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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it is almost 6:00 o'clock and we start with a wild scene in south philadelphia a when a police chase after a stolen car end in a crash, police say the guy then jumps into another car, the hunt is on for this guy this morning. sad morning for sixers fans nba legend darryl dawkins has died. how he is remember this morning. chocolate thunder. of course, it is friday, we're down the shore. there is a live shot. is bob already eating with these folks? they are ready to go, but bob kelly is at the mad batter in cape may, run over and see him, we're all over cape may today, good day, it is friday, march 28th. davis in for sue, alex is in for alex and mike is in for mike. >> are you in. >> i'm in the in yet. i will be in by seven. >> and here's the big day, we have been saying this for over a month now we are holding our school supply drive beginning at 7:00 o'clock in one hour.
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>> we need to you help us, stuff the bus. stop by our studios at fourth and market to donate school supplies. we will accept donation from his 7:00 to 10:00 ape we will have this bus and we need to fill it. >> we do it every year, and hopefully in 2015 we will do it again. >> with your help. >> no excuses to get down here, perfect weather. >> no excuse. >> let's go. >> step outside, enjoy that comfortable weather. five in allentown. sixty-four in philadelphia is there that some degree difference. clear and calm and very dry out there. you will get that change from the city to the suburbs a lot of 60's but 50's just climb up to 60 in reading. it will drop a degree or two before that sun comes up in 25 minutes away, 6:25 sunrise. we are at 6:01 right now. sixty-three in long neck. sunshine, sun screen, hat, sunglasses. sixty to 65. get that pool time in before you head back to school starting next week for people. ten today. trend continues but it is
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going down, that is where we will than dropping this weekend as we will have heat and humidity returning. mixture of sun and cloud and just a little bit warmer. on the way to cape may he is there, he has traffic, updates, let's go to bob kelly. good morning, bob. >> hello to cape may, new jersey. i sang the song about three times on the the way down here. al albert version and cozy morally version. we are here at the mad batter along jackson street, one of the cool, bed and breakfast along this stretch here. already some folks here. they have coffee on. we have doughnuts. we have muffins. we are getting ready to start our friday morning rush hour. lets take a live look, nice and quiet this morning, a full moon on the drive down the atlantic city expressway, ben franklin bridge, looking good right now. no problems coming up and over in or out of philadelphia a live look at the 42 freeway, no delays, but headlights starting to pop up a little
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bit of volume. we are here this morning as we go to the maps, mad hat era long jackson street here in cape may. we have to be quiet because they are filled up here, they have 20 rooms packed here. so they are sold out. it is an old, quaint bed and breakfast that go back to 1882 and you have to love this, mike and alex, life is so uncertain, eat dessert first. >> i agree with that completely. >> i like that. >> and that is exactly what we will do at 6:15. they have the pastry chef, we woke her up early. she will have a whole display for us and we will eat dessert first because we're on vacation. mike and alex, back to you in the studioy eat the dessert first. >> because it tastes so much better when you have an empty pallet. >> yes. >> it is 6:03. >> lets get to south philadelphia. >> this is a wild scene, man last night. police attempt to pull over a vehicle but driver was not
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having it. he did everything to get away. >> that included a carjacking and nearby vehicle. steve keeley is live at south detectives. hey, steve. >> reporter: this is a guy just out of prison heading back to prison real soon. prison offers high school courses, college courses, one thing it does not offer is driver's ed which think guy sorely needed. lets go to video number one and car number one in the original car he was seen driving by police patrolling the streets of south philadelphia, just past midnight. it is a black mustang all smashed up, here on camac street in the 900 block. police saw it speeding, and blowing through stop signs, through south philadelphia across broad street and then they pulled over the the driver, who then waits for the officers to get out of their patrol car before he peels out and speeds off in the the mustang. only gets a few blocks before this crash, where he then jumped out and jumps in a car and video number two this nissan that he carjack. pulling the male driver out, his buddy in the the front passenger seat gets out to
