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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 3, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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a startling discovery inside a delaware county home incredible case of the hording, and something very, behind the house. it has bomb squad shutting down the entire street. plus, hundreds turnout to remember a teenager gunned down while outside on his bicycle. and guess what today is ? it is election day in pennsylvania and in new jersey, we have what you need to know, before you head to the polls, this morning. good day, it is tuesday november 3rd, 2015. you may have just heard howard eskin talking about malcolm jenkins. >> oh, yeah. >> and his big event last night. >> work on it. >> i was going to say. >> i'm not quite sure you should be proud of what you are presenting today. >> that is my work. >> sue tried to help you. >> what happened to the you
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tube video. >> it is too hard to do on your own, sue, thank you. >> it is hard, yeah. >> malcolm jenkins wears it the so well. >> you won the competition. >> i think i'm an expert now. >> you are better than you tube. >> how is weather. >> pretty good. >> that is not bad. >> that is not bad at all. >> we will tweak it. >> all right. >> not as good as malcolm would wear. >> you are so multi talented. >> yes. >> nice and pretty. >> yeah. >> he picked up the the fabric and will style. >> was he a great the guy in the studio yesterday. it was a pleasure meeting him. >> totally but don't tell him i just did that. not up this early in the morning. we will work on it the and get you your weather information. it is an easy forecast today. i think you heard it will be unusually warm for november and the rain stays to our south as we promised you it would. yes, we had cloudy skies
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yesterday but north carolina and getting the brunt, i should a say of the flooding rains. here's where we are right the now, little cooler then yesterday. 47 degrees. case did clear up overnight. we have calm wind and 80 percent relative humidity. still on the humid side. sunrise time is 6:32. so, yeah, cooler temperatures, 38 degrees in allentown. thirty-seven mount pocono. forty-one trenton. thirty-nine lancaster. you will need that jacket this morning but it will be one of those taste where it warms up in the afternoon. forty-three in wildwood and only 38 in millville. these temperatures are seven, four, six, 8 degrees cooler they be they were yesterday a at this time. so, if you got the away with no jacket yesterday you will need one, later on today. is there your calm wind we were talking with. that is not a big deal this morning. the lets see what we have today. we have a high temperature later on of 72 degrees. and, it is still november the third so we will up joy this
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warmth, while it is here, 52 degrees tonight and that is your tuesday. how long can we keep this warm streaking? we will let you know when we bring you the seven day forecast coming up and we will keep working on that tie. >> it is a warmth trial is that what it is, we can return it if we dent like it. hold on to your receipt. good morning, everybody. hold on to your coffee heading north on i-95, from the airport, up to the the the stadium area, an accident being worked on, right here near broad street as you head in toward the city. as we look live downtown we will go this is vine street local, and down to only one lane, and, between broad street, and the schuylkill expressway, as part of that vine street construction project, that is with us on the overnight and vine street, the expressway, itself is closed between the the schuylkill and broad street. so again until about 5:30 coming in on the schuylkill use south, spring garden or 30th street as the the
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alternate. be aware they are moving barriers not and south on i-95 between girard and allegheny a avenue that active work zone here toward center city. they are working on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between street road, philly bensalem interchange all the way over to the delaware valley. they are working um here at q town interchange on the northeast extension between allentown, and quakertown. otherwise, schuylkill looking good, no problems or delays coming in the city, eastbound on 422 looking good out of collegeville in toward kop and for gang in delaware northbound 495 that right lane and off ramp blocked at terminal avenue best bet in the port of wilmington would be to use i-95. chris and lauren, over to you. no jams? well, today is election day for pennsylvania and new jersey. >> really. so one of the big races in philadelphia is mayoral race. steve keeley is live outside the next winner's office, city
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hall, steve, good morning. >> reporter: how spoiled is the philadelphia a region with excitement and anticipation. last week, temple/notre dame game, a whole week of excitement. the we roll into a second straight week of crazy anticipation and excitement for election day. that is a dramatic pause right there for laughter. we are outside city hall because one of the big races is for the the next mayor of philadelphia a here. they won't put a statue, of jim kenney or marisa bailey on top of city hall probably in the future but they hope to have an office here for a while. polls open up at 7:00 in pennsylvania. that is in three hours if you want to get in line right now and an hour early over in new jersey where all 80 assembly seats are up, for mostly reelection. was that a rap i heard in my ear already miss producer? all right. my mike is bad, which is probably good for viewers at home they don't to have hear
