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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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look at what we're facing. scott. >> that's right, iain and lucy. we are talking about flash flood watches until friday morning. you can see the areas highlighted in green. that includes trenton. philadelphia, wilmington, north and west. we're talking some heavy rainfall several inches before all is said and done for some. as we expand the view, you can see off to the west a line of showers and thunderstorms where you see the yellow where you see the red that's very heavy rain it's approaching the philadelphia area right now. moving up from delaware new castle county some heavy rainfall right now around there and that continues to head toward upper darby around 5:17. philadelphia center city by about 5:30. moving toward the evesham area as well around 5:42. and then towards sections of the lehigh valley allentown looking at some moderate to heavy rain. so this will produce some ponding on the roads as well as some flash flooding. the culprit that slow-moving front off to the west out ahead of it a lot of humidity, lift in the atmosphere so we'll squeeze out a lot of tropical downpours tonight especially through early
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on your friday. so as we time everything out hour by hour, it's going to be dam and dreary if you're stepping outdoors grab the rain gear. by friday morning showers mainly to the west and east of our area. now coming we'll talk much more about where the heaviest rain is going to fall, heat relief and new information just in on hurricane danny. back to you. >> all right, talk to you soon, scott. the pope's visit to philly quick al approaching city officials are trying to reassure residents and business owners it will all be okay when he comes to town. today they announced a new tool that could help put everyone's mind at ease. fox 29's dawn timmeney is in the newsroom. dawn, what is the city putting out. >> called a papal playbook and it will be very important resource for residents during this historic visit. the mayor trying to allay residents fears about how they'll be impacted. >> there's going to be inconvenience. we've said that from the start. there will be a fair amount of walking. >> reporter: that includes people who live near or in the secured areas during the papal
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visit. mayor nutter talking about how the city plans to minimize the challenges for those residents. the mayor reiterating if you live in the restricted traffic box, you can drive but if you leave, you can't come back in. >> quite honestly given the volume of pedestrians in the area in and on the streets of our city at that time we really don't recommend a lot of driving. >> reporter: the mayor says there are plenty of options for people who are walking or biking including 330 grocery stores. >> also be posting maps on the city's website to show the locations of many of these amenities including of course hospitals and houses of worship. >> reporter: world feeing of families announcing its unavailable a comprehensive guide for residents the papal playbook will be online monday afternoon starting at noon. >> our goal is to offer a central act stress point. one place to go for the distribution of vetted and correct information. >> reporter: that information will include logistics, security, transportation optio
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options. world meeting of family events, and it will be updated as residents raise concerns. >> we want to know what the questions are. so we want to hear what people are thinking and what they need to know. >> reporter: one question for mayor nutter, what about pregnant women who may need to get to the hospital fast if their babies decide to come during pope francis' visit. >> are plans in place we're working with the hospitals. they're working with their patients. >> reporter: of course, people who live in the traffic box and need to move their cars are wondering where in the world are they going to move them? the mayor says they're still working with parking garages and parking lots and that information will be coming very soon. for a link to the papal playbook go to on monday. iain. >> dawn, thank you. construction worker is roughing tonight from bruises and a broken knows he got when this crane collapsed in manayunk this morning. it happened at the silo on cotton street. the worker did not have to go to the hospital. there's no word on what caused that collapse. >> fbi is joining philadelphia
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police in the search for the man who robbed a td bank in old city today. investigators say this man walked into the bank at fourth and market and hande handed ther note demanding money. he walk out with cash. we don't know how much. police did not say if anyone saw a weapon on him but they're still calling him armed and dangerous. if you recognize him, call philadelphia police. happening right now the search for a pair of robbers targeting philadelphia phone stores and their customers. surveillance cameras were rolling when these guys took over this business in juniata park an employee behind the counter and a customer inside the store helpless couldn't stop him as they cleaned out the registers and trashed the place and it's not the only video investigators are looking at tonight. police say these guys pulled off another robbery that day. fox 29's dave schratwieser at central detective. dave, they're hoping of course to catch these guys before they hit again. >> reporter: they want them off the street quickly, lucy. these guys are carrying guns, they're very violent, and they're very quick. their main goal get the money and get out.
