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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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know before you take in a stranger. good day, it is friday, all 28th. lauren dawn johnson is heading out of town to be there with her friend and family for a wedding so i'm doing solo show here. dave warren is in for sue serio who is also out of town. is he welcome. >> sue is taking sometime off, and here is beautiful weather. not much change, from each day, today. maybe just a few degrees cooler. that is what we have right now. these numbers in the 50's the in the north and western suburbs. philadelphia at the top of the hour has dropped down to 64. it is 48 in mount pocono, up to 53 in allentown a lot of 50's. even though we talk about 60's in the philadelphia, surrounding suburbs in the 50's. same kate here in new jersey. delaware at 61 in dover. sixty-three in longneck. it will climb in the mid to lower 60's this morning once that sun comes upright around 6:25. sun screen, hat, sunglasses, another day by the pool before school starts, for our buddy.
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ten on the scale to day, another nice day, it will start to go down this weekend though as we have humidity increasing, heat increasing and a few showers. now, no rain today, we will get cloud that pop up in the afternoon. so clouds there, that is afternoon cloud, and light puffy clouds that pop up when things heat up. they will clear out at night. 84 degrees. we will call that warmer, 3 degrees from yesterday. bobbies not here right the now but he will be here starting a at 6:00 on his way to cape may. we're down the the shore there. traffic authority, well, there is one issue we have this morning, and that is on woodhaven road, between the boulevard, and i-95. right here right lane is block but there is cars moving by there without, an issue this morning. and live shot, over ben franklin bridge, wide opened, things are cleared this morning, travel times, we have all green, all 95 from woodhaven to the the vine. thirteen minutes there a long the schuylkill from the blue route the to the vine street
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expressway 14 minutes. that is when i come in here driving in that road 14 minutes, and pretty good time there. no major issues, chris. lets get to this at 5:02. police are looking for a man who sped off during a traffic stop, crash and then stole another car with people inside. police say this started a around 12:30 on the 1900 block of south 17th street. police saw a car driving fast and running a stop sign, so they pulled it over. the driver stopped, but just as officers were getting out, he sped off and crashed, four blocks later. after that crash, the driver, got out and ran up to a car at a stop sign. he pulled the driver out, when the passenger got out to help the man stole the car and, once again, sped off with two women in the back seat. he ended up getting out and running a away after driving a few more blocks. we have a crew heading to the scene. steve keeley will be there soon to give us very latest from that scene. meantime we are now more than, a little less than a month away from the papal
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visit and people are figuring out exactly what they will do, not only where are they go to go stay but how will they get there. jennifer joyce is looking at all this at the parkway, good morning to you, jen. >> reporter: good morning, chris. i'm really interested in all this air b and b chatter. renting out my apartment sound very tempt to go do knowing in just a few days i can have half of my rent paid at least, but i have never done it before. but i would want to know more bit. yesterday, there was an air b and b informational meeting, and they kind of went over the logistics with people explaining exactly how it all works, trying to help them set up their listing, and, learning what all goes into being an air b and b host. we will say that the demand for rentals is eight times higher then normal for pope 's visit. air b and b will take a 3 percent cut of the rental charge. potential hosts create a profile list thing their space and renters can post reviews. some people we talk to are
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college poor and they say they could use some extra cash and others think it is a neat experience that will help to personalized a guest visit to philadelphia. >> we're hoping to find some extra cash, which is a lot more, i'm doing business as well but this air b and b thing is getting me a chance to get more money then what my business does. >> i think it add a level of personality, in a level of comfort and seeing a part of something that isn't more traditional and generally how people live and what my life is really like i can share with others. >> reporter: yesterday septa held a press conference urging people to pursue public transportation, saying they still have about 200,000 regional rail passes available and they want people to take advantage of that. leaders spoke publicly urging people to come out, and see the holy father and they reiterated taking train or trolley is still the best way
