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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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animal shelter but one group says this did not have to happen. the new social media wham pain to get answers and some big changes. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. those stories in just a moment. first an outburst of violence in wilmington, delaware, tonight this 10-year-old boy is clinging to life. someone shot him in the head. >> the shooting happened in the early hours this morning and police have just made an arrest. >> good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. police have been on the scene all day searching for clues. let's get straight to fox 29's karen hepp live in wilmington. karen? >> reporter: this is breaking story right now. it is still developing. that arrest is come in win the half hour we just had swat roll up on this whole scene all kinds of heavy weaponry. they went to a different address from the home where the shooting is believed to have occurred. they are collecting all kinds of evidence we probably had team of about 40 members with all kinds of heavy weaponry show up on both sides as they rolled up to the scene.
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it's still an active investigation. bottom line we know they have taken one suspect into custody and have charged him but by all accounts this is a tragedy. 10-year-old ma can i mitchell loves football, basketball and his school at christian academy according to his family. he should be getting ready for tim grade, instead he's fighting for his life here at dupont children's hospital after being shot in the head at his home early this morning according to police. >> he's breathing on their tools. they breathing for him. his grandmother and auntie too upset to go on camera but they want the world to know he's a great kid and deserves justice. >> i want to know what happened but i got concerns. right now, i'm not dealing with what's happening. >> we want ya'll to know we love him and he was a very loving child hasn't ever did this we want justice for it because this should never have happened. >> reporter: investigators collected all kinds of evidence from the boy's home on the 700 block of townsend place. they interviewed a suspect for much of the day and late this
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afternoon they just arrested 24-year-old jalill gouldsboro and charged him with possessing a weapon he shouldn't have and injuring another person. >> it's tragic. it's just terrible. it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: you're looking at them bringing a second suspect out right now who is handcuffed. this is all going on you're watching it as we all are right now. they just raided this home. on the same block where this tragedy happened and all the neighbors are out here watching as this happens and this person of interest is clearly being handcuffed and taken into custody right now. we know that they were doing interviews all afternoon long with at least one suspect they do have in custody. we just told you about, and now we've had the second person that was taken into as you watched it right here on fox 29. people here are outraged they are planning to have a vigil today. a tough thing to do to speak out to give tips sometimes when everyone lives close to each other but they are fed up with this kind of violence and have a rally they are saying at about
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6:00 o'clock this evening and of course we'll be here at the scene as this occurs. you just watched it happen right now the second person of interest was just taken into custody as you watched it from the swat team and being taken off. iain? it all happened right there. back to you. >> absolutely. karen, thank you very much. missing prisoner back in custody tonight after somehow get aig way from a police transport van. the berks county sheriffs office says the man escaped in lower heidelberg township around 12:20 today on the way to hearing much four other prisoners in that van but only one got away. k9 officer pick up the scent about an hour later and found him up near a tree near blue marsh lake. develop doing night congressman chaka fattah appeared in court today. it was his first time in front of a judge for the federal racketeering charges against him. he's maintaining his innocence and says he wants to remove the cloud from his good reputation. fox 29's jeff cole joins us now. jeff, you were in that packed courtroom today. >> absolutely packed. lawyers, defendants all kinds of people in a very small federal courtroom. the veteran house democrat
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appear in the crowded federal court just minutes before he was to answer the charges. he literal not wait to proclaim his innocence, and to tack his accusers. >> chaka fattah strolled into federal court after 11:00 tuesday morning a good two hours before he was to face a judge. he talked football. >> i'm hoping the eagles have great season. i'm concerned about their trade of desean jackson. >> in the finger floor courtroom fattah apartment period anxious, blurting out his claim of innocence before the judge even asked. >> i would suspect if you were charged with something you don do you would be anxious say the same thing. >> that's what you believe did he not do this. >> whole harderly. >> fattah in congress for 11 terms is charged in a 29 count indictment for his alleged role in racketeering conspiracy. the feds claim he and others misused hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal charitable and campaign funds to further their own interests. >> the contract i have with my community the warranty is still
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good. that i'm going to never do anything that would embarrass them. >> reporter: after officially declaring his innocence, bond was set at 100 grand which fattah will not have to pay until reveal lates the terms of his release. he can do his job and travel but must stay away from witnesses in the case against him. he went after the office of the u.s. attorney. >> take innocent people, take people in my family and smear their good name says a lot about character. >> reporter: in letter monday to members of the house oversight committee, fattah attacked prosecutors namin namig assistant us paul gray and charging gray had said, congressman fattah was guilty of something. >> the prosecutor was in no mood to talk today. >> i don't have any comment. >> that letter, the letter where he said somehow you acted inn pro appropriately. >> put something in pleading we'll litigate it in court. until then we don't have any comment. >> those are the federal prosecutors in claim about treat treatment of his family he's speaking of his wife.
