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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> this is fox 29 morning news. >> this morning on the fox morning news, two people in custody after ten year old wilmington boy is shot in the head, fighting for his life and his family fighting for justice. good morning, jenny. >> three rushed to cooper hospital after being hit by a car last night, what police are telling us about how this accident happened. steve? >> first fumo, now fattah, most powerful elected officers facing off with federal prosecutors here in another criminal case at federal court. >> steve, man is robbed and carjacked right outside of had is business. what philadelphia police say you can do to help. good day everyone, it is hump day. wednesday, august 19th, 2015. >> all right, sue serio, the middle of the week. so people already thinking about the weekend.
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>> yes, we'll have that forecast coming up. we will deal with today first of all. we give it seven out of ten. yesterday was a eight, now we have some showers popping up here and there, in our forecast. nothing going on right now being just humid. 87% relative humidity, a little bit after breeze, it is out of the south-southeast. and that's giving us a few extra clouds, few more than we had yesterday. you will notice it after our sunrise time which is 6:16 this morning there. is your current temperature, 76 degrees, here is a look at some of the clouds that we have on saturday light radar. little bit of rain in the central part of the state. but nothing to look at here. pop ups are now out of the question, though, any time after 12:00 noon today. then out to the west, more organized system that we will talk about later, as well. so the muggiest morning. week so far, with mid 70s, just about everywhere, we have reached 70 even in mount pocono, this morning, so, not the coolest cape that it was other mornings this week. warmest temperature so far,
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right now, at 77 degrees at atlantic city international of the we have phillies game tonight. hopefully they'll win this one with the blue jays, it is muggy, watch out for pop up thunderstorm sometime during the game which begins at clock 05 this morning, so high temperature today, about 88, with lots of humidity, and pop up shower or thunderstorm. and muggy night tonight with the low of 75. there is your weather authority forecast, it is two minute after 5:00. happy hump day. >> mike, mike, mike, good morning, 5:02 this wednesday morning. disable tractor-trailer sitting on the shoulder here of the schuylkill expressway. this is the eastbound schuylkill right at the city avenue roosevelt boulevard merge. see how the guy cut over in the left lane? that's what we are watching here, so hole your breath as you come into town, eastbound, see, this guy is going to ride that shoulder? just enough to casino of push everybody over to the left little bit at city line. coming in from new jersey, north on the freeway, bumper
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to bumper as you work your way into creek road, beginning after morning rush hour here. the schuylkill, other than that tractor-trailer, we're okay, but that's not going to be the case during the day. eastbound, schuylkill expressway, down to one lane, as you work your way from montgomery into spring garden after the rush hour. soap, if you are coming into philly after 9:00, you will want to stick with that kelly or martin luther king drive. ninety-five okay at the moment. again, during the midday, you are going to find road crews headed northbound, they're going to be setting up shoprite here on the girard point double decker bridge, yesterday, we had huge delays between the airport and south philadelphia. at the moment all of the bridges look fine. mass transit, good to go, as well. chris, lauren, back to you. >> talking about traffic troubles, much different story, and very, very sad. this one out of burlington county, a child is dead, three other in the hospital right now, after being hit by a car. >> jenny joyce live outside cooper hospital right now with this very sad story. high, jenny. >> reporter: so tough to hear,
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to talk about, to try to understand a two year old child is dead this morning, turning three in october after being hit by a car and three victims, oldest just 18 years old, were rushed here to cooper where they are being treated, as women. >> this accident happened in southampton burlington county, on the 100 block of buddtown road, just before 8:30 last night. new jersey state police say that five people were walking down the street, four out of the five, were struck by a vehicle, and the victims are between the ages of two and a half and 18 years old. again, the toddler died and the other three were rushed here to cooper for emergency treatment. we do know that the driver who struck the children remained at the scene. he actually had a child in his car, as well. what police are telling us is that this was a dark rural road, no street lights, and the driver simply couldn't see the five people walking on the side of the road. it was a pure accident, lauren, chris? >> a terrible accident at that. you look at some of these rural roads, and you think,
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yes, there is no shoulder there. >> no light. >> no lighting, so sad. jen, we'll check back. >> congressman chaka fattah pleads not guilty. >> the pennsylvania democrat went step further saying he intends to run for a 12th term. steve keeley on this at the federal court howls. good morning. >> reporter: well, he has never gotten less than 86% of the vote when running for re-election, we even heard some of his constituents telling him they are sorry necessary this trouble, they support him all the way, they don't believe this like he doesn't believe it either. he says he'll run for re-election (not, 23 years in congress already, he'll run again in november 2016. hoping to make it at least 26 years in congress. but while election day 2016 in november may come before trial day one in this case, 29 count federal racketeering corruption charges against him, those next planned years in the house of representatives could be stopped by a sentence of years in another federal house of corrections if he's convicted.
