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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans in for lucy knoll. >> i'm iain page this afternoo afternoon's doctor discover fifo is the second in of its kind in the past week. davkinchen is live near the sce. >> very disturbing situation. southwest detectives on the scene are the now. they are investigating here at the hawkins funeral home. we're at the 5300 block of vine street where police tell us three bodies found inside. two of them decomposed. let's go right to video right now. cops tell thus pennsylvania state officials got a tip about the bodies here and launch add state investigation and then called the philadelphia police department. the pa department of state tells me hawkins funeral home does not have an active funeral home license, however, investigators on seen say the funeral home director blair hawkins does have an active funeral director's license. these are two different types of licenses and police say both are required for business.
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cops say the funeral director brought at least two bodies here for storage and services were held for one of those bodies which is currently in a casket. police have a lot of questions about how these bodies got here. listen in. >> again it's just terrible for the families of he's people who died. they're paying somebody to be a professional don the right thing. unfortunately people are cutting corners to save a few dollars. it's just unacceptable behavior in my opinion. you pay a funeral director that person is licensed by the state regulated by the state, off responsibility to care fort de dead. >> reporter: a lot of questions indeed there. as investigators continue to look for answers. police tell us this used to be call the gator funeral home and they're trying to reach out to the previous operators as part of their investigation. but plea bodies found inside the hawkins funeral services building behind me. two of those bodies police say were decomposed. one of those bodies was in a casket and police are trying to get the identification and those
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bodies. they don't have that right now this story continues to develop and we'll bring you the latest at 6:00. back to you iain. >> dave, thank you much as we told you this is the second time something like this has happened recently just last tuesday morning neighbors called police after noticing a foul odor coming from this garage near the 2600 block of ago garr street in north philadelphia much police found three decomposing bodies inside. the garage belongs to yann net powell daily who also owns the funeral home around the corner. her son toll us the bodies were only in the garage for temporary time. the state pull the funeral home's license but the family denies that. the bodies were moved to another funeral home while police continue to investigate. two men are in the hospital tonight after being shot in the city's fair hill neighborhood. investigators say the men both in their 20s both of them actually 23 years old shot around 1:30 this afternoon on the 2600 block of north lawrence street. one of those men in critical condition. no word on what led us up to that shooting. police have not made any arres
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arrests. skyfox over the scene of a serious accident this afternoon in northeast philadelphia. it happened around 2:00 o'clock on academy road at president street. one person was taken to the hospital. no word yet on her condition. developing to night, police have made an arrest in that hit-and-run accident that killed an off duty philadelphia police officer. officer lamar pool was killed yesterday when car hit the motorcycle he was riding on roosevelt boulevard. cops later found that driver and he's now facing long list of charges. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live outside police headquarters. dave, officers dealing with the loss of one of their own. >> reporter: dad sad day, iain, for the philadelphia police department especially the men and women in the 12th police district in south philadelphia where officer pool had been stationed the last half dozen years. he's been there. he's well like out l called a true gentleman today. tonight the suspect who was driving under the influence at the time of that crash is facing some very serious charges.
