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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 3, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x fin if the in the th xf awesome. >> a hundreds turn out to remember a teen gunned down while riding his bike. >> i'm iain page. though thanks for joining us. >> i'm lucy noland. dave schratwieser is live at philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy well over 300 people showed up at the vigil for murder victim saleem west tonight. many of them remembering a 16-year-old's live cut short by gunfire and asking why. >> he had a good heart and he was a good kid with a beautiful smile. oh, god. >> reporter: they came by the hundreds monday night to remember 16-year-old saleem west. gunned down sunday afternoon a few blocks away. his murder has hit his family,
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his friends and his neighborhood hard. >> he's in heaven now. and this -- this broke my heart. this broke my heart. >> stayed at my house most of the time when he was younger and he was like my son. >> reporter: candles in the shape of a heart were displayed on the sidewalk here many came carrying balloons and momentos to place at the make shift memorial to a young man who will be sorely missed. >> oh, my god, it hurts so bad. so young. 16. he's not a bad boy. he wasn't. everybody makes turns in life. he wasn't a bad kid. he wasn't. >> reporter: police say he and 15-year-old friend were riding bikes on west seven whole they exchanged words with four men in a silver buick. when he and his friend tried to ride away the cary appeared. two men with guns got out, chased them and fired 17 shots. the question is, why? >> we don't know. i mean there's been several shootings back and forth in the area over the last couple of weeks. obviously we'll take look at that.
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we're talking to the district captain and the divisional captain to try to put the dots together. right now we don't know. >> basically brother. >> speakers at the jam packed street corner vigil demanded justice. they urged everyone to reflect on the senseless murder and the violence that has hit this community hard. >> when is this going to stop? when we going to stop this generation al curse? we killing each other. >> at such a young age. you know what, we better do something. >> reporter: now police tonight still looking for the four suspects in this case and the motive. they are beginning to lean away from the original motive which they thought may have been road rage. still looking at this also looking for the get away car and they have yet to recover the murder weapon. if you have any information, you can call the homicide unit. iain? >> dave, thank you. two people including a 13-year-old girl shot early tonight in wilmington. skyfox over the scene at third and north harrison street around 5:30. they say the teen was shot in the leg at a 23-year-old man was
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shot in the hip. both are in good condition. police have not yet made any arrests. startling discovery inside a delaware county home. just an incredible case of hoarding much skyfox was over the home in wane earlier tonight and crews spent hours combing through the property and what was buried in that mess had the bomb squad shutting down the street. >> fox 29's chris o'connell spoke to that homeowner. he's live in wayne tonight. chris, what did he have to say. >> reporter: first of all, hazardous materials team is still on scene here in wad of radnor township. the bomb squad left about an hour ago. they were all called to this home radnor township police say was indy more rabble conditions. inside that home, they found guns and ammunition and chemicals. the home is owned by a man who is a licensed gun dealer and he tells us he's done nothing wro wrong. >> there's an odor that smelled almost as though there was a dead body. >> reporter: radnor township
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officials say a foul stench unkept backyard brought police to the home on marilyn circle when they got close enough to the house, they found the worst case of hoarding they've ever seen. >> it's awful. absolutely -- it's a deplorable conditions. i don't know how anybody could live in there. >> reporter: police say they found a cashae of weapons and boxes of ammunition like 50 caliber rounds. but the owner 80-year-old leighton perking is a licensed firearms dealer although it's not clear what he's allowed to own. police say the man came to the door wearing two hand guns on his waist. he tells us he did nothing wrong. >> messy does not explode. messy is just messy. >> do you have any reason why the bomb squad is here. >> they got no other place to go. >> reporter: they have good reason to be here. >> right. >> reporter: police also say containers of nitric acid are buried in the backyard along with 20 dead cats. neighbors in the area say the
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man has lived here for decades. the only complaint his dirty house. >> never been in his house. never would want to go in his house. he does not keep his house, and it's always been a concern from the neighbors. >> reporter: he has not been charged with a crime although officials did tell him to spend the night elsewhere. as investigators combed through the home. >> this is a waste of money. they should be doing things where they're catching people doing something. this is nonsense. >> reporter: you're not breaking any laws? >> no, i lived in that house for 76 years. >> reporter: now police tell me they will be out here all night as hazardous materials and a cleanup crew continue to board up that home. they say this house has been deemed uninhabitable according to the township. but right now police aren't sure if this man broke any laws. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, chris o'connell. on your radar, get ready for spring. spring like temperatures anyhow.