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she's described if the indictment much she's on leave from the station. his son chip is facing federal prosecution on tax charges. he's fighting those claims as well. i'm jeff cole. lucy, back to you. >> all right, jeff. more heat, more humidity in your fox 29 weather authority. let's take live look right now at trenton as our latest heat wave continues. number four if you're counting. i've been counting. all this heat though will come to an end very soon. however, we'll be in for a different kind of trouble instead. chief meteorologist scott williams what do you know. >> today is day four of our fourth heat wave it still hazy hot and humid but changes ahead we're talking slightly cool per temperatures. but rainfall will be back in the picture. temperatures right now, it's 88 degrees in trenton. 88 philadelphia. 90 still in allentown. we're looking at low 80s right now down the shore. but factor in that humidity, how your body reacts it feels like into degrees current until wilmington it feels like none in philadelphia. so if you're headed out to the ballpark, it's going to be a muggy evening by first pitch we're looking at 87 degrees and
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winds out of the south, but with that humidity perhaps there will be more homeruns we'll keep you posted. as we talk about other things heating up, we have our fourth named storm of the 2015 hurricane season. tropical storm danny well aways away in the open waters of the atlantic base sip maximum sustained winds at 40 miles per hour. but danny expected to become a hurricane out i'll tell when you plus more on the trajectory of this storm coming up. back to you. >> all right. scott, thank you. a crash this morning on route 322 in logan township gloucester county sends three people to the hospital. officials say a tractor trailer carrying pvc pipe lost control and hit two cars and a telephone pole. rescuers were able to free the drivers in those vehicles. 322 was closed for more than five hours while crews cleaned up that wreck. all three were taken to crozer chester medical center for non-life threatening injuries. >> series of shootings has investigators working hard in the olney section of philadelphia. three shoots in two days left one man dead and four others
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hurt. so far tonight no arrests and police are worried that this violence has only just begun. fox 29's dave schratwieser at police headquarters in philadelphia. dave? >> reporter: lucy, this rash of shooting has folks up around second and nedro looking over foyer shoulders to night. one father told me he moved his children out of his own house last night to get away from the gunfire. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: neighborhood around second and nitro is on edge after three shootings in two days left four people wounded and one dead. >> these kids killing each other for no reason. get a job. do something with your life. >> that's ridiculous. you know what i mean? it's like we at war but we not at war. >> reporter: bullets have been flying here almost daily. first it was gunfire on linton street that left gaping holes in a front porch barbecue grill and an air-conditioner. >> it's not the '80's no more. we don't live this life any
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more. >> reporter: sunday night three people were shot here at second and widener. then monday night, 32-year-old anthony sell crows was gunned down and 22-year-old woman was wounded in the middle of the 200 block of nedro. decedent is female and we believe at least one on the male was sitting on the step unidentified mail comes upon them and fires several shots. >> a good friend of pipe got killed, innocent bystander got killed last night for no reason. for no reason. >> it's very scary, very. >> reporter: steve haas grandmother lives here. he says all this shooting leaves him one choice. >> that's very scary. i move out. have to move out as soon as possible. i no going to live here. >> you got kids running around out here. you got people going to work and stuff like that. you don know who you'll hit. >> reporter: police don't yet know what's behind the rash of shootings. they say a car on the block had the word rat scratched night. police are now concerned about retaliation. >> i know that the captain of that district has been deploying
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his personnel in that area trying to stop these shootings and make some arrests. >> it needs to stop. >> you know what i mean. >> it's a shame. it's a shame we got to live like this. >> reporter: police continue to interview witnesses in last night's homicide at this point they don't have any evidence indicating that these shootings are connected. but they continue to investiga investigate. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. physical police want to you see this surveillance video showing a very clear shot of a man they say stole copper wiring from the west chester industries building on the 200 block of east fifty three nan go street in upper kensington this happened monday morning. officers say the guy got into the building by removing wood pams on the inside. then he took about 80 feet of copper wiring. if you recognize him, call police. wild night inside a local corner store with a fight sending people running for cover. things only got worse from the there. why police want to make arrest right now. >> heartbreaking story that sparked an angry campaign on facebook. a dog put to sleep in bucks county.
