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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> a hug from his coach. since he was 12, mike shy. his caddie this week until 18 holes were in the books earlier this morning. what a week. impressive. all phases of the game. that walk with confidence we've been watching all week. he's the winner. bryson dechambeau. come back with the trophy presentation after this. to create a more advanced vehicle, you use the most innovative technology available. to craft a more luxurious vehicle, you use the most skilled hands on earth. like ones that spend 38 days creating a lexus ls steering wheel. or 2,000 hours calibrating an available mark levinson audio system. the high-tech, handcrafted lexus ls. luxury, uncompromised. this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ummer bucket list #15 get some color.
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♪ the crisp, refreshing taste of bud light. the perfect beer for checking off your summer bucket list. rafael alley. or where you pl. and they help you know what to do here... ...or even here. and they're evolving to keep up with the times. and whether it's through the usga's online videos, apps, or interactive rules game, the rules have never been more accessible. there's a lot to love about golf, and together with the r & a, the usga is making it easier to learn. discover more @
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>> fox sports coverage of the united states amateur championship is brought to you by -- >> what an impressive week it was for derek bard. he loses 7-6 here today. but he should be so proud of himself. let's go down to scott mccarron. >> thanks, joe. i'm here with derek. derek, a tough day but a wonderful week. what do you take out of this week? >> i take a lot. first thing is, learned a lot about myself. my game. i realized i can play with
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people at this level. just realized that, you know, if you're down and out, never count yourself out. keep grinding away. see what happens in the end. i did the first few matches. fell my way. today was a different story. >> was there any point of the match that you thought, man, i can't stop this guy right now? >> the second afternoon round, on hole 8, i hit in the hazard off the tee. he hit it in the bunker and made it on top of me. i figured after the putt, i could salvage the match. he poured it in on me. >> obviously a tough break. but after this week, you get to play in the masters. what will that be like? >> a nice consolation prize. it's been a dream since i was a kid to play in the masters. now it's here coming in april. it's fantastic. >> thanks very much, derek. back to you, joe. >> gets a chance to play in the
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upcoming u.s. open at oakmont. time for the trophy presentation. down to the president of the u.s. golf association, here's tom o'toole. >> i'm tom o'toole jr. join me in welcoming the 115th amateur champion, bryson dechambeau. we've had a magnificent week here at olympia fields. our fifth usga championship at this field. the north and south courses have tested the best amateur golfers and identifying the champion. the likes of chicago's own chic evans, the great bob jones, arnold palmer, jack nicholas and
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tiger woods. america's first national championship, the u.s. amateur, remains a pinnacle of amateur golf. this is a special site that has served as an excellent host of that historic championship. [applause] bryson, i'm honored to present two distinguished awards. first, a u.s. amateur championship gold medal presented to every united states amateur champion since 1895. [applause] second and certainly more
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identifiable, i present to you the havemeyer trophy. the time-honored emblem of our united states amateur championship. congratulations. [applause] >> please welcome from fox sports, holly sonders. >> amazing week. you started out the final 18 from the trees. you ended up on top as you always do. what is it like to hold that trophy? >> it's an incredible honor. i never thought in my wildest dreams i would win this
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championship. with all of the dedication and hard work that i've put in to making this possible, it's finally realized. i'm so excited and honored to be everybody's champion, the us amateur champion. >> that's right! i spoke to your mother and your brother on the last hole. they summed up this year as surreal. do you agree with them? >> absolutely starting out with the ncaa win and then going and playing in a couple tour events with the big boys out there. it was an incredible experience. to top it off with the epitome of amateur golf is incredible. >> people doubted you. the way you played your game. you're unconventional and unapologetic about it. where have you learned this belief in yourself? >> honestly, from god. he's helped me understand that golf isn't the most important thing in my life. if i'm able to do my best for him, that's all i can do. thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, your 2015 u.s. amateur champion.
