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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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boo is what the daily news says. black sunday. eagles reach a new level of, bad. >> the coach, let's discuss. medical student is shot trying to save a woman from the kidnapper, evidence leading police to the suspect. you have to see this video. remember this eight weeks in philadelphia little girl being kissed by pope francis because she has a brain tumor. one of his priests came over and said this little girl has
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a brain tumor, inoperable brain tumor. well, eight weeks later, that family says that tumor is almost undetectable. do you believe in miracles. her mom and dad will be with us, about 20 minutes or so. >> all right. >> hi. 7:01. >> it gives you the chills. >> that is great. >> it is monday, november 23rd. i need your help. i am not, i'm not buying in the eagles anymore. i'm not dressing up in my little green sweaters on friday. i'm not dressing up like a pirate because of the buccaneers. i'm not dressing up like a dolphin. i have had it. i need a new outlet for something. >> for your creativity. >> somebody on twitter suggested why don't you take a painting, like this. >> maybe there is a happy tree, every green tree right there. just start with touching the the canvas.
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just the corner of the brush and begin pushing slightly downward. >> that is a happy tree. >> i missed him. >> he passed away. i could pick up the the mantle for him. >> absolutely not. >> we need another suggestion. it is not oil painting but i need a new outlet. help me out on twitter and facebook. >> okay, all right. >> you don't have the hair either. >> lets get to the number of the day because it is a shockingly cold day out there for some of us. if you stayed inside all weekend, you went out this morning it is cold. we are five out of ten. make sure kid have have the winter coats on at the bus stop today and the gloves. temperatures are in the 20's and 30's. the places where it is in the 30's feels like it is in the 20's. a little bit of lake effect snow way up to the north of us. we don't see sunshine, but it is, feeling like 24 degrees outside there. the the a actual temperature
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is, 34 degrees. the so, we're looking ahead to 44 degrees for a high temperature today. sunny skies. a blustery day. the wind gusting up to 20 miles an hour. it will feel like the the 30's all day long. wind diminish tonight and it is even a colder night with clear skies, and, then things will improve and warm up, copping closer to the holiday. we will have have that seven day forecast just a ahead but lots to talk about, in traffic, this morning, bob kelly. >> yes, is there, good morning. 7:03. septa just gave meehan a alert they have 15 minute delays on the wilmington line this morning. we're looking live from sky fox, over the scene of this early morning nasty accident, and now that we have seen some daylight, you can see what is left of the vehicles involved, and i know steve keeley is standing by to give us details on exactly what happened but right now, all southbound lanes of i295, remain closed, this morning, with the the clean up, and the investigation. let's go to the matches. this all happened early this morning. southbound on 295, at the
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thoroughfare interchange. here's a live look the at the the backup, that is stretching for a couple of miles. all three lanes, pushed off at exit number 21. there is the the accident scene in the background that we just saw from the helicopter. if you are getting ready to head out the front door and you are going south of the 42 freeway, avoid 295 by all means. they are pushing everybody off on to route 44 which is a single lane road, through that part of the west deptford. your best bet, stick with the new jersey turnpike as an alternate. two separate accidents here, on i-95, in delaware county. one is southbound, this one involving a penndot truck, that is off the road and into the guardrail, not quite sure the the scenario there but we're backup from the blue route, down to 322, that is the the the exit for west chester there is another accident at the same interchange just before you get to the commodore barry bridge. that one involving three
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vehicles in the left lane. so i-95 in delco a mess. here's a live look at the northbound delay, that stretches from pretty much highland avenue all the way up through to the the commodore barry bridge. as i mentioned 15 minute delays on septa's wilmington line. let's go to steve has been living on 295 all morning long, steve. >> bob are a trooper just told me they will get this reopened real soon. so that means in the next few minutes in his words. you can see why. is there the car being moved on a flatbed that a woman was driving, according to police. look the the at burned up pickup truck what a story that driver tells. he was coming southbound. he lives in cinnaminson, works in swedesboro. he is driving, he sees a car coming at him. he swerved at the last minute to avoid it. the cant, he gets hit, head own, thrown over in the median, and he walks a away from this. as soon as he walks out of the pickup truck, and, it burst
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into flames. he is already out of the hospital, his wife is picking him up. he talk to his parents on the phone. would the man, driving the vehicle going the wrong way was air lifted to the hospital. we don't have a condition or update on her but the traffic condition, certainly about to improve. what a crazy, crash out here. the amazing fact is that the man driving that burned up pickup truck you see there on the flatbed is not only okay but already out of the hospital. what a story of survival he has and maybe swerving at the last second saved his life. but boy what a morning it has been for two crazy accidents on both side of the river today, alex and mike. >> you have been all over this morning. >> thanks, steve. we're talking about the eagles a little while ago. i i said i will the in the be able to watch the rest of the season. i need a new outlet for my sunday. amy says she will come to my house so we can drink together. >> you already do that.
