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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> not everyone is a big spender like you. >> never one stunner. >> because you shine every summer. >> working crazy hours, we certainly do, parents, here's something else to war bit your work schedule, it could be having a negative impact on your children. we found this study. >> study by economics policy institute. if you have a work schedule constantly changing or if you have hours outside the 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 e suffering. they say their problem solving skills and language skills could ab affect and teens are more likely to be depressed. dad, you could risk your relationship with your kid. study a say fathers who work outside of the 8:00 a a m to 4:00 p.m. may not be as close to their children. >> okay. jen, there is a man standing behind you name dave schratwieser. >> yeah. >> hey, jen, let's talk about you, young lady. >> yes. >> what time are you getting up in the morning. >> i get up before 4:00 a.m.,
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steve fredrick is there, steve keeley cannot make it in the morning. but it is first of all lets just say this do we need another reason to feel guilt bye working as parents. give me a break. we are doing best we can. lets begin with that. some people can manage it. i know nurses and police office are, one person works like three, 12's a couple days and one person works another. you do the best you can but certainly i understand that some people if they are working super early in the morning they don't see kid or late, late, late at night they don't see kid you might not have a relationship with the kid if you don't see the kid. here's my caveat how about the person that works and then goes to do a work out after work. i say find that time, i don't find it but i say there are some frivolous things that parents do that, you know, extend that work hour quite
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frankly. you can find ways to bring your kid into it. if you have to work on a saturday wake up earl which them and maybe like play ball with them but this does not surprise me but do we need another reason to beat ourselves up. >> what will we do about it. >> eight to 4:00 because that is when kids are in will school. that is a no brainer. if you have some like fantasy job where you only to have work eight to 4:00 and if there is one, go to my twitter and tell me because i have never heard of this job, right. maybe work at home situations but they are few and far between and then never perfect. so to say that we're never going to have a relationship with our kid because we're working is just mean. >> here's one of the great things i know about some people that work on the morning shift where we have, they getting to home and when kid get out of school there is snack time, they are time to do their homework. >> you are with them, physically but you are a zombie you are a zombie. >> i was at a concert this weekend. one of the ladies says can you
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talk tour kids when they get home at 4:00 in the afternoon. we are in a unique situation where landry will go to school five days a week and if she takes a bus home she won't be home until 4:15 with brody so my big plan, go home, take a nap, do laundry. i have whole plan. >> it will never work. >> even though you have that schedule when i show up between two and 3:00 o'clock, everyone is like where is my launch. are you volunteering at the library hi? did you sign my up for camp? there are so many responsibilities. >> i have a solution. >> what? >> whatever you do, don't have kids. they really mess up your life. >> or ship them to grand mom's house, right now my kid are on a flight. i'm a little nervous. >> surf board, were handed out that means it was teen choice awards last night. if you missed it, we have five big moments that a lot of people are talking about this morning and person who co lated this for us is one
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lauren dawn johnson. >> hello. >> you look fantastic today. >> really. >> i like your hair. >> thank you. >> it is dirty, my shirt, i pulled out of the closet. >> empire, showing yaz answer jesse smallet took to the stage in their collaboration you're so beautiful. >> ♪ >> get it. all i can say. did you see her with the hair flip. she was working that stage. >> she was. >> jesse was doing the the thug shout down. >> a little dance party on the stage there. >> they also were honored pop queen brittany experience. >> thank you, to the teen
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choice award for this awesome award. it means a lot to me. it is always something i loved to experiment with, it gives us an attempt to shine in our own personality. for all of the kid watching be fearless in your choicees i love it. >> you have a segment it was like sand art hair, my princess pony or something. >> my little pony. >> yes. >> you could not miss this. >> hold on a second. >> yes. >> put down that board. >> surf board, right. >> yes. >> certainly, certainly not flat as a board i'll tell thaw. >> yes. >> that is quite a dress, isn't it. >> yes, it isy keep looking at her hair. >> but she looks great. >> is it a dress or a piece of fabric wrapped around. >> not to be inappropriate but. >> my name is mike jerrick and i have this to say. >> aren't they a little low.