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no complaints i was round here. live look at trenton tonight after cloudy start to the week but temperatures are going to start to climb. most people check it out in center city wearing light jackets but, kathy, tomorrow we're talking 70s tomorrow and the next day and the next day i hope. >> and next day, the next day. >> are you giving us permission to skip winter and go right to spring? >> yes, please. from your lips to god's ears. ultimate doppler showing a few clouds moving through but this is really end of the cloud cover as high pressure will be nosing in overnight. that also means a clear sky with a light wind and cool temperatures. in the poconos only 39 degrees. 52 in philadelphia. look at this. millville 43 degrees. so it's going to be a chilly night across the region the city 49 overnight. and the suburbs 45. it's clear and it's cool. but wait until you see what happens. watch this area of low pressure move off the coast that will clear out the skies. tomorrow high pressure builds in and it is going to start a warming trend. temperatures running about 10 to
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15 degrees above normal. we'll take a look at how long that will last until those cooler realities of fall move back in in the seven day i'll show that later in the broadcast. we'll zen it back to you for now. >> talk to you soon, kathy. in berks county prosecutor sauce two convenience store workers who shot and killed two robbers are justified. police say three men tried to rob latino in a's meat market in reading saturday night and one fired a gun. police say another had a stun gun. now police say the two workers pulled guns of their own and killed a 21-year-old man and a 39-year-old man. a third robber grabbed the cash register and ran out. prosecutors say the workers not only protected themselves but also customers inside that sto store. >> these individuals did not do anything wrong at all other than protect their persons and their property. and what they did was justified under the law. >> police are still searching for the third man who ran from the store. once they catch him prosecutors say he'll face robbery and felony murder charges.
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former professional wrestling star jimmy super fly snuka plead not guilty in the death of his girlfriend more than three decades ago. a judge arraigned snuka today in allen up to and police found his girlfriend 23-year-old nancy argentina's body in white white haul township hotel room in 1983. snuka's lawyer called her death and off the accident. at his court appearance did he not appear to know the day of the week or the location of the courthouse. his attorney says the 72-year-old has early onset dementia and post concussion syndrome. snuka telling the judge he can't read or wright english. judge issued a gag order in this case. >> authorities in gloucester county caught a man they say murdered philadelphia business owner. prosecutors and police gathered today in woodbury to announce the arrest of the john blocker. they say blocker killed junan craves have in january of 2006. he owned an auto parts in germantown. when he arrived back at his
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washington township home, he found four strangers there. cops say they had tied up his children then beat, robbed and killed him. his family calls the arrest a blessing. >> we really have faith that somebody was going to come out. somebody was going to get arrested. we didn't know when but we held on to it. you know, it brought a lot of pain on daily basis, every single day, holidays ain't the same, birthdays ain't the same, but we knew that eventually somebody was going get arrested. >> police say they're still looking for blocker's accompli accomplice. >> nasty chain reaction crash in fox chase when a septa bus and tractor trailer collide and then they barrel into a building. major damage left behind as ambulances rush several people to the hospital. as fox 29's jennifer joyce shows us some in that part of the city say they're not surprised something like this happened. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of a powerful midday crash. a route 18 septa bus versus a tractor trailer carrying a
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26-ton front end loader. the force nabbed the cab of the truck into the blooming arts studio on oxford avenue at the fox chase route. >> the driver of the truck got out and he was frantic and asked if everybody was all right. >> reporter: chris was parked on oxford avenue when the accident happened. >> me and him both went around to the bus. i jumped in to see if everybody in there was all right. >> reporter: according to septa spokesperson the bus driver and two passengers on board were transported to aria frankford hospital. they're expected to be okay. the truck driver is also believed to be fine. >> we're talking to one of my friends from joe's pizza over here and he said he felt the force in his building from the accident. >> reporter: josh was one of several people who couldn't take their eyes off of this dramatic scene. >> i took pictures of everything i called all my friends down s see, watching the whole scenario play out. >> reporter: the art studio has structural damage and had to be insured up before the bus and truck could be towed away. the accident is concerning but not surprising.
