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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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sorry. get a free quote at >> unbelievable. fatal accident has route 130 in burlington county, shutdown, the investigation into what went wrong, how to get around this accident. horrible. if i was only therefore a temporary time, we took them to the other facility. >> that other facility, a garage, yes, a garage. police say three bod wrist found in a garage belonging to a funeral home, what the owner's son had to say whether we confronted him. >> and how about this? our phyllis legend, curt schilling, in a world of trouble.
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>> hey, hi, alex. >> high! >> what do you say, dave? >> i like that. half of that, at least. >> dave likes fireball. >> man, that's true,'s fireball. national dog day. did you see this? so sends us your pictures of your dog on facebook, stain gram, twitter, use the #fox29goodday. >> i don't have a dog. >> me neither. >> two dogs. >> oh, okay. >> have the lab and little baby boxer. british bulldog. >> course you do. chocolate lab, store a goal never. >> goal end. what do you have a station wagon, too? >> with the wood panelling on the side. >> oh, that's our bob kelly right there. >> let's get to weather and
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traffic. here we go. >> no dog days of the weather, ultimate doppler all clear. things looking good, low humidity, rain cleared out. these temperatures in for quick warm up. 60s to 50's, good 10 degrees difference between the city and suburbs. you get that when it is clear, comfortable, just light breeze. maybe little chill this morning mount pocono down to 51 degrees. heading to the south, 59 degrees, washington township. 58 degrees in woodbine, these temperatures have dropped, about as low as it will go, because sunrise is just about 20 minutes away. little warm nerve long neck. last day by the pool, for buddy, pools winding down, but don't stop from getting out today, sunshine, grab the sunglasses, 62 to 67 degrees now. looking at temperatures neutral upper six's, little cooler down the shore, watch for rip current, and even cooler up mount pocono, 51 degrees cool start. warmer weather in the seven day coming up little later. how are the roads looking out
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there? we go to bob. >> major roadways not bad. big problem top story here in burlington county, new jersey an accident that has all northbound lanes every route 130 closed right at campus drive. major detour on the northbound side, and let's get the latest from this accident. we go outside to steve keeley, who is on the scene, steve, what do you know so far? almost another deadly accident. because these detours as i told you on the phone are very confusing, there is two, even if you get through the campus drive, if you somehow drove around the state transportation truck, and all of the cones, this second detour as soon as this car carrier moves, that one is closer to the scene. we just had three vehicles go through both detours about 50 miles an hour, and all of these road crews and police officers screaming for these vehicles to stop right before they got to the accident scene. now, we slowly pan, give you what happened, as good as we know it right now, as the sun
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is starting to come up. >> this acura looks like a sedan, and i say looks like, because you can't even tell what it was. here is this pole, where the yellow tape. apparently the vehicle hit this pole going very fast. that is where you start seeing the first of the debris field. and what you are looking at is what is left of the back ends upside down in front of quality auto body here in burlington on northbound route 130. now, we follow the car slowly, just as these guys are walking, right by the front door there. you see the steel gate knocked down, more debris there. then just beyond where they are standing, you see those white concrete and steel polls that are jammed into the ground to prevent cars from going through, part of the car there, but you see the polls completely bent down. and beyond the enterprize rental car sign, as we pull out to show you that, that is where the front of this car is, in front of the enterprize rental car, and you can see, the front end of the ac your, a engine compartment and the hood, right side up fashion
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being you, you can see somebody looking into what's left of the car. two men we're told were in this vehicle. somehow, one of them survived, and was flown to the closest hospital up in trenton. obviously pretty bad shape. so the surgeons there are trying to save that man's live. the other person we're told was killed this this -- in this accident. just devastating crash when you see a car split in half, 60s, 07 yards apart. front end to the back ends. bob, real bad crash, no real complaints from people being detoured when you see it could have been worse if you were involved in this happen as far as we know one vehicle. so very confusing detour just when we came here from betsy ross bridge coming over from philly there look are he will be problems with the confusion, i don't know how those three vehicles got on 130 after the two detours, but show this d we hope where ever that was is now sealed off.