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>> they. >> it is natural hang, mike. >> she's in her 30's, and she has had children. >> yes. >> are you complaining. >> i'm's not complaining at all. >> gravity and babies. that is what happens to the girls. >> how low, to and fro. >> let's talk about sarah highland from modern family. >> she plays, the little daughter, or the daughter on modern family, yes. >> yes. >> i heard, i have not seen it. >> watch it right now. >> the show that won last year and happens to be a major tv star. >> awesome human being hoist also your choice movie actor, comedy win are for pitch perfect too, sarah highland and sarah ascot. >> it wasn't that bad. >> and then she said that
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word and perfect mike heard her so she had to tweet out something about clum i. >> what did she use the f bomb. >> y. >> she has a lot of leg. >> real pretty girl. >> yes. >> nerve racking part of the show though. >> when empire was doing their song, i said to myself. >> what. >> somebody will fall off this stage because they had little curbs, little things sticking up. >> i fear for woman with sky-high heels to walk up to accept it. good thing there was no long gown. >> can you recue that video. >> it was like she was running. >> that is right. >> there is a little curb that is sticking up. >> is that what you said, curve. >> yes. >> it is hard to see. you are so excited. you your adrenaline is rushing. >> let's take a look at it. >> isn't there a board or something sticking up, that green thing. >> sarah highland. >> and sky lar aston. >> okay.
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>> yeah. >> up the stairs. >> look at that. >> you are right. >> that is terrible. >> on stage like that. >> she turns too quickly. >> yes. >> mike jerrick, engineer. >> look at you. >> i would have never seen that. >> details, ellen degenerous, heartfelt acceptance speech. listen to this most important thing i want to say is that, just really embrace how are because being unique is very, very important. sitting in is not really all that matters but it is being unique and how are. what an amazing day this is. this is my seven year wedding anniversary, so happy an verse ry. >> yes, she got a shout out, that was nice. >> yes. >> yeah. >> and box office hit fast and furious seven took home board for choice murphy and paul walker won choice movie actor. >> i have the honor of
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announce ago this paul walker is your 2015 choice movie actor, yes. >> rest in peace. >> it kick off with a nod to straight out of compton. i saw you last night. >> and, another winner was nba superstar step cure hoy took home choice male athlete beating out tom brady. >> good. >> one direction big winners taking home eight surf boards. >> one direction got eight. >> eight. >> they will be in concert, september 1st here. >> really. >> do you have tickets no. >> please don't get on twitter and ask me for twitter. >> all these little girls with these heartfelt messages to me, please, is there anyway you can take me. >> instead of ticket master he is mike mastery can the in the
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get tickets. >> by the way who are the hosts, i saw the one. >> that is who that is. >> she does free style, she was rapping. ludicrous is not the only one who can rap. >> she showed him up then there is that josh kid. he is on a show called josh and drake or bake. >> shake and bake. i don't know. >> we have to google it. >> yeah. >> he is on josh and drake. >> okay. >> guess where i'm going. >> drake and josh is the name of the show. >> and, guess what. >> you have to do your time share. >> i'm going to one of the hot spots for a date less than 20 bucks. >> who is taking you. >> i don't know. >> how was your vacation. >> don't get me started. >> alex holley. >> she just fell out on the floor right the now. >> she should be in paris france, right the now. >> but instead she's here with us.
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>> poor thing. >> that is just too bad. >> she's still laid out. >> oh, no. >> are you okay. >> yes. >> serenity now. >> are you okay, lauren. >> this is way better than monte carli. >> she's taking things off. >> all right. >> at least you are here with us, right. >> penns landing is beautiful this time of the year. >> do you have a date? that is good news. >> concrete, hot and humid. >> huge party at the beach. i could not believe sky fox was over this concert for maroon five. >> look at that. >> when they tweeted out a picture i said they cannot be people. >> 50,000 people, love nick jonas and maroon five. it is american just a gambling destination, more to ac. so unlike concert series last year this year the show is not stopping the people from coming out, right? people were all along the
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boardwalk. organizers say goal, to get people to come back as city tries to reinvent itself. look at all those people. show continues thursday with rascal flats. tickets are still available. mike, go to the beach and join the crowd. >> i would rather walk naked to owe man had, nebraska. >> look at all those people. >> my gosh. >> if i do go i will be one of the people in the water. >> yeah. >> did it look like that year. >> pretty close good goodness gracious. >> it goes for like five blocks. >> where is vip. >> out in the ocean on the boat. how about those boats boats that got as close as they could, you can see a few of them here, just pulling right up. >> yeah, okay. >> now i have heard from people on twitter that said it was pretty good. >> nick jonas, there was a song jealous. >> don't be jealous. >> it doesn't really go like
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that. >> okay. >> how do you listen to music when you are on a train or whatever. >> my phone, yes. i listen to spotify. >> do you have a play list. >> well, i'm working with the the free version right now so i cannot really put together a play list but at random, i'm just saying, that money add up. >> 99 cents a pop. >> a lot of people do have play list, they tell you songs for the summer. i had no idea president obama, he changes his play list every year. >> apparently he has two, summer play list. he has one for daytime and one for the the night time. >> slow jams at night. >> we will start with the daytime play list. here's a number one song on his daytime play list. >> ♪
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>> look at that. >> temptations. >> ain't so proud to beg. >> that is upbeat all day long, what would you listen to at night. >> let's hear it. >> ♪ >> yeah, john coaltrain there. >> my version of my favorite things. twenty songs total on each play list. one of the hit makers made the cut, billy holiday and john legend. i was surprised by this nighttime pick. i thought it would be teddy, close the door. >> what would yours be. >> come on, go with me, come on over to my place.
