alex, back over to you. >> weird case, bob kelly out of pennsylvania. pennsylvania man charged with violating a restraining order by simply liking photos and videos on his, girlfriend's facebook page. >> we have to bring in our attorney lisa, corporate counsel. you are joining us now. >> good morning. >> so, the fact he has restraining order, any type of contact then that covers that? >> social media now restraining orders, protective orders, no contact means no contact. so whether they are at your front door, whether they are within 200 feet, whether they are at your place of employment, or whether their sending awe message on facebook, or liking you on instagram. >> give us the back story before we get too far into this. they were lovers at one point. >> allegedly they were hooking
8:17 am
up. >> okay. >> and she had a restraining order against -- he had a restraining order against her first. >> her. >> there was some physical abuse. then that ran it course. then she took one out against him. >> what was his threat against her at one point? >> his threat he was going to shoot her in the kneecaps and watch her suffer. >> that's bad right there. i'm going to shoot in you your kneecaps and watch you suffer. okay. so i can under stands why the judge said you got to stay away from her facially. >> you got to stay away. and not just physically, but he started liking i think upward of 20 photos of hers on facebook, which is considered contact. no contact means no contact. >> i never new. >> she called the police. and now he is in big trouble. >> so is this a thing now, when it comes to restraining orders, explicitly say hey do not contact or like this person's photos on social media or is it just kind of all encompassing? >> usually now all encompassing throughout the us. no contact means no contact. so either in person or or line. and there is some interesting cases, one out in
8:18 am
massachusetts where a woman contacted her estranged daughter who had a restraining order against her. saying she contacted her on pin, there saying please follow me. that was considered a violation. >> i'll be darn. >> someone sent out a google plus invitation, that was a violation. >> so twitter anything. >> any sort of contact on social media. twitter, pinterest, incredible what people will do to stay in touch. >> can't you just block? >> can't you block them? >> sometimes with outlets like pinterest, instagram, twitter, harder to block the invitations even with google plus. sometimes they argue this e-mail was automatically generated, you still have to click the button i request i follow this person then the e-mail gets generated. >> true some people they get block they start new accounts, try to follow you that way it, keeping. >> troop, actually was recent case out of -- originate in the pennsylvania, went all the way up to the supreme court. where a man under a false name presented sort of threatening what he termed rap lyrics.
8:19 am
and the cases alone versus us, he threat toned kill hess ex-wife, threatened to shoot up a school. and there are all sort of first amendment of speeches, all the way to the supreme court, said he didn't have the mental state of actually want to go commit the crime. >> right. >> but it is interesting, because, if you are putting it out there on social media, you know people are seeing it. maybe you're directing it to a certain person. >> by liking it, it seems like he is trying harrass? >> exactly. >> specially 20 photos at a time. >> he is trying let her know i am watching you. >> i know where you are, what you have been up to. >> exactly. >> creep. >> i very creepy. on social media you can see, follow someone step-by-step. so interesting because you have the power of the written word. and you have the medias i of oral conversation. so, it is real a powerful medium. >> yes, all right, i promise to stop liking your pictures. >> oh, mike it is okay. >> he is a fun follow that lisa. >> is she? >> oh, yes. she gets around.
