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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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another workweek, it is monday, august 17th, special day at the johnson household, sue a serio, it is my mom's birthday. >> that is right, what is her first name. >> tricia i should have remembered that because my middle name is patricia. >> so trish, happy birthday. so she's in atlanta where she's used to being muggy and hot and we have typical, southern weather, because it is south/southeasterly wind at 6 miles an hour, there is a breeze, and, boss stop buddy, happy eagles won their preseason game, yesterday. he has a sun screen water bottle, muggy the dog, everybody is out this morning. >> he will need the shade as
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well. so, we are warm to start in a lot of places. sixty-eight pottstown but we're in the 07's at reading, and allentown and trenton and 60's in millville and wildwood, and, to begin your monday n weather by the numbers we will go with a seven out of ten. that is not bad. humidity, and, official heat wave, today, and we could not go up to that eight, nine or ten, steamy sunday with a high of 39 degrees. that was day two of 90 or above, here's number three, giving us our heat wave, blazing sun, hot and humid to day and tonight will be a muggy one with mostly clear skies, we're down in the lower 07's. so is there your fox cast, minute after 5:00 o'clock on your monday morning, bob kelly
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enjoying a three day weekend throughout the morning. we have i-95 at girard avenue, wide opened but we expect volume to pick up there on i-95, vine street 90 roadway as well. let's check some speeds as we get started, it looks like you will be on time when you allow enough time, at the airport, regulation, about 55 miles an hour, and the same for the schuylkill and the blue route as well. speed rhythm on all of those roadways, mass transit, we have 15 minute delay on airport regional rail lines, we have a play this morning taking the regional rail.
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this happened along the west trenton line. victim was a man in the 20's, he was not the a worker, police are not the yet sure why he was on the track. police continue to investigate a triple shooting in olney, police called to the 5900 block a second street just after 10:00 o'clock last night. they took a man who had been shot in the arm and woman hot shot in the leg to einstein medical center. soon afterward another man was dropped off at the same hospital with the gunshot wound. all three are listed in stable condition, so far no charges have been filed. the world meeting of families is next month, all eyes will be on philadelphia, when the pope arrives here. excitement comes with a little anxiety and questions, and new we know the traveling restrictions, what happens in the business zone. my co anchor chris murphy live at logan circle to explain more. hi there, chris. >> reporter: good morning. when it was announced the pope was coming here where we are 39 days away and everyone got excited. they thought this would be great for business. then we heard about the the
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box which we're standing in right the now which is a big restrict area, to cars, and leaving, and then coming back in. so the business owners are saying to themselves, gee, if we're a restaurant how to we get new supplies. so a all of these questions need to be answered. to that end later this morning the city is set to release phone numbers for business own tore call to get their many questions answered. it will be posted on the city web site, and also there is going to be a hashtag of pope in philly. so in the meantime, business owners we spoke with, they are making some of their own plans as you can say. >> i will be probably closed. it will be too hard to get in and out of the city, plus supplies would be a problem for us, to get supplies and things. so better to watch it on tv. >> most of my staff luckily lives nearby a lot of people are on bicycles, you know, the people that aren't going to be able to get in through the zone we are going to, i live right around the corner, i
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will set up shop at my house. make sure everybody can grab a shower every day, sleep very nicely and we have a place that is kind of right here at ground zero here in philadelphia and i expect that the whole area is going to be mobbed with people looking for a place to eat. >> reporter: exactly. the traffic box in center city and parts of the west philadelphia encompass 4.7 square miles and basically going to ban cars leaving and coming back in. that includes the supply trucks. now this box, this traffic box stretches from delaware avenue west to 38th street and south street, north to spring garden, ridge and girard. you have been warned, lauren dawn johnson. >> i have been warn, you're right, i will stay away. thanks chris murphy so much. an autopsy will be conduct on the body of the woman found in the lehigh river over weekend. body of patricia rasmussen of bethlehem was found in the river in north white hall
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township just before 1:00 on sunday afternoon. it is unclear who found her or how long she had been in the water. man of the man who died who died in the schuylkill river has in the been released. 592 year owed was last seen swimming 20 yards from shore from lock street in manayunk saturday night. when witnesses lost sight they called 911. a dive team has recovered the body. police make ab arrest in the hit and run and injured a six year-old girl at day night in northeast philadelphia they said 27 year-old marked ward hit a koran mcgee avenue but didn't stop. he turned on to sylvester street and somehow ended up on the sidewalk where he hit the little girl. police say he then kept going hitting three parked cars. the six year-old has broken bones but officials say she is expect to be okay. tim tebow getting a warm welcome from philadelphia fans and he leads eagles to victory. steve keeley live outside the link with more on this, hi there, steve. >> reporter: that wasn't the first highlight, the number one viewers, got a nice
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birthday gift from the number one draft pick, nelson agholor. the lets go to the highlights and show you. look at this he turns one of the many too high, off target bad mark sanchez passes into a great play, high grab and showing speed to the end zone. number 17 just like harold carmichael, another great receive inner eagles history. another chip kelly recent recruit to both oregon and philadelphia now, from the practice squad last season and maybe a promising feature philadelphia star on the team, and on the team this season, 92-yard punt return touchdown, something another running touchdown for ken beyond barner who fans never heard the the name until yesterday. they may hear that name a lot, this season. lots of highlights. lots of scoring, and lots of philly sports fans to finally be excited about. >> it was a great play by him showing his legs and showing he can run.