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>> and your daytime. >> you know, bang, bang, i cannot get that out of my head. i like that ariana grande. >> i like the chop, chop movie. >> every time i hear it. >> i think of you. >> they are starting to play it now. >> yes. >> i think i'm over nene. >> i'm starting to get that way because the kid love it so much, and it is so cute, do you remember the kid start dancing. >> yeah. >> i love to ch theacha. >> you nana. >> no, i am not going to shake my leg. >> okay. >> break your leg. >> break my leg. >> you can whip. >> i can whip. >> i'm not doing it because then it end up on you tube. >> i don't want to be on you tube, i don't want to be on any tube, inner tube, you
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tube. >> that is okay. >> big tube. >> you're a bridesmaid, you need to give a wedding gift? the debate is on this morning and a bride is facing backlash after posting her dilemma on a web site a practical wednesday willing. her bridesmaid who is her best friend did the in the give a gift and she's so mad that she will confront her bit. experts say if this happens to you you should not confront the person. no. they say people choose not to bring gifts to wedding for all sorts of reasons and usually not a good idea to address the situation. the these days bridesmaids they have to spend bachelor party, different cities, you have to pay for the the particular, her ticket and hotel and all that and then to have fun while there then the shower, bridal shower, get gift for. that then you have to buy your own dress and get ticket to the wedding. so, sometimes it is like a wedding gift just doesn't make it in the budget. maybe their presence is a gift. >> i have been a grooms manny don't know if i gave them gifts. >> you don't give them a gift.
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>> i don't remember. >> that means you didn't give a gift. >> i give the gift to everybody and people started to make fun of me. >> what was it. >> it was normally glass. what was the famous glass company. >> tiffany. >> not that expensive. >> okay. >> it is waterford. >> waterford. >> thank you, sue. >> a clock. >> waterford clock and a sign that says a, to the end of time. >> no, to about time and the rest of your life. >> why did they make fun of you. >> every wedding, the same darn clock. >> it isn't like giving away phones and stuff. >> spoon. >> spoons. >> you give a spoon. >> or a set. >> a set of spoons. >> a set of spoons. >> flat wear. >> not just one spoon. >> here's a spoon. >> a set. >> so to mark your wonderful time together, or whatever. >> that is nice.
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>> think of me every day they will look and think of me, every time. >> who wants to think of you have day, that is a little will much. >> it is a lot of money. especially when people start to plan bachelor party in vegas oracle. >> it is way too expensive. so i know somebody hoist an etiquette expert could tell us if you are a grooms man or bridesmaid are you required to give a gift to a wedding couple. >> maybe you give a gift but not as expensive a as it would have been a had you not. >> bride and groom gift a gift to the bride made. >> yes, a thank you for putting up with me for the past year. >> are you inin my ear. the bride made got together and gave them money for their honeymoon. >> they pooled them all together. >> they honeymooned in conshohocken. the it wasn't much money. >> what did you say, jessica. >> they went to bora, bora.