8:20 am
>> say hello to my friend, helene. >> i will. >> love her. >> step on that scale. you may soon be required to weighing in yourself before you boorda airplane. i know airlines have tried this before. there is actually an airline out there doing it now. oh, man. i would be embarrased. >> but first, if you love burger king, chicken fries. >> that's next. >> ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> the company is looking, testing service in big cities, target wouldn't be a food store, but will, in the future, carry more of the natural and organic products, that are on trend. >> super target sells food. >> true. but talking about regular targets, i think. >> oh, i see. but they might deliver? >> they might deliver. >> oh. >> wouldn't that be lovely? don't have to leave your house >> start fantacizing, gosh, i
8:24 am
wish i could get my hand on some target food. >> well, floater day, another food gym frick kfc. here is the latest creation here, advertisement for the fast-food joints, in china no, you don't need to adjust the color on your screen, yes, that's pink bun on the right. it is part of a rose flavored chicken sandwich for sale over there. the left side is the black diamond chicken buryinger. >> okay. >> the reviews are mixed on these, i love anything rose flavored. >> do you? >> but i don't know if i would love. that will i don't know how i feel about that. >> do you like my pink buns? >> anyway. >> high. >> ya. >> all right, that punctuation, leads to increase in sales at fast-food chain. >> this snack sold well, but now, it is back on the menu permanently, i think, because of this stinking post. >> so, burger king said chicken fries, fried delight, pulled from the menu years ago, would only be available for limited time. but now they're here to stay. now, some, member of one
8:25 am
direction, for accidentally to helping spread the words here because on may 31, liam tweeted: now i may not be gay but i am in love with a man two, words the colonel. god bless you and your original recipe. clearly shout out to kfc. then added i'm so full, i think i just ate my body wheat in chicken fries and sides, oww. but the phrase turned nonetheless, and a lot of people, you know, like hey, i want some chicken fries, too, so the company got bill sales boost. now they'll keep them on the men glue if liam wants them, i want them, too. >> what pour he has. >> what is chicken fries. is it chicken or potato? >> it is chicken in the shape of fries. >> so it is chicken then they deep fries it? >> yesment look like fries, but it is chicken, at least i think. >> jessica simpson moment there, didn't i? >> i hope i'm right. i haven't had chicken fries in a very long time. >> i don't think i've her them. >> really?
8:26 am
>> and i don't think i want them. did i mention one direction coming here september the first? >> they are coming. >> by the way, today, tomorrow, saturday, sunday, maybe the most musical weekend in the delaware vale history. >> who is performing? >> i'll tell you in just a sent first, jen, this is back to school week. so we have today, and tomorrow, then it is over. there is jen. >> the beach tomorrow. this is almost over. okay, so, pam's here, look, kids are playing all kind of sports. so coming up in the next few minutes, we will talk to you, what do you do with your little guys and girls? we talked about the high school athlete. how about some little guys and girls, thousand get them ready for fall sports. pam, these kids are adorable. >> ♪
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> outdoors hopefully, as much as you can observe, just like our pal, bus stop bid i. now, he went to the mountains to watch the meteor shower early this morning, sticking around, because it will be such nice day. stay hydrated. he has giant size water bottle there. nice start to the day with temps in the 60s, 70s, we have 71 degrees in philadelphia. relative humidity, not bad for august. 63%. >> ten out of ten in weather by the numbers. really in the middle of august, it doesn't get much better than this plan on sunday shine all day, few clouds here and there like you saw, high temperature of eight a degrees, sunset time significant, because, it is 8:00. >> so tomorrow, clock 59. >> losing minute every day. >> 8: three the delays aren't getting shorter and shorter, shear video from skyfox over
8:31 am