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to do it. they want people to know if you make the trek to center city there will be a train available to get you back home. the trains will be running as long as necessary to make sure that everyone gets where they need to go, chris. >> let's hope it all plays out as intended, jennifer joyce, we will wait and see. septa held a press conference urging people to pursue public transportation as we said, and to take advantage of not only getting there, easily, but to deal with the cars, with this box, once the cars, on friday go out of the box, they cannot come back n you have been warned to use public transportation. 5:05. virginia officials say gun used to kill two journalist live on the air, was purchased legally. she and her best friend but used the same gun to use the same gun to kill them and then himself. there was a large vigil outside wdbj tv station in roanoke, virginia last night in honor of the 24 year-old reporter allison reporter and
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27 year-old cameraman adam ward. former co-workers said the shooter was unstable but he passed the background check. the attack was premeditated. in addition to writing a manifesto he made disturbing posts on social media for all to see. >> he was live tweeting essentially from his own twitter account. i don't think we have ever had that play out before but that level of premeditation and how he used social media for maximum promotion was pretty shocking. >> he was very angry. he wases angry when he left here two years ago. it is something that i would never have expect to have happen, not two years after he left. >> and the third victim in the the a attack, vicky gardener, who was being interviewed at the time is expect to make a full recovery after surgery. and developing for you right now we now know that a student was killed at savanna state. christopher starks a junior from the atlanta area was rush to the hospital late last night after being shot the near the student union building.
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historically black university was placed on lock down while police investigated. there were no other victims. so far, no arrests. chester county d.a. says deputy sheriff was justified in shooting and killing a man at the the county justice sent they are week. deputy shot 34 year-old curtis smith after he stormed, the the chester county courthouse on tuesday. smith, stabbed the deputy, before the other deputy, shot and killed him. in march of this year capitol police arrested smith after he jumped the fence at the white house, the deputy smith stabbed is fine. chester up land schoolteachers will work without pay to make sure school starts on time next month. there is a school board meeting for financially strapped district on tuesday, same day, a judge refused to get involved and how the district allocates money for special ed students in district charter schools. teachers and support staff voted to work temporarily without getting paid saying that the children in their community need them. school is set to start september 2nd. good for those teachers. sad news for basketball
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fans, former nba star and seven havers darryl dawkins also men as check late thunder died at just the age of 58. lehigh county coroner's office says dawkins died at a hospital thursday morning. they didn't announce a cause of death the but they say they have an autopsy planned for later today. dawkins was best men for this, his thunder us, slam dunk, and, this, shattering backboards. he helped pave the way for those break away rims. vice-president joe biden says yes, he is considering running for president but admits he is unsure if he will do it because family is still reeling from the loss of beau biden to brain cancer. he said quote if i were to announce to run i have to be able to convince all of you i would be able to give it the my whole heart and my whole soul and right now, both are pretty well banged up, biden's son beau, delaware attorney general, died in may as you well know. democrats are drafting resolution honoring work on
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beau biden. the vice-president's eldest son served as delaware attorney general. they are expect to vet during summer meeting in minneapolis. it will be last time they are all together before the nominate of the candidate for president next july at the democratic national convention right here in philadelphia. nasa scientists say their latest research shows polar ice melting and sea levels rising. researchers say since 1992, seas have ridden nearly 3 inches. it may in the seem like a lot but rising see levels can cause flooding and storm surges, higher sea levels means more water push inland. we are starting to see the impact of sea level win creased flooding in the low lying areas of miami or in new jersey. over the next hup years we do expect sea levels to continue rising and more impact from storm surge. >> researchers say it is their job to pass along their find to lawmakers who candy side the best course of action, or inaction many would say. tomorrow marks ten years
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since hurricane katrina during a visit to new orleans, president obama said that the people of new orleans showed extraordinary resilience. coming up we will show you why they are still having trouble recovering from all these years later. plus we will fires continue to burnout of control in washington state. besides the destruction, this is leaving behind officials say they have one other big concern. coming up the issue that is sending people to the hospital.
