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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 26, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> unitch marble tragedy remembering a tv crew killed live on the air. what colleagues say they got an e-mail from the gunman's family. >> city crew parked or hours and days on end. not doing any work. what happened when we started asking questions. your news is next.
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fox 29 news hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ right now at 10:00, coming together by candlelight. grieving a young reporter and photographer murdered on life tv. >> i cannot tell you how much they were loved allison and ad adam. >> in his own chilling words, why the shooter stalk his former co-workers as people from nearby and far away share the pain of such a public loss. the tributes pouring in tonight from around the world for
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reporter allison parker and photographer adam ward targeted shot and killed during a routine tv interview this morning. the gunman a troubled former co-worker. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. wdbj's general manager says no one had heard from vester flanagan since police he is cored him off the property two years ago until today. allison park concern adam ward were life outdoor shopping mall this morning near mow net at a, virginia when flanagan walked up and started shooting. the woman being interviewed also hit but survived. flanagan took off later leading police on chase along a virginia interstate before turning the gun on himself. we have live team coverage tonight. we begin with chris o'connell with what the gunman himself let up to this morning's shooting. >> reporter: we are getting clear picture tonight hooves that are flanagan was and the troubles leading up to the double murder suicide broadcast this morning on live television. the 41-year-old called himself a
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human powder keg ready to go boom. before filming himself gunning down his former co-workers in carefully core graphed execution, 41-year-old vester lee flanagan let a volatile career as a tv reporter in several cities across the country. >> some law enforcement officers have concerns. >> this is flanagan holding a gun in his broadcast resume real. it was his bizarre behavior that got him fired from at least two stations in his career labeled as unhappy and difficult to work with. and when flanagan was let go from the roanoke tv station, police had to be called in to escort him in the building while co-workers huddled in their offices for safety. 10 years earlier he sued a florida tv station over allegations of race discrimination. a suit that was eventually settled out of court. those claims of racism and sexual discrimination are outlined in a 23 page suicide note flanagan sent to abc news
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after the shooting. in the chilling sometimes rambling note, flanagan lays out the reasons that triggered today's carnage referencing the charleston, south carolina church shootings in june. he says, what sent me over the top was the church shooting and my hollow point bullets have the victim' initials on them. he gave praise to mass murder in the mass kearse at columbine high school and calling the virginia tech shooter my boy. >> certainly goes to show where the gentleman's mind was the night before. what was taking place there that there was some for thought given as to the chain of events that would happen. >> reporter: fox atlanta tv anchor who worked witness shooter in the late '90's says, he remembers a much different man. >> i don't know what happened, what changed in his life. you know we work with all kinds of different people in this business. of course, you'll say you would never imagined anybody being capable of doing thumbs i can't imagine a human being being
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capable of doing what's been alleged here. >> reporter: both victims who died were dating other co-workers at the station. coming up you'll hear from allison parker's boyfriend and father in an exclusive fox news interview. iain? >> chris, thank you. it's hard to imagine but some of hose who knew the victims best had to live through this nightmare on live television. tonight one of those anchors described when she got a phone call no one expects. >> the phone call i got this morning at 10 after 7:00 saying we need to you come in, allison and adam have been involved in a shooting i had no idea at that point that they had been fatally shot. when i found out the news we were all crying and hugging one another. >> as this story broke it took the nation's breath away developing over hours. fox 29's dawn timmeney breaks it down moment by moment. >> reporter: it was 6:45 this morning, reporter allison parker and her photographer adam ward of wdbjtv of roanoke, virginia, doing a live interview for their
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morning show but today, their story shattered by gunfire as their gunned down on life tv. >> okay. i'm not sure what happened the there. >> we're not going to show you the video but you can hear gunshots ringing out. not too long the station general manager taking to the air to notify viewers and staff that parker and ward are dead. >> we're in shock. all there is in our building today is hugging and crying and consoling. >> reporter: at least eight shots fired. camera falling to the ground capturing the gunman briefly on camera. parker can be heard screaming. >> our hearts are broken and our sympathies go to the entire staff here but also to the parents and family of adam ward and allison parker who were just out doing their job today. >> reporter: the woman parker was interviewing vicky gardner critically injured. police immediately launching a massive manhunt investigators learning the gunman is a disgruntled former station employee bryce williams a reporter whose real name is
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vester flanagan. 41-year-old fired by the station two years ago described as difficult to work with. >> vester was an unhappy man. and eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him, and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> reporter: making the killings all the more horrific, flanagan records the shooting with his cell phone as he opens fire on his unsuspecting victim. he then takes to social media while on the run posting the terrifying attack on twitter and facebook. we are not going to show you that chilling video out of respect for the victims. franklin county sheriff says it's unclear if he knew parker and ward would be broadcasting from that location this morning. >> about 11:30 this morning virginia state police spot flanagan on interstate 66 using a license plate reader. troopers tried to stop him.