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investigators now say 59-year-old lewis john bog well was driving under the influence when he turned left in front of off duty officer lamar pool's motorcycle sunday on the boulevard. causing a violent collision that took officer pool's life. >> i was in shock when i heard it. i went to the hospital and just stunned that something like this could happen in an instant. >> bog well was charged with involuntary manslaughter, vehicular homicide by dui and other offenses. tow truck driver helped track him down and held him until police arrived. >> certainly we appreciate everything that tow truck driver did. it takes a lot of courage to get personally involved in thick things like that. >> reporter: the death of the 42-year-old officer, a 19 year veteran of the force, stunned his fellow officers. >> great police officer. he was an even better person. >> he was older than me so he took me under his wing. >> reporter: officer caleb ivy went went through the police academy 18 years ago with
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officer pool. he spent the laugh six years with officer pool the father of seven. >> something so sudden something so senseless happens. >> officer pool loved to ride his motorcycle. it was more than a hobby. it was his bag. >> captain maroney broke the sad news to 200 officers at roll call monday. he says officer pool will be sorely missed. >> he was just a great guy. he was a gentleman. he was a true gentleman. >> reporter: now the suspect is also charged with reckless endangerment and dui. police did not release his blood alcohol level. he's being toed held tonight on half a million dollars bail. we'll have the latest on the investigation and more memories about officer pool coming up at 6:00. joyce? >> thank you, dave. homicide detectives are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in kingsessing this morning. skyfox over the 5300 block of ryan heart street. this was around 7:00 a.m. police found the body of a man
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in his late 20's or early 30s lying dead in the street. he had been shot in the head. police aren't sure yet of a motive. they're still looking for that shooter. heat, humidity and rain to start off your work week. a lot of people got caught in this downpour in center city today. the rain came fast and furious for a moment leaving some people soaked right around lunch time people running to try to get out of the way tonight things have dried up but this heat will stick around. fox 29 meteorologist mike masco here to talk about what could be our eight least heat wave of the summer. mike. >> we'll go from number five. five heat waves this summer. 90 degrees once again in philadelphia. even shore points getting into the 90 mark. keep this in mind, no. 84 is our official normal high for this time of the year. so this is note worth because we're talking about a huge separation between the actual temperatures want our normal values should be. 30 days this summer it's hit 90 or better. four heat waves and we're expe expected to make that five by tomorrow. by the way each month this summer has featured well above average temperatures. not only is it hot, it is really
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humid out there. these are dew point values upper 60s to around 70 that's why it's feeling like it's in the low 90s as you get along philadelphia wilmington up towards mercer county and trenton. here's this high building off towards the south and west. shooting in our direction. we're looking at temperatures 87 to around 89 along our beach front. but this is the area i'm concerned with. right along 95 high temperatures could be 92 to 95 with heat indices close to 100. we'll talk more about this and there's a hur rain in the atlantic. those details coming up. >> thank you, mike. and a 17-year-old ritas' water ice worker finds herself staring at a gun. police say a man ordered water ice on thursday night on east hunting park avenue in juniata. when the worker came back to the walk up window to with that order the man was pointing a gun demanded money but the teenager ran to the back of the store and told her co-workers the man took off. if you know who he might be please call police.
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search is on for this man tonight. is a cure brown considered a person of interest in a dangerous ride through south philadelphia early on friday. brown is wanted on a parole violation. someone barreled around a corner hitting several cars. that person jumped out of the car and carjacked a nissan with two women inside. us marshals telling fox 29 that's brown's prison id found in the car. left behind aft the carjacking. if you've got any information on his whereabouts, you should call the u.s. marshals. >> pope francis will be in philadelphia in less than a month now. and city officials along with leaders of the world meeting of families kicked off a campaign today that louse businesses to announce for sure now that we will be open for the papal visit. they hit the street visiting businesses around the city handing out kits for hash tag open in phl. it's part of their i'll be there campaign. the kits they include signage
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and branding buttons for businesses to promote the world meeting of families as well as information they're going to need about the pope's visit. mayor michael nutter says rumors that businesses have to close during the papal visit are just wrong. >> let me be very clear on this. we never told any business to close. never. that was bad information with every respect you all repeated numerous times. the city of philadelphia never told anyone to close. the us secret service never told anyone to close. >> well the kits are available for pick up starting tomorrow. if you're a business own are in you can head to the world meeting of families website to find out where you can get one. a daily focal point of the world meeting of families is unveiled today. the mercy prayer cross was hand crafted by carpentry student at mercy vocational high school. 10 feet tall license stand in the pennsylvania convention center during the youth congre
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congress. >> young people from all over the world will be invited to write notes to jesus on poster in multi colored paper. those post its will be placed on the cross. >> organizers say the post it will create a growing testament to the virtues of love and the power of prayer. you can expect a lot of major road work to stop as we get close to the pope's arrival. penndot says it will halt major construction projects on i-95 and any other express ways in the area during the entire week of the world meeting of families through the end of the hope's visit. september 22nd through the 27th. penndot says it will also be limiting lane closures on those routes leading to the city from delaware, montgomery and bucks county and of course new information about the pope's visit come out an a daily basis. stay up to date on all of it by going to myfoxphilly we've devoted a special second to the historic week. >> he's a popular catherine lick leader making a big difference here in the city but he said he
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heard a higher calling his rockier mission to give our children an even better shot at bright futures. accused of arm robber walks into a local corner store but den have a gun. how this startling crime played out. >> being called a vicious attack. a texas deputy gunned down while getting gas. tonight investigators say they already have an idea of what may have motivated that shooter. and the mom taking a lot of heat online for pro getting her baby in a shopping cart at the grocery store. why she says she made a terrible mistake that day.
