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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nt to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> a driver hits a group of, killing a three year old. >> where a teen turned up after nationwide search. >> two teens dressed as ninja's try to rob a store at night. look at that. wait until you see the weapon the clerk pulled out to chase them off. what a scene. good day everybody, it is wednesday, august the 19th, 2015. the whole team's here. hail, hail, the gang's all here. >> the gang's all here. >> and it is wednesday. >> made it to hump day. >> somehow we call it.
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>> bob said it earlier. humid hump day. >> it is humid. >> doesn't it feel worst out there with the humidy? >> i walk in today. as my mom, rest her soul, used to say, could you cut this weather with a knife. >> yes, the air is soaking -- >> the ninja said that. >> yes. >> all right. >> tied it altogether now. let's check the number of the day. it is a seven. yesterday was eight. so now, we have a chance of some rain this afternoon, widely scattered showers, will be around, so have that rain gear with you. in fact, you probably need it occasionally, over the next couple of days. it is continued muggy, so little dog still with us. another phillies game, tonight, we will talk about that coming up. 75 degrees, right now in philadelphia, relative humidity, yuck, 90%. and not too much of a breeze. roam 3 miles out of the east. quite a few clouds out there this morning. you can see them, on saturday light radar there. is your phillies forecast for tonight. expect humid night at the
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ballpark, pop up thunderstorm not out of the question. 84 degrees, when the game begins at clock 05, phillies, and the blue jays. once again. so our high temperature today, 88 degrees. we probably ended our heatwave today. we will find out. eighty-eight is close to 90. so there is an outside chance with enough sunshine, could hit 09 degrees. but do have scattered showers in the forecast, we will show them to you on the future cast coming up in just a few minute. high, bob kelly. >> hey, good morning, everybody, 6:02, actually starting to see the beginning of a morning rush hour, live look here at the schuylkill expressway, the headlights leaving town, brake light on the right there. see this tree just hanging over? that's part of the penndot project for later on today, tell but that in a second. a live look at i-95, southbound, starting to see the brakes tap right there at cottman avenue. and then that is pushed in toward downtown, that delay starts to begin. even the same deal in south jersey, 42, starting to slow down, as you approach route 55. the beginning after rush hour heading in toward philadelphia
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international airport on both 55 and 42. and midday work, that tree that's kind of been hanging over there, penndot's tree trimming here between montgomery and spring garden. so after the morning rush hour, like around 9:00 or so, they're going to set up shop. that's going to cause big delay coming into the city. so if you get a late start or come in during the midday, use the kelly drive or the martin luther king drive. otherwise mass transit and airport looking good. >> i have to tell you very sad story out every burlington county. child is dead and three others are in the hospital this morning after they were hit by a car. >> we say child, we are talking about a two year old. jenny joyce live outside cooper hospital where the three are being treated right now. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, alex, mike. that's right. just two years old, expected to turn three this fall. the three others are still here at cooper university hospital being treated. we did finds out that all of the victims in this case are family members. the accident happened in southampton burling tonight county on the 100 block of buddtown road just before 8:30
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last night. new jersey state police say that five people were walking down the street, four out of the five were struck by a vehicle, the victims are between the ages of two and a half and 18 years old. again, that toddler died and the other three were returned to cooper for emergency treatment. we do know that the driver who struck the children remained at the scene and state police tell us that where this accident happened, it was a dark rural road. no sidewalks. no street light. and simply the driver could not see this group of children, as he was passing by. and so, at this point, we don't know the updated conditions of the three here. we just know that they were returned to cooper, in serious condition, mike, alex. >> those roads in south jersey, some places just no place to walk, for surement jenny, thank you, 6:04. things back to normal somewhat at a local hospital in camden county. after an ebola scare. >> arrived back home from africa back on august 7th. they were being checked twice