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minutes later, his car goes off the road and crashes. that's when police say flanagan turn the gun on himself dying at the hospital at 1:30 this afternoon. >> it's obvious that there was this gentleman was disturbed in some way the way things transpired at some point in his life it would appear things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: the franklin county sheriff says he was even recently interviewed by parker and ward and he saw this ambush unfold this morning and that it quote stopped him in his tracks. this horrific act hitting home for so many people including our entire newsroom. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. during their live broadcast tonight wdbj anchor said their newsroom got e-mail that was from vester flanagan's family expressing condolences. the family statement also saying "words cannot express the hurt that we feel for the victims". >> just like you know us here at fox 29 viewers on wdbj very much
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new allison parker inviting her into their homes along with the rest of the team. both parker and photojournalist adam ward were pretty knew to this business. both in love with people they worked with, both with a very bright future. >> i went to journalism route which is okay but when i was younger i wanted to either become a doctor or become a pharmacist but as a journalist i get to cover those types of fields so close enough. >> parker had just turned 24 years old. living her dream of being a journalist. viewers watched her in the morning at wdbj having all kinds of fun. like playing hockey and she had fallen in love with anchor chris hurst who tweeted after the shooting "we didn't share this publicly but allison and i were very much in love. we just moved in together. i am numb ". >> as this shooting played out on life tv, producer melissa ott watched from the control room.
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imagine her horror not only did she see her friends and colleagues gunned down before her eyes. photographer adam ward was her fiance'. the 27-year-old photojournalist had graduated from virginia tech and met the love of his life at work. ott grew up in gibbstown new jersey graduated from penn state and interned at philadelphia tv and radio stations. this day the last day at work for ott right before starting a new job and beginning her new life with her fiance'. >> adam was the camera through which you viewers saw much of what we did and certainly if it was on the morning news and it was out live, you saw adam's work. nobody better to work with than those two individuals. >> reporter: with ward's eye and parker's voice viewers experience wad they did except this morning in tragic fashion. parker's love chris hurst
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grappling with it all tweeting his raw emotion. she was the most radiant moment i ever met and for some reason she loved me back. she loved her family, her parents and her brother. >> my family and i went to mexico about a year ago and we stayed in playa dell karma. it was so neat going to see of the ruins. >> parker talking about her best vacation ever with her family who now have to grapple what unfolded on air and in their lives. >> third person shot this morning is vicky gardner who survived. parker was interviewing her about tourism when the shots rang out hitting her in her back. gardner is the executive director of the smith mountain lake regional chamber of commerce. she is now in stable condition. this story has not stopped developing since it first broke this morning. even when we're not on tv we're there for you any time news breaks on our website fox 29.c now to louisiana where a police officer has been killed
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during a hostage situation a woman was also killed and a tense barricade situation. that woman's sister was also stabbed along with a woman identified by authorities as the suspect's wife. after stabbing the women and shooting at the officer police say the suspect drove himself to a nearby convenience store and barricaded himself inside. people who were in that store got out safely. you pay your city taxes thinking your money will go to good use. hoping it will. why has this city water department truck been sitting in the same place for hours on end we go looking for answers. >> and smoke scene for blocks as this building goes up in flames but it's a history and side grabbing attention night. the one trash that was saved. >> soldiers instinct kicks in to help save a little boy in trouble. >> this kid's eyes i've seen the look of shock on man's before and this kid had the saming. >> what he did next that saved a six-year-old's life. >> scott. >> beautiful weather right now, low humidity. but it look like another heat
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wave could be brewing in the seven day forecast plus the latest on erika. new computer model data coming in on where it could head next.