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>> we thought this would happen and sure enough it did. >> reporter: several neighbors we talk to said the septa bus is used the fox chase loop to turn around and begin their next scheduled root down oxford avenue and many call it a traffic nightmare. >> you can't fit these a korean type buses through this terminal. they can't make the turn. it's unfortunate inevitable that this happened and it's getting worse. >> septa tells jenner joyce that working with community to make the area safer. they'll limit the number of buses that can use the loop and plan to make changes to the bus schedule as well. this uber ride takes a violent turn for the driver when the passenger goes on the attack. what the driver said that started this beating behind the wheel. the halloween ambush no one saw coming. firefighters forced to turn on their hoses but this was no fi fire. what sent children and their parents running right as they were trick or treating. yeah that's bleep.
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local mom bike wig her kids be rated right on the street. what she recorded moments earlier she says proves she did nothing wrong. south jersey woman was sick of not hearing from her son in college. don't so many of us know this. so she hatched a plan. >> it became a joke and snowballed. >> see her replace many right there. her advice to other moms trying to
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♪ what could be more tainted halloween candy handed out to local kids we showed you these pictures last night. several families found sewing
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needles in their kids chocolate in kennett square. to night police are also investigating similar incidents in bensalem and woodbury heights, new jersey. >> fox 29's bruce gordon talked to parents who want answers. >> reporter: remnants of halloween 2015 can be found on the streets and sidewalks and lawns of kennett square's standing hills neighborhood but this year potentially dangerous mystery has taken all the air out of the fun. >> your reaction when you heard about this? >> what's wrong with the world? what's wrong with people that would do something like this? it's horrible. >> reporter: kennett square police say a group of trick or treaters reported finding sewing needles inside 3twix candy bars saturday night. another needle reported inside a snickers bar by another child sunday morning. none of the kids age seven to 12 was hurt but police say this could have been a disaster. >> it could be very dangerous. if someone were to actually bite into the candy or ingest it somehow the sewing needles could cause a lot of damage. >> reporter: maria santoras says two of her nephews were among the kids who found the
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tainted candy saturday night. >> it's scary because, like, i don't know -- >> needle could be dangerous? >> yeah. so scary. >> reporter: as for next year's trick or treat plans? >> no more. >> reporter: no more? >> no. >> reporter: they're not going trick or treating next year? >> no. >> reporter: not after this. >> that's scary. >> reporter: throughout the neighborhood parents are telling kids to throw away their halloween candy and in abundance of caution. they too are considering banning their kids from going door to door next year. >> feel bad. >> reporter: ruin the holiday? >> yeah. (inaudible). >> report rt excited about it and this happens. >> yeah. >> reporter: after reinterviewing the kids who come forward to make these claims investigators are expected to begin canvass the neighborhood where the tainted candies were reported perhaps as early as tuesday. in kennett square, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> meanwhile in gloucester township, police arrest add man they say made up stories about
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needles in he said he found in halloween candy. the man told police he found four needles in four pieces of candy. after investigating police determined it never happened. the man now faces charges of making a false police report. president obama in newark, new jersey today touring integrity house a halfway house and drug treatment center. the center is the largest treatment facility funded and licensed by the state of new jersey. the president used the opportunity to talk about criminal justice reform. he wants to make it easier for former inmates to re-enter society. >> the federal government i believe should not use criminal history to screen out applicants before we even look at their qualifications. we can't dismiss people out of hand simply because of mistake they made in the past. >> president's renewing his call for congress to pass bipartisan bill cutting mandatory minimum sentences for people convicted of non-violent crimes. you decide 2015. we are just hours away from election day.
