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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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close to alison and adam and everybody knew them. they were loved. they were positive people. they never shied away from an assignment. if you asked them to work late, they did it. if you -- you didn't even have to ask them. >> wdbj's general manager struggling to find words to describe reporter alison parker and photojournalist adam ward former colleague shot and killed both of them during a life tv interview in virginia this morning. >> the gunman opened new wounds when he posted video he recorded during the killings on social media a few hours later. tonight he's dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's get caught up on fast moving day. former colleague of alison parker and adam ward shot and killed them during live television interview at an outdoor shopping mall in virginia this morning. the gunman shot a woman park derr was interviewing. she's in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries
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after emergency surgery. the gunman a former employee of the same roanoke tv station where the victims worked drove off from the scene and posted video of himself on social media killing parker and ward. he also faxed a multi page manifesto explaining his motives to abc network news. after a chase he drove off the road, officers found him with a self inflicted gunshot wound. he died at a hospital. we have team coverage tonight. chris o'connell is looking into what may have motivated the gunman but we begin tonight with dawn timmeney for an inn in depth look at a morning that horrified americans everywhere. dawn? >> reporter: it's really hard to wrap your head around this, iain. to journalists just doing their jobs smiling, neither having any idea of the horror that is about to unfold. >> it was 6:45 this morning. reporter alison parker and her photographer adam ward of wdbjtv of roanoke, virginia, doing a live interview for their morning show. but today their story shattered by gunfire. as they're gunned down on life
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tv. >> okay, not sure what happened there. >> worry not going to show you the video butting hear gunshots ringing out. not too long after the station general manager taking to the air to notify viewers and staff that parker and ward are dead. >> we're in shock. all there is in our building today is hugging and crying and consoling. >> at least eight shots fired. the camera falling to the ground capturing the gunman briefly on camera. parker can be heard screaming. >> our hearts are broken and our sympathies go to the entire staff here but also the parents and family of adam ward and alison parker who were just out doing their job today. report roar the woman parker was interviewing vicky gardner critically injured. police immediately launching a massive manhunt investigators learning the gunman is a disgruntled former station employee bryce williams. a reporter whose real name is vester flanagan. the 41-year-old fired by the station two years ago describe
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as difficult to work with. >> stress that are was an unhappy man. and eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> reporter: making the killings all the more horrific. flanagan records the shooting with his cell phone as he opens fire on unsays speccing victims he then takes to social media while on the run posting the terrify feig attack on twitter and facebook. we are not going to show you that chilling video out of respect for the victims. the franklin county sheriff says, it's unclear if he knew parker and ward would be broadcasting from that location this morning. >> that is a question that we're looking into. did he know before this morning that they would be located at this remote location doing a broadcast? did he see it aired
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that morning, this morning as many people were watching? >> reporter: about 11:30 this morning virginia state police spot flanagan on interstate 66 using a license plate reader. troopers tried to stop him. minutes later his car goes off the road and crashes. that's when police say flanagan turn the gun on himself dying at the hospital at 1:30 this afternoon. >> it's obvious that there was, um, this gentleman was disturbed in some way of the way things had transpired at some point in his life and it would appear things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: that man the franklin county sheriff says he was recently interviewed by parker and ward and that he saw this ambush unfold this morning and that it quote stopped him in his tracks. this horrific act hitting home for so many people including our entire newsroom. iain and lucy. >> absolutely, dawn. thank you. as the nation mourns those victims we are learning more about the man responsible for it all. >> investigators say the former news reporter carried out a
