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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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standing by for fun. ♪ 2:00 o'clock this afternoon an attack on a university in or near philadelphia? increased security at colleges and university across our area, after the the fbi and atf, warns of a media posting threatening violence. this afternoon. the impact of this he can we even's storm is evident in our shore towns we will tell you where hurricane joaquin is heading right now. and, now they are crushing loss for the eagles, redskins ruled supreme yesterday, and fans want to know what is chip kelly's next move? what do you got coach. >> should he move on. what people to have say about that. >> he's moving on and we're still stuck witt. >> we're still off. >> sue is off today, scotties
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in, good to see you. >> how are you. >> good. >> alex, you good. >> i'm good. >> let's do this. october the fifth, 2015. so, let's start with a good number of the day after this miserable weekend, the sun came out yesterday afternoon. didn't it feel good. >> it did. >> i almost forgot what the sun looked like. >> we're looking good today. we will give it an eight. bus stop buddy is prepared for the fall chill. temperatures actually in the 40's north and west. lower 50's in the city right now. take a look at this down to 51 a little breezy still but definitely dryer. sunrise an hour from now. take a look at these numbers 40's north and west. forty-two poconos mountains. we have 47 allentown. forty-five right now in pottstown. as we head into wilmington, upper 40's. fifty-one, chill any millville. so headlines for today we're talking about a fall chill this morning but more sunshine ahead this week and certainly a dryer pattern. here's the the latest on
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joaquin still a category one hurricane, 85-mile an hour winds and movement north/northeast at 13 and away from bermuda high pressure will dominate our area still raining in the carolinas. look at the rainfall estimates between columbia, south carolina and charleston. devastating flooding. they are talking about high water rescues, and cars, homes, are devastated there. for us we still have a coastal flood advisory through 7:00 o'clock tonight, kent county, sussex county, cumberland, cape may, now dealing with the high tide cycle moving in the the back bays and then again by the afternoon at 4:00 o'clock wind could be worse. 67 degrees for the high today and then chilly again tonight. that seven day weather authority forecast bob kelly will come up with more change's head. >> 17 inches of rain, wow. my in-laws are down there in the carolinas. they reached out yesterday. they say is there so much water alligators, crocodiles are in the parking lots. they are out on the street.
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good morning, everybody. 6:02. nothing like that here thank goodness but i-95 northbound, i'm not sure if this is disable or an accident right here near academy road on the northbound side of i-95. volume starting to pop here on the 42 freeway coming in toward the the city, head line passing our camera there at creek road and before you get to that spot there is a disabled north on 42 right here near the black horse pike. so look out for. that if you are watching, in the shore towns, respect the closures, even though that barrier may still be there, and the water is subsiding, you have to watch for the debris and we have to watch again because high tidies coming back this afternoon at 4:00 o'clock. so go around the block. there is a coastal flood advisory as scott mentioned down in delaware. watch for debris and high tides, we have to contend with at 4:00 o'clock a lieutenant of folks heading to the shore this weekend. it was like a friday in july on the expressway in the parkway over the weekend, the majors are opened, it is when we exit the the major roadways
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and get in the shore towns the the secondary roads where we could still see some of the closures. the lansdale doylestown line, they begin a project to day which they will shuttle bus from colmar to doylestown during the midday. trains will run in the morning and afternoon lunch hours but just midday. what a crazy couple days at philly international. hundreds of flights either delays or cancel. if you are heading to the airport today, would i just check with the airline and make sure that your flight is on time and there has been no rescheduling down there at philly international. mike and alex, back to you. this has turned into a national story now. >> universities are on high alert after the the fbi issued a warning about a credible threat against us. >> threat made anonymously on line targets an unnamed philadelphia area school. we have many of them. steve keeley, in university city, steve. >> reporter: mike, you must be flipping around with your remote control. we did a national hit on this five minutes ago and now, this is something that all local
