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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 19, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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>> fox 29 news in hd sponsored by x1 from xfinity changing the way you experience tv. right now incredible story of fighting back. police say a teen marched into this store waving what looks like a big gun even attacking the clerk but that victim steps in to save his own life. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that clerk tells us one moment changed everything. fox 29's shawnette wilson spoke to him tonight live in burlington city where this all went down. shawnette. >> reporter: so we cannot wait to show you this video. it actually shows customers walking into the store on route 130 and then they turn around and walk out when they see this robbery in progress even as the clerk begs them to call 911. he says at that point he knew he had to do something to protect. >> incredible surveillance video of itemed robbery gone bad for the suspect. the masked robber caught off gored by a store owner who fights back and wins. we blurred their faces to
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protect the clerk and because the suspect is underage. >> teeth marks oint and he say give me all your money. and i was -- >> let's go back to see how it started as this person who the clerk believes was posing as a customer leaves, in comes the suspect who police identify as a 17-year-old from willingboro. he's wearing a mask frantically waving what looks like a semi automatic handgun and he demands money. >> open the register. okay. so after that i open for him end try to hit me. >> now watch what happens. the suspect goes be second hitting the clerk over and over again with the gun. then the unthinkable. the clerk says pieces of the gun fell apart and he knew it was fake. so he turns the tables. >> he tried to leave. i tried to grab him, too. >> another camera catches the scuffle at the door as the clerk wrestles witness suspect and
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drags him back inside the store he says after pulling off the mask and wrapping it around the suspect's neck. he then managed to drag the suspect outside into the front of the shop next door. >> called my friend i said call the police to help me out. >> reporter: police arrived to find the clerk struggling to hold down the suspect. cops determined he had a pellet gun. >> both clerks were very brave in what they d we obviously do not recommend that. again, nobody was hurt fortunately. one clerk did sustain minor injuries. >> reporter: still the clerk says he did what he felt he had to do. >> if they do it one time they'll do it all the time. >> reporter: and back here live tonight, the suspect is being held at the burlington county juvenile detention center. we're toll he's charged with robbery simple assault and criminal mischief. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. on your radar, get ready for the rain. live radar shows storm is moving on in. just few hours out right now. this is the same system that
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brought tornadoes to the south and heavy snow to the west. so we're not expecting anything that severe as we take live look at the ben franklin parkway. but these storms could make a mess of the morning drive, right, kathy. >> absolutely, lucy. terrible timing with this. we're talking about rain and wind and behind it packing a punch of cold air, but no cold air in site tonight. 60 degrees our current temperature. the high 63. temperatures not budging all that much. now here's the rain as we track it imbedded showers and thunderstorms in there where you see the yellows and the oranges that's the severe weather that's heading toward the mid atlantic that red you see, that is severe thunderstorm warning that has been posted. we aren't expecting anything severe but we are going to be seeing the rain move in during the morning rush. between about 6:00 a.m. to the west and 9:00 a.m. through philadelphia. it over spreads the area periods of rain heavy at times. some wind swept rain with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour and one round of rain late toward the evening could bring a few gusty thunderstorms. now, here's what we expect.
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i mentioned the timing during the morning rush. more rounds of rain during the day. gusty winds. temperatures will be staying mild but the evening commute also impacted. the second part of this will be the cold, the coldest air of the fall season will be moving in. more on that with your seven day forecast. >> all right. talk to you soon, kathy. when you wake up turn on fox 29 for problems out on the roads to the latest forecast bob kelly and sue serio have you covered starting tomorrow morning at 4:00. bloody turn in the hunt for the mastermind of last week's terror attacks in paris. dozens of explosions hundreds of shots fired and a lengthy gun battle all taking place inside a paris apartment building today and tonight as the smoke clears investigators are still trying to figure out if they have the man they were after. swat officers carried out the early morning raid targeting a suspected isis terror cell. cell phone video caught a taste of the lengthy barrage of gunfire. when it was over, seven hours later, two people were dead and eight others arrested. police say the cell was preparing fresh terror attacks.