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>> jay leg says watch british premiere league soccer. jeffery gordon say take up home brewing, make your own beer on sundays. >> do you like that. >> no, no i don't have patients. >> kenya holmes assaying you could, let's put that up, you could baby-sit my kids. happy outlet. kenya, they look adorable. that is not going to happen. i was seeing somebody else said how about knitting because sue does that. it is a nice outlet for her. >> truey cannot figure out how to do it. this looks more exciting then watching eagles. >> how nimble be your fingers. >> not very good, i think i might put an eye out. >> keep the suggestions coming because i'm not doing this eagles thing anymore. >> keep in mind, mike isn't very patient. the so whatever you pick, it needs to be something with a quick return. >> yeah. >> so, dave was checking out
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the fans at the the wawa in south philadelphia. >> yeah, listen, people out here either don't want to talk about the game or they are saying things we simply cannot repeat on television. it is that bad. just trying to talk to people about the the debacle. if you want to k nit something you can make a blindfold because fans can use that going in to the the stadium. just take the the blindfold off before they leave the stadium, otherwise, they will end up falling down and, you know, making a big mess just like the eagles did. anyway, we've got some low lights for you, how about that, low lights. we will take you to the the second quarter. eagles down 21-seven. they are trying to dig out of this massive hole and that is to no avail, and then everybody, if there is signs of life, and other parts of the galaxy that they know as well that the eagles lost. just like watching, brad satan the the duration of the game dragged on. the birds are four-six. they are a absolute disaster. eagles are going to practice
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at 8:00 o'clock, less than an hour for now, much earlier then usual. >> hopefully they have a short memory. we will get back tomorrow at 8:00. we have to train tomorrow. we are on the field. we are not normally on a field for us. we will be on the field tomorrow. tuesday is 48 hearst before the game. we are traveling on wednesday. we will play on thursday. we all take ownership. we all take responsibility. every single person in that room contributed to that loss and contributed to the outcome of that football game. go get some sleep and we will see you tomorrow morning at 8:00. >> 8:00 o'clock practice at novacare complex in south philadelphia. we will head over there, so we will be broadcasting from there at 8:00 o'clock. by the way eagles fan say they are wanted at the very least the general manager powers stripped from chip kelly. they don't want him stacking the deck anymore much less calling the shots, in a perfect world. at this this point he cannot have that much control over the team. he can barely call shots. practice, practice, practice. thanksgiving, detroit thursday. you know, it is bad football
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verse bad football. so whoever wins, will win with bad football. >> i think we stink more than they do. >> hey, i don't know, it is tough. i love eagles. i have lived here four years. they got to win this one, come on. >> by the way, i have never seen a wawa that didn't have have customers. it is weird. >> reporter: there is some people in there. there is people. but they just don't want, to talk. they say things we cannot the say on tv. >> you know, okay, thanks dave. 7:10. lauren, what else do you got. >> philadelphia a a mayor-elect jim kenney will be focused on education and community investment today. kenney and darryl clark plan to discuss their recent trip to cincinnati where they met with leaders at community learning instant tight. kenney was studying community school model which integrates public services with schools. kenney has pledge 25 community schools in philadelphia by the end of his first term. in harrisburg non-profit
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and school leaders are gathering at the capitol to talk about the how the budget impact is affecting their operations. pennsylvania is in the fifth month without a budget. many school districts and non-profits who depend on state fund to stay afloat had to resort to borrowing money to keep operating during the impact. budget negotiations hit a snag over the the weekend. the house democratic leaders say republican leaders told governor tom wolf that there is not enough g.o.p. support, for the state's sales tax increase to off set rebate for local property taxes. travelers will soon have more options to turn off toward center city starting to day. road crews will begin making two, one way streets into two-way streets. authorities have chosen spruce and callowhill street for the change as part of the 1.3 million-dollar project, and that was funded by the the waterfront corporation. in new jersey, the season of service begins today, the the initiative involves a series of volunteer activity to help vulnerable people in new jersey throughout the the holiday season. the christie's cabinet
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officials will launch the the series of packaging and serving thanksgiving meals around the state. that is a a look what is happening today. back to you mike and alex. we have breaking news this morning. five more people were arrested overnight in belgium. thinks following a massive raid in brussels. >> brussels the capitol is basically shut down right now. these late's rests, now bring the total up to 21 people that have been detained. authorities are targeting terror suspects. more about that in just second. it comes after david cameron and frances hollande a agreed to increase counter terrorism cooperation. listen to this, cameron will seek parliament's approval maybe even today to join bombing operations in syria. brussels remains under the highest terror alert this morning. the fears in the afternoon through, fearing another attach like the one in paris. schools, universities, schools of all types every closed. the subway system is shut down. the public buildings are off
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limits. there is nothing going on in brussels right now. the france has extended its state of emergency allowing police raids and searches without permission from judges. the the picture that keeps coming up there is one of the attackers that is still on the loose there, most wanted man in europe would i think. >> they are saying a lot of people are staying home because their kids cannot go to school. so a lot of people are just staying here and wait this out. >> chris, what else is going on in the world. >> back at home the the search continues for the man wanted in a shooting of the good samaritan who stopped a kidnapping in new orleans. entire thing caught on surveillance cameras friday night. you can see on the video man dragging a woman intoxicate add long the sidewalk. tulane university medical student peter gold was standing by and stopped to help her. but instead he became the victim. the the one abductor pulling a gun on gold, demanding money and then shooting him in the stomach. a witness tells "fox news" that the gunman was intent on killing that good samaritan. >> i saw the guy with the gun
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shoot the guy in the stomach i saw the guy fall. i saw him standing over him in an attempt to shoot him the. it looked like it was in the face a couple of times. >> police identified the the suspect as this man 211 year-old yurick kane of new orleans. he is wanted on charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and first degree murder. gold, it is in the hospital for guarded condition. he is making progress. we will cross our fingers. also frightening moments for a crowd have people on the the playground when a gunman opened fire. sixteen people were hurt, nearly 500, had gathered to watch the recording of a music video last night. several gunman fired shots, randomly into the crowd: witnesses captured the scene at bunny park, moments after this happened. many of the injured being treated by paramedics this morning. police are asking for public's help in finding those people responsible. >> there result him people firing in the crowd.