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just one move and you are gone. the that is the the type of plays that we need on the perimeter and he has shown that he can make play was this owe fens. >> when he caught the ball, you know, it was just a hitch. thinking he might make one move. i started to angle my head sane he isn't catching nellie. it was great to see him in the end zone. first catch too, it is awesome. >> unaudible. >> rookie too, agholor, i know he scored on that first touchdown. he plays strong without the ego, and very fast. so that is cool. >> reporter: from the first quarter to the fourth quarter the excitement never stopped. here we go, tim tebow getting in on the the action and getting into the end zone as well, a touchdown and a large ovation, from the still large crowd, staying until the end of the game to watch tim
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tebow. still as a fan favorite, as he has ever been even though he was out of fat ball last year. lauren, they have to, you know, season ticket holders that is, to have pay full price for these preseason ticket like these full season. normally they don't get their monies worth. yesterday every fan got their monies worth for that full price preseason ticket for sure because it was an exciting start to finish, 36-ten blow out at least giving fans some reason to believe in chip kelly's off season moves that may show some future promise here for this football season. >> yeah, because we were all questioning that. thanks, steve keeley. a small plane heading to moorestown, new jersey goes down in long island bursting into flames. >> the ntsb tells me that the single engine beach craft 35 plane was at 6500 feet, when the pilot radio air traffic control and told him he was having engine problems and needed to return to the west hampton beach airport. the plane then suddenly lost altitude hitting the long
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island railroad signal boys a at oyster bay row crossing at the border. impact broke off the plane's right wing seconds before it felon to the track. >> i didn't realize, but my co-worker d i saw the plane and it was upside down. the at that point he just got up and ran, with the plane going down, to call 911. after impact plane burst into flames and fire fighters from around the area quickly responded. the pilot did not survive the crash but passenger identified as karl giordano of new vernon, new jersey did and was rush to the local hospital. >> small plane tried to london the road and hit the railroad infrastructure. >> reporter: ntsb says pilot made the distress call at 7:47 in the morning but by then too late. wreckage covered the long island railroad track and interrupted services but with the location right on the vehicle crossing it was lucky in more lives were lost. >> it was a train going forward at that point but the
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crossing was opened. >> that was lisa evers reporting. seaside heights looking towards the future, owners of an amusement pier just want a approval to rebuild. super storm sandy destroyed the casino pier in october 2012. that is where the roller coaster ended up in the ocean. asbury park press reports that thepy ier has a permit to rebuild a 225-foot -- 226-foot section. it was a huge party on the beach in atlantic city yesterday as 50,000 fans of nick jonas and maroon five turned out for the the beach concert. it was put on to help market the city as more than just a gambling destination. unlike concert series last year this year the show was in the free but dit draw thousands of people from the boardwalk as well. organizers say the goal, it is to get people coming back as the city tries to reinvent itself. >> we need to get more bodies here and let's be frank, atlantic city need american just gamers and gamers are terrific. 2.5 million-dollar but we have
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15,000 hotel rooms to fill every single night. >> show continues on thursday with rascal flats and ticket are still a available for that show. rescue officials say search plan spotted wreckage of the indonesia passenger plane that went missing with 54 people on board, what crews are saying likely brought the jet down. back here, two small planes collide in the san diego area on sunday. officials on the west coast give us the latest on the deadly crash coming up. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform
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don't cry, sue said it will make her cry. happy birthday momma johnson better known as momma t in our house hold. today is my mom's birthday, august 17th, and so she's in atlanta, i'm in philly. i did see her over the weekend. >> well, that is good. >> that is best thing i'll say about it, sue serio. it was a long story, i don't want to game anyone at home with all of the details of. >> but it is her birthday. happy birthday mom. hopefully you are having fun in atlanta all right, sue serio. >> does she watch us on line. >> she does. >> hi trish. >> happy birth the day. we are almost birthday buddies, you and me. here's a look at the platt bridge, we will do a preview of traffic is everything is moving along just fine.