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detailed plan that went well beyond just the shooting. even worse, the reverence he gave to some of america's most heinous criminals much chris o'connell is following all of this from the newsroom. chris? >> reporter: lucy vester lee flanagan gave praise to past mass murders and spoke about being victimized by discrimination. those are just a few of the details emerging emerging in a e manifesto he called a suicide note for friends and family. that note was fax to do an abc newsroom about an hour and a half after the shooting. then handled over to authoriti authorities. flanagan blames this attack on the charleston church shootings back in june writing the church shooting was the tipping point. but my anger has been building steadily. i've ban human powder keg for while. just waiting to go boom! >> that shooting says inspired him to go out and buy a gun. he says why did i do it? i put down a deposit for a gun on june 19th. the church shooting in charleston happened on jun
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june 17th. now... law enforcement officers have concerns. >> in his television resume real posted on youtube, he hasn't work at that virginia station in about two years. now, flanagan says he was also influenced by the virginia tech shoot calling him his boy. he also mentions the shooters in the columbine high school massacre and the charleston church shootings calling them heroes. lucy? >> chris, we are learning more tonight about the victims. reporter alison parker and photojournalist adam ward parker had just turn 24 years and was dating chris hurst who's an anchor at the tv station. ward was engaged to the morning show's producer melissa ott who watched from the control room as all of this played out. today was ott's last day at the station she was heading to new job. meanwhile parker's father has spoken with the washington post. he said that his wife first learned of shooting in a text message from the station. he says they didn't know their daughter's condition but they
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feared the worst when they did not hear from her. he told the post quote, my grief is unbearable. the third person shot this morning vicky gardner she has survived. parker was interviewing her about toy tourism when the shots rang out. gardner is the executive director of the smith mountain lake regional chamber of commerce. she's in stable condition after under going emergency surgery. so again, a difficult day much police say 41-year-old vester lee flanagan who went by bryce williams on the air ambushed tv crew this morning at a shopping center in virginia. he culled reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward and injured the woman who parker was interviewing. williams was a former reporter for that station. police chased him on a virginia highway where they say he turn the gun on himself. he later died at the hospital. we will continue to stay on top of this story and bring you any updates on our website. just head to fox and look for the latest right there on our home page. to a developing story in mantua two gunman shot a
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10-year-old girl at a play ground. she is one of three people injured in that shooting. it happened near a corner story at 39th popular. police are after the two men who sprayed the busy neighborhood block with more than 20 bullets. >> these guys, they don't have no sense of scruple about them at all. you know, they -- instead of a lot of times when they get in can i any kind of confrontation with each other, instead of trying to settle it, you know, in the courts or otherwise they have to use a weapon. i don't understand this. >> all three victims are in stable condition at hospitals. now to west philadelphia where a police officer shot a robbery suspect. it all happened just before 6:00 this morning when officers were called to 60ing and spruce for a robbery in progress. when they got there, they saw someone who fit the description of the suspect. the man ran away. police went after him. officers say he tried to ambush them and they ordered him to drop his weapon. police say he was shot in the stomach when he did not comply. lasalle university new president announced the school
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laid off almost two dozen employees that's 3% of the school's work force. declining pressure man enrollment may be part toll blame. lasalle officials project the incoming freshman class at 725 students that's almost 150 less than last year. the school would not list the positions cut but did say they did not include faculty. hundreds of pages of documents unsealed by the highest court in pennsylvania. all relating to the criminals charge against attorney general kathleen kane. the high-level conspiracy she says it revealed. >> could fierce rifles join tolling together. big project mcdonald's and burger king could soon unveil. howard? >> i like many people are ready for the eagles regular season. but this game will see the starters play more than any other on saturday night. except for one star player for green bay. and larry bowa took us back in time last night at the phillies game. that will be coming up in spor sports. >> coming up in weather, beautiful conditions right now. low humidity. comfortable temperatures. but there could be a pattern
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change. another heat wave and the latest on erika and how it could impact the united states. >> fox 29 ad whoing school supply drive we would love for to you help us out with it. stop by our studios we're at fourth and market this friday from seven to tepp a.m. bring school supplies. we'll make sure children in our area get the supplies they need for a great school year.