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>> the contract i have with my community, the warantee is still good that i'm going to never do anything that would embarrass them. i would not violate any law or regulation or rule that i conduct myself at all times in appropriate ways. and that as it relates to these charges, i am innocent of each and everyone of these allegations. >> are you surprised how anxious he was that he was not guilty, he was innocent, he was not guilty even before the procedure started here today? >> i would expect if you were charged with something you didn't do you would be ankles us to say that you didn't do it. >> i think that the character of those engaged in this, when we take innocent people, i understand their desire to come after me, many of have you look at this over many years, but to take innocent people, to take people in my family, in the sphere of their good name, says a lot about character. so i think that's the most unfortunate part of this entire process. >> don't have any comment.
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>> personal vendetta that you said? you. >> said something -- >> look, i don't have any comments, all right? i don't have any comment. i don't have any compliment. >> that letter, the letter where you said somehow you acted inapropriately. >> you have a pleading, put it to court. until then, no compliment. >> no counter a track from prosecutors on the sidewalk it, will commas you heard in a court filing. instead racing their -- resting their case right now, with their wide ranking very detailed indictment against the congressman. chris, lauren? >> steve, thanks so much. yesterday the state supreme court said attorney general kathleen kane is allowed to release emails in question, last week she asked for permission to expose them. she says she plans to release more details about the e-mail scandal as part of her own criminal defense, kane accused of leaking grand jury information to the media, and then lying about it. she claims the criminal charges are all a plan to keep her quiet about those racist and pornographic emails, as she calls them. >> got to love pennsylvania
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politics. my goodness, right? >> police in wilmington have made two arrests in the case of ten year old boy who was shot in the head while home early yesterday morning. >> detective say those two are in custody right now including this man. officer cuffed him out of his home few doors from the victim's house. less than hour earlier police announced the arrest of another man, golds borough, facing charges tied to mekai shooting. family members did not want their faces on camera but want their voices heard. 5:08. philadelphia police looking for two men police say man car cracked outside his business. >> 2800 north ninth street. two men walk up to the victim's car while he was sitting inside. they took off in his car. got a which more than $4,100. do you know who the men are, you are asked to call police. >> a popular main line restaurant is closed after police say roaches were found crawling around. >> the yank ming chinese
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restaurant many know shutdown by the radnor health department. >> they know it because this restaurant, yang minute-- ming ranked the best chinese restaurant in all the country. woman said she found a roach in her dish of noodles. when the woman demanded second noodle dish it too had roaches. officers reported seeing roaches all over the kitchen, the manager tells fox 29 off camera a crew had to strip the entire system to get rid of all of those pests. he says, the health department will come by today to inspect and see if that business can reopen: yuck, roaches. not ones, but twice. >> 5:09. >> keep an eye on what could be crawling in your kids hair this morning. specially if they get ready to start the school year. researchers say drug resistant head lice has been found in 25 states. >> the studies experts say lice has become resistant to the over the counter treatments. those treatments have a drug in it, lice in new jersey was
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found to have developed partial resistance to the drug. that will wasn't the case for pennsylvania or delaware. doctors say prescription medications that don't contain the ingredient still work against lice. tough time for parent. got to check out the kids. >> that lice comb that catches them as you comb through is it. >> police in atlantic county looking for sands holes caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage. >> chris o'connell explains why community is coming together, in egg harbor township. >> when kids in egg harbor township began arriving for their first fall hockey practice, tonight, the news didn't take long to spread. one of their three prized rings had been ripped up, big time. police say it was the work of vandals. >> i was sick to my stomach. >> terry crowley runs the egg harbor township street hockey association. >> you put a ton of work in to something like this. >> he said composite plastic flooring ripped from the
