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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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case. why the pennsylvania attorney general is saying she is pleased at the court's decision, about this relief. >> and, i'll be there. but will you really? the mayor and his team hoping to convince everyone who lives here to participate in the pope's visit to the city. >> ♪ i'll be there ♪ >> see how many people showed up, scared everyone from coming to philadelphia for the pope's visit. >> you can't get in, cars have to be parked. >> what, 47 miles, walk, just to get to the parkway. could happen. >> i know. >> all right, dave warren, let's see what happens outside on this thursday, another ten? >> another ten absolutely, right in the merchandise ill here, they call this chamber of commerce weather, beautiful sunny skies, low humidity, perfect weather. come on down, enjoy, 66 in philadelphia, 59 in allentown. , not quite 10 degrees there, do see little warmer temperature right along i-95, suburbs have cooled off just a
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bit. humidity is low, nice, pleasant, the top of the hour now temperature dropped an agree or two, talk about that last hour, they'll continue to do, that maybe next hour before that sun comes up. 624 this morning, we start the warm up. until then maybe holding into the mid 50's, dropping an agree or two more. washington township at 61, millville, at 55 atlantic city at the airport, five, brigantine along the coast there at 65 degrees, and we have 60s, and 50's, in southern delaware, this morning. sixty to 65 enjoy the last day or two before you head back to school. by the pool. grab the sunscreen, sunglasses, the hat, bright sunshine out there today. a ten on the scale that continues, we were like that yesterday, be like it tomorrow. nice pleasant stretch of weather ten, # two, not much after change, it is 1 degrees cooler than yesterday. and wind just a light breeze out of the northwest at five to 10 miles an hour.
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sunshine not up yet. maybe some sun glare, right, there bob kelly? >> probably, at love it yesterday. no complaint. 5:02, good morning, everybody, hello to delco. live look at i95, where we don't have the overhead street lamps in delaware county from highland up through the commodore barry, light volume this morning, no problems if you are headed up toward the airport, good morning to the curve, saint gabrila's curve coming around between collegeville and king of prussia work zone will kick in, one lane down in the area of trooper road, so, 9:00 is the time to beat if you are coming in toward king of prussia. and then throughout the midday, watch for delays. also, on our to-do list for today, penndot will be working westbound on the schuylkill from like 9:00 to 3:00. so leaving the city headed out west, between montgomery and city line, that stretch it, maybe want to use one of the drives. the kelly drive septa, full
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train service toned end, been bussing the last kim of days, that's good. we take that off the list, paolo i thorndale line, first out of the gate without a problem. three of the trolley lines are still using shuttle buses along a a portion of the line. bridges looking fine, no delays at the airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> a 03:00, less than 24 hours since virginia reporter and photographer were gunned down by former co-worker on live television. >> the woman they were interviewing, also, shot. but she survived. >> this wdbj7 reporter allison parker and photographer adam ward, were conducting a interview on local tourism when police say former reporter bryce williams took aim at them. investigators believe williams waited to be sure she was live on air, before shooting her, and then ward, ward's camera caught glim many of him that was at 6:45 a.m. while he was on the run, whose real name was vester flannagan. williams' posted video of the murders on his social media
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pages, 23-page manifesto also sent taught news station, he was discovered driving on a highway at 11:30 a.m., he drove off the road, shot himself watch died 1:30 yesterday afternoonment allison parker only 24 years old, adam ward 27. >> this morning, learning more about their personal lives each fell in love with someone who had ties to our area, jennifer joyce, looking that the part of the story for us from the news room, jennifer? >> last night megan kelly spoke with her father and boyfriends, anchor at the station from malvern, also, attended temple university. twenty-four year old allison parker and photographer, 27 year old adam ward, were shot and killed doing the job they loved. wards and park remember a team every morning reporting for wdbj7 in roanoke, virginia, park her just moved in with hurst, and we're told, they were planning a future together. hurst told us that he and allison worked opposite shift. when he got home late at night he made her breakfast, made
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sure she got to work safely. yesterday, he woke up to the horrifying news. >> she would always tech me. we would always be concerned, texting each other when we got to work safely. she texted me good night sweet boy. that was the last that i had ever heard from her. and then i was startled awake this morning, from phonecalls, from the station telling me that there had been a shooting on live television and i needed to come to the station. >> allison, she was only 24 years old. she only turned 24 a week ago. and yet she lived a great life, she excelled at everything she did. she loved what she d she loved the people that she worked with. she was happy with her place in life. >> photographer adam ward was end game today a producer at the station, melissa ott from gibbstown, new jersey, it was ott's last day on the job. she was taking a new position in a new market.