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that is shayna a twain, celebrating a birthday. she's 50 years old. she doesn't look like it. the she's still touring around all the time. how are you doing, dave warren. >> i'm doing great this morning. beautiful morning. nice and comfortable. we have nothing on ultimate doppler the last few taste, all clear. it will stay that way today. you can see a 10-degree temperature difference when it is clear, comfortable, and dry. we have that again this morning. sixty-four in the city. as soon as you get out in the city in the suburbs it drops down in the 50's. you don't need to grab a coat or anything, temperatures will warm up. shortly as that sun comes up, in the meantime though, it is pretty cool, comfortable. surrounding suburbs. there is a few 60's in delaware this morning. we will talk about the sea breeze.
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more evident today. it could be a a little bit warmer inland. touches 80 but like the last few days, it is sunny, ground vice dry, we need some rain, actually. we are in the getting it at least to take so we could see these numbers higher, these computer forecast have been under estimating our high temperature the last few days, and that trend will continue. seventy to the north. maybe hitting 80 in allentown. eighty-four in philadelphia little cooler, that water temperature in the mid 70's, that will drop air temperature once that sea breeze develops and that will happen each day down the shore this weekend. future cast show we will see a few cloud, they will pop up in the afternoon and then they will clear out. clear and comfortable again tonight, and then more clouds developing tomorrow afternoon, so that trend will continue, and then things will change on sunday, we could be seeing a bit more moisture moving n we could see a few showers developing. down the shore, just pretty good weather here for the end of this summer here. one week even before labor day. eighty's dropping in the 07's in the afternoon once that
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breeze develops. sun and cloud, cloud develop in the afternoon, getting warmer but that trend will continue, we could be heating up and we could be close to the heat wave in the seven day forecast, and that starts on sunday, showers, and storms, just a few showers, maybe lingering into monday, and just very, very isolated but hot and humid otherwise, so no more perfect ten's on the scale. we will drop down a bit because that humidity comes back. maybe three days in a row. could be a heat wave, sunday, monday, tuesday but you by wednesday and thursday it is dropping back. humidity still around but not as hot. that is a look at your weather authority, we have been kelly on the way to cape may, coming your way at 6:00 but we will start out this morning on the 42 freeway, things are looking clear this morning, so no major issues, there. this is the roosevelt boulevard, looking nice, clear this morning, just some added volume, on a friday morning, and, finally, we have these
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mass transit, no major issues on the regional rails, patco or new jersey transit, amtrak is also on time, chris. >> thanks, dave warren. 5:16. officials in saudi arabia said there has been a sharp increase in the the number of the people died in the the middle east due to respiratory syndrome m er s. nineteen people died this week alone. 2 million muslims are expect to make a annual pim bridge age next movement mers, is very deadly but less condition stage us then cousin sars, severe accuse respiratory syndrome. first hearing charge in the death of the freddie gray in baltimore is next week. gray died days after, a spinal injury, he received, while in police custody. that so-called rough ride in the back of the the police van. protesters gave way to rioting after this april death and police say that they are making plans new to ensure that the september 2nd court proceeding, and all these that
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follow, will be, safe. it has been ten years since hurricane katrina battered the gulf coast but many families are still struggling to rebuild. one organization is helping people move into new orleans and in new homes. "fox news" correspondent joel walled man is in orleans, to find out how they are doing. >> i had a home but it wasn't finish. >> reporter: fran clemens is moving back in her home after a decade of uncertainty when her house was destroyed by the storm, she tried to rebuild with the help of the contractor but he ended uptaking her life savings and leaving her with shoddy work in a house that was unsafe for both her and her family. >> they got money, she tried to rebuild the home and a lot of times the material that they used were substandard. >> reporter: after exhaust continuing her options fran finally turn to the the non-profit, for help in rebuilding your home. >> you basically have to take your losses and do what you will do with it, how will you
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move forward. >> reporter: the project is a labor of love started by liz mccartney and her husband zach. the couple was living in washington d.c. when the storm hit. after seeing the devastation on tv they decided to drive to new orleans to volunteer but ended up never going back home. >> i was completely unprepared for what we saw. i, in my mind thought there was in way it could be a as bad as it is being portrayed in the media but when we got here i was so shocked. >> all right, that is joel walled man reporting. wild fires in washington state of he come what the governor there is calling a slow moving disaster. as we take a look at the video you will necessity why. officials say they are largest complex of the wild fires in the state's history and they continue to burnout of control. look at that smoke. fires have charred more than 1100 square miles, not acres, miles. forcing thus toss evacuate. it is responsible for three