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a day for 21 days asks protocol. shortly after 6:00 last night the patient developed high fever and symptoms similar to ebola. and checked into the kennedy university hospital in stratford, new jersey. ambulance was dirt dollars while doctors worked on a diagnosis. the hospital says it was malaria, not ebola. >> malaria, not ebola. more information about a ten year old boy shot in wilmington. we told this yesterday morning. that was our lead story. police took two people into custody yesterday, live on our air, at 5:00 for the shooting of michael mitchell. he was shot in the head. ten years old. while he was in his home early yesterday morning, about 2:30 in the morning. middle of the night. family members did not want to show their faces on camera, but they do want their voices heard. >> we just want you all to know that we love him. that he was a very loving child. and who ever did this, we want justice for it, because this should never have happened. >> other family members say
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that he is fighting for his life. at dew point hospital for children. >> rosey o'donnell thanks everyone tore helping bring her daughter home. >> found in barnegat township new jersey, down the shore. >> so rosey said that she was concerned that her daughter, chelsey, suffers from mental illness, always in the company after therapy dog, was without her medication. she reportedly left home back on august 11. police were following leads and found the teen at acquaintance's house, the teen taken back to new york last night. no criminal charges were filed. well, you can now get your hand on an infamous piece of philadelphia sport history. >> fascinating. i am begging you, audience. good day viewers. we need to find this hat today. please. would you like to own that giant phillies hat from back in 1993 that was on top of billy penn? remember this back in the day?
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wow. diehard fans still fearing the curse of billy penn, may still have nightmares about the time billy penn wore a phillies hat during the 1993 world series. the hat is now for sale, it is kind of tattered, on ebay. it is up for sale on ebay. yes, they are having an auction. the owner told the website billy penn. com he grabbed the cap out of the trash all those years ago. what would that be, 22 years ago? but he says it is time for someone else to love it. i guess he is tired of t and that the love the phillies comes with a $10,000 price tag. he wants ten grand for that stink i hat. back in 93 the phillies lost to the toronto blue jays who happen to be in town tonight in six games. so, we want to know, where is that hat? i want to see it. >> somebody bought it already? >> no, no. the guy still has it. >> well, the person auctioning it off, shouldn't we just ask him? >> that's who we are trying to
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find. >> but he posted it on ebay, so i am sure there is a number? >> we are going through certain channels. trying to hype this up, tv kind of thing. >> oh, okay. >> just bear with me. >> all right, i'm just be quiet. sore. >> i that's fine. >> sore. >> i it's okay. >> hey -- >> silly question. >> if you know this dude, who has this big stink i dirty hat, it has got to be gigantic. it has to be the size of two vokes wagons or something. billy penn is big. he looks small up there on the building. he is big. i've been up in his leg. >> ya? >> i stuck my head in his leg. it is fantastic, an observation deck. >> wonderful view. >> anyway, if you have, if you know this guy, please let us know. how about twitter? >> okay, this is the tv thing, i'll just let you do it. >> tv thing. just timing -- tuning this up. i have eaten at this restaurant in 2002 i went and did a secondment on it because it was considered the best
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chinese restaurant in america. >> and you told me to eat here. >> i did. and you went, didn't you? >> i sure did. >> ya, that popular restaurant shutdown after a woman finds a roach in her noodles. she sent it back, they bring in another plate of noodles, and another roach. >> oh? >> it is protein. what they're going to do about. >> this they're shutdown right now. more on this after the break.
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>> you told me to go to this restaurant. >> i did. >> and chinese new year. >> well, it is very popular main line restaurant. it is closed after officials say roaches were found crawling inside the restaurant. >> so the chinese restaurant in radnor was shut down by the radnor health department. police say a woman found a roach in her dishes every noodles. investigator says a woman demanded second noodle dish, it also had a roach. police officers were then called, and they reported, my goodness, seeing roaches all over the kitchen. even coming out of an electrical outlet. >> well, now. >> would be customers looking it grab dinner last night were shocked to hear why the restaurant was closed. >> we had reservations this evening. we just called today. and they are closed.