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ground and heavily damaged, sometime sunday, into monday. >> state-of-the-art. >> the rings were actually purchased from walt disney wormed, few years ago, for more than $35,000 donated to the township. it is believed the large group of people had to be involved. >> fifteen to 20 people did this. >> egg harbor township police do not have surveillance video, but they are working on leads. >> disgust that they would do this. >> turns out many of the town's officers grew up playing on this very running. >> 400 kids use this court. you have a few people ruin it for them. >> they still don't know how much it will cost to fix this mess or if insurance will pick up any of the cost. but, one thing is for certain: in this south jersey hot bed of hockey, the puck will drop once the season start. >> we will ram i. we will fix it. when the kids start in october, it will be ready to go. they'll have the first class facility that they've always had. >> now reward for information lead to go arrest, as the
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community will come together next week, to help clean up what criminals left behind. in egg harbor township, chris o'connell, "fox 29 news". 5:12 the time right now. couple of major stories developing from overnight in washington state, including this explosion at a motel near seattle. >> and the wild fires specially tough for firefighters in washington. so bad, international help is now being called in.
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fox fox. paulson, paulsen. lace lays lays lace louse loose list
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>> ♪ >> this is the beatles. >> i think it is the best beatles albumn, even though sergeant pen is her ranked the greatest albumn of all time. do you think this is better than abby road? >> i love rolfer. >> i love tax man off that albumn. >> abby road the one where they are crossing the street? >> yes, and paul mccartney is barefoot in that, then all of these rumors, paul mccartney dead. >> if you played the record backward it says paul is dead. paul is dead. paul is dead. >> that's too much. >> it would be all over social media these days. not happening. >> all right, let's show you what's happening in the tropics. because it has gotten little interesting. now, there is africa.
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>> in the middle see a loft storm, a lot of activity right in the middle of the ocean. welshing bunch them is organized enough to become tropical storm danny, with 50-mile per hour winds, now, once it strengthens to 74 miles per hour wind it, becomes a hurricane, so, it will be a while, but the conditions are ripe for this to strengthen this storm. >> 1400 miles, and head that way. we expect it to strength tone category two hurricane before that happens. here's some of your spaghetti mod tolls show you, most of it head in the that north-north, i should say, yes, north-northwest direction. anyway, here are your temperatures, and boy, is it muggy out this morning. everybody in the 70s this morning, there is really no where you can go for respit from the humidity, although the mountains are always little cooler than here. we have 76 degrees, at the airport, and 76 in wilmington. 77 degrees in atlantic city this morning. here is your satellite radar
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picture a lot of clouds, and plenty of activity, all around us. but nothing happening in our area at the moment. so, it is a calm but muggy morning. we expect the heatwave to be broken, today thinking just 88, because every these pop up showers and thunderstorms, so you might want to have the rain gear nearby, any time after lunchtime, is whether we could see some of the pop up showers. so there we are with 88 today. eight a tomorrow with some more thunderstorms, and the heaviest rain comes thursday night, into friday morning. wouldn't you know that's when we are headed to dewey beach for the shore town of the week? but we'll work on that forecast between now and then. saturday looks pretty good. lower humidity. slightest chance of the storm. same for sunday, with increasing clouds, half way decent weekend on the way. monday and tuesday of next week starts to to heat up little bit more there. is your seven day forecast, muggy one out there, bob kelly. >> definitely you can feel it, when you step out the front door, 5:17. good morning, everybody, on