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you can give the viewers thousand get around this happened about 2:00. only good thing right now the sun's gunning to come up. we have some daylight from 2:00 until 5:30 or so. pitch black, the detour, was basically taking you through residential neighborhood. and areas where there were no overhead street lamps. so, it is understandable folks could be confused right now thaw if you are headed out the front door, northbound 130 from whimming willingboro up to the burlington bristol bridge. pushed offer at campus, campus drove will take to you sunset, hang the left. another left on salem. puts you back in line for the burlington bristol bridge. water main break in downingtown business i would stay with 30 bypass this morning not bad at all, live look, headed in toward king of prussia, starting to see the beginning of rush hour south on i-95, mike, alec, work your way from cottman down through
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girard. >> 6:06. bullet i morning. firefighters, looks like they knocked it down. this thing got booed. >> shortly before 1:30 this morning at the abrams run ants on bill smith boulevard. fire officials say 16 unit were completely destroyed, other homes have water damage, thankfully it appears no one was hurt. however, dozen of people have been displaced, about 20 people. the red cross is on scene, a significance residents with housing. okay, fireworks on the campaign trail, again, donald trump at it again, alex. >> he goes at it with another high profile news anchor. and, you have to hear what he does, after this exchange.
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>> you asked, we accepted, what the city want err department has to same. investigating tonight at 10:00.
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>> chase is too cool. look at those . >> decomposing bodies found in north fill nay garage, owned by his family. i know you've heard about this story already. apparently the smell was horrific. >> yes, so who are i have he can, neighbors called police after noticing that smell, coming from the garage.
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haggard street, it belongs to janet powell dale how also owns the funeral home that is around the corner. her son says the bodies were only in the garage. >> we took them,. >> if that's a temporary time, well, sources say the state pulled the funeral home's license, but the family denies that. >> bod wrist moved to another funeral home. >> done add trump at it again. >> get into another fight with another news anchor there is time, it is jorge ramos, from uni vision. why he kicked ramos out of press conference. >> that guy is basically the walter cronkite of -- of uni vision. he tells him, sit down, sit down.
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6:11, we go for a ride, 422 eastbound, no problems right now, but that's all going to change after the morning rush hour. plus, we'll have the latest on that fatal crash in shutdown in new jersey, plus dave with the forecast, stay there, we fill up our coffee mugs and come right back. pea past .
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>> oh, look at this. someone's going to be in trouble. michelle just sent this. what a mess. how can you be mad at this? so cute.
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and, then heather redfun, happy national dog day, from my parents' dog maggie. she likes to wear shoes and gives a wicked side eye. look at that. you got a sassy one, there, sassy maggie. >> i thought were you looking at me. >> oh, that's good side eye. >> i have shoes on, too. >> we're glad you're wearing shoes, yes. >> lower humidity, nice water pattern continues, tropical storm keeping an eye on there is moving through the caribbean, and could be moving toward the southeast coast, by late this weekend so, our weather all clear. we continue to watch the tropics here the next few days. >> ultimate doppler stays that way, big range between the city and suburbs, maybe little cooler in the north and western suburbs, but with the sun coming up, in just about
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six, seven minutes, this is about as low as we will get. quickly warming up. with the bright sunshine, just one or two clouds out there. may not need the coat, starting right about now. sixty-three in millville, wildwood, atlantic city, will l cooler with the northwest wind. we try to get sea breeze today to cool thing down. but, doesn't look likely to happen until later this afternoon. 70s closing in on 08 degrees, today. barely above 80. today little cooler but gets little warmer each day, the humidity stays down, but, temperature trends climbing one, 2 degrees, each day, be climbing into the mid 80s here. >> delaware coast, delaware bay, to the south, breeze developing. now we look mostly clear today. >> tomorrow could be different story, just afternoon clouds, developing, we still have the dry northwest wind, we keep it
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dry, though, temperatures might get just little warmer. up positive 83 with sunshine, quickly drop down to the 60s overnight tonight, with mostly clear skies. seven day forecast, little warmer tomorrow, right about 84, maybe just few more clouds on friday. sun and clouds, trying to make its way back, in maybe happens of shower possibly even thunderstorm, does heat up on monday, and tuesday, up to 87. then there is 09 in there. day seven, of the seven day forecast, we're heating things back up to 90 degrees, bob kelly. >> dave, morning, everybody. 6:17. starting to see the beginning of a rush hour, but nothing real crazy on the majors yet. blue route looking good out of villanova. no problems on the schuylkill into or out of the city. west trenton line using shuttle buses again today, wood born, over to west trenton, all due to signal work that's underway. four of the following trolleys
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route here, using buses, all due to track work, and the accident in south jersey, i should say, burlington county, closing northbound lanes of route 130, all traffic pushed off at campus drive, and just follow the detour, stay with the major roadways, because if you make the wrong turnoff of campus you will wine upgoing into a residential development. and there is real now good way to get out of that, just filled with bunch of different cul-de-sacs there. so campus, to sunset, to salem, basically, going around the block. that will get you around. and then 422, right after the rush hour, around 9:00, penndot will take out a lane, at trooper road, so we typically have morning jam to begin with from collegeville into trooper, be past trooper at 9:00. grab extra jelly donut. south on 59 already a delay, three lanes open here, through the construction zone. heavy cottman down into girard. all of the bridges look fine, no problems at the airport, mike, alex being back to you.