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college kids are talking about. i mean all. is there dozens of schools around philadelphia, from stockton at the the shore, to the main line schools like haverford and villanova and then, where we are in university city around drexel, penn, temple, nearby everybody getting off trains here. one good sign as we are seeing college kid up and out early this morning not scared away. as local college crowd was watching the eagles game yesterday right around half time they started to get campus alerts from practically every university and college in philadelphia and within an hour and a half drive and local schools passed on the the disturbing notice that they had just received from the fbi. this, have of course, just days after the oregon college shooting, someone again posting similar threats about a similar kind of april attack threatening violence a the a school near philadelphia saying it would happen at 2:00 . >> it could happen anywhere, so just keep your eye out, stay in your dorms, is
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probably best bet. >> keep your friend close i guess, and just watch out is what i will do. >> it seems like such a regular occurrence that we're not taking it as seriously as we should which is not a good thing. >> just be smart about where i am, and what i'm doing, the rooms i'm in. just kind of analyze every situation and just hope and prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> reporter: universities and colleges in there, notice to the school students, all urged them to be on alert for anything unusual and that should be something, that you do on a daily basis. let them know don't be surprised when you see a lot more campus police and security increased as a precaution today but still, with that alex and mike some students say they may in the go to classes this afternoon simply because they will be too worried, too much looking around and not paying attention and not able to concentrate as usual and keep their eyes on their books and
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computers. as bad as it is to be a college kid in philadelphia, imagine being moms and dad trying to concentrate on work knowing that your kid at school is having to deal with this today on top of everything else. >> i know, especially after what happened in oregon. 6:07. thanks, steve. days of wick wind and pounding waves at the jersey shoreline we will show you scene in stone harbor. officials say beaches up and down cape may county are badly eroded, sunday hours after afternoon high tide streets were still flooded with self feet of water. bay pouring in the garages and homes, trees torn from their roofs and boats left stranded off the the bay. >> horrible weekend. here's some shocking news, former president of the philadelphia chapter of the naacp, jerry mondesire, he died. friend tell us that the six five-year old was rush to the hospital on friday, and had a brain aneurysm apparently and his kidneys were failing. the doctors put jerry on life
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support but friend tell us he never regained consciousness. we are told he was surrounded by family and close friends when he died yesterday at jefferson university hospital. funeral arrangements have not been released. when we get them we will pass them on to you. just shocking. 6:08. talk about good luck the coastguard happened, to spot a man in new jersey struggling, to keep his head up above water what he was doing before being pluck from the ocean. blank .
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fate stepped in. u.s. coastguard actually stepped in instead of fate. look at the water. a huge water knock this guy off of his jet ski mere the manasquan inlet near point pleasant, and, pushed him toward the rocks. well, a coastguard helicopter happened to be in the area, spotted him and moved in quickly. so, as we will show you the coastguard's view of this, look at that, watch as the cable lowers the swimmer is then lifted to safety. this crew, was in the middle of a training mission, in the area, when they spotted him. before anybody really ever called for help, they just happened to be on the training
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mission and saw the the guy. they saved his life. way to go guys, and ladies. 6:12 on this monday. well, what one girl said happened inside the classroom when oregon shooter opened fire that ended up saving her life, we will tell you her story, bob. good morning, detours underway here in center city, the the 19th street bridge that goes over the the vine street expressway, closed to vehicle traffic, that is the next bridge that will be dewill polish. so expect delays in center city. speaking of center city let's say good morning to olde city, live look outside fourth and market, i'm following mike to get a cup of coffee. ññ
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6:15 on this monday morning. the weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten, we will give it an eight, not that bad, it will be chilly out there to start. however, more sunshine, today then what we saw over the weekend. look the at numbers in philadelphia at philadelphia international airport down to 51 degrees. sun comes up this morning at 7:01. look at the temperatures, a little chilly, we're talking 45 degrees in pottstown. forty-seven in allentown. forty-two currently in the pocono mountains. the trenton upper 40's right now. lower 50's millville. 52 degrees in atlantic city. pretty quiet conditions for us, still dealing with the coastal flood concern, we will talk about that coming up but