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♪ >> hawaii is keeping a close watch on two hurricanes bearing down on the island state. forecasters say it will likely be downgraded to category one hurricane by tomorrow and that now it's on track to move farther away from hawaii. but another hurricane is right behind it. the category four storm has winds of 150 miles per hour. >> we're still under a high surf warning. we did see the surf pick up this morning down in the pu inform a areas. we're watching it very closely much it's forecast to continue to build through the night. we can see up to 20-foot surf. >> jimena is expected to maintain strength humid week. forecasters think it will weaken as it approaches hawaii. >> new york city police looking for prisoner who escape police custody from local hospital. police say 23-year-old tiffany new man got away while being treated in lower manhattan last night. officials say she was wearing a
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hospital gown when she escaped. according to police, newman was brought to the hospital after she said sean feeling well and thought she was pregnant. she was arrested on theft charges on saturday. the man accused of shooting a houston police officer is being held without bond tonight. authorities say shannon j miles ambush deputy darrin goforth shooting him in the back 15 times. >> police say they may have match the shell casing from the crime scene to a handgun found at the suspect's home and they have some early guesses about what may have motivated that attack. >> shannon j. miles who has a lengthy criminal history appeared in court once again. this time he face as capitol hurt charge for the death of darrin goforth a 10 year veteran of the harris county sheriff's office in houston, texas. he was shot several times from behind on friday night while pumping gas. after the hearing, prosecutors recounted the gruesome attack. >> he runs up behind deputy
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goforth and puts a gun to the back of his head and shoots. deputy goforth hits the ground and then he continues to unload his gun shooting repeatedly into the back of depth pew goforth. >> police have not established a motive for the killing of g goforth. suggesting only that the officer may have been attacked because he was wearing his uniform. sheriff ron hick man claims the attack may be the result of tensions over the treatment of african-americans by police. >> we've heard black lives matter. all lives matter. cops lives matter, too that sent many has folks around the country talking. >> you come after a police officer and you assassinate him merely because of the uniform he wears and the badge he wears, that's attack on society. >> meantime, many are mourning his death. on sunday hundreds gathered at the gas station where goforth died to hahn are in the slain officer. >> they're not here to hurt anybody. they're here to help.
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>> go cops forth is survived by a wife and two young children. his funeral is set for friday. >> philadelphia police just released surveillance video of an armed robbery but the alleged crook wasn't armed with a gun. take a look at what happened at lease food cart in west kensington back on august 3rd. in the afternoon on the 2400 block of north front street. the man walk into the store with a two by four and demands cash. then he got behind the counter and took what he came for. he is still on the run tonight. thankfully though no one was hurt. fire crews are called to two-story row home in kensington early this morning. a fire broke out just before 4:00 o'clock on the 3,000 block of arbor street. we're told everyone made it out of the home safely and that cause of that fire is still under investigation. new jersey has new rules for child safety seats and you don't have much time to get on board. starting tomorrow, parents have to follow recommendations outlined by the american academy of pediatrics. now, children under two years old and ones who weigh under
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30 pounds must be secured in a rear facing seat that is equipped with a five-point harness. now, kids between two and four years old who weigh up to 40 pounds can face either way, forward or backward. kids between four and eight years old who are shorter than 57-inches must be in a forward facing seat or a booster seat. of course, children between eight and 17 must wear a seat belt. , yes, eighths lot of information to retain but we have it all spelled out for you on fox just look for the story right there. you'll find everything you need to know. >> it's a program that's being called progressive and cutting edge starting this friday evesham residents who have been drinking will be given free rides home from bars and restaurants in evesham township in new jersey. the evesham township mayor said he was alarmed by the growing number of dui arrests in the community so he went to the police chief and they came up with a plan called evesham saving lives. the details of the shuttle