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the lets talk about what we have ahead o your heat wave will continue and will become official today with today being the third day in a row, of 90 degrees or above and it is pretty, certain that we will have, at least 90 degrees today. air quality alert goes into effect, as that humidity and stagnant air is with us for another day. humidity, plus storms, eventually but in the really likely today, and let us necessity what is happening all the at sue serio at fox 29 on twitter. so hot, humid thanks to high pressure in control. when high pressure system is on shore we have a nice northerly breeze but now that it is edging off cher southeasterly wind and with that wind direction, we have temperatures, that are a little bit more southern, a little bit more humid like where trish lives in atlanta. so, yeah, a slight chance of a pop up thunderstorm today, not really likely and maybe a bigger chance tomorrow and
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then slight on tuesday, we will see pop up thunderstorms on the future cast, north and west of the city, it is really in the until wednesday, that we expect things to really, expect things to fire up with some thunderstorms. you can see what it is like in the south. there is a atlanta with 75 degrees to start and we are the same here in philadelphia now it is cooler to the north. 68 degrees in pottstown. sixty-two mount pocono. along the shore we have a sea breeze in wildwood it is a nice 66 degrees and 71 in wilmington with those southeasterly wind. it feels warmer then that. so here we go with the past seven days. we have in the been in the 90's for a while but we made split on saturday with a high of 91 and yesterday with that high of 93 degrees, where are we headed to day? a little bit warmer. ninety-four, 95 by the end of the day and still in the 90's probably tomorrow when phillies come back to town, with a two day series, two nights, facing the blue jays at citizens bank park. we could get a thunderstorm
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popping up here and there on wednesday, and not everybody will see one, and then on thursday, that is when we will get our cold front that sticks around through friday, it will in the cool things off a whole lot for the weakened but will dry out on saturday for our next eagles preseason game against baltimore ravens, yikes. that is your seven day forecast, i say yikes because most of my family, in baltimore they were raised. we start our traffic check i-95 southbound, a disable tractor trailer that is in the right shoulder. so, volleys building there, and it will slow you down a little bit: it is i-95 southbound at cottman avenue. as we move on we will take a look at the roosevelt boulevard this morning and it looks like, as we approach the schuylkill everything is moving along just fine. checking how long it will take you to get from here to there on the schuylkill to the blue route to the vine it is only a
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14 minute drive. i-95 from woodhaven to the vine. it is only a 13 minute drive. remember about that airport regional rail line, 15 minute delay, oh, no, they have fix it. no we are back on schedule for airport regional rail. i'll pennsylvania pay a attention lauren, next time you are doing double duty we will give you a pass. taking a look at our top stories, new details in the death of the woman who happens to be step grand doubt or of actor morgan freeman. new york post is reporting three three-year old adina heinz was stabbed outside her apartment at a disturbed attempt at a exorcism. according to a post a witness heard a man screaming i cast you out devils in the name of jesus christ i cast you out as he attacked her. paper identifies a 30 year-old man arrested as heinz boyfriend lemar davenport. heinz was grand daughter of freeman's first wife. in a statement freeman said quote the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer,
5:20 am
may she rest in peace. indonesia plane that went down over weekend has been spotted from the search plane but ground crews have yet to determine if anyone survives. the air services, twin turboprop plane was 7 miles from the destination when it went down during a storm yesterday. fifty-four people were on board. there is no indication that the the pilot made a distress call. the mountains are difficult to navigate, and new with the weather, it is clearing and they are hoping to finally reach the crash site. two small planes slammed into each other midair near san diego airport killing will four people. both planes caught fire once they hit the ground break ago part. wreckage flew a quarter mile from the site of the crash, emergency crews first reported three deaths after going through the debris. they have discover one more person who died. we don't know why those planes collided. george pataki says his experience in office makes him qualified to be a presidential candidate. republican presidential candidate says he would man make fighting isis a priority,
5:21 am