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>> coming up on 6:19. donald trump continues to cause controversy at every turn on his campaign trail. latest incident involving news anchor, from uni vision. >> another one. who is neck? sit down, you wrapped called. sit down. sit down. go ahead. no, you don't. you haven't been called. go bark to -- go back to uni vision. >> shortly after that confrontation the anchor that he is talking to standing off to the left, jose ramos, pretty famous on uni vision. was readmitted and got into an argument then with donald trump about his immigration proposals, as well as his own popularity, among hispanics. >> i think so because i am going to bring jobs back. >> i don't think i will.
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>> i haven't even started. >> will during that event, donald trump addressed his feud with our own fox news channel anchor, megan kelly, the comment came after fox news, there he is, released statement calling on trump to apologize to megan. called his attack on megan kelly unacceptable and disturbing, donald trump told reporters, quote unquote, i don't care about megan kelly, she should probably apologize to me, but i just don't care. >> the hillary clinton e-mail saga continues, as fox news learns, one of the emails that triggered the fbi probe did contain classified information. the classified intelligence was sent to hillary clinton from a confidant. it contained information from three different government agencies, including the national security agency or the nsa. now, despite executive order signed by president owe bamm,
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a the state department publicly released the e-mail and it intelligence. this action was reportedly not their right to de-classify. clinton campaign says the e-mail was in the classified, and say the issue is a difference of opinion. >> they found at least one. >> 6:21, phillies legend curt schilling, in a worlds of trouble. the religious group he compared to the nazis, and the tweet that got him suspended from espn. >> first, here is a look at last night's lottery numbers. pea past .
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>> good morning, phillies kept things a lot closer in game two against the mets last night, old-fashioned anger from the phillies dugout. going to the ballpark, trailing six-an in the seventh. quick pitch, by hanson, now, that's a second night in a row that happened, jeff francoeur said something, but larry bowa said no, no, no, i'll take care of this. larry bowa comes out, he gets ejected, he argues with the umpire, later argued with daniel murphy, phillies still lose it six-five, the eagles, will be facing a better quarterback in this saturday's pre-season game at greenbay, nice test for the eagles playing against aaron rogers,
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where the starters will be playing likely a half. >> we're looking forward to competing, that's what we want to do, that's what we fight all week for, so the game, so we want get the opportunity to go against the high powered offense, throws the ball aroundment grinding right now during the week, and we look forward to be having fun on saturday. >> i just check, larry bowa is still hot, hours later, that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> love larry bowa. that was great argument, last night. 6:25. >> former phillies pitcher curt schilling won't be involved with espn coverage of the little league world series this week. >> no, that's because that far tweet he sent out. oh, boy. here we go. the pitcher, re tweeted a picture of hitler, and a cap insured muslims and nazis comparing them basically t reads, quote unquote. it is to said only five to 10 percent of muslims are extremists. in 1940 only 7% of nazis were german. how did that go? schilling then tweeted his own
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words. >> quote, the math is stag herring you get to true numbers, immediately, espn had to step n schilling took it down short time later and issued this apology in it place schilling said he understands and accepts his suspension from espn. the company has not said if he will be suspended past the network's coverage of the little league world series here in pennsylvania. >> we told but the caitlin jenner costume. now another offensive costume has come forward, sent earned around that lion. cecil the lion. >> it is pretty bad. we'll show it to you. >> and then also going to jenny joyce at the scene of apartment fire at king of prussia. >> good morning, alec, mike. >> this fire was placed under control at 1:30 this morning. then why were there still
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large flames burning four hour later? we'll tell you the challenges firefighters face.