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my stupid jokes. we will fix the mike and more election day humor coming up all morning. >> i promise. >> thanks very much. we have you covered tonight on fox 29, cast your ballot and tune in the at 10:00 o'clock as we will have results from the biggest races on air and on our web site at fox new this morning crews respond to the house fire in chester, flames broke out at a home on kane street around 11:00 p.m. fire fighters got it under control in an hour. no word on how that fire started. 4:00 cyber owe six. police called out to the dietz and watson headquarters at that coney street and northeast philadelphia a they said someone called to report a possible device found in the factory. police say it was just a threat. they did not find anything suspicious. hundreds of people came out to remember a teen gunned down while riding his bike in strawberry mansion. candles in the shape of the heart were displayed on the sidewalk and mars den and susquehanna to remember 16 year-old salem west. speakers called for justice at the the crowded street corner
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vigil. they urged everyone to reflect the on the teen's death and violence that has hit that neighborhood. >> when will this stop? when are we going to stop, this generational curse? we are killing each other. >> police still don't have have a motive for the the shooting and in one has been arrested. mystery and confusion around investigators trying to figure out what caused a russian jet line tore crash in the egyptian desert. all 224 passengers and crew members were killed when the the plane plumeted from the sky on saturday. plane was coming from egypt and heading for st. petersberg, russia. the the the majority of the passengers were russian. the authorities say while possibility of the terrorist a attack unlakely they are not ruling anything out. they are urging americans to be safe. the airline says it has ruled out pilot error or technical problem, however, russian aviation officials dismissed those findings calling it premature and unfounded. a report of the foul odor brought police to a home in
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wayne what they found led for a call for backup from the bomb squad. dave kinchen is outside radnor township police with the details. >> reporter: officials had their handful with this one when they came out to a home, that they say was in deplorable conditions, so we have to go to the video to show you pictures because pictures tell the story better than i can quite frankly. this is a home on marilyn circle. township official where is called in by a foul smell and unkept yard and they found what they say was the worst case of hording they have ever seen. police say they found a weapons at home of the 80 year-old lincoln ferry. ferry came to the door with two handguns strapped to his waist when he answered their call. cops say nitric acid is buried in the backyard with 20 dead cats. neighbors tell fox 29 that the man has lived there for decade but their only complaint being a dirty house. we spoke with the owner and
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investigators on the scene listening if into what they had to say. >> it is awful, absolutely, it is horrible conditions. i didn't know how anybody could live in there. the individual said they had been in the home. they live in the home once a week. i know when the the owner showed up to the property here, the police took two weapons off the individual. >> reporter: is it unsafe inside your house? i saw pictures? it looks like it the is pretty messy in there. >> messy is not unsafe. messy does not explode. messy is just messy. >> reporter: do you have any reason why the the bomb squad is here. >> because they have no other place to go. >> reporter: he is talking to fox 29's chris o'connell, look at to this almost war line mag teens with five caliber round, police said they found boxes of this ammunition in the property, investigators say ferry is a licensed firearms dealer but they say it is not clear what weapons he is allowed to own. right now ferry has not been charged with any crimes but
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investigators told him to stay somewhere else last night the while they continue their probe if into the property. guys? >> back to you. >> dave kinchen thanks very much. four very ten. judge said bill cosby and his former attorney should answer questions in relations to janet dickinson's defamation lawsuit begins cosby. >> a judge ruled, she should depose cosby and former attorney before november 25th. she's among dozens of woman accusing cosby of sexual misconduct. she's suing him over deaf mission overstatements last year denying the the comedian lied about allegedly raping her in 1982. dickinson's lawyers can only seek answers linked to whether the denial where is made maliciously. gag order has been place in the murder case of jimmy super fly snuka. judge a arraigned snuka yesterday in will allentown. snuka has pleaded not guilty to third degree murder charges in the death of his girlfriend more than three decade ago. police found 23 year-old nancy argentina a's body in the
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white hall township help tell room in 1983. snuka's lawyer calls her death an unfortunate accident and the attorney says the the seven two-year old has early on he set dementia and a post concussion syndrome. snuka told the judge he cannot read or write english. this man now has to spend 17 to 34 years in prison for his involvement in the deadly street racing crash the on the roosevelt boulevard. the judge sentenced man for driving the car that hit and killed sammer banks and her three children as they crossed the street in july 2013. the the man he was racing is now serving five to ten years. wreckage found in the bat om of the atlantic ocean is confirmed for the missing cargo ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin. now we will tell you who is gearing up for a legal battle will over the accident. do you remember rachel dolezal she makes admission on the set of the real, what she's now saying about her racial background. cues cues.