if elect, by increasing u.s. air strikes against violent militant group in the middle east. as is custom candidates are invited to give a 20 minute soap box beach at iowa state fair. the fair runs through the 23rd. also, ben carson, the retired neurosurgeon turned republican date for president said sunday that we shouldn't let political class pick our president, carson, has a rags to richest story has ignited curiosity and enthusiasm with conservatives for his call for less civil, less partisan dialogue. the on the stage he said just because you disagree with someone doesn't mean you are their enemy. little pills that promise to help you do a better job at work but are the claims tree and are they even safe to take? what doctors want you to know. and video game, it could keep you healthy, what bad habits experts are saying you can quit, by playing tetris? but first here's a look at
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memory. these supplements are available on line advertised as all natural supplements, that increase brain performance. while more people seem to be using the pills doctors say there is no data that proves any of these drugs, are safe. >> we all want to have, you know, better and smarter ways of thinking, of our memory is working, our muscles should be better. we don't have any long term data on their safety. we don't have long term consequences of chronic use of these drugs. >> all right, that is scary. doctors also say that the so-called smart drugs are not regulated by the the f.d.a. governmental experts say number of americans diagnosed with a attention deficit hyper activity disorder also known as adhd is rising and it is not just kid they are talking about. cdc says number of children rose from 8 percent in 2003, to 11 percent in 2011. the disorder typically appears between the age of three and
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six years old and may continue into adulthood. it is a disorder that left untreated can cause a child to fall far behind in school and have difficulty making friend. f.d.a. says 4 percent of american adults are believed to have the the disorder resulting in poor time management, restlessness and a inability to multi task. could a video game released more than 30 years ago help keep you, slim? a new study found that playing tetris can cut cravings by an average of 20 percent. it is in the just the food cravings we're talking about. authors of the study say it can stop cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, and sex. they think that this happens because playing visually interesting game like tetris will occupy your mental processes often associated with the craving. those findings appear in the journal addictive behavior. and it is no secret if you have listening to music whether you like mozart or
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metalica, growing amount of evidence suggest clinicians can use power of music to help people recover from surgery and other medical procedures. studies have found that listening to music before surgery can reduce anxiety, listening to music after surgery, enduring surgery, can ease pain, and the need for pain medications. well, we're counting down to the days to the pope visit to philadelphia but businesses are still scrambling to find some answers, chris murphy is, going to have more on this. and eagles fans, finally have a game to get excited about, after a big win this weekend, where coach chip kelly says the team, sort of, messed up.
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eagles are flying high after yesterday's big win and we will have more on the game and what this could mean for the season. good morning, chris murphy good morning, lauren dawn johnson. i'm live on the ben franklin parkway where the pope will be in 40 days and that is the the concern for business owners. what the city plans to release today to help them out and give them more information, lauren. girl power on the green how this local teen's golf swing put her a cut above the
5:31 am
boys and how she's paying back those she beat. good day, everybody. it is the start of the week. it is monday, august 17th, 2015. sue serio, you and my mother are getting lots of birthday shout outs on this morning. >> between yesterday and today i feel like the luckiest girl in the world. it has been a great weekend. i hoe you had a great weekend too it is back to reality day. it will be hot and humid today. it is not the worst with the humidity that we have ever seen and we won't have triple digit heat index but it will be hot and humid. you do need to take care of yourself. isolated thunderstorms probably wednesday through friday is when they will be most likely and then after that, not as hot as we get into the weekend. buddy is wearing his eagles hat, and we pulled out all of the stops pool side today. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. sun screen, water bottle,
5:32 am