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i think it is a lost. because this was a real favorite restaurant, in this area. >> well, yes. >> go ahead. >> go. >> the manager told fox 29 off camera the roaches came in through the events, and crew had to strip the entire system to get rid of the pests. he says they will department will come by tomorrow to inspect and see if the business can reopen. >> geez. >> yes. >> i mean, what can you say? >> i don't think there are words, mike. >> do you think even if they do reopen? >> can they -- >> recover from it? >> yes. >> it will be hard. but the food is good, though. >> little crunchy right now, but good. 13:00, two teens dressed as ninja's, have you seen this footage? try to rob a store with a sword. well, wait until you see the weapon the clerk pulls out which had them running out the door. ♪
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>> 6:16. as of yesterday new tropical storm. it happened in the middle of the atlantic ocean, this disturbance here, between africa and south america. right in the middle there tropical storm danny, with 50-mile per hour winds. again, it is not near any land mass at all right now, and it is 1400 miles away from the lesser antilles island n that while, it looks like it will strength mean hurricane.
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first hurricane of the season, the other three, named storms, were tropical storms, never strength ends that much. as we take a look at the spaghetti models, most of them have it taking a west, maybe, slightly northwesterly track, headed toward probably dominican republic eventually. but again, it will take a while before that happens. it is 75 degrees, in philadelphia right now. very, very muggy, the most muggy morning of the week. we've got temperatures in the upper 70s to the south of us, and here's the proof of those dew points that are all in the 70s, and that's when it really gets soupy out there with a dew point, with the humidity. so, here's your satellite radar picture, nothing much to show you there. but as we look at the future cast, see the clouds thickening up today. that's why we probably won't make it to the 90s again then after 2:00 in the afternoon, pop up showers, thunderstorms, widely scattered, may get one, may not. if you do you have chance of heavy downpour. any time between now and say 7:00. tomorrow more scattered showers are around, on and off
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throughout the entire day, all in advance every cold front. that comes through thursday night, and here comes the cold front with some really heavy rain, say, thursday night, into friday morning. a lot of clouds there, you see, the last of the front moving through. now, we will be in dewey beach friday morning. chance every rain. we will work on t over the past seven days, we ended up with four day heatwave. i think will probably be in. now, predicting high of 88 today. it could get to 90. we may ends up reaking one more day out that far heatwave. but regardless, it is very humid. pop up showers in the afternoon and maybe thunderstorm. that's the deal for thursday and friday, as well. unsettled weather then but lower humidity in the forecast for saturday. sunday, increasing clouds, maybe a pop up shower, and by the middle of next week, it is humid once again, with unsettled weather. so that's a look at your weather authority forecast, let's get outside on the roadways, where hopefully everybody has air-conditioning, and what you
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got going on there, bob kelly? >> get the air cranking too, before you pull out of the driveway, some problems on 95, in the background here, this mini-van, that's northbound 95, the off ramp, to cottman avenue. grab pepsi, in your delay here, as you head southbound, now, southbound 95 jammo as you work your way academy into cottman avenue. here is the beginning of the construction zone, and there is the mini-van that's pull over, offer to the side. again, through the work zone though, between bridge and cottman, there is no shoulder, so it took about 2 miles before this fellow could actually pull over safely, on to the shoulder of the roadway. coming in from new jersey, starting to see delays now on the freeway, northbound, from the atlantic city expressway, head in the toward route 55, nothing really out of the ordinary, also, delays on 295, through bellmawr, big delays expected today, though. inbound on the schuylkill, that right lane will be taken out from montgomery to spring garden beginning around 9:00. same deal on 95, penndot's
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doing a lot of work on all of the major roadways this week. ninety-five northbound, will take out lane at the girard point double decker. took about 35 minutes to make it through that trip yesterday. temple university, move in day, some delays anteriores along broad street as the paren dropped the kids off with their mini fringes and tupperware containers. no problems at the moment. looking good on mass transit. mike, alex, back to you. >> 6:20. you know jared from the subway sandwich shop commercials, right? well, he can be losing his freedom by pleading to charges. i wonder what they serve him to eat in jail? >> sources say jared fog sell expected to plead guilty to possession of child pornography charges today. police arrested fogel six weeks ago, in connection with the probe philadelphia former foundation, already in kentucky prison awaiting on child pornography charges. still haven't publicly charged fog well any wrong-doing. subway since suspended its relationship with fogel but he is expected to plead guilty.