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help his friend but carjacker somehow gets in and drives off with the two guys girlfriend in the the back seat. police say all this and chased nissan but lose it. the guy then stops at fifth and shunk and runs out. one of the two girls in their early 20's gets in the the driver seat and drives until she sees a police car when she tells the officers what happen. police fine key evidence back in the mustang, telling them who the carjacker is. >> police in the 17th district put out a description of the male who crashed the the initial car and committed the carjacking and that description was the the male wearing a white t-shirt, 5 feet eight in height but he had dread locks. that type of hair style, dread locks. the two males that were carjacked and two females in the back seat of the carjack car said that the person who committed the carjacking, had dread locks, and was wearing a white t-shirt and was about 5 feet eight in height. when police were investigating
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the must tank and, 1900 block of south 17th, they saw an inmate identification card in plane view and that inmate identification card picture did match, the description of the person , who the the 17th district officer attempted to initially stop ape also matched the description that the four victims office carjacking gave out. and those four, and, and south, and, id, that prison id. police saw the carjacker, with the tread locks because they got close enough to see him jumping out of his smashed car into the carjacked car. police know who they are looking for and enough to find him fast and end his parole, and also end his days of thunder on the streets of south philadelphia before anybody gets hurt. luckily nobody did in this case. >> surprisingly.
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>> 6:06. new details about the the gun man in that tragic shooting, of two young journalist in virginia, what police found all over the walls inside of his house and what they found in his, getaway car. and later, did subway know about their spokesperson jared fogle being a attract to young girls? what a former franchise owner what she told the company and how they allegedly responded.
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this place is really good. it is called mad batter, pancake batter. i think i see bob kill any there with his fancy shirt on. oh, yeah. that is in cape may, new jersey. we're down the shore on this friday. virginia officials say gun used to kill two journalist live on the air was purchase legally. >> you know this guy's name by now, vester flannigan. actually purchased two glock 9-f course, he only used one of them. another candle light vigil was held last night outside tv station, in roanoke, and in honor of 24 year-old reporter allison parker and 27 year-old cameraman adam ward. former co-workers say the shooter was really unstable, when they work with him. a search of his home revealed, he lives in squalor, a big mess inside of his house, and
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there were publicity photos, and sex toys, all over the house. in his rented getaway car there was a wig, more ammunition, lot of it. he also didn't just write a manifesto he chronicled his act on social media as you know. >> he was live tweeting essentially from his own twitter account. i don't think we have ever had this play out before but that level of premeditation and how he used social media for maximum pre motion was shocking. >> he was angry, he was angry when he left here two years ago. it is something that i would have never expect to happen two years after he left. >> and that is what everybody says. third victim there she is on the right-hand side, her name is being very i gardener, it is expect to make a full recovery. she actually was doing quite well yesterday afternoon. 6:11 now. subway claims that they didn't know their spokesperson
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jared fogle was attract to under age girls but you a former franchise owner says that is in the true what she claims, happened when she tried to tell the company. bob kelly, is what up, my brother. >> good morning, my brother we are coming to you live from cape may new jersey. i'm's here with the owner mark from the mad batter. his motto is eat dessert first. you know what we have to do in cape may eat dessert first. (plays throughout)
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♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first.