9:19 am
>> jessica, kit cat kline, her bride made gave them a necklace. they just came together. >> you can get that for about five bucks. >> i'm sure it is a very nice necklace. >> get that down in wildwood, a little arcade place. >> a new seem and it makes that noise. >> yes good speaking of birthdays, well, what happened? >> speaking of celebration is birth the day yesterday. >> you know, i wanted to share my collection with you because you know elvis pressly died on my birthday in 1977. but my sister beverly who is the one on the end with the red dress on. >> hi beverly. >> there is my mommy. >> hi good and my nephew, and my niece and my daughter, and my husband we all had dinner for my birthday. >> so beverly every year gives me something goofy with elvis on it. so, she gave me, a journal.
9:20 am
she gave me a urinal. >> hold on. >> get the close-up. >> in past years, this was a blue suede shoe, salt and pepper shakers. i got an he will vision car from one of his movies, johnny lightening. >> this over the years. >> each year she gives me something. >> this one is good. this was the elvis wind chimes which i didn't use them. they are just too precious. >> jailhouse rock. >> a hanging elvis. >> she told me that this year was going to be the best one of all, and thinks all really good stuff. in my family we wrap in chris months paper for birthdays because sometimes that is all you have around. >> what the heck is that. >> a elvis nesting doll. >> there is elvis in blue.
9:21 am
>> it is elvis in red. wait, there is another one. >> my goodness. >> he is in green. wait, there are two more. >> she's rushing me along. >> look at how tiny, look at that. >> that is cool. >> isn't that the the best elvis gift. >> elvis was different sizes throughout his career. >> it is all commemorated in this quality gift. so thank you, for all of the birthday wishes on social media, and thank you to my sister beverly for every year she tops herself. >> you have to hand to it beverly, celebrating, a person's birthday by reminding you of a man's death. great family. >> she gets so much joy out of it. >> do you know what is in season right now, blueberries. >> yes. >> throughout new jersey. >> i'm eat something this
9:22 am
morning. >> guess what, ladies and gentlemen, you can get blueberry pie, fresh, today, i'll tell you where to get it, and what you know that you have to got to try this. >> let's go now. >> okay, here we go. if your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies.
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you know that bay watch tv show they are making it into a movie now. so it is a bad idea, that is a bad idea, so says would the man who came famous because of the original, pamela anderson. she's not liking this thing. >> she doesn't like the fact that zach efron, dwayne the rock johnson will be part of the reboot saying no one appreciates the remakes. >> wow. >> she says bay watch was the best time of her life but 90's were simpler times for tv and it won't work on the big screen in 2015. if you are wand fairing producers asked her to be part of the new movie, they didn't. maybe her feelings were hurt. >> i have a feeling that might be what it is.
9:26 am
>> boy, sour grapes, um. >> 9:25. are you planning your date night this week. lauren just told us she's going on a date tonight. we will help her out, ten great date night to plan right here in philadelphia for under $20. >> is that maryann vaughn in the hammock. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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what better way to celebrate what's left of the summer than blue berry pie? take these pies home, but only for limited time. mike gets an up close look at this delicious treat. ♪
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oh, look at this. i've ended up on walnut st. once again, between 20th and 21st. and one of my favorite places, i have chef jen. high, chef jen. >> high. >> pastry chef of the stars. >> that's right. >> so i've been in here so many times. people have raved for years, when it is in season, the blue berry pie. >> that's correct. >> and i've left with the blue perry pie on my face. and in my stomach. but, now you can leave, too, with a blue berry pie. >> in your hands. >> in your hands, take home to your friends. >> that's correct. >> called blue berry pie for two. >> for two. >> why do people rave about if. >> we kick it up a notch. our crust super rich, butter, milk, egg yolks, use fresh new jersey blueberries, nice crumble topping. just homey, simple, delicious, and people like it. >> i have heard that you use butter around here now and then? >> we use butter. >> this is a small amount of
9:31 am
but the their goes into the pie. we make the crust with butter, milk, yoking, flour, little sugar, salt, application it up, roll it up, put it in the tie tin, make the crumble, flour, butter, sugar, little salt. >> the star of the show? >> the jersey blueberries, yes. >> certain time of year, summertime, toss them with the sugar, little built of vanilla bean, lemon sez, put it in the pie crust, yep. >> so this is what's new, you can order it so tell me how to order it? >> so guck to brown paper ticket. com. you can search for vernex. order your pies up through august 28th. >> the 28th? >> you can pick them up at the restaurant. >> shall we eat? >> yes, please. >> here we go. >> oh, it is hot. >> oh, and gooey. >> look at that. >> look at those fresh blueberries. >> do you know what it is, though?