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dome in philadelphia voters will elect a new mayor, city council members and judges and election fraud tax force will be in place to watch over the polls and investigate reported problems and complaints. inn it includes 60 assistant district attorneys and several dozen detectives. you can find the hotline numbers at look under seen on tv. of course we got you covered tomorrow here on fox 29. cast your ballot make sure to tune in at 10:00 woo have the results of all the big races on air online at he's in college and he doesn't call a gloucester county man came up with a way to keep her only child close sort of fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose is in the newsroom to explain what this mom is doing. this is one of my favorite stories of the night. got a lot of people talking. >> reporter: isn't it great, lucy? talk about empty nest. this mom missed her son so much, she came up with a way to take him with her wherever she goes and she thinks it is the perfect
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solution. family feet tas say it all a friendly mother and son match of tennis, dinner with the whole gang. kelly and her son glenn are insane prabble. >> kelly makes certain of that. >> little participation would be nice. >> by the way there's probably one thing we should mention here if you haven't already notice nd this isn't actually glenn. >> from all of your mothers suffering from empty nest syndrome, get a cardboard cut out take him everywhere every day. >> she means everywhere. >> the best i can do. >> you'll need a car seat. >> pizza shop. can he get a straw, please? >> just took a double take. wait a minute. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> the liquor store. i was a little bit bigger than expected. i didn't realize it was live size. >> 22-year-old glenn the real one moved out of kelly's home about four months ago. he's not that far away living in philly but college and full-time job kept mother and son apart.
3:19 am
what started as a joke has touched a cord with kelly's whole community. >> been there before. once they go away they'll call you the first day, second day, third day, by the fourth day they don't call. >> well traveled son who moved out house. >> yes. >> mom very dedicate to do her son. >> what does the real glenn think? >> he's no getting embarrass abt it. that's what parents are for. we live to embarrass our kids. >> kelly glenn is busy he alluded us but we know glenn is watch tonight. visit your mom. by the way watch good day tomorrow. kelly will be on. iain. >> sabina, thank you drivers under arrest but she will not go without a fight. police say she hit the gas slamming this officer into his own squad car. why investigators say she never should have been behind the wheel in the first place. interesting new campaign to get drug dealers off the streets. why one local community helps
3:20 am
they'll start snitching on each other. >> halloween stunner. what a mom was caught on camera doing right in the middle of trick or treat. neighbors call shocking. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. caught some work on the pennsylvania turnpike an area of the fort washington interchange. both directions through the overnight into early tomorrow you'll find delays on the roosevelt boulevard all day tomorrow as well. they're working inner drive. strahle to solly it's back to the vine expressway closure through the overnights. all this week. they're going to be working on the 59. closing it between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. we'll have your tuesday forecast and we'll check the jam cams we'll have your tuesday forecast and we'll check the jam cams
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ mystery continues into why a russian airliner crashed this past weekend killing more than 200 people on board. airline officials say no distress call came from the crew and now reports are surfacing that a u.s. infrared satellite detect add heat flash over the sinai when the air bus broke apart in the sky. could it point to an on board explosion. the plane was carrying many familiar who's had vacationed in egypt heading back home to st.
3:24 am
petersburg, russia. this local isis affiliate claims it is behind the crash. however, national intelligence experts say they have no evidence supporting that. several airlines have now deci decided to avoid flying over egypt sinai desert. >> michigan police officer dam cash records a traffic stop that nearly ends in disaster. the auburn hills police department just released video. this officer pulls over woman and tried to charge her for driving on a suspended license they struggle and the woman jumps into her car puts it in reverse and drag the officer into his patrol car. thankfully he was not seriously hurt. police caught up with the woman. she is now facing several felony charges. all right. out trick or treating on saturday kids and their parents start running, screaming. >> they got caught in the middle of a massive bee attack. pictures show firefighter firefg down people with water in the subdivision south of phoenix. witnesses saw people running and screaming for help. the bees spread across two entire city blocks. firefighters think they came out of a water valve.