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dave warren in for sue this morning. no worries about any rain or storms out there just yet. they could be in the weekend forecast. certainly not to day. fifty's in the north and western suburbs. sixty-four in philadelphia 54 in millville. just warmer toward wildwood and atlantic city. big day, warm up, close to 80. maybe a few degrees above that. computer forecast has it at 80 but under estimating last few days. sunshine out there could push that to about 84 today. sea breeze, developing down the the coast. that will keep temperatures cooler there. just a few you degrees cooler in the north and western suburbs like the past few days here is that nice cool air coming off the coast, ocean there, only in the upper 60's, mid 70's from cape may to atlantic city. this will be developing this afternoon. sunshine and just a few cloud, then they will clear out at night. we will see repeat of that
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again tomorrow afternoon, and evening. so 80 in the poconos. eighty-one on sunday. is there showers and storms. better chance for storms north and west, that will be on sunday, and today, we have that cooler breeze in the afternoon, 80 and then drops down in the 70's, maybe upper 60's at night. sunshine to start the day and then just a few cloud in the afternoon. 84 degrees today. we will continue to climb. could be closer to 90. we will be pretty close by sunday. chance of showers, or storms, on sunday, maybe cloud will linger, into monday but we have the heat, hot and humid weather is here monday and tuesday. trying to stay in a heat wave at 89 sunday, monday 90, 91 on tuesday, little cooler on wednesday, and, on thursday with partly cloudy skies and in the mix of just sun and cloud. traffic time, due to track, before you eat your dessert though, bob, take care of that first. >> okay, i guess, okay, tad,
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good morning, everybody. typically when i walk in the station in the morning i'm really loud with a good morning, everybody. we are going testify to be quiet here. everybody is still sleeping. we are he here on jackson street in the heart of the cape may right in front of the mad batter, one of the old victorian big and breakfast is here in cape may. there is 20 different rooms in there. every place along the block is sold out this morning. this week really popular and weather has been great. lets check the jam cams as i have have to step out of the street here woodhaven road we have on some construction. they are in the process of picking up cones in the great northeast. ninety-five at highland have knew for gang heading up toward the airport, looking in the upper left, here comes the sun, good looking day but then over weekend as we go to the maps route 30 lancaster avenue will get down to one lane with the construction project so keep that in mind as you are out and about near villanova this weekend.
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who is ready for dessert, come on, check this out. we are on the front porch of the mad batter. these guys don't normally open up until 8:00 but they have opened up early for us. this bed and breakfast was back in, oops, are you okay, back in 1882 and i'm here with pastry chef, your first name. >> lynn a. >> thanks so much forgetting up, hair, make up everything looks great. >> thank you what looks better are dessert. mark, the owner's motto here is life is so uncertain we need to eat dessert first. what have you made for us here. this looks good. >> this is our bread basket, freshly bake breads. today we are offering coconut bread, lemon blue bring bread and man get coconut pecan bread. >> we have had some bread. look at this delicious dish. >> this is i strawberry grand cheese cake and then we have a
6:19 am
tira messu and something delicious our ice cream sandwich cookie. >> look at that. >> that is ice cream. >> i make the ice cream here. >> look at that. >> what do we have here. >> that is our fruit crumble seasonal fruit crumble to i day is blueberry peach and check late cake served hot so when you cut in to it, it comes out mike and alex we will watch it. >> and then. >> look at that. >> bob, 6:19. >> lava. >> guess what i'm here all morning long. you got it, keep them coming. we will take one of these of these in a to go platter back to mike and alex. >> i hook you guys up. >> homemade ice cream. >> back to you in the studio. >> man, man, thank you, we will be in cape may all
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morning long. 6:20 now. we now you know that a student was killed, inside of the student union building, at savanna state university. christopher starks, a junior, from the atlanta area was rush to the hospital late last night following an altercation of some sort at the historically black university. the whole school was placed on a lock down when police investigated this. police are still searching for the shoot are. 6:20. more trouble for subway sources say franchisees warned subway executives about former pitch man jared fogle paying to have sex with minors back in 2008. they say franchisee alerted a subway advertising execute biff some concerns with jared being a spokesperson for the brand. she met him at a networking event and then shortly after he began talking to her about how wow pay to have sex with minor. she went to the regional subway contact in florida. subway say they do not have a
6:21 am
record of those complaints. 6:20. college students get ready for class toes start a new survey shows just how much caffeine they need, you know those 8:00 . more than half of the colleges are in our area which do you think came in at number one. which school. >> out of the top ten, we have five in our area. >> that is right. >> we are hyped up. >> these stinking mets. phillies are probably happy the mets are finally leaving town, for a game that never seem to end. way in to extra innings.