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fire fighter deaths and destroyed dozens of homes. officials say another big concern is, yes, the the air quality. >> air quality is poor. we have seen a rise in folks have coming in the hospital with respiratory issues, we have have given out over 40,000 masks, we have got more coming. >> and, with rising temperatures and increased wind it is making it really harsh for fire fighters. yesterday, officials said though that there is rain out in the forecast and that could mean some relief, finally there in washington state. more trouble for subway, sources say a franchisees warned subway executives about its former pitch man jared fox he will paying to have sex with minors in 2008. so years ago the. they say franchisee alerted the advertising executive about some concerns with jared being a spokesperson for the brand. she had exchanged numbers with fogle at a networking event and shortly after he began talking about how he with pay to have sex with minors.
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she went to the regional subway contact in florida where her business is based, subway for their part, they say, they do not have any record of those complaints. mcdonald's is parting ways with the chicken provide's accused of animal cruelty if you prefer chicken before burger you won't be dining on this. it is from the tns farm in tennessee this comes after secretly recorded video shows bird that were deemed too small and too sick to be clubbed. chicken necks were reportedly broken. farms had been under contract with tyson food, the second biggest purchaser of poultry in the u.s. spokesmen says they have terminated their contract with the farm and they are now investigating. we have been talk ago lot about security on the ground once the the pope gets to philadelphia, but what about in the air? before you even gets here we have a sneak peak at how the pontiff will stay safe, thuses of feet above the ground but first here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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introducing longhorns steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. security, of course is the biggest concern as the pope is about to be here and philadelphia police are working with the secret service to make sure that happens. but it is not just from on the ground. sabina kuriakose took a look at how the pope will be made safe in the eras well.
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>> right now we are on height and he leather because of the pope coming in, next month, and so we're very, very cautious. >> reporter: and, over the delaware river, delaware county district attorney jack whalen has a lot on his mind. >> the the river is important to protect because you don't know, you have individuals that want to hurt americans, you have individuals that want to make a statement, we worry about them religious leaders, different religious sectors trying to hurt the pope, we worry about them making the statement by attacking a stadium that is crowded full of people report are report his center of focus to make sure delaware county is protect and prepared for anything. we're along for the the ride thursday as whalen oversees a massive tactical exercise on tinicum island a strategic point near the the airport, one anyone can easily access. it dealt with swat and home
5:25 am
land security are geared up and ready to defend. >> we're getting on to boats. >> reporter: we're right under a flight path for philly international. you can see how low those planes are where they are taking off, one of the flight paths pope might be using on his way in and out of philadelphia and that is why the the district attorney says these exercises are so important. >> one of the issues we are looking at is our ports, rivers because of unconventional attacks that occurred. back on 911 we never thought we would be attack with planes. new you we are looking at all areas including the river. >> reporter: on the delaware river, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. ♪ >> all right. just some of the fun going on, right there. this is philadelphia's 35th district dancing to the hip song, watch me whip, watch me nana. officers and community coming together to show their dance
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moves. video posted this week already has well over, 10,000 views. how cool is that? real quickly, machinety g a big friend of fox 29 and always on twitter with us, says could you please give a rest in peace to my son donald who i lost this day, seven years ago, chris, please. of course, we did. we just did, monte, so sorry for your loss. thanks for watching fox 29. dave warren, do you want to talk weather, sir. hoping to make a quick buck? what officials say you need to know before you take in the renter. we are learning more about a carjacking overnight. steve keeley will go to the scene and have a live report in a minute. today is a day in our fox 29 school supply drive starts at 7:00 this morning, right here, in our fox 29 studios at the fourth and market in olde city. to donate school supplies we will accept your donation from his 7:00 to 10:00. come on down.