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talking about plea deal. >> that's plea deal. saying yes, i did that. >> all right, 21:00,. >> sword fight break out at pennsylvania convenience store, two teens tried to rob the shop. >> yes, they were dressed as ninja's. these are teenagers entering this market in pit burying, this is on friday night. just getting the surveillance video. one of them hell up michetti. look at the size that far thing. started demanding money. but they were surprised to discover the man behind the counter, the guy that owns the place, had a big blade of his own. >> i use this one ... he told me -- i saw the swords ... >> oh, man. the teenagers with their little michetti's took off running. hear them? the clerk says he could have easily grabbed the gun. he keeps under the counter. yes, the gun under there, as well. but he felt confident the
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sword would do the trick and it did. wow. 6:22. >> almost like a cartoon, he comes out with a huge one. >> what's that? what's that movie, was it crock tile dundee? >> yes. >> he pulls this is a knife. this is a knife. and it was also, harrison ford was in the movie. >> indianna jones? >> yes. >> they were shooting, he pulls out gun and shoots them? >> yes. >> they had knives. anyway, 22:00. >> police go to pull over speeding driver. when they finally manage to do so, that's when the real drama starts. what was happening in this car that had the driver panicked? >> and from my alma matter, the university of kansas, there he is, joel embiid, undergoes surgery yesterday for the broken food. how he's doing this morning, and if were you in a hospital bed, would you do a selfie? joel did. >> but first, here is a look look at last night's lottery numbers.
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good morning, phillies came back home for two game series after the gm rubin amaro said on wip very likely chase utley will be with the phillies the rest of the season. obvious utley won't proof a trade. to the ballpark against toronto, phillies up five-three, five-four in the
6:26 am
sixth, five run sixth inning, josh donaldson, two homeruns, four rbi's, toronto wins it eight-five over the phillies. eagles will change up practice at camp scrimmage against the baltimore ravens leading into the pre-season game saturday night. >> it will be fun. yes, always fun practicing against another team. i've done it a bunch many times in my career. intensity picks up little bit. fun to go against somebody other than who you have been going against. >> always good to go against other people. especially quality team like the ravens. they are always a playoff team. so, get real good gauge of the type of team they have. go against the guys there, that type of caliber. >> all right, how about this? sixers center, joel embiid, is recovering after having surgery yesterday afternoon. >> yes, he had a bone graft procedure on his foot. so, this is the second operation for embiid that he had on his right. now, doctors say the surgery
6:27 am
was success, but likely he will miss the season, missed rookie season to repair stress fracture, in june of 2014. so they say they're focusing on embiid's recovery. he took this picture and put it on stain gram. >> now do you think that's after or before? >> can i not tell. >> because why would he have oxygen for foot surgy? >> before. >> oh, they are calming him down? >> looks calm. >> he's getting the juicy juice. >> juicy juice? he is such a good guy, too. >> yes. >> he is a good follow on twitter. >> you both went to kansas. >> yep, there is a bond. and my foot hurt. oh, have you seen what's in our area now? >> what? >> the statue. >> yes, well there is statue is said to bring miracles everywhere it goes, and it is soaring in pennsylvania right now, where you can go see it today. >> wow. that is really cool.
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>> the contract i have with my community, the warantee is still good. that i'm going to never do anything that would embarrass them, i would not violate any law, or regulation, or rule, that i conduct myself at all times in appropriate ways, and that as it relates to these charges, i'm innocent of each and everyone of these allegations.