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>> two alarm fire burning at king of prussia apartment complex, 20 people forced from their homes early this morning, the investigation into what sparked this fire. and, boy do we have another disturbing halloween costume. >> this one based on the dent hoist killed cecil the lion. why people, well, some people,
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are finding it quite offensive. and a penguin on the run. police chase this guy through the street of peru. the mystery surrounding this video. >> who knew there were penguins in peru. good day everybody, it is wednesday, august 26, my parent wedding anniversary. >> awe. >> they are no longer with us, but still. >> good you remembered the day, though. >> yes, the 26th, yes. also national dog day for goodness sake. man, when you ask somebody to send in a picture of their dog, they do it instantly. >> yep. we have been getting a loft pictures. we are going to be showing them all morning long. but, now like to send picture of your dog, use the #fox29goodday for facebook, instagram, twitter. >> how about that, dave war never. >> i have to get a picture of my family dog because i don't have one, but my par don't. >> when were you growing up you had a dog. >> they had one now. they named him chase. >> popular name. >> there you go, another chase.
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>> i know. we're chasing the weather here, 69 degrees, sunrise already up. temperature will start to climb. north northwest wind 7 miles an hour, ultimate doppler is clear. not much happening with the radar, get in the last few pool days, before they all close down, a loft them closing down around labor day, grab the sunscreen, grab the hat, sunglasses, you'll need it today. bright sunshine, few clouds out there. it a ten. we keep it at a ten the next few days. so nice stretch of the weather happening now. sixty-nine, juster crowd down below 70 in philadelphia. sixty-three in millville. about to climb. thanks to the sunshine, we are up to 83, bright sunshine, low humidity, that quickly warms up. we will be into the 80s here maybe before noon. thanks to all of that sunshine, and the low humidity . sunshine, and for that we go to bob kelly. >> the schuylkill, nine at,
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here is the latest on our top story this fatal accident, that has had route 130 closed for most of the overnight, in burlington county, for the latest, i know, there are some changes that just happened a few moments ago, let's go curbside, to steve, steve, what do you know? the traffic starting to get through now? >> just left lane. they reopened it ten minute ago, you can see, not getting through with the normal speed limit bus it is three lanes merging into one, then of course a loft these people know about why it should down, they want to stop and take a lock at just this devastating car accident, and so we are in burlington, people just waking up, four and a half hours ago, a fatal crash, involving an acura, you'll say how do you know it is an acura, basically, only because, the little front grill part is the only part of the car not completely damaged. so greg, come back, let's show you the back of the car first. you will see, it hit this telephone pole, which did not budget. and normally the polls go down, the wires come down. but for some reason this pole
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with stood probably because the car was spinning, and hit it sideways, that's how many the car split in half, where the cars at it weakest point, and that is the trunk upside down, in front of this quality auto body. you can see the word quality. you can see party of the car went through that showroom. because that is a big piece of plate glass that shattered. so you see the q and u, and then what's left of the y. guy was in there just picking up the pieces. so, part of the car fell through there. then we pan left, and you can see, the front end of the car where the engine was, and two men, in the passenger seat and the driver seat, still in the car. one was killed, and one somehow survived. and likely had a seatbelt on. that's why didn't get thrown out of this, and kill himself. but look at the wreckage there. sitting in front of the enterprize rental car. so they have opened the left lane. even though all the damage to this vehicle is off the lanes completely, but they've got investigators out here, looking into what possibly
6:34 am
caused this. and as we come back where the investigators are around the trunk, you can see, the first piece of debris, just taking close up pictures of, that nike sneaker there, one of these guys was likely wearing, and it came off his foot as that car wrapped around that pole and split in half. just a devastating crash. the speed limit through here, 50 miles an hour. and they'll try to figure out if that was the only vehicle involved, as in somebody was racing, or somebody clipped these guys while driving. but just awful crash, bob. again, at least the left lanes reopened. so you do not have to mention detours through the neighborhood which was causing a lot of problems on its own. >> steve, good job. 34:00. again, northbound lanes of 130, as steve mentioned, one lane open. so it is okay, you don't have to wore bit detour, just maybe few extra minutes as you roll from willingboro up in toward north jersey, and access to the burlington bristol bridge. just talk to september, a west trenton line using shuttle buses between wood born and
