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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 26, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ right now terrible in north philadelphia funeral home. only on fox the owner's son explains why three bodies were left so long. neighbors started complaining about the smell. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. some of these details may be you have to hear. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at central detectives to night. dave, the only interview you'll see here on fox. dave? >> reporter: that's right. we have a lot of questions here an lot of questions coming to mind as you can imagine. the son of the funeral homeowner did give us some of those answers when we caught up with him today. >> can you tell us what happened to these bodies? why were these bodies there for so long? >> don't ask me a question. >> reporter: funeral home janet paul daily did not want to
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talk about the three composing bodies were found in her garage near the 2600 block of haggard street in north philadelphia. the powell funeral home is around the corner and appears to be under renovation. >> do you want to say anything to the families? >> what you're asking me is incorrect to ask. >> police were called out tuesday morning after neighbors complained of a foul odor which was traced back to the garage. a neighbor told fox 29 the bodies were moved there on saturday by a pickup truck. one was in a coffin. the others reported until boxes. cops say they came from a nursing home. >> it's very shocking. very shocking. >> nobody should be stored like that. nobody. >> reporter: but this man identifying himself as the owner's son says the storage was only short term. >> the bodies were only there for temporary time. we took them to the other facility the garage which is owned by the funeral home and i own the garage, too, we took them there at 9:00 o'clock waiting to get picked up to taken to the crematory. >> neighbors say the powell
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funeral home has been in the community for decades and helped families through hard time. delores mack says they held services for one of her relatives. >> up standing people. this is the funeral home for our community. >> reporter: sources say the funeral home's license expired last year although the own are in still has her funeral director' license both are required for a business. but her son says, everything is in order. >> are you guys licensed? >> yeah. >> there are reports that say that the license was revoked by the state board of morticians. >> we got our license. >> reporter: meantime, those bodies were relocated to another funeral home while police continue to investigate. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. skyfox over two shootings in the city tonight that have landed two people z in the hospital. the first in east germantown. investigators tell us a 29-year-old man was shot once in the head on the 800 block of eastwood lawn avenue. it happened around 6:00 o'clock. that man is now in critical condition at einstein medical center. around the same time in germantown, police say a
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24-year-old man was shot in the leg. somebody drove him to temple university hospital. he is expected to be okay. it does not appear the two shootings are connected. police are looking for whoever pulled the trigger in both incidents. on your radar night you can say goodbye to that humidity. scott williams it's been beautiful. >> it certainly has been a breath of fresh air, lucy. high pressure moving in the frontal boundary that brought a couple of isolated downpours yesterday offshore the temperatures will be dropping overnight and we are looking at a comfortable evening in old city. take live look right now. you can see dry, quiet a lot of folks out and about this evening. as we look at temperatures, low 60s already in the pocono mountains. 67 in lancaster. we have 73 degrees in atlantic city. but look at the dew points. at 50 right now in philadelphia. so temperatures tonight will drop pretty good especially north and west. when you wake up wednesday morning 55 the low in reading. 54 in the poconos mountains looking at about 61 in trenton. 64 in philadelphia.
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coming up, how long this nice pattern will stick around plus we'll talk about tropical storm erika. details on that coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. chaos inside the chester county courthouse today. a coatesville man is dead after police say he slashed a sheriff deputy with a knife another deputy opened fire with dozens of witnesses watching. that manmade international headlines for what he did at the white house this past spring. fox 29's is a ben in a kuriakose breaks down the details. >> reporter: hugs and smiles of relief as angelina eckels leaves the chester county courthouse hours after witnes witnessing a knife wielding man slash a sheriff's deputy. >> all i heard was bang, bang, bang. >> i heard like four shots. >> reporter: it was just before noon when 34 year curtis smith of coatesville seen here on his facebook photo rushed a sheriff's deputy cutting him with the knife in the arm and hand. another deputy opened fire as witnesses including linda monroe ducked for cover. >> it was scary. it was really scary.