6:31 am
>> driver speeding through the street passing red lights, but boy, was it for a good reason. >> finally pulled it over. >> and, it happened again. another nfl fight. >> this time between the boys, talking the cowboys, and the rams. what the coaches from both teams have to say about this fight. >> during those training camps >> but somebody beating up the cowboys, fine with me. good day everybody, wednesday, august the 19th, 2015. >> all right, let's get to sue. >> we have a seven. >> this weather, yes, today is a seven. yesterday was a eight, so we had to at least go down one number, thraws there you see it, the umbrella, there rain in the forecast for today. i know. not everybody will get rain. you will have your pool time like bus stop buddy, but there is the dog. there is the water bottle.
6:32 am
you got stay hydrated. another muggy day. so, in your weather by the numbers as we mentioned, it is a seven out of ten. it is 76 degrees, already. with 87% relative humidity. and a 5-mile per hour wind out of the east, so that's giving us some clouds around, see little green on radar. but that's reflection clouds, don't really have precipitation. we do have another phillies game tonight. and a chance for the phillies to beat the blue jays. 84 degrees when the game begins, it will be muggy night with pop up thunderstorm, muggy really is the theme of the day today. and your planner has some sunshine, but also, the chance of pop up showers, any time after lunchtime. we're at 86 degrees by then. high temperature of 88, with pop up thunderstorm and sunset time of 7:52. as those days get a little bit shorter, bob kelly? >> sue, good morning problem 95 southbound, an accident northbound, now, we have crash on the southbound side.
6:33 am
and it is right in the construction zone no shoulder, only three lanes to begin with, and the crash is taking out two of those three lanes. so, coming south on 95, only that far right lane open, as you approach cottman avenue. and already, a back up now, that was thereto begin with from academy down through cottman avenue. again, only one lane open as you head south out of the northeast, great northeast. 422 eastbound starting to see delays into collegeville. so far so good on 202. all of the bridges, the benny, whitman, commodore barry, looking good, trenton, talcony palmyra looking good as well. both the trenton, lansdale line getting out of the gate with no delays. move in day on the campus of temple university. so we'll see delays there along broad street. for the gang leaving south jersey north on the 42 freeway, starting to see some backups between the black horse pike and the walt whitman bridge. mike, alex being back over to you. >> what a horrible story to start off with today. a child is dead and three other children are in the
6:34 am
hospital this morning, after they were hit by a car in burlington county. >> soy jenny joyce live outside cooper hospital now where some of the of the children are recovering this morning, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, alex, mike, we hope they are recovering. we've not got updated conditions on any of the three victims who remain here at cooper. we do know that the child who died just two and a half about to turn three in october, we also know that all of them are family members. the accident happened last night, just before 8:30 in southampton burlington county on the 100 block of buddtown road. new jersey state police say that five people were walking down the street, four out of the five were struck by a vehicle, and the victims are between the ages of two and a half and 18 years old. again, the toddler died and the other three were rushed here to cooper for emergency treatment. we do know that the driver who struck the children remained at the scene. police tell us there was nothing wrong with the driver, the driver simply could not see the children, it was a
6:35 am
rural back road, didn't have street light. simply an accident, alex, mike. >> my goodness, 35:00 you thanks, jenny. >> congressman chaka fattah eager to tell federal judge he's innocent of racketeering charges. >> intention to seek re-election, steve keeley, at the federal courthouse, hi, steve. >> reporter: mike, if he is re-elected and he finishes that term, that would hut him in the house of representatives a total of 24 plus years, and lots every time in the house of representatives, now facing possibility of lots of time in another federal house. we are talking the big house. but he says he didn't do any of the 29 crimes he's pleaded not guilty to here in the first of many coming court herns cents -- appearances at federal court. >> the contract that i have with my community, the warantee is still good that i'm going to never do anything that would embarrass them.