muggy the doggies with us today. that means humid day to day. buddy knows he is counting down the days of summer and counting the days until school starts as well. 75 degrees. 79 percent relative humidity. we have a 6/4 sunrise time as days get shorter and we have to look up toward wisconsin and the upper peninsula of michigan to find our next cold front and that won't make it down here probably until wednesday, thursday. the the timing of that one. a as we look at our weather by the numbers we will go with a seven out of ten. pretty warm and humid. 94 degrees our high temperature. bit more humid then yesterday and hotter more hotter. yeah, it will be a little more hotter. we are off to a fantastic start this morning and a hot within on the way. let's check out traffic, bob kelly taking a three day weekend today, so, what are we looking at, again to get started this morning? why it is a disable tractor
5:33 am
trailer the one we told but last time. southbound i-95 right there the at cottman avenue. it is off on the shoulder but you do need to use caution as you approach that area it is getting a little bit congested at that point of i-95. now we will go over to new jersey and check the 42 freeway, volume building there, heading into the city but traffic still moving okay. we will watch that roadway for the folks who extended their shore weekend to the very last minute. checking speeds on i-95, it looks like we are running regulation about 55 miles an hour, same for the the blue route and as we check the the schuylkill, speeds are slower than average probably because of that disable vehicle. the mass transit in delays, miss lauren. >> that is good news but there will be some delays when the pope arrives. we know they will be here very soon but there its loss of questions surrounding what happens inside that area dubbed the box. chris murphy live at logan circle to explain more about
5:34 am
this, hi there chris. >> big question is, will these businesses, benefit or will it really hurt their business because this area will be shut down to vehicles coming in and out. this is called the box, it is right here along ben franklin parkway and other parts. we will get to the perimeter in a minute but later this morning city is set to release phone numbers for business owners to call so they can get their many questions answered. the question are a lot as there is just 39 days away. information will be posted on the city web side and will be searchable with the hashtag pope in philly. in the meantime business owners we talk to are making their own plans. >> it is a busy week, you know, that is a lot of money right there i can't lose that. >> i will probably be closed. it ties hard to get in and out of the city. the supplies would be a problem for to us get the truck in and out.
5:35 am
it is better to watch it on tv. >> most of my staff lives nearby a lot of people are on bicycles. the people that aren't going to be able to get in through the zone, we are going to, you know, i live right around the corner. we will set up shop at my house. make sure everybody can grab a shower every day, sleep very nicely. >> reporter: so, the so-called traffic box, within center city and parts of the west philadelphia, it comes to nearly 5 miles, 4.7 square miles to be exact and then ban incoming vehicular traffic. here's the boundary i ghost you can call it of the two day security boundary, it is, the traffic box stretching from delaware avenue west to 38th street and south street, north to spring garden, ridge and girard, for more information on that of course, go to our web site at my fox for now lauren, back to you in the studio. >> all right, chris, thanks very much. it may only be the preseason but eagles fans, hope sunday's game is a little bit of sign of things to come.
5:36 am
eagles dominated from the very beginning, most of the the stars like sam bradford, demarco murray sat out but this game was about getting young guys to come through. nelson agholor had a couple drops but when he got his hand on the ball, he took a pass from sanchez, for the the 34-yard touchdown. right before the end of the half. it was with under 30 to go. and then there was a punt return, a few guys missed tackles. do you see this one right here. 92-yard. lets get to the fourth quarter where defensive player of the game was ed reynolds. he had two interceptions on the day. then late in the game it was tebow time he runs the the ball in from 7-yard out. guess what, the eagles win, right here, 36-ten. eagles fans are excited. so now, chip kelly, yeah,
5:37 am
people said he screwed the team up. we will talk about it in sports in a minute. introducing longhorns steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. all right. we will go to sports, in just a second. okay, here we are. the pga championship is there only one name to talk bit is
5:40 am
jason day on the seventh from 50 feet out, this is how good his tournament has gone. they nailed the birdie, in one could come close. not even jordan spieth, you remember him. day finished at 20 under. the lowest par for anyone in major victory. david denson makes baseball history. he revealed he is gay over the weekend becoming the first openly gay active player in baseball. twenty year-old made the announcement after sharing witt his family and teammates. plays for milwaukee brewers rookie fill eighth in montana. girl power on the greens, how this local team's golf swing put her in a cut above the boys, and how she is paying it back, we will tell but that just after the break.