9:32 am
the crust! it crumbles on the top. >> crumb topping. >> you don't get that everywhere you. >> don't. >> did you ever see the movie stands by me? >> yes. >> what he wanted was revenge. >> you remember the blue berry pie scene? >> yes. >> shall we re-enact it? >> three, two, one. >> (laughing). >> vernex. order your pies. >> come and get it. >> eat it. don't wear it. >> you got to try this! >> blue berry pie looks good on you, mike. >> thank you. >> be sure to come to taste this tasting party october 8th at the independence visitor center. the website?
9:33 am
>> ya gottatrythis. com. >> we will be there. >> only have room for about 750 people, so you better hurry on that one. by the way, we slot that last week, i think it was wednesday, thursday. the next morning i got up, i go what is in my nose? >> oh? >> and i am going like this. >> eww. >> and it is black, and what? what crawled up my nose last night? then i remembered, blueberries. >> you didn't clean your nose? >> well, i thought i had. oh, geez, thought i was dying. >> that will wake you up. you. >> no, i don't much about this, but hang overs, people tell me, hang overs are the worse. >> do they tell you that? >> i've heard that over the years. >> price to be paid for having that much fun in one night. remember this classic movie scene? >> ♪
9:34 am
>> oh, the worse. >> but apparently -- the worse? i thought you never -- >> oh, that's what i've been told. >> apparently puffy areas, the latest beauty craze, at least in asia. >> explain this? >> calling it hang over make up. so take a look at these picks here there is one on instagram. so people, yes, they put on make up to look like they're hung over. >> she kind of does. >> now she shows how to make well rested eyes appear tired and puffy. they want that look. all do you have do is outlook, highlight, and then blend. >> that is just the most weird thing i've ever heard. >> it means i can just wake up like that? people like oh, look at her? >> yes, i woke up like this. >> you think that will work over here? i don't know. >> i wouldn't doubt if people think i use this make up. >> it is natural, mike. you're a natural beauty. >> oh, there you go with the
9:35 am
eye. my goodness. >> okay, let's talk about date night. bet you wouldn't look like that going to a date. >> here is the thing, you say that you have ten great ideas for dates, and these dates are going to cost you 20 bucks or less. >> that's right. >> there is mary ann vaughn. >> so we will give them to you next. >> top never. >> yes. >> in philly. >> really kneel to win the lottery, but you might, so here are the numbers.
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>> do you want to see something gross? >> sure. >> gossi. >> all right, you know this website called thrill us? right? >> yes. >> it is helping couples out, specially in the philadelphia area, they have a top ten list of dates you can go on, cost you less than $20. >> just learned laura is going out on a dale. tonight is the date? >> , no i was telling you guys, i was coming to talk about the dates, right now. >> oh, sure. >> i don't have a date, but yes, this is serious talk, you guys. listen, i have been here for semi date. >> where are you? >> what's a semi date? >> i'm at, is it called, spruce street harbor park? >> yes, i love that place! >> okay. alex, here is a question, though. george and i, my photographer, was talking about this, did you lay in a hammock when you came out smear. >> i have, only one time, i've been in a hammock, yes, my mother wanted to get in the
9:40 am
hammock. >> did you feel any type of way when you got in there? >> what do you mean, how am i supposed to feel? >> saggy? >> okay, so, saying, no. but a lot of people have questions about this, so i'm surprised made this list, a lot of people think that it is not the most clinically way to kind of spends your time with your date. because anybody and everybody can lay in these, and they aren't clean, and it rains, and it gets things dirty. >> just saying. >> i know, so a lot of people are kind of like i don't know about spruce street as a date location. that's why i said semi date. because we came, and i was kind of like i don't know, laying in a hammock? but to walk around here, view is beautiful, it is really nice, i like that, as long as the weather is good. the number two place that i have been, center city sit. have you guys been to that? >> over in the comcast building? >> still have not been to center city sits. >> wednesday nights. >> oh, alex, you have to go. but it is not just a comcast building. you can go, mike, to any of the restaurants that are participating, you get happy
9:41 am
hour specials, drink specials, dinner specials, all of that kind of stuff. go to the one at the comcast center, i think it is personally way too loud for a first date. it is so many people there. >> yes, and why take sand to the beach, all sort of good looking people there. >> people on the prowl. >> i agree! , i totally agree, i think it is taking sands to the beach. i don't know about that one either. number three? first friday's in old city. have you guys done that. >> oh, yes, now, that's nice. they have live music out on the sidewalks. >> that's what i would agree with, of these three so far, that's my five are the. i did that maybe month and a half ago. i like that with a lot. it is a good first date, you can walk around, not spending a loft money, if you want to stop a restaurants along the way ... you sure? you are missing the subject. the other thing i don't know about is an outdoor movie. it is hot outside in philadelphia. would you really want to do that? >> at night maybe. >> you're sweaty, nasty? >> where do they do that?