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phillies are thrilled that the new york mets are out of town now, four games, they got swept by the stinking mets. mets are good this year. they are in first place. daniel murphy hit a go ahead two run double in the 13th inning, leading mets to the nine-five win. you know, phillies got off to a five to nothing start but mets came back. darren ruf went deep for phillies who have trooped 12
6:25 am
of 13 to the mets this year. the padres, come to town tonight, and maybe we can beat the padres. here is more on in the world of sports with sean bell. >> good morning, i'm sean bell. preseason script has exchanged, in the third game guys, they used to play in the half but now, teams are scared that their star players will get injury. chip kelly has in the said whether or not sam bradford will play but the quarterback will be ready to go. >> i plan to play. it is always his decision but we have not talk about it. i don't know how much but i plan to play. >> every week, we wait until after today, when we talk about what we will do rotation wise and then we go through tomorrow's training session and finalize it and go from there. we have not had a discussion as of yet. we have a big meeting this afternoon on how we will do it. >> eagles had to cut the roster from 90 to 75 after saturday's game with the packers. injuries are making their decision easier.
6:26 am
today they waved emmanuel ac ho, he has a thumb injury that will likely require surgery. he started two games over last year but probably wasn't going to survive, regardless of injury. that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> former nba star, and sixer, darryl dawkins, chocolate thunder, died yesterday at the age of 58. he had a heart attack. >> lehigh county coroner's office says dawkins, as you said, known as check late thunder, he died at the hospital yesterday morning. they didn't announce the the cause of the death but family release add a statement saying it was due to a heart attack. there will be an autopsy later today. did you know he was known for his backboard shattering dunks. >> look at that. >> they had to change the backboard, because of him. >> fantasticky will miss him because he used to come on the show all the time. his suits. he and world b free, one of his best friend, look at that
6:27 am
suit. >> look at that suit. >> that was a couple years ago. >> lime green. >> such a nice guy teeth shaking, glass breaking, rump roasting, bun toasting, wham bam, glass breaker, i am jam. he used to name his dunks. he a had a dunk called your momma a. >> i like the one in your face disgrace. >> so we will talk about it with one of his good friend from back in the 80's, garry cobb will be into talk about chocolate thunder. >> all right. >> there is still time to get your pope passes, and there are quite a few available. >> is there plenty left, jenny joyce. >> reporter: we had those passes for you, we have information on how to get around for weekend of the pope's visit, we also have information on how to cash in, for the pope's visit come up next.
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a car was found overnight the that could lead them to the driver. bob kelly is not here. it will have to be dave warren. how many days away from the pope, 28, 27. >> we need to keep our official count down. >> let's call ate a month. the pope will be here and while some people are excited to see the the holy father,
6:31 am
others are exited to make a quick buck. will you try to rent out your house? they had a big meeting last night. we will tell you if you can make thousands. we're down the shore. we're mad this morning. we are at the mad batter restaurant. bob kelly and quincy harris is in cape may this morning. join us, come on down. >> good day, it is friday, august 28th, 2015. is the bus here yet, dave, let me check. >> the busies here. >> the busies here, why don't we have a camera out there. >> if the busies here that means it is time to fill that bus. we are having a school supply drive today, it is the day, so beginning in 30 minutes, we need your help. stop by fourth and market. >> hey fish face. >> yes michael. >> there are two women with school supplies. >> they don't know where to take it. >> because we don't have any camera out there. we stink. >> maybe we will get someone out there. >> she has a huge back of school supplies, wait right there, we will come out. >> we will be so glad people
6:32 am
are stopping by. we will accept your donations through 10:00 o'clock, let's fill this bus, any type of school supplies, anything a child would need to be successful in will school, we're doing it. >> we will go outside. >> i will go talk to them. so nice to come so early. >> we will make sure they get their donations in. a lot of weather to talk b64 degrees, light breeze out of the north at 5 miles an hour. relative humidity at 70 percent. but we will be increasing this weekend. nothing on ultimate doppler radar. all clear. sixty to 65 degrees, bright sunshine, grab the sun screen, shade. one more day at the pool in before back to school maybe as early as next week. a ten today, weather by numbers, we are high on the scale but we will be dropping giving an indication that this type of weather won't last, really can't, still late august, we have low humidity. that will come back here by the end of the weekend.