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♪ happening now, new documents released in the case against pennsylvania' attorney general. hundreds of pages of e-mails that appear outline the criminal case against kathleen kane. some depicting sexual end coun counts. cane can said in recent news conference she's wanting to make all these e-mails public for quite sometime. she argues the charges against
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her are the result of her role in exposing the exchange of some of the pornographic e-mails before she took over in 2013. spokesperson for kane says she's pleased the court released the material and look forward to the release of other material she will use in her defense. america's most famous burgers into one could it happen? we're talking about the whopper and the big mac. burger king publish ads asking mcdonald's to team up for what it's calling the mack whopper. proposed mash up would include elements of each like a flame broiled beef patti and middle bun so far no wores from mickey ds about the possible collaboration. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. this is the weather we've been waiting for. it's been a stretch of beautiful day. it's going to continue. >> for a little bit, right, scott? >> that's right. because believe it or not, we have another potential heat wave as early as the seven day forecast. but right now, take look. we have this big area of high pressure so if you're stepping
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outdoors, no problems whatsoev whatsoever. it's going to stay dry, it's going stay comfortable right now you can take live look at the philadelphia international airport. no problems there. certainly no weather related delays. the high temperature today, 83 degrees. the normal for this time of year is 84. but look at the record. 100 degrees set back in 1948. the sun will set this evening at about 7:42. as we talk little before the about what's happening right now with the temperatures, it's already in the 60s for the pocono mountains. mid 70s in reading and pottsto pottstown. we have 80 in philadelphia. upper 70s in millville. dover 78 degrees low 80s right now in atlantic city an wildwood. but look at the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. we have dew points in the 50s. so have very dry air mass those temperatures tonight will drop so up the windows and let in fresh air. it will be comfortable evening if you're stepping out on the town or maybe in the backyard in the garden walking the dog, no problems. by 11:00 o'clock, 72 degrees. let's talk about those numbers.
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by thursday morning because it will get a little crisp and in some spots we're talking 54 degrees for the low in reading. 55 in allentown. upper 50s for the low temperatures in doylestown. low 60s bensalem as well philadelphia as we move into south jersey millville expect a low around 62 degrees. 61 in dover. then for tomorrow, another beautiful day. a lot of sunshine. a few fare weather clouds developing. bubbling up during the afternoon but not producing any rain. 83 degrees will be the high temperature. so as we look at the national temperatures, you can see still kind of cool off to the north and west. mid 60s in chicago but take a look at this bubble of heat. is our neck potential heat wave in the making as early as sunday into next week. but take look at the tropics right now. watching tropical storm erika right now not really organized. most of the convection is to the south and east of the center of circulation. its movement off to the west at 17 miles per hour.
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it's 45 miles per hour storm. it's not anticipated to intensify pretty rapidly because it has to move through a lot of dry air that gold color that you see on the map as well as wind shear not good for organization. but as we take look at erika's projected path it will move through the leeward islands and likely move toward the turks and caicos and then eventually through the bahamas and approach sections of south florida as early as next week as a category one storm. but florida may not be the only ones in erika's sites we'll continue to watch some of the computer models they're trending a little farther to the east each and every run. so it could impact florida or it could bypass florida altogether and then move up sections of the southeast coast so it certainly something we'll continue to monitor. in fact right for the mid atlantic areas, too, in the next self days much as far as what's happening over the seven day forecast, you can see we're looking at 83 degrees. the high temperature tomorrow. friday 84 and then we ramp
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things up. upper 80s on saturday. that humidity starts to build a little bit and then 90-degree temperatures by sunday. monday, tuesday, low 90s hazy, hot and humid maybe a couple of pop up storms enjoy the nice pleasant dry conditions, low humidity refreshing because it look like as we head into september the heat is on. >> yet again. >> yup. thank you scott. >> howard. >> that's all right. it's good golf weather. >> i love it. >> howard has a point. >> not football weather. the eagles play the game in the preseason where the starters see the most act. but fans may be a little disappointed that one green bay starter not likely to play. old times at the phillies game last night that will be coming up in sports. (plays throughout)