6:36 am
that i conduct my all times in appropriate ways. and that as it relates to these charges, i am innocent of each and everyone of these allegations. >> are you surprised by how anxious he was that he was not guilty, he was innocent, not guilty even before the procedure started here today? >> i would expect if you were charged with something you didn't do, you would be ankles us to say the same thing. >> that's what you believe, did he not do this? >> whole heart educationally. >> personal vendetta? >> you said something -- >> look, i don't have any comment, all right? i don't have any compliment. >> what -- >> i don't have any comment. >> the letter, the letter, somehow you acted inapropriately. >> put something in a pleading we'll litigate it in court. until then we don't have any compliment. >> so no counter attack you heard from prosecutors to congressman fattah's attack or jeff cole's attack there. instead, they promise anything they have to say will come in a court filing instead resting their case for now, in the court of public opinion, at
6:37 am
least, with wide ranking detailed indictment congressman fattah that we saw at the end of july. but a long time probably still before we see any testimony and evidence here in federal court in any trial. >> plus jeff cole, i work with him, right, steve? >> yes, you're right on that one. >> he is on the store. >> i that's right. that's good. how about to another case in pennsylvania? >> attorney general kathleen kane said she plans it release more details about pornographic e-mail scandal as part of her criminal defense. we could see these emails. >> she got some help from the supreme court. the state supreme court in pennsylvania said kathleen kane is allowed to release the emails, last week, kathleen cane called on the state supreme court to give her the authority to release those emails. she claims the criminal charges are all part of a plan to keep her quiet about these pornographic emails she says. kathleen kane is accused of
6:38 am
leaking grand jury information to the media. and then, lying about it under oath. we'll see what happens with that? >> 6:38. mayor mucal nutter will hit the stage tonight for the annual candidate comedy night. the fundraiser features elected officials, proceeds go toward the allegany county festival fund. it provides enrichment opportunity for youth in the county human services department. the event will be at the pit burying improve comedy club at 6:30. and rapping? that why we are playing michael nutter's performance. >> just the footage that we had. >> and there he is again. so do us proud, mayor nutter, over there in pit burying. >> dilworth park introducing its dog days at dilworth, new pooch passes, new passes are designated area along the park, mark by giant paw print, and doggy bag dispensers. also starting today through the next two wednesdays, pets and own remembers invited to the southern end of dilworth
6:39 am
park for yapy hour. cocktails for you, smacks for your pooches. >> so what we are talking about here, designated poo areas, right? >> exactly. >> and plus you get to go to happy hour with your pups, and play areas. they're trying to make it pet friendly, mike t means you can go. isn't that lovely? >> yes, as your pet: see, she sometimes puts me on a leash after the show, we walk around old city. >> you love it. your favorite part. the clean up. well ... the statue of our lady of fatima will be on display at saint francis of as easy today. this is really interesting. look at that. >> so, last night, huge crowd gathered in newtown square delaware county all to catch a glimpse of the statue. it is said to bring miracles where ever it travels, cup dollars back in 1947, has traveled the worlds and now it is here, based on three for the geese women who say they
6:40 am
saw the virgin mayor any 1917. >> in a related story, ladies and gentlemen, guess what's also coming to philadelphia in mid september? just before the pope? the reliques of maria gore goretti, and it will be in the philadelphia area for about two months. so, we will give you more of an update. >> a loft amazing things happening in the sit that i will be going on. so we'll key you updated on it all. >> listen carefully to this. >> somebody said: kangaroos running with ... that's a sentence i've never uttered. >> no. >> so where police are trying to wrangle up these escapees. >> would you think it would be in australia but don't get too far ahead of yourself, sue. >> oh, really? >> uh-huh. >> well, now i'm intrigued. and i'll keep watching. plus, i have got the forecast, so i will be kind of hanging around to present that to you, as well. so yes, plenty of reasons to
6:41 am
stick around for me. hope you do, too. see you in a few. narrator: first pat toomey
6:42 am
voted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women. now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits?
6:43 am
senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown.