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we need people to come forward to tell us who and what they have saw. >> so far none of the injuries appears to be life threatening. thank goodness. that is what is happening around the country. mike and alex, now back to you. let's go back to the medical student in new orleans. >> mr. gold. >> guy shoots him in the stomach. >> right. >> then he takes that gun and puts it up against his head. >> yes. >> but what happened, the gun jammed. >> apparently, yeah. he is lucky that it did because he would have been killed. the the gun twice jammed. >> yes, that is how you know you were meant to be on this earth. >> my goodness. >> when you look at that video and knowing he put it up and pulled the trigger. >> he tried to kill him. >> how does he ever, get out of jail? i know it is attempted first degree murder monk the three charges that he is facing. >> he didn't get the job done. >> well, they is in pain after being shot in the stomach he is trying to get his gun to work but it won't work. >> can you imagine. >> yes.
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>> guy is sitting there like a sitting duck. >> this is hard to watch. >> he cast doing the right thing. >> trying to save that woman. >> trying to help a woman. >> 7:16. >> donald trump, we will tell you what he did over the the weekend and he is getting a lot of heat for it. some pictures coming up. but first, how cold it is outside, sue. >> yeah, it is a all about the temperature this morning. the especially now that the sunnies up. we will get to that, as soon as we give you our thanksgiving preview. it is this thursday, and what a difference from today, 44 degrees in the morning. at 8:00 o'clock. catching a football game to start. that is a high temperature today. by lunch time, 55. high temperature of, 62 degrees with plenty of sunshine and a few extra clouds in the afternoon. coldest morning of the season so far with 34 degrees, and so, this is the number to beat, i guess, tomorrow morning, because we do expect colder temperatures on tuesday. and then we're having right now. 29 degrees, in pottstown and reading. twenty-five in mount pocono and lancaster is 26.
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and 31 in wilmington. thirty-two in dover, delaware as we get started. and then these wind out of the northwest, they are pretty strong, 15 miles an hour, sustained in philadelphia so that makes it feel like it is in the 20's this morning. that is cold air that came in overnight. and it is cold air moving across great lakes with some ribbons of lake effect snow. that will not effect us. the it is 40's today abe tomorrow. we might hit 52 degrees forget away day on wednesday. warm, things, and relatively speaking 52 degrees the high temperature for this late in novice pretty warm. and then fog in the morning on friday afternoon sunshine takes us to the mid 60's: cold front on saturday with showers and chills us off again, on sunday. that takes you through the the holiday weekend and now we have to get there, bob kelly. >> yes. >> it is not easy. >> good news, trying to get there, from there, we will hear, from there, they have just reopened all of the 295 southbound lanes.