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bryson dechambeau. >> thank you. >> holly, thank you. congratulations to bryson dechambeau. derek bard was i thought very well-thought out in defeat. when you talk about bryson dechambeau, he has it all. he's got the game, a golf historian, smart. an analytical kid. he comes at it from a unique direction. the question is how good can he come? we'll see big things from him. >> i think we will. definitely -- he believes he's going to get there. what impressed me the most here listening to him just then and the process of this week, he mapped it out, worked hard. yes, he's unconventional but he mapped his way to get there. he executed each and every task that he had to put himself
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under. he came back off the poor shots and kept pouring on and keeping up the pressure. when you sit back and think about a kid of this age, being able to have the capability of mapping his path to win this championship, that's when i say yes, he has a good future ahead of him. >> look at the players that have won recently, both the ncaa championship and the u.s. amateur. obviously tiger, phil. what impresses me about bryson, he's a people person. everybody that is around him he's liked, polite, uses mister and misses. there's a uniqueness that is hard to teach. he was upset after lunch. carried it through on the first hole amount terrible tee shot. somehow found a way to bounce back. he shot 32 on the front nine going out after a bogey. how good could he putt and chip?
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beautiful. >> five members of the walker cup team, here's five more to be named. here's the five we know. bryson dechambeau. bo hossler, hunter stewart and for the next five, let's go to tom. >> tom, what a great week here at olympia fields. >> it was, it was fabulous. the sunshines today. a great match won by the hottest player in amateur golf right now. bryson. what a great job by the club, this is our most special championship. it certainly came off fabulous this week. >> sure did. i understand you have a little announcement to make for the walker cup team. >> as you know, scott and the rest of the team at fox, we announced a few weeks ago, bryson dechambeau, beau hossler, lee mccoy, maverick mcnealey and
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hunter stewart. to round out the ten, is scott harvey from greensboro, north carolina. denny mccarthy from rockville, maryland. a recent university of virginia graduate. mike mccoy from des moines, iowa. jordan nebergy, an oklahoma state student and robby shelton from the university of alabama. that rounds out the ten players that will play in the walker cup in less than a month. >> tom, thank you. over to you, joe. >> thank you very much. thanks for watching what was a fun week of golf here at olympia fields in olympia field, illinois. the south land of chicago. had a lot of rain this week. they did a tremendous job of getting a beautiful golf course ready. in the end, it's bryson dechambeau winning in the championship match. 7,047 entries.
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over 97 sites to qualify. 312 made it here to olympia fields. after stroke play, there were 64 remaining. after six rounds of match play, it's bryson dechambeau in this tremendous year of golf from smu. the ncaa individual champion and he's rolled that forward to the united states amateur championship. he will be a member representing the united states in the upcoming walker come. for all of us at fox sports and fox sports golf, we congratulate bryson dechambeau. he wins here today. he is the u.s. amateur champion. so long. ♪
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two developing stories at 6:00 philadelphia police are remembering an off-duty officer killed late last night, when his pick up hit a tree on henry avenue. but first gunfire, this afternoon, right inn inside of a north philadelphia playground. good evening i'm lucy noland, iain is off tonight two. men were injured on mar vine street at 2:00 this afternoon. the fox 29's brad satan is live at temple university hospital where doctors are treating those men. brad what happened here. >> reporter: well, that is a gi question. there has not been any arrests. we can tell thaw individually those two victims were actually driven here, and the vehicles parked here actually became crime scenes of their own as police tried to figure out what was going on. the those two vehicles were just taken away by a police tow truck a few minutes ago. but lets go to the scene of the shooting. this all happened not very far from here at 2:30 this afternoon in the 3600 block of marvine street, two people hit, a 26 year-old man shot in the leg, another 18 year-old
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also shot in his leg. they were then mentioned each individually driven to the hospital. one showing up in a white mercury grand marquis parked in front of the hospital, the the other one in a gray, ford pulling up to the er entrance. police arrived back at the scene of the shooting, found several shell casings there, they don't know if the suspect was in a car or that suspect have been on foot. it happened directly as you mentioned lucy next to the playground a park where kid were playing at the time. we did a little while ago have a chance to talk to the grandmother of the 26 year-old who was shot. >> he didn't say he was having his friend, they came up, and they ordered some food. he was getting out of the car. when he got out of the car he said he was shot. >> reporter: both victims said to be in stable condition right now. no weapon has been found, at this point, lucy, as we mentioned no suspects or arrests. the. >> as of yet, all right, bradsatan, thanks very much.