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5:43 am
we had a foot the ballgame with the eagles, preseason, something for fans to get excited about. for the most partying also played well and what was a goodwin over the indianapolis colts. lets get to lincoln financial field. matt barclay really the best office three quarterbacks yesterday, 12 for 20, nice pass, nice pass to jordan matthews right there. that was 26-yard. and a nice pass and really good catch by veteran receiver and veteran move, miles austin, 39-yard, 12 for 20, 192-yard, eagles wins. head coach likes what he saw with matt barclay. >> he did a real nice job.
5:44 am
we screwed up a little bit on that one name where it got tipped but that guy should have been block. we should had a key block on him and got him to the corner and given him an opportunity. i thought he did a real nice job. >> eagles play again next saturday night against baltimore ravens at the link. the phillies lost yesterday. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right. we have got a look at the air quality alert in effect for today, it is code orange in philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs, out toward new york city, and down toward the baltimore area as well. this whole i-95 corridor all these urban areas where we have got poor air quality, pollution in the air, just stagnant were not much breeze and hot, humid, so it makes it, very difficult for folks, with health issues, to breathe, when they are outside today. so make sure you take care of everybody who needs you, and
5:45 am
that includes your pets, and make sure during this heat and humidity that they have enough water and you don't keep them outdoors too long. satellite radar showing our next cold front is all the the way out in the midwest, michigan, upper peninsula there in wisconsin, not expected to arrive here until middle will of the week. we don't to have worry about that just yet. we have temperatures that are already warm in some places. this isn't the warmest morning we have seen but it is pretty warm already, i would say muggy, of course, here in the city. sixty-two in mount pocono. seventy-one at ac international. sixty-four in wildwood. it is 68 degrease, and that is how we're starting off with our temperatures. the dew point temperature is a measure of the in moisture in the air and once you get in the 60's and all of our dew points are in the 60's now in the nice 50's on friday. now we're into that sticky uncomfortable range. the it could be worse, and it probably will be, thomas dew
5:46 am
points inch in the 70's but if you make i had through saturday and sunday, you should be fine today just take care of yourself. that is two days of 90 or above. that is number three. that will give us heat wave number four of the 2015. 92 degrees tomorrow. and then with the possibility of some thunderstorms rolling in our weather picture then we're in the mid to upper 80's on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday looks good, and sunny and warm and in the seasonal 80's for our next eagles game this was an evening game with the ravens on saturday. could see some pop ups, on sunday. so that is next seven days. lets get back to right new. we will take a look at that situation on i-95 southbound at cottman avenue. it is worse, we have had disable tractor trailer, and they have only had shoulder closed earlier. now right lane is closed so that is causing, a lot of traffic, backup, so that disabled truck, again, i-95,
5:47 am
southbound at cottman avenue right lane is block at the moment. we will see all those cars there. yeah, we are stack and pack for a while. all right. lets move on to check some speed on the pennsylvania turnpike, route 202, route 30, everybody moving along just fine, all green, we go and travel times from 422 to 202 it only takes you seven minutes from oaks to king of prussia and from on 202 to route 30 to the the schuylkill expressway it is only a 12 minute drive. now would be a good time to leave. >> montgomery county teen was disappointed whether he she signs up for a girl's golf tournament only to be told she was only one to sign up. organizers offered her an alternative as a fox 29 photo journalist bill roar shows it all played out in her favor.