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>> very bold and seems very reckless. >> reporter: surveillance cameras were rolling as a pair of armed bandits took over this cricket phone store on erie avenue at one point putting a gun to a female customer forcing her to the ground. >> as you can see from the video they're not at all opposed to putting their hands on people. they were forceful with those women during the robbery. >> reporter: gun toting robbers quickly went to work rivaling through cash registers stealing over $2,000 but the suspects were interested in bigger score. >> they come in each time demanding they open the safe. once they can't do that they take whatever cash they can and flee. >> i don't want nobody robbing me. i get nervous. i got to pay my bills. >> reporter: police say these two guys had a busy day august 3rd turns out the same suspects were caught on tape two hours earlier sticking up this cricket store on north 29th street. >> jams his gun in the woman' face. >> reporter: police believe this string of robberies could continue and the violence could escalate. >> it's a shame.
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it's a shame. >> as you can see from the video he's waving the gun around a lot. >> i feel for those people because they work hard for their money, you know. it's hard out here. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured in the two robberies. if you want to get another look at that surveillance video go to our website at if you recognize these guys, you can call central detectives or east detectives. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. another victim in a crash in burlington county, new jersey has died. police say 18-year-old has passed away driver hit her and three children along bud town road in southampton township tuesday night. police say good linda was pulling two children in a wagon while a third child walked. that stretch of road has no sidewalks, no shoulder. no street lights. two-year-old martinez died shortly after the crash. the two other children are in critical condition. police say the driver who hit them stopped and is cooperating and will not face charges. a man who allowed his unlicensed 15 year old daughter
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to drive an suv that crashed in the poconos killing three of her friends will serve up to 16 years in prison. judge today called his behavior quote reckless, stupid and self fits fish. crash happened in august of last year killing three sophomores from council rock high school. 54-year-old michael wear pleaded guilty last month to three counts of involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment much the judge said wear got a lengthy sentence today partly because he lied to investigators about giving his daughter the keys. wear did apologize in court. former president jimmy carter not only putting on the brave face but cracking jokes. as he begins his cancer treatment. the 9084 old held a news conference this morning detailing what's to come in the fight against melanoma. >> former president jim knee carter going public with his fight against cancer. in an uncommon move for any president carter addressed his battle against melanoma in a new conference. >> it is mri found there were four spots of melanoma on my
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brain. i get my first radiation treatment in my brain this afternoon. >> carter says doctors removed a cans russ mass from his liver during a procedure earlier this month. but learned it had spread. >> it has shown up now in four places in my brain and it's likely to show up other places in my body as the scans detected in the future. >> reporter: 90-year-old remaining optimistic although did he admit he thought he only had weeks left when doctors first told him about the lesions on his brain. carter says he is at ease with his diagnosis and will continue with treatment at emory hospital. the former president says this is the perfect time for him to slow down when it comes to his work. >> i'm going to cut back fairly dramatically on my obligations at the carter session. >> professionals in the field are remaining positive about carter's options.