6:33 am
fifty's and 60's, now that 10-degree difference we are seeing between the city and suburbs. you get that when it is clear, calm, comfortable out there. eighty-four this have afternoon. mix of sun and cloud. just getting warmer. weather now, we will go to traffic, we have bob kill any cape may with updates there drinking the coffee, hey there, bob. >> you got it, good morning, everybody. i'll tell what you, thinks service on the front porch here of the mad batter, along jackson street. i have to be quiet which is unusual for me because everybody is still sleeping down here, so lets check some jam cams. as we get ready to begin our friday morning rush hour, in the bad as we kick it the off and say good morning to the ben franklin bridge. old bennie coming in and out of philadelphia, in problems at all. wide open there. schuylkill expressway taking a live look at that camera. we have your typical volume building. we will have some sun glare on the schuylkill this morning. the as we go to the maps speaking of the the schuylkill heads up for tomorrow, this
6:34 am
will be huge for anyone that will be trying to come to the shore early tomorrow, penndot is going to be working on the schuylkill expressway beginning at 6:00 a.m. in both directions, in and out of the city. keep that in minding to the kevin hart 5k run on the art museum. give yourself plenty of extra time. okay, back here on the patio of the mad batter, mike and alex, i'm done with my coffee. it is time to pick it up a notch. i have a momosa or one of my favorite bloody mary. which one do you think i should go. >> the bloody mary. >> alex, what do you think. >> i'm a momosa girl. >> we will to have do both. we will do both, maybe. >> i will start with the bloody mary you have nil ten, start slowly. >> i'm here all morning long, mad batter, come on by jackson
6:35 am
street. >> 6:34. >> police pulled over a vehicle in south philadelphia, but really that is just the beginning. >> i hate the term it was just like out of the movie but this was just like out of the movie, a carjacking followed as a desperate driver for the to get away. two carjackings, steve keeley, this was crazy, he is at the south detectives. >> reporter: mike, you amazing you just aid is a it was just like the movie. i will make another movie reference. but here at south detective because the four carjacking victims are in there positively identifying, this guy, who is still not caught but police have plenty of picture up. south philadelphia streets are small, people park in the median, and plus people are up and out at midnight on nice summer nights. with all that it is very fortunate no one got hurt with this guy driving, steve mcqueen style like in the movie bolt. later model mustang that you see here this one smashed on camac street the in the 19 hup block.
6:36 am
then a carjack nissan with the side, chief up expect or scott small in the fifth appearance on good day, tying a previous record gives us the run down. >> the driver of the mustang, after crashing, exited the car, and ran up to the car occupied by two males and two females and committed a carjacking in front of the police. he pulled, using physical force, he pulled the 24 year-old driver out of a nissan. while pulling the driver, of the vehicle out of the car, the the 25 year-old front seat passenger jumped out of the car and attempted to help his friend who was driving the car, the perpetrator then jumped in and then took off at a high rate of speed. when he took off there were two female in the back seat that he had just carjacked. >> looking at this guy as well they tried to pull this mustang over because they see it, driving through south
6:37 am
philadelphia streets, speeding and blowing through stop signs, block after block, and then he did stop at one point and then peeled out when the cops got out of the car, to go ask for his driver's license, insurance card and registration. then they watched him go from the smashed mustang into the nissan. the so they also have a good look at him but the key that he left behind in the mustang, his prison id card, and so they see a guy with the dread locks that fit the description from the police and four carjack victims who had the run in with him. they know a name and they are looking for and for some reason they are not putting it out to the public which they know where they may find him, and where we all made find him next right back in prison getting a fresh, brand new prison id card likely. >> nice to leave the id there, prison id. >> hey steve, i want you to know i know a little something about detective frank bullet
6:38 am