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the target of the raid was the alleged mastermind behind friday night's paris attacks but tonight the fate of 27-year-old abdelhammid abboud remains unclear. >> emotions running high as parents and students at george washington high school say their school just isn't safe. several fights broke out last week and they believe the violence is out of hand and say something needs to change fast. foxx 29's chris o'connell joins us live from spring garden. chris? >> reporter: lucy, parents of students that go to george washington high school in northeast philadelphia say they're so worried about violence in their schools, they're afraid to send their own kids to class, and tonight some of those parents are calling for the firing of the school's principal. >> she may not make it through your school. she wakes up every day in fear of coming to school. report roar message was loud and clear. >> you have future doctors, future lawyers, future presidents in the school. they're afraid to come to school! >> parents and students at george washington high school
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lining up one by one telling administrators their school is getting out of control. >> last week smart phone video captured all out chaos in school after several fights broke out leaving a trail of blood in the hallways. some students tell fox 29 fights happen at the school almost every day. >> he's afraid to wear his glasses because he says, mom, i'm fighting back. they're not going have me on the ground. mom, it's not going to be my blood they're stepping over. >> reporter: many lash out third year principal jean jones seen increase in serious incidents at his school since his arrival. >> it hits you to the core because you want to provide a safe learning environment for children. >> reporter: jones acknowledged the increasing violence in this school and promised help is on the way. the school district has agreed to provide four more support staff in school to boost safety but some worry that's not enou enough. >> are their kids safe coming to
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school tomorrow? >> yes, they are. very safe. >> reporter: now, along with adding more staff, school administrators promised another meeting with parents to discuss enhanced security plans coming up in the next few weeks. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. tonight the lower merion police department cleared officers after arrest sparked outrage in the community. we told you earlier this month rhee police arrested 58 year odd nathaniel williams after a bank robbery because he fit the description of a suspect. it turns out he was innocent. he says police put him on the ground and handcuffed him before he was let go. after an investigation, police say that the arrest was appropriate according to policy. skyfox over a fire in delaware county that left four firefighters hurt. this was the scene in darby on whitely terrace around 5:00. you can see all of the smoke poring from this home. took firefighters about an hour to get this under control. we do not know the extent of firefighters injuries. we do know at least two are not life threatening. investigators say a
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dangerous mix of chemicals left a montgomery county man in the hospital. skyfox over the 800 block of roads avenue in douglas township this afternoon. police say the homeowner was cleaning his garage and mixed some chemicals together. he probably shouldn't have. they haven't said how bad his injuries are. police say you can get a whole lot more than pizza at a certain delaware county pizza shop. radnor township police have arrest assistant manager brandy weldon who they say sold marijuana founder cover officers twice right outside the seasons pizza shop in wayne. weldon had access to all areas inside the store. so it's now shut down to get sanitized. series of delivery driver robberies have police on alert tonight. five as a matter of fact all happening in new castle county, delaware. fox 29's karen hepp explains how earning a living is putting lives in danger. >> reporter: right now new castle county police are warning anyone who delivers food to watch out and to be very alert because they've had five armed robberies in just the past recent days. >> they just get this money and
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food and everything. >> reporter: this man's buddy was robbed at gun point. he says, it is a nerve racking time to be a delivery driver in delaware. >> especially dark nighttime. daytime like we don't scare or anything. we just do regulars. nighttime is like very scary. >> reporter: scary because there have been five nighttime robberies in a little more than two weeks. >> delivery drivers are dispatched to an address with a food order, when they get there, they're approached by in each case anywhere from three to six black males. >> reporter: police say it's happening in five nearby neighborhoods. welling ton woods, waterford mobile home park, pine woods, raven glenn and newtown village. pizza shop workers say it makes them angry and frustrated. >> they're just trying to provide money for their family and everything, and it's a shame that they do this to the people that are just trying to work for their family. >> reporter: craig smith cannot believe it's happening in his community. >> i work at new castle county detention center and that's where our building is filled
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with a lot of youth with no time on their hands non respect for suppose delivery guy trying to earn a living report roar police are reminding everybody to be alert right now it's the time of year robberies really are on the rise. it's good advice for all of us. if you know anything about these series of attacks, please call the new castle county detectiv detectives. from new castle, i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. vigil tonight for a local college student who disappeared earlier this week. 19-year-old jacob marberger left washington college in maryland a few days ago. went to his parent's cheltenham home and took a gun case. washington college went on lock down and officials say it will stay closed through thanksgiving break. cheltenham high school went into what the school calls a lock out monday as a precaution. ♪ >> masks on armed men bust into a local convenience store waving around a gun but that's not all. where they find a machete to help with the heist. local woman says she's a hostage in her own home.