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>> reporter: you didn't know if your family was okay? >> no, i didn't know. >> neither did we. we didn't know if she was okay. >> reporter: monroe's daughter and granddaughter were on the second floor. lobby of the courthouse now a crime scene. the family along with dozen of others gathering outside the courthouse after lock down was lifted. chester county district attorney tom mow hogan says the suspect was arrested by secret service last spring for breaching a white house wall. >> an individual named curtis smith from coatesville came directly into thes? toy center. pulled out knife and attacked a deputy sheriff. >> he had blood all over his hands and it was like blood everywhere on -- in the front of the lobby. >> reporter: riley aikman saw it all happen. it happened fast as the alleged attacker ran at the deputy the police id'ed as smith was quickly on the floor. >> he was dazed and he didn't move too much. and then the sheriffs department just got us all out. >> reporter:.
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>> sabina, reports smith faced charges for jumping the white house fence. he was placed in a diversion program and due tour a hearing in october. that injured deputy is in stable condition. >> police in delaware county are looking for the men behind a double shooting in glenn olden around noon on the east glenn olden avenue. authorities tell us they shot two other men and hit one of them in the head with a hammer. detectives will only say this all happened as a result of some sort of transaction in an apartment. >> whatever happened in that apartment, that transaction went bad. individuals were then violently assaulted and shot and then ultimately were able to escape that apartment. >> the two men ran across the street to business to get help. investigators say three men raced away from the scene all in separate cars. now police say they have now caught an escaped prisoner that led officers on high speed chase through two salem county towns this morning. salem county police say
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21-year-old dionne dre travis hit the gas when they tried to pull him over this morning. he drove into pennsville hit utility pole and flipped. he ran into the woods. but officers eventually tracked him down. police say travis jumped a fence at a detention center in wilmington nine days ago. today he is in custody yet again, this time new jersey facing even more charges from today's chase. crews with the philadelphia water department finished up repairs to water main that broke last night in kensington. the break triggered a huge sink hole to open up right near the intersection of tulip and huntington streets. water service was shut off for a couple of hours to homes in the area but it was restored late last night. but the hole remains while crews address sewer issues. no word when the repairs will be finished. >> packed meeting in delaware county tonight. chester upland community is angry and wondering if schools are going to open on time for their kids. this is all over a messy budget battle. fox 29's chris o'connell is in chester. chris, a long meeting but it sounds like parents still left
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worried. >> reporter: yeah, one parent put it, this is a mess. about a week ago, governor tom wolf said if chester upland school district doesn't get the funding formula it needs, then school openings would be in jeopardy tonight it is closer to reality. some parents saying tonight, they have no idea if the school will open on time. >> they came with their shirts, signs and flags. but the message was all the sa same. >> we're asking for a fair take. that's all we're asking for. that's all we're asking for. >> reporter: standing room only meeting reschedule to accommodate crowds school officials outlined the major money mess the district faces days before school begins at the heart of the crisis, funding for special education students in district charter schools. those schools are receiving $40,000 per special ed he had student compare that to with the
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$10,000 a student regular district schools receive. the district asked the judge to reconsider how chester upland dollars out that money. >> we put forth a petition if the judge accepts will keep the school assuredly open for the remainder of 15-16. >> but tonight in 13-page order a judge ruled against that bailout plan. which means funding for the school year is still in jeopar jeopardy. >> certain schools have the right to sit but not take away all other children so they can exist. >> teachers funding deficits affect student performance. >> it affects students in terms of what we can offer, what kinds of programs we can have, the resources that we have computers, textbooks, pennsylvania and paper. >> jocelyn cologne who has six kids in the district left tonight wondering if any of them will start school on septembe september 2nd. >> it look like a big mess.
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>> reporter: is that frustrating? >> it is because our children's futures are in play here. >> reporter: school officials will now have to figure out how they'll deal with that $20 million deficit now. they'll also have about a week to figure out how this decision will affect the school year. in chester, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. ♪ >> watch the screen on your left. that's a guy trying to out run police on a mini bike and gets weirder where he tried to hide with officers closing in. and this man owns local roller skating rink. a spot geared towards kids watch police say he did inside that landed him in handcuffs. >> all right. forget gallon of milk. one mom left something way more important in her shopping cart as she took off. >> there's no way someone forgot baby. yeah, they forgot the baby. >> why the mom may have been just so distracted that she left her to month old alone in the parking lot for almost an hour. a man out walking his dog
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when he gets into it with a police officer. what he swings at that officer will make your jaw drop.