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so that is good news here. as we are's looking live, at that earlier accident investigation, cleared out of there. traffic is starting to move as we turned on the spigot, slowly but surely, heading south on 295. and at 7:18. if you are heading out of the front door i would go ahead and use 295. you will be okay by the time you get there. some other problems, here's a picture that was tweeted to me. you know those new patco trains, already one has broken down. look at everybody all lined up. everybody had to get forced off of the train on to the ferry street platform here. not a good morning to be stuck, standing outside with temperatures, what 34 degrees. wind chills in the 20's. the also 15 minute delays on septa's wilmington line, and that is all because of amtrak switch problems. mike and alex, back over to you. donald trump over the weekend, bob kelly, he posted this graphic on twitter, that some are calling wildly inaccurate. >> so graphic clams that
7:19 am
81 percent of murders involving white people were committed by black people in 2015 and sourced by crime statistics bureau of san francisco. but numbers from the justice department and fbi from 2014 show that number is just 15 percent. the other statistics on the graphic were also wrong. fbi has not released crime stats for this year. a lot of people were upset about the fact he tweeted this. this comes as a protester at a rally in alabama was attacked for disrupting trump's speech. his supporters kicked and punched a black lives matter protester. trump reportedly yelled get him out of here. his campaign says he does not conn down the violence. >> he said back on 9/11, 2001, he saw thousands of people in new jersey city across the river from lower manhattan. cheering, applauding, as the buildings came crashing down. that never happened. it just never happen. nobody calls him on this stuff
7:20 am
it is 7:20. >> they lost at home for eagles. they lost three straight, alex. >> i can't take it. >> now they are back to practice today. is this just a sign of, i don't know, is it a sign i more? are we cooked. are we going to be thanksgiving dinner. >> six games left, sean brace is here. >> oh, man. >> philly >> she stole our hearts, in fact, she stole hearts around the world. i love this girl. do you remember when pope francis kissed her eight weeks in philadelphia a that baby is in our studio. look at the her.
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she says, my girls at the sewing class on sundays we'd love to have you. >> is what the name of it. >> heymommy. >> it looks like you could have fun. they are cute. >> more fun then eagles game.
7:24 am
>> let's talk sports, what do you say. >> if you could use one word to describe this game, without, you know, using a bad word what would it be. >> bleep. >> it is just embarrassing. >> it was embarrassing yesterday a against the buccaneers. people are saying this is worst lost of the season. >> from philly, sean brace would you say worst loss of the season. >> embarrassing is the word. >> i think chip kelly is embarrassed but interesting to go see if jeffery lurie was embarrassed. we are talking about big business type of guys. owner of the professional football teams. how many times has he been embarrassed. after leaving the game last night i'm sure he was embarrassed. if you want to describe that fletcher, fletcher cox took the cake, he said exactly that. what else do you want me to say. it is our fault. >> he seemed so angry.
7:25 am
he said same thing. i'm embarrassed. what else do you want me to say. >> is there nobody else to look at. they have to at themselves. diehard eagles fans. it could be 3 inches have of snow, they are still out there ready to go. it seems like eagles haven't played four quarters the whole season. >> when something like that happens they always say, the the coach has lost the team. >> yes. >> players aren't listening anymore. would you say that. >> i would definitely say it is going down that path. >> absolutely it is going down that path. >> chip doesn't seem like a rara type of guy. they have asked him at the end of the game, at the press conference, what exactly did you tell the team. you knew what he would tell the game. we have a game on tuesday. we have a quick turnaround. that is not what this situation calls for. i'm a hand on type of guy. i would have smashed tables. trying to get their attention. that is not how he operates. >> what does it call for? people are saying bye-bye
7:26 am
chip. do you think it should be it. >> i don't think it will be that. >> do you think it should be that. >> no, because... >> next six games, gone. >> no. you you are talking about jeffery is loyal. >> jeffery is definitely loyal. he had a number of times to get rid of andy reid. he led andy reid finish out his 14 years here. i will not say chip deserves. that chip deserves another year. >> you know, we have rolled footage of the darren sproles and mark sanchez, about four minutes left in the game, another interception. when players start picking at each other and arguing, it is in the good, especially a guy like sproles. >> sanchez, i believe that was his third interception, that was number three right there. they were not on the same page. sproles stopped and sanchez wanted him to continue to go. i would say sanchez, was
7:27 am
necessarily right but sproles took exception of him calling him out on the field. would i as well. this is what it comes down to. when you start losing you start pointing the finger. >> so help me out here, you can say somebody on twitter suggest i need a outlet. so orgami. >> i'm big with the paper. >> chinese paper folds. >> yes. >> i don't know, is there sound on this. >> make a little swanns and things. >> listen. >> i don't know. >> little more entertaining then the game yesterday. >> it might be. >> there is a lot of people participating in that if you know what i mean though. >> yes. >> okay. >> we will see you next week. >> see you next week. >> we will be right back. tt//ww]
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more than 48 million americans. what you need to know before traveling for the who will taste. so a local family they are calling their baby's health improvement a miracle. the they say that they have pope frances to thank. >> the one year-old gian a
7:31 am
when the pope kissed her. a beautiful moment everybody was talking about. doctors diagnosed her with a inoperable brain tumor at just weeks old. they said she would only have months to live. we have incredible news this morning. they are now saying that her tumor, it is virtually gone. >> that is a live shot, inside of our studio. welcome back, gian a, mom, dad, dominic, here at city hall again. what a great update. >> what did they say that the tumor is basically gone. >> about two weeks ago. >> i can't imagine. >> i can't imagine what your reaction was. >> my gosh. >> i don't know how to explain it. the feelings were just unbelievable. we were stunned, happy. it was like there was light at the end of really long dark tunnel. >> what do the the doctors say the reason, all of a sudden it
7:32 am
is just gone. >> she still has to have a couple more round of chemo but the improvement was just overwhelming from what we have seen the past six months. >> is there still something there. >> there is a blush, they call it on the mri a blush of the tumor but if you see the scans it is noticeably different. >> here are the scans. on the left it is obvious. on the right, no. >> are you kidding me. >> would you guys call this a miracle. >> i think everybody about her story is a miracle from her surviving the brain tumor to, diagnosing it correctly because, it is so difficult, to diagnosis. it is so difficult to treat. to be kissed by the pope. >> i know, i know. >> everything about his story. >> yes, it has been a journey. >> her life has been one big
7:33 am
miracle. >> when the pope came around the corner. where were you waiting. >> we were on market street. >> right on fifth. >> near the federal bidding, by the federal building. >> i think it is between fifth and sixth. he kind of veered off to the left. this city, his head body guard, which was pretty, interesting because our kids is giannie. he kissed her. >> and there it was. >> it was unbelievable. >> okay, how are you. >> say hi. >> dominic, how exciting is this for you too. >> yes. >> i like it. i like it. >> say that again, the the man of the priest that came over to get the the baby, what is his name. >> dominican giannie and his head security guard. the combination of your children's name. >> no, i don't think we have told anybody that. >> that is a head line.