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>> we're in an incurable situation but that doesn't mean we can't treat president carter. >> the possibility is he may do very well well the type of treatment that they're offering him. >> reporter: that is the hope. president carter was scheduled to travel overseas to help build houses with habitat for humanity the radiation treatments macon flick with that schedule. a tough day on wall street as the markets continue to slide. investors worried over fears of economic slow down in china. the dow dropped 358 points closed below 17,000 the first time that's happened since october. the nasdaq now near, down 3% of the day on s&p 500 finishing in the red. it's actually down since the start of the year. a big box retailer is targ targeting a second location in center city. target announcing plans to build a 19,000 square foot store in the washington square neighborhood. the flexible formal store will be built at 12th and chestnut. the company says the store will look and feel different than a normal target because it will fit in with the neighbor. the company has plans to build a
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similar style target at 19th and chestnut rittenhouse square. this new store is expected to open in july of next year. salacious details continue to roll out from the hack of the website that helped married people have affairs. why some people had work for the city of philadelphia might be a little nervous about the personal information coming to light. and some thieves get creative to steal from a local store. the impromptu way they created a distracted while they committed their crime. >> firefighters mourn the loss of comrades as they continue to fight the wildfires out west. but tonight a new threat that could last longer than those flames. little boy apparently gets lost in a rugby game and finds himself right in the middle of the action. the amazing chain of events that happened next. ♪
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♪ you will malt doppler radar lit up tonight with storms popping up throughout our area. these could pick up in intensity as the night goes on. we of course tracking it all for you and stay on top of it and we'll keep you posted. >> philadelphia police are looking for the man in this surveillance video who broke into a northeast gas station. it happened around 7:00 monday morning at the philly gas station along the 10,000 block of bustleton avenue. police say the man broke the front glass door then used a sign to cover the damage. they say he got away with about 60 cartons of cigarettes as well as lottery scratch off tickets. new jersey grand jury is voted not to file charges against two police officers in a deadly shooting. controversy over that shooting start to do grow back in january when the south jersey times and nj.comrie leased dam cash video
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of that traffic stop in bridgeton. they tell the driver and the passengers they ran stop sign. one officer saw a gun in the glove compartment and pulled his weapon. police yelled at reid to put his hands up and not move. reid got out of the car with his hands raised. that's when officers started shooting. in a statement today the cumberland county prosecutor's office says the officers feared for their lives. computer hack embarrassing millions of people as the names of people who signed up for the website that helps them cheat on their spouses hit the light of day. >> tonight we're learning some of those users may be philadelphia city employees. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson joins us tonight in the newsroom. bill? >> reporter: guys, ashley madison website was designed for people looking for discreet ways to cheat on their spouse. now that the site has been hacked and names are leaking out, cheaters everywhere are nervous including apparently right here in philadelphia city government. ♪ >> reporter: ripple effect of the website for cheaters ashley
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madison being hacked continues to spread. this week it apparently hit closer to home as at least nine e-mails registered for the site were linked to city of philadelphia government e-mail addresses. when a hacker allegedly looked through the leaked e-mails he found thousands associated with military and city governments including here in philadelphia. when we caught up with hmm earlier today, mayor nutter was aware but he really didn't have much to say. >> i don't have anything to do with that. >> you were made aware of. yes. we're absolutely investigating the thanks. >> reporter: cheating on your bows is a personal issue but the people that i spoke to here around city hall said if you're dumb enough to do it with a government e-mail, possibly during work hours, then deal with the consequences. >> i think they should. they're in position where they're in the public eye and they're supposed to be role models just like everybody in the public eye, and there should be some consequences for it. >> something specifically around
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cheating. probably shouldn't be footed by taxpayers. >> they're stupid for doing it on your e-mail. if you are going to cheat you need to be discreet about your cheating much that's not wise decision report roar members of the administration told me that there is a pop up that comes up on your screen when you log into your computer warning you about visiting unauthorized sites. but dating sites like ashley madison are not blocked so it is possible that people were visiting those sites during work hours. >> guys, i had a further conversation with the administration this afternoon. and they told me that they're trying to determine both who were the names on the list and if it was really them using their e-mail address to register. if it was, they will face discipline but how much remains to be seen. iain. >> bill, thank you. the philadelphia housing authority breaking ground on what it says is one of its most ambitious plans in nearly a decade. the development plan calls for 57 affordable rental units to go up next to the norman bloom
5:17 pm
become apartments at 24th and bolton in north philadelphia. officials say their goal is to create affordable housing while also making the area somewhere people really want to live. >> the wait is over. we're opening doors to opportunities to the community. today is the beginning of the transformation of this entire neighborhood. >> the housing authority is investing more than $22 million to build those units. lucky powerball player $2 million richer today. don't do your laundry until you check your pants pockets. the chester county we go and 76 gas station in thorndale which sold the ticket. the owner told us he had no idea who bought it. that lucky person matched all five white ball numbers and last night's powerful drawing and earned an extra $1 million through the power play option. the store's owner says he sold winning tickets before but nothing like this. >> i can't believe it. in my store somebody got $2 million, you know.