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investigators say speed played a part in the crash that killed an off-duty philadelphia police officer. it happened last night on henry avenue in roxborough. fox 29's sabina kuriakose looks into what happened. >> reporter: debris still scattered at the scene at wreck that tragically took the life of the off-duty fail police sergeant at 11:45 saturday night. police tape marking off 6,000 block of help henry avenue in roxborough where investigators say three two-year old sergeant rafael ali hit the center median in the 2014 dodge ram pick up and slammed into this tree. >> speed was a factor and losing control for sure. >> reporter: afternoon press conference captain john, of the accident investigation district, said sergeant ali was going well over the posted speed limit of 35 miles an hour. investigators believe he may have fall's sleep or had a medical issue. they say he didn't brake or try to stop before impact. the sergeant worked 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the day he was killed. police are not sure where he
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was heading at the time of the accident. >> i should note that there was no indication of alcohol involved ape that is from the hospital and from our investigators. >> reporter: grief counselors on hand during roll call at 39th district where the the sergeant was a well regarded collogue. the the captain says ali was wearing a seat belt. >> hard working gentlemen, just described as a good man. when it hits your own family, police is a family, it still hurts and is a devastating blow especially for the officers of this district report report yes. >> living around here since 1999, seeing numerous accidents, that has taken life, limbs, and, damage to your property. >> reporter: she says about 60 neighbors signed this petition for a traffic camera and rumble strips to enforce speed restrictions, forwarding it to the more leaders just last week. >> you just cannot keep people alive in the service to the city. you cannot just keep losing citizens lives, you know, to
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this craziness. so from cinnaminson to walnut lane, it is like something has to be done. >> reporter: investigators say they have no witnesses or surveillance video. they say they may never know exactly what happened. an autopsy will be performed. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. well, we do have another gorgeous day, lots of sunshine, cooler temperatures, meteorologist dave warren is here and dave, if there is anyway i can ask for a few more days like this it would be great. >> you can get a few more days but you have to wait until we deal with monday and tuesday. so, all right. we will get a little change here. we will return to this, after we deal with some rain. right now, things are calm, there is a few clouds increasing there, nice shot over olde city. we made it up to 87. that was our high. eighty-four now. sixty-five this morning. cool in those stubborned are surrounding suburbs. opened up windows don't knee ac maybe getaway with that again tonight but not the case tomorrow. because things are changing. ultimate doppler is all clear,
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we have some rain, just off the coast and it is what is moving from the west, that will be the big change, tomorrow. right now 84 in the city but 70 in the surrounding suburbs. if you are out this evening look for temperatures in the mid 60's by 11:00 o'clock. seventy-two in the city. that is not quite as cool. notice by tomorrow morning, only one or two places in the 50's and a few degrees warmer in center city philadelphia. 68 degrees. it will slowly climb again tomorrow, with the clouds, increasing, but we are dealing with some rain, moving in. these temperatures will be in the 60's, to the south, it is warmer, right along the coast but here is the change, a storm over the the great lakes with a line of showers approaching, and that will warm us up, before we see these showers and storms moving in. along with the storms, stormy weather here, we're watching tropics, developments there with danny and next system that could potentially develop. i'll have latest in the seven day forecast, all coming up. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, they are true
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americans heroes three, men who subdued a gunman on the french train. talk about how they managed to prevent a tragedy. woman drives, in and hard to believe she could sit through an opening but growing could did and police say this thing isn't all that unusual. but speaking of unusual, twin pandas born at the national zoo, but they are not out of danger just yet. but what zoo keepers need to do to keep these tiny little guys alive. sean? sam bradford took a couple big hits yesterday, the the players were angry about one hit in particular, and late hit by terrell suggs. bradford's reaction later in sports.