7:34 am
>> have you found a way to reach the pope, tell the pope about that. >> fbi sent him the update, and so we hope he has heard bit. you know, it has been amazing. >> we could not be more happier for you. >> another reason, to talk about the new foundation, right. >> we have started a foundation it is called for the love of grace foundation and it will help kids with research, for kids with brain tumors, and then families. >> i know we have got to go now but you always insist on thanking children's hospital. >> we want to thank the people at chop and doctor maclean down in texas. >> yes,. >> everyone that has helped us. >> yes. >> there has been so many people. >> a lot of prayers. >> it is amazing. >> keep us updated. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for coming back. >> bye. >> can you say good bye.
7:35 am
>> look at the that face. here's bus stop buddy, he is appropriately bundled up too, she lost her little u g g boot. temperatures in the the 20's and 30's. we will call this deceiving sunshine. we have got weather by the numbers. we will give you five out of ten because it is so cold, and, right now, there aren't any clouds in the the sky, 34 degrees and we're heading to a high, of 44, sunny, breezy, and cold, bob kelly says it will feel like the 309's all day long. >> i didn't tell my wife to make sure kids wear their jacket the this morning. it is definitely, cold outside there this morning especially if you are going to be standing on the bus corner. ninety-five, jammo in both directions, northbound we're heavy from the state line all the way up to the commodore barry because of an accident, southbound we're jammed from the blue route to the commodore barry for an accident. bundle up if you are using mass transit too. everybody got pushed off the trains, on the the patco high
7:36 am
speed line, and because of a disabled train at ferry avenue, and wilmington line running with 15 minute delays and equipment problems this morning on the market frankford line. we are giving kisses, to all of the kid walking by, see you kids have a good day. mike and alex, back to you. this is week where we can start shopping. >> let's check with jen fred our shopping authority, hi jen. >> if you must insist on going to the mall the the king of prussia mall where exactly is the the best place to park. go to twitter and tell me. is there so many spots opened right now but on black friday there will not be this many spots opened so again go to my twitter, tell me where is the number one spot to park, black friday king of prussia mall. (dog) mmm. this beneful is so good and healthy.
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hey, you know what? we should just go ahead and have this for breakfast tomorrow. would that be crazy? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef, and accents of vegetables. it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 will change the way you experience tv. call and switch to x1 from xfinity today.
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i need to warm up a little bit. it is cold out there this
7:40 am
morning. we're coming up at 7:40. black friday is days away. heading to the mall to shop you need a plan. it will be crowded. hard to find a parking spot. it will be a mess. jen you were going to make it simple and all you need is an app. >> we will talk about apps all morning long, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> first question we have is you know this, i have asked the question on twitter where should you park. the don't answer just yet. they said why don't i just go on line. people want king of prussia mall and malls in general, the the experience. >> absolutely, i still think people want to feel things and touch things and they want tradition of coming out on black friday and shopping. it is a full experience. it is shopping, dining, it is the things, and everything in between. >> you have heck of a lot of free byes, first of all a coat and bag check. >> we have a service throughout the the year. both guest services centers. we also have, treats and guest services so customers can stop
7:41 am
by, and grab something to eat, a check late bar, water, something to help us get through the day. >> on your app you have said that you want to plan out your coffee break, plan out stores you go to and map it out before you come. >> to make the best of the experience, really, that is important. so go on line, on first, check out the stores you want to shop at. know what you are shopping for. have an idea who you want to shop with and what stores you will go to. >> last thing, early is better in terms of the timing. >> early is better in terms of the getting best deals. best time the retailers are doing are door buster sales. in the evening time you will fine better place to park after 6:00 o'clock. >> speaking of parking everyone wants to know if it was you, where is the number one place to park at the king of prussia mall on black friday. >> i think that, at its best yes, sir time the lots are full. that is what people see, helicopter is overhead and so
7:42 am
forth. park in the parking garages. we have two huge parking garages, one in the plaza and one in the court. there are almost always spaces available at times other than peak periods. >> okay, sounds good. all right. so we will be doing this all morning long, thank you you very much. we will not be in this golf cart all morning long but at 8:00 we will talk more about the the app, gps driven thing. al oaks, now you know if you make the the trip out here to king of prussia northstrom is your friend. >> yes, okay. >> and it will make it easier to get to the parking lot won't be parking a mile away. >> come on, black friday is the sky shot, sky fox shot over the crowded mall. >> last year i went to king of prussia on black friday, my goodness it was rough trying to get through the the crowd. >> what is quincy doing. >> giving away turkies on friday, along with our friend
7:43 am
from the sugar house casino. they have been giving out these turkies all around the city today.