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♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪
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♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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♪ standing around not working, taking up space near major intersections right here in the city. >> those are just some of the complaints we received about workers from one of philadelphia's utility departments and that's what prompted fox 29's dave schratwieser to found out what's really going on. dave? >> reporter: lucy, fox 29 investigators spent more than 10 days watching this philadelphia water department crew as they sat at a major intersection in the city's spring garden second of the city. out there at that scene they
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were sitting there for some times hours on end without doing any work. we started this investigation after a viewer zen us a letter alerting us to the water department crew. the viewer said they'd been sitting in the same spot almost every day for two years. so we checked it out and found the crew there for hours doing no work at all. two weeks ago, we confronted the two man crew to find out what's going on here. >> what guys are you supposed to be doing? let me ask you that. >> we're working. >> you're working? >> yes this is where we sit at to do our paper work unless wire called. >> every day we've watched you your truck hasn't moved at all. not one time. >> okay. but i'm still on the clock. >> you get paid to sit here for three hours. >> no. >> reporter: now you can watch the entire fox 29 investigation report at 10:00 o'clock this evening. you'll hear more from that water department crew and you'll hear from top ranking water department officials who were 91 too happy with what we found. they are promising disciplinary action against the crew and
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possibly against their soup 55. cruelty tonight at 10:00. >> ♪ our tax dollars at work eagles train another day for their game at green bay on saturday night. it's good news and bad news for the fans. now sam bradford on the offense are likely to get more snaps on saturday. that's good news for the fans. the bad news, it doesn't look like aaron rodgers will play against the eagles. he mass played the pre seasons against system bradford while with st. louis but rogers practiced with the second team today. one of the players clearly got tepp weather it with each week is first round draft pick wide receiver nelson agholor. a faster than i thought he was he made terrific plays but listening to him he thinks he has work ahead. >> only thing i'm okay it right now is the point the fact i've had a lot of reps and put stuff on film to learn from and every day i'm progres progressing.
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that's all i want to worry abo about. >> i think it's good it teams to be hard on himself but he's gotten respect from players on defense and the coaches. now the defense can watch him practice every day. >> the one thing when he first got here, i don't think he understood was the timing of offensive football in the nfl, that it's not, you know, in the game it's not like a one-on-one drill where you have all day to get open. out got to beat your guy and be where used sob at when you're supposed to be and i think he struggled with that early i think he continues to learn the game and learn the intricacy of his position i think he'll be great. >> he's proven he can make a play. that's really critical for a receiver. you know, we teach him to run these very specific routes and then we teach him this is the way it should look like ideally, um, but at the end of the day you get down field somehow when the ball comes your way you got to agent and he's displayed an ability to do that. >> objective to catch the ball. phillies play the first place
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mets again tonight last night it was like old times with larry bowa. nor al coach under the manager stays in the background much not last night to the ballpark a quick pitch the phillies were upset because it happened two days in a row. jeff francoeur says something. the guy that voiced the displeasure the most that's what i like. this phillies team is basically unexciting this year. we need a guy like larry bowa like he used to do in the old days and come out and just wear out umpires. that's baseball. pick up a base, throw it. yell at am umpire. great stuff. >> kick some dust on him. is that what you're glaring good to see that. >> absolutely. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10 tonight. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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live tv murder. the reporter and her cameraman shot to death. and the killer. >> vester flanagan. >> he's a former reporter. can you believe he took his own video of the shooting? >> timeline of an assassination. >> then -- >> sit down! >> trump versus the anchorman. the video you haven't seen. >> don't touch me, sir is. don't touch me, sir. >> and wait until you see what happened in the hallway. >> get out of my country. >> and the trial gripping america. the preppie student charged with sexually assaulting a freshman takes the stand. >> i thought to myself, maybe we shouldn't do this. >> then, dr. phil's advice to the married couples caught up in the ashley madison


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