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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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fox 29's chris o'connell is live on independent mall tonight. chris, another layer of traffic restrictions. >> reporter: that's right, iain and lucy. good evening. if we learned anything from today's news today it looks like papal pilgrims will need a good pair of walking shoes and a good map. two major new layers of protection being announced here for the world meeting of families today. let's get right to them. this map you're going to get used to. they are called secured perimeter. the red area inside this map will be fenced in, fencing will all be ear recced and only accessible through secret service metal detectors. two fenced in perimeters are being set up. one near the ben franklin parkway. one of them here at independence mall. both areas where the pope has public events. now, there's a secure vehicle perimeter. that's the area inside the black line. no vehicles will be allowed inside this area. you are being told to remove your cars from this area from the -- for the and tire weekend.
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now, mayor michael nutter says he understands this will have enormous impact on the city, but says this is once in a lifetime plan for once in a lifetime event. >> as the saying goes, of all the cities and all the countries around the world the vatican chose philadelphia. we should be excited as we can be about that. and really take it as a badge of honor and civic pride and what it says about our great city and who we are as a people. >> reporter: want to let you know about other details being release dad. for the philadelphia school district. schools will now be closed wednesday september 23rd to friday september 25th and make up day has now been scheduled for friday october 9th and kindergarten will now start on thursday september 17th. now the city also announcing today government offices will
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operate on an search services only schedule from thursday the 24th through monday its september 28th. so a lot of details coming out. the mayor also revealing today that many of the 1.5 million people expected into the city to see the pope may never even get their eyes on the pope. that is because so many people are expected. they say a lot of those people will have to see it on jumbotrons. lucy? >> all right, chris. it's not just philadelphia with new information today. new jersey has papal pilgrim heading through the garden state can expect. officials are urging patience for those who will use mass transit then walk for miles to the papal venues across the delaware river. our bruce gordon reports from camden. >> reporter: the ben franklin bridge will be the gateway to the festivities for hundreds of thousands of visitors to the big papal weekend. closed to vehicular traffic all but police, fire and ems. bridge will become a pedestrian walkway and it won't be easy.
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the trek from camden to the benjamin franklin parkway in philly is a minimum of 4 miles away. the bridge itself features 135-foot incline as you approach mid span. >> if you are not capable hell wise of making that long trek, you may want to evaluate whether you're come organize not report roar the bridge closure will prompt the shut down of i676 westbound from exit three to the bridge and route 30 will be closed westbound from the airport circle to the bridge. camden riverfront will be used as a parking lot for chartered buses. only those that have been pre registered with event organizers through the world meeting of families website. >> if you think that you're local church can just higher a bus for the day and come on down, you're mistaken. >> reporter: visitors hoping to drive their own cars into camden and find street parking, listen to camden police describe the number of spaces set aside for personal vehicles. >> zero. >> zero? >> zero. >> reporter: nj transit says
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its river line light rain system will run with fewer stops that weekend from trenton to camden's transportation center and you'll need a special pass purchased in advance from vending kiosk. nj transit atlantic city line will run an express train to philly's 30th street station. special passes can be bought in advance online. >> it needs the cooperation and understanding of our customers during this time. your patience is truly a virtue and patience will be needed. >> reporter: this is a lot of information to sift through some of it potentially confusing. go to we will link you to all the appropriate web sites to get the information you need to get to the big papal events from here on the jersey side of the river. in camden, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. ♪ >> beautiful day in the neighborhood. and one of my favorite camera views this one a live look at the wilmington, delaware just a perfect day to do really anything outside, lunch, a walk but our weather is changing as it always does. meteorologist scott will jumps is in the weather center track the forecast.