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♪ 10-year-old girl recovering tonight after getting shot while she played on a philadelphia playground. she's one of three people injured works men were also hurt. police are now after two other guys who they say sprayed the busy neighborhood block with more than 20 bullets. this happened just before 12:30 today on 39th and popular in mantua. all three victims are now in stable condition at area
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hospitals. new documents released in the case against pennsylvania's attorney general hundreds of pages of e-mails released that appear to outline the criminal case built against kathleen ka kane. they include scores of e-mails, images of nude or scantily clad women some depicting sexual encounters. kane says she's been wanting to make all these e-mails public for quite sometime. she argues the charges against her as a result of her role in exposing the exchange of some of those pornographic e-mails before she took over back in 2013. spokesperson for kane says she's pleased the court has released the material and looks forward to the release of other material that she'll use in her defense. we are about a month away from the pope's visit to philadelphia, ton nightmare nutter's team is firing back at all those questions about all that traffic. >> fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live tonight from city hall. dave? >> reporter: iain, for many weeks now a lot of people have said that that traffic box is down right confusing. so the mayor's team says,
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rethink it. >> we are banning the use of a certain term containing the words traffic and box. >> reporter: officials working on the late september visit from pope francis in the world meeting of families want to you see the now infamous center city of travel restrictions in new light. >> we are reimage ginning the center city area from south street to girard avenue and the delaware river to 38th street as the francis festival grounds. >> reporter: calling it the francis festival strikes many in the zone differently. >> i think it's a wonderful id idea. because it casts a positive light on the pope's visit. >> i think it's a little better. >> others say too little too late. >> it's a nice evident maybe if you had that strategy from earlier on it might have been well received. >> a lot of people talking about it but the city says it's an evident to get as many people to the papal events as possible. at city hall, dave kinchen fox 29 news.
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♪ songs and candle light tonight out a tv station to honor two journalists ambushed and killed on the job. killed by a former co-worker. death shocked community and nation. >> dozens gathering around the nation in roanoke to show their support. fox's marina march rocca is live there tonight. what's the mood like right now? >> reporter: things have kind of settled down out here at wd wdbj. there's a police presence behind me here. they don't obviously want any sort of copycat action here. we've seen large crowds throughout the day. there were about i'd say roughly 100 to 150 people that did gather out here and i know this is not aesthetically pleasing to zoom out here and show you the lights i want to you take a look what we have out here. the media gathered for the most part just outside here there's been a make shift memorial. that has been made.
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you'll see all the camera crews out there. i'd say about two dozen camera crews from different outlets throughout the world really because we are so close to washington, d.c. a lot of international outlets also coming out here to cover this story because it has hit home so hard for so many of us and out here, you'll see that roanoke police have stayinged outside wdbj and be here all night. we've seen this escorting employees to and from their vehicles. i spoke earlier today with jane the main 6:00 p.m. anchor. she o anchors with chris hurst alison's fiance'. she said chris has had just a remarkable way of taking this all. he is in shock and she believes he'll grieve later but right now he's standing strong especially for this newsroom and for alison's family. iain and lucy. >> marina thank you very much reporting live from virginia. we're staying on top of this story. we'll bring you breaking details on fox
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look for it right on our home page. back here at home, a big night for a local school that helps children with special needs. after a year of renovations and up grades saint ann's school in kensington is back open. 161-year-old school helps young people agents five to 21 with autism and those who need emotional support. a special ribbon cut to go night marked its grand reopening after four long years. and a happy day for a maryland boy now back home with new hands. thanks to some amazing doctors at chop. >> but before he left this brave eight-year-old had a special message for those who helped him get to this point. ♪ >> we first brought you zion harvey's amazing story last month. he successfully became the first child ever to get a bilateral hand transplant. his hands and feet had to be am pew tater years ago.