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classes start at west chester university tomorrow morning and school officials have been spending the weekend cleaning out the campuses water system to kill legionella bacteria the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease. dave kinchen is on the wcu campus and officials say this will not affect classes in the morning. >> reporter: university officials tell us classes will start normally tomorrow but presence of the bacteria on campus certainly has students asking questions. students moving back at west chester university are headed in the new school year with concerns over legionnaires disease after university officials shut off water in several build this is weekend, including ruby jones hall, anderson hall and peoples building which houses the university's public safety department. officials say bacteria legionella was found in their hot water systems.
6:26 pm
>> i have classes in all of those buildings so that is scary. >> i didn't even know that was like happening, so i'm freaked out. >> i was nervous about it. >> reporter: are it comes week after a university employee tested positive for legionnaires disease earlier this summer. cooling towers showed levels in the legion nil bacteria in several buildings back then. the hot water systems are being treated to treat the the bacteria aim sure they are taking care of it. they know students will be in there. >> we're concerned when you have a child going and starting her first year at school and they have sent out a lot of communications, put our mind at ease so we know our kids are safe, and i am pretty calm that they have done what need to be done. >> reporter: university officials say that testing should, decontamination was successful, legionnaires disease is a a severe form of pneumonia but university officials say that it cannot be passed from person to
6:27 pm
person. back to you. >> thanks, dave. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 something pretty specialist happening in the brazil rain forest but it could help change the future, coming up. and never, ever a good idea to stop police on social media or anywhere, fugitive find out that hard way as sheriff a's rather funny come back on twitter
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set of panda twins, born, this weekend at the in a zoo in washington d.c. zoo officials are thrilled, and optimistic about their survival. after years of trying to raise baby pandas they say they have a plan to help these little tiny guys survive. mayshun gave birth about five hours apart on saturday. now, what usually happens is they nurse on their own and they will care for one and let other die quite often but technique developed by panda breeders in china should help. panda keepers will perform the delicate task of swapping the cubs every few hours so that each gets a chance to nurse, and bond with its mom. the technique has helped several pairs of panda twins survive, in the past decade. >> baby pandas are born quite in need of maternal care. they are not able to regulate very well, and, they need to constantly be receiving some calories and some fuel for their furnace. because we have twins, and
6:31 pm
because there can be some challenges with mom raising twins at the same time, we have followed our protocol where we will swap out the babies, over the course of a day. >> if the cubs survive they will be 17 year-old, third and fourth surviving babies. a fugitive in florida has learned maybe it is not a good idea to top the deputy's looking for you. we told but, this, last week. deputies the posted this on their facebook page, saying they wanted him to for taking what he sole. hail went on the sheriff a's office facebook page and taunted deputies saying they wouldn't find him. well that didn't last long. deputies arrested hail, the sheriff tweeted a picture of him in handcuffs saying quote, logan hail, you are on your way to jail. your attempts to hide were no avail. epic fail. so, parentally he's some poetry in him. still ahead a transgender teen says she's proud of who
6:32 pm
she is, but she was a little nervous about returning to high school. what her classmates are doing to ease those fears, coming up.
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on to your fox 29 weather authority. dave warren, it could not be more perfect. >> did you turn the heat on. >> last night, the the heat. >> you turned your heat on. >> i did not, why would do i that. no. >> some people i know who will remain nameless turned the heat on. they want it just perfect. >> no, no i had windows opened. it was a great night last night. >> perfect night. it will not be like that tonight. but, looking in the seven day forecast. >> people turned on their heat. >> yes. >> i want names. >> me. >> okay, all right. >> chill in the air. we will see that this morning. just in my car, not in the house. >> we are looking at temperatures dropping in the 60's, overnight tonight. right now they are in the 80's. down to 68 degrees.