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>> more than 30 bullet holes in her home and what is seeping in through her vent has her begging for help. why no one is answering. it's a problem affecting african-americans more than anyone else. sinus problems, allergies, asthma. we found the cheap alternative some say works every time without side effects. >> actor taye diggs sets social media on fire. why he says his son is not black. women on a sex strike holding out on their men refusing to go to bed until their demands are met
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may be part of a four-man crew who pulled off a similar robbery in the very same neighborhood just last month. tonight the owner of the store who came face to face with the
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gunman is speaking only to fox 29. >> these are very dangerous individuals that need to be taken off the streets. >> reporter: two robbers owned the grocery store in kingsessing with masks on and guns out. they quickly went behind the counter and smashed a store owner in the head with a gun. he spoke with fox 29 through an interpreter. >> they just came in, one of them went to the back where he was at. took the money from the register and some money he got. >> reporter: they hit him. >> yeah. >> unprovoked he strikes the employee in the side of the face with handgun and hits him on the top of the head. >> reporter: 40-year-old owner who asked us not to use his name gave up the cash after he saw the guns. but when the robbers grabbed a 30-inch machete stashed behind the counter for protection, everything changed. >> he said he was scared because he got two kids an wife. >> reporter: the robber struck the owner in the leg with machete. a co-worker heard the commotion. got one look at this masked
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gunman headed his way and retreat to do a corner. out of the gunman's sight. >> small business with people inside. you have kids inside the store. people can walk in. they're armed with hand guns. >> detectives now believe the two gun toting bandits are part of a heavily armed four-man crew that also held up the diaz grocery store a few blocks away in october. they wore masks, too, and had distinctive tattoos on their hands. they escaped with two grand. >> they did the same thing. come in the store, check to see if anybody else is in there. put a couple people on the ground. they a high capacity handgun. they strike the owner in that visit with the face unprovoked. >> it happens every day. never safe here. >> reporter: now police believe the suspects are from the very same neighborhood where these robberies are occurring. they have very distinctive tattoos on their hands. if you have any information at all, you can call southwest
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detectives or dial the police tip line at 215-686-tips. iain. >> dave, thank you. developing to night in new york city. the nypd says they're aware of a new isis video that mentions times square. it includes footage released earlier of a fictional suicide bomber attack. new york police department stresses there's no current threat but they're in heightened state of vigilance. call it intuition or gut ink sting a woman from our area may have prevented a terrorist attack. gloucester township police say online threats came from alexander cans lore who lives in texas outside houston a woman alerted police to some posts on facebook allegedly made by him threatening to quote shoot up a mosque here in our area along with a post pictures of assault arrival and ammunition ton night police here are calling this woman a hero for tipping them off. >> this is exactly how the system is supposed to work. we ask our community members to if they see something suspicious to report it, give it to us much
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that's exactly what this woman did. she reported it to us. we followed up on it. >> tonight he's in jail. he was arrested at his job which happens to be at the sugar land texas airport near houston. when asked why he wanted to do these violent acts he cited 9/11 and the deadly paris attacks. a sure sign of thanksgiving a few south jersey towns but not everyone celebrating what is showing up at their front door. dozens of turkeys are running wild and running through local neighborhoods. man if i was turkey and thanksgiving was around the corner i'd be rung running too. after hearing about all the commotion we decided to take a trip to burlington county. as fox 29's dawn timmeney shows us the big birds did not disappoint. >> they're everywhere. >> most until my yard. because i have a creek and they like the water. >> reporter: we're talking gobblers on the go. wild turkeys taking over some new jersey towns. we found a rafter of the big birds, yes, more than one is called a rafter, strolling the streets of cinnaminson.