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service were unveiled today. >> now this is not a service we'll be shut link you from location to location, ba are to bar. this is -- we want you to come to our bars and restaurants. have a great time. but have a safe ride home. >> well people drinking in evesham who do not live in the township will be offered discounted rides home through the sober sam program that's a designated driver service that operates in philadelphia and south jersey. philadelphia public school students don't return to class until next week, but it was back to school today for some charter schools. fox 29 right there students started their new school year at mast community charter. this is in the city's somerton section. more than 1300 students walked through the doors ready to learn. at least we hope they are, and as one mom tells us, not everybody is dreading going back to school. >> this morning was of course like clock work, you know, the
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first dave school back is always great. they were up and out of the house. i would say we were about 20, 25 minutes ahead of schedule because they were so excited to get here. >> mast charter school serves students grades k through 12. city officials cutting the ribbon on newly renovated playground in south philadelph philadelphia. the raffle brooks park at 20th and tasker street social security now open. $450,000 project improves storm water management. new playground equipment was also installed. raffle brooks was left paralyzed after being shot at the location of the park back in 1988. the park is carried his name ever since. mayor nutter and philadelphia eagle connor barwin attended today's ribbon cutting. talk about a nightmare commute. this car was just swallowed up by a hole in the road. the stunning reason the driver was not even hurt. and dee plate gate back in courtroom today. this time tom brady wasn't the only person getting a lot of attention. the woman whose been practicing hard to get ready for today.
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>> and high school with no textbook sound to you? pretty good? maybe one college is making that happen. why they're ditching those books and what they're telling students to do instead. ♪ ♪ hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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>> tallest mountain in north america will soon a have new name. president obama announcing today that his administration will rename alaska mount mckinley as denali. the name it was originally called by alaska natives. the mountain standing at more than 20,000 feet went through a name change as part of a national park act in 1917 to honor president mckinley. president obama began a three-day visit to alaska today. he plans to talk about global warming while getting an up close look at shrinking glace schers. 62-year-old woman stranded in the northern california wilderness for nine days is found over the weekend and is recovering tonight. the woman was separated from a group of hikers on august 20th in the rugged see year nevada
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mountains. harwood broke several bones in her left leg but managed to make her way to an empty creek bed where search and rescue team found her aft she blew a whistle oh get their attention. she had no food only her clothes an water filter. >> she basically crawled from where she was injured down to a creek, took her about two days to do that and then she was able to drink from the creek with the water filter that she had to stay alive. >> incredible. dozens of people have been looking for her. crews say the search was hampered by thick smoke from a wildfire that was burning near nearby. judge is expected to rule this week on the case between tom brady and the nfl. the new england patriots quarterback was back in a new york courtroom today to fight his four-game suspension. it's the third time that brady has missed a practice to go to a hearing in new york. nfl commissioner roger goodell also attend the hearing. the judge is pushing for both sides to come to a settlement. the nfl and the nfl players association are asking the judge
5:26 pm
to hand down a ruling before september 4th. six days before the start of the new england patriots regular season. other big story from today's hearing, the courtroom sketch. you'll remember the courtroom artist first 67 of the tom brady earlier this month daughter caught national attention at least on social media. many saying it look like lurch from adam family. well on the right is her second go at sketching the nfl quarterback. we'll see how social media responds to this one. >> well a local woman has been rolling up her sleeves and getting dirty for awhile now. taking cars apart, fixing them and putting them back together again. this is much more than a passion of hers though and she wants you to know why. just because tropical storm erika has broken up don't think people in parts of florida are in the clear just yet. the big threat many of them are still dealing with tonight. mike? >> it's raping in florida. the heat up in old city. take a live shot right now. clear skies. we had the showers and storms earlier. that's now moved out. look at this allentown planner. 89 degrees at 5:00 o'clock.