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the volunteers say it didn't have to be this way. what did not happen that led to an unnecessary death. >> the some children realize they are not alone. the special group that helps in the special way it's doing it. >> possible trouble for your newer car you may not see coming. what some people claim is drawing critters under their cars.
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♪ police are search fog comedian rosie o'donnell's 17-year-old daughter chelsea. the last time her family saw her was when she left their home north of new york city last
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tuesday. o'donnell posted these pictures on twitter today. chelsea left the house with her therapy dog. spokeswoman says she hasn't been taking medicine she needs to treat a mental illness. o'donnell tweeted that her daughter may be in new york city which is about 25 miles south of her home in night yack. >> all out brawl caught on camera inside a west philadelphia convenience store and tonight police want to fine the two men they say started it all. check this out. surveillance video from august 5th shows two guys entering this corner store at 56th and arch. police say those two guys started fighting with 23-year-old man inside. one of the suspects even pulls out happened gun but doesn't fire it. no one was seriously hurt. both men took off and police are hoping you'll recognize them. the red cross is helping four families in philadelphia's somerton neighborhood after an overnight fire forced hem from their home. firefighters say it started right around midnight in the basement of this apartment building on halderman avenue. police say 12 people were inside all of them did make it out. one person ended up at the hospital for smoke inhalation.
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nobody else hurt. investigators have not yet said what started that fire. nearly 300 peco customers spent a couple of hours this morning without power after a car slammed into a power pole in roxborough. it happened just before 4:00 this morning nearly intersection of she was montgomery avenue and eva street. paramedic took the driver of the car to temple hospital. we don't know the extent of the injuries. peco crews had the power back on by 10:30 this morning. a security guard who was fired from a new jersey high school for comments that she made on facebook will be reinstatedreinstated. mary cipolin ski will return to her job on september 1st at vineland high school. she was fired from that school last year for allegedly using the phrase black thug to describe the man accuse of killing philadelphia police officer robert wilson. a day of prayer and of hope in north philadelphia as dozens of balloons filled the sky early this morning. about 50 people gathered outside the 22nd police district to remember the life of officer moses walker, jr.
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many of his family and friends organized this morning' bass loon release. it comes on the three-year anniversary of his death as he tried to stop two armed robbers. today people wrote prayer cards and tied them to the balloons. officer walker's mother says it's a way to honor a man who still has a strong presence in her life. >> we have wonderful memories of him, you know, that hold our family together. he loved the community. he loved his church. he loved his family. and we miss him. >> officer walker was 19 year veteran of the philadelphia police force. the department posthumously promoted walker to sergeant. summer vacation has come to an end for some temple university students. students getting help from their parents started moving into their dorms this morning. fox 29 was outside of morgan hall while they unloaded their belongings on to the curb and carried them up to their rooms. those lucky to find one of those big carts had a little bit easier time. university fall semester classes begin on monday.
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summer is almost over. many people struggle with finding their true entities reason they feel they fit in the world. >> at one camp in new jersey korean americans and adoptees from two different worlds are coming together to fill a unity that's hard to come by. here's fox's christina park. >> reporter: many of these children are on a very important journey discovering who they are. this cam is that a national camp where korean adoptees who straddle too two different world which is do just that and feel a oneness with kids just like themselves. >> a lot of these talk about feeling like cam is that the one time that they are truly themselves. to think that only happens for one week out of an entire year it can be emotional. >> reporter: former camper and now counselor says this camp helped fill a place in his heart where something was always missing. >> i didn't find my korean side until my late teens actually. but once i did it kind of like really helped me become more whole about who i am.