5:18 pm
i hang up the phone and then i call the guy again back again. just make sure, you know. that's our station somebody got $2 million? >> he had to double check on. pinching himself. the store kept the $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket and the person holding it has a one year to claim that prize. got to claim it. time is ticking right now. 61 -- for 61 years philadelphia fire department and muscular dystrophy association have work together to raise money for a cure. >> today one special young lady from philly was name the honorary fire chief of 2015. fox 29 photojournalist elaine fisher was there for the special ceremony. >> we found out her father is a firefighter engine and we thought what better way to pick someone a family member one of our own family. >> this is your normal 13-year-old little girl. she just has some physical ailments. >> natalie is one of our summer camp kids. she comes every year to m.d. a
5:19 pm
summer camp which is the best week of the year where kids ages six to 17 with neuromuscular disease get to come and just have wonderful week together. >> it's a chance for her to get outdoors and with the other kids and be out in the woods with the trees, with nature, and she loves all that stuff. >> the fire department and the local here really helps make that possible. >> give. give. that's all. i mean, whether it's a dollar or it could be 50 cents and if that's everything you gave the most. >> if you're driving around walking around philadelphia tomorrow be on the look out for the firefighters and please fill the boot and fight for cure with m.d. a. >> the southeastern pennsylvania chapter of m.d. a helps 2500 individuals and families every year. fire department hopes to meet their goal of collecting $160,000 this year. tomorrow is the last day of their fill the boot campaign. hopefully you can help out. the national zoo in washington, d.c. could soon get a whole lot cuter.
5:20 pm
big question now answered. this giant panda oh, she's pregnant. what zookeepers had to be to be sure. >> and -- >> cars are potentially ticking time bombs. >> experts say millions of cars on the road right now are just an accident waiting to happen. the hidden danger that could put you at risk. and hundreds of birds found dead in an oklahoma town. so sad. the rare weather phenomenon at least one authority believes may have killed them. ♪ >> i'm karen hepp along bill anderson. coming up this weekend, imagine your whole life you've only seen in black and white. suddenly someone gives you something and you can see color. we've got the store.
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some potential troubling for caitlin jenner. los angeles story shiv plan to
5:24 pm
recommend prosecutors file a vehicular manslaughter charge for her role in deadly february car crash. investigator sauce jen they are's suv rear ended a lexus pushing it into oncoming traffic. the lexus driver a 69-year-old woman was killed when her car was hit head on by a hummer. da will decide on any charge if's convicted of such a charge jenner could face up to one year in county jail. work is on to refill a deadly sink hole that has reopened in florida. we showed you this scene yesterday on fox 29 news at 5:00. it is 17 feet wide, 20 feet deep and 2013 the same sink hole swallowed 36-year-old jeff bush as he slept inside his home. authorities never found bush's body. the hole's reopening has been especially hard on his family. >> brings back memories. i think about it every day. there's matt not a day that goes by i don't think about it. via hard time sleeping at night because of it. >> he was my brother.
5:25 pm
i didn't get to say by. >> jeremy bush was in that home when it went down that sink ho hole. the sink hole poses no danger to homes in the neighbor. at least nine people are under arrest because of protests in missouri over the death of 18-year-old shot and killed by police in st. louis. police say they had no choice but to shoot 18-year-old man he pointed his gun at officers as he had another man ran and when police tried to serve a search warrant shortly after the shooting protesters took to the streets chanting black lives matter. st. louis residents say they are ready to put that negativity behind them. >> we definitely need some piece around here. some togetherness. that's what i would say. >> well, police say officers recovered four guns and crack cocaine from the house where that incident first started. wildlife experts are trying to figure out how hundreds of birds ended up on the streets of downtown tulsa. at least 200 dead and dying birds were lying on the sidewalks and streets yesterday morning. thousands of these purple march tens nest in the trees nearby.
5:26 pm
their key to keeping the mosquito population in check. tulsa game warden says heavy rains may have knocked them out of the trees and though time to fly they hit the ground. why no one tried to save the ones who survived we don't movement researchers are studying the birds to make sure no one poisoned them. >> firefighters mourn the loss of a comrade as they continue to fight the wildfires out west. but tonight there's a new threat that could last longer than the flames. >> kayaker survives a shark attack and gets a close look at the creature that tried to kill him. what he saw in the shark's eyes before it took a bite. >> scott. >> ultimate doppler tracking heavy rain right toward the philadelphia area. the timing and expected amounts next.