he drove a 1968 ford mustang, he was burning rubber. >> reporter: very good. good work googling. >> don't do that to me. >> yeah. >> reporter: good job. >> 6:38. philadelphia police are working to determine if a man charged in two break ins is responsible for five other break ins. do you remember this guy. >> all these break ins occurred near drexel university. sources tell us that the the suspect is a drexel student. police say he he drove into two residences yesterday afternoon. surveillance video reportedly captured him stealing a television, his last stop was a building on the 29 hup block of chestnut street. >> it was an asian male inside of her apartment going through her purse. she confronted the male. fortunately one of the construction workers was coming backup to the floor, hears the the commotion, enters her room and was able to bring the male, 21 year-old asian male into his control and apparently we're in the process at serving a search
6:39 am
warrant, within that building, hoping to recover evidence in these two crimes, plus additional evidence that may link him to other crimes that occurred over the weekend he is right, more charges will be coming. the suspect is only charged with yesterday's crimes. well, world meeting of families and papal visit is now officially less than a month away. do we know the exact date yes? >> dave warren, you are in charge today of how many days left. >> probably, 30 something, i don't know. >> i don't want any probable's, i want exact stuff here. >> i will google it like you did. >> yesterday on the street i heard a guy are you ready for the papal visit? you mean papal? with all these people coming to the the city, they need a place to stay, of course and you know is what going on here jenny joyce, big meeting last night. people trying to rent out their homes and apartments to make some big bucks, how did it go last night.
6:40 am
>> reporter: there were a lot of people at that meeting and there was a press conference through septa yesterday, mike and alex, i'm wondering did we scare people out of coming here for the pope's visit? i don't know if we did but maybe city did. there are 12th 200,000 september regional rail pass's veilable. septa held a press conference about that yesterday because they want people to be taking advantage of these passes available to them, yesterday leaders spoke publicly, urging people to come out and see the the holy father and they reiterated that taking the train offer trolley is best way to do it. septa says don't worry about getting home if you make it to center city for the event, the trains will run as long as necessary to make sure that every one gets home. >> the message today is the easiest way to come see the the pope, through septa. we're making it easy. we are running express service on the regional rail and trolley lines. it is an easy commute. once you get the downtown it
6:41 am
is an easy walk to the event. >> reporter: now for people hoping to cash in, air b and b held a meeting last night to help people through process of renting out their apartments to visitors. they say that the demand for rentals is eight times higher then the other visits. now they are hoping to cash in with air b and b this time around. people can list their properties on the web site, they can set up a host profile and renters can pose a review. air b and b does take a 3 percent cut of the rentals, but certainly something to consider. >> a friend of mine is doing it, getting a thousand dollars a night for the the full seven days. >> the rent is paid. >> yes. >> actually probably three months for him. 6:21. as college students, go back to class, a new survey shows just how much coffee they consume. more than half of the top ten most caffeinated colleges, are
6:42 am
in our area. to second of them air credits the street from each other. who is number one? there is brave dave. news people are number one. >> um-hmm. >> college students. looking at cape may this morning a great start to the day, sun coming up, and it is nice and comfortable, bright sunshine we are down the shore this morning, getting ready for some weather and traffic. we will have the late west my report and bob in cape may coming up. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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other bob kelly is kicking his day off at the mad bat inner cape may, hi there, bob. >> hey, good morning, everybody. we are inside is he i can say good morning from cape may. it will be a beautiful day at the beach. one spot that is popular during the day right here the mad batter, home of the best happy hour, here, in cape may, new jersey. this place is fantastic. it was built back in 1882. i will in the tell you the history my buddy mark is. thank you so much for inviting
6:46 am
us here. tell us about the history of the building here. >> thank you, back in 1882 national historic landmark building, started by my father, in 1976. >> your dad was here, he had a chance to meet the president. >> he is 90 years old and landed on the beaches of normandy on june 6th, 1944. >> wow, that is cool. >> i'll tell you what they have great food here. ready to eat. while i helped out to the patio lets check jam cams as we head to work. we will have some sun glare this morning. i-95 on the northbound side heading up toward philadelphia international airport. highland up to the airport with some delays. lets go to northeast philadelphia, i-95 at cottman avenue moving along just nicely here both directions through the the construction zone, and don't forget tomorrow, bright and early, grab your sneakers and lets go, kevin hart 5k, in philadelphia, of course, he is coming to town on sunday for his big comedy show at the link but they have the big 5k