7:44 am
7:45 am
is this the first snow of the season. >> no. >> let it blow, let it blow, let it blow.
7:46 am
>> next week even, maybe two weekend from now i'm going to the poconos, and we're so disappointed. they said there weren't going to be any snow. >> this time the of the year is there not much snow. >> i will will take that. >> empire is taking a break for the the winter. so just like our premiere party, why don't we have a finally party. >> so it is not final finally sure. >> but starting to day head to fox 29 to the come because, you have to rs vp in order to come and you have to be 21 and up. this is an adult party. fox 29 i heart media plus great people from power 99, mother, it was great. >> say what. >> it will be wednesday december 2nd at harrah's casino from 7:00 to 11:00 in chester. we shot some great outfits. your best cookie, best luscious, maybe some andres in there we showed it yesterday. >> i might pull out leopard print myself, sue serioy was wearing my snake print. >> i was looking forward to
7:47 am
it. >> until i sliterd in. >> we will find something. >> it is on my calendar. hope it is on yours too. it is official. this is the coldest morning since november 15th which means coldest morning of the the season so far. low temperature 34 degrees. now that the sunnies up, temperatures will go up. cold air because we're on the northern side have of the jet stream now. so here are the the numbers. we have in the city, 34 degrees. still our low of the morning. twenty's in pottstown, reading, lancaster, mount pocono, 31 in millville. the below freezing in wilmington. the wind makes it feel even colder then. that our wind chills this morning are in the the 20's. we have wind gusts, 17, 18, 21 . so kind of a blustery day and a cold day. at least we didn't get any of that lake effect snow. the here's what we will get. sunshine and 44 degrees. forty-nine, tomorrow, maybe 50, but it will be even colder in the morning be prepared for that. another cold morning on wednesday but a great getaway day with that sunshine and it stays dry, through
7:48 am
thanksgiving with a high of 62 . sixty-five, on black friday with some fog in the morning and then the chill comes over the weekend with some rain, and on thursday, on saturday, trust me and then on sunday. high temperature, there we go, of only 48 degrees. >> yes. >> child again. >> roller coaster ride bob kelly. >> definitely chilly this morning. thirty-four on the big board there as you step outside, make sure kids are bundled up and even as you use mass transit, bundle up because some equipment is not taking too kindly to the cold temperatures. the delays on the market frankford lines in both direction this is morning. fifteen minute delays on the wilmington line because of amtrak, switch problems. we had an early morning delay as well on the patco high speed line and they had equipment problems, folks were forced off the trains at ferry. so rough go with the cold weather. eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike accident between willow grove and philadelphia a bensalem interchange,
7:49 am
problems on i-95 continue with accident directions. the is there an accident near route 322. that one involving a penndot truck. that delay goes back and up the blue route. the blue route is a parking lot from route one all the way down. live look at the northbound delay of i-95 that stretches from the state line all the waste up through the commodore barry. i have been taking requests from twit are, people suggesting things, a new outlet because i will the not watch the eagles yesterday. bob kelly didn't watch yesterday. norma says you can be a masseuse. >> okay. >> like seinfeld, do you remember this episode. >> i think it moved. >> and if it is not that what was the other thing somebody said. i could learn how to drive a bus and become a school bus driver. >> that would be something. >> that would be good. i was practicing the other day in olde city. >> imagine if mike pulled up. >> i would in the let my child get on that bus.