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going only down to 81 at 8:00 o'clock. i'm meteorologist mike masco. here we government heat wave number five headed our way. the details coming up. ♪
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♪ >> take live look at wilmington right now. you saw some rain earlier today. no matter where you were, you could feel that heat. we could be at the start of another heat wave. so how long will it last and how hot could it get? that's coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. torments breaking story in west philadelphia. detectives are utahans kick
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funeral services on vine street. the state of pennsylvania says the business does not have an active funeral home license. we're told investigators found three bodies inside two of them were decomposing. we'll have much more on this story in a live report at 6:00 o'clock. >> police have arrested the man they say was behind the wheel of a car that hit and killed an off duty police officer. investigators say 59-year-old john bog well was driving under the influence when he collided with officer lamar pool's motorcycle. pool was a 19 year veteran of the force. bog well now faces involuntary manslaughter among other charg charges. tropical storm erika has broken apart but it's still causing problems for people in florida tonight. so what's left of the deadly system still bringing heavy rain and flooding to the state. >> fox's caroline shive system in newport richie with a look at the mess residents are now dealing with. >> reporter: remnants of tropical storm erika still packing enough power to bring dangerous weather conditions to part of the sunshine state.
5:31 pm
>> streets in downtown saint august teen covered in water flooding making it difficult for folks to get around. >> i could barely pedal. it comes up above my pedals that's how deep it is. >> nasty weather causing problems in the tampa area. some losing electricity after stormy conditions knocked over a tree, taking out a power line. flooding major concern after weeks of heavy rains. >> the ground is totally saturated. it doesn't take but a small amount of water for flooding conditions. >> noticeable damage in palm beach. where erika remnants caused significant erosion. parts of beach collapsing colla. leaving self foot high drop off in areas. >> hopefully this is. the peak of the waves will start dropping back down and this is as much as we lose hopefully. >> for some the conditions are welcomed change in state that hasn't seen a hurricane in a decade. >> i'm having a blast. we haven't had waves in south florida in quite sometime since winter actually. and so this is a lot of fun out
5:32 pm
here. >> reporter: not as much fun for people here in pasco county. the water you see here in this front yard actually came from the lake 75 yards that way. the heavy rains of july and august sent that water to the doorstep of that house right there and actually flooded many other houses in this neighborhood. any additional rain coming from erika will just send those waters up high again. in newport richie florida, caroline shively, fox news. >> all right. we're not dealing with that here but we are dealing with some heat again. >> we are. >> it's just been a hot summer. >> turn it off. >> you remember that stat, 30 days so far this summer count dag where we hit 90 degrees or better than that. >> at least we haven't had 100. >> no. >> it's not a blistering heat wave. so that's the good -- that's the caveat to all of this. it could be worse, right. >> it could be. >> let's take look outside right now. here's the shot where we are seeing some hazy conditions as you look towards the airport a pair of eights as we talk at 5:00 o'clock but the real difference this evening comparison to yesterday evening
5:33 pm
the dew point up at skate now. we're getting into that oppressive bench mark. southwest wind coming in at 11. we have a heat index of 92. so it's double eight for wilmington into the city. you go north and west lehigh valley you're not escaping that. the shore points we didn't see a sea breeze today. 87 at the boardwalk. wildwood also in the mid and upper 80ings. dew points well up there that's going to create a soupy situation as we get into the next several days. hey, it's uncomfortable sleeping night. this is going to be one of those ac type of nights. more sunshine for tomorrow. wee will get right up to 90 degrees if not better than that and we are expecting the heat to break down as we gloat into the end of this week. watch real close. that's that shower that was right over center city. otherwise, most of the region didn't really see much weather to speak of. it was a very weak piece of energy that came through we call eight trough and did spark a couple of isolated showers and storm. down to florida we talked about this. this is the ghost of erika. trying to redevelop. noticing a little bit of an s shape so maybe it is
5:34 pm
intensifying. we'll watch that closely. tampa will receive around two to 4-inches the big talker is hurricane fred this is way out towards the eastern atlantic. fred is noteworthy because this the furthest eastern reaching storm to ever develop. we've never seen a hurricane develop this far east in the atlantic and fred right now is churning away with wind at 80 miles per hour. our business talker in philadelphia and the delaware valley will be heat wave number five. big area of high pressure out of the south. this is going to take all the heat into the region and we're talking about temperatures that will be into the upper 80s lon 90s. focus of the heat though we'll be watching very closely along 95. this is the air temperatures, 92 to 95. when you factor in the humidity we're talking feels like temperatures coming close to 100 degrees. so this could be a little dangerous he is special physical you are sensitive group. if you're, you know, asthma, that type of thing. that could be a big problem. 92 tomorrow. watch fox future cast going into wednesday. still up into the lower and middle 90s.