3:25 am
the bees stung one man more than 300 times as he tried to save children. >> able to get over to him so that they can get the bees out of their hair and wash their face. i was trying to get them off their body as best i can. i was just taking the brunt of it after that. >> three adults and three children end up at a hospital after the attack. one woman still there. the bees also stung two firefighters. this uber ride takes violent turn for the driver when his passenger goes on the attack. what the driver said that spark this beating behind the wheel. one woman's drunken night goes terribly wrong how police say it ended with her reaching into a tiger enclosure. >> kathy. not good. in weather we're talking about a surge of warmth. temperatures warming up well above normal. how long will this last? the answer in that seve
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>> temperatures are starting to climb. a live look at wilmington. you know what, we can reach the 70's tomorrow, iain. that's a good thing. could it stay that way for a few
3:29 am
days. kathy orr is putting final details into your forecast. it is just minutes away. jury is in place in a trial in a northampton county case making international headlines expected to begin next week. 54-year-old gregory graph killed his step daughter and then sexually abused her body. 33-year-old jessica pageant disappeared last september and prosecutor are prosecutors found a video on graph's computer that shows him abusing her corporation after shooting her. >> a local police department is trying something new to get drug dealers off the streets asking the dealers to turn each other in. >> is it working? >> fox 29 weekend's bill anderson explains opinions are mixed. ♪ >> reporter: woolwich township police initiative has sparked debate on social media. the department posted these banners asking drug dealers to report other drug dealers to eliminate their competition. majority of the social media responses have been positive, but the critics have been
3:30 am
outspoken. early herelle is an activist helping young people turn their lives around. but in his younger years he was a known gang leader and he said the response to this initiative could be a problem. >> i mean it's going to be the way of the life, you know what i mean? it's already the way that it is. snitches get stitches. people kill snitches. it's not like this can be completely, you know, shielded and safely implemented. >> reporter: he also said that initiatives like this can generate public support. but they don't really address the larger issue of changing behavior and not just locking people up. >> it's not really clear to me like what is the objective. you know what i mean? what is the end results to this. who does it benefit? you know what i mean? does it benefit my efforts to actually get the streets together and get guys to change their lives around? does this benefit, no, not at all. >> reporter: the people i spoke to throughout the city had varying opinions, strong opinions on these banners. >> what do you think? will it work? is it dangerous?
3:31 am
>> i don't think it will work. basically just telling on each other. >> it may actually get people to turn in their fellow drug dealers. (laughter). >> that's a joke. >> reporter: no one from woolwich police was available to go on camera. but they did tell me on the phone that that last person who was laughing may have gotten it. some of their facebook posts they say are light hearted including this one but they also pointed out that initiatives like this have been effective in other parts of the country. so they hope they will get some real leads from this one. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> good news about a pitbull used over and over again for doug fighting in and left to die on the streets of chester. >> the sweet dog remy slowly recovering. he's even wagging his tail now. so inspiring. justice rescue the group that saved him are also caring for the one and a half-year-old pup. veterinarians worked frantically to save remy's life and he's now
3:32 am
walking, he's crawling into people' lapse. he's wagons his tail. but the recovery is pricey so the southern cross kitchen in conshohocken is hosting a fundraiser to help pay for his staggering medical expenses. it is this thursday. so for more details and how you can help, head to our website all right. kathy, i think i could maybe wear a short sleeved golf shirt wednesday. >> i think the kids are going wear shorts tomorrow. a beautiful day. chilly start you'll need a sweatshirt or light coat by the afternoon i may even break out the shorts. you know me i'm always cold. right now in philadelphia eighths beautiful evening. the skies are clearing. temperatures 52 degrees. the average low this time of year around 43. we will be above that overnight tonight especially in the city. today's high temperature 65. but this is the trend through the week. just gradually getting warmer. it's not going to last through the seven day however. so we have to really enjoy it while it's here. ultimate doppler you can see the
3:33 am
skies clearing. just a few clouds left as the storm system to the south pulls out. all of this rain will be moving offshore. high pressure builds in tomorrow and that sets the stage for a warming day. so throughout the afternoon, look at this. this is satellite not a cloud in the sky. low dew points that means low humidity. so we stay in this huge ridge in the upper levels of the atmosphere. temperatures running about 10 to 15 degrees above normal for the neck four days. you can see to the west, there's a big trough or that jet stream digging down. that means rain in the west. this is really influenced by el nino right now and cooler air through the northern plains. so we stay on the warm side of this particular forecast. now, tonight, 49 degrees in the city. clear skies. light winds in the suburbs. 45 degrees. so pretty cool for this time of year but seasonal. during the day tomorrow the high 72 degrees. the normal high is around 60. mostly sunny and pleasant. winds out of the west southwest at just 5 miles an hour.