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this wednesday. no problems at all you as you head up and over the benny. good start to the morning rush hour as you work your way into downtown. live look at i59, right near girard avenue. again, an example of the new traffic pattern wherever one is moved over to the center portion of the roadway. so if you are headed northbound, leaving center city, right here, around girard, allegheny, the tight squeeze, and then everybody's moved over to the center side of the roadway. that continues all the way up through cottman avenue. move in day at the temple of campus, some delays, some peers from the parent here along broad street, today, tomorrow, even friday, doing it in sections as you roll in toward the campus. and then, dining under the stars in media. state street will be closed again this evening, hopefully those pop up thunder boom letters stay away from us in time to get that event in. no problems on the regional rails. trenton, lansdale, paoli line looking good. but expect some jams eastbound on the schuylkill expressway today. they're going to be working in
5:19 am
that right lane between montgomery and spring garden. and they're going to september the cones, at around 9:00. chris, lauren, back to you. >> 5:19. investigators think a gas leak is likely to explode at hotel near seattle. >> one company worker critically injured, happened at motel six in brimmer ton, washington, alarm sounded just before 8:00. the explosion happened about a half hour later, motel manager had already evaculated guests because of the leak. that was a smart move. but witnesses same, some firefighters were flung 20 feet after the blast. no one has been reported missing. crews are searching through the rubble. just to make sure. let's stay in washington state for this. wild fires around the washington mountain in the resort town have destroyed about 75 homes. >> this as crews call in the military seek international help to fight the growing blaze sweeping the dry west. the national inner agency fire center called in 200 active duty military troops to help contain roughly 95 western wild fires. the first time the agency's
5:20 am
mobilized the military for fire suppression. since 2006. a deputy incident commander for the chill a and fire says competition for fire fighting resources is fierce. large fires are also burning in oregon, and across the northern rockies. >> so many fires burning all at once. where do you send the crews, right? which fire takes priority? typically the one near the home, but they lost 75 homes right there. >> already. >> that's terrible. >> white house has hired its first openly transgender staff member. >> ravi freeman works as policy advisor for the national center for transgender equality. will now serve at outreach and recruitment director for the white house office of presidential personnel. the hiring marks the latest step in president obama's public support for lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender rights. >> after making public plea for helping find her missing daughter, rosey o'donnell announces she had been found. >> so the 17 year old was located in barnegat township new jersey. chelsey o'donnell was found
5:21 am
safe at acquaintance's house yesterday. criminal charges not expect in the this case. her famous mom said she was concerned that her daughter who suffers from mental illness and travels with a therapy dog had not been taking her medication. the teen was returned to new york. she reportedly left home back on august 11. >> seeing already heating up ahead of the football season, the cowboys and rams had to cut joint practice short after fight break out between the players. >> so this is huge dust up on the feel. take a lack at this. oh, cowboys receiver, dez bryant, was reportedly punched in the face, not clear who hit bryant. coaches for both teams called the fight inexcusable. yesterday's practice was the second time in less than two weeks a joint practice had been cut short because of fight. houston and washington had the same issue earlier this month. the nfl has made eliminating in-game fainting a point of fame cyst this year to teams, officials say training camps were not part that far discussion. i don't see nick foles in there anywhere. he is with st. louis now.
5:22 am
>> boys behaving badly. >> it is football, man. >> common. >> hey, no joke. philadelphia's mayor is going on comedy to up. the serious cause behind all of the laughter coming up. >> millions of marriages ruined, the names of the cheaters, signed up on the ashley madison website revealed. after the break. >> first a look at your winning lottery numbers.
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gurge. furring.