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trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at police are looking for a man who sped off during a traffic stop, crashed and stole another car with people inside. we will have have a live
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report. a big change coming to pennsylvania politics, at least the way you vote for your politicians, the governor's announcement straight ahead and hoping to make a quick buck by renting out your home, what officials say you need to know before you take in a complete stranger. good day, it is friday, august 28th, 2015. finally a friday dave warren. >> finally friday and in the much of a change with your weather here. we are looking at numbers continuing to drop for another hour, sunrise 6:25. here we are at 5:30. sixty-four in the city. about 54. maybe cooler in the surrounding suburbs. look at these temperatures. they are dropping, nothing dropping out of the sky, ultimate doppler is all clear. sixty to 65, that will be before philadelphia, cooler stepping outside this morning, but, quickly warming up. it is dry, comfortable with that low humidity. grab sun screen, keep the hat and sunglasses nearby. a ten today.
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going down this weekend because heat is building up. humidity comes back. there is 54 in pottstown. reading at 60. lancaster 57. couple 54's in the north and western suburbs. forty-eight in mount pocono. sixty-four down to 55. surrounding suburbs cooler and it could drop a few more degrees before that sun comes backup, latest number at the top of the hour. by this afternoon it will be warming up. eighty-four. mix of sun and cloud, more cloud in the afternoon, they pop up, and clear out at night. we're in for another tonight like last night, again, tomorrow, so weather continues, at this nice weather pattern continues. bob kelly is on his way to cape may. we have a change, this is, some construction that we have been watching, that crews have pick up atwood haven road between, boulevard and i-95. roads are clear there all moving nicely. increased volume on i-95 at cottman but no major slow down issues there just a few more
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cars heading out on the roadway. travel speeds this morning, lot of 50's, in major issues, no red, yellow, so things look clear. bob will have your updates coming up at 6:00. >> thank you, dave. >> chris? >> thanks very much, dave. details still coming out about that bizarre relevant i morning carjacking in south philadelphia, steve keeley has the very latest on this, hi steve. >> reporter: luckily no one got hurt bad at all. we are at south detectives where the four carjacked victims are giving statements. let's go to the video. you will see car number one, that was this guy who apparently had had just been in prison recently because we know that because in the ford mustang you see smash up was a prison id. and the id shows a guy in dread locks who was about 5-foot eight. way police described the driver of the car and way carjacked victims tribe them. police spot this mustang driving fast, and going through stop signs through south philadelphia a, a across broad street, and they pull him over and stops and takes
5:33 am
off before he crashes here in a couple parked cars. he runs out of the car and police see him. then he runs to this nissan, car number two and video number two watching at home and in the nissan two guys in the front seat, two girls in the back seat all in their early 20's. the driver gets pulled out, his friend in the passenger seat gets out ape tried to help his buddy and the carjacker gets in the driver's seat and takes off with the two girls in the the back seat. he drives a few blocks to fifth and shunk in south philadelphia where he runs out, one of the girls gets into the the driver's seat, drives a few blocks until she sees a cop, flags him down and tells him we were just carjacked and that is what happens. so, here is inspector scott small, telling us his end of the story, when he got to the scene. >> the driver of the mustang after crashing, exited the car, and ran up to a car that was occupied by two males and two females and he committed a
5:34 am
carjacking right in front of the the police. he pulled using physical force , he pulled the 24 year-old driver out of a nissan, while pulling the driver of the vehicle out of the car, the 25 year-old front seat passenger jumped out of car and attempted to help his, friends, who is driving the the car, and the purpose traitor then jumped in the nissan and then took off at a high rate of speed. when he took off, they were two females in the back seat of that car that he had just carjacked. >> reporter: you heard the story essentially twice there. here is the stuff scott small did not say, again, nobody hurt, only the passenger with some minor scrapes to his knees. he got hurt, just trying to help his buddy there. a good friend right there, they say that they necessity who committed this carjacking simply because the cops got a good look at the guy when he got out of the car after the crash scene and ran to the carjack car and then obviously