5:18 pm
>> we talk that night about adoption and being like -- stuff like that. yeah. that was cool. >> gives me a nice chance to see there's a lot more people like me, and i'm really happy about that. >> reporter: it's a place where children can take their masks off. be real, be vulnerable. supportive. this camp dance mixes tradition korean costume with capes off it symbolizes two worlds becoming one a reality these children face every day. it's a complicated yet beautiful dance many korean american children and adoptees say they taken to heart. ♪ >> reporter: many children tired of fighting stereotypes are now channeling that energy in a positive way. parents couldn't be prouder. many wearing their hearts on their sleeves. david's case on his arm. a korean tattoo that reads, opa,
5:19 pm
father. he is and his wife martha couldn't be prouder of their beautiful children eli and lucy. everyone celebrated by bonding what else korean food. family style. filling bellies and hearts with love and friendship to last a lifetime. >> cam was born in 1992. a direct result of the la riots. its goal to empower korean americans. a push for a new trial for the boston bomber. why a lawyer say the man who helped hatch the blot that killed three people and injured hundreds has been treated unfairly. head injuries can be some of the hardest to detect and most dangerous injury for young athletes. we'll show you the new device aimed at not only protecting football players but giving doctors live-saving information. >> these pennsylvania kids just put a pool day to good use. you have to see video of a pool dunk you may not believe.
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sfx: music throughout ♪ sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing ♪ sfx: crowd chanting sfx: crowd cheering music stops sc johnson, a family company. introducing longhorns steaks that sizzle for $12.99.
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like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. lling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at >> another explosion rocked bangkok. it ripped through a ferry pier early today but did not hurt anyone. police say someone through some
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type of explosive from a bridge. that blast came one day after a deadly bomb attack killed 20 people and injured more than 100 others. no word yet on whether the two explosions are connected. meanwhile despite surveillance footage that seems to reveal the person behind yesterday's deadly bombing, thailand's prime minister says they have yet to identify who did it. stills taken from grain know surveillance video show a man wearing a yellow t-shirt and backpack near the shrine where the explosion happened. other images show the man walking away without the backpack. authorities have also released video footage showing the same plan planting the bomb underneath a bench near the blast sight and so the manhunt is on to find him. meanwhile hundreds of people have been lining up in thailand to donate blood. the red cross has been asking for donors in central bangkok. prime minister of thailand called yesterday' as tack the worst in the country's history. reverend billy graham son-in-law reportedly clinging to life after nearly drowning.
5:24 pm
emergency crews responded to a drowning call at the home of annie graham lots the daughter of reverend billy graham. reports say a man was taken from the home on a stretcher and it's believed to be graham's non law danny lots. according to a post on lots facebook page she found her husband unresponsive in their pool. according to family friend he's a diabetic and has been getting dialysis for six years. lots is 78 years old. lawyers for boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev say his trial should have been held outside the city. it's impossible to avoid widespread outrage within boston where the deadly attacks took place. they're arguing tsarnaev deserves a new trial somewhere else. tsarnaev is already sentenced to death after being convicted of 30 federal charges. 2013 bombings killed three people and hurt more than two hun 60. tsarnaev apologized for his participation at his sentencing hearing. firefighters battling firefighters in the west are getting extra reinforcement. u.s. military is end ising 200
5:25 pm
active troops to help. first they've got to get trained up on the basics of far fighting. everything goes well i'm sure it will they'll be out on the fire lines by this upcoming weekend. >> problem we have we've got multiple fires going in multiple areas and that overwhelmed our system. they will be freeing up experienced trained wild men firefighters to take on more checks fires. >> this is the first time military has been called in to help crews fighting wildfires since 2006. that is how bad it is. u.s. forest service says it's costing 100 until i don't know dollars week to simply contain the fires. good luck to all of them. you know it's a thought that can make any parent cringe. your child comes home with head lies. >> why the bug may be harder to fight this year than ever befo before. also, a heartbreaking story that sparked an angry campaign on facebook. a dog put to sleep in bucks county but volunteers say it didn't have to be this way. what they say didn't happen that led to an unnecessary death.