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♪ >> welcome back to the fox 29 morning news. >> first for everything because today you decided to try to wear a bow tie. >> malcolm jenkins was in and he has his own bow time line. he had a big event.
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i don't think it ties late for us right. >> right. >> it was bourbon and bow ties, and went to the sixers game, lebron was in town. >> that turned out well. >> we don't have a win. >> i know. >> i was home with roofus. >> we have great news about the weather. it is a warmer weather pattern on the the way. do you see direction of the the red arrows. it the is from the southwest. that is where warmer air is and that is the direction the wind will be, coming from, and, sorry about ending with a prep situation but you know what i'm talking about. it is a warmer pattern this week. ten to 15 degrees a above normal starting to day and then extending into probably through friday, and then just in time for the weekend, things will chill down. the right now we don't have any cloud really to show you. we have cloudy skies yesterday because we don't have have as many clouds, things got chillier overnight but it is still, doesn't mean we will
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not get warm today. all of the rain we showed you yesterday is still, down to our south. so visibility is an issue in a couple of places this morning. only 1 mile visibility in lancaster and it is foggy in millville, new jersey as well. so, be on the alert for patchy fog traveling around this morning it is a possibility. right now look at how much chillier when yesterday we were in the 40's and 50's. today we're in the 30's and 40's. forty-seven in the city. thirty-seven in mount pocono. reading has 40. lancaster has 39. 43 degrees in wildwood. and these wind, still at the moment are coming out of the northwest. we have not seen the change in direction just yet, but we will, before the end of the day and that is why we're calling for temperatures in the 70's. we had 70's last week, we had 50's over the weekend. 65 degrees was our high temperature yesterday and here's where we're going to day. it is election day. sunny and warm. in the 70's, tomorrow, and
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thursday, and friday, we're in the 70's as well. we will cool down with the cold front on saturday, and then the showers from that cold front might end up being friday night into saturday, it looks like sunday is a chilly day with a high of 57 but plenty of sunshine even though it the will be chilly in the morning we're used to it the for philadelphia walk to end alzheimer's at citizens bank park. we will have have more details coming up and it the is still child on monday. that takes you through next several days, and new back to this in morning and of course we have construction issues don't we bob kelly. >> overnight construction issues, we have issues, this morning. 4:17, we're all chuckling in the the background there. fifty-one on the schuylkill. double five's up and down i-95 but they are working hard all night at vine street expressway, anybody who stayed later after sixers game last night they put the shut down in effect on the way home between the vine street expressway between the
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schuylkill and broad street, you know the the drill coming from the schuylkill you can use spring garden, 30th, south coming in off of i-95 they will put you off on to the the the vine street local, that is down to one lane but it is light volume so far this morning as you can see here looking live at the schuylkill, near spring garden street. again, that vine street expressway closed all this week from 9:30 or 10:00 in the evening until 5:30 the the following morning. and then the roosevelt boulevard they are working up here in the inner drive between strahl and solly, in northeast philadelphia a, and if you are using i-95 this morning just watch some new patterns coming into play in the area between girard and allegheny as they are doing the old penndot shuffle shuffling those concrete barriers around. chris and lauren back to you. federal investigators fine wreckage of the missing cargo ship el faro at the bottom of the atlantic ocean this comes as a legal battle between victim family members and the
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ships owner starts heating up. kelly wright has that story. >> reporter: federal investigators identified the wreckage as that of the cargo ship el faro. the the national transportation safety board announcing on monday that the ship was found 15,000 feet under water, east of the bohamas. >> they have found it and identified it is sitting upright which is a big step in the investigation. >> reporter: crews will now try to recover ships data record or black box in order to figure out exactly what happen. vessel sank after it sailed in the path of the hurricane joaquin, all 33 people on board, are presumed dead. family members say that they are relieved investigators found the wreckage but that they still have many questions. >> i was hoping that they found the body, that is what i'm hoping for. my son was a hard working, hard working young man. he was a good father. he was a good loving father.