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>> you haven't seen anything. >> no. >> my highest count is 28 at a time. and they're all over the yard and they make a big mess. report fort you're up early you'll see even more turkeys trotting around. >> there's probably 60 that walk around and cruise around the neighborhood. >> reporter: dave's wife snapped this photo of turkeys hanging out in the trees, and they are definitely making themselves at home roosting on top of some. >> i don't mind it but, you know, the droppings and stuff i know are annoying to people. >> reporter: laura says they've kind of become neighborhood entertainment. her family taking a picture of them out in the rain and this one in the snow. >> you just look over and they'll all be there, um, hanging out, chasing eve other around. we took my son for a walk, and we saw them twice about a block from here. about 24 of them. >> reporter: they're also in riverton, marleen says they're ruining her yard, digging up her landscaping. >> i don't like it. >> reporter: the troublesome
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turkeys are also roughly link feathers in palmyra as well. running a foul especially here on highland avenue. >> they are usually on this road i've seen them all over this area of town. >> there's worst things like skunks that could be in our neighborhood report roar officials in palmyra say they plan to try to trapt turkeys next month and then return them to the wild. one resident, however, expects they'll come right on back. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> wait after thanksgiving and then come back. arrest the at the dmv so mad he fail his driving test twice. he tried to attack the clerk. it gets worse. >> major bust at los angeles airport. 400 pounds found stuffed into suitcases but it's not drugs. the popular holiday tradition that earned one passenger a thousand dollars fine. in labor, this mom to be is staring at her computer. what she says she had to do staring at her computer. what she says she had to do online that just couldn't w
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[gus singing] ♪ dashing through the snow ♪ careful on the ice
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♪ keep scratchin', cousin joe. ♪ [cousin joe singing] ♪ oh gus, you're much too nice! [gus singing] ♪ a gift for uncle dave, and 1 for auntie jane ♪ ♪ mom and dad and grandpa zack all get a scratching game ♪ [everyone singing] ♪ oh, instant games! ♪ instant games! instant games for me! ♪ ♪ 6 new holiday instant games from the p.a. lottery ♪ keep on scratchin'! >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ the guy you're looking at in this video seems like he may need a helping hand. police in california say don't be fooled. they call him the wheelchair bandit. police say this guy was caught on camera scooting through several aisles of wal*mart store in fresno. police say he grabbed several things put them under his
3:23 am
clothes then tried to roll out. well officers approached him and he threatened to stab them. folded up the wheelchair and ran off. guy in michigan goes to get a driver's license but leaves in handcuffs. police say he assaulted a state employee after he failed his written driving test not once but twice. that employee says she even caught him cheating the second time. police say he jumped the counter cursing, screaming and chasing the clerk. police arrested him and in court he got so mad about the charges, he yelled at the judge and fought with officers, even tried to choke one with his handcuffs. he's now in jail on $55,000 bo bond. a fight between two men spiraled out of control in florida. >> this is near orlando. police say a defense baby ended up in the crossfire. you're looking at 32-year-old levi steer. police say he was arguing with his ex-girlfriend amanda kirkland over money. they say when she called her new boyfriend over things turned violent in a hur reach kirkland's boyfriend through a brick through the side window of
3:24 am
steal's trailer and police say steer retaliated. >> he decides to pick up a couple of concrete plants or concrete blocks and hurled them at the car as they were leaving the residence. >> you can see the crushed glass that's where concrete came crash through the car window that block hit kirkland's six month old baby girl in the head fracturing her fran fragile skull. she's in the top night in critical condition while steer is looking at aggravated child abuse charges. authorities say charges are also pending against kirkland's boyfriend. local woman says she's a hostage in her own home. more than 30 bullet holes in her home and what's seeping in through her vents has her begging for help. why no one is answering. >> problem affecting african-americans more than anyone else. sinus problems, allergies, asthma. we found cheap alternative some say work every time without side effect. kathy. >> we're tracking the rain and the wind but the bigger story could be the cold that comes in
3:25 am
the wake of the storm. the coldest air of the season. are you prepared? we'll have the numbers coming up with the seven day. >> penguin that ruined the holidays nobody will ruin my holidays fyi. the stunt he pulled that -- oh, no this is madagascar. miley cyrus to shame. ♪
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♪ right now at 10:30, storms just hours away. live radar shows the huge swath of rain moving in. it is caused everything from snow to tornadoes around the country, and we're not expecting anything that severe here as we take a live look at south philly on the left and allentown on the right. kathy of course tracking exactly when that rain moves in and the cold behind it. that's coming your way in just minutes. can you imagine living in a war zone one philadelphia woman says that's what she thinks her life is like every day. her situation she says is unbearable and she doesn't know where else to turn. >> dawn timmeney has this brave woman's story of why drugs and violence have left her a prisoner in her own home.