5:26 pm
scott? >> iain, right now it's still hazy, hot and humid if you're stepping outdoors. but some heat relief is on the way and an end inside to that heat well as well -- wave as well as rainfall chances and much more on the tropic after the break. prep trauma unit 5. what've we got? bp 64/40 sterilize sites.
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>> live look at allentown night. another hot one today. the latest day in the fourth heat wave of the summer. things are dry right now, but we could see some storms this week. chief meteorologist scott williams will tell you exactly what to expect coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah pleading not guilty today in front of a judge. fattah is fighting charges of bribery and racketeering investigators say that he paid off an illegal $1 million campaign loan with charitable donations and federal grants. he was released on $100,000 ba bail. outrage is swelling on social media over a pup named spunky brewster. a group claims a local shelter killed that micro chipped dog before the shelter where she will been adopted from was notified and now online campaign is demanding answers. >> tonight the shelter that put down the dog is addressing the allegations made against it. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live at the bucks county spca tonig tonight. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain and lucy, the bucks county executive director of the spca here has
5:30 pm
been here for 40 years and she says everyone on the staff loves animals and they never want to have to make that difficult decision to put a dog down. she says in this case, they do regret what happened. ♪ >> reporter: this is spunky brewster's youtube adoption video two long time volunteers put it together in hopes of getting the energetic pitbull a forever home. gary childs and his wife dee work very closely with the pooch. >> really really cool dog, and she's happy. she's extremely playful. she canning a little rude i can say that. she'll jump up on and that sort of thing. >> reporter: on august 2nd it seemed like spunky's luck was about to change. that was a adopted out only to be found hours later abandoned. picked up as a stray and taken to the bucks county spca in lahaska. six days later, she was euthanized after the shelter says behavioral assess many determined she was a high risk placement. >> latching on with teeth.
5:31 pm
jumping up. nipping and pulling at pant legs and not settling down and chasing. and that's called high arousal and prey drive. >> spunky's fate is blowing up on social media. some on facebook are accusing the shelter of being anti pitbull which executive director ann irwin vehemently denies. >> our featured pet of the week last week on the bull bet board was cena the pitbull and she got adopted on saturday. we adopted several other putt pitbulls recently we like pitbulls. >> gary childs thinks this could have much better out come. he wants to know why the shelter did not contact act philly. the bucks county spca says it called the owner listed on the micro chip who said she had the dog for two years and gave it away both were lies. >> i think if we had believed that this dog had been recent al adopted from another shelter, we, he we called and i wish we had.
5:32 pm
we're sad about it. we want success for animals, and we want good relations with other people who work with animals. >> reporter: now the bucks county spca says it is already changed its policy about notifying shelters of origin when a dog comes in if they have that information. the person who adopted spunky brewster is being charged with animal cruelty specifically abandonment. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> we have breaking news right now a second person is in custody in connection to the shooting of a 10-year-old wilmington boy. you saw it live at the top of the hour. police handcuffing and taking away this man few houses down from ma can i mitchell's home. a call about a shooting had officers responding this morning. they found the boy with a gunshot wound to his head. he's in critical condition at dupont children's right now. about an hour ago, police announced the arrest of the first man 24-year-old jalill golds borough. they say he faces charges tied to mitchell's shooting.
5:33 pm
to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> another warm day out there. >> hot. >> i guess it's hot. >> over 90 i say hot. >> exactly. it's day four of our fourth heat wave of the year. now there is some relief it's not going to be as hot but it will stay warm and kind of humid over the neck several days and also better chances for some rainfall even downpours but temperature wise right now below 9088 degrees at the philadelphia international airport. dew points in the mid to upper 60s. so it feels like the low 90s but the high temperature so far today has been 91 degrees in philadelphia. making a day four of this heat wave and over the neck several days, once again it's going to stay warm and muggy but those temperatures will drop into the 80s and also more chances for some rainfall, some downpours and then by the upcoming weekend lower humidity as that front clears the coast. we'll start to dry out and temperatures will be pretty seasonal. but right now, we have that big bermuda high, heat pump muggy off to the west scattered
5:34 pm
showers and downpours. behind that system a pattern change with lower humidity and slightly cooler temperatures. hang in there some relief is headed our way. most of the area right now it's dry and quiet. however, off to the west, some scattered showers and downpours but most of this activity moving from south to north so it should miss our area. however, as we expand the view, take look at all of the unsettled weather across parts of the southeast and then toward the midwest. this is the main system. it's a slow mover, but it will increase our clouds cover over the neck several days as well as the threat for some rain. so as we go hour by hour, quiet tonight by tomorrow morning there might be some scattered showers as you move toward sections of delaware and then during the heat of the day, scattered downpours, everyone is not going to see it, but with the added clouds, those temperatures tomorrow will kind of struggle to make it to 90 degrees and then as we move toward wednesday night, still damage something scattered showers and thunderstorms arou around.