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we will see hurricane joaquin now north of ber mood, maximum sustain wind still at 85 miles per hour, the storm will continue to pull away, out to the open waters of the atlantic basin. so, there is joaquin, we're talking about showers, and cloud, still impacting sections of the carolinas but high pressure that will be our friend as far as the the sky conditions, and giving us more in the way of sunshine. the not only today but much of the week. we still have that coastal flood advisory through 7:00 o'clock tonight, extreme south jersey, central southern sections of delaware, next high tidies this afternoon. that one could be stronger then this morning and then in the back bays we have that concern as well. weather authority seven day forecast showing you 67 degrees for the high temperature today, mostly sunny for tuesday, into wednesday, temperatures topping out in the lower 70's, and feeling like october, not that bad and as we move in toward late friday evening
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into saturday there might be a couple scatter showers but weekend looks chilly. temperatures to start in the lower 50's. afternoon high temperatures in the mid to upper 60's what about traffic on this monday? bob kelly is here with details. >> hey scott good morning, everybody. 6:17. not that bad at the moment. we are seeing volume popping in the beginning of the rush hour. we will start here in northeast philadelphia, woodhaven road eastbound right before 95 we have a disable that they pushed off to the shoulder, and southbound i-95, time to make the doughnuts, here we go southbound got brake lights tapping here from cottman in through girard avenue, typical for this hour on a monday morning. schuylkill expressway slow here exiting at 30th street. mike and alex, guess what day is. >> what day. >> it is national teacher day. >> oh, yeah. >> lovely. >> go to facebook and twitter and asking who was your favorite teacher. i had a lot of nuns. i had sister le verna, sister gertrude ape miseries owe that
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had the biggest, hair due ever. >> is she still with us. >> i don't know, i'll to look it up. jump on facebook and twitter and tell us your favorite teacher this morning. north bound on the 42 freeway, little disable near black horse pike coming in toward philadelphia but again all road especially in the the neighborhoods are still wet, damp from the weekend rain. neighborhood where leaves got knocked down those leaves are matted down on the road surface and could be slippery and delays right now in and out of new york as airlines, anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour for flights. that will have a domino effect eventually here in philadelphia if you are expect to fly today do check with your airline, mike and alex, over to you. folks in south caroline, 17 inches of rain in 48 hours. they don't have any drinking water down there. president obama declares a state of emergency for south carolina officials say water
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main breaks for blame. people living in the downtown area of the capitol city are mostly affect and they warn this will be the problem for the next three to four days. city has issued a boil water advisory. last week's rain dumped a foot of rain in columbia, eight people were killed in homes and businesses destroyed but not just in columbia. hey todd check on people i knew in myrtle beach, they say schools are in the closed, they are not going anywhere. >> we will take you their life in a little will bit. 6:19. let me tell you this, you had coastguard has found another clue in the the search for a cargo ship that went missing during hurricane joaquin in the bohamas. a coastguard spokesperson says thousands of pieces of styrofoam, pieces of wood, a cargo door, ship fenders, and several 55-gallon drums were found near el faros's last known whereabouts. owner of the ship says a container that appears from the missing ship was discovered near an oil sheen, a slick on the water.
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twenty-eight of the 33 on board are americans. where is it. and forecasters say the eye of the storm passed just west of bermuda yesterday, still sustaining wind have of over a hundred miles per hour. the experts say that out though joaquin is slowing down a bit surge from the storm can still be life threatening, locals are being warned to stay indoors until the the storm passes, completely out of our area. 6:20. >> oregon school shooter chris harper mercer reportedly had six firearms on him during his attack. >> there are reports he told one student that he was going to be lucky, he will be a lucky one and let him live after reportly giving him something for the police to have. other stories are emerging about what happened last thursday, randy srogins says his daughter laci was in the classroom when his daughter was in the classroom and he
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started shooting. she said the shooter ordered everyone to crawl in the center of the room. one of the victims ended up on top of the laci and that is what her family says saved her life. >> he says then over laci, he says she must be dead he steps over laci and shoots the the next one. >> so, the gun man killed nine people, before getting into a shoot-out with police. the coroner believes that the guy harper mercer died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> not being shot by police. well, 6:21. south korea says north korea has released a nyu student. student is south korean national. he allegedly crossed chinese border in to north korea when he was arrested. official says movies sign that north korea wants to better ties with south korea and overall international image. student is a permanent resident of the u.s.