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♪ caught on camera a man walks into a gloucester township walgreens store and steals three cartons of cigarettes. tonight police need your help to find this suspect. it happened at the store in glendora section last month. in the video you see the suspect hop the counter and grab three cartons. he was able to get away in a dark green mercedes suv. it may have california tags. charges against a south jersey business owner have
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parents quite upset tonight. his skating ring in franklinville is a place where they take their children to relax, to have fun, you know, whole some stuff. >> what police say he did to child there has left an entire community stunned and as fox 29's shawnette wilson reports police want to know what else may have happened there. >> i was surprised and i was disgusted. >> reporter: maryann friehl the mother of a 10-year-old girl can't believe what 46-year-old john carlo the owner of franklin skating center on delsea drive in franklinville is accused of of. he's charged with criminal sexual contact with a child under 13. showing adult pornography to child and endangering the welfare of a child. >> we did a birthday party for her one year at the skating rink and i had to deal with him to, you know, to plan the birthday party. >> reporter: gloucester county prosecutor's office major crimes unit conduct add four-week investigation into allegations that carlo showed a child pornography on computer in the skating center. they also searched his home and office and say he recorded a
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secret video of a girl's intimate parts that were exposed while she was in his office at the ring. the girl didn't know. >> i wasn't very surprised. there was a lot that goes on at the skating ring with different partying with young kids and pretty disgusting. >> reporter: theresa parker says she once took her children there for pear. >> i decided it wasn't an environment i wanted my children in. >> reporter: 20-year-old hayden palmer describes carlo as a good guy. he says his mom allowed him to go to the ring when he was a teen. >> i was shocked. so was she. most people around here. >> reporter: the incidents date back to november of last year. most recent just last month. >> that's pretty scary to know even how long, that skating ring has been around for many, many years, and it kind of makes you wonder how many more people were, you know, violated. >> reporter: gloucester county prosecutor's office asked that anyone with information on carlo video taping children particularly here at the skating ring to call them. in franklinville, shawnette wilson fox 29 news.
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>> investigators are still searching for a drive by shooter in kensington that has put three people in the hospital. we told you about this last night. gold mini van pulled up to house on the 2400 block of body know street around 6:00 last night. a guy was standing up through the sun roof and started firing at three people sitting on the front stoop. he shot one woman four times in her stomach. but she and the two men he shot are in stable condition. more than half of pennsylvania voters disapprove of kathleen kane's handling of her job as state attorney general and nearly as many think she should resign according to new survey released by quinnipiac university. 54% of those surveyed disapprove of kane's performance 49% say kane should resign. she's now facing criminal char charges she leaked confidential grand jury information and then lied about it under oath. but she plans to run for re-election next year. new jersey struck out again trying to legally offer sports betting much federal appeals
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court panel in philadelphia upheld the federal ban in all but four states. the ruling leave the door open for new jersey to appeal to a different appeals court. new jersey has been trying since 2009 to offer legal sports betting in casinos and racetracks. the at issue in the appeal whether a 2014 new jersey law repealing prohibition against sports gambling violates 1992 federal law which states cannot sponsor, operate, advertise, promote, license or authorize sports betting. >> unusual burglary in delaware county. it's one that has left a teen and his family just heart broken. the boy says thieves snuck into the backyard of their home in bin march 2 weeks ago and they made off with all seven of these cute little guys. they're five week domesticated ducklings. 19-year-old who takes care of them says he put them in their pe inform for the night. when he woke up they were just gone and he says this was no accident. >> they were just gone. no carnage, i mean a predator, predator came by you would see