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mayor michael nutter says he's going to leave politics alone for just a second. steps on the stage for the annual candidate comedy night. >> he is getting out at his tenure winds down, right? the fundraiser features elected officials and candidates, proceeds go toward the allegany county festival fund. this provides enrichment opportunities for youth in the counties human services department. so, really good cause. event will be at the pit burying comedy club at 6:30. dilworth park is introducing its dog days at dilworth. and new pooch patches. the three new patches are designated areas along the perimeter of the park, mark by giant paw print. there is doggy bag dispensers, also, starting today, through the next two wednesdays. pets and own remembers invited to the southern end of dilworth part for happy hourment cocktails for you, smacks for the dogs. >> yap ipy hour. >> that's what i called it after a couple of drinks. >> diamond actually has a
5:26 am
shirt that sass yappy hour. may we should head over to yappy hour. >> i miss that dog. okay, so the hackers who target cheating website ashley madison made good on their threat and prom promise to start naming names. >> millions of marriages ruined. stolen information reportedly published to the dark web, section of the internet that requires special software to use. the data dump reportedly includes the lowering in details before 32 million users. names, emails, street addresses and how much they spent on the site, all included in the stolen information. the hackers call the impact team, threaten to release the information in july. they reportedly want to expose what they call ashley madison's fraudulent business practices. >> lady gaga threatening to sue a british company for allegedly ripping off her name. >> the company sales ice cream made with breast milk with royal baby gaga. gaga says the company is using
5:27 am
her name without her consent. and her legal team has sent the company a cease and desist letter. but the company says the flavor has nothing to do with the singer, and that it was the name to celebrate the birth of princess charlotte. >> gaga is casino every like what people describe babies are saying, like gaga. >> but whether you say gaga, what do you think of right away? right? >> i know, you think of lady gaga. but before her, gaga was like a kid thing. >> gaga. dada, mama. >> 5:27. child is dead, three others injured, after being hit by a car in burlington county watch police say the driver did after the deadly accident. >> sad story there. meantime 5:27. he is forced to take on players much younger than he, because there is no one nearly his age. a 93 year old golf olympian talks about the secret of his success. (plays throughout)
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♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ what the congressman is saying about repairing his good reputation. jenny joyce, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, toddler is dead after being struck by a car. three other people, the oldest just 18 years old, here at
5:31 am
cooper hospital being treated, what police are telling us about how this accident happened. lauren? >> jenny, thanks. pennsylvania kids just put pool day to good use. you have to see video of a pool dunk you just won't believe. >> good day everybody, it is hump day, wednesday, august 19th, 2015. summer is coming to an end, when you see that video, guys are having fun, but school's almost back in. >> with this weather, though, doesn't feel like summer coming to an end any time soon. >> bus stop buddy? >> phillies still in full swing last night, butted i doesn't care. back at it with toronto tonight. >> exactly, and he is poolside, as well, marco polo, yes, he is ready for another fun day, he countdown the last weeks of summer. but you notice, weaver add the umbrella today. because we want you to be aware of the pop up showers, thunderstorms that will be with us, later on in the day. most of our temperatures are in the 70s, we've got clouds this morning, yes, muggy the dog is here for sure. i know.
5:32 am
because it is so humid outside. so, keep your eye on the sky this afternoon, possibility of those showers. that's taking us down from yesterday's eight to a seven. and it is sticky, 87% relative humidity, 76 degrees, just little breeze you see there, 5 miles an hour out of the south-southeast, 6:16 your sunrise time officially. i'm not going to show you on radar at the moment as i said later on we check the future cast, show you pop up showers are in our weather future today. temperatures are in the 70s, just about everywhere. except for mount pocono. where we're close to t and already at 77 degrees, in atlantic city international. muggy 76 in wilmington. so, phillies do play again today as chris said. again, eye on the sky for maybe pop up thunder storm, they'll be hit or miss throughout the afternoon. 84 degrees when the game begins 7:05, and breeze out of the southeast, with the phillies and the blue jays tonight. eighty-eight is the high today with afternoon showers,
5:33 am
possible pop up thunderstorm, and then, tonight, few more scattered thunderstorms, and a low temperature, very muggy, 75 degrees. so that's your foxcast on a very humid wednesday, see if there is a break-in any of this coming up in time for the weekend when we check bob kelly the seven day forecast. >> humid hump day. 5:33, good morning, everybody, wednesday, actually off to a pretty good start there is fellow here though disable, this is eastbound, 422, right near route 29. tractor-trailer, off to the shoulder, got the flares down. just watch it. it is hug that right lanas you head eastbound out of say royersford, in through king of prussia. curbside on the freeway, headlights starting to see pocket of volume. we are waking up and getting out getting in toward philly through the construction zone, i95 speaking of construction, again, that new traffic pattern, northbound, as you head in toward cottman avenue. it is move in day on the cam puts of temple university. see delays and a lot of double park interesting along broad street throughout the day.