9:42 am
>> yes. >> eakin's oval iy? >> oh, this is a great segment. >> by the art museum. public beer guard then. >> thank you, alex. >> thank you. >> beer garden is on the list. what was the other one? oh, art museum? i don't want to go to art museum on a date. >> why snot. >> i know the art new see sum nice. i don't know. my date idea is like i want to know as much about this person as i can initially, to know if i want a second date. >> yes. >> so all of these other things, oh, it is so beautiful, weather is great, look at the hammock. >> but great because you get to go and talk about the pieces and walk and talk. >> great woody allen movie where -- >> but that's idealless i can. >> yes. >> i opportunity know like give me the fact straight up. ya. >> great woody allen movie. >> what would you say? >> a woman, beautiful woman staring at the painting, and he is walking around the art museum so he can meet women. he goes up behind her, what are you doing? and she says contemplating
9:43 am
suicide. well, i thought it was funny. >> that's not funny at all. >> okay. >> anyway, so when you -- >> anyway? >> that would be me in a art museum. >> what? >> there is one on this list, it was kind of weird. you tour the cemetery, you walk through a cemetery on the first date. >> ugh. i don't like that. >> i agree. ya, i thought though that was bizarre can you guys even hear me? there is a lot going on out here for the pope out here. >> we can hear you. harbor park, did i this two friday's ago. go there, experience it, walk all over the area, then walk toward penn's landing because on friday's they have live jazz music, you can get a little lawn chair, real nice. so many people were out there enjoying it, so many couples. >> really? i'll take that. when is that? first friday that's. >> no, every friday. >> every friday. >> delaware river water
9:44 am
corporation. >> jim driscoll says if you don't go over and get one of the lamb objection right now you're fired. >> did he not say that. >> okay. >> see ya later, nice working with you, she won't do it. >> oh, get in there. get in that hammock. >> nope? you can just sit. just sit. (laughing). >> okay, don't get in it. >> who knows what went on in there. >> all right, 9:44. >> i'm telling you, i've seen some things happen in those hammocks, in the daytime, aim shocked. >> if this hammock is swinging don't come springing. >> okay, let's get to jen. because -- >> jenn fred? >> oh, here is all you need to know. i looked at the face and i'm going to tell you you what she doing. that's piece. >> okay.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
jenn fred has never had peach could be letter. >> not until saturday night. >> and after consuming the peach could be letter she met j-lo. >> really? >> perfect timing. hey, okay, there is no bones about it, number one question everyone asks this morning? what does she look like? how does she look? so, of course, she looks amazing. i will tell you this, she is thinner and taller than you might think. she about as tall as harry and keith. so, what is her secret to staying thin? well, she is practicing all
9:48 am
the time for her upcoming vaguest residency. >> so i need a lasting a -- vegas show to look like you. the dancing doesn't heard. the rehearsal that you have to go through. really looking forward to doing vegas, i feel like it is an opportunity to finally like in one place, do the kind of quinessential jennifer lopez show, i tower, i toured couple of years ago, tremendous success, and i really am looking forward to being in one place where people from all over the world can come see my show for the first time. >> she has another secret weapon. specially to you mommies. single mommies. she can bring her kids on the road. >> my kids are here with me right now. you know, they are part of everything that i do. and, you know, my daughter loves all of the dressing up, and all of that, obviously, she is a girl, you know, i still do too. for alex and ladies out, there
9:49 am
i investigated. this is what i can tell you, let's pop up the picture from my stain gram. best full shot we have of her. because it is. look at what she is. she is pulled in with this amazing dress, it has a lot of structure, and what is she showing? her killer legs. >> yes. >> ladies, talked about this before. you might be over 35, maybe you're over 40. she 46, ps. as you can see, she is thin nerve person than you might think. they always show her booty and her booty, you know, she stack, but not big, big booty. and she is thin. you know? she just looks great. again, not showing her arms. showing her legs. and this is the other thing that surprised me. few weeks ago, a make up artist in town, she said don't use a lot of foundation. i want to roll some video of. >> this of course i was looking at her face the whole time. here is the video. you know what? don't use a lot of foundation, as you can see, just used to blends in, then mike, what you have been looking at, the eye shadow. it is only in the sides. and it is way, way, way up