3:29 am
♪ >> reporter: dozens of bullet casings litter this philadelphia street following a night of violence. it could be any given night in the city and it's a scene being repeated too often in some neighborhoods. >> my house alone has been shot up twice. >> reporter: this woman who doesn't want to be identified out of fear for her life recently enduring yet another shootout right in front of her house. >> it sounded like a war zone. it was pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, just constant. >> reporter: she shows me where one of the bullets came into her home through an outside wall and ricocheted off her back door. >> if i had been standing at my sing that bull left would have caught me in my head. >> reporter: four bullets hit her house in that hail of gunfire. but she says police counting far more. >> bullet 38. >> reporter: 38 shots were fired? >> as they counseled at that time. >> reporter: in a separate shooting, a bullet went through
3:30 am
her front door. once again, she narrowly escapes with her life. >> we're not even safe in the privacy our home. >> reporter: she keeps her doors locked and her shades drawn at all times. this woman says she's just as afraid to leave her house. >> pure hell. when i first moved here i thought it would be nice, because it was a new development. >> reporter: but she says she quickly realized that it's the same old story, drugs and gun violence. >> this block has been shot up so many times until i can't even count. >> reporter: adding insult to injury she says the people who live in the adjoining house next door smoke serious drugs. she says the toxic fumes seep into her place. through a connected ventilation system. >> what kind of drugs are we talking about. >> we're talking about crack. we're talking about hard core drugs. it's not marijuana. inhaled it for so long i stand up i'm dizzy, you know. they smoke day in and day out. >> reporter: all the vents in the house are covered. everyone of them.
3:31 am
the woman never turns on her heat or air-conditioning relying on portable units because the smell is so sickening. she says her adult daughter who she lives with is asthmatic and has other health issues. she fears this unhealthy and unsafe environment will kill them both one way or another. >> did you ever think you'd be living like this? >> i never thought i would be living like this. this is a nightmare. this is a pure nightmare. >> reporter: this woman says she's call the police dozens of times. she's call the philadelphia housing authority. she's called her local city council representative. and she says all her cries for help have fallen on deaf ears. so we reach out to police on her behalf. >> this commander will work with housing police to look at this. this is a housing development perhaps we have to come up with strategy with housing police and address that. >> somebody has dropped the ball and somebody needs to pick it back up. >> reporter: at her wits end this woman wants pha to find her
3:32 am
different housing it's unclear if that will happen. police say not everyone can move. that's why they're trying to place foot patrols and increased police presence in high-crime neighborhoods. >> that fear is legitimate. i mean when you're living in a neighborhood and you have these individuals that are out there, you know, shooting at one another and they don't care about anyone else. >> reporter: police say they need the public's help if they're ever going to get a leg up on the bad guys. >> we have to look at some of the laws that are created. why some people are back out on the street each and every day and again, we need that constant community partnership in order to be able to stop this -- these individuals that are out there putting people in fear, because it's not fair. >> reporter: this woman says it goes way beyond not fair. >> nobody should live like this. nobody should live like this. >> reporter: dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. incredible story. dawn will keep us moved in this woman in the report is able to find new housing. >> hopefully she will be. >> let's hope. we've got new weather moving on in.