5:34 am
regional rail lines off to good start, trenton, paoli, no problems out of the gate. we had delays yesterday at the airport, today looks okay. but again, as sue's watching the radar, once we see some pop up showers roll through, all bets could be off there at the airport, for later on today. and then, midday construction crew coming, northbound, 95, this is a big one yesterday. if you are coming from delaware county or the airport and headed north in toward the city, penndot will be working at the girard point double decker bridge beginning at around 9:00. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you. 5:34 the time. meanwhile, bad story out of burlington county, child dead, three other in the hospital right now, after they were all hit by a car. >> jenny joyce live outside cooper hospital right now with more on this story. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, chris. that will child who died just two and a half years old, and the other three who are here at the hospital the oldest is 18. we did learn that all of the victims are family member,
5:35 am
live here at cooper hospital, where they're being treated. the accident happened in southampton, burlington county on the 100 block of buddtown road just before 8:30 last night. new jersey state police say that five people were walking down the street, four out of the five were struck by a vehicle, the victims, again, between the ages of two and a half and 18 years old. the toddler died and the other three were rushed here to cooper for emergency treatment. no word on their updated condition at this point. we do know that the driver who struck the children remained at the scene. state police tell us that where the accident happened, it is a dark and rural road. no street light. no sidewalks. dangerous for these children to be walking along that road, and the driver simply did not see them. and hit them. and it was a pure accident. that's what state police are telling us at this point, lauren, chris. >> tough accident. jenny joyce, thank you so much. >> congressman chaka fattah says he's innocent of all of the charges. >> the pennsylvania democrat spoke during his first federal
5:36 am
court appearance on federal racketeering charges. >> fattah, who has been in congress for 11 terms, is charged in a 29 count indictment for his alleged role in racketeering conspiracy. he and other are accused every misusing hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal, charitable, and funds from 2007 failed mayoral campaign. after declaring his innocence, bonds was set as $100,000, which he does not have to pay, unless he violate the terms of his release. fattah can work and even travel, but he must keep away from any witnesses. >> well, it is almost time to go back to school. usually one of the first questions you're asked is what did you do over the summer? >> so one group of pennsylvania kids is sharing with a video, this is going now viral. check it out. these 12 kent pulled off that epic pool dunk. the group from meets ville northwestern pennsylvania, no word how long it took help to perfect. >> look that the. >> nice. >> boom. >> hey, it is the calm that for nearly quarter century has
5:37 am
helped kids realize they're not alone. the special group it helped in a special way it is doing it. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care.
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that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. all new emergen-zzzz.revolution. a natural way to power down. with melatonin, plus vitamin c and other antioxidants.
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to work their magic while you sleep. don't just sleep, revitalize. new emergen-zzzz, power down to power up. thrust, regular. >> camp in north jersey, christina shows us how korean americans, adopt tees from two different worst, coming together to feel an unity that's hard to come by.
5:40 am
>> many of these children on an important journey, national camp where korean adopt tees straddled two different words could can do just that, feel oneness with kids just like themselves. >> a lot of these kids feeling like camp is a one time they are truly themselves. and to think it only happens out of one week foreign tire year can be emotional. >> former camper now counselor says, it helps fill a place in his heart where something was always missing. >> i didn't kind of find my korean side until my late teens, once did i, it kind of really helped me become more whole about who i am. >> we talked that night about like adoption, and like stuff like, that yes, it was cool. >> gives me a chance to see there are a lot more people like me. and i'm real happy about that. >> place where children can take their masks off being be
5:41 am
real, be vulnerable, be supportive. >> this dance mixing traditional korean costumes, in a dance that symbolizes two worlds becoming one, reality these children face every day. >> beautiful yet complicated dance, and they say they've taken it to heart. many children tired of fighting stereotypes are now chanelling that energy in a positive way. parent couldn't be prouder, many wearing their hearts on their sleeves. or in david's case, on his arm, korean tatoo that means father. >> he and his wife wouldn't be prouder of their two beautiful children. in the end, everyone celebrated by bonding over what else korean food. family style. filling bellies and hearts with love and friendship, to last a lifetime.