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>> here's life look at philadelphia international airport where there is now a ground stop in effect until 5:45. the airport also is reporting departure and rival delays of more than two hours. all because of storms. we are tracking. chief meteorologist scott williams will have update for in you just a few minutes. philadelphia residents will soon have access to a so-called papal playbook. the guide announced today will give people who live and work in the city a broad overview of pope francis' visit with information about the visit itself and what's going on the week before. you'll be able to find that
5:30 pm
guide online starting monday. philadelphia police op on the trail of two armed robbers they say are targeting phone stores and their customers. surveillance video from augus august 3rd shows these guys taking over the cricket wireless in juniata park. investigators say these same two robbers hit another cricket store the same day just a few hours earlier. >> firefighters grieving the deaths of three fellow firefighters are battling that grief while fighting increasingly dangerous wildfire conditions in washington state. >> but it's not stopping the fight against more than 100 large fires burning across the west. fox's william la jeunesse is watching it all from los angel angeles. >> reporter: fire crews and civilians across the west are mourning the loss of three firefighters killed last night in an accident while fighting the twist fire in washington state. >> it's horrible. i can't imagine. i can't even imagine. to lose your life fighting a fire, it's horrible for family.
5:31 pm
bad deal. >> it's been craze seem it's been scary. um, i just wish this wasn't happening. >> reporter: at least four other firefighters were injured when their vehicle crashed and they were over taken by flames. the local sheriff describing the conditions as a hell storm but the fight conditions with elements of the us army and national guard now deployed to reinforce the firefighters already on the ground. >> we come out here to do is help with the locals, their buildings or houses catch on fire, and trying to make sure we keep the fire under control as much as we can. >> reporter: as they struggle to control the fire as new threat is emerging massive amounts of smoke making their way to more populated areas. people from washington state to southern california reporting coughing, eye irritation and asthma flare ups. many towns and cities recommending staying indoors as much as possible until the smoke clears. >> i think athletes and families should be well aware of what's going on. i mean really this is a community issue.
5:32 pm
it's not just confined to athletics. >> reporter: as of this week, more than 7 million acres have been burned by wildfire that's about the size of massachusetts and more than any other year in the last decade. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> ♪ >> these parrot head hoping the weather holds out tonight's concert. jimmy buffet setting tout take the stage at says we hannah bank center. a lot of fans getting there to tailgate before the show. >> ground stop at phl. no plains up in the air. no planes landing much what's going on with this. >> we're looing at heavy downpours across the area. a lot of outdoor events we have the jimmy buffet concert across the river. we also have rascal flats in atlantic city. look right now. you can see socked in with the clouds. the heavy downpours and that has prompted that ground stop another phl so as we take a look
5:33 pm
at the temperatures, rain cooled right now in the low 80s but look at the dew points very tropical in the low 70s and look at ultimate doppler a lot of heavy rainfall off to the west that continues to move in our direction. so we'll take you into the immediate philadelphia area. the i-95 corridor right now. you can see we're looking at heavy rain around chester, moving toward upper darby, med media, lower merion and all of this will continue to move toward the philadelphia area over the next 10 to 20 minutes. so just a heads up the heavy rain will be moving in. take a look at sections around ephrata right now looking at thunderstorm activity. where you city red we're looking at rainfall rates up to two, 3-inches per hour also some lightning imbedded there. moving toward sections of the lehigh valley right now allentown, moving toward women will he hem eventually easton getting in on the act with that very heavy rain and down the shore receipt now looking pretty good. atlantic city for that concert right now. it looks dry. looks like the heaviest of the rainfall will stay away from the
5:34 pm
immediate shore as we move over the neck several hours. but here's the setup we have that area of low pressure. that cold front off to the west. dry conditions behind that. but out ahead of it it's very tropical a lot of humidity lift in the atmosphere so we are going to see a lot of heavy rainfall. also, you can see the county's highlighted here in green. that includes the i-95 corridor interior sections of south jersey so down the shore you're not included in that the heft eighty three of the rain will likely be north and west. we'll time it out for you over the next sever hours. moving overnight and then by friday morning it look like the heaviest of the rain will be out to sea. so the main timing is really now until about day break tomorrow with that rain and then it look like we start to get some lower humidity in here just in time for your friday as well as the upcoming weekend. it look like that front will continue to move on on out. what about the potential rainfall amounts through tomorrow morning wildwood may not see a whole lot of rain, atlantic city either but then as