the scene of the truck accident, happened about 6:00 this morning westbound lanes, and still, only one lane open, on the schuylkill expressway. going to the live camera, right here, we are bumper to bumper leaving center city, passed city line all the way out to belmont hour hour delay between center city and belmont. once past belmont avenue, you're okay. >> couple options, use main street through manayunk, get on at belmont, be okay. or if you are leaving center city. >> no matter which option you choose, give yourself extra time, rough go, on the schuylkill this morning. mike, alex being back to you. >> alex, just hit me. >> please. >> can you see, right, there
8:32 am
trying to help you out here? you know, you got to sometimes knock it off. >> geez. >> need some water or something, so i'm sure you don't want me to do this. go ahead. >> do you? no. >> okay. >> eww. >> there go. >> no. >> is this -- >> all right, 8:32. >> well, kids in elementary school are more involved with organized sports than ever. soap, how do you keep them happy and also injury free? >> jen would have an answer to that, she is at shipley. >> having so much fun here. by the way, one of the things that all of these lovely coaches agree on, good morning, guys, girls, is keeping it fun, and making sure that they're multi sport athlete. so we look out there. you are running one of your great tennis programs. >> you know pam, not hitting the ball back and forth, also have to be ready to play in terms of at let glike they
8:33 am
need to run, if they are having fun, then they'll get bet nerve sport and want to continue number one, have fun, learn and they don't realize it. >> some of your younger tennis people. we talk about kids in elementary age, getting them physically fit is not just on the court obviously is. >> no. >> again, things they can do at local and with their friends, you don't need tennis court. >> i love it. you run some of the soccer programs, what the drill is, making sure, that they can kickback and for the. not so much the high tech stuff? >> yes. basically passing receiving drill shooting at the edge, make sure nearing around the 18 yards box, receiving the ball mike sure your a moving
8:34 am
around the box efficiently. >> hard they might like soccer one year, might like lacrosse one year and ten he is. you say all good stuff? >> definitely let the kids play multiple sports when they're younger, let them try them out. don't even think about specialization until they're older. you know, like -- >> parents, not just here on the main line all around the city, philadelphia, south philadelphia, high tech training, why all focused on these high tech training programs? >> just let it happen naturally. >> talked about this most, i know you work with kids, but also work with pro athlete. most of the pro athlete, not just at this age, they weren't just soccer player, tennis, lacrosse, something? >> right. most of the athletes, come either like semi pro or professional level, playing multiple sports, you know, one every season, not even playing the same sport year around, something we see a loft today,
8:35 am
where injuries stem from. >> i love it. love the drills. you guys look awesome. again, that's stuff that you can do, with your kids, at home. mike? you should come out here, hang out with these kids. because -- >> he should. >> it is the real deal. really? >> yes. >> seriously? can you even do that with your arms, mike jerrick? >> no. >> can you get your arms over your head? >> no. >> show us what you got right now. >> i don't want to pull anything. >> let me back up. >> armpit. don't pull armpit. >> un but the zero button your jacket. be free. >> i know. >> i need a girdle. is the feud finally over? meek mills, instagram a message, to drake, right? but then he delete philadelphia almost instantly. >> but luckily we have a screen shotty hope. >> okay, we saw what he said. >> plus, where does nicky minaj like to eat when she comes filly? not cheese steaks place, the chain that she loves to advice whitt she comes. >> all right.
8:36 am
>> meek mills, showing something. >> she should go to shake shack. i'm so not ready for back to school. with staples, you'll be ready. i can get 30 comp books and notebooks at a low price?
8:37 am
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>> 8:39. should i just be quiet? >> like what's going on? did you scroll? >> hold on. don't, everybody at home, just sit there, and be quiet. got it. >> okay? you. >> know ryan seacrest. >> yes. >> i like him. he is a good guy. and he's millionaire. anyway, he put in a radio station in the lobby of children's hospital of philadelphia. did he this a few years agoment and every now and then, he has his music star friends, come in, and talk to the kids. >> and 'd big friend visit last week.