5:35 pm
forecast for tonight, 73 in town. maybe upper 60s north and west. but everybody is just going to be muggy, hot, sticky, insert an adjective there because it will be ugly next couple of days. it's a spicy start to september. it's hot and humid on wednesday. 93. very humid. thursday will be bad with the humidity, guys. but then there's silver lining. labor day weeks great. i don't see any problems with labor day right now. right into labor day monday. so i think we're good to go going into next weekend. >> all more reason to leave now and go to the beach. >> that's right. >> all right, mike, thank you very much. from loading up on water to he'd eating a lot of alcohol drinkers have a certain protocol that follow to try to avoid a hangover. >> the guess work is over. we now know the only thing doctors say there actually avoid that yukky morning after feeli feeling. plus, hear from the mom taking a lot of heat online for forgetting her baby in a shopping cart at a gross row store. why she says she made a terrible mistake that day. >> the scandal involving subway
5:36 pm
famous pit pitch man has the fast food company looking for a big makeover. big change that is could be coming to the restaurant chain. ♪ (plays throughout)
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sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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turning to your health now, a tough conversation with your kids. it might be best to speak with your children about alcohol a little earlier than you might like. the american academy of pediatrics now says that young people start having positive thoughts about alcohol as early as 10 years old. so doctors say you should have that talk with your children before that. like when they're nine years o old. researchers say kids are inundated with ads about alcohol and they need to hear what their parents have to say about it as well. meanwhile, for adults who drink, two new surveys suggest that there is no such thing as a
5:40 pm
hangover cure. one survey from canada concluded that if you drink too excess there is no way to avoid getting a hangover. the second poll came from the netherlands suggest that even if you hydrate yourself or eat extra stuff in order to avoid the hangover well you still going to feel just as bad the neck morning. so the lesson in all this here is the only way to avoid the hang over don't get drunk. >> colorado university is ruling out a new safety cell phone app for students and staff. the university of colorado boulder is phasing out the old blue emergency phones on campus and replacing them with the app. it's called lifeline response. it's one of the apps features is called thumb mode. if you release your thumb from the bot ton you've gotten seconds to enter a pass code or you'll hear from dispatch. >> a lot of the time i'll take the bus from louisville i have to walk back to my dorm at night. i never like really been scared but if that were to happen i would do that. >> the university student government is paying for the app
5:41 pm
so students and staff can download it for free. talk about a nightmare commute. this car was just swallowed up by a hole in the road. the amazing reason that that driver wasn't hurt. >> how does school with no textbooks sound. >> one college is making it happen. why they're ditching books and what they're telling students to do instead. howard. >> many eagles players will be playing for roster spots in the game against the new york jets on thursday night. but the biggest matchup for a spot the third string quarterback. barkley, tebow. hear from both coming up in barkley, tebow. hear from both coming up in sports. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> as we countdown the days until the pope' historic visit to philadelphia we're seeing time and again what one person can do. father joe was the great leader
5:45 pm
of a school in the northeast until the holy spirit told him to think bigger. >> and as fox 29's karen hepp shows us, now he's on a mission to make all schools better. >> reporter: father joe lives and breathes sports, schools and god but after 20 year at the hell of father judge high reverend joe cam pell loan is laying down his crusader sword to lift up catholic schools. >> i love judge. i love every minute of judge. but you know what, i wanted to practice what i preached. the pope himself he's been telling clergy you got to go out and get dirty. be with the people. learn. >> he thinks we've all got to be live long learners so he's going to learn how to make schools better by touring the country and studying seven of the best over the next year. his mission build a new model for schools with leaders who can
5:46 pm