4:20 am
>> reporter: family members need to understand since the ship is 15,000 feet deep there is no way to recover the remains. >> reporter: several lawsuits have been filed against the cot who owns el faro and many more are expect. >> we pled negligence, gross negligence and we will seek to hold ship owners responsible for every single penny that they owe these families, every single pen that i they own under maritime laws that apply. >> reporter: ship's owner sought a counterclaim asking judge to release it from financial liability in connection to el faro's sinking. kelly wright, fox 29 news. rachel dolezal, the former spokane and naacp chapter head who lied about being black is now talking. >> she took tough questions from the ladies of the real. dolezal says she knows some may see her life as odd but she's staying true to who she is. she was born white but still says that she identifies as a black woman. >> why? why do you want to be black. >> well, i think, you know, sometimes how we feel is more
4:21 am
powerful then how we're born. >> okay. blackness can be defined as cultural, philosophical, cultural, there is a lot of different things for people but i think you have to walk the the walk if that is who you are. >> okay. >> so you feel like you you walk the the walk of the black woman? >> absolutely. >> okay. >> she said she heard from people who have gone through similar experience. right now she's focusing on her artwork. you can watch the real right now at 11:00 right here on fox 29. fracture in the g.o.p. why some candidates now say they don't wanting to against tv networks over the debate some are calling unfair. plus it was fourth straight loss for flyers, ugly highlights from the match up with vancouver up next. but first check out your winning lottery numbers. >> something to cheer about, a win about.
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you didn't stay up to watch the the flyers game you didn't miss much. vancouver handed them their fourth straight loss. >> we had won four out of five and now we lost four straight. yeah, started off in the second period, flyers down one to nothing.
4:25 am
jake voracek with the pass to claude giroux for the goal. that is not claude, it is claude. that would be his fourth of the year. game tied one-one to the third period canucks up two-one. he takes it down the ice beating steve mason. he scores his first career goal. canucks go on to win four-one. here's more sports, with howard. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. sixers played their first good team of the season and gave fans flash of hope with the good first half but then the third quarter came around. the let's go to the wells fargo center playing cleveland. jahlil okafor, 24 points. sixers on a 23-four run against cavilers led by five at the half and then the the second half came around. third quarter not good. fourth quarter, not good. no defense by sixers, lebron james had 22 points. youngest to get to 25,000, after a 16-four run, led by 21. calves win 107-100 and it wasn't that close.
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today trade deadline in the n fl but i would be surprised if the eagles did anything significant. tough making trades in the nfl. eagles off their bye week playing dallas sunday night. eagles will face matt castle who has been brute bull cowboys coach jason garrett is starting to talk about tony romo's return. >> tony will throw in some form during practice and hopefully he can hand that will work and we will get more and more work with him on the practice field. the matt will get the work with the the first team offense and tony will get work on the side and hopefully get some work on the scout team. >> that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. on tomorrow of the many mind as people head to the polls. we will look at some of the races and rules on this election day, tuesday. a home owner answered the door strapped with weapons and ammunition but that is not the only reason police were there. what else they came across during the the search of the house.