7:50 am
>> turn right back around and go right back in the house. >> i learned a new technique, how you can cut your turkey, bacon turkey, roasted turkey. >> roast it. >> stick it the in the oven and turn it on. >> so on tomorrow's show we will teach you how to do this. in less than 30 minutes in a crock pot you could get that turkey, cooked. >> cook it in the crock pot. >> thirty minutes. >> but of course, thanksgiving is very much about giving and that is what vince i harris is doing. >> he is giving away to free turkies in the city. >> guys, we're having a good time. it is freezing out here. we're with our good friend and sponsors from the sugar house casino. this is what you do every year. this is a tradition. we have wendy hamilton. >> we do this every year. we are so glad it is freezing cold. it just makes it feel natural. >> you guys go around the whole city and give out turkey. >> we give a turning toy each of the 1200 employees and some
7:51 am
choose to pay that forward. we end up with two to 300 turkies that we then distribute throughout our neighborhood, throughout fishtown, kensington, port richmond. yeah. >> right now we are in the 26th police district. you guys are connect with the sugar house casino. >> they are a great partner. they support us. we support them especially when it is time to give back to the community this time of the year is thanksgiving. perfect time to give back to the community. >> these turkies are going to needy families in the community. >> yes. >> the police department, every year, has operation thanksgiving where we give away, a number of turkies to needy families in each district. supplementing this year is the turkies being donated by sugar house, so, even more families will be benefiting from the police department's effort to help those in need. >> we thank you guys at the the the 26th police district.
7:52 am
we will jump back on the trolley and give it up. >> we're going to elm street post. >> we will go around the whole city. >> yes, mike? >> what is in the bag? i mean turkies are not square what is in the bag. >> each bag has four, has four turkies. >> wow. >> each bag has four turkies, so, you know, they are giving away lots of turkies. >> just trust me. >> yeah. >> you'll see. >> 7:52. safety first that is the the message to anybody getting ready to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. >> coming up next how experts say you should dress to keep you safe on your next vacation. >> there is a certain way to dress now. >> something else you need to be to go when you get your numbers. lottery numbers.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
if you have to go to the airport this week, 46 million of us, expect to travel at least 50 miles from home this thanksgiving. some by car, some by plane, some by train. you know what i mean. >> in light of recent terrorist attacks, security at train stations and airports will be extremely tight, so expect long lines and delays. >> okay. take care. >> if you are planning to travel abroad, consider signing up for steps, the the smart travelers enrollment program a free services that helps embassy contact you in emergency and helps family and friend get in touch as well. finally think about insurance. is there always a chance your trip gets canceled or your plans may change. triple will a is here.
7:57 am
good to see you. >> good to see you tell me more about step. >> step is smart travelers enrollment program run by u.s. state department. if you are traveling internationally on a register for that program ahead of your trip on line. you can do it on line or right from your smart phone. a that way the embassy and country where you are traveling they necessity you are there and something should happen they can get in touch with you and your family can work through the state department. >> that is what it has come to these days. >> is this something a lot of people are using a lot of people are not using it. we definitely recommend that people to register for step travel. >> so lets say we are going to be flying. i have this bad habit where i like to time it where i get to the airport. go through security and go right to boarding. it is not a good idea. >> that will not work. you may miss a flight that way. you want to allow yourself a lot of extra time with increased crowds and now increased security measures. you want to have extra time there the at the the airport.
7:58 am
>> make sure we are checking in advance. >> check in 24 hours in advance. you want to check in and print your boarding passes and then you want to be there at least two hearst before you flight. >> do you call the airline to make things sure are good. >> you call in or check in on line and see the status of your flight. weather could be fine here but it could not be so great. >> i have them send me alerts. >> when you check in put tonight your cell phone we will put tonight text alerts and e-mails. >> they are pretty good about it too. >> yes. >> what with insurance. i'm iffy. i see it. do you want to do insurance. it is a little bit more money. >> fifty, 60 bucksy already spent this much on the ticket. >> travel insurance in this day and age is something that you want to consider. especially on those, parts of your trip you are purchasing that are non-refundable f something like what happened last week in paris should happen, you have the travel insurance, chances are you
7:59 am
will be reimbursed for non-reimbursable portion of your trip. >> something i have been doing now is, my passport with me, even though i'm flying domestically. >> more forms of identification you have, especially traveling abroad the better. you want to have your u.s. identification driver's license and your passport and international driver's license. >> and what about when we're traveling how should we be dressing you? don't want to draw attention to yourself. >> in an effort to stay extra diligent you don't want to look like a tourist. you want to blend in the with the locals. >> how do you not look like a tourist. >> you want to make sure the backpacks you are traveling work loud, printed, u.s.a. shirts that we wear so proudly here, they don't know that they are safe places to wear those internationally. wiz definitely tone that down. >> do i to have get rid of my fan i pack. >> sure, you do you might want to burn it. >> my mattress shirt.