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instead of celebrating the achievement with her friends, she had to watch in horror as her fiancee was murdered on live tv. she was in the control room producing the newscast. while we heard from parker's boyfriends and parker -- path, we have not heard from her fiancee, some were posting on her behalf asking for her privacy at this time. >> understandably so. >> of course. >> all right, jenny joyce, thank you so much. >> the shooter's note is described by police as part suicide part manifesto. >> so, in it he said he was a gay black man and felt he had been mistreated. in the chilling, sometimes rambling note, he said he bought his guns two days after the june shooting of the historically black church in charleston where nine people were killed. quote what set me over the top was the church shooting and my hollow point bullet had the victims initials on them. epurates dollars mass murders err mentioning columbine high school, and virginia tech shooter, quote, my boy. he called himself quota human powder keg that was just waiting to go boom.
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officials say police had to be called when bryce williams was let go two years ago, station reps say he was angry, and filed complaints that were never corroborated. he had had a history every being fired, even followed a lawsuit against the former employer. >> the family of the man born vester flannagan did speak briefly yesterday. >> it is with heavy hearts and deep sadness, we express our deepest condolances to the families of allison parker and adam ward. we are also praying for the recovery of vicky gardner. our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the victims' families, and with wdbj television station, family. thank you. >> we'll continue to up date you with all of the latest developments in this horrifying story, and when we're not on the air you can always go to our website. it is fox 29. com. time now, 5:07. new from overnight, 21 year old plan was shot and killed in the tioga nicetown section. police say this happened about 9:30 last night. the gunman opened fire on the
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1600 block every row and street, hitting the man several times in the face and boyde, pronounced dead soon thereafter. no word on the suspect or post motive. >> police investigating body found inside north philadelphia apartment earlier this morning. >> steve kylie on this story for us, steve, what's the latest? >> sadly another murder. >> this one just four hours old. they just put the body in the back of this police van. so if you think police officers' jobs aren't hard enough, they have to act as coroners and medical examiners as well, and not pleasant part of the job, especially caring a body down zig-zagging four flights of stairs, which they had to do, apparent lip, very large 24 year old man found dead by his friends here, 1:00. and you can see, where the lights are on, in that back bedroom, and like a lot of single guys, you can see, he had shoots up, towels, and things, for curtains. and not a loft furniture in there, no sign after break-in that tells detective this victim let his killer in being
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walk in with him, likely new him. the over thing, chief inspector scott small says he wasn't found in a bedroom, but found in a spot where it look like there may have been some drug dealing going on. >> the victim was not found in a bed, or bed or in the bedroom. he was found in a little small room where he appears to do some work. >> what is interesting, we did find what appears to be some residue on counter top and the floor, this residue appears to be that after green weed-like substance, commonly found in marijuana. also, very strong odor of marijuana coming from the apartment. unusually strong odor of marijuana. so there is possibility, this homicide could be narcotics related. >> possibly video of this killer coming up. see the surveillance camera on the corner of the billing you can see as chris pans over
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pointed right over at the door or homicide detective just walked out and talking to couple of uniform patrol men right now. so, if that camera is working and it is recording somewhere, on a hard drive, they likely have, and you can see the police now noticing that, too, now likely have a picture of somebody coming in that building and going out that building, the main floor, this is walk-up, you see another detective coming out. so sadly, another murder here in the city, and again, possibly drug-related, considering what you just heard scott small say about the strong odor of marijuana in the room. and if you are dealing that stuff, this is part that far life. chris, lauren? >> absolutely is. >> so many times, don't we see it, drugs and violence. all right, steve, thank you. >> pope francis will be here in the city of philadelphia in exactly one month. >> the city has also talking about re branding the so-called pope zone. yes, mayor nutter joined world meeting of families officials