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scott, heat wave again. >> we are going to be talking about 90-degree temperatures again but lucy here's my favorite camera shot. take look at center city. it is beautiful on this thursday. if you're stepping outdoors, it's comfortable, low humidity. 83 degrees right now. dew points in the 40s for philadelphia. look at the uniform temperatures upper 70s allentown. low 80s right now in south jersey. so coming up we'll talk about just how long this low humidity will stick around. yes, that fourth heat wave and the all important eagles forecast with the seven day. iain. >> scott, thank you. montgomery county judge called out by attorney general kathleen kane wednesday is responding by questioning her understanding of the grand jury process. kane demanded the judge william carpenter allow her to release explicit e-mails she found on state computers. she claims the e-mails are at the root of the criminal charges she is facing. carpenter in response today said that kane has taken no legal action to make that happen. he also wrote the e-mails were never put into evidence in the case he supervising.
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kane's office says her lawyers will file a motion next week. ambush in philadelphia's overbrook section a 19 year old man is the second shooting victim in that neighborhood in less than a week. as police search for last it in's shooter, they're also looking at new clues tied to another attack just days earlier and blocks away. fox 29's dave schratwieser is following both investigations at southwest detectives tonight. dave? >> reporter: lucy, police believe it was a fight earlier in the day yesterday that led to that shooting outside the water ice stand last night. they also tonight have some surveillance video of a possible suspect in the shooting of a bakery owner last week just up the block from the water ice stand. >> you're part of the problem if you're not out here trying to do something report roar charles bundy and his neighbors in overbrook park were still upset thursday by the overnight ambush shooting of a 19-year-old young man as he waited in line at this local water ice stand. >> when we were young we used to fight or box or something.
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now these kids they shoot each other. >> it's sad i have sons and stuff and i wouldn't want that to happen to my child. >> reporter: bullet holes and circles marking the spots where she will casings landed left a grim reminder of the shooting outside the popular water ice stand. >> we have a male whose apparently standing by the bus stop who walks right up on them almost ambush him and begins firing at these two individuals. >> reporter: police say the having tim had just placed his order and was waiting online with some friends when a gunman fired two shots. one hit him in the face. the shooting came after a fight on drexel street. >> we believe it's connected to this particular fight earlier in the day. >> reporter: this was the second shooting along this busy stretch of haverford avenue in six days. last thursday, the woman who owns this kosher bakery just up the block was shot in the neck by two gunmen in a robbery. police now believe this video from another robbery just two days earlier may be one of the bakery gunmen. >> she describes a tall and a short mail. this video you'll see a tall mail with a gray hooded
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sweatshirt. >> reporter: bundy runs a mentoring program for young men he says the shootings in this area are rare. folks are calling for a more active town watch program here while police ask businesses to join the city's safe cam surveillance camera program. >> instead of picking up a gun pick up a book and leave the guns down. >> reporter: now, both victims in these shootings are recovering from their injuries in the hospital. police tell me tonight they have some good tips and leads to go on. they are confident they will make arrests in the shootings lucy. >> dave, multi million dollar scheme involving fake poker chips has a plan bleeding guilty at the borgata. 43-year-old christian, from north carolina admits he brought millions of dollars in counterfeit poker chips to an atlantic city poker tournament. they say he flushed those chips down a toilet. the clogged toilet tipped them off that something was wrong. he has pleaded guilty to trademark counterfeiting and criminal mischief. he's now got five years in prison ahead of him and these
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pay the borgata $500,000 in lost revenue. pennsylvania senator is promoting new leep laying for sexual assault guidelines on college campuses. senator bob casey spoke at cleary center today in wayne that's where the movement to protect students on college campuses started. the campus save act was passed to years ago but the law goes into effect for the first time this fall. new federal directives will be in place at each school for the handling of sexual assault claims. casey says it's a step forward in taking action when it comes to a serious issue. >> part of is making sure that when, h a student comes on to campus that everyone knows the rules. everyone has -- everyone has training and exposure to the problem and is familiar or the least begins to become familiar with the procedures. >> emphasizes steps schools to take to educate students and help prevent sexual assault senator casey is hoping it empowers students and faculty to
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end violent incidents and also to seek assistance. marijuana on school campus definitely illegal on the surface. >> but one family has been fig fighting to get permission for their daughter to use it. they say their daughter needs her medical marijuana. their lost their fight. tonight there may ab compromise. >> ♪ the piano man making a stop in philly to night. can you still get tickets? howard? >> i'll get them for you if you need them. all right. finally a football game for the eagles. so how did the players approach a game finely hitting another player? hear from some of those players coming up in sports.