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coming up on 6:22, phillies pull off a win, saving themselves from the the embarrassing milestone that has not happened since 1961. >> i got 99 reasons... but first hotry numbers.
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fact that we can say another loss, again, we lost, yes, i don't like those words but we lost. >> we are one and three. fans are warning if coach chip kelly a's plan, what are the heck it is, will ever come to fruition. sean bell, sports in a minute. good morning i'm he sean bell. the it is about to be a long season for eagles fans. offense just looked bad in the first three games and couple decent halfs and then inconsistent once again, against washington. in the fourth quarter, down by three, sam bradford drops in a pretty dime. right into miles austin's hand. that is a 39-yard touchdown. eagles go up 20-16. defense makes a stop, but washington gets it done. look at curt cousins, drills pierre garson for 4-yard touchdown in traffic. eagles loose 23-20. offense failed to show up for the entire game, once again.
6:26 am
>> i wish i knew how to explain it because then we would get it fixed. it seems to be a store of the past couple games, it is like we're two completely different offences, once we get it going, we're good but for some reason it seems like there are times we just struggle to get it going. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> a lot of people are scratching their head. lets talk about the phillies. the phillies avoid their 100th loss by beating the fish, seven-two. after the game, the team packed their things and departed for the off season. the team is in a major transition as you know, and manager ryne sandberg quit, general manager ruben a amaro, gone. they have lost jimmy rollins, cole hamels, chase utley, they are all in the playoffs. team has announced larry bowa will coach bench, steve henderson is new hitting coach. bob mcclure will take over as
6:27 am
pitching coach. this was phillies worst season since 1969. they got 99 losses but their draft pick is number one. i feel like all of our teams are all in transition. >> let's go flyers. thursday season starts. but a huge congratulations to the temple owls. >> team beat charlotte friday night 37-three, and they are now undefeated for the first time since 1974. >> they are four-zero for first time since 74 for sure. scott thomas ran for 109-yard, two touchdowns. >> quarterback bj walker passed for 116-yard. owls blew up in the third quarter with three touchdowns. go owls. >> four and zero. >> at least we have that. >> at least we have temple. >> that is true. >> thank you. 6:27. dave kinchen is surveying damage at the shore after this weekend's wild weather. >> hey, dave. >> what a mess, left behind here. you can see jagged edges here,
6:28 am
sand erosion at the beach not just in stone harbor but across cape may county. how local officials will deal witt coming up. for life...
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(female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. every day, for the rest of your life. (grover) new wheels. nice. see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. colleges and universities are not taking any chapses after fbi warns of the media posting threatening an attack on a campus in our area this afternoon. our steve keeley is tracking very latest on this threat. it has been so much rain overpass few days, storm drains, just cannot handle it.