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some kind of feathers or something like that. and i pretty much have been looking all over for them and haven't found them. >> the teen says they're moss cove vo ducks only one store in pennsylvania sells their egg. they can't survive on their own. he's really hoping someone will come forward with information so they can come home. quite a sight on the delaware river off the shores of the salem, new jersey, this morning. the coast guard says this 328-foot vessel the bermuda islander lost power last night. then drifted out of the channel and got stuck. officials say they just waited for high tide toys morning had a tugboat maneuver vessel back into the channel and it's on its way. 12 people on board were not hu hurt. you probably don't need to be reminded fall is not too far off now. >> it's been hot out. and in fairmount folks are already preparing for halloween. >> eastern state penetentiary
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holding auditions for terror behind the walls. looking for 200 zombies. organizers call the attraction america's largest haunted house event. it runs from september 18th through november 7th. although they won't do shows, when the pope is in town. just reminder as well if you don't feel like being scared which i fall in that category the penetentiary is open as a historic site seven days week. >> a little boy humiliated in front of class on the first day of school. >> i was going to start crying again. >> why his teacher from last year stormed in and started yelling at him and -- >> nicknamed the pants see bandit diving into this car. police hot on his car. he almost gets away. the chase through a shopping mall parking l accused of of taking revenge on her ex boyfriend and his new love. she keyed their cars. what she misspelled that's
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making her a viral sensation. >> let's see fit can make a monetary sensation much here's a look at your winning lottery numbers. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. going to be out and about overnight into early tomorrow morning, penndot working on 422 eastbound down to one lane at trooper road. and also tonight, into early tomorrow morning the ramp from 95 north coming into center city will be in a shut down mode. you'll have to go up and flip the u turn laverne at girard avenue and through the day tomorrow septa will be using shuttle buses along a portion of that west trenton line. look like the next couple of days going to be nice. we'll have the forecast and we'll check the jam cam.
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♪ west virginia investigators are trying to understand why a 14-year-old boy grabbed a gun and took a teacher and several students hostage inside a high school classroom. philip barber high school went on lock down after state police say the teen used a pistol to hold two dozen people in a room on the second floor. negotiators diffused the situation which ended without any blood spilled. police say the boy surrendered
3:23 am
peacefully. in france authorities now say the more rock can gunman on a french train watched a radical islamic video on his phone right before his foiled attack. today a french prosecutor formally opened a terror investigation into what happened. investigators say the man boarded that train friday with automatic rifle, pistol and box cutter. three american and one british man sprang into action tackling the guy. he claims he was only planning on robbing the train. he also says he found weapons in a bag the previous day. in spain a woman with no experience flying crash land add small plane after the pilot lost consciousness mid flight. the pilot was a the woman's husband. she's recovering in the hospital tonight but her husband died. authorities don't know if he died before or after that crash landing. woman was able to pull the plane down about 2 miles short of the runway airport in seville. she had never flown a plane before. air traffic controllers talk her through the landing for about 90 minutes before she pulled off the incredible feat. a michigan man facing
3:24 am
charges after leading police on chase. >> but what that guy is riding is what's getting so much attention take look at police dash cam video from oakland county. police spotted the guy riding really fast on mini bike north of detroit. he goes from the sidewalk to front yards going about 30 miles an hour they he turns and rides the bike through the front door of a home even police could not believe what they were seeing. >> again serious matter but a little bit amusing when you see the video. really did that just happen. you don't see often somebody drives a mini bike into a house and then slammed door. >> turns out, that was a relative who lived there. police arrested the 2284 old for racing away from them and they say his bike by the way is unregistered. accused of busting into a pizza shop looking for cash. what police say this guy used as weapon even we've never seen. and forget that gallon of milk you left in the shopping cart. one mom accidentally left, yes, a baby. drove off. why she may have been so
3:25 am
distracted she didn't realize it for almost an hour. scott? >> lucy, beautiful weather outdoors, high pressure in control. but how long will this nice pattern stick around plus the latest on erika brewing in the open waters of the atlantic.