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>> usually not something the police get involved with. there is a reason why officers out in arizona were so concerned. 50's on the loose. >> kangaroos running loose in the area. >> 1021 also for him. >> last seen at 1300 hours. >> boy, that dispatcher really was calm. kangaroo's, no, not australia, this is in -- look at that sucker move. somebody in the car recorded this on their cell phone. that kangaroo near tuscon, arizona, catching them has not
6:45 am
been quite so easy. the duo, two of them, are still on the loose. they didn't catch them. in case you're wondering, it is legal to have kangaroo's as pets in the state of arizona. >> some people were hopping mad about it, seriously. really have to hop to it to catch them. >> i know. just put that in your pouch and really think about it for little bit. and pay attention to what is changing in the werthment looks like heatwave will probably end today. i don't think we'll make it to 90. it will be close. we'll see what happens. there are increased rain chances today, tomorrow, friday, and a new tropical storm, we told but the possibility yesterday. here's what's happening. right smack in the middle of the atlantic ocean, between africa, and south america. we have tropical storm danny, 50-mile per hour winds, moving
6:46 am
toward the west, but still, over 1400 miles away, from the lesser antilles islands, so it will be a while before it threatens any land by that time a hurricane, maybe even as high as category two. track of the storm, we haven't had to do that much at all this season with tropical storm, in fact, first hurricane of the season all named storms all tropical storms. there is the spaghetti models. we'll watch it for you, but not threatening any land at the moment. very muggy here in our neighborhood this morning, 73 degrees pottstown, 75 reading. >> seventy-six in philadelphia, and upper 70s in atlantic city, dew points are also in the seven's, and that is when it get real sticky, i think you'll feel the difference when you walk outside this morning from yesterday. nothing much to show you there on saturday light radar picture, so look ahead, we see
6:47 am
mix of clouds and sun throughout the afternoon, pop up thunderstorms any time after 12:00 noon. might just get shower. might get drenching storm that will be kind of fast and furious, then out of here. and it stays unsettled through thursday, you see, just pop up thunderstorms throughout the day. >> could get drenching downpours friday. yesterday, heatwave four, with the high of the 2 degrees, now today going with 88. and, eight a, for tomorrow. by saturday, we think, the humidity will be out of here. at least briefly. with increasing clouds on sunday, and getting sticky again by monday, tuesday, of next week. so there it is, your weather authority forecast, by kelly.
6:48 am
>> accident southbound side of i95 at cottman avenue in the construction zone. >> no shoulder. only three lanes real tight squeeze and only one lane open as philly firefighters got the hook and ladder all taken out two left lanes, and that's causing a major back up heading southbound, we are just inching along here, from pretty much approaching woodhaven road now all the way down toward cottman avenue, one lane open in the work zone. getting ready to step out the front door, delay ahead of you. maybe use state road which works your way down under the talcony palmyra bridge, and you can jump back on 95 near bridge street. penndot will be working montgomery, down to spring garden, taking out the right lane. after the rush hour, the kelly drive or the martin inch luther king driver is the way to go. back over to you. >> you know training camp in the summertime, football training camp, always have fights?
6:49 am
there was another one yesterday. this one involved cowboys. >> yep. the cowboys and the rams. need to cut joint practice short after several fights broke out between players. >> test bryant was involved, reportedly punched in the face. not clear who hit dez bryant. coaches for both teams called the fight inexcusable. yesterday's practice was the second time in less than two weeks that a joint practice had to be cut short, because of fights. remember, houston? and washington redskins? had the same issue. the nfl has made eliminating in-game fighting a point of emphasis this year to teams. but officials say training camps were not part of the discussion. >> now, mike, you know i am a lover, not a fighter. >> yes. >> it seem like it would be hard to fight someone if you both have helmets on. where do you punch in. >> here is the thing, that's what is always known as just the silliness of big football
6:50 am
fight. you end up breaking your hand on another guy's helmet. you. >> want to get them right in the belly. bob kelly and had i a little dust up. >> i missed it. no wonder was off on monday. >> right in the face. >> little black eye there? >> a lot of make up. >> make up is fine. that works. >> did you know that he's 93 years old, no, not bob kelly, 93 years old, and nothing is slowing this dude down. have you seen this guy play golf? his name is feel glick yes, he's a golf olympian, after winning the national seniors game. he even had to compete against players younger than him, because there was no one in his age group. so the west dallas nature sieve twice a widower. just married his third wife in november. his mother died when he was five. his father left it up to up to felix to take care of the home