motivate and engage and create inspired culture. >> sports has been my life. >> a good coach can make players better. a good coach creates a winning culture. ♪ >> culture can take strategic planning out to the lunch every day. ♪ >> reporter: how do you make a positive culture? a culture that breathes success? >> the main way they do engaging their if you can cull tee and it comes from the top down. it comes from the leader and the leader's ability to get all buy in approach. ♪ >> reporter: kids have to buy in. father joe says we can't do the same old things the same old way and expect it to work for today's tech savvy kids. successful coaches evolve for today's new players, teachers need to evolve for today's new students. >> it's just dawned on me this is what i was made to do. >> reporter: archdiocese
5:47 pm
thinks so too and that's why they're sending him on this year long mission. father joe has a whole advisory team to help like dr. bridget lakely. >> i'm a neighborhood kid. i grew up across the boulevard. we are who we are because what we received in catholic education. so i want to see that continued. i want to make sure that students have the same opportunity that i had to be a part of the family that is catholic education, and then grow from that and become not only killerness, but contributors to society. and continuing to go out and make the world something better. >> reporter: leading by example inspired by our people's pope, compelling one vocation at a time. >> i love this guy. i think he's amazing. i wish he was here longer. you know, i think he is really bringing jesus christ really out of papers and out of doctrines and making his visible.
5:48 pm
♪ >> reporter: we will continue to follow father joe's journey and let you know about his discoveries and finding he hopes not to change parochial schools, but charter school, public schools and private schools. we wish him all the luck in the world and god speed. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. >> you can see the story again and all of our stories leading up to the visit by pope francis just go to fox we've devote add special section there to the visit and there's a link right there on the home page. tonight we're hearing from arizona mom had made terrible mistake. we first brought you her story last week. she forgot her two month old in a shopping cart in front of a grocery store. luckily an off duty police officer saw the baby and tike the infant to nearby salon. police say it took the 27-year-old 40 minutes to return after she realized her mistake. but despite all the criticism she's been getting peterson says she's a good mother.
5:49 pm
>> as i was pulling into the garage my three-year-old goes mom w is baby his car seat is right behind me. so i turned around and looked and realized he was. 40 minutes but it was not two hours. and i never took my other kids out of the car so it wasn't like i knew i left him. i thought the whole time he was in my car. >> social media campaign is growing. to show support for peterson who initially faced harsh criticism after the incident meanwhile police have forwarded a misdemeanor charge of child end danger many to the town prosecutor. >> scary sight along one colorado road after a water main break causes the pavement to open up and swallow a car. take look at this it happened yesterday in boulder. officials say a main broke and cough the asphalt to tumble into a 6-foot deep hole. now the driver not even knowing what was ahead drove directly
5:50 pm
into that sink hole. she was able to crawl out of the car without any serious injury but then getting that car out of the hole was a little bit tric tricky. >> it look like they're having a hard time kind of stabilizing the car to bring it out in a direct manner i suppose. >> we're just wondering how many tow trucks it takes to tow a car out of a sink hole. that's a good question. crews finally did get that honda pulled out of there. the road was closed for hours while workers filled in the ho hole. there's just empty space where two historical statutes once stood at the university of texas. the statues were moved this weekend and not everyone is happy about it. the jefferson davis statue was moved to a center for american history yesterday. davis was the president of the confederate states of america to preserve symmetry of the main paul. a statue of president woodrow wilson was moved as well. confederate symbols a point of contention for several years and
5:51 pm
it's heated up since the charlston church shooting. >> the civil war is something that happens in our history that an awful thing and it should be remembered but not in a way that honors some of the participants. >> the sons of confederate veterans tried to stop university from moving the davis statue. they say they'll continue to fight to have it return. one college is trying to lighten the load for its students by getting rid of textbooks. the university of maryland university college is reducing the cost of books to zero. college officials say students can get reading materials and videos online at no cost. meanwhile, other schools in the state like the university of baltimore say that while umuc' as croche may be a growing trend, it's not something that all colleges or courses are willing to do. >> we've seen that students are spending about 1200 or so dollars a year on textbooks and in this case students aren't paying that at all.