5:35 pm
so you get the drift. it will stay unsettled for the middle and latter part of the week. and then as we move toward thursday night into friday, that slow moving front will finally start to approach our area. so that looks to be the wettest time frame as we move toward overnight thursday and into friday. temperatures right now along the i-95 corridor, mid to upper 80s. 90 degrees still in allentown. that's the warm spot. low 80s right now as we head down the shore. factor in that humidity, it feels like into right now in wilmington. 91 degrees is wait feels like in dover. things heating up in the tropi tropics. take a look. tropical storm danny formed this afternoon. well aways away from land. 40 miles per hour storm but mommy to the west at 12 miles an hour. it could intensify into a hurricane as early as thursday and then into a category two storm by saturday as it tries to approach the wind ward islands we have time to monitor this. there is some drier air that it
5:36 pm
will encounter as it continues to move toward the west but the tropics have been fairly quite so far this year. so we will keep you posted on any developments with danny in the coming days. upper 60s in the suburbs. 74 degrees in the city. it's stays steamy and sultry for the overnight. the weather authority seven day forecast shows tomorrow 88 degrees. so the heat wave could come to an end but it still stays muggy. scattered showers and thunderstorms more numerous thursday into friday. and then it look like that system will clear the coast. lower humidity. less humidity and it's going to be more comfortable at the linc. 85 degrees for the high temperature on saturday. then temperatures a couple of degrees above average sunday into early neck week. but it doesn't look like any more heat waves in the short term. >> all right. good. >> all right, scott, thank you. warning for you men out there. is your significant other more attractive than you. >> if so you may not be too happy what's going on through her head. we'll explain this one. one of the largest hotel chains
5:37 pm
in the country just made a big decision about what you can do in their hotel rooms. who it's trying to protect. >> coming up at 6:00 bringing smiles to the faces of sick children in the delaware valley how this local teen is bringing a little magic into their lives. ♪
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♪ the nation's oldest known u.s. military veteran has died. 110-year-old emma died sunday almost exactly one month after meeting president obama in the white house. she suddenly became sick sunday morning passing away a short time later. she joined the women's army auxiliary core in 1943 during world war ii. president obama is calling the decorated veteran rah true trailblazer. >> keep an eye would be crawling in your kids hair. drug resistant head lice has been found in 25 states. the study authors say lice have
5:41 pm
become resistant to the over the counter treatments. those treatments have the drug in it and lice in new jersey were found to have developed partial resistance to that drug that was not the case for pennsylvania or delaware. doctors say prescription meds that don't contain the inn breed cent still work against lies. nickname the female have i gag on the cusp of getting approval from the fda. the drug will become the first fda approved medicine for a woman sex drive. i actually have no idea how to pronounce that one. he was my best guess on it. proponents say the drug would give millions of american women the boost they want. drug may not work well enough for woman to pet up witness side effects. fda advisory panel recommended the drug's approval in june and the fda usually follows those recommendations. all right. so, guys, listen up here. is your better half better looking than you? >> if so you may want to watch out. she might not be that into you. new study found that women who
5:42 pm
think they are better looking than their partners are less likely to be committed to that relationship. researchers say these women are likely to look for a tension from other men and flirt with them. study also found women were morey assistant to public displays of affection from their current mate. >> hmm. possible trouble for your newer car you may not see coming. what some people claim is drawing critters under their hoods. these pennsylvania kids just put a pool day to good use. you got see video of a pool dunk you may find hard to believe. howard? >> the eagles are getting ready for practice with the baltimore ravens and a comment from chip kelly which could have a bearing whether tim tebow fits in with this team. also, ruben amaro made an interesting comment on the likelihood of chase utley staying or being traded. that's all coming up in sports.