6:36 pm
sixty-three in the suburbs. they are right about the 80's right now. we see clouds increasing and we will call this not quite as cool. certainly not that little will chill in the air. that you might have seen this morning. the especially in those north and western suburbs. now looking at the temperatures tomorrow. this comes with humidity. we are starting out the day in the 60's. we're quickly in the 80's, by 10:00 o'clock in the morning. seventy-five, in allentown and 72, mount pocono. we will try to get up in the upper 80's, cloud are increasing, and there might be a few showers out there, so we may be just, shy of 90. certainly if we hit 90, it will not be a heat wave, just one day where we're talking with things heating up. look at the cooler air here, take away the numbers. you can see a front moving through, ahead of it we're pulling up that warm, humid air and the front moves through, by tomorrow evening, there will be showers, and storms, trying to form a line here, does not look like it will be all that severe but we could have a brief downpour between 6:00 and 9:00 o'clock
6:37 pm
tonight. the front slows down. the just doesn't go powering through, but, we may keep rain in the forecast for tuesday morning rush hour but behind it, is this cooler dryer air moving n it will be around for days. we have rain late monday and possibly early on tuesday, for the rush hour. just early tuesday. and by tuesday night, then we're talking wednesday, thursday, friday, even saturday, it is sunny a and dry, similar to what we had here yesterday, with that low humidity and bright sunshine, might be a little cooler in the mornings though and high temperature may pairly climb above 80 degrees. watching the tropics now, not just danny, danny is now a tropical storm and weakening but it is this big cluster here that could intensify. it would be erika, if it becomes a named storm. it looks took to be intensifying, chances are likely it will form in the next 48 hours. tropical storm danny, 40 miles an hour wind and will continue to weaken, by tuesday, and as we are's dealing with the sunshine it should be falling
6:38 pm
apart not olding together as it moves over the caribbean. seven day forecast, 88 tomorrow. eighty-eight on tuesday. here are these showers. the late showers and storms on monday. tuesday, showers and thunderstorms. wednesday, just a few clouds, but this is where our stretch of weather, picks up, where it is just dry and comfortable. low humidity, bright sunshine, lows are in the 60's and then i want to point out saturday morning there we will call it a cool start because that would be in the city. very light wind. sixty-two in the city. most likely about 10 degrees cooler, in the suburbs. >> i told you, i like it nice plus i live in the town home so on the upper level we trap all of the heat so we have to get it out. >> i'm coming from the suburbs where it is cold. >> you poor guy. >> we are back in a moment.
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we have 33 days aways from the pope's visit to philadelphia tomorrow the the city will release a papal play book. the guide will give people who live and work in the city a broad overview of the pope's vice witt information about the the visit the itself and is what going on the week before you can find that guide on line starting tomorrow, you'll find a link at my fox and a massive new tower unveiled in the brazil rain forest has a unique purpose. officials hope it will provide information on climate change. the tower of more than 1,000 feet tall reached above the rain forest canopy in the amazon. official from his both bra sale and germany opened up nine and a half billion dollars building this weekend. they hope it will collect data about such things as greenhouse gases, and aerosol particles.
6:42 pm
and this will hopefully lead to us a point where we can introduce matters to protect both the climate and amazon as a treasure of brazil and of allman kind. >> the equipment needed to actually collect all that data should be up and running next year. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6a transgendered teen is making history at her will school. what her classmates are doing to ease her fears about heading back to class. and diocese donation bin what a growing crowd did to what did her out, what police say this scene right here wasn't all that unusual, coming up next.