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it is election day and the task force is in place to make sure you don't have any problems a at the poles. what you will be watching for when you cast your ballot. strong smell leads to an alarming discovery and police are in the done searching this home. what they found and what the home owner had to leave the
4:30 am
property. good day, it advertise november 3rd, election day lauren dawn johnson. >> you know it is bad when police show up and they have to call for backup. then they have to say home owner, you got to get out. can you imagine what was inside. >> we will tell you what is inside but first lets do the weather because that is good news on this tuesday, sue serio. >> it looks like it will warm up pretty nicely today. we have clear skies right now. yesterday we had cloud cover on it and we will get some of that raid rational cooling and chillier morning but the rain re mains to our south, it is further south then it was yesterday at this time so that is a good thing. it is 47 degrees in the city. yesterday was around 54 at this time. calm wind, 6:32 is your sunrise time as we still get used to these days where it gets, light, earlier, but it also gets dark, a lot earlier. so right now we have 30's to our north. thirty-seven mount pocono. thirty-eight in allentown pottstown. 41 degrees in trenton. down in millville it is 38.
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wilmington has 45. if you are walking outdoor in wildwood it is 43 degrees. we have temperatures as much as 14 degrees chillier then they were yesterday at this time. 7 degrees colder in philadelphia. 16 degrees chillier in 24 hours in millville, new jersey. now wind are still coming out of the northwest, yet, we still expect a warm up today. you can see southerly wind in dover but there isn't much of one but as things change around look at our high temperature with a mix of sun and cloud we expect a high of 72 degrees. now that is a full 10 degrees warmer then we're supposed to be this time of the year. normal high in the lower 60's. tonight we are down to 52. mild night for early november. we will talk about when things change and when chill returns all coming up in the seven day forecast. right the new lets check with bob kelly, what is going on. >> good morning, sue, checking in, checking out 4:31 on a tuesday morning. we're shut down on the vine.
4:32 am
overnight construction. they closed it at 9:30 and 10:00 o'clock through the the following morning. we're here until 5:30. vine closed between schuylkill and broad street. if you are coming off have of i95 you are push off at broad and you can use broad street local. coming in off the the schuylkill expressway you can use spring garden, south, or, 30th street. it is election day as we mentioned in pennsylvania and new jersey. some of the schools are closed, other schools have a half day. am i a bad parent when kid say yesterday, oh, by the the way we're off tomorrow, dad? what? >> you cannot keep track how many days they are off. >> what do you mean you're off tomorrow? all day? it is election day. some activity. we will drop kids off at mike jerrick's house later on. activity the and frequent stops at all voting locations in pennsylvania, and new jersey. unusual activity out there throughout the day. the blue route, not bad at all as we roll out of the mid county, heading down to the
4:33 am
schuylkill expressway. they are still working on the extension right here near quakertown. the roosevelt boulevard in the north east they are working on the inner drive between strahl and solly until 6:00 o'clock this morning and then the on the turnpike we have a work crew out between street road and delaware valley interchange. chris and lauren back to you. today philadelphia voters as bob said will elect a new mayor, city council members and judges and district attorney seth williams wants to make sure you don't have any problems at the poles. >> a election fraud task force will look a at everything. they will be monitoring election day complaint, allegations of illegal voting, and candidate write in issues. >> we're ready to help if philadelphians go to vote and feel they are being intimidated or people telling them they cannot vote, please call our hot line. >> you can find the hot line numbers for the the election fraud task force at fox and look under seen on tv. there are several
4:34 am
locations where locally electricians happen in municipalities in new jersey and pennsylvania. polls in pennsylvania are opened from 7:00 in the morning until 8:00 tonight. it in new jersey, polls open up at 6:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. we have you covered on fox 29 at ten we will have results of all of the big races on air and for the very latest, as always for anything in the world, go to fox a report of the foul odor leads to the discovery of weapons and dead animals. >> thank goodness you don't have smell-o-vision. home owner claims he has done nothing wrong. dave kinchen live outside radnor township police headquarters with more. dave, it must have been a horrible stench. >> reporter: i cannot imagine smelling anything like this but investigators say they found quite a mess when they got to this property we're about to show you. the let's go to the video right now. this is a home on marlins circle. the township officialness radnor say a foul stench and unkept yard called them out to this location and they found