3:34 am
as you plan your day, up tomorrow morning, hit the road, maybe 7:00 a.m. a cool start. by noon try to get outside and enjoy the lunch hour it will be gorgeous 65. warmest part of the day after school 3:00 p.m. 72. and by the time night falls dinnertime the temperature is 66. on our seven day forecast, get out the vote tomorrow. no excuses. the weather definitely not an excuse. wednesday 74. thursday a spotty shower possible. 72. and look at that. friday 75. after that a front moves through and we cool it down. 60s for your saturday. 50s for sunday and by monday the temperature 58 degrees. the cooler realities of the season but i'll tell you, guys, that's actually normal so we go from well above normal to average and eight to 14 day outlook says yeah a couple degrees above normal right through mid november. >> perfect. >> so good. >> thank you, kathy. >> my gift. >> thank you. >> it is the giving season almost. we appreciate that. not exactly a high speed chase here. a big rig kind of crawling down
3:35 am
the interstate with several squad cars right behind. what happened when officers finally walked up to that driver's door. >> a rested for dui but that's not why he was pulled over what was so wrong with this car police say they had to stipula stipulate. halloween stunner. what a camera caught a mom doing right in the middle of trick or treating that neighbors call, ♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets
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drunk, trespassing attracted to a tiger. you know is not going to get end and did not for a nebraska woman who broke into a zoo. the 33-year-old entered an unauthorized area inside henry dollarly zoo in omaha yesterday morning. she reached into the tiger's cage to pet the animal. tiger bit her left hand which is seriously injured. as of now, prosecutors have charged her with criminal trespassing but police are still investigating. in your money tonight usda issues a massive recall of ground beef for possible e. coli contamination. according to the usda the recalled meat was processed by all american meats omaha
3:39 am
nebraska and shipped nationwide. problem us what discovered on october 30th. so far there have been no confirmed reports of any illnesses connected to the recall. if you're looking for your morning caffeine fix better steer clear of this new york coffee spot. pop up cafe will only serve d calf. swiss watery moved the caffeine from beans. many new yorkers are just shocked at the concept. but the company says it's not trying to take away your caffeine just giving you an alternative when you're craving coffee but don't want that extra energy boost. well pennsylvania second most famous groundhog coming out of retirement. you remember this guy right he here, gus, of course. he was a pennsylvania lottery mascot for eight years. but retired in 2012. the lotto says gus, however s making a come back. he'll start appearing in ads for scratch off games and of course you can see the lottery every night right here on fox 29. so san diego mom getting whole lot of attention on social media not likely the kind of attention she wants. >> because she was caught on
3:40 am
camera stealing candy left for kids. take look at this video. homeowner said he left full sized candy bars outside for trick or treaters he figured kids would help themselves since he wasn't able to be home to hand out the treats. he says the video shows one woman making all the candy for herself. >> they thought they'd really enjoy full size candy bars. we put the candy bars with a little message. have yourself, be considerate. she comes and grabbing them all and starts looking around and shocking. >> he says the lady made off with about 20 bars he's hoping she stumbles across this video online. uber ride takes a violent turn for the driver when his passenger attacks him. what the driver said that set this man off. local mom bike wig her kids be rated right on the street. what she recorded though moments
3:41 am
3:42 am
3:43 am
♪ california police chase down truck driver after getting a call this morning a vehicle was moving out of control just when police thought they stopped the truck, it inched forward. when they finally approached the driver with their guns, the man
3:44 am
appeared to be unconscious wasn't pull out of the vehicle. the driver was then carried out on stretcher. investigators say they're looking into the cause of the incident. uber ride turns dangerous for the driver but he was ready. now watch as the passenger unleashes a beating on the driver. this happened friday into newport beach california. that driver says the minute the man got into his car he was be lidge rent wouldn't put on his seat bell or tell the driver where he was going. so the driver turned his dash cam around just in case thank goodness he did. finally he toll the passenger the ride was over and says that's when the guy did that. the driver had a hidden weapon. >> at that point i -- i was trying to block his blows with my arm, and settle with safety on my pepper spray before i was able to break free of his grasp on the back of my head and turn around and spray him until he stopped beating me. >> and police arrived and arrested the passenger. and uber says it has ban the him for life from its service.