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french president is hailing three brave americans, as heroes after they saved,
6:45 pm
the lives of fellow train passengers on friday. they stopped a gunman on the train in france. thwarts say he will honor men with the france's highest medal this shows the attacker hand and legs bound while one of the americans gives first aid to the injured passenger even though he was hurt in the a attack himself. those three americans are now talking about how they managed to stop that gunman. fox's will car, has the story. >> reporter: they are hailed as heroes, three american passengers, disarming a gunman on a high speed train in france on friday. >> most of us would runaway. spencer, alex, and anthony, they ran into the line of fire. saying let's go. >> reporter: u.s. air men spencer stone, national guard man alex skarlatos and sacramento state university student anthony sadler subduing a iraqi national armed with the ak-47, nine magazine, pistol, and a box cutter. >> ran down, tackled him.
6:46 pm
he hit the ground. alex came up, grabbed the gun out of his hand while i put him in the choke hold. he just kept pulling more weapons left and right. >> reporter: three people were injured, the the attackers stabbing spencer stone in the neck nearly slicing his thumb off 36789 americans with french and british passengers courageous hi taking on the suspect after his gun apparently jam. >> he knew what he was doing, foreign just did the right thing, he would have been able to operate through all faces of the magazine and we would have all been in some trouble and probably wouldn't be here today. >> he seemed like he was ready to fight until the end. so, you know, so were we. >> reporter: suspect's lawyers satisfies he planned to rob the train not commit an act of terrorism. >> it doesn't take eight magazines to rob a train. >> reporter: they are now questioning the 26 year-old suspect. authorities in europe says he has ties to islamic streamism and recently spent time in syria. will car, "fox news".
6:47 pm
a video on its way to going viral has some people laughing. it shows a woman climbing in the clothing donation bin. anyway to get in too. as fox's joe khalil says this is nothing to laugh about. >> reporter: it almost seems too bizarre to be real. >> cell faux video captured this woman climbing in the donation bin, of clothes. >> the opening, barely wider then that of a mailbox. perhaps the most surprising part of this story is how many people in this community, weren't surprised at all. >> this is what happens in this area. it wasn't that shocking. i have been here for so long, we got to know the local homeless community, so we know them. it is like we know that is not the surprising. >> reporter: incident drew a crowd, some became frustrated to the point of putting this air and water hose inside the box. some may say that ace boost of a homeless person.
6:48 pm
others started and thought it was funny. jason ramos says thinks no laughing matter. >> we have a significant problem here, that the appropriate organizations are trying to address. we have a transient who is climbing into one of these bins. you know, it is sad that may be the best place for shelters or warmth. >> reporter: ramos says not all people in need of the county's help seek it the out. this ramos says, is technically illegal. >> we're talking about the fact it is still on the property. so however that is owned by, has a legal right to ask that person to leave. >> reporter: we could not reach the owner of the store but clerk says the the situation has become a nuisance, discouraging some from donating or going near the the bin. >> as bizarre as this incident sound, the store clerk inside tells me this isn't the first time that fire fighters had to respond to this same location, for this same incident, involving the same woman. fire fighters did eventually force the the woman out of the
6:49 pm
bin, and whether those who have seen this video find it silly or sad, members of this community say that it highlights a small part, of a much larger problem. joe khalil, "fox news". it is sad. seventy-nine year-old man was just out walking his dog when a couple of guys pounded. you could see james barfield's black eye after friday's attack. he says he was walking his scottish terrier frankie near a dallas high school when two men jumped him from behind. he says when he was on the ground men started kicking him and made off with his watch, keys and everything he had in his wallet. making this worse, vets say the dog also had bruises. they believe that the men also kicked frankie.. >> unaudible. >> he probably took as much as difficult to if they would
6:50 pm