5:35 am
the carjack victims got a good look at him. they show him, prison id they find in the mustang and say that is the guy. they are looking for a guy last seen in the t-shirt and dread locks running around fifth and shunk and hopefully isn't carjack anyone else. police for some reason not putting out his name or that picture id to have the pennsylvania politics public help. maybe they got a couple addresses where they think they might fine him before he knows police are looking for him. so wild scene and again, chris, fortunately nobody got hurt bad at all because this guy could have killed people just the way he was driving both vehicles. he smashed the one and these are busy streets, 24 hours a day especially in south philadelphia a. police are now collecting surveillance video to see where that mustang was coming from originally and driving erratically and see if he was coming from committing a crime, if you do something bad you go blow through a won much of stop signs and speed through streets of south philadelphia. that is one way to get a cop's attention is driving that fast. the cops did their job in
5:36 am
finding him, pulling him over and thearchy the guy takes off. we will get more on this and that mens we will eventually find this guy here at south detectives as they know who he is, and probably know where he was living after he got out of prison. probably going back into prison too. he will get a fresh prison id too. 5:36. philadelphians are cashing in on the pope's visit by renting out the their homes to visitors. they are to go it through air b and b. meanwhile they had a meeting last night what to discuss. you can find a air b and b rentals around the country and around the world. philadelphia is a hot spot since so many are expect to travel next month. last night philadelphians packed a informational meeting to find out how to open up their homes, for cash. >> i was thinking more about the people, that everybody is crazy about the made in america, the democratic national convention, even when i'm traveling to see family and i have my home to be available. >> air b and b representatives
5:37 am
tell fox 29 that the demand for rentals in philadelphia is eight times higher then normal right now. state officials are launching pennsylvania's on line voter registration system. governor tomorrow wolf made that a announcement yesterday. on line registration is among the voting reforms governor wolf promised. supporters say it is cheaper, more accurate and convenient then registering on paper. phillies have to be happy the the mets are leaving town. break out the brooms and the tissue, we will explain. staying with sports, a big time businessman says people of means need to give, we will show you just how he is putting his money where his mouth is. it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point.
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we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 2015 jetta s oe for $139 get a $1000 month
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philadelphia a phillies are thrilled that the mets are leaving town and they swept the series four games to nothing at citizens bank park. daniel murphy, in relation, hit a go ahead two run double leading insuring to the nine-five win. darren ruf, went deep for the phillies, who have dropped two of 13 to the mets this year. boy, they have our number. thank goodness padres come to town tonight so we will have more luck against san diego. here is sports in one minute now. i'm sean bell. miles austin is a guy who have a career bounce back year with the eagles but doesn't find a role yesterday. regardless where he is, he won't settle for less.
5:41 am
>> i'm going to be complacent with whatever role, i don't want to say whatever rel but however i'm playing. so, there are things you have done wrong, you need to correct, and get in a good practice. >> chip kelly has not said whether or moth sam bradford will play saturday. he played a series against ravens but needs more reps but chip does not want to get him hurt in meaningless games. either way bradford is ready to play. >> it is always his decision but we have not talk about it. i don't know how much. but i plan to play. >> every week we wait until after today, and we talk about what we will do rotation wise and then we will go through tomorrow's training session and we finalize it and we go from there. we have not had a big discussion, yet. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. this is sports related, big time businessman says people of means need to give. we will tell you what he says, sets an example, next. plus betty white coming to box?
5:42 am
coming up, find out where, and when she will show up.