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♪ school starts a couple of
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weeks away. one think high school girl family's says it's as search as paper and pencils. not everyone agrees. she is has condition her family says medical marijuana helps control. >> the problem for the family is, school of course is drug free zone. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson has been following their story. bill wreck does all of this stand now. >> reporter: lucy it's pretty confusing. you got a family trying to work it out. new jersey medical marijuana policy has received significant criticism since it passed. that have been complaints about severe restrictions, high costs and limited availability. but for one family the request is symbol. they say medical marijuana is working not just let -- now just let their daughter take it ♪ what would you do if maintaining your child's health conflicted with the law? 16-year-old jenny barber needs medical marijuana which is legal here in new jersey but her school won't allow lower to take it on school grounds. jenny's drug in a drug free school which requires stronger penalties within the zone and
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marijuana is still illegal at the federal level of government. because of this, the barbers sued in landmark ruling this week, they lost. >> the decision every the judge is bipolar. you know what i mean? it has -- drug free school zone prohibits it but the medical marijuana law permits it. our argument the medical marijuana law permits it for anybody who's assisting a child who can't take their own medicine. >> she has severe seizures and has been on numerous prescription drugs she's even had brain surgery but the medical marijuana helps the mo most. her parents don't understand if the doctors recognize that medical marijuana is what their daughter needs, why won't the federal government get on board. >> the fight is about clarifying the law in new jersey. i think the compassionate care medical marijuana act which everybody calls the kuma gives us the right to do what we're asking. >> reporter: in another interesting twist, the government will allow the barbers to come to the take johnny off of school grounds and
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give her the medical marijuana. but that raises the whole new set of questions because it's still a drug free zone. so will the mother be violating the law by bringing the drugs to campus? >> really does sound moronic. the politicians are talking out of both sides of their faces. >> for clarity, jenny and all children they wouldn't be smoking. they take cannabis oil in food or drink. and jenny's family hopes they can at least come to school and give jenny her medicine and not have to take her off campus right before going live they texted me and said that that request was also denied. so we'll keep looking into it. lucy? >> it continues. all right, thank you, bill. south jersey is not all about the shore, of course. especially for shoppers now. gloucester premium outlets is now officially open for business much the new outlet mall in blackwood, new jersey opened today. eighths big deal. lots of jobs, lots of bargains. all kinds of stores. such as armani and calvin klein, banana republic and nike.
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the list goes on. the four day grand opening runs through sunday with extended hours. ♪ the piano man making a stop in philly to night. billy joel playing tonight at citizens bank park and get this there are still some tickets available. we just checked. not only are they available but the prices are less than $100. >> that's not bad for a concert these days. tell was. back to your fox 29 weather authority right now where the weather has just been fantastic. >> might be pretty nice if you're at that billy joel concert tonight. >> right. >> yes, it's great concert weather iain and lucy. we're talking low humidity, temperatures right now in the low 80s. they'll fall into the 50s in some of the suburbs later on tonight. but take look at the beautiful center city skyline right now. a lot of sunshine today. just was a perfect 10. 83 degrees that's the current temperature and look at the dew points in the 40s. any time below 60 it feels comfortable but really refreshing when we have dew points that are in the 40s. the high temperature today
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2 degrees below the average for this time of year which is 86. the record 99 set back in 2002. look at this the saturday sun will set this evening right at 8:00 o'clock. temperatures right now pretty uniform. upper 70s low 80s across the area. 80 in dover. 77 in lewes as we move toward the shore points right now, you can see cape may, brigantine, 78 degrees for you. 77 in beach haven. we're looking at low 80s in philadelphia, north and west temperatures right now in kutztown 77 degrees. doylestown 79 for you. so here's the bottom line if you're stepping outdoors. comfortable, looking good for backyard barbecue. quiet conditions by 11:00 o'clock. temperatures dropping into the upper 60s. so you can see. dry and quiet as we take a look at the sat right and radar. no problems whatsoever across the area. down the shore looking good. delaware, north and west, lehigh valley the pocono mountains, quiet and comfortable and take look at this. not whole lot of weather on going across the eastern part of
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the u.s. so for tonight it's dry, it's quiet. still another chance tonight to take a look at perseid meteor showers in case you missed them last night. tomorrow morning a lot of sunshine. so have those shades. have the sunscreen. down the shore area wide we're looking beautiful across the area for your friday evening plans and what about plans down the shore for the upcoming weekend. dry, 80 on saturday. low 80s as we move toward the upcoming weekend. big maroon five concert on sunday, warm and dry. poconos mountains refreshing start to your forty three dame high temperatures top out in the upper 70s. low 80s on saturday. sunday temperatures in the mid 80s. get ready for building heat across the area for the upcoming weekend. 90-degree temperatures will return. so for tonight open up the windows, 50's in the burbs. mid 60s in the city. friday it's a 10. saturday looking pretty good. we got jazz on the avenue taking place broad and cecil b. moore looking pretty good for that but a little hot and then hot on sunday for the eagles.