have killed my daddy, it would have been for $20. barfield and his family are warning others to be careful. as of yet dallas police do not have any suspects in the a attack. transgender teen is making history at her high school in kansas city, missouri. landon paterson is first transgender queen to get nomination of the home coming queen. she had said for years she battled with her identity and one day, tired of living a lie she took to you tube to tell the world who she really is, and to her surprise, when she went back to school, her classmates greeted her with open arms. >> it meant the world to me people i would never thought voted for me were telling me that they did and congratulating me and i was like so happy, i was like yeah, just made me feel like a normal girl. >> london is one of seven students nominated, she will find out september 12th if her classmates crowned her home coming queen. all right, sean bellies in the house. >> will see young or oh no lah
6:51 pm
back on the mound and dominating. he had a fifth start as a pro. he was flying high would have another great performance but, cheap shot, put on sam bradford, we will talk bit next in sports.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
the eagles, crush the ravens yesterday, another reason to get hype about the upcoming season. chip kelly has been explosive, no matter who is under center and the the defense and secondary looking drastically better. couple things to worry about one in particular is the the health. ravens tested sam bradford's health early last night with the borderline cheap shot. bradford had 42 acl surgeries, his first time on the field and linebacker, terrell suggs takes a shot right away. look at this, and right for
6:54 pm
his knees. play was clearly a illegal hit. late and low. guys were not happy about it after the game. >> i was a little will upset, not sure i can repeat what i said to him, but like i said, it is part of the game. i'm sure that is not the last time that something like that will happen this year, but you know, it doesn't. >> do you think it was deliberate that he went down low. >> i think so. he was trying to take a cheap shot at the quarterback. i'm pretty sure he planned it. we played a against him all week. he talks a lot, and then i think he that is type of a player, dirty, and taking shots on quarterback. i don't really know him personally. >> kenjon barner has been a star of the preseason. he had a 68-yard punt return for a touchdown, and second punt return team, third touchdown of the preseason. barner has been electric. the backfield is packed though with murray, matthews, and sprawls but you have to find a way to keep this kid.
6:55 pm
whether the eagles keep him or not barner will definitely find a job somewhere. >> i just want to be able to go and do my job. my job is to put together film and hopefully they like me but hopefully they can make something happen. you cannot be complacent in this game. itch to constantly get better and evolve. i cannot get complacent where i'm at. >> chip will find a way to keep that kid. he has been electric. phillies young guns and new acquisitions have been getting it done lately. even the fans, have hope for future. jared eichoff got a win two days ago. darnell sween hoy came over from the utley deal, a huge home run are, last night. and today the the phillies, number one prospect aaron nola with his best career start and nola was dominant early, and often. he had a complete command of
6:56 pm
his stuff right away. marlins could not catch up there. he is, one of his six strike outs. he went eight innings, no earned runs, just three hits, on 100 pitches. in the seventh, cameron rupp provided run support with the solo shot right there. that gave phillies a two-one win. aaron nola his fourth win. by far his best start in his young career. right now, fans in philadelphia are just happy, that sam bradford is okay. >> oh, yeah. >> after that lately hit. >> i was worried. then he got up. >> holding your breath. >> ahead on fox 29 news tonight after the game, a easy clean up without any problems, dave warren, listen to this supposed to wipe clean no matter what you put to it. we will check it outfit works. that wraps it up for 6:00 on sunday night. guess is what next? it will be some cartoons and then we have nfl preseason. st. louis rams verse tennessee titans.
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kids, before you go to school, you want to see some art? i've already looked in the mirror once today, so i am good. (clicks tongue) is this a trick? we say "sure" and then you moon us? no. you know that customer who always doodles on his napkins? look what he drew yesterday. bob: oh. it's a fisherman. and he used the grease stain as a lake. that's a good use of grease. you know what, maybe we should put it up over here. start a wall of customer drawings, right? huh. a wall of napkin art. that's a good idea, lin. it is a good idea, mom. but you know what isn't? putting your coffee mug so close to the edge of the counter. that's a piping hot cup of ouch. thank you, tina. ugh, we get it. you're a hall monitor. leave your work at school.


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