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♪ >> right now at 10:30 we're following breaking news in camden. fox 29 on the scene of a fire at south seventh and tulip streets. there were reports that four row homes were on fire at one point. we have not confirmed whether anyone lived there or those homes are vacant. there are no reports right now of any injuries. police say serial robber is now off the streets arrested after they say he hit another store. philadelphia police say 26-year-old george smith robbed a pizza hut in glenwood last thursday. they released surveillance video of the robbery. this one right here hoping somebody would recognize him. instead of that happening police caught smith after he robbed a 7eleven on the 2,000 block of north broad street yesterday. police ram into this car, then jump out and bust in to keep guy from escaping. what spark this dramatic scene? >> the man accused of stealing lady's unmentionables fox's erika erickson shows how they track him down. report. >> get out of the car!! >> reporter: this is a chase
3:29 am
over stolen lingerie ends. 36-year-old reginald murphy facing up to 15 years in prison after police catch him stealing victoria secret scivees. >> you see him taking the stuff off the counter and putting it in bag. >> toledo man inside oakland mall last week swiping $1,000 worth of women's panties in and out of in 15 seconds. undercover officers already prepared for the panty prowler after they believe he's been stealing from somerset malls. >> he knew how to get in the mall, where he went in, knew how to get out of the mall when he was running from the cops. >> reporter: murphy kept running eventually reaching his parked car diving into the driver's seat. >> the officer was grabbing on to him so the officer ended up in the back seat of the car fighting with the guy. >> as one officer tries to stop murphy from driving away another officer runs over, trike to break murphy's car window as another officer climbs halfway into the car to taser murphy. not enough, as murphy takes off.
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>> he jumped out of the car and the car took off the rear door smashed into him pretty hard sent him flying down the road. >> you all right? >> run over the injured officer by only foot and hitting two parked cars. murphy leads police on a chase. >> let's go. move, move! >> obviously that officer's life was in danger. i'm surprised he didn't shoot the guy to put an end to it. >> the chase ending as police blocked murphy. >> the two officers receiving only minor injuries. police struggling to put murph murphy's into cuffs and discovering $6,000 worth of high end merchandise. they were murphy had some help who the stolen panties were for apparently still a secret. >> the suspect is now being held on half million dollars bond tonight if convicted he faces up to 15 years in prison. quick thinking by an atlanta homeowner helped police catch a
3:31 am
burglar. he was a lone when he heard someone trying to break a window at his home. he went to check it out. saw a guy perched on the air-conditioner behind his home. instead of trying to scare off or confront that guy, 96 broke out another tactic. >> my first response was to yell what are you doing? so we made mostly eye contact and just starts kicking the window the rest of the way in. so it was pretty much the first sign i probably shouldn't be in the house any more. >> 96 ran out the back door called police. they came and arrest thed burglar still in the house. police say what 96 did was a lot safer than trying to take on that man. he got out, he called for help and let police catch the criminal. all right. let's get a check on your radar tonight. a stretch of beautiful weather coming. >> we really do, iain and lucy, thanks to high pressure. this big h on the map, that's going to bring happy weather in our direction. it's going to be comfortably coomb north and west temperatures will dip into the 50s but it's been comfortable in around old city. dry weather over the neck
3:32 am
several days as well. so we can put the rain gear away. the high today made it up to 89 degrees. but it was a drier heat because those dew points were really dropping throughout the day in the wake of that front. take a look at the cooler air far north and west around parts of the great lakes only 63 degrees right now in chicago. 62 in dayton, ohio. we're looking at low 70s in memphis so that's the type of air that will be moving in our direction. we have 62 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. a pair of sevens in philadelphia. low 70s right now atlantic city as well as wildwood. but take a look at the dew points. the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. we talk about this all the time. any time those dew point readings dip below 60 it starts to feel really comfortable with the air. 50 right now the current dew point in philadelphia as well as the pocono mountains open up those windows and let in that fresh air. low temperatures tomorrow morning you can see north and west they will dipping into the mid and upper 50's. 55 in reading for the low. 58 in pottstown. 60 in west chester and
3:33 am