3:45 am
every day there's a battle on our roads. chances are you've picked your side. are you the frustrated driver or the embattled psych cliff. fox 29 weekend's karen hepp takes a look to the often spirited struggle unfolding on our streets in the evident for everyone to just get along. ♪ >> reporter: kate is a mom of two great boys a cancer survivor an city biker. >> it's an easy way to get around the city. i love being with my kids. we have great coverings on the bike. we have -- we really have a lot of fun. >> reporter: it's how the kids get to school and how she gets to work. bike helped her regain her strength and confidence after devastating chemo. >> i felt so good to be back and be well. >> and then this happened. >> all right real idiot. yes, that bleep. isn't words we can't possibly play. kate certainly didn't want her young boys to hear. what the heck happened?
3:46 am
>> kate wears a go pro. here's the video. she's in the bike lanes pedaling up 11th street with her kindergartner and third grader. a guy park in the bike lane so she has to go around. kate turns and looks behind her to make sure it's safe to pass. she see as car in the distance but has plenty of room and time to make her move but the driver of that red suv rolls up besides her unleashes a vial tyrant. >> the way you drive you'll get those kids killed. you're and idiot. all right real idiot. yeah, that bleep. yeah bleep yours with your go pro. you have two kids and just pulled out even looking and you're proud of yourself. >> i did look. i saw. >> yup she did. but being in the right doesn't make the hate any easier. >> it makes me feel awful because you feel -- you feel abused. you're out just trying to do your -- get where you got to go with your family. >> kit wear you down.
3:47 am
that one incident, it happens a lot. take a look around. the city has changed. biking is up 260% in just the last 10 years. racks are jammed and all over. you can hardly find space. bikers are everywhere. but frankly sharing the road isn't often hell on wheels. >> ♪ >> we need people to calm down. >> randy from the bicycle coalition says one big problem people don't know the rules have changed. you've got to have 4 feet to pass a biker in pennsylvania. it's the law. 250 of these signs are going up right now all over montgomery county. our whole region is adjusting to the biking boom. philly is now the top big city for bike commuting. >> i think it's the fastest way to get around the city. >> reporter: blue in the go bike share program exploded. >> we're over 300,000 rides on indego.