6:47 am
run tomorrow that will shut down the art museum circle and martin luther king drive. back out here on the patio with my pal the chef, your first name. >> bruce. >> they told, everyone who has walk by has said this is the best place to eat the man behind it right here, lets show us wharf. lets look at how thick. >> first we will start with a special sea food am let, lobster, crab, swiss cheese in it. we try to to something special. >> how will lie good in my bikini if i eat this in the morning. >> i'm sure you will still look fine. >> this is our chesapeake bay bendik, poached eggs, home less made sauce on top. my goodness. >> what do we have over here. >> thinks a non-flatbed topping, with short ribs, carmelized onions, roasted tomatoes, and cheese, a glaze on top with a side of the
6:48 am
mediterranean. >> that is healthy version i guess. >> yes. >> let's go to the other side. that three is of the great dishes. hi, gang, good morning, is what your first name. >> my name is larry. >> larry, nice to meet you. >> hi, sweety is what your name. >> jackie. >> you come out to say hi. >> look at this right here. >> that is our stapel items oatmeal blueberry pancakes. that is one of his father's dishes he put on when he opened up in the 07's. coming down to the shore you must try that. >> thinks a must. >> that is a must. >> what do we have here. >> our famous, maryland jackson street crab cake, mad batter crab cake with jumbo lump crab, homemade house cut frenchfries. >> you have to love it. >> can't beat it you came at a good time. >> you got pancake, we have great stuff, we are here at mad batter, best, all they have to do is come down, breakfast is all morning. >> breakfast is on mark, alex
6:49 am
and everybody back at the station, we will bring some goods back for you. i'll tell you what coming down the shore we count on a good looking forecast and i think dave warren will serve that up for us, dave. >> good looking forecast from a good looking forecaster, bob. >> got it. >> you are the man. >> 57 degrees in pottstown, 54 in allentown. is there that temperature difference. fifty's to the 60's. fifty-four in millville. 10 degrees between the city and suburbs. padres tonight, hopefully better luck, 77, and heading to the game temperature drops quickly after that sun goes down. get ready for. that watching the tropics this is moving through unfavorable environments for intensification. if it false apart nothing to worry about. it will continue to track to the caribbean fit hold together and moving over florida anywhere in this range as a tropical storm. so we are watching this between monday, tuesday, and wednesday, all eyes will be on the south east here as we
6:50 am
watch this move through the tropical innings, caribbean, to see fit continues to intensify. eighty's to the 90's, showers and storms late in the weekend on sunday. the hot and humid on monday. 91 degrees on tuesday. we could see a heat wave there we will touch 90 on sunday. it could three days in a row. it will drop wednesday and thursday, back down into the mid 80's. i found this survey, which colleges in america drink the most coffee? my goodness, us folks around a here, we drink more coffee then anybody in the country according to this on line food delivery side called grub hub. >> students at lehigh university order in other caffeinated drinks then any other school in the country. >> lehigh. >> but that is not the the only local schools. >> they are high at lehigh. >> also on the the list, drexel university, the college of new jersey, penn, and temple university, and villanova. >> you are telling me we have five of the top ten most coffee consumers.
6:51 am
>> there is a lot ovulate nights here in our area. >> i guess. >> my goodness. >> maybe there is a lot of 8:00 o'clock classes. those were the worst. >> i hated those. >> i used to go a 8:30 class and have a doughnut, go home and sleep. >> and then wake backup and go back to my next class, and then look what we are doing now, getting up way before then. >> we didn't make any headway at all, we're still getting up in the middle of the night you who does this happen. >> you know what i need? no do's, probably bad for you. i don't know if they even sell them anymore. >> i will google that a hint. >> what about jolt cola. they still sell that. >> back to school. we're taking your donations outside your studio. i just met a little girl, there she is, she said mike, i want to be the first person to stuff the bus, so, we will go out and talk to her. look at her moves.