5:35 pm
you move a little farther to the north and west, maybe an inch or more as you move along the i-95 corridor likewise north and we west. so it's really location and also how long that rain lingers in your backyard. as we look at the temperatures right now, it's 71 in the pocono mountains. 77 in wilmington as well as dover and then look at the dew points. very tropical almost like you're along the gulf coast looking at numbernumbers in the mid 70s ev7 right now dew point temperature in dover. so for tonight, grab a poncho, grab an umbrella. you'll be dodging scattered downpours especially the farther north and west you are away from the shore. likes like that rain will hold off until late tonight for the shore points and then as we look at tropics, take a look at a very small hurricane danny maximum sustained winds now up to 80 miles an hour. it continues to churn in the open waters of the atlantic. movement right now to the west northwest about 10 miles per hour. but we'll zoom in a little closer. you can see good convection
5:36 pm
colder cloud tops there and it will continue moving toward the wind ward islands maybe picking up a little bit of steam but as we continue toward the weekend, it will encounter some drier air likely approaching sections of the windward islands. leeward islands into sunday and then by monday if it holds together it could be a tropical storm right now as it enters sections of puerto rico you can see monday at 2:00 p.m. having winds about 65 miles per hour so we'll keep you posted on that. otherwise, drying out tomorrow morning, 87 degrees the high temperature tomorrow. still looking pretty good for the um coming weekend. lower humidity. 86 degrees on saturday. 87 on sunday. we heat up early neck week but then it looks like a nice and comfortable stretch as we move toward the middle and latter part of next week. so watch out for ponding, flash flood watches in effect and just pack some patience if you're trying to travel. >> a lot of activity. >> all right. thank you scott. a little boy got lost at a rugby game.
5:37 pm
found himself right in the middle of all the action. the rather amazing chain of events that happened next. >> and thousands of dead fish washing up on the beach. authorities say they know why and they say humans have nothing to worry about. >> all right. coming up all new at 6:00 everyone is getting in on the excitement over the pope's visit even local brewers. how you'll be able to toast the pontiff with different kind of what they're call holy wudder. (plays throughout)
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♪ adorable four-year-old boy just stole the spotlight at a charity rugby league match in australia. little guy apparently got lost found himself on the pitch during the game. that's on one of the player's trusted him with the ball and encouraged him to set off on pitch length run. pint size wept through almost the entire defense players dramatically falling and missing their tackles.
5:41 pm
he got close to the post but started to slow down a bit. it's a long run. he got tire. one of the players pick up the little champ and carried him over the line. love that. army set for major milestone tomorrow. the first two women in american history will graduate from army ranger school. women passed the grueling 62 day course training in the same conditions as their male counterparts. this is the first year the army opened the course up to women on a trial basis. also, this week, high ranking navy officials say they're on track to open the all male navy seals to female applicants spark agnew debate about the role of women in special operations units. >> with our performance in ranger school we've been able to inform that decision as to what they can expect from women in the military that we can handle things physically and mentally on the same level as men. >> the pentagon is not expected to make any final decisions about what pat roles women will be allowed to fill until later this year. washington, d.c. national zoo could get a special delivery
5:42 pm
soon. veterinarians just made major discovery when they did ultrasound on the giant panda mei xiang. they detected a baby. little more than 1 point-inches long. they think she could give birth next week or early september. the panda was artificially inseminated in april. mei xiang had been showing signs of pregnancy including spending more time in her den and being incredibly cute by cradling various objects. kayaker survives a shark attack and gets a close look at the creature that tried to kill him. what he saw in the shark's eyes before it took a bite. >> and is your car a ticking time bomb? experts say millions of cars on the road right now are just an accident waiting to happen. the hidden danger that could put you at risk. howard? >> it was late last night chase utley was traded and talked about why it's okay for him and sam bradford will finally play in a football game and he spoke today about what he look forward to the most. that's coming up in sports.