3:33 am
kind of big weather, too, kathy. >> a lot of weather to talk about. we do have a storm system coming that is going to set off a series of changes. much like last weekend. first let's look at the temperatures. the high today 63. tomorrow will be mild even though it will be wet and windy and look at these temperatures. they take a nose dive. the coldest air of the season moves in by sunday morning. right now, though, mild you see that green, that's a very climate over us right now. pittsburgh 57. you have to go into the northern plananes to seat cold air. 30s in the dacs. you can see international falls 35. this cold will be moving in over the next couple of days. we will be feeling its impact. but for now, we're just looking at cloudy skies. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we watch the rain moving on in. periods of rain heavy at times. so it's not going to be the heaviest round of rain we've ever seen. but it will be steady throughout the day and nuisance right through the noon hour. you may see a few breaks where you just have drizzle and mist
3:34 am
in the afternoon, and then another round of rain heading toward the evening for the evening rush. by nine, 10:00 o'clock, we'll see some clearing skies from the west that will work their way through the region. rain estimates have varied over the past couple of days but generally half an inch to an inch of rain through most of the region. these numbers coming in low tonight. i still think in philadelphia we'll be close to an inch. after we get through the rain and the gusty winds associated with that front, we see the chill. you see this blue that is a core of cold air that's very close friday morning. high pressure builds right over us. cooler air moves in on saturday with some snow in the great lakes with this reinforcing shot of cold air. and then sunday morning, the cold really settles in. temperatures sunday morning will be around freezing and this will be the coldest air of the entire season. countincounting september, octod most of november. so the coldest shot is coming. get the winter coats back out. we're going to need them again. for tomorrow the rain gear will
3:35 am
be necessary. mostly cloudy overnight tonight. tomorrow a bad hair day. a wet day and temperatures still though mild. 67 degrees. even though we have the wind it will be mild. that cold air i was talking about for sunday, right in time for the eagles game. kick off at 1:00 o'clock. 43 at kick off. 46 by 4:00 p.m. and in whipping winds at the linc. on your seven day forecast you can see the decline in temperature. saturday 53. sunday 47. monday 45 degrees with freezing morning temperatures. that will be our coldest day and then you can see temperatures slowly rebounding back into the 50s. but compared to where we've been, that will be down right chilly. don't forget. when you wake up bob kelly and sue serio that dynamic duo will have you covered. fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia" starting at 4:00 o'clock. all the jammos, the slow downs, they'll get you threw it. >> hopefully not too many jammos. >> let's hope. i noticed tomorrow is a two.
3:36 am
in terms of weather,. >> it's a two. >> not a good day. >> bad hair day. just a bad day. >> stay inside. >> pretty rotten. >> all right, kathy, thank you. >> it's not your fault. >> drivers look at this doing a double take in phoenix when they look over and see this car on the light rail tracks. one guy had his new dash cam rolling. trapped by the high curb they couldn't get back on the roads. at one point punches the gas because a train was coming finally at the next intersection the driver was able to get off the tracks safely. >> crazy to see. all right. in your money tonight, america's home improvement in trouble. home depot under fire for selling products they may have put people at risk. the store sold has sr. did you say items that increased chances of fires and electrical shocks. i'm sure this comes from reputable source. check our website to see all of the unsafe merchandise that apparently was sold across the country for the past two years. >> seems not even a kids toy can escape the twerking phenomena
3:37 am
non. take look at the latest twerking video. this time it's not miley cyrus much it's a penguin. it's on the shelves at big lot. many people can't believe what they're seeing. they're posting videos on social media he dances to christmas rap song. penguin will set you back 18 bucks and requires three double a batteries. it will do all that twerk. can't do rechargeable. grandmom probably won't like it unwrapped on christmas morning. >> i don't know. you don't know my grandma. >> you watch radon van he likes the twerking and he was a grandfather. >> remember the bass, the sinking bass. i'm going back a ways. >> abby our producer talked about that. >> how about this. agents make a major bust at the los angeles airport. >> 400 pounds of contraband they say a passenger smuggled in luggage we're not talking about drugs, not talking about weapo weapons. it was it's almost christmas season, right? it was at a mal lease. at a mal lease banned from coming across the border.