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♪ dog trapped in a hot car is now save thanks to the sacremento fire department. the pooch was stuck inside the car windows were up. crews arrived on the scene got the door open. though the dog was apprehensive of his new friend he seems to be just fine. no word on what if anything will happen to the owner. just something about newer cars irresistible even parent toll critters m car owners tell us that can add up to big-time repair bills not covered by warranties or insurance. >> so what's going on? our joyce evans checks under the hood and talks to some frustrated owners. >> i like the car. the car is comfortable much the car runs good. >> reporter: talk about a proud knew car owner. >> people see it. they love it. report roar bragging rights for pat good lager. >> i love the color. i love the car. they get in the car. oh, my gosh it rides nice. it's a great car. >> reporter: there's nothing like that new car smell, right?
5:47 pm
>> i can smell it when the air is on high. moth balls. >> reporter: moth balls. no wonder. she and her husband dave keep homemade is a sheas of moth balls. >> one of those stockings on each one also in the rear. >> reporter: tied along the undercarriage and unthe hood of pat's 2015 ford explorer. >> you have to do it every couple of days. >> reporter: as well as dave's 2012 chevy colorado. >> little over three years old. >> reporter: he also sprays them up every few days. especially pat's. it's not for fun. >> i didn't spend $40,000 to have to go out there every couple days and do moth balls and spraying. i thought i was buying something good for my family i got something that's a nightmare. >> reporter: both have broken down just wouldn't start. >> both trucks had the wires eaten on them. >> reporter: likely culprits, one of his relatives never caught the critter in the act. >> who knew? got cameras under my brand new car.
5:48 pm
something to come in and dine. >> reporter: but they've got the repair bills to prove it. >> $533 i can remember how many cents. >> reporter: it's not covered under warranty nor insurance. >> it was a brake issue. >> reporter: dave is a retired mechanic. he fixed his pick up but no guarantee it won't happen again. >> i don't feel a bit good about it. >> reporter: gallon lagers joined a number of weary car owners who believe that newer eco friendly materials being used on new models may be making a common problem even worse. attracting morrow dents to chew up more of their cars. >> i've had cars here for 40 years. this is the first time i've ever, ever had any kind of a roden issue on wires in my car. >> reporter: they're two other cars a 2000 ford explorer and 2,007 ford focus are kept park right next to the newer ones. and no problems.
5:49 pm
>> and i compared it to going out lion country with a pork chop tied around your neck. i mean, it just doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: auto makers we reached out to said that they would see if there was anything to the gallaghers and others about rodents in newer models. representative from toyota responded in a statement saying "we have not been able to find anyone at toyota who is aware of any complaints along these lines". chevy and pontiac said only over the phone that both materials are evolving and that they too were not aware of these complaints. honda has not yet responded to our inquiries. we found this guy indicating renewable materials are made from plant based materials. a ford motor company representative said that ford is continuing to improve environmentally friendly products without quote any compromises on performance and durability.
5:50 pm
>> it's not anybody's blame. >> reporter: certified mechanic tom color rah who keeps our fox 29 fleet running says he's not sure what's causing it but -- newer models of all kinds are showing up at his shop. >> i'v2014s and 2015s chewed through. >> and some of some just a few year older with rats still living inside and feasting on them. >> reporter: dangerous? >> well they nest over top of gas tanks which is a lot of wiring up there for the emission control systems full pumps, back by the brake we have abc wires, traction control wires which all have to work for safety reasons. >> reporter: repairs are not cheap. >> they can run anywhere $400 to 26 hun dead dollars. >> reporter: city cars some driven every day. >> we did a pontiac that was up under the hood. >> reporter: clever rats dig in. >> ran it through the car wash. power washed that thing was still running in there. >> reporter: some stay till the bitter end. >> yuk! >> reporter: that's a big rat.