8:40 am
nicki minaj, she went there to advice. >> i she is casino of little. >> oh, i see, big star. >> yes, right. >> shear she is. >> you have favorite restaurant, place you like to eat when you're out on the town? >> okay, since you guys are from philly i know you'll understanded, please don't laugh. i swear i'm being serious, my favorite place to eat in philly is wawa. (laughing). >> oh, meek mills has taught her well. >> oh, ya. >> she also told the kids her first rap, which apparently was pretty corny. we don't know, haven't heard for ourselves. >> actually revealed to them the very first rap she ever wrote? >> that's right. ya. >> well, do we have it? she said it was corny. if it is corny i don't want to hear it. >> i kind of want to hear t i want see how far she's come. >> did she actually rap it for them? >> start it from the bottom. >> oh, can't do that,. >> that's right. drake. no, boyfriend, meek mills. so, apparently everybody went to the concert said it was really good over at the
8:41 am
susquehanna center and he also, you know, some shots fired against drake at the time. but now ... it look like he's surrendering, yep. he will delete it now, did post this on instagram, apparently over t long very rant, long paragraph. >> let me read that for you. >> okay go, ahead. >> i can't see it. >> exactly. so we will just sum it up. he says he doesn't feel like he has to try to prove himself to people to only ends in a situation that's more serious all over a rap beat. >> this is an argument he's in with drake? >> yes. so basically now he is saying he don't want anything to turn violent. is that an underhand threat? >> no. it start today escalate to the point somebody was going to punch somebody out. >> ya. >> meal mills first called him out for not writing his own lyrics. >> his own meek mills cb re re crapping, then responds wad rap, and then a rap, and then,
8:42 am
drake's song everybody loved, and meek's, well ... needed improvement. say that. >> is this rap? >> it could be either or. >> you snow. >> so they're arguing, it is pet. >> i like saying grocery store, a store that has groceries? >> is that the same thing? >> all right. what's her name? ellen degeneres. >> yes. >> yesterday on her show she was playing a superhero, trying to be like one of the avengers or whatever. and she says where does her to buy his groceries? >> where? >> at the grocery thor. >> what, one of the silliest things. >> she is sill. >> i 8:42, get ready. billy joel is in concert tonight at citizens bank park. what a great evening he was going to be. and he has something huge to celebrate. what happened to him yesterday. he'll for sure talk about it tonight. >> ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
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8:45 am
>> are you into the billy joel concert? undoubtedly will watch this tonight, the fact he's a dad, once again. his wife, had a baby
8:46 am
yesterday. >> so they welcomed their first child together, a daughter, her name dela rose joel, born in new york, so he's going to have to pry himself away from his wife and new addition. >> is that his daughter? that's his wife. >> oh, look at you. >> stop it. >> yes, stop. >> she is beautiful, isn't she? >> she s i'm sure they'll make beautiful family. >> that's the same woman? >> yes the same woman. >> well, how about that? he is a dad. at 66. how about that? now, he will be in concert tonight. hope he doesn't cancel, i'm sure he won't. >> not this late. >> i'll be happy. >> but that's just one of several concerts, in fact, i just learned about a new one i'll tell but in a second. big daddy cane coming back. >> my gosh, just saw him. >> anyway. >> this could be the most excite siting four days in a long time whether it comes to music. you know live nation, one of the sponsors, helps us with the mazda stuff, like tomorrow?
8:47 am
they are bringing bunch of great acts to philly so i went to their boss jeff gordon. >> to celebrate one of the best weekends of music maybe in the history of the city. >> i came to thank all of it brought here in fill, that man, jeff gordon, good to see you, my man. >> you will entertain over 150,000 people, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. >> well, yes. people are coming to see some great shows, very excited. big weekends this weekend? we start with thursday, billy joel. >> last time you see motley crew. >> that's it.