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west trenton today, running with 15 minute delays because of signal problems on the manayunk line. for the septa trolleys, are using shuttle buses along portions of the line, it has been big track work kind of week. and here is a live look at disable tractor-trailer, along the sumneytown pike, up near allentown road, doesn't look like it is causing too much after problem, at least at the moment. two slow spots, south 95, from cottman into girard, and the schuylkill, between conshohocken and city avenue. mike, alex being back to you. >> bob, i'm sure you heard about this all night long. fire crews out there battling big apartment fire in king of prussia. they've done noise job knocking it down. >> now 20 people are without a home this morning, we get to jenny joyce. hey, jenny? >> hey, mike and alex being getting idea every just how big it is, taking a look at the aftermath, the first sign of of the sun up. see the center of this property, completely demolished by the flames. barely a frame left behind. this fire placed un control
6:36 am
about 2:30 this morning, still several hours later we could see the flames all morning long. and that is because peco was here, they had to dig big hole to try to cut off the gas supply. the gas is fueling this fire all morning long. fire here, building 300, it happened just before 1:30 this morning, it is believed to have started in second floor apartment, we talked to man who lives on the first floor, he was awoke end by the loud pop of burning materials, and he jumped into action, he says, he grabbed his fire ex fink wish err and tried it battle the flames before fire crews arrived but it didn't work the the fire spread so fast, up through the raptors, much of the roof now destroyed, the entire building, that 16 unit have been condemned, as many as 30 people need to find a place to stay. we know red cross is on hand. they are assisting, we talk to man who lives in a different building in the complex. he tells us what he saw overnight. >> i came down, the first truck arriving being billing
6:37 am
totally engulfed on the whole right hand side. went up through the raptors. and then they knocked it down, relatively quickly, as you can see, the gas line caught and has been popping ever since, just exploding over and over and over again. for a good hour. that's about it. >> and that man says he's live here for about nine years, he said there have been few other fires in years past. we don't know what caused the fire here at this point, but the king of prussia fire chief says that the explosion, that the witness was describing is the sound of burning materials. the electrical lines, it, there was not actual explosion associated with this fire, alex, mike. >> my goodness, all right. >> police in -- police in middletown delaware need help locating 15 year old girl. >> last seen early yesterday afternoonment family members say she left a note that caused them to be concerned. last seen wearing clothe that look like pajamas, just over 5 feet becomes 120 pounds.
6:38 am
has long brown hair with black frame glasses. if you have any information on her whereabouts, you are asked to contact the new castle county police department. >> okay, also, the student who blue the whistle on a penn state fraternity, will take part in the inspection of that fraternity house. twenty-one year old james told investigators that he was brutally hazed at cap a delta ro. in the house there, in state college. >> his lawyer says he went to police when he feared someone would die, because of the hazing. >> suspended frat turn tip for three years and the national offers expelled 38 of it members. >> philadelphia resident call on pennsylvania senator on nationwide day of action. local activists say they'll gather in front of senator bob casey's office this afternoon, early in the afternoon, urging him to support the iran deal.
6:39 am
they say, senator casey has not announced his position on the nuclear deal. and they're hoping to convince him by delivering assigning petition, it is one of more than 200 events planned across the country, today. all part of something no war with iron day offing. >> yesterday, we told you about the controversy over the caitlin jenner halloween costume. now, another offensive costume surrounding, well, that guy. cecil the lion, killed. why it is really upsetting some people. hey, brave dave warren. >> yes, we are looking at the comfortable weather here, nothing on ultimate doppler, but that may change. could see some rain coming in. i'll show you when in the seven day forecast, that's coming up. al next. >> national dog day, so we have our coffee and catch the news together. some days one condition of coffee isn't enough.
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another: duke surprising baby, oh, that's precious picture. fox 29 goodday, we want more pictures. >> ♪
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>> breaking news, happened just little while ago. philadelphia's could be croak section of the city, a robbery suspect apparently was shot and wounded by police. right now we don't know his condition. this along the 61st street. chopper is on the way. skyfox just took off. should be there in about ten minute, we'll brief you live picture in about probably five, six minutes or so. but robbery suspect shot by police. >> dave warren is here with weather. >> yes, happening right now, we are looking at the temperatures, warming up, thanks to the sunshine, sun is up. and rising up over old city here. with our live picture, we have that humidity down, it will stay that way, because we have nice pattern here. will last a few days, starting with ultimate dopplerment nothing here.