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that man right there, is 72 years old. that video you just saw the number one song in 1976, for a full, four weeks. how cool is that? of course, star of starsky and hutch, little history for you. in trivia, rock history, music history. we give it all to you on good day. >> 1976. >> can you exist. >> i don't quite remember that. >> that is why we played for it here. >> all right. >> right there, that little dot. >> what is that. >> that is venous. >> oh. >> work on it, yes. stepping outside, nice and clear, clear shot. look at that eastern sky, you will see it rising, i should say. looking outside, we have a nice end to the week. we have a heat wave, welshing it is a ahead but question mark there because there is one day, where it could be,
5:46 am
close to 90, but then we will certainly see ate above 90 for start of the week. watching erika, because, the latest information is in and we have the latest track. it will be affecting the south east. nothing on the radar screen right now, temperatures in the 50's and it warms up, 10 degrees in the 60's there in philadelphia a. that is warmest spot, around the city with the clear sky, and calm wind we will get a temperature difference between city and suburbs. fifty-five in millville. it will drop a bit. temperatures tonight for the the game, hoping for a little better luck after four losses to the mets. seventy-seven. padres are in town. light breeze out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour. now the the tropics as we are watching erika, not all that organized, right now, still a tropical storm and it is moving through this area which is unfavorable for development, and also going right over land there. so, if it holds up, if it continues to, maintain that circulation, doesn't fall apart, well, it will intensify as it gets closer to the south
5:47 am
east coast but for right now there is sheer trying to break it apart and the latest track from the national hurricane center if it holds up and maintains intensity it will turn to the north and witt going over florida here it could be anywhere within this range, as a tropical storm but this will be by monday, tuesday, wednesday, and it is little further ease, over water it could intensify here with more but this with this latest track they are keeping it as a tropical storm and slowly turn to the north but staying to the south, we will see cloud increasing to the north, but we are watching it moving through the caribbean. thinks a critical time here because if that sheer brakes it apart nothing to worry about as far as the the storm holding together. seven day forecast has heat building by end of the weekend. showers and a few storms, both sun day and maybe a few on hon but hot and humid with highs in the 90's. maybe three days in a row for a heat wave there starting sunday. and then on tuesday, and
5:48 am
wednesday, we will get cooler, highs in the mid 80's with partly cloudy skies. bob kelly is heading your way starting at 6:00 but for right now we will do traffic authority updates. we have the the 42 freeway, it looks all clear but do you see more headlights there volume picking up a bit but no major delays. same situation, roosevelt boulevard, approaching 76, all clear. just no major issues. just added volume. and, things look pretty good there on i-95, a along woodhaven road, to 676, and we have blue route to the vine street expressway, 14 minutes, chris. >> all right, dave. speaking of weather tomorrow marks ten years since her can katherine a president obama says residents of new orleans have demonstrated quote extraordinary resilience since that crippling storm. the yesterday, the president visited new orleans and spoke with residents in the hardest era use hit. the federal government spent $71 billion to help that city rebill. fund were used on infrastructure projects and
5:49 am
experimental new social programs to revitalize the city. the the president was just a u.s. senator when the storm made land fall in 2005 and had said after the storm the government had failed the city but now says that the recovery has been an example of what happens when government works together. >> the people of new orleans, they didn't justin expire me but you inspired all of america. folks have been watching what has happened here and they have seen a reflection of the very best of the american spirit. >> almost 2,000 people died with katrina hitting, most of them in new orleans, of course. the philadelphia 76ers owners is hoping to make a impact on the court and off. actually, his commitment off that really is making a difference right now. >> all of us that have done well over our lives, you know, we have a responsibility to
5:50 am