6:31 am
the flooding was reported in shore towns, once filled with vacationers, and dave kinchen miss stone harbor. there are few entertainers with the shock value of miley cyrus this weekend a melt down on live tv for all to see. we will tell what you got her so emotional. >> she was weeping on saturday night live. 6:31. it is monday, october the fifth, 2015. >> i was watching. i thought it was part of the performance. i didn't realize it was a melt down. >> she had something happen reese evenly that made her cry. >> this is why i watch "good day philadelphia", so i can learn this stuff. >> exactly right. >> you are on "good day philadelphia", which is weird too. here's scott. it is not weird. you are watching it and doing it. >> yes. >> okay, good morning mike and alex. take a look behind me in olde city. you can see some breaks in the the cloud. so we will see more in the way of sunshine, as we approach today as well as, most of this week. it will be a chilly start out
6:32 am
there so grab jacket the and sweaters. more sunshine this week. a dryer pattern is ahead but take a look at the temperatures right the now. we have a bit of the chill. 51 degrees right now, that is the temperature in philadelphia, wind out of the north east at 15 miles an hour, sun comes up in about a half an hour. low 40's in the pocono mountains right now. we have mid 40's in lancaster, pottstown, 45 degrees, upper 40's in wilmington, lower 50's right now in millville, mid 50's currently in wildwood. so here's is what happening right now that current surface features map, we still have clouds and heavy rain in and around the carolinas, joaquin is heading out to sea but high pressure is moving in today and for most of this week. rainfall estimates over the past several days in and around philadelphia, i-95, south jersey, mainly one to two. higher amounts once we move in central and southern sections of delaware but this is devastation. we're talking almost 2 feet of rainfall in some parts of
6:33 am
south carolina between columbia as well as charleston. high water rescues, flooded roadways, just a lot of mess there. coastal flood advisory still for part of the area. central and southern delaware, cumberland county, cape may county, this is to note next high tide at 4:00 o'clock. the for today 67 degrees for the high temperature. a few degrees below average high this time of the year which by the way is 70 degrees. that seven day forecast shows us a dry stretch, feeling like fall, next best chance of rain is not until friday night and saturday, bob? good hey scott, good morning. 6:33. starting to see beginning of the monday morning rush hour as we can see brake lights hitting i-95 northbound from highland up through commodore barry bridge. everything is damp and wet from the rain over weekend in the neighborhoods where the trees lost a lot of leaves, those leaves are matted down, stuck to the road surface and could be slippery trying to stop this morning at that first stop sign or traffic
6:34 am
signal, some detours getting ready in center city, penndot has block 19th street bridge over vine expressway, that is next bridge that will get demolished as part of the vine expressway reconstruction. we have delays in and out of new york at the airport so that will have a problem here in philadelphia so check with your airline if you intend to fly or maybe drop someone off or pick up down at philly international this morning. so the 42 freeway, starting to see volume coming in toward philly, we have disable right here near black horse pike, watching us down the shore, respect the closures. now, you may see a barrier up but in water beyond it. there could still be debris as that water recedes. as scott mentioned we are looking at 4:00 o'clock to hit us again up and down new jersey beaches as well as the delaware beaches. so respect the closures. the not only could there been debris but there is also work crews out there restoring some of the power lines and some
6:35 am
have of the other reconstruction there. the expressway, the parkway, good to go, if you are heading down the shore check on your property. it was like a friday afternoon in the summertime this past weekend with a lot of folks heading down there to check on their homes. majors are opened. when you exit majors is where you have to pay attention, mike and alex, back over to you. 6:35. after that oregon shooting last thursday many people are on high alert around here. universities in our area very high alert after the fbi, and atf issued a warning yesterday afternoon about a credible threat against a school. >> threat made anonymously on line targets an unnamed philadelphia area school. so, steve, some students there are concerned. we got a tweet from kelly. she wants to know do you have anymore information about this potential threat because she's scared to go to school. >> reporter: this makes you realize how many universities and colleges are within a hour and a half drive of philadelphia dozens ape