philadelphia right around 64 degrees. low to mid 60s for overnight low temperatures as you move into parts of delaware as well as south jersey. so not a bad looking overnight. wednesday, beautiful wall to wall sunshine. a high temperature in the city right around 85 degrees much the tropics still heating up. we have tropical storm erika right now a minimal tropical storm, 40 miles an hour winds movement to the west right now at about 20 miles an hour so it will continue to approach the leeward islands but it will end counter some wind shear some drier air not the best of conditions to really rapidly intensify but it will move into the bahamas perhaps by the lat part of the weekend as a category one storm. as environmental conditions get a little more favorable for development and strengthening but we'll have to be on the look out especially toward early next week if it does intensify it could make a run towards the southeast coast. we'll have more information tomorrow and in the days ahead that weather authority seven day forecast shows 85 degrees
3:34 am
tomorrow. 84 on thursday. friday still staying nice, low humidity we start to ramp up things by the up coming weekend increasing the temperatures as well as that humidity and we could even be talking about another heat wave as early as next week. >> scott. >> enjoy. >> enjoy while we can. thank you. >> it is still summer. >> thank you let's get back to breaking news we told you about earlier from cam. fox 29 on the scene of a fire at south seventh tulip street. four row homes were on fire. we have not confirmed if anyone lived there or whether those homes are vacant. no one is hurt as of yet. dash cam roles as this driver pulls a u-turn on busy highway heading into oncoming traffic. what it finally took to get this woman to stop. a little boy humiliat humiln front of class on the first day of school brought to the bring of tears. why his teacher from last year stormed and started yelling at him. >> on the run this penguin trying to get away. the big mystery surrounding this
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♪ want add couple that stole toilet paper from local giant food store. it happened at the store on west trenton avenue in morrisville, bucks county last troy dame police say the couple was able to grab $45 worth of toilet paper before a security guard approached them. that's when they hit the guard multiple time on the head. if you know anything about this couple, please call police. in your money, your thirsty you don't want to leave your home but you've got nothing that you're craving in your fridge or your liquor cabinet. hello amazon prime. as of tuesday, you can get your favorite libations say beer or wine even vodka delivered to your doorstep in one hour. the delivery charge for that hour delivery is 7.99 if you can wait too hours it's free. the catch, you got to live in seattle for now. cheers! it's not heinz ketchup it's
3:39 am
tomato seasoning according to the israeli health ministry. heinz ketchup does not contain enough tomato solids to be deemed as ketchup. the ruling by the way will only effect hebrew label version of heinz ketchup. those on vacation in hawaii are not getting the beach time they thought they will. >> neither are residents. honolulu's white zapped beaches are closed. heavy rains yesterday had nearly 500,000 gallons of sewage leaking out of man holes and flowing through storm drains much those storm drains empty into the ocean where of course people swim. not good. so officials are telling people just to stay out of the water. >> attention in the life garr. the beach is closed. >> crews will be testing water samples over the next few days. no timeline on when officials will give the all clear. they say they won't take a chance of getting people sick.
3:40 am
accused of busting into pose is a shop looking for cash watch police say this guy used as weapon even we've never seen. left in a shopping cart forgot den by his mommy in grocery store parking lot. why she may have been so distracted she didn't realize why she may have been so distracted she didn't realize she left her they said their tanning rays were less likely to cause a sunburn. what you need to know is, uv light from indoor tanning can cause... premature aging, including wrinkles, sagging, and age spots. so instead of making you look cool, it can make you look... old. and even worse, uv light can increase your risk of skin cancer, including... melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer... especially when exposed at an early age. and treatment can be surgery, and sometimes even chemotherapy and radiation. in fact, current estimates are that 1 in 5 americans develops skin cancer...
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and one person dies from melanoma about every hour. i don't want to be one of them. i don't want to be one of them. i don't want to be one of them. this message brought to you by the american academy of dermatology. i'm telling you, indoor tanning is not as safe as you think. in fact, indoor tanning is totally out.
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♪ accused of bustin busting ia pizza shop for an armed robbery. this guy wasn't carrying a gun. he walked in holding a propane tank an lighter in his hasn't. according to investigator it's dawson miles demanded cash or he'd blow up the propane tank. he got the cash and left with a female accomplice. both were arrested a short time later. >> camden police officer confronted a man who attacked him and what that guy used as weapon is hard to watch. tonight we don't know why the confrontation started but you can see a 27-year-old man charging at the officer then swinging a dog by its leash. hitting the officer with the pup just terrible. >> you know it's a bad feeling you're out there by yourself. you're being attacked by someo someone, and you've used all your -- the means every at your disposal to try to defense yourself.