4:35 am
worst case of hording that they say they have ever seen. police say they found a large selection of weapons at the home of the fairing. he came the two door with two handguns strapped to his waist. cops say containers of the night trick a acid are buried in the backyard with 20 dead cats. neighbors say the man has lived there for several decade and their only complaint is that the house is simply a mess. we have talked to the owners and investigators on the scene. >> we took a look at the property, walk around and ended up in the backyard where there is an odor that almost as if there is a dead body. knocked on the door to see if somebody was there. we determined to make entry in the property. at some point there there was a tremendous hoed or coming from the home. >> never been in this house and never would want to go in his house. he does not keep his house, as it has always been a concern from the neighbors. >> waste of money.
4:36 am
they should be doing things for their protecting people who are doing thing. this is none son. >> you are not breaking any laws. >> i have lived in in that house over 76 years i'm in the breaking any laws. >> reporter: look at this, a magazine with 50 caliber round and it looks like, something they would use if they are preparing for war or battle. police said they found boxes filled with this ammunition. investigators say he is a licensed firearms dialer but it is unclear what weapons he is allowed to own. meanwhile he has not been charged, with any crimes. he was told by officials to stay somewhere else last night so detectives can continue their probe into the property, guys, back to you. >> they have a lot to go through. >> reporter: no doubt about that good i wouldn't want that job, gross. 4:36. g.o.p. verse tv, why some candidates are backing down with their demand for networks for future debate.
4:37 am
>> new poll numbers are out who is leading pack for republicans. is trump a ahead or is the neurosurgeon now turning head. oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity. firing.
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jimmy carter battling cancer but some things just don't change. he resumed his role for-tat for hugh hand prominent booser. he is volunteering to build a family for a a home in tennessee. he was first going to
4:40 am
volunteer in the fall after getting a travel from doctors treating his cancer but he canceled that trip last month in fat favor of something closer to home. president carter has been getting radiation treatment and taking immune boosting drugs to fight the illness. memphis is about six hours driving from the atlanta a area, and, that is much further. home state of georgia. ben carson speaking of politics is now leading the republican presidential raza cord to go a new nbc/wall street journal poll. carson is polling at 29 percent, highest any republican date has polled in survey to date trailing retired neurosurgeon donald trump at 23 percent. this is not first national poll to show carson ahead of trump. g.o.p. debate, revolt is crumbling, just two days after the campaigns gathered to discuss reforms some candidates are declining to sign on to a letter demanding change to the networks hosting those debates. >> one of those people is new
4:41 am
jersey governor chris christie says candidates just need to know how to take questions that they just do not like. >> listen, other thing i say if you want to be president of the united states, and debate hillary clinton next fall you have to be tough enough to deal with that. >> many candidates were upset after last weeks cnbc debate saying moderators asked unfair questions but some campaigns seem uncertain if they will sign this debate letter or others, just kind of consider this issue over. letter included a list of questions the campaigns hoped would ensure fair debates in the future. the next republican debate is november 14th on the fox business network. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton sits down in chicago with mothers hossa african-american children have died in shootings. >> included in that group were mothers of the the trayvon martin michael brown and others, clinton and women discussed their loss and her plan for criminal justice reform and gun control. the the women called the gathering both powerful and productive. clinton tweeted that she was
4:42 am
grateful. clinton pledged to stay engaged in their cause. a nasty chain reaction crash in fox chase, when a september bus and tractor trailer collide why neighbors say they are not surprised that this accident happened. plus president obama visit new jersey pushing for prison reform, what he says, businesses need to do, to help get former felons back to work.