6:52 am
6:53 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help
6:54 am
find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! i did and it is horrifying. >> so, you know those segway things people ride around in philadelphia look at this dude. >> he is a photographer. >> okay, down he goes. >> yes. >> oh, man, he could have really hurt him. >> okay. >> then he started, running.
6:55 am
my goodness. how embarrassing. >> this is right after his victory lap, he won the 200-meter final. >> this is in beijing. >> okay, i'm okay. >> i like his reaction afterward. >> well, quick interview you with him, and he was very gracious. the other guy, he just ran into the thing there, i'm fine, by the way, he did win another gold medal. >> but i mean if he had president been fine, can you imagine good can you imagine if he broke his leg, ended his career which could have happen. the the busies out there, we have some people gathering. you have until 10:00 o'clock. we are trying to stuff this bus full of school supplies. >> i love it. >> that young lady, there is a guy too. look at him. >> this is great. >> this is fantastic. >> even though we're collecting back to school supplies we are celebrating down the shore, what do we have, today and then next friday is our last day down the shore. >> don't say it.
6:56 am
>> will you look at this picture perfect scene out of cape may new jersey. >> like a post card, mike it really is. you're not at all concerned? about what now? oh, i don't know. the apocalypse? we're fine. i bundled renter's with my car insurance through progressive for just six bucks more a month. word. there's looters running wild out there. covered for theft. okay. that's a tidal wave of fire. covered for fire. what, what? all right. fine. i'm gonna get something to eat.
6:57 am
the boy's kind of a drama queen. just wait. where's my burrito? [ chuckles ] worst apocalypse ever. protecting you till the end. now, that's progressive.
6:58 am
without the internet i would probably be like a c student. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost high speed internet into the homes of hundreds of thousands of low-income families. it lets students do homework and study at home. so far more than two million people across america have benefitted. internet essentials is going to transform the lives of families. i see myself as maybe an entrepreneur. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. we have new details of the gunman in virginia. thinks a candle light vigil
6:59 am
last night. he had things up in his wall in his apartment and investigators found unusual things in his getaway car. we will tell you. back here at home a wild chase in south philadelphia ends in a crash but the man whom police say stole two cars overnight is on the run. what police found in one of those cars that could lead them to the driver. head line on the daily news, we are shattered. get it. yeah, nba legend, sixer legend, darryl dawkins, check late thunder, died yesterday. how he is being remember, this morning, and we have one of his good friend, in our studio today. outside of our studio it has started. >> back to school. we are taking donations to help kid in need. we are trying to stuff the the bus as student head back to class. come down to fourth and market. you may meet chris murphy who will be out there watching donations. >> did you just say, you have a shot of meeting chris murphy. >> what a prize, what a prize. >> i'm going out now.
7:00 am
>> you're telling me there is a chance. >> yes. >> dave, take it a away, because mike, there is a little girl out there who wants to give the the first donation. >> started at 7:00 o'clock. this is what you have to deal with. we have cooler weather, north and west, 53 in allentown. sixty-six in philadelphia. atlantic city at 58. closer view of the suburbs, dropping in the upper 50's or lower 50's like doylestown, red aring is still at 60. so we are just a little bit cooler in the surrounding suburbs. it the is just off to a cool start but will quickly warm up with the bright sunshine right now. sixty to 65. we will get that pool down in before school. grab sun screen today, you will need it, it is a ten. the last day where it is a ten because it could get lower, heat and humidity come back for the rest of the weekend. you will feel it by start of the next week as temperatures close in on the 90's. we will lot at numbers on the seven day coming up. time to kick off officially at 7:00 our


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