3:44 am
>> i don't know how anybody can hold their composure when they've got somebody attacking them like that. i got to congratulate these policemen. they did a remarkable job i thought. >> that poor dog. the officer arrested the guy. his pug is now at a shelter where he's doing just fine needs a new forever home. the man faces charges of animal abuse and battery against an officer. >> dam cash video shows the moment of a driver does a u-turn on a busy highway trying to escape from the police much that's only the beginning of a wild chase. fox's todd tanner shows how troops% finally stopped the woman behind the wheel. >> reporter: this dash cam video shows another trooper catching up to the car which goes in circles on the interstate before trying to speed away in traffic. the trooper catches up to the vehicle and hits it in an attempt to disable the car. the driver of the damaged car then speeds away dragging a bumper and zigzagging across multiple lanes of traffic before the trooper hits the car for a
3:45 am
second time performing a pitt maneuver successfully putting the car out of commission as it rolls to a stop upside down. but the chase still wasn't over. a trooper describes what happens next and a cell phone video sent to us by a fox 13 viewer helps show what happened. >> after her vehicle rolled, she exited the vehicle, and she attempt to do carjack a couple other vehicles where in the trooper encountered her trying to climb to a semi to escape apprehension. at that time the trooper wrestled with her on the ground as well as another trooper. >> those troopers were finally able to subdue the woman and take her to the hospital. the state patrol says it took eight people to restrain her there. police in connecticut say they have tracked down a car vandal whose spelling issues are getting quite a bit of attention on social media. stanford police gave us a mug shot of this woman. she was arrested last week accused of carving word, wore
3:46 am
into her friend's car thinking she was involved with her ex-boyfriend. that intended insult probably not as effective without the letter h which it was missing. she denied keying the vehicle until she put out this instagram post saying what i did wasn't okay if you look carefully at the bottom you'll notice she adds don't worry, i'm not an english major. there you go. who hasn't left a grocery store and realized they forgot something? probably not like this, though. >> what one woman left behind had witnesses calling cops her four month mold son. fox's nicole garcia spoke to the two stylist who saved the baby from the arizona heat. >> i didn't know there was baby in there. there's no way someone forgot the baby. >> at first miranda didn't believe it when customer told her there was baby inside a cart which is park just outside this salon. so she check it out. and found this. she didn't know how he got there or who he belonged to, all she
3:47 am
knew was that no one was claiming him and it was very hot outside. >> the air is on much it's freaking hot outside. if you can't even watch your dog on the floor imagine leaving your baby in a cart. like that's awful. >> reporter: she brought the baby into the salon and then called police. the baby was fine. he was checked out by firefighters. he wasn't hurt. >> he look like he was well taken care of. that's a pretty big thing to forget. >> reporter: police say the baby's mother left him after she wept grocery shopping at the fries near hugly and pay companies in gill from the time. the mom came to the store with three kids, but she left with just two. the forgotten baby still in the cart strapped into his car seat. police estimate the baby is around four months old and that he was left for about 40 minutes before his mom realized she'd forgot tepp him. a fact that leaves these stylists turned babysitters stunned. >> i know i hear about it all the time. it's amazing to see someone do.
3:48 am
it's irresponsible. >> people get charged for leaving dogs in the car. >> the mom returned to the store in a and panic that. mom is not facing any charges to night. >> the first day of school can be nerve racking but but one little boy says what happened in his classroom had him close to tears. clint gillespie supposed to be in the fourth grade. he showed up to school and walked into his fourth grade classroom until his teacher from last year stormed in saying he failed third grade and had to row pete it. >> my third grade teacher came in, and she was about to take me out and put me back that third grade. >> how did that make you feel? >> i was going to start crying again. all the kids start -- >> it's heartbreaking for a parent to have to go through this especially a child. >> but his mom says she has paper work that proves he passed summer school. she says the district told her they're trying to figure it all out. poor guy. we show you crazy police chase as lot of.