3:48 am
>> how can we all just get along? >> first of all, know that bikers are getting better manners. sidewalk and wrong way riding which infuriates people are down big time. more than 60%. >> if you're on bike, and you're 12 and under, you can be on the sidewalk. if you're over 12, no, you can't be. you follow the rules of the ro road. >> reporter: here are the rules. bikers, you are a vehicle. act like it. stop at red lights. signal. get bells and lights for night riding. drivers, bikes are vehicles. they are actually entitled to a whole lane, look for them. don't park in the bike lane they they wind up in traffic and remember bikers are people just like you only on two wheels instead of four. >> we're not out to ruin their dame it's not my intention to ruin somebody's day by bike in front of them. >> studies show what will make the streets safer for everybody is more protected and buffered
3:49 am
bike lanes which are going in. in our colonial city of narrow streets the challenge is finding the space. >> that was fox 29's karen hem. a bad halloween night for one guy arrested for driving drunk near atlanta but it wasn't his driving that got officers attention. police say they saw sparks flying from his car. after they pulled him over officers say they noticed his entire right front tire was missing. police say when they smelled alcohol they asked him to get out of the car and he almost fell down. he was arrested for dui. thrill tonight on the court at the sixers game doesn't involve the sixers. >> didn't have a lot to do with the game itself. alex holley is helping out the sixers slice squad. the squad flew right over her in a gravity defying dunk. incredible stuff. right. i'd like to see them do it over you, iain that. would be -- now that would be something. >> pretty high. sixers perform an awesome show like this at every sixers home game. i'm sure alex will have all kinds of cool details tomorrow morning on "good day
3:50 am
philadelphia" or even hoe howard that. would be fun if they could fly over you. >> gravity defying. >> graph is the defying. >> isaac newton likes that line. >> we're not in space. there would be no gravity. >> let's talk a little eagles. with the eagles make the dallas cowboys this week cowboys head coach jason garrett starting to talk about the return of his quarterback tony romo. the sixers laying lebron and the cavaliers and looked good for the first 24 minutes. however the game goes 48. a look at the highlights and a milestone for lebron coming up in sports.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
the 76ers they played their first really good team this season. cleveland was in town obviously the sixers are not a good team and they have to learn there are two halves to a basketball game. milestone for will he brown
3:54 am
james. to the wells fargo center and irving not playing tonight. looking at his watch early in the first quarter he wants to get out of there. he can tell already he wants to get out of there. 76ers played well early. a 23-four run. that's nerlins noel. 14 points. this is the first quarter. jahlil okafor had 24. sixers up by five at the half. but then we come to the third quarter. here comes lebron james. that's too easy. that steal, that turnover is too easy. see you later. he had 22 points. 25,000 now in his career. and off the -- here's it comes again. 76ers are great getting back on defense, aren't they? sixers they love to cover the three-point shooters. watch this. somebody has got to be there. maybe you play with six players. i don't know. 10 sick -- cleveland within it 107-100. it was not that close. the flyers in the midst of five game road trip and that's even tougher when you're having trouble scoring.
3:55 am
scoring flyers problem early this season. let's go to vancouver. how about a minute and eight seconds into this hockey game, you've got to be kidding me. steve mason vancouver scores. rights now one to nothing in the first period. tomorrow is the trade deadline in the nfl. but i would be surprised if the eagles did anything significant by the way colin kaepernick benched by the 49ers but i'm toll eat guess don't really like him. tough making trades in the nfl. eagles off their bye week play at dallas on sunday night and face quarterback matt cassel who has been brutal for the cowboys. coach jason garrett talking about tony row moment's return. >> tony will throw in some forming from practice and hopefully can handle that work. matt will get the work with our first team offense. >> right. >> tony will get some work on the side and hopefully get some work with the scout team. >> and malcolm jenkins hell his event for the second year in a row in philadelphia to expand
3:56 am
education and youth development through the malcolm jenkins foundation some of his teammates always show up and support of their teammate. jenkins is a bow tie guy as we just saw a little while ago. he was there to help others tie the tow by. tomorrow it's back to work getting ready for the cowboys. i'm not a bow tie guy. malcolm wants me to try it. i think -- >> you'd look cute. >> it would be killing me if i did that. >> your followers. >> all his 70,000 of them. >> exactly. >> and counting. >> entertainment news coming up next tmz followed by dish nati nation, chasing news and simpsons. >> i'm happy it's not 2am right now like yesterday. 4am that's when everybody is back with
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a startling discovery inside a delaware county home incredible case of the hording, and something very, behind the house. it has bomb squad shutting down the entire street. plus, hundreds turnout to remember a teenager gunned down while outside on his bicycle. and guess what today is ? it is election day in pennsylvania and in new jersey, we have what you need to know, before you head to the polls, this morning. good day, it is tuesday november 3rd, 2015. you may have just heard howard eskin talking about malcolm jenkins. >> oh, yeah. >> and his big event last night. >> work on it. >> i was going to say. >> i'm not quite sure you should be proud of what you are presenting today. >> that is my work. >> sue tried to help you.


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