9:50 am
high. you saw that she used little bit of the glimmer stick on her cheeks. yes, this is right. i'm conducting a interview, but while watching. >> this but the thing that surprised me is it is not a real kardashian face. >> no. >> you can see that there is skin popping through. you can kind of see her out, you know, the widow's peak. that's why we always see her hair off her face, that's great feature. if you have a great feature. show t look at the eyebrows. we keep telling people do your eyebrows. i want to say this again. annie white, she told me this. three weeks ago. >> instead of the foundation, i love doing tinted moisturizer. >> yep. >> that really helps, you can still see your skin, like light coverage. >> again, you would never even get this type of thing from a cards ash yan, they put on 19 different pound every make up. >> they believe in contouring. >> they believe in contouring. again, we will never be her, but eye shad up up top. not a lot of foundation. >> you look great today, jen. >> i try to do what did you. >> just hanging out with her.
9:51 am
>> she was inspired. >> oh, i literally was like so how is the vegas thing? oh, it is really good. looking at her face. >> not even listening. >> no. >> jen, thank you. a seven hour road trip is already bad enough. but add in seven hour road trip with your brother while he lip-syncs. the back street boys. >> the friends theme song, and a lot of other tunes. so we will bring you brian anderson. >> oh! >> oh, yes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:52 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, my gosh! >> she is over him. >> she's not amused. so he went from san diego to san jose california. >> that's a long, long trot. seven hours. >> yes. >> long driver. >> i have a horrifying story to tell you, i'm going to tell you tomorrow. i rent add car. >> you telling the story snow. >> i'll tees you. rented car saturday and drove out to the hamptons, long island. how much do you think that cost me? >> i don't know. i am surprised were you driving. >> well, train schedule wasn't right, and then jitney, i didn't want to get on it, claustrophobic, so drove out there. >> oh, the things we do for love. >> not even going to tell you,
9:53 am
i'll tell you tomorrow, how much that one day car rental cost me. >> big spender. >> no, no, i didn't want to spends. sharon stone naked. >> yes, at 57, we're going to show you the stunning photo shoot next. >> naked. >> ya.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
you know sharon stone has never been afraid of nudity. >> no, remember basic instinct, that movie? hoaxer ho-ho-ho. >> she back and better than ever. >> so, check out this image, in the newest bazaare, we had to cover it a little bit. >> little bit? why don't we just fade to black. >> so as you can imagine, the only thing she is wearing is hearts on fire earring. jimmy chew shoes, cartier bracelet. >> that's it? i that you without the black box. >> she is 57. >> you can't see anything. but it just shows what great
9:57 am
shape is knee. >> she had a stroke in 2001. >> i remember. that will but she looks great. >> nicely done. >> sometimes i wish we could block you out little bit, mike >> yes? >> the show just got a lot better, didn't it? hey, real quickly here. the theresa -- >> more legal problems? >> yes. >> they had to call police. >> someone called police reporting a loud argument at joe's beach house stafford township, new jersey, not sure exactly what happened. but "tmz" said he was yelling at his 14 year old daughter gia, who had been locked out. >> this claim was a party got too loud, guys got in shouting match. no one arrested. >> mom's still in jail, isn't she? >> yes. >> theresa. >> will be released in december, though. >> and then his side will begin. >> quite lengthy, matter of fact. oh -- >> something going to happen today at the city hall.
9:58 am
>> oh? >> see you there at 2:00. bye! it's the "wendy williams sh"
9:59 am
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today, get ready for juicy celebrity stories. wendy is sounding off on the latest hot topics. from and million dollar listing york, fredrick takes us into his world of high stakes and huge paydays. and up in style this season, we've got this year's hottest swimsuits for every body type. now here's wendy! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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