6:36 am
dozens. almost a hundred. you realize this is some college town. we're talking as far away as the the shore stockton put out this alert and great schools on the main line like haverford and villanova and then where we are in center city. as sun comes up over the center city sky line you always feel safer when it is daylight but it was still daylight out in oregon when that happened. what you will see right now in the daylight is more police, more security and, of course, so much more concern for college crowd around philadelphia. just a few days after what happened in oregon, local universities and colleges sent out mass alerts around half time of the eagles game passing on the the notice schools all got from the fbi that federal investigators learn of the threat on social media said to be carried out at a campus near philadelphia at 2:00 p.m. today. >> pretty scary threat, i guess we just got to stay alert and just keep an eye on, you know, and something might
6:37 am
happen. >> i didn't think anything of it the but i thought about a shooting in oregon and it is kind of craze that i someone would threaten. >> i'm starting to question whether or in the we should control guns in the country more or not. i don't know how to feel about that but enough is enough at some point. >> i'm pretty scared myself honestly. i'm also really just tired of this whole thing like with shootings and to be honest past few shootings that have gone on they are really sad but i haven't felt surprised, just like oh, another one. >> reporter: a lot of people feel that way. no specifics beyond the phrase threatening violence, near philadelphia, around 2:00 p.m. no surprise then that local students started wondering whether to even go to class today around that time. that is going to be the question, how many classes aren't fill. some told us they were mailing professor saying don't expect me in class. it is not that i don't care
6:38 am
and not trying but i just won't concentrate on what you are telling me or what i'm supposed to be seeing on the computer or in a book if i'm looking around what could possibly happen around that time, alex and mike. >> just concerning, my goodness, at least. you would think hopefully some of the campuses will have higher security. >> yes, they will. >> today especially. apparently we have a new problem down the shore. after days of flooding, beaches, of course, have been eroding for the last 36 hours. actually 48 hours. >> lets get to dave kinchin, and he is watching it happening in stone harbor, dave. >> reporter: alex, we're standing myriad edges of the east coast right here. i will step out of the way. this is one of the many beach necessary stoned harbor heavily damaged by erosion. the you can see is what left there even broken pieces of wood here a ramp area had that did lead down to the jetty, we will pan over more and you can see just the rough edge is here, what happened is we even
6:39 am
go to some video that the high tide brought in, of course, powerful waves, and heavy winds that smacked all alongside the beaches here, and, took out pieces of really big pieces of sand and the overall beach and this is what is left here. high tide isn't done just yet in terms of the cycle. we will have another one today coming in but here's how people are dealing with this latest mess. >> sitting right where that red stickies coming out of the beach. >> it has only been a few days ago and thinks a a normal beach. after sandy it was similar but to me it seems worse now then it was then. >> we didn't expect to have to walk to grand mom's to dish we thought we would get in the car and drive of but we could not get off the street. >> imagine this with the hurricane, it would have been awful. that is for sure. >> reporter: of course, you also had flooding left behind, major flooding left behind, several feet of water all across stone harbor and streets along cape may county
6:40 am
and, by the way, it is important to know not just stone harbor but a lot of the beach necessary cape may count that i look like this. what were local officials doing about this? well, they will rely on the state of emergency declaration to help. extradite some repairs there, but massive jagged edges pulverized by heavy waves that came in and another high tide expect this afternoon. so we're not out of the woods just yet and folks, not just local officials but neighbors that will be watching this very closely and just wondering what exactly is going to happen as the the coast continues to get battered by this rain and all a of the weather that we have been having, guys. >> yes. it is just so many pieces of dramatic video all weekend long. houses going off in the the bay there near wildwood, north wildwood. we have to replenish beaches again. yet again. they are gone.