5:43 pm
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♪ ultimate doppler radar lit up tonight with storms popping up throughout our area. these could pick up intensity as the night goes on we're tracking all of it and keep you posted. thousands of dead fish are washing up on the shores of meme mexico and authorities believe they know why. waste from local treatment plants have found its way into a fresh water lake killing all of the fish. so far authorities say somehow
5:47 pm
some way people aren't at risk just fish. the plants that are discharging the waist could face hefty fines if investigators discover a direct connection. meanwhile sewage continues to playing brazil's olympic water venue. >> four more athletes got sick aft swimming in rio for a olympic test event. victims did not get sick because of the water but strangely still acknowledging the bay where those athletes competed has a serious sewage problem. athletes participating in other testing events say the water cleanliness varies from week to week. >> second time we had -- we were very lucky the week the events was being held because just last week it was really bad water, and this week very clean. >> rio's polluted water has gained international attention after a five-month analysis by the associated press. it found dangerously high levels of viruses from human sewage at
5:48 pm
all of the city's water venues. sounds like a hazard, doesn't it? >> yes. >> here's a question. is your car a safety hazard a risk to yourself, your family and other drivers? experts now say there's a good chance it is. >> fox 29's chris chmura shows us why. ♪ >> usually it's careless humans who create highway hazards. the car fax is warning millions of vehicles themselves pose trouble. >> most cars are potentially ticking time bombs. >> reporter: car fact figures 20% of cars on the road today have been recalled but haven't been repaired. >> it's a huge safety risk. these are issues that can cause fires, crashes, exploding air bags, things that put people's live in danger. >> reporter: that 20% equals 46 million defective cars driving alongside you. >> 46 million? >> frick million. >> reporter: car fax chris and
5:49 pm
i are standing a top the tv station garage to make a point. he says our ordinary parking lot will prove 20% of cars are under recall and unfixed. >> what are you going to find here. >> we'll find that about one of every five cars here has unfixed recall. >> reporter: to test the 20% theory -- >> start right here. >> reporter: cadillac escalade number one. >> we first count. >> six, seven, eight. >> each vehicle. >> reporter: 43. in our deceivingly large -- >> i didn't expect to be this many. it's a good sample size outdoor parking deck. >> the beamer gives us 61. >> we're at 61. >> chris opens the car fax app it instantly reveals whether a car is defective and exposes whether the owner has fixed that flaw. >> we get information reported to us directly from the manufacturers and it's stored in our database. >> reporter: my help m57. >> chris inputs license plate numbers.
5:50 pm
>> tfj. >> that one is clear. >> number one is clear. >> reporter: a stellar safety record. >> '96 honda civic. >> with a big den in the door. >> but no open recall. >> reporter: but soon -- >> there's potential fire haza hazard. >> recalls -- >> potentially exploding air b bag. >> reporter: start stacking u up. >> and approach 20%. >> it can roll away and cause a crash. serious safety issue. fast. >> dodge durango has three unfixed recalls on it. >> three? >> three of them. >> of the 61 cars we tested in our parking lot, 11 were recalled and unrepaired. that's pretty close to car fax's 20% predict. >> ♪ >> reporter: does it surprise you we have 11 cars out of 61 that need recall service? >> it doesn't surprise me. >> is it possible for to you please come out to the garage? >> next i called my colleague and asked them to the garage. >> thank you, bye. he's not going like hearing th
5:51 pm
this. >> chris surprised some of them. kerry just bought this silver hyundai. >> anybody that sold you the cartel you about safety issues. >> yes, there's recall out on it. >> there's actual toll recalls out on it right now. >> okay. >> the black honda with a faulty air bag -- >> she knows much that's good. >> is robin carter'. >> i don't want to be driving and all of a sudden have an accident and something goes through me. >> robin faces the dilemma many drivers do. dealers don't have replace many parts yet. >> okay. ready to go home? >> reporter: which forces families to drive defective ca cars. >> so it is scary. very scary. >> reporter: a part shortage excuses some unrepaired vehicl vehicles. >> broken seat belt. issued two months ago. >> reporter: but not all. >> this car was recalled four years ago. >> with 46 million defective cars out car fax warns turning blind eye to recalls is risky. luckily the app chris showed u us -- >> daily update. >> reporter: available to everyone and even better --
5:52 pm