8:00 am
>> yes. >> thanks very much. >> we will log on after the the show. good day, it is monday, november 23rd. 2015. we're sipping the blues. eagles nation is in mourning this monday morning, after, a ugly eagles game. they got smoked. forty-five-17. we've got six more games. we will talk bit. >> ♪ a powerful performance, celine dion stuns while paying tribute to the victims of the the paris terror attacks. the plus the other top moments from the american muse ache ward. as you know, thanksgiving dinner in the form of a cup cake. >> oh, you have got to taste this. and see them. the the one recipe sure to
8:01 am
impress your guests on thursday, what you need to buy at the grocery store to make turkey dinner cup cakes. oh, man. >> there is no place like home. there is in place like home. >> well, there is no place like the auction block. the the one piece of dorothy's costume expected to sell for a million-dollar today and no, no, no it is not the ruby red slippers. it the is something else. >> her socks. >> no. >> you know, it was very weird, i got from new york at 30th street station. i go in bridge water's pub to see the evening game. the instead of football, they are playing the the wizard of oz in a bar, a sports bar. >> really. >> that bad. >> how disgusted they were with the eagles. >> so they were feeling like i was feeling.
8:02 am
not going to watch eagles anymore. i need another outlet. i guess you can think of trying to learn how to play bridge. i will join a bridge club. >> yes. >> gather some ladies around me on sunday and just play some bridge. >> you can use that poker table we had here the other day. >> don't they look like they are having fun. >> look at the that. >> yes. >> this should ohio has to be from the 50's. >> so what hobbies, what past times, this does look like a porno, from the beginning. >> what? >> good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> strip poker. >> in. >> invent a new game. >> here's our number of the day. it is not very hot because it is very cold. >> give me five. >> five out of ten today. bus stop buddy, barely see his pumpkin head with that warm hat on. he is warm.
8:03 am
make sure you bundled up the the little ones at the the bus stop once in grade school right now, 20's and 30's out there it is in the 30's it feels like the 20's, there is your example. 35 degrees feels like 27 right now, plan on, sunshine the rest of the day, however short that day is because sunset is at 4:40. with you even when we get to 44 degrees it well feel like 30's all day long. wait until you see the temperatures as we if the closer to thanksgiving. that is what is coming up in the seven day forecast bob kelly. >> definitely that cold will put a skip in your step when you open up the front door this morning. we have delays on some of the mass transit systems, because of the weather, equipment problems on the the market frankford line, some minor delays there. twenty minute delays on the wilmington line, and some switch problems, accident eastbound on the the pennsylvania turnpike, between willow grove and philly bensalem interchange. i-95 still a mess in both directions here, southbound we're bumper to bumper from
8:04 am
the blue route down to the commodore barry bridge for the crash, northbound lanes, also jammed as well, because of an accident, almost in the same spot. that is a rough go there. eastbound 4122 and eastbound schuylkill 45 minute on the clock from conshohocken into downtown. back over to you. in harrisburg some non-profit and school leaders will hold a news conference at the capitol to talk about this budget affecting their operations. the the fact that they have not passed one. the pennsylvania is in the fifth month without a budget. many school districts and non-profits who depend on state fund to stay afloat have had to resort to borrowing money to keep operating. >> yes, it has gone on and on. we will see what happens today. 8:04. the novacare complex may soon look like, i'll tell you what, this is what will happen. they will have a practice that started four minutes ago because we have a game on
8:05 am
thursday. so, let's punch up a live shot because people are angry at our coach. lets get outside to the nova center right now. >> they are rioting. >> yes this is the scene in south philadelphia. >> are they pitchforks. >> we have dogs, pitch forks. >> it has come to this. >> dave, he is crying to get to the close where eagles have started practice. >> we are outside front door where eagles players are coming in, for detention -- not the detention, not a game, practice that was a game. i guess you can call that a game. they are here practicing because they have a game on thursday. lets go to the low lights of what already happened and hopefully it doesn't happen again as you know, and it was a bad, bad match up last night. two bad teams. of course, eagles were down 21-seven. already trying to dig out of that massive hole and that
8:06 am
didn't happen. somebody told brad satan it was like watching a slow death and not just because the the game seemed so long. people at chickie and pete's watching bailed before the game was over. four and six. it is loud i for eagles. they have to shape up. coach is demanding action today. he is demanding that the defense gets it doing and that the everybody works on was they are working on. >> i went to see a pro game and i saw a horrible college game by a college coach who could not figure out how to get his team to play inspire. players were congratulating each other. i'm not talking about the the offense. defense and offense were hugging each other. i don't understand what this coach is doing with this team but he better kick them in the bleep or we will kick him out of philadelphia quite frankly, and we better get together. nothing is working. it is stupid out there we spend hard money, we expect to see some sort of decent show.
8:07 am
instead we lost to tampa. we lost to the buccaneers. i mean, come on. >> reporter: no doubt about that. the eagles working hard, practicing today. the the coach slammed the defense. the also said that they take responsibility but a lot of people say at the very least, chip kelly needs to lose his general manager powers. he has too much power over a team not performing. >> that will not happen until the end of the year. >> reporter: right, exactly. >> dave, thank you. be careful out there. of course, some fans, they have signs and things at the game. >> yes, look at this sign. straight out of excuses. a lot of fans feel that way right now. >> i can't wait for to the press conference today. >> someone was at the game and they posted a video, end of the third, beginning of the fourth quarter. mass exodus. everybody was just leaving. >> yes