6:44 am
things clear. because it is so dry and calm, you see, this big temperature difference. good 12 degrees, between philadelphia, and allentown. you get that casino of number difference here, when it is clear, dry, and calm at night. it will quickly warm up, as soon as we get the sunshine here, we have it now. look for temperatures it quickly jump into the 70s, by about 11:00 or upper 70s, easily into the eight's today, maybe climbing up to about 81, 82, closer to 83, and computer forecast keeps it right at 80. i think because it is so dry, could squeak out few more numbers there. mid to low 80s today, and climbing from there. maybe not up to 80 degrees in the north and western suburbs, a lot of seven's, pair of seven's there in west chester, pottstown, doylestown, seeing numbers into the 70s today. little cooler there in millville. much cooler along the coast, temperatures down just a bit. ocean water temperature might drop with the northwest wind it, will keep the air temperature down today. tropical storm erika, continues to track east, or
6:45 am
west, across the caribbean. it is forecast to intensify to minimal hurricane, the range of forecasted locations, by monday, at 2:00 in the morning. so, we watch this. not much happening with the weather, but keep an eye on the tropic it, could be moving towards the southeast here over the weekend and the start of neck week. >> great day. >> yes. >> this is he can actually what we talk about, ten years ago. slow moving hurricane toward the tip of florida and it turned into katrina. >> i was working during that storm. >> were you? >> yes, near town. >> you seem like such a young man, ten years ago, what were you, a cub reporter? >> my boy scout project, yes. >> i remember that, this is not the case ten years ago today, remembering. that will continue to watch, that headed to the boetsch today comfortable, a lot of sunshine, very high uv index,
6:46 am
temperature is into the upper 70s thanks to the to the water temperature at 77 degrees. >> phillies tonight, will quickly drop, 80s to the mid do low 70s, so very nice weather tonight. we talk about the seven day forecast, mid 80s, the next few days tens of scale of one to ten both wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, chance of shower sunday. now by monday, tuesday, we hit things up a bit. trying to get it back up to 90. we are there with plenty of sunshine, tuesday, a high of 90 degrees. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, dave. 6:46. we got some sun glare for you, here is a live look, at i-95 pack your shades, flip that sun advise or down, delays on the schuylkill, as well. sun glare, coming around your curve right there. south on 95, cottman into the betsy ross bridge, and then
6:47 am
again from pretty much allegheny down through girard. >> lancaster avenue near beech street. may want to use the bypass rolling out of the driveway this morning. updating septa west trenton line using shuttle buses between wood born and west trenton, again, today. and they're running with 15 minute delays, on the manayunk norristown regional rail line. mike, alex, now, you know sue is off, dave is here today. but when i'm off i needed a back up. >> okay? >> we got them right herement take a look. >> ♪ >> we have a jammo on the boardwalk. >> jammo on the boardwalk, mummers parade down on the boardwalk, that young fellow, that gave us little traffic report consideration we hear it again? one more time? ready? >> remember where you are.
6:48 am
>> ♪ >> lay, are we going to be on the boardwalk this friday? >> gentlemen, we r i'll be in cape may. >> cape may. >> on the way to cape may ♪ >> oh, we'll let you know where specifically. because i've been getting tweets. there are cape may. because i want to come. >> here is little put put place in cape may. hey, i was stunned by this. dave franco, and allison bri are engaged. >> how nice? >> i've never heard of either one of them. >> oh, okay. well franco popped the question after more than three years every dating. he gave allison one of a kind gold, rose gold ring. >> oh,. >> set with a rose cut diamond. >> uh-huh. >> there is a theme there. so, bri, mostly known for her role on madmen of course. >> okay. >> she is currently promoting new film sleeping with other people. franco known for film in 21 jump street -- >> i have no idea who you are
6:49 am
talking about. >> talking about the guy. youngest brother of james franco. >> i know james. i didn't know his little brother. >> apparently living in his brother's shadow. >> i need to step things up okay? >> okay. >> don't bother to get dressed up. the cats of the ghost busters new movie, it is all about women. the ghost busters will be women. they're going to promote girl power, with the crew members, as well, writers, producers of the film. everybody's a woman. >> melissa mccarthy posted this on twitter yesterday. melissa, thanked talk show host ellen degeneres for her initiative to promote girl power through her gap line of children's clothing. apparently, she has line of children's clothing at the gap. >> mccarthy said we stand together, hashtag unstoppable. all right, let's get back to this costume for halloween. >> yesterday, we were talking about the most offensive halloween costume.