5:51 pm
>> yeah. >> reporter: he chewed what? >> he chewed through an injector harness for the fuel injectors. >> reporter: causing a fuel leak and $2,600 in damage on a 2011 chevy impala. repair materials he uses are old school. just in case. >> we're using more poe troll yum based product. protect the area that we worked on. >> reporter: there are some products on the market that claim to repel rodents, costly but the good lagers say they have no other choice. >> $40,000 invested if i don't, what am i going to have? i don't know about you but i can afford five hun dollars a pop every time some critter goes up under my car report roar the only thing we can do is repair or replace the wires. >> reporter: meantime the gallagher's moth balls and critter sprays seem to be keeping those rodents at bay. scented drier sheets is how another fox 29 viewer this one from northeast philadelphia told us he keeps those rodents out.
5:52 pm
after he found this under the hood of his 2010 volvo. that's dog food that some critter was stealing from somewhere and storing on the engine. it also chewed up the timing belt. 900 bucks worth of damage there and that car owner was actually lucky. the damage and repair costs could have been much worse. iain. >> incredible, joyce, thank you. hilton hotels and resorts are make something policy changes. ones that will change what the hotel offers guests to watch in their rooms. in a memo the company says it will no longer sell on demand pornography to its guests. hilton says, it made the decision after listening to its customers. according to national center of sexual exploitation, the hotel chain will be taken off so-called dirty dozen list they say porn is causing a public health crisis. that it leads to increased demand for sex trafficking it leads to increased child exploitation.
5:53 pm
>> marriott changed their policy a couple of years ago. and that's when we turned our attention to hilton. >> the dirty dozen list of the 12 large corporations that the sent claims fuel sexual exploitation. authorities in washington state are on a mission to make craigslist transactions a little safer. vancouver police department in clark county sheriffs office are both now offering up their parking lots as save exchange zones. zones will be well lit, surveillance cameras monitor them around the clock. we've got something like that here in conshohocken. police officials are hoping these zones will give people who buy or sell items on craigslist a safe place to finalize their transactions. >> most of our facilities have 24/7 staff. there's somebody coming and going at all hours of the day and night. we have very well it will parking lots, generally they're in places where there are other people around. so it is a good alternative than going to part of town you might not be familiar with. >> by the way, police say gun sales in these zones are not allowed. california high school is giving its athletes a monitoring
5:54 pm
device to keep an eye on concussions. the sensors are about the size of a quarter and they're tucked into a head band and engage the force and rotation of any head impact. every football player gets one for games and practices. miguel, had a serious concussion a few years ago and says he's graceful for the sensor now. >> i think they feel good. i think this is going to be a new step into future technology towards sports science. >> does it worry you have you could have more? >> yeah. they say there's a possibility that you can get it again. so obviously, yeah. dangerous sport. >> $150 sensors were paid for with donations. the school has set up a fundraising page to buy some more. the hope is buy enough to share among all the contact sports like lacrosse, soccer, volleyball and water polo. it's almost time to go back to school. >> yup. my kids go back two weeks from today. who's counting? usually one of the first questions you're asked is what did you do this summer? >> yeah. well, this group of pennsylvania kids may have one of the best
5:55 pm
answeanswers. their video is going as we say these days viral. >> that was good. >> i love that. >> all right. 12 kids pulling off an epic pool dunk. the group from immediateville in northwestern pennsylvania we don't know how long it took them to perfect this. i think this is fantastic. tonight at 6:00, proclaiming innocence. >> the crack i have with my community the warranty still good. >> indicted op multiple charges. tonight pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah vowing to fight after his first day in court. want a piece of philly's history? get ready to pay up. why someone is charging tennis san dollars for a phillies hat
5:56 pm
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so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 2015 jetta s oe for $139 get a $1000 month fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now at 6:00 a day in
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court for an embattled pennsylvania congressman. >> as it relates to these charges i am innocent of each and everyone every these allegations. i look forward to my very capable and competent counsel hasn't link this matter. >> congressman fattah appears in court for the first time to face corruption charges against him. good evening arc i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. standing in front of a judge the congressman insisted he is innocent. his plea as you heard not guil guilty. fox 29's jeff cole was in that courtroom today. >> jeff, it was something. it's unclear if representative fattah is just cool under pressure or very nervous but he sure surprised many as you entered court with a mention of the eagles this day. but things sure turned serious on the fifth floor. >> i'm hoping for a great season from the eagles. >> on his way into federal court, well before the hearing was to start, 11 democrat was talking eagles. on the way


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