8:48 am
>> earth winds and fire, at the susquehanna bank center in camden. >> on the 16th, marine five. >> on the beach. >> big beach concert. huge show. >> four big days, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, the reason we came up here, because that will be the scene for made in america once again. >> yes, again. >> okay, girls. >> ♪ >> thank you, thank you, thank
8:49 am
you, liver nation. thanks for bringing us entertainment all the time. >> ♪ >> how about that? okay, so, lisa e, over in jersey, she says big daddy cane, sheila e. silk, performing on the 16th. >> oh, my gosh. >> that will be great. >> all day, starts at noon, then fireworks display at 10:30 to close it out. >> big daddy cane, my gosh, at the soul school festival in philly this weekends, he turned it o he is amazing. >> he can still do it. >> after all of these years. 8: 49. >> we finally, talking about earlier, nicki minaj, shared her first rap. >> oh, with the kids over at children's hospital. >> at chop. we have it. >> very very first rap. all right. >> one day i went home and i wrote my first rap. and it was the most horrible thing. please don't laugh it goes cookies and -- cherry lifesaver ... >> my favorite. >> cute. >> so, back story on, that the
8:50 am
girls who lived upstairs from nicky, one of the queens, i think, was other, she could rap. so nicky wanted to impress her and one day she wrote down those lyrics there. >> that's how it all began. >> yes. >> at her home. 8:50. okay, i think i've got a disney bombshell here. >> do you? >> is tarzan related to elsa and anna? frozen's director is speaking out. and what he admitted to us next. >> i have to admit there is store had i me research a lot of disney movies yesterday. well, here is a look at last night's powerball numbers. >> that kind of scares me. that's how you start your day? >> it is fascinating, saying, what you are about to learn, like oh,. >> tarzan? >> like a grandfather or something? okay.
8:51 am
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>> 8:54, video from skyfox, this accident, on the westbound side of the skewing, near belmont avenue, that truck lost its load of dry wall, kind of set the tone for the rest of the morning rush hour, over a one-hour delay right now, leaving town, there is the mess with only one lane open at belmont avenue. bumper to bumper from girard all the way out to approaching belmont avenue. one lane open, route one city avenue jammed. everyone trying to get past the belmont avenue point. that's the problem. you can get on at belmont. so, you can work your way through roxborough, use main street to get on at belmont. you'll be okay. use conshy state road. use the blue route 476 to get yourself out toward conshohocken. then later this morning after the rush hour penndot will set
8:55 am
up the cones on the eastbound side of the schuylkill, use the kelly or mlk drive coming into downtown. mike, alex, back over to you. >> did you realize it is filet minon day. >> and national left handers day. >> i don't think we have any lefthanders left on the staff. >> look at that. >> if you're a left hander please come to apply for a job here. is tarzan, don't think i'm crazy; tarzan related to elsa and anna from frozen? >> a lot of people are big fans of frozen, started to question this, now one of the frozen directors is speaking out on the their owe, warning, here is a spoiler alert. chris buck says elsa, anna's parent did not die at sea like most of you saw. he said, instead, they had
8:56 am
baby before they were ship wrecked. he says they all went to the island before getting eaten by a leopard. >> geez, so they are dead? >> but made it to the islands, that's the point. so some you know this is what happened to tarzan's parent. >> so basically, tarzan is elsa and anna ace brother. >> is that possible? >> tarzan, well, the original tarzan from the 40's, isn't it? >> okay, but his is disney version of tarzan. here is the other thing when i was reading, also linked to the little mermaid, right? because aerial, you know, in the movie swimming on the ship, learning about humans, taking the artifacts and things? apparently that ship is a ship that elsa and anna ' parents were on that's shipwrecked. look, all connected all of these theories, all related. >> this is what you were researching? >> beauty and the beast, bell when reading books, what's your favorite book?
8:57 am
describes the story of aladdin, in beauty and the beast. >> let's take a break and i'll tell you, next one. ava and i needed a little vacay. but we needed to watch our spending. meaning i needed to watch nikki. she's the spender. i'm the saver. so, mobile banking from td bank helps me keep track... for both of us. she was just browsing... we gotta go. i'm ava. i'm nikki. and we bank human at td bank. what?
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>> albaladejo lad lynn, do you trust me? then says something he shouldn't be saying. then when it comes to this part here. look, that's the part in the little mermaid, what happens when the priest is doing the thing. >> there are so many things, sucraid. >> i can you believe it. >> then also the jeannie makes some kind of joke. and you go they have these articles, go through all of them. i feel like for a lot of people the child whose just oh, and then in the lion king, this part, where simba, fasa, they have a moment? all right, you're not interested, are you? >> i'll never get that five minutes back. she has found a website


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