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temperatures near kick off near 90. low 90s for high temperatures and we keep that stretch into early next week. >> baking there. >> yeah. >> you'll be baking. >> i know. i'm keeping my windows closed because i don't like to listen to the crickets. (laughter). >> i'll be baking is right. eagles play that game on sunday whether it's 90 degrees or not. it's nice to see game, though. the veteran players will do more than play in the game on sunday. hear from couple of the vets coming up in sports. consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here.
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who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today.
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♪ eagles running back demarco murray had another day off. no specific reason but the eagles finally have a game to play. finally. sunday the eagles play their first preseason game against indianapolis at the linc. finally a chance to see chip kelly's new team in a game. but how much will the starters play if at all in some cases? i would expect sam bradford i don't know this to play maybe one or two series but it's a chance for the starters to get some action. but for the veteran players, it's more than just how much they play. >> although it's probably going to be short you still want to get out there and fly around and getting your timing right, get your communication right and the rest of it you want to see these young guys see if they can play
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this is all an evaluation period for them. they get out there and compete. show what they got. >> most of the veterans work during the practices but they will get some action early in the game but then during the game many of the vets will coach up the young guys. one of those players is couldn't know barwin who works with marcus smith after almost every practice. >> come preseason i mean i'll be coaching jordan, coaching raheem those really young guys that are just learning the defense. we're excited to go against somebody else. i've been going against lane and celek for to weeks now. it will be fun to go against somebody else and fun next week to practice again the ravens. >> all right. the phillies have the day off before starting a three-game series tomorrow morning in mill walk wee one thing to keep an eye on whether chase utley gets traded before the phillies play at home again next tuesday. the talks are with san francis francisco. for the hottest team in baseball let's go to toronto today they wouldn't their 11th straight. they get great defense much that's josh donaldson who's
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really an mvp candidate with offense and his defense right there. toronto won their 11th straight today. up credible catch last night in chicago. first baseman for the cubs is anthony rizzo much watch this closely. this is a catch for one reason. he catches it. now it look like he catches it in the stands. if he catches it in the stands it is not a catch. however he has 1 foot on the tarp. >> that's right. >> if he's on the tarp it's in the field of play. otherwise it's ruled it's not a catch they had to review that to make sure that it was catch. now they went in the stands the runner advances one base but doesn't matter he got the out. >> there you go. >> incredible. >> be sure to join to us night at 10. 11-year-old cued of swiping a car just for joy ride but it doesn't end there. what police say he did right in front of a cop that had officers hot on his tail. >> that does it us for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10. have a great night. inside edition sun neck.
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>> deathly plunge. the student that slid down this natural water slide on his 25th birthday. >> he never came back up. >> there's a 50/50 chance that you could die. >> then honeymoon with isis. >> the couple busted by the feds for trying to join the terror group. >> she is a cheerleader. he has two black belts in martial arts. and trump for hillary. >> hillary clinton is a terrific woman. >> the oldent view coming back to haunt donald trump. >> the economy does better under the democrats. >> how could one of the most handsome men alive end up looking like this. >> the tom


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