3:49 am
we showed i was couple tonight, right? but we're betting you probably never seen anything like this one. >> because cops in peru running around the streets chasing a penguin. police raced to the rescue of a penguin waddling in and out of traffic so residents called 911 because they were afraid he was going to get hit by a car. cops finally caught up to the little guy and i'm not sure where he came from but they'll take him to penguin sanctuary. >> all right. howard eskin. >> i love that penguin. model right here in the studio. thing got a little hot between the phillies and the mets. benches emptied and the old larry bowa came out ejected angry with the umpire and a mets player and the player that ravens coach john harbaugh says adds character, something else cheap in the game on saturday that we miff. maybe the dirty yesterday player in the nfl that's coming up in sports. >> you invite a warrior to yoga,. >> war took away his legs, his friends, his hope.
3:50 am
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♪ phillies kept things closer tonight against the mets. last night was ugly and larry bowa gets toed. that's fun. let's go to citizens bank park. phillies down three-two in the third. ryan howard a two run homer. the phillies took the lead four-three. however, with the phillies trailing in the seventh, six-five. watch this. a quick pitch by hanson robe list he did the same thing last night. jeff francoeur says something in the dug out. the umpire goes over to francoeur. i haven't done this for awhile. let me get out there and tune you up. bowa is the best. go after him, larry. >> go forfeit he went after daniel murphy it got ugly phillies lost sykes to five. game three of the preseason for the eagles on saturday night at green bay. this is the game where players usually take more snaps. actually the last real test for the starter who's may -- many of
3:54 am
them won't play in the preseason game next week. we will see sam bradford and more plays this week as well as many of the starters offense and defense. defense will have better test this week. aaron rodgers may be the best quarterback in the nfl and without a full playbook fourths games, it should be a test for many of the eagles. >> we're looking forward to competing, you know, that's what we want to do. that's what we practice all week for. so the game is fun to us. so we want torque, we get an opportunity to go against a high powered offense. we're grinding during the week and we look forward to having fun on saturday. >> all right. still some talk today about that cheap shot to the knees of sam bradford on saturday night by terrell suggests. i have some more to say. we'll get to that. ravens coach john harbaugh defensed more than the play at his news conference he did he fiend fended the guy. >> you start popping off about somebody's character you cross the line. >> well, john you missed this one. we saw the play where suggests went for the knees of bradford but four place after that he got another penalty for clothes line
3:55 am
of brent celek. you will see suggests arm around the neck of celek. bringing him down to the ground this guy is dirty. but the real lack of character is from a years ago when his wife got a protective custody order against him in a police report she said, he hit her then pinned her down and poured bleach on her and said i wanted to drown her in the bleach and their child was nearby. suggests what a really class g guy. all right. i think i may have found the next great hitter in baseball with some really good style points. little guy is four years old to the border of west virginia and maryland. watch this guy. watch the part of this -- all right. tosses the bat. this guy is getting ready for the big leagues. great swing. and he tosses the bat. >> what is he babe ruth? >> four years old. heck of a swing. >> that was a good swing. lefty, too. >> like dropping the mike out there. i look it. >> full hours of entertainment news, tmz, followed by dish
3:56 am
nation, chasing news and the simpsons. >> back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 newfox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia". bob kelly and sue serio have your weather and traffic c
3:57 am
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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. we begin with a strong smell which leads police to a garage with three badly decomposed bodies were found. this morning, we hear exclusively from funeral home now being questioned about the grissly discovery. >> and a bar brawl ends with shot fired inside. port richmond, coming up. >> remember the man who scaled the white house wall in the spring, shot and killed by deputies after violent attack yesterday. hear how witnesses describe the chaos in the courthouse. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, august 26th, 2015. my family also known as asia and brooks' birthday. >> today? >> today. >> they were here in the studio what a month ago, delightful neices that you have. >> now they're middle schoolers, and they are 11 years old. >> and they are smart. >> where is the


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