5:42 am
>> the camp start in the 1992 as a direct results. la riots, to empower core even and americans. >> i was in l.a. during that time. >> tebow and bradley, signed of like -- >> poetry? >> lot of questions about the eagles this morning. big daddy graham, has all of the answers, in just two minute. stay with us. >> and he's competed against players much younger than he, because, there is no one near his age. the 93 year old golf sensation, what keeps him so focused. >> also, let's take a look at last night's lottery numbers. reag, aunt.
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edmonton. edmonton. emmitt burying. emmitt berg. >> look being right along i95, guess whose birthday it is today? >> em tell us. >> the 42nd president of the united state of america. >> happy birthday, mr. clinton. >> william jefferson clinton. sixty-nine years old today. >> really? >> yes. still looking good. you know why he looks good still? >> why? >> full head of hair. when i am 69, all i want in life is a full head of hair. >> that's all you and mike jerrick talk about, people with hair.
5:46 am
>> 5:45 in the morning. and sue is laughing. >> nobody will ever get a big ego on this show. >> never. >> just keeps just check. >> somebody that cuts you right down to size if you even start. let's do little assessment of 90-degree days, comparing this year so far, to previous years. we've had 26 days of nine otto above. already monday than last year and the year before, but 2012, 2011, boy were they hot years. because we have 389, 09 agree plus days in 2012 and 33 in 2011. so, we're on track to maybe tie 2011 before the year is through. we'll see what happens. on our way to hot day. but probably won't get into the 90's today is because of clouds, and pop up showers in our forecast for later on in the day. 76 degrees right now in the city. very humid. close to 70 in mount pocono. seventy-five in reading. seventy-four in pottstown. and allentown. seventy-three in wildwood. seventy-six, you get the idea,
5:47 am
really muggy, and this is what tells the tail. the dew point. you see, all of our dew point practically are in the 70s. and of covers, looking at that measure of moisture, that means, we in the oppressive range of humidity. so, this is today. it is humid, pop up showers, maybe thunderstorm later on in the day. thunderstorms possible tomorrow into friday. un set dollars weather should calm down by saturday. may even get a taste of lower humidity, at least for a day or so. so, looks pretty good actually for the eagles game. the next pre-season game, which happens on saturday evening at the linc. and sunday, i think we'll see increasing cloudsment there is a chance of pop up shower or two. but, all-in-all, for august, not a bad weekend, unsettled weather returns by the ends of next week. there is your seven day forecast. it is a humid hump day like you said, bob kelly. i stole that for our website. >> no problem at all. you got t owe me a jelly donut. 5:47. good morning, not bad at all
5:48 am
for the gang rolling out of morgantown, headed through downingtown, no problems on the bypass, to the gang head in toward king of prussia. traffic popping up. coming into sit after 9:00, penndot will be working here spring garden right to montgomery and spring garden. that will tie things up into downtown. you want to use the kelly drive, martin martin luther king drive. also work again north on 95 near the girard point double decker. so coming up from delco, leaving the airport after 9:00. head in the toward the city may want to use the platt bridge. disable tractor-trailer, actually left the trailer behind. tractor pulled away. just watch hugging the right lane there little bit. the eastbound side of 422, near 29. and good morning to delco. ninety-five northbound, working your way up toward the airport, again, some pockets of volume. otherwise, overall, we're in
5:49 am
pretty good shape. chris, lauren, back to you. >> so i'm reading all of the note from yesterday's practice. >> eagles, so far course i'm looking at the quarterback rotation. sam bradford started. mark sanchez came in next. matt barkley, and then tim tebow. >> i wonder if that's the order, right? >> i know. so big daddy graham. >> daddy, good morning to you, sir, how are you? >> i'm doing fine. that order, that probably still is the correct order. but first things first. i've broken out the eagles jacket early this year. >> okay? >> because it is not official but it appears franco will miss the rest of the season. and with that, i hate to say it there goes my interest this that team. i was really digging on them, they were 16 and five. now one in five since franco hasn't played, all of the juice gone from this team, add them in the line up.