3:38 am
agents say the passenger did say he was bringing food into the country but denied having any pork. experts say foreign patti can carry serious disease which is it's not allowed. the passenger had to pay a $1,000 fine. those tow at a mal lease are out of here. >> women refusing to -- >> taye diggs set social media on fire why he says his son is not black. >> it's a problem affecting african-americans more than anyone else. sinus problems, allergies, asthma, we found the cheap alternative some say works every time without side effects. >> ♪ >> all right. there you go. we want to congratulate vanilla worthy philadelphia woman is one of 10 semi finalists in the next empire artist search. the bus went coast to coast to
3:39 am
find performers to appear on the latest show. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for a rainy rush hour tomorrow morning. i know it's easier said than done but allow yourself extra time to get out of the gate tomorrow. careful in all of the work zones if you intend to travel via air weather delays expected at philly international. you know what i like to do on thursdays. we pick a different neighborhood. a different spot. breakfast tomorrow morning. you like eggs we have it on top of pizza. bacon eggs on top of pizza. pizza for breakfast tomorrow morning join me beginning at 9:00 o'clock at the collegeville bakery or we'll catch you live right here on fox 29 beginning
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>> it's our winter weather outlook. so complex we got the entire weather authority involved. everything you need to know to prepare for this winter tomorrow at 10:00. specialists say sinus troubles, allergy, asthma and such affect african-americans more than any other group. the best remedies can come with side effects and high price tags. >> our joyce evans shows us how unusual alternative therapy can help cut down on the meds and clear your head.
3:43 am
>> reporter: congestion, acho achoo. >> sheer misery. >> reporter: it sends karen gross running for relief. >> i'll take some over the counter to kind of relieve it just a little bit. >> reporter: but the amount of meds it takes and the possible side effects from some of them often leave karen no choice. >> sometimes they're drowsy 59 to get on with my day. the non drowsy makes you feel a little loopy. >> reporter: she used to just deal with the pain. >> i'll suffer from sinus infections and ear infections if i just let goat. >> reporter: now a spa is karen's first line of defense, and this treatment. >> it helps to bring moisture into the sinuses. open them up so we can start to get things moving. >> reporter: licensed therapist jennifer working the sinus massage at suede salon and spa. >> i always start with the top of the eyes. flush everything down. >> reporter: alternative
3:44 am
treatment gaining popularity among people who have trouble tolerating typical allergy and sinus medications. >> it's moving the mucus. >> reporter: as well as people looking for more natural remedies or as in karen's case -- >> how does that feel? you joke. >> um-hmm. >> is this painful right here? >> yeah, i can feel it. >> reporter: she uses a combination of meds and massage. >> i'm not sure how it works but does it work. >> we don't know exactly how it work but some patients are getting relief from it. >> reporter: it's not a bad therapy says ent specialist, a head and neck surgeon at jefferson university hospital. >> well it can't hurt. i will qualify that with, you know, thorough medical examination is really important. >> reporter: to diagnose exactly what the problem is. >> more relaxing. people that have headaches. >> reporter: the doctor says you want to be careful that relief from sinus massage is not
3:45 am
temporarily masking a condition more serious than allergies and headaches. as far as combining that with your medication -- >> it's good. you want to stay healthy and whatever it takes. >> i definitely recommend it because she is very couldn't jeffed on this side. >> reporter: today it will take the aroma dome. >> turn it on report tort bring karen morey left. >> you're in tent and you're g getting search oils. cold air diffused into the tent and it's healing through inhalation and exhalation. there's a little window right here. we can check in on the client. >> reporter: she's deeply breathing in minute tee search oils. it didn't take long before -- >> how was that. >> it feels good. i can breathe now. >> reporter: but karen says she's got to work to make it last. >> i would say maybe a couple of weeks. i still like drink a lot of water. sleep with moo head elevated. make sure i do showers and things like that.