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david bow i anymore. he is not touring any more. live lot at ben franklin parkway from the, the ben franklin parkway. that will be beautiful this week, sue serio. >> it is. we will see more humans outside enjoying the weather, as well. so we will be on the look out for all of that. happily we can tell you from the 3-d satellite radar picture that rain is still to the south a as we promised you it the one. so, for us, it is a really sharp line, of demar case if you will between cloud and rain and clear skies and basically, tran quilt that we had this morning. we will look to the future cast to tomorrow, and today, tomorrow, we will see no rain, although increasing cloud by thursday, and then the chance for stray shower or two. maybe in the middle of the day. but this is not a a front that will cool us off right away. we have another one coming
4:46 am
through on friday, and that one could bring us some showers and eventually some cooler temperatures. looking at visibility out there this morning because we're sock in with fog, in lancaster. millville, new jersey, a nice, little pocket of fog right there in cumberland county. so that could slow you down a lot this morning. be on the alert for some patchy fog, it is more patch here and there and then when it is clear we have got temperatures in the the 30's. thirty-seven mount pocono. thirty-eight in a allentown. the pottstown has 38. 47 degrees here in philadelphia, and we have got 39 in lancaster. forty-two a atlantic city. forty-five in wilmington. these are a lot chillier then yesterday at this time. so make sure add another sweater or wear sweater if you didn't wear one yesterday. wind are calm at the moment. that is tran quilt we were talking about but lets see where we ended up yesterday. on sunday we had a high of 55. we went right back there on monday with the high of 65. we will beat that today with
4:47 am
lower 70's. mid 70's tomorrow. the lower 70's with just a slight chance of the shower on thursday and another warm one on friday, and then chilly change, comes. it is saturday and sunday, when sunday's high, monday as well, only in the 50's. so, enjoy the 70's while they are here but for those who missed the crisp autumn weather a and we will hear from you on twitter and we pay attention, it is coming back by the weekend. >> looking good. 4:47. good morning, everybody. on a tuesday curb side on the 42 freeway for follow accounts coming from south jersey, to no problems or delays between the the expressway up through 295. watch out for deer. we had had about five or six accidents yesterday during the morning rush hour, this early part here now with the deer out there on the roadway. hello northeast philadelphia, woodhaven road between roosevelt boulevard and the philadelphia mall, the the mills i should say, the former
4:48 am
franklin mills. vine street expressway still closed for another half an hour this morning, between the broad street interchange and the schuylkill expressway folks using broad street to get on to vine street local or coming in on the schuylkill you can use either spring garden, 30th street or south street to work your way in to any of the numbers streets. we are in good had shape here. kind of quiet so far. an accident in evesham, new jersey route 70 off marlton pike just off of 70 and 73. remember olga's diner over there. that was a pit stop on the way to the shore. on the pennsy turnpike eastbound crew is still working between street road and the delaware valley interchange, chris and lauren back over to you. witnesses have a chain reaction crash in fox chase say it was bound to happen at some point. >> they saw this coming, right? take a look. this is a after math of the midday crash. septa bus hit a tractor trailer carrying 26-ton front end loader. force knocked the cab off the
4:49 am
truck into the blooming arts studio in oxford avenue at fox chase loop. several neighbors told us that the septa bus that he is use that loop to turnaround and get their next scheduled route is a real concern and has been a while. many call it a traffic nightmare. >> you cannot fit a 40 type buses through this terminal. they cannot make a turn. it is inevitable that this happens. it is getting worse. >> so the bus driver and two passengers were taken to the aria frankford hospital. they are expect to be okay. that truck driver is also fine. new jersey governor chris christie says camden county police department should be a a model of positive police reform. christie sat down with the mayor of the camden and chief of police among other law enforcement leaders to talk about the improvements there. governor is a applauding the work the the county has done to cut crime and focus on community policing. >> it is because of the work of the people you see here standing behind me, sitting before me, and just as important, the people of the
4:50 am
city of camden who are contributing greatly to what is going on. you are the proof that what was once the most violent city in america can be turned around. >> the the camden county police department, metro division was formed in 2012 after disbanding camden city police department. with christie a's support. despite improvements critics say it too early to declare this a victory. president obama was in newark, new jersey yesterday focused on criminal justice reform. the president, toured a halfway house and drug treatment center. the center is the largest treatment facility funded and licensed by the state the of new jersey. the president wants to make it easier for former inmates to reenter society. >> the federal government i believe should not use criminal history to screen out applicants before we even look at their qualifications. we cannot dismiss people out offhanded simply because of a mistake that they made in the past.