6:51 am
and his younger brother. he learned english by grocery shopping. so what's his secret for staying youthful? well, here it is. >> well, like i usually tell everybody, chase young women, can you never catch them, but it is good exercise. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> he says as long as he can breathe, he will keep doing what he loves. and we are talking about golf. and staying young at heart. >> and chasing women. >> he said chasing young women. >> i agree completely. >> really? >> i really don't want to but i'll take his advice. >> okay? >> so if you're in old city today, be careful. >> 651:67:89 police go to pull over speeding driver. when they finally manage to do so, that's when the real drama starts watch was happening in this car that had the driver panicked? >> let me guess. do one of these store ace week, right? >> we're having a baby. >> oh, baby. >> ♪
6:52 am
♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
6:53 am
6:54 am
by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> police pull over driver, they say, was speeding, right? blowing through the red lights, looks like something was wrong. >> but, officers were not expecting what was happening inside the car. >> expecting? >> so the woman in that car was going into labor. >> ouch. >> this happened in see at em. the driver begged the officer let us go, weaver to go to the hospital. but less than three minutes after cops pulled over the
6:55 am
car, this. oops. >> (baby crying). >> the dad gets out of the car to give the offers areas hug, minute late area ambulance pulls up to take mom and her new daughter to the hospital. this is the couple's fourth child. they even sent the seattle police officer's a thank you note for all of their help. >> again, the fcc regulation is mother and child are doing just fine. >> love that. >> do you have put that on the end of every baby store. >> i millions of marriages ruined. >> ashley madison, making good on their promisement some of the high profile emails that were on the site. >> they said they were going to release people's names, who were on this site. and you know that site is about having affairs. now the names have been exposed. this is embarrassing. >> and thousands of dollars in damage at a local park. police think more than dozen people could be behind this
6:56 am
mess here. why they need your help to find out who did this. >> just stupid. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
6:57 am
6:58 am
(dad) you caught us daydreaming. about a couple of touring bikes? (dad) yeah... mounted on top of a new suv? (mom) uh huh... hooked up to the back of a custom motorhome? (dad) exactly! but how did you- you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. (dad) right! bankroll doubler. (mom, off-screen) with top prizes of $300,000. (male announcer) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> children run over. a driver hit group of kids, killing a two year old. what wasn't on the road that could have prevented it
6:59 am
accident from happening in the first place. >> rosey o'donnell's daughter found at the jersey shore. where the team showed up after a nationwide search. >> and are you ready for this? remember this dude? george zimmerman back in the news. why esteeming up with a gun store, a gun shop, to sell paintings of confederate flags. >> oh, yes, he fashions himself as quite the artist. >> george zimmerman. >> well, good morning. >> hi, everybody. all right, parent, listen to this. this could be a breakthrough. i have a book. >> yes? >> this author has written a book called the ran hit want to fall asleep and they guarantee the author guarantees that within a three or four minutes of reading this book to your child, the kid will be asleep. >> get out. oh, my goodness. >> does it work on adults? >> wellie put it to the test today. i think we have a three year old. >> okay? >> and her mother is going to
7:00 am
read to this child and see if it pit the kid to sleep. >> do you get your money back if he doesn't fall asleep? >> oh, austin doesn't have any trouble falling asleep at night. >> but now? >> i'm ready to go. >> mike come over and read at night? >> wouldn't that be nice. >> i read to the two daughters, i am the one who would fall asleep. then they tap on me, wake up, wake up. >> number down from yesterday, seven, because it is more humid, and we have some showers in the forecast, this afternoon, they'll be widely scattered, pop up showers, so you may not get one. you may have pool time all day long. but, keep that in mind, bus stop buddy has of course muggy the dog with him today because it is so humid out today. so, temperatures are in the mid 70s, in philadelphia, and look at that humidity. 91%. the most soupy morning. week right now. 7-le


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