>> my car fax app is absolutely free. >> reporter: every recall. >> potentially exploding air bag. >> reporter: is a safety recall. >> it's an on-going problem which has almost reached epidemic proportions. >> reporter: car fax recommen recommends a two-step solution. get informed, then get to the shop. >> just knowing about the recall isn't enough. you need to take act. >> reporter: chris chmura, fox news. >> all right. i'm going to check my car. notice end counter for a fisherman off the coast of california. connor was fishing with his friends 25 west of santa barbara sitting in his case yack. all of a sudden a large shark attack his boaters toed it sideways and he got face to face look at who was doing what. >> that's when i saw the shark's head emerging from the water with the front of the kayak in its mouth. yeah, high clear picture of the eye which was like something like that big and round something like that and then big
5:53 pm
wide open mouth and the top of it was like a real dark color almost like a deep deep gray or like a black. >> did you see the bite mark on his kayak. >> yeah. >> despite all of that lions says oh, yeah, we'll go back in the water. >> good for him. hundreds of gold coins worth millions of dollars dug up from the depths of the ocean near florida. a crew of ship wreck divers discovered 350 coins. they're believed to have been lost at sea some 300 years ago on fleet of ships from cuba sang on its way to spain during a hurricane. the treasure is now worth $4.5 million. the crew that made the discovery now owns the rights to that wreckage. >> i dream of things like that iain. >> it would be nice. >> um-hmm. phillies nation still reeling after the trade of fan favorite chasely does while he's now witness dodgers tonight we're looking back at all the great moments chase gave us in his 13 years it were the phils. ♪ >> long drive, outta here, grand
5:54 pm
slam homerun, welcome to the show, mr. utley! ♪ >> grounds one up the middle. utley good play has to play at first throws home, out to end the inning. >> back at the wall. utley goes deep. >> how about this series for utley? >> utley rips one into right field. >> ground ball to the second businessman. utley with a play for the double play. >> world bleep champions! >> he'll keep going and he's safe at home plate. >> wow! >> chase utley, you are the man! >> arguably one of the most popular and the most successful players we've ever had.
5:55 pm
hardest part is leaving the city of philadelphia. they've been so good to me. so supportive of me over the years. i can't thank them enough for it. >> chase utley the fans last night they had tears in their eyes iain. >> the fans loved him. he loved the fans. he love the city. end of an era but you know what he'll always be remembered as phillie. >> good luck to him. straight ahead at six, brewing excitement. local companies offering to help you prepare for the papal visit in a different way. a look at the work going in an irreverent spin on one of the biggest things ever to happen in philly. but first, it was a quiet peaceful day until these men stormed local store. unsuspecting customers and employees were soon could you we aring in terror watch investigators are worried will happen next.
5:56 pm
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. right now at 6:00 the start of what's shaping up to be stormy night. the rain started a while ago but it looks like things are only picking up from here. take look at what's happening at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera. people who live in this area are seeing the most rain right now for some of us the storms could turn severe. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. we're also talkin talking aboutd threats. it's lit up. phl that ground stop shrifted for now. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's right, lucy and iain. right now ultimate doppler lit
6:00 pm
up tracking those downpours across the area, but as we take a look, you can see the heaviest of the rainfall right now mainly north and west of the i-95 corridor. so looking pretty good right now in south jersey as well as delaware. but as we loop this you can see heavy rain continues to move in from the west. so right now around center city we're looking at light to moderate rain also moving toward the camden area and then as we move north and west you can see around west chester, malvern, west vincent where you see the yellow that's the intensity starting to pick up. so we'll zoom in right now around center city and you can see we're looking at the green showing up on the map indicating that we have some light to moderate rain but the heaviest of the rainfall right now is toward the lehigh valley as well as the pocono mountains. moving toward reading looking at a thunderstorm also moving toward allentown very heavy rain so we'll zoom in right now. nothing is severe. we could see some gusty winds from time to time big concert rascal flats right now down the shore and you can see we're dry and


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