5:48 am
>> reporter: when 18 year-old isabella hits a golf ball she crushes it. >> there is in better feeling then hitting the the golf ball and just hitting it dead straight down the middle. >> she has been hitting them straight since she was nine. >> i just want to have fun out here. >> reporter: few weeks ago isabel signed up to compete in the montgomery county girls junior championship, only problem, in the one other girl signed up. >> i was in shock because they always have the at least, the girls, but at least there is a couple. >> reporter: since this was in one to play against tournament organizers canceled the champion ship until isabel's father received a call. with isabel be interested in playing with the boys in the boys division. >> i was like yeah, sure, i just wanted to play. >> tournament made up of 25 boys and one girl was held at plymouth country club. >> usually girls don't go and play and boys in the tournament and win. it doesn't happen too often. i really didn't think i had a
5:49 am
chance. that is probably why. someone with the come in with a lower score. >> reporter: isabel shot 73, one over par. >> i ended up winning. >> winning. >> yes. >> beating the boys. >> yes. >> we were so proud of her, we really were. she put up a good score begins the boys, that is exciting. >> her next good score been with the girl attending notre dame. bill roar fox 29 news. >> congratulations to her. chick-fil-a franchise owner getting praise forking ago above and beyond to help his employees. this franchise just opened last week in austin, texas. it was closed for the past five months for a major remodeling project. well, during the entire remodel, the owner, continued to pay his employees. get this, he didn't just pay them their regular salary, he gave them each, a raise. >> it would be a real financial crisis for 50 families represented from the employees here, to have to go
5:50 am
five months without a job. >> i was than the expecting that. he is always taking care of us. >> jeff glover, you are the man. new and improved restaurant is a whooping 5700 square feet making it the largest chick-fil-a in the austin area. usually, you do your best to avoid foul odors but it is the smell that has visitors from around the world flock to go denver. the the core florist in bloom at denver's botanical gardens. this florist about 15 years old and it is the first time it has bloom. the it will last for two days and it smells like a dead animal. in other flower quite compares. >> it uses that odor to write in beatles ape flies. you walk in the greenhouse and it kind of hits you in the face. >> this corpse flower won't bloom again for another few
5:51 am
years. american idol hopefuls trying to make your dreams come true in philadelphia audition where is held yesterday at philadelphia's convention center. judge's harry conn nick junior, j lo, keith urban all in town trying to pick singers to go to the finally for idol's final season. singers tell our jen fred they are exited to show their potential. >> i just want to be optimistic in everything but there is a lot of amazing singer is here and i didn't know it was going to happen but here i am and i'm's so excited. >> i was like it is bound to happen and it will happen. if i got it, then i got it in the bag. i will just do my thing. >> confidence is key, jen has in more from sunday's audition as head on fox 29 and of course watch final season of american idol next year on fox 29 as well. all right. 5:51. fox's hit show empire wins big
5:52 am
at the teen choice award, the two hour teen party kicks off live last night with the nod to straight up. empire won break out, tv show, show stars yaz and jesse smallet took to the stage and they had a pretty well men backup dancer with them. >> ♪ gabby dancing with the guys. nba super star step curry took home choice male athlete. it on ordinary the late paul walker from the the fast and furious franchise. and they, gave homage to brittany spears, the queen of pop. bay watch remake is a bad idea that should never be pennsylvania made into a movie so says woman who became famous from the original. pam anderson scoffing at zach efron, dwayne johnson reboot saying in one appreciates remakes. pam said bay watch was the the
5:53 am
best time of her life but 90's were simpler, sweeter times for tv. it won't work in the big screen in 2015. if you are wondering if producers asked her to be part of the movie, they did not. two rival football coaches on the the mission but their message has nothing to do with sports. charitable awareness they are spreading about organ donation.
5:54 am
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to grow up without a whole lot of money. and how much it matters to save. i try to teach that to my daughter. i'm saving for a house and i don't want my money to go to bank fees. i'm sure you don't either. so ask me about one deposit checking. next time you have a question about avoiding fees, ask me. sincerely, samantha parke, fellow mom and fellow citizen.
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5:56 am
556 on this monday morning. football coaches put their rivalry on the field to do some about good. freshman coach's the lake land indiana team david priestly has been waiting for a heart transplant since november. fresh man coach brian fischer just got one in may. they decided to turn a scrimmage in the outreach event. they said so many lives will be saved if people realized how easy it could to be sign up and help. >> i don't think people think about organ donation. it is just something that we might get to that later. renew my license or whatever. >> it helps so many people, in this area. if you are not helping other people, what are you really doing.
5:57 am
>> they will continue to spread message about organ donation long after the season is over. possible clue in the case of the down plane in indonesia, what search crews found that nearly... in the mountainous region there. state trooper pulled up to the scene of the crash before paramedics and knows he has to act quickly to save a man's life. how his quick thinking helped that driver make it out alive. mike and alex are next up on good day.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
possible case of the down plane in indonesia what search crews found in the mountainous region, and then... we are making sports history here on "good day philadelphia" this morning. we're actually highlighting a fourth string quarterback. we're highlighting, a fourth string quarter back. his first touchdown as an eagle. bird were flying high what do you think. we're not only ones doing this. the back page of the daily news, highlighting a fourth string quarter back. do you hear


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