6:50 am
we had people guess and it turns out caitlin jener. >> a lot of people upset about the fact they felt like it mock caitlin jenner and specially vanity fair cover. now there is another pretty controversial costume, that is might beat caitlin jener. >> yes, oh, there is the doctor, the dentist. you can actually get this walter palmer dentist costume, see the blood splatter? >> oh,. >> that's the american dentist, yes, accused of hunting and killing cecil the lion in zimbabwe, costume includes the smock, gloves, dentist tools, and severed head of cecil. but the company that made this is defending it creation, they say, that 15% of what they take in from their walter palmer costume sales will go to a wildlife foundation. now, if you believe them, it is up to you. >> there is -- no, seriously? why would you -- >> do you know what? i saw an interview with the guy that cry ate dollars that.
6:51 am
he says they're selling a lot of them. so you carry around at the party the halloween party the severed head as cecil. >> that's terrible. >> i mean, i don't know who would do that. >> then you turned around and give it to a wildlife foundation. ironic. >> ironic and pathetic. okay, let's get back to the news out of cobbs creek. apparently a robbery suspect was shot, just few minutes ago, and wounded by police. as you can tell, skyfox has made it to the scene. >> along 61st street. now, right now, we don't know his condition. if you can see, there are plenty of officers on the scene there. and they have, look like, they have the roadblock off. >> oh, yes. >> sixty-one he street. >> so, don't know what was trying -- >> oh,. >> suspect at presbyterian hospital. >> okay. >> once again, we don't know his condition. we just know that eggs at the hospital. >> looks as if he is trying to break into somebody's house? >> we'll bring you more information as we get it. >> let's take a back, come
6:52 am
back in two minute.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> national dog gray, kilt i send this in. my two favorite guys, brand baby jt and duke. >> sydney always knows something, i don't know. killing on the couch there. >> is that it? >> call us, use the hashtag. >> fox 29 dog.
6:55 am
>> officers in peru running around the streets after penguin, i didn't think penguins moved that fast. apparently they do. so, police say they race to the rescue of penn wynn waddling in and out of traffic. resident called 911 because they were afraid he was going to get hit by car. >> police officers finally caught up to the little guy. not sure where he came from. >> they have penguins in peru? >> i know they are warm weather penguins, not just from the movie, whatever it is. >> march of the penguins? >> hey feet. >> happy feet. >> kids, three kids. check it out for us, thank you. off initials france, open up a
6:56 am
terror investigation into how a man walk onto train, with an automatic, ak47, nine magazines, a handgun, and box cutter. >> should we be worried about our train security? in america? i travel on amtrak every week. there is zero security. zero. >> how she was hurt while sitting in her home. wasn't outside. wasn't running around. sitting at home. >> and dave warren, penguins in peru? humble penguins, also called the chile ann penguins. >> look at that. >> should you be in peru, chile. >> the humble penguins, thank you, coming right back. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
6:57 am
(dad) you caught us daydreaming. about a couple of touring bikes? (dad) yeah... mounted on top of a new suv? (mom) uh huh... hooked up to the back of a custom motorhome? (dad) exactly! but how did you- you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. (dad) right! bankroll doubler. (mom, off-screen) with top prizes of $300,000. (male announcer) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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>> braking news out of cobbs creek, robbery suspect shot by police. we're going to take you to the scene and tell you what we know this morning. >> also, a fire, a big fire, burns for hours at this apartment complex in king of prussia. twenty people, forced from their homes, investigation into what sparked this big, big fire. neighbors call police after noticing a strong terrible smell coming from a garage. inside, three bodies, were allegedly left thereby funeral home. with the owner areas son had to say about it when we
7:00 am
confronted them. >> good morning, august 26th, 2015, national dog day, getting tons every pictures every your dogs, sends them to facebook, stain gram, twitter, use the hashtag dave war never for sue serio, because in about one hour, we're going to recreate something that happened 13 years ago on this very program. sue serio's kid, nia, five years old, went to up kinder garth glenn yes. >> sue had a breakdown. and now, she's sending nia off to college. >> oh. >> even the discussions leading to up this have brought tears and drama in the weather and traffic department. >> true, every time, she tears up little bit. now the moment has come. >> i don't even mention her daughter's name any more. nia -- (sue crying). >> i can't wait to kick mine out of the house and send them to college. little while ago, tearing down the wall, mack mig new den. >> man cave? >> if i can afford it. >> he's getting pool table for


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