6:41 am
police in delaware county say three people and a child were injured in the shooting last night in chester. >> it happened around 8:30 last night on east 21st street. three people were shot, the the the child they say was hit by broken glass. also victims were taken the to the hospital no word on their conditions this morning. delaware county police say trough been no arrests so far. an suv crashes in burlington new jersey shutting down part of the river line this was the scene just after 1:00 o'clock sunday afternoon at riverton in broad and main streets. the suv slammed in the pole and ended upright here near the river line train tracks. medics took two people in the suv to the hospital, and the extent of their injuries not yet released by the hospital. the road was closed and river line train service in the the area was suspended while crews work to clear that scene. another story, court officers justice complex in trenton new jersey are scheduled to reopen this
6:42 am
morning. that building closed last wednesday after a free than leak in the building as air conditioning system. we are told repairs have been made and fresh air was pumped in to the building. hey scott. >> hi there, good monday morning to you mike and everyone what about the the numbers on the scale of one to ten today. we will give it an eight. lets talk about what is happening outdoors. it is a little bit of the chill out there look at the temperatures in the lower 50's. we will talk about how warm it gets in the seven day all coming up. ññ
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walking around center city today look for a bunch of the country's top young chefs, they are all in town. >> they must be here for the 30 under 30 event. >> that is exactly right. >> yes, i should ab lot of good food floating around. look at all of the chefs showing off their talent at the kimmel center last night. they got the the thing started last night. you are right, forbes under 30 food summit is in town through wednesday. >> festival kicks off three
6:46 am
days have of performances of showcasing of young chefs, wine makers a and brewers. if i'm not mistaken the the forbes under 30 summit also includes people who started their own business. all types of young people who are doing great things and making money. >> we have thousands of talented people in our city. is there an event tonight. >> there is an event tonight. >> yes. >> we should have somebody in. >> yeah. >> can somebody say breakfast. >> hi, scott. >> it is chilly outside, grab that light jacket the or sweater. lets look at the numbers right now 567891 degrees. sun will come up at 7:01. we will see more in the way of sunshine. you can see some breaks in the cloud cover out there, this morning but look at the numbers. lower 40's right now in the poconos mountains. we have 47 degrees in reading. 45 degrees in pottstown. upper 40's in trenton as well as wilmington. 51 degrees right now in millville. the wind out of the north and east anywhere from about five
6:47 am
to say 15 miles an hour in philadelphia so the wind is not as strong as they have been, however, we still have a coastal flood advisory. cumberland county, cape may county, kent, sussex next high tide cycle to be mindful office 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. joaquin is a category one hurricane heading out to sea. clouds and showers impacting carolinas, up to 2 feet of rain has fallen there as we take a look at what happens today, dry, quiet, by tomorrow morning, we're still looking at high pressure in control, that disturbance off the the carolina coast will move out to sea by middle of the week and we're stuck with more sunshine. so for today, 67 degrees is the high temperature. lower temperatures tonight in the city. back in the 40's north and west. that seven day forecast showing 67 for the the high temperature. the the average this time of the year right around 70, 71. we will reach that on tuesday, wednesday lower 70's. zero seven on thursday and then a front moving through late on friday into saturday.
6:48 am
maybe a shower overnight friday into saturday, right now weekend not that bad and early shower chance 60's for high temperatures what about traffic on this monday, any jammos. >> we have jammos, scott. 6:48. i-95 southbound heavy from academy down through girard. we have to deal with both construction zones as this monday morning rush hour underway. same on the boulevard that right lane blocked here or i should say heavy working wear down from the kelly drive through that schuylkill expressway. for the gang leaving west chester northbound 202 seeing volume pop through construction at 401, even south on the blue route, a little delay, 18 minutes from conshohocken down to i-95. later today septa starts a project that will last all the way through december where they are using shuttle buses on the lansdale doylestown line between the colmar and doylestown station during the midday. morning and afternoon rush hour will use trains, bus during midday and pack your patients heading down to the
6:49 am
airport. there are delays this morning upward of an hour in and out of jfk which will have domino effect here in to philadelphia, not just new york, philadelphia but up and down east coast with that storm, next couple days as long as that storm is in our sight is here. we will see chase at the the airport. nineteenth street bridge that goes over the vine street expressway now closed to vehicle traffic that 19th street bridge and pedestrian bridges are next to second to get demolished as part of the reconstruction of the vine street overpasses. >> they will tear it down. >> yep. >> my goodness. >> 6:29. isabella ties the k thenot without her parents or brother. the isabel married british ip consultant max harper. >> yes. >> hush, hush, ceremony in london. her dad tom cruz and adopted brother connor were not there. tom has never met his new son in law, but, nicole is said to
6:50 am
be overjoyed about it all. >> sound like a very chilly relationship. it is exactly 6:50. jim carry didn't want to completely cut ties with his girlfriend but never got to explain that to her before she committed sue you side. according to tmz sources close to the couple told tmz he only wanted to take a short break in their relationship. friend tried to tell her that jim still cared about her but they say that she was too distraught about the break up, again, he thought it would be temporary. apparently there was a suicide net and she was distraught over break up of the relationship. very, very sad. members of the grateful dead and john mayor are playing in new york city next month and they are giving away 10,000 free tickets. legendary band and mayor join forces to create super group dead and company, for a u.s.