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doctors at chop perform the surgery back in july and helped him use his hands for the first time. now he's finally headed home and giving many other children hope. >> continued prayers for him. big trucks becomes convertibles thanks to -- time after time drivers taken out why police say it's happening so often despite the posted sign. >> this guy breaks into a local home looking for anything he can grab it's not his first time. why police want to you take a close look at this video tonig tonight. >> and could rival join forces the big project mcdonald's and burger king could soon unveil. ♪ >> now, with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. work crews out and about this nice weather taking advantage of it. 95 northbound the off-ramp to cottman avenue closed through the overnight into early tomorrow morning. then, of course, you have the construction zone during the day, and a septa note. the west trenton regional rail
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line using shuttle buses woodbourne over to west trenton and four trolley lines continue to use buses along a portion of the line all due to track work. nice weather train continue to roll? we'll have the answer and check the jam cams bright and early. we'll see you tomorrow at 4:00 o'clock. ♪
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check out this video taken on may 13th in miami. police stop a successful car thief with a woman riding shotgun. you see the car speed through the second second floor of the bloomingdale's parking lot before the two were taken down. cops say they had to shoot the suspect in the arm after he tried to run an officer over. get this the guy kenneth taylor is back in jail again charged in another car theft. sad news from the nation's capitol tonight as washington's national zoo says one of its newborn panda cubs has died. you're looking at video of the cubs mother. zoo officials say the smaller of the two newborns did not survive. the larger one appears to be strong and behaving normally around its mother. for few days the national zoo has five pandas for the first time ever. two firefighters are hurt
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after battling these massive flames that just consumed a historic chicago building. home to the theater company known for giving dozens of famous comics their start. the fire started in kitchen next door and quickly spread while the memorabilia are now gone. firefighters were able to save the actual second city theater. >> once a hero always a hero seems to be the case for a washington man vacationing in orlando. >> army vet stepped in to save a boy in trouble and no one else could. carlos, screamed from his hotel room saw a crowd gathering around six-year-old boy. his family members pulled him from a swimming pool and screamed for help when they saw he wasn't breathing. with no lifeguard on duty, mullen quickly jumped into action. >> i look in his kids eyes i've seen the look of shock on man's face before and this kid had that same look. i was able to do what i had to do to pick the child up if you see something going down, don't be afraid to jump in and help.
10:26 pm
>> mullen performed cpr and helped breathe new life into that boy. he credits his army experience and dealing with high stress situations. the boy spent one night in the hospital. but he's going to be just fine. next, their deaths have shocked the nation. two young journalists murdered on live television for the first time we are hearing from alison parker's boyfriend and co-worker about today's tragedy. >> you pay your city taxes thinking your money will go to good use why was the city water department truck sitting in the same place for hours on end? we go looking for answers. scott? >> it's been a beautiful day. high pressure overhead. low humidity. find out when another heat wave could be brewing as well as the latest track for erika. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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>> right now at 10:30 remembering two young journalists gunned down just doing their jobs. news reporter alison parker and photojournalist adam ward lost their lives early this morning in an tack that played out on live television. those shots felt across the nation tonight as their friends and families grapple with what
10:30 pm
just happened. >> tonight a man who knew one of the victims both professionally and personally is talking about the tragedy. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us again now and chris he's just one of the many people who lost so much today. >> reporter: that's right. they not only work together in the newsroom, but wdbj anchor chris hurst and reporter alison parker had been dating for the past nine months. today, he spoke about his loss. hurst showed off a scrapbook parker had given to him for their six month anniversary. he described parker as the most radiant moment he had ever kno known. they hadn't even shared the relationship publicly until today. hurst who lived in malvern and actually a tended temple university says the two wanted to get married some day. both hurst and parker's father appeared on fox news about an hour ago to talk about the 24-year-old murdered on live television. >> only 24 years old. she only turned 24 a week ago, and yet she lived a great life.
10:31 pm
i mean she did a lot of stuff. she excelled at everything she did. and she loved what she did. she loved the people that she work with. she was happy with her place in life. she would always text me. we would always be concerned. teching each other when we got to work safely and she teched me good night, sweet boy and that was the last i ever heard from her. >> now parker's father says his daughter's goal one day was to be a national tv reporter. both victims who died had been dating co-workers at that roanoke tv station. iain. >> chris, thank you. this story has not stopped developing since it first broke this morning you can see how it all unfollowed a whole lot morehead to our web soot fox >> take a good look at the man right there. philadelphia police say they could use your help tracking this guy down he broke into homes in the city's overbrook neighborhood. >> investigators say did he not wait for the cover darkness to do it. shawnette wilson is following
10:32 pm
the investigation. she's life outside southwest detectives tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: well the suspect i'm told strikes during the middle of the day, most of these homes that were hit have alarms and we're told in at least one case that alarm went off but the suspect appeared to know exactly how much time he had to get in and out and that's frightening to neighbors. a brazen burglar is shaking up residents in this usually quiet neighborhood in overbrook. police say the man scene in this surveillance video has broken into four homes here between the daytime hours of noon and 2:00 in the afternoon. a residence home security cap rah captured the suspect appearing to indicates neighborhood before you see him disappear up the walkway to one of the homes. the break ins started july 17th. the most recent happened yesterday on the 5300 block of woodbine avenue. two homes were hit along the 5400 block of woodbine and another one on the 2200 block of north 53rd street. michael schlossen's home is one of the four police believe the
10:33 pm
suspect broke into. >> a lot of people on edge because people work hard for their stuff. you work hard to try to provide safety for their families and to come home and realize someone has been in your house, for me it's not so much anything that was taken, it's the fact that he's been in my house. as a man, my biggest responsibility is mack sure my family is protected. >> reporter: neighbors sables have been patrolling moore on the look out for the suspect seen here with a book bag believed to be concealing the stolen goods. they say he's gotten away with jewelry and small electronic. again, that surveillance video of the suspect was captured by a neighbor's home security camera. police hope that will help them track that suspect down. if you recognize him, call police. iain and lucy? >> shawnette, thank you very much. now let's get over to chief meteorologist scott williams with a check on your weather. >> yeah, iain and lucy, it's ban beautiful stretch of weather this week for the most part high pressure settling in overhead low humidity, low dew points and it's going to be comfortably cool especially north and west. we'll zoom in.
10:34 pm
you can see right now in old city, beautiful weather if you're stepping outdoors. dry and comfortable. 83 degrees was the high temperature today. the record for today's date in 1948, it was 100 degrees. as we take a look at the overall perspective on those temperatures right now, low 60s in the pocono mountains. 67 degrees right now in wilmington. 70 in atlantic city. but look at the dew points. the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. we have dew points in the low to mid 50s. pretty much area wide. and take look at temperatures for tonight. north and west they will will be dropping into the mid 50s. what about 54 degrees the low in reading. 56 in pottstown. upper 50's in doylestown. low 60s right around 62 degrees in philadelphia. upper 50s middletown delaware, we're looking at 60 in millville as well as atlantic city for the low temperature tonight. tomorrow, in the city we're looking at temperatures topping out right around 83 degrees. so if you liked today, you'll love tomorrow as well. tracking the tropics. continuing to follow erika.
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looking a little more impressive right now. you can see some of those colder plow tops blossoming right now. still rather ragged right now as far as the organization, but it continues to move on off to the west at about 17 miles an hour. 45 miles per hour storm 678 let's take look at the track from the national hurricane center. the updated track won't come in until about 11:00 o'clock. but you can see it will intensify likely toward category one storm as it approaches the southeast coast. take a look at the spaghetti plots, however, you can see some of the models right now have it bypassing florida altogether and moving a little farther to the east. so as we take a look at some perspective forecasts on the track of this storm it could have an impact on parts of the carolinas, or continue moving towards sections of the mid atlantic as it will be blocked by some high pressure. so we'll have to watch and see what happens as we move toward the latter part of the week. in the meantime, though, as we talk a little bit about that weather authority seven day
10:36 pm
forecast, nice stretch of weather. but we heat up and we could could be looking at a heat wave as early next week. back to you. all right, thank you very much, scott. driver after drive slams right into that bridge. their truck amaz amazing to wath just destroyed because theodicied to drive into the overpass. why police say it's happening so often despite the warning signs. paralyzed when the amtrak trail derailed in may. supporters rallying around a local chef how combining the love of food with tennis can make a difference.
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took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. what's possible when you have high-speed internet at home? the library never closes. it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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♪ surveillance cameras are rolling on, truck after truck after truck slamming right into this bridge just like that. showing how many drivers underestimate the height of the overpass. even though it's painted in yellow low clearance the truck hitting it so hard they just break apart. police say drivers just aren't paying attention to the warning. they hope this will help the drivers get the message. hopefully so inform your money tonight, man, wall street got our attention. six day losing streak now over. dow jones rocketed by more than 600 points. its biggest gain in seven years. today's jump comes after one bad week in the jitters over huge
10:40 pm
drop in china's mark dow closed at 16,285. >> the whopper and the big mack turned into one. burger king asked mcdonald's to team up for the mcwhopper. would it includes elements of each flame broiled beef patti and middle one. so far no word from mcdonald's about the possible collaboration. >> us open championship bouncing on to courts next week. >> a chef injured in the deadly amtrak train crash. taste of tennis pairs celebrity chefs with tennis player at this year' event in new york city it's honoring philadelphia chef eli kulp paralyzed in the derailment this summer. >> really sad story and we're very happy to have such a worthy recipient, you know, for all of our efforts. we're excited to play. it's an mazing venue. a great day.
10:41 pm
we got great chefs. some players better than others. >> the taste of tennis event is this weekend. you pay your city taxes thinking your money will go to good use why has the city water department truck been sitting in the same place for hours on end we go looking for answers.
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♪ so here's a story that might make your blood boil. a philadelphia water department crew just sitting in one spot for hours on end doing no work. >> we went undercover to fund out what this crew was really up to. now the water department is promising action. fox 29's dave schratwieser shows us what he found. ♪ >> reporter: it's almost noon on august 4th and the crew on board philadelphia water department truck 040056 is pulling into their favorite spot. >> 15th and spring garden. >> reporter: in the spring garden second of the city. >> hey, gentlemen, how you doing. i'm dave schratwieser from fox news. how are you. >> all right. >> can i saw quick question. can i ask you why you park every day for two, 2.5 hours, three hours? >> i'm not the driver. >> you're here every day, thou though. >> just with the truck. >> reporter: fox 29 undercover
10:45 pm
cameras were there as the crew settled in. did some paper work. one guy went to the salad works nearby. >> the on the two a check cashing store across the street. then it was back to the truck. >> got money in his right hasn't. >> reporter: water department truck was parked in front of two fire hydrants, near a handicapped spot an food cart. the truck is sometimes loaded with sewer waste. >> you parked in front of two fire hydrants. that doesn't bother you either. >> if the fire department come we'll move. we'll move. no problem. >> 1:44. two hour lunch. >> reporter: during the next three hours at 15th and spring garden the water department crew met and greeted people walking by, they even let a guy climb on board their truck. >> some civilian just got out of their truck. >> reporter: all the while the clock was ticking. >> we're into the third hour of the truck being park at 15th and spring garden. >> reporter: the crew remained parked there. >> very disappointing. i know of no good reason for
10:46 pm
them to sit there that amount of time. >> reporter: on this day the crew in this truck never moved until almost 3:00 o'clock. 2:45. they're finally leaving. three hours after they got here. >> reporter: caught up with them around the corner near 16th. they headed west driving through city streets in the direction of their garage at fox and roberts just off the boulevard. >> our crew is now back at their garage. they clock out headed home for the day at 3:30. no work got done in the final four hours of their shift. >> you get all your work done in the morning? >> i try to. because some neighborhoods i can't just blocking up the streets. >> reporter: but the next day you got more places to go in the morning? >> yes. >> why done get them in the afternoon. >> because it doesn't work out that way. >> we have plenty of work, and i just don't know how to justify it. >> reporter: this wasn't the first time fox 29 cameras caught this crew on an extended break.
10:47 pm
>> 12 noon, 7/23. >> reporter: back on jul july 23rd, we watched as the same crew spent 2.5 hours at 15th and spring garden. sewage waste dripping from their truck. >> you can actually see water from the trash dripping off the back of that truck maybe 20 feet from a food cart there. >> reporter: no work getting done. >> they headed back to the garage just after 2:30a week later we asked the crew to explain what was going on. >> reporter: we've been watching you for the last couple of week. two and a half three hours a day. >> i'm not the driver. >> you're not the driver. >> i'm just a helper. this gentleman is the driver. can we ask you what you're doing sitting here 2.5, three hours every day. >> this is our work area. >> you sit here. >> we've been in the area for the past two year. >> where is the supervisor in all of this? because he is part of the problem apparently.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: what are you supposed to be doing? >> get the camera out of my face i'll talk to you. >> reporter: i can't. >> fox 29 investigators came here after we received a letter from a viewer telling us this truck and crew had been parking here at 15th and spring garden for hours on end for almost two years. they asked to us investigate so we did. >> what guys supposed to be doing? let me ask you that. >> we're working. >> reporter: you're working? >> yes. >> this is where we sit at do our paper work unless we're called. every day we watch you your truck hasn't move at all much not one time. >> okay. but i'm still on the clock. >> reporter: you get paid to sit here for three hours. >> no. >> reporter: you don't want to tell me what you've been doing here for three hours. >> what i see here we took our video tape of the truck and crew to water department officials. >> i can't defend it. i will not defense it. and i am definitely looking into it. and there will be some repercussions for these employees and their survivors. >> reporter: 10:07 on july
10:49 pm
theirth. >> fox 29 investigates saw this truck and crew at 15th and spring garden 10 times during the month of july and early august. >> 12:15 on august 13th. >> they park in the same spot at the same intersection each day. we photographed or video taped them. we never saw water department supervisor on those days and the crew never moved while we were there. >> we get our work done. >> right. >> we dot paper work and relax until they call us to go somewhere else. we go between cell phones, keys, anything that they call us for, we're right where we need to be. >> reporter: you're on stand by? >> yes. >> that's the only reason we sitting here. >> we do not have dedicated crew that is not good use of our resources. that just doesn't cohort with me. >> we're not hiding out. near plane sight. >> this is a poor reflect on the department and it does not accurately reflect most of our employees work ethics.
10:50 pm
>> we're not hiding in the park. we're not hiding. we're in plain sight. but every day somebody come out here and complain about us, we're not bothering anybody. we did our work, what you want us to do hide somewhere where you say we're not doing anything. >> reporter: the driver told us he and his partner do 25 to 27 jobs every morning in a span of four hours. opening sewers, collecting waste or lot of items and them moving on to the neck job. he also told us his crew cleans these sewers at fifth and callowhill that very day. so we went to check it out. this what s wha is what we foun. >> is it possible to do 25 to 27 amount jobs in that amount of time. >> they would have to be close together and you would have to not run into any problems with vehicles blocking your access. i would have to agree with you it's very very aggressive. >> they're finally leaving.
10:51 pm
three hour after they got here. >> if they're that good i would love to give them 25 more job in the afternoon. >> reporter: do you think taxpayers are getting their money's worth here. >> i'm attacks pair, too. so am i. i live in center city. >> after 14 years i'm getting my money's worth. >> reporter: they're getting their money's worth? >> yeah. >> reporter: again we have our water department truck here for the third day this week. >> very disturbing. i've already begun to have it looked into and we will pursue this. i mean, this is not anything we take lightly at all. report roar the water department is considering putting gps tracking devices on their trucks so they can keep an eye on their crews. top water department official told us they will conduct a disciplinary hearing and could hasn't out discipline to the crew and their soup 55. for fox 29 investigates i'm dave schratwieser. >> here's howard with a look what's coming up in sports. nice paid vacation much the
10:52 pm
eagles play the green bay packers but without green bay's best player. almost no hitter in baseball and phillies looked bad again tonight again the new york mets. the good, the bad and the ugly. that's coming up in sports.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ your phillies have not done a whole lot against the new york mets this season. they have lost 11 of 12.
10:55 pm
tonight was not very pretty either. let's go to citizens bank park. it started in the first inning. seventh pitch of the game curtis centerfield had a rash rah he's under it and doesn't catch it. the mets end up scoring three in the first inning. let's go to the eighth. mets are up four to nothing on the phillies. not much going on for the phils but plenty for the mets. that is the 40th homerun this month for the new york mets. michael, the two run homer much mets go up six to nothing and within the game nine to four. all right. almost six month hitter in baseball this year. let's go to detroit. justin verlander got real lows close. ninth inning verse batter chris i yo net at a a double. goat so close still wins the game. detroit beat the angels five to nothing. this saturday at green bay the eagles play what will be the last free season game for many of the starters. that includes sam bradford. bradford will get the move snaps he's had all preseason. however, with aaron rodgers
10:56 pm
practicing with the second team today, it doesn't look like he will play against the eagles on saturday. eagles first round pick nelson agholor had a good camp and played well. but he knows there's lot more work ahead of him. >> only thing i'm okay right now at this point is the fact that i've had a lot of reps and i've put stuff on film to learn from. every dame i'm progressing. if i felt like something i should concern my well that's all i'll worry about. >> when he got here i don't think he underred the timing of offensive football in the nfl. in the game it's not like a one-on-one drill where you have all day to get open. you got to beat your guy and be where you're supposed to be at when you're supposed to be there i think he struggled with that early so i think once he continues to learn the game and learn the inter crass cease of his position he'll be great. >> aaron rodgers lost his best wide receiver for the season. i don't think aaron rodgers wants to get caught up in that. he's done for the preseason.
10:57 pm
>> all right. full hour of entertainment news cupping up next, tmz followed by dish nation and chasing news and the simpsons. >> we'll be back here at 4am for the good morning news and "good day philadelphia". >> remember your power paul drawing is neck. good luck.
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