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yesterday, at fairmount, it was there they announced i'll be there, awareness campaign to encourage local businesses and residents to participate in the papal weekend. the group also spoke about the newly dubbed francis festival grounds, and why they want to get rid of the phrase cents such as security zone, and the traffic box. >> this event is not about what you can't do, but all about what you can do in our great city. yes. not just when the pope is in the city but in the ten days leading to up it. >> another big rounds every a place. before we -- >> all right, so organizers say they'll make the event feel like the popular night market street vendors and food trucks included. >> oh, boy, are they scrambling behind the scenes. you get the sense? >> time now, 5:11, more on that tragic shooting in virginia yesterday, still not
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24 hours ago, that claimed the lives of two young journalists on live television. we'll take a look at how social media is playing a role in crimes just like these, really disturbing trends. >> and had hundreds every pages of documents un sealed by the highest court in pennsylvania, all relating to the criminal charges against attorney general kathleen kane. the high level conspiracy she says this all revealed. allison.
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>> note note. >> trying to convince everyone to come out for the pope. >> they need to hire you for the pr. >> they should have played this song, all hold hands, everywhere. everyone would have had a reason, i want to be a part of this. >> instead of standing at the podium, i hope you show up. we'll change the miami of everything from box to papal friendly love zone. right? >> sing a song. music always bridges us altogether. >> right? >> hey, speaking every altogether, dave warren, you ran into a lovely lady. >> yes. >> malite said she watches us every morning. we thought we would give her a shout out. >> i didn't really run into her. she works at a bank.
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way cents with the three kids, vacuum cleaner shopping. >> what? >> yes. >> you know what? you know what? >> i don't take them. my wife says get these kids out of here i need some time to myself. go buy a vacuum cleaner. >> that must have a been a great day. >> so anyway, she had dumb dumb's, the lolipops, on the counter at the bank. >> and the kid went crazy? >> ya, yes. >> and don't you love, that you leave the bank and all wired on sugar. thanks, malik! >> she actually had to take them away, pink, yep. now i want blue. now i want another one. i was -- >> then you got back home and you put the kids inside the room, take them, they're yours. >> here, i am gay vacuum with our new vacuum cleaner. >> for 16 hours. >> for 16 hours. it is a lot of rugs up there, yep. so she was very nice. she said i like that really funny crazy guy in the morning. i said you mean mike? she goes no, chris. >> well, thank you. >> they think i'm nuts. >> she is up at this hour.
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so hello. good morning. and good morning to all of you. let's talk about your weather right now. ultimate doppler all clear, no rainout there. let's look at the temperatures, they are quite a bit cooler in the surrounding suburbs, 66 to 56. big 10 degrees temperature range. you get that when it is clear, comfortable and dry. sixty-six down to 55, from philadelphia to millville. it will quickly warm up today, we had highs into the 80s yesterday. these computer forecast numbers have been just touch too low, so dry, with the bright sunshine, easily climbing, above 80 degrees today. seventy-nine there is the temperature in philadelphia, but i think we could easily climb up to 82. mid 70s to the north, 70s to the south. just little cooler. right along the coast. now, the future cast shows, that we are mostly clear, few clouds will pop up in the afternoon, and they'll clear out, overnight tonight, again, more clouds tomorrow. so the stretch continues. the nice weather stretch continues. and we are being look at nice and comfortable weather, one