5:50 am
made such a difference to howard. i love watching him play. it is a real drag. so it will be eagles, eagles, eagles from this point on. one tid-bit. utley looks like he is staying here. >> what's the deem? he is starting to play better being and we know he got off to awful, awful start. >> if you would have told me that since he's come back he's hitting .486. >> right. >> i never, in a million years, would have thunk he was capable every doing. that will so, you know, i still think it was probably time to move him. but now, with the injury to franco, and utley really doesn't want to go, and we're not supposed to fault aguirre for that, are we? he likes the town. >> well, he the town, right? >> no. >> him and ryan howard. >> no. lauren had it right. tim tie bo -- >> i know, i know, i know. >> there is another thing i'm so wrong about.
5:51 am
i never would have predict that in a million years. but, i think i figured it out. >> okay? >> why he got that insane applause. over these last couple of years, remember, he hasn't played in a game since december of zero-12 now, okay? over that time period, he's become an underdog. he now has become somebody that it is easy, because he is kind of like a nice guy. >> he is very likable. >> great guy. >> and he won a championship, you know, at college. and somehow he's an underdog, somebody had wrote off. no chance he's ever going to be in roster again, and i think he's going to go on this. >> i think you're right, big daddy. >> no. >> why? >> can i be contrary? i watched the game last saturday, he still has that -- >> sunday. >> no, saturday, flight. >> no. lawyer send right. mr. sports.
5:52 am
>> this saturday night -- he doesn't get that quick release still. i mean, i think chip is working with him how to throw like an nfl quarterback. >> has nothing to do with it, just third string role anyway. after the great performance, and again, who want to call performance great when it is a pre-season game. word on the street is, you know, kelly's never been ' nam order with him anyway. so now it is easier to deal him. i think tebow will end up being your third quarterback. >> i am laughing because i think mike jerek is behind you mick emptying me mimicking tebow. is that what he is doing? >> a the love people hine you, big daddy. >> by the way, how is this for ahead of hair? >> o beautiful. you have great head of hair. >> but you're not 69 as bill clinton. >> fun little trivia question. the heaviest president of the last 50 years? >> heaviest? >> he was 261 pounds at one point in office. >> bill clinton? >> bill clinton. >> that was a saturday night sketches of him jogging and stopping at a mcdonald's and
5:53 am
keeping the jog going? >> they were great. they were great. in case you're wondering, that's a fact. >> real quickly, do you keep barkley or let him go? >> logically speaking would you make barkley your third string quarterback. but i don't think that's a way it will play out. and i said that before sunday. >> all right. >> because kelly just doesn't seem to like him. >> we like you, a lot. will you come back next week? >> yes. >> thank you, big dad. >> i have a nice week end. >> ninety-three year old olympian talks about the secret to his success. hear how his romantic life has kept him in tip top shape.
5:54 am
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>> phil is a champion, well dallas nature i have twice a widower, married third time in november, his mother died when he was five. his father left it up to felix to take care of the home and his younger brother. he learned english by grocery shopping, so what's his secret for staying young?
5:57 am
>> well, like i usually tell everybody, chase young woman, you can never catch them, but it is good exercise. >> so he chases women. felix says as long as he can breathe he will keep golfing and chasing women. which keeps him young at heart. >> all right, some serious news for you at 5:57. two teens dressed as ninja's try to rob a store at knife point. wait until you see the weapon the clerk pulled out to fight them off. and, undergoing surgery for the broken food. how he's doing this morning. straight ahead.
5:58 am
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the thing burger. welcome to denny's. fantastic 4, only in theaters. one of the cool perks of this place, is you can eat as much cereal as you want. you can go to any line that's running, and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount.
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my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> a driver hits a group of, killing a three year old. >> where a teen turned up after nationwide search. >> two teens dressed as ninja's try to rob a store at night. look at that. wait until you see the weapon the clerk pulled out to chase them off. what a scene. good day everybody, it is wednesday, august the 19th, 2015. the whole team's here. hail, hail, the gang's all here. >> the gang's all here. >> and it is wednesday. >> made it to hump day.


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