6:51 am
tour this fall. the show is on november 7th and you can enter to win on the group's web site. >> or in my case not. lady gaga is raving about her experience on the new season of american horror story, hotel. >> she says that it made her feel alive. she plays a part of the the blood sucking countess, who runs the the hotel. she says that the cast welcomed her and made her feel like she could be herself in the way she has not been able to be for a while. catch new american horror stories hotel on fx, it premiers, this wednesday. >> or in my case, not. miley cyrus had a busy weekend. she was the host and musical guest foresees on premiere of saturday night live. i thought the she did a great job but during her second song, one about her pets who have died, she started to cry. >> ♪
6:52 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> is she crying about her performance or her pets. >> mike. >> no, she called that song twinkle, the twinkle song, and on top of the piano there, i don't know if you can see it or not are pictures of her pets who have passed away including floyd, the the the dog, pablo, the blow fish, and it is from her new cd called miley cyrus and her dead pets. that is the name of the cd. >> interesting. >> yes. >> quite. >> all righty then. fresh off his historic trip to philadelphia, pope
6:53 am
francis calls bishops to talk about issues facing modern day catholics. we will tell what you they are expect to discuss. >> that is quite a conference call, isn't it. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
6:54 am
6:55 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. she's got legs and she knows how you to use them. >> one to texas woman may have breaking rights for the longest legs in america. >> wow. >> even in the world full of legg y models she stand out. >> her name is lauren williams, she's a swim wear and fitness model from houston, texas. she is 6-foot four, and says
6:56 am
her legs are, 49 inches long with a 39-inch inseam. do you want perspective here. average woman's inseam accounts for 45 percent of her height, while hers account for over 50 percent of her height. the best part for her she says, as a model, she stays busy. >> i get a lot of pride but what is better than that is work, i have been getting work. >> interesting interview angle. >> yes. >> it must be genetics because she says be in in her family is under 6 feet tall, so far, there his no official word on if lauren's legs are actually, the longest in america. the. well, who has the job of checking ladies in-seams. >> that one you will sign up for. >> bob kelly says he will do it. >> somebody has got the to do
6:57 am
it. >> seriously we have to know. >> we will tell you what the president did this weekend to help -- what? >> that meant so much to families of the a fallen fire fighter. >> i got it. >> there annes extra word in there thank you.
6:58 am
dear fellow citizen, i get that it's hard to say no when your kids want toys, because you're saving for shoes. and shoes. and shoes. but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. sincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom and fellow citizen.
6:59 am
7:00 am
2:00 this afternoon an attack on the university in philadelphia, increasing security across our area after the fbi and atf warns of a media posting, threatening varietiens, this afternoon. the eagles blow it big time. redskins ruled the field after another embarrassing upset. there is the winning play right there. die heart fans are asking what is chip kelly doing. we will ask you to weigh in on social media. big changes coming to the school district of philadelphia, intend to go give families better options closer to home. we will ask what makes this latest plan to improve city schools, any different. our superintendent of schools, doctor william hite is in the studio sitting right where you are, scott, about 5,000 students affect, 15 different schools affected, some people not the happy, others thrilled with the idea. >> all right. >> hi everybody. >> hello, everybody. >> good morning. >> teresa on twi


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