3:46 am
where -- which is draining. >> reporter: the best part she says when it cuts her allergy meds in half. >> it can. it depends on if i started early enough. >> reporter: karen finds it relaxing and affordable from as little as $15 to no more than 100 bucks depending on what other services you may want to g again, always check with your doctor before starting any natural, herbal or home remedies. joyce evans, fox 29 news. chicago woman thinks sex can solve the rash of violence across her city or more accurately the power of no sex. april lawson started petition on asking the women of chicago to go on a sex strike until the shootings stop and that's actually the theme of spike lee's mew movie shy rack the tag lone no piece no piece after the murder of a child by a stray bullet woman banned together with holding next from men that their community to get
3:47 am
them to stop killing each other. lawson believes it can work. >> i'm just not going to have sex. i'm going to go on a sex strike, and i really was doing that just to be a catalyst for change and just to be able to open up some dialogue with people especially, you know, the men in our neighborhood need to take on more accountability. >> lawson ends her open letter on with "we're on strike let the lock down begin" so far only about 40 women have supported her campaign online. actor taye diggs is trending on twitter facing backlash for comments he made about his son. on a press tore for his new children's book mixed me the former broadway star told an interviewer his son is by racial. he doesn't want to disrespect his ex-wife frozen star i deena menzel by identifying their son as only black. not is taye diggs standing his ground he's firing back saying what if his son wanted to identify as white? >> new mom's dedication to her education getting a lot of
3:48 am
attention tonight. >> what she did while in labor is impressive. wait until you hear this. take look at this picture of 21-year-old collins. her sister posted this picture to facebook in awe of what she did. that's the first time mom taking a college exam but her contracts were just three minutes apart. >> oh, my goodness. >> test had to be completed that day and mom was determined as you can see healthy baby girl was born after about 20 hours of labor. the test only took the mom about an hour and a half. >> knock that out. >> knocked that out. and knock the baby out much that's amazing. oh, my goodness. that is dedication. hey, howard. >> hello. how about those sixers just keep onsetting nba records. >> yeah. >> only getting worse. the eagles had some players not on the practice field today. so where does the quarterback situation stand? that's coming up in sports.
3:49 am
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♪ the eagles head into sunday' game with question that may be sorted out by the end of the week. sam bradford and ryan matthews did not practice with concussions. jason peters and connor barwin didn't practice. mark sanchez will start at quarterback. the eagles can't make mistakes when you speed up the tempo of your offense you have to make good decisions. >> we've used the analogy to a fast break, you know, in basketball, and just because you have a fast break doesn't mean you can throw the ball out of bounds or you know lead a guy on a lob for dunk and he's not thinking that. you got to be on the same page with these guys, and so that's the most important thing and then understand where you're at. >> the sixers are a disgrace to the wells fargo center. i can't watch either. that's brett brown. how can you watch this? nerlins knoll two-points to night. you're supposed to at least hit the rim. he missed that. they can't shoot. they turn the ball over 29 tim times. that's 27 last game. that's nba record. so they can't handle the ball. and their defense is just
3:53 am
absolutely -- i still can't watch it either. the defense is just a joke. just a joke. they are horrible. 112-85 that's 12 straight losses this season. 22 over the l
3:54 am
♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something.
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report suspicious activity to local authorities. coming up at 4:00 a.m., isis makes threat against new york city, how citizens should react. >> parent after local school fed up. why they fear their kids are not safe coming up after
3:56 am
sport. full hour of entertainment news coming up. tmz, dish nation, chasing news and the simpsons. >> back here at 4:00 a.m.
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>> she wakes up every day in fear of coming to school. >> emotions running hyatt a philadelphia high school. why are parent so worried about their kids when they're on campus. >> plus new video from isis target new york city. why the mayor is telling people not to be alarmed. >> a local woman being called a hero by police. how her quick actions stopped what could have been a major disaster. good day, it is thursday, november 19th, 2015. hope everyone is doing well. >> how are you doing? >> fantastic. the weather is to die for, for november, right? >> not bad. but boy, sue, big change headed our way? >> there is a trade off for those mild temperatures, miss lauren, and that is the rain. now, we see it on our


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