give back and to allow other people. >> sixers managing owner josh harris met with the police athletic league officials and didn't come empty handed. harris is donating 3.5 million-dollar to pal, a grant program through his family's charitable donation. the donation is the police athletic league's largest gift, in the 68 year history. good for him and good for sixers. good karma. a ventura quarter yummies celebrating its tenth year on the camden waterfront but party is, planned for this weekend is for two of the biggest resident. our cameras were there to get the a sneak peak at jenny and button front and center for the aquarium's first ever hip other wearness weekend. not only will guests be invited to meet the pair but they will get a chance to take home paintings done by the hippos themselves. all proceed raised saturday and sunday will go toward the hippo trust. we were at philadelphia zoo as zoo welcomed it new arrival to bear country, a
5:51 am
sloth bear named kayla. kayla made her public debut weighing in at 200 pounds, you see her there in the new bear country home throughout the weekend. then she will stay behind the scenes a bit as she gets used to her new home. former tv show judge gentlemen brown turns himself into begin serving his sentence after an appeals court rule they won't hear his case. he is serving five days in the tennessee prison after another judge ordered him in contempt for outburst during a child support case last year. brown had been acting as an attorney at the time. betty white's new gig is right here on fox. she will make an appearance on the upcoming season of bones as the accomplished and sharp as a tack doctor beth mayor. she has been brought in, to help solve a murder when the link to fantasy football which happens to be an area of her expertise. the episode is scheduled to air in late objecting. it has been more than ten
5:52 am
years since joachim phoenix a and m knight shame lon teamed up to make the village but reunion is in the works. crews are set to start filming this thursday. it will be shot in our area. like other films, nothing is really men about early production but sources say it is pretty much on the lower end of the budget, of course, m knight shame len big break out was sixth sense filmed right here in philadelphia with bruce willis. usane bolt is the fastest man in the world but there is one thing he could not run from and you have to see this and this could have turnout a whole lot worse this photographer on the segway just trying to get a best shot of him when this happened, really. the scooter, hit a side railing and then turns over. this was during a victory lap after 200-meter final, in beijing. both appears to be fine. bolt won his ten career gold medal yesterday but this could have been a whole lot worse?
5:53 am
can you imagine if that just took out his leg and suffer a serious injury and couldn't run any more. the engagement ring gone, now at bottom of the ocean, just who happened to save the the day. today is the day, fox 29 is holding a school supply drive beginning at 7:00 this morning, we need your help, so stop by the the fox 29 studios at fourth and mark, donation of school supplies, we will september them from 7:00 to 10:00. come on down and say hi.
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welcome back at 5:55 listening to the cure on this friday. i hope you have a great weekend. we have a wedding proposal go ary for a north carolina man. he took his girlfriend to the pier out over the ocean and dropped to one knee and then drop the ring. the it fell right between his fingers and right through board of the boardwalk. mike at pica says he waited six years for this moment but when it finally came he fulled it big time. when ring fell it disappeared in the water. strangers saw what happened and they jumped in and 90 minutes later, somebody found it, yes. all right. so they are all excited and they say their story is less about the ring and more about a day they will always remember, of course. coming up on good day philadelphia, a accusation that is subway knew about
5:57 am
former spokesmen jared fogle's past but former franchise owner says that is not true. what she claims happened when she tried to tell the company about this guy. plus philadelphia police investigating a carjacking you have to hear how this all began and more importantly how it ended. began and more importantly how it ended. steve keeley has a live report. began and more importantly how it ended. steve keeley has a live when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank.
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it is almost 6:00 o'clock and we start with a wild scene in south philadelphia a when a police chase after a stolen car end in a crash, police say the guy then jumps into another car, the hunt is on for this guy this morning. sad morning for sixers fans nba legend darryl dawkins has died. how he is remember this morning. chocolate thunder. of course, it is friday, we're down the shore. there is a live shot. is bob already eating with these folks? they are ready to go, but bob kelly is at the mad batter in cape may, run over and see him, we're all over cape may today, good day, it is friday, march 28th. davis in for sue, alex is in for alex and mike is in for mike. >> are you in. >> i'm in the in yet. i will be in by seven. >> and here's the big day, we have been saying this for over a month now we are holding our school supply drive beginning at 7:00 o'clock i


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