5:52 pm
>> so many of their courses majority are online. they've got people scattered all over the world. just getting textbooks to people has got to be big chore. >> umuc says eliminating the cost of textbooks will save its undergraduate students millions of dollars a year. time now to take you in focus. >> and today we're introducing you to a local car enthusiast. she notice cars inside and out. she takes them apart. she takes them apart piece by piece and then she puts them all back together again. >> but she's not following her passion here. she's a woman on a mission. photojournalist bill rohrer has her story. >> reporter: car enthusiast rachel there's nothing like ta taking part apart an engine. >> we can start by taking this off the top here. victory! that's hour carburetor. >> reporter: her love of cars blossomed in college. >> this is just raw braun. here's my power. >> reporter: while trying to repay her school loans. >> i loaded up a backpack with a
5:53 pm
simple oil change kit, simple couple, you know, sockets and ratchets. >> reporter: handed owl pretty pink flies with her name on them advertising simple cary pairs. >> my first set of flyers got no calls. i made them plain white and put the name jimmy oint. i started getting call and book jimmy on these jobs and i would show up and they would say where is jimmy? jimmy double booked himself again. he does this all the time. >> rachel picked up her tricks of the trade by intern tag nearby garage. then decided to buy this 1973 plymouth barracuda on craigsli craigslist. >> this is the first project car i bought bought. the more i got night start to do take it apart a lot of these things are like onions the more layers you peel off you start to crying uncontrollably and i was way over my head with his car. >> she went online. >> this is where i'm at. what's the next best step for me to go with this project.
5:54 pm
>> some sparked the idea for her own website called gear head diva. it's really network that touches the millennial generation how they're looking at cars and a lot of it is they're so end trenched in phones and what's going on with movies or netflix, so it's really taking cars and bringing it into that world to up tow duce somebody that might have never work with their hands and thought, wow, that's cool, didn't take that long to do. i could do that. start to smash it back. >> she learned basic body repairs, too. >> this damaged floor board is no match. neither in this rust dee pan. she hopes to have this car finished in about a year. >> at least we have three people. so this could should along pretty quickly. >> until then she'll be working a co-host on the fourth season of all girls garage airing saturday mornings. >> in bucks county bill rohrer fox 29 news. well speaking of bucks county we're following breaking
5:55 pm
news in bucks county. skyfox live over the 600 block of ferry road in doylestown where a car has hit a utility pole. it's knock out power to almost 200 peco customers in that area. workers are on the scene as you can see trying to get that power switched back on. officials are telling us they don't have time frame yet but they say they'll get things repaired as soon as possible. we're not sure about the extent of any injuries to the driver of the car as we get updates of course we'll bring them to you on the fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ tonight at 6:00, in less than week another disturbing case involving a local funeral home. what police found inside and the questions surrounding that funeral home's license. >> and before you buckle up your kids in the car, listen up. the new law going into effect tomorrow. it could have you changing how you're your kids ride along.
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we continue to follow breaking news at 6:00 tonight. for the second time in less than a week more bodies found stored improperly at a local funeral home. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm joyce he have advance in tonight for lucy noland. now authorities are stepping in to investigate that funeral home. fox 29's dave kinchen has more now on this latest investigati investigation. he's live near the funeral home. dave, what is going on here? >> reporter: this investigation involves the hawkins funeral home here in west philadelphia. i spoke with the funeral director. he would not say much to me. he is talking to the police right now. philadelphia police descended upon the hawkins funeral services building on the 5300
6:00 pm
block of vine street after three bodies were found inside including two that were decomposing. >> department of state conducting an investigation based on the tip they received funeral parlor operating. >> it does not have a license on file to do business. police say at least two of bodies were picked up by funeral director blair hawkins and two do not have signed death certificates. regulations require em balance ming to take place between 24 hours. >> third body we don't belongs to this funeral director. we're trying determine who has responsible for that. >> reporter: investigators say the funeral director does have a personal funeral director's license but they say the facility itself has to be approved before business can be done. now detectives are trying to identify the remains and contact their heart broken families. >> they're paying somebody to be a professional and do the right thing. unfortunately, people are cu cutting corners in a situation like this to save a few dollars. it's just unaccep


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