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more day. here is the "shorecast", weaver land breeze today, that might make it just a bit uncomfortable, but if you gets little warmer tomorrow and the weekend quick look, we have the sea breeze developing, nicer in the afternoons, 83, then dropping. eighty-two today. sunny skies, low humidity, the seven day forecast, has the heat coming back, it will be after the weekend, though, on friday, we are up to 85 degrees. 87 degrees, mix of sun and clouds saturday, 90 sunday, there is a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, let's throw in humid words on monday. 90 degrees high temperature, hot, humid, just for one day though, because it gets little cooler tuesday, and wednesday, we are sunny, warm, partly cloudy skies, temperature of 86 degrees. bob kelly, good morning. >> i love how dave thinks he is doing a great deed by taking the kids out for his wife. he get them sugared up, takes them back home. >> yes. >> take them to the bank. lolipops for everybody. live look here, south on i-95, we got the disable truck in
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the work zone here at cottman avenue. and you have starting to see the pocket of volume as we wake up and roll out of northeast philadelphia. headed into downtown, good morning to the benny, no problems at all here, the ben franklin bridge, looking good. but, it will be busy later on, we got van halen at the susquehanna bank center, phillies playing some baseball, hopefully, we can avoid a sweep of the dreaded new york met. we have a loft evening activity. just keep in mind if you are going to the concert, the ben franklin bridge, an active work zone, they'll be doing construction on the overnight. so after the rush hour then on your way home, you will have to contend with the construction the benny, then also the northbound side of 59 will have construction, as well. penndot crews coming our way today eastbound working in the area of 202 starting at 9:00. keep that on your radar with a little sticky tab. mass transit looking good with no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, right off the top here, 5:20, more on the tragic killings of the two in
5:20 am
virginia, tragedy carried out on live television yesterday morning. >> we are learning new details about the gunman investigators say he left behind manifesto claiming the violence was retaliation for the charleston church shooting. police say 41 year old vester lee flanagan who went by bryce williams on tv ambushed the crew at a shopping center in virginia. he killed wdbj reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward, and injured the woman who parker was interviewing. williams was former reporter for that station. police chased him on a virginia highway where they say he turned the gun on himself. he died later at the hospital. social media with a cents playing a big part in this horrific attack. gunman documented everything and posted it on line after fleeing the scene. >> this evidently is the disturbing trend that's developing in some say quickly becoming a norm with these types of attacks. experts warn we could see more incident just like the one we saw yesterday. >> somebody else might want to copy. >> this you know the bleed is pretty ready target. i mean, injuries going on all
5:21 am
the time. media people traveling all the time, moving around, can often become a focus of anger. >> the gunman alleged that other employees made richly tinged come don't him. even filed eeoc claims but all dismissed. but experts call it aggression theory, frustration builds and builds and builds until sometime eventually it comes out in a unhealthy way. >> a colorado judge formerly send $10 james holmes to multiple life terms and thousands of years hine bars. holmes received one life term for each person he killed, and the judge gave him the maximum possible 3,318 years in prison for the attempted murders every those he hurt. he's not eligible for parole, family members, and friends, of the victim, cheered, clapped, cried after the sentencing ended for the theater shooter. holmes as parent showed no emotion, four members of the jury could be seen crying. holmes defense team say they will not try to appeal.
5:22 am
>> 5:21 the time. new document released in the case against pennsylvania attorney general. >> hundreds every pages of emails released outline the criminal case built against kathleen kane. they include scores of emails, images of nude or scantly clad women, some depicting sexual encounters. kane said in a recent news conference, that she had been want to go make all of these emails public for quite some time now. she argued the charges against her are the result of letter role in exposing the exchange of some of the important graphic emails before she took over in 2013. spokesperson for kane shade she pleased the court released the material, looking forward to other material she plans to use in her defense. >> 5:22 the time. this week marks ten years since hurricane katrina. and all these years later the impact from the storm still being felt. coming up why new orleans is still having some real trouble rebuilding.