4:51 am
>> president is renewing his calls to pass a partisan bill cutting mandatory minimum sentences for people convicted of non-violent crimes. in your money and health a recall has been issued foreground beef for fear of thee coal lie conn man nation. 167,000-pound of ground beef processed by all american meats in owe my had has been recalled. the meat was shipped nationwide and bears a sell by date of of november 3rd. usda say sample to test conduct the day before halloween came back positive. there have have been no confirmed reports of any illness connected to that recall though. speaking of this, new information about the e-coli out break that led to the closure of the 43 chipotle restaurants in oregon and washington state. oregon department of health says these who got sick, it is the same produce, not meat. suspected in vegetable made at least 22 sick, some are hospitalized, no one died. you may have seen this
4:52 am
viral video of the young woman in a d.c. cop, locked in a epic dance battle. both get props for their skills but the teenager just got a different type of news that is making her smile bigger.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
live look at reading, pennsylvania. >> i have no idea who this is. >> you don't? >> no. it is a camera in reading, pennsylvania. >> this is joan armtrading. >> who? >> who is that? >> come on, why don't you get your music together, dude. >> okay. >> we will have your music later in the the show. >> pennsylvania's second most famous groundhog, is coming out of retirement. so you remember this this guy, gus, of course, so he is pennsylvania lottery mascot for eight years but retired in 2012. lottery says he is making, a come back. >> always likes a come back. >> start appearing in ads for scratch off games. you can see the lottery every day, where lauren dawn johnson? >> right here on fox 29. video has gone viral. teenage girl and police officer competing in the epic
4:56 am
dance battle in the streets of the washington d.c. >> it happened last week after an officer broke up a fight. since then young woman featured in the video has received a lot of attention but that is not her only reason to smile, a professional dance instructor used social media, tracked her down and now want to help her make a career out of her talents. >> i saw that competitiveness, i saw this ability to put on a show so i have explained to her that is a gift. >> it is a good opportunity. not everybody knows who i am and they know that i can dance. >> and she has this free spirited police officer to thank for making the mess of that special moment. the officer is hailed a hero by d.c.'s mayor and police chief. >> you will never see that happen, but such a cool moment when it first happened. i went viral last week. everybody was saying it is so cool to see police interact with those community. >> community policing is huge. >> that is a awesome. coming up a at 5:00 a
4:57 am
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that i lead to the bomb squad then calls out to the home, we will explain what led to the scare. it is tuesday, election day a all across the the area, big races on the ballot including philadelphia mayor. that is kind of over. it has been over for months. we will tell what you you need to know before you head to the polls. it is not cold in the streets, we will show you funny campaign police have launched trying to get people to help them with their investigation. so just seconds ago, just before we were to start 59:00 o'clock hour, sue yells out, it is today nine or ten. >> i said a nine if we will have 70's in november. >> and then i said, save the ten for tomorrow, sue serio because it is tuesday, in third, is great but tomorrow is even greater. >> well, i listened to both of you. >> a 9.5. >> well, you know what, i can move that to i .5 but we will save the ten for tomorrow but today looks good. thing about today it is a lot


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