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in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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>> this weekend is the anniversary of katrina, one of the worse and costly he is disasters in our nation's history, some areas along the gulf coast still struggling. >> joel went to new orleans to see how the city still everything. >> with nearly 2,000 dead, more tan $100 billion in
5:26 am
damages, ten years after katrina, the city is still recovering. >> i lost neighbors, friends, really crazy. >> patricia lives in new orleans, lower ninth ward. one of the neighborhoods hit hardest by katrina's wrath. even today, street after street, show the effect from boarded up homes, to mere concrete slabs where people once lived. >> patricia did the not lose everything, she still had her job at cook at mother restaurant. where the owners made sure their employees had a place to stay, packing in nine trailers on to the parking lot of the restaurant. >> one can get you selling the product that, known for, and it is hard when you don't have the right employees. >> mower like many businesses
5:27 am
throughout the city, was closed for weeks. but, what neighbors helping each other, businesses, and residents, were able to slowly rebuild. >> we went -- something in the city. >> ten years later much has been rebuilt. but the city not fully recovered. later today, president obama will arrive in new orleans, to let the people here know, they've not been forgotten. in new orleans, joel wald man, fox news. >> two young journalists dead after horrifying on-air shooting, coming up what we are learning about those victims. >> also, layoffs for local university, what officials say forced the decision to let employees go. >> also, a look at last night's lottery numbers, good luck.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> this morning, remembering tv crew killed live on the air, why the shooter stalked his former co-workers. >> plus, you have major trouble sleeping, we'll tell you what outside your home could be keeping you up all night. >> now, probably. >> dugger going to rehab after confess to go his addiction to porn, what his wife is doing, while he's away. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, august 27th, 2015.
5:31 am
she was getting, you know, sort of people were coming down on her for standing by his side through so much. >> right. >> first the allegations of the molestation, when he was a teenager, then the ashley madison thing. >> yes. >> so some people are like why are you still with him? >> remember in 1998 when the whole clinton lewinsky scandal broke, hillary clinton made the whole thing, i won't be like tammy stand by your man, right? although she did. >> she is still here. >> right? >> on that note, let's go to weather, and lighten the mood here. i look at your board behind you there, six's all over the place. >> at love six's, 6-mile per hour winds, 6:24 sunrise, yes. a lot of six's to deal with right now, temperature dropped a bit. number will keep dropping, until sunrise, which is still just aunt hour away. now, this is in the sit, surrounding suburb could be in the 50's, so that makes it feel little cool they are morning. ultimate doppler all clear. keep the rainout. sixty to 65.
5:32 am
sunscreen, stretching out the summer last few days for you back to school right by the pool, best place to be today with the brought sunshine, warm temperatures being top of the scale at ten, that continues, again, tomorrow. middle of the night stretch. 50's, 56 degrees allentown, at 59. sixty-six in philadelphia, millville, is at 55 degrees. we're into the 80s again tomorrow. -- today, not much of a change. eighty-three yesterday, today, 82, with the light breeze out of the northwest, how dot roads look? for that we go over to mr. kelly. >> good morning, 5:32, quiet start. i don't know whether that's good or bad i just mention that, it throws things, yes, he can actually. forty-two, though, some pocket of volume coming in toward the city on this thursday. no problems or delays out of the ordinary. got your normal volume. pick up all of the cones, readied for rush hour, good morning to the schuylkill expressway. come on down. headlight coming into the city, all of the overnight construction pick up and we
5:33 am
are opening for business. blue blue route, speedometer across the board, however, actually, airport looking good, as women. no problems there, however, coming our way, around 9:00 on it the to do list, working today, eastbound, on the schuylkill, so if you come out of the turnpike tolls, headed east down toward 202, they'll be working right in that intersection there, that interchange, right around 9:00. going to work west on the schuylkill between montgomery drive and city line avenue. so, leaving center city, heading out toward conshy or king of prussia, it will be rough go after 9:00. try to remember, use the kelly drive or the martin luther king drive, to save yourself some time. later on tonight, baseball rock-and-roll. phillies and van hal em. a lot of extra volume up and over the bridge, ben franklin bridge, of course, is an active work zone. then or your way home tonight, after both of those events.
5:34 am
penndot working on 95 up near cottman avenue. back to you. >> bob, murder every virginia reporter, on live tv shocked in the. >> form he is dis grunted co-worker looking for some type of de venge, reporter alison parker and her photographer, adam ward, conducting interview on local tourism. when police say former reporter bryce williams took aim. investigators believe he waited to make sure they were live on air before he fired this shot. worlds ' camera caught glimpse of him at 45:00 in the morning, win on the run, real name, vester flanagan, started posting video of the murders on his social media pages, under that bryce williams name. a 23-page manifesto was sent out, discovered driving on highway 11:30 in the morning, drove off the road, shot himself, pronounced dead in the hospital. vicky gardner also shot, luckily, though, upgrade today stable condition after surgery. >> this morning learning more
5:35 am
about the reporter and the photographer, each had fell in love with someone who grew upright in this area. fox 29's jennifer joyce on that part of the story from the news room. jen? >> both of the victims, are from our area, alison parker, moved in with boy friend, chris hurst, and ange or at wdgb7 from malvern, and adam ward's fiancee, is from gibbs ton new jersey, ott morning producer at the station, yesterday was her last day on the job. she was taking a new position in a new market, but instead of celebrating with her colleagues she sat in the control room and watched in horror as her fiancee was shot and killed alongside parker on live tv. >> adam was the camera, through which you viewers saw much whatever we did, and certainly if it was on the morning news, was out live, you saw adam's work, there is nobody better to work with than those two individuals.
5:36 am
>> we've been trying to be strong today because we felt that it was our duty to allison because she as a journalist, and this is what she would have wanted us to do, to share her story. she was a story teller by profession. we are trying to hell her story. >> you know, i've been alternating between the shock and the grief. i've been, you know, i'm holding up, i guess okay, but i've been crying my eyes out all day long. >> told us he and park her been dating for nine months, they were very much in love. and they were planning a future together. he also said he and her father wanted to speak out on her behalf to honor already memory as her alma matter james madison university is doing, the school immediately set up scholarship funds in parker's name now accepting donations. lauren, chris? >> all right, jennifer joyce, thank you. >> the shootings have hit journalists specially hard. >> many of them have taken to social media to express support with the hashtag we stand with wdbj. the fox steaks in birmingham, alabama posted sole up picture
5:37 am
tweeting our thoughts and prayers are with the at wdbj7 family and loved once during this difficult time. >> reporter jennifer delacruz in tuscon, arizona tweeted this picture with her writing working extra hard today, praying for the families, and news room in roanoke. >> morgan chest can i tweeted this pick: with his writing our hearts, today hashtag with wdbj, proud and unafraid. >> last night some sports teams took time out from competition for a somber moment to honor the victims killed in virginia, column willing up. we'll show you the special tribute. >> 5:37 the time. also ahead, rosey o'donnell's daughter leaves home again. not what you might think. who she says she want to live with now that she's 18. [music]
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>> eagles play in greenbay there is will be the last time many of the starters play, now looks like packer quarterback aaron rogers will not play, one of the many players that's impress in the camp, his first rounds pick, nelson agholor, but he knows there is much more work ahead. >> only thing i am okay with, the fact i have had a lot of reps, put this on fill tomorrow learn from, every day i'm progressing, that's all i can concern myself w that's all i want to worry about. >> those phillies, they struggled against the mets again. to the ballpark, first inning, seventh pitch. curtis grand err son, herrera
5:41 am
dropped the ball. let's go to the eighth inning. phillies down four-nothing, and this doesn't help. phillies actually had little rally in the eighth. michael, 40th homerun this month for the met. makes it six-nothing, the mets go onto win it nine-four. that is sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. professional sports teams took time to honor. >> before the nationals and padres played last night at nationals park, both teams held moment of silence for alison parker and adam ward. >> and the salem red sox minor league team in virginia painted seven on the field, in tribute to the victims, the station channel for wdbj. >> former reality star josh dugger makes major decision after revealing a porn addiction. he's leaving home. we'll tell you where he is headed right now.
5:42 am
>> sad news from the national zoo. one of the panda cubs has passed away. why zoo officials say the little one struggled so bad. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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>> rock it, girl. >> i dope even know how to play a guitar.
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>> right now, feeling it? van halen plays tonight in camden. >> she's not a true van halen fan. you know why? she is actually rocking out to that son. >> that's great song. >> yes, but so played out. >> oh, oh. >> every concert i go to, that's the last song they play, that's when everybody leaves. >> you know what? that song is 31 years old. it's been played out. >> i got you, dave warren. >> plenty, get you started here. >> weather headlines are clear. it is nice and clear out there. our nice stretch of weather, continues, more nice weather, in the middle of nice stretch here. we have weekend showers, the latest on erika. >> right now, the mat doppler clear, no showers yet, waiting for the weekend, 56 degrees in pottstown, 66 in philadelphia there. is the 10 degrees difference, little warm nerve allentown, mount pocono at 58. drops to 55, in millville. sixty-four in wildwood.
5:46 am
now, we climb the temperatures up into the upper 70s, maybe going above 80 degrees, with a little sunshine, so dry nitch beer estimated. night be cooler, low humidity, bright sunshine, upper 70s, down the shore, mid to low 70s, warming up little bit this afternoon, as that wind comes in off the land. maybe not the most comfortable type of situation there. you like that sea breeze, but today land breeze. forecast today, we'll have temperatures into the upper 70s, northwest wind at 5 miles an hour. now we want to talk about tropical storm erika, the track here, over the next five days, will continue to move it across the caribbean, and what happens here, turns to the north, remains tropical storm to the south. if it holds together will come into favorable for development, could intensify to minimal hurricane. looking at the entire cone
5:47 am
here, that's the range of tracks. not just the impact area, but could be anywhere in this region, it will be turning to the north, but this will be by monday and tuesday, we watch this closely, because if it holds together across the caribbean could intensify a bit as it moves toward florida 82 to eight a, up to 87. there is the shower or few maybe even thunderstorm on sunday, hot, humid monday, with a high of 90. cooler temperatures coming, with partly cloudy skies. good morning. >> good morning, a 47:00. quiet this thursday morning. live look at i995. getting ready to roll out of the driveway. head southbound, few folks already ahead of you, nice steady flow here, working your way from cottman in through girard. overnight pick up, good to go. 309 right near the pennsylvania turnpike, again, construction gone on the turnpike, and we're open for business philly, all the way over to vale forge. septa regional rail lines
5:48 am
running without a problem this morning, note the west trenton line, finish the track work, full train service ends to end. first trains out of the gate working good no delays. three of septa trolley routes are using shuttle buses again today along portions of the line. you can go to, click on that trolley route, and it will give you the info on points a to point b. otherwise, 95 i just showed you, looking good, eastbound on the schuylkill, no problems at the moment. but later on after 9:00 be ready for delays on 422, it will go down to one lane at trooper road during the midday, then big delay expected leaving the city today. penndot will be working west on the schuylkill expressway today, between montgomery and city line avenue. so after 9:00, anyone leaving the city, coming off of the vine expressway, your best bet, try using the kelly drive or the martin luther king drive, because we will see delays between 9:00 and 3:00 leaving town on that schuylkill.
5:49 am
chris, lauren, back to you. >> okay, bob, sad news to report from the national zoo. the smaller of of the newborn panda twins has died, wade only 3 ounces, zoo keep verse been hopeful they could keep the panda nourished since generally panda mothers only tends to pamper one newborn, officials at the national zoo said the other panda is strong and has bonded with its mother. >> how sad is that? >> i know. >> 5:49 the time. turning to your health, we could be closer to sempler way to fight the into. >> every year scientist haves to just guess which flu strain may be the most come on, then develop a vaccine. remember last year it didn't really work? so, now, scientists say, they've been able to use different part of the virus to promotion iniomi response, this means we could be closer to universal flu vaccine, finds two study porting this, medical nature and science. >> having access to parks, oceans, beaches might just be the thing you need if you're manor senior citizen. here is what is going on,
5:50 am
university of illinois researchers looked at quarter after million people saw huge cross section, compared the sweet quality with where they live. >> is that you? >> no. but about three years from now that will be me. they found that those who live closer to nature fared better, but again, it was only true foremen and seniors. why is this? they figure living near green spaces usually means you're more active during the day there for you get more tired and have restful night. my god. do we have to look at that. >> i thought it was you. >> my goodness. snoring, drool, yuck. >> lasalle university's new president announced the school had to layoff almost two dozen employees, that's 3% of the school's work force, declining freshman enrollment may be partly to blame for. >> this lasalle officials project the incoming freshman class is about 725 student, which is almost 150 less than last year. the school didn't really list the positions that were cut, but they did say they did not include faculty members.
5:51 am
>> a 50:00 the time. days after confessing to cheating on his wife, being addicted to porn, josh dug nerve rehab. >> according to his parents he check himself into long-term treatment sentiment family released statement yesterday announcing their eldest son's treatment, though, didn't say where or how long he would be there, they said it is the beginning and quota long journey toward whole necessary and recovery. the dugger's also said josh's wife anna is receiving counselling. this all following the ashley plaid son hack and after he admitted to molesting several girls including two every his own sisters. rosey o'donnell's daughter left home again. her spokesperson says she knows where chelsey is this time. she went to live with her birth mother. she reportedly made the decision when she turned 18. o'donnell adopted chelsey with her first wife, kelly carpenter, the announcement comes after charges were filed against the barnegat new jersey man she was found with earlier this month. >> okay, so finding tickets to they are yeast's budweiser made in america just made little more difficult.
5:52 am
you know judge? >> why? >> it is sold. >> the fastest sell out in the concert four year history we understand. >> the jz curated concert has become labor day staple bringing thousands of people to the parkway, the festival is benefitting united way here if philadelphia, south jersey and lancaster county. beyonce, and the weekend, are headlining the two day festival this year. okay, so, here is the deal. last year, i was new to the city, never made it to a made in america. the quincy harris decided to take myself and alex hole toy show us a good time. >> get over here. yes, here he comes. >> here is the deal. >> get over here. >> i think we step over -- we stepped over so many people that were passed out, sitting on the ground, laying around. >> did you step on any hands. >> just to see kanye. >> can ya? >> i forget. >> i think it was kanye. >> if you forget, it was fun. >> no, here the deal, alex was
5:53 am
new, everyone had seen her, quincy is the man. so i was like the third guy that was just tagging along, quincy waiving like the mayor, and everyone is like alex, alec, alex, because she was coming to philly, new to the sit. >> i hey q, you can run but you can't hide. >> cameras everywhere in the studio, quince. >> i fans of shirley temple getting close up look at some of her most personal items. coming up how you can own some of the memorabilia.
5:54 am
introducing longhorns steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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>> ten out of ten weather wise, dave has your forecast coming up in just a minute. 66 degrees right now. shirley temple, image of curly topped little girl, really pops in your head, rid? now, you can own most of her most beloved movie memories. fifty-seven movie worn costumes hitting the auction block today in california. she has hung onto everything she ever wore, hat, everything, the shoes, the collection is expected to bring in more than a million dollars from clothing, wasn't the only thing by the way she held on to all those years. >> not only do we have the 57 dresses, but we have every single script that shirlie -- shirley temple ever used in her movies. we also have her dress that she wore for the oscars when
5:57 am
she won the juvenile oscars in the 1930's. >> shirley temple died of natural causes last year at the age of 85. >> coming up on good day, we continue to follow the developments that far deadly shooting of two young journalists yesterday morning watch investigators say the shooter explained, in a 20-page manifesto. also, ahead, vice president joe biden putting more pressure on hillary clinton with speculation he might run for president. what clinton is now saying about that political gossip.
5:58 am
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journalists gun down live on the air. you know the story by now. this morning we are finding out more about them, including their loved ones ties to our area, including malvern, and gibbstown, new jersey. back here at home, man breaking into homes. taking anything he can grab, what neighbors say is specially disturbing about these break-in. >> let's talk about the weather, it is ten, ten, ten again. so dave warren go, home. we don't need you today. because we can all dot weather today. eastern you go. >> shaking hand, too. there you go. >> i have the weather machine. >> are you going to dot weather, mike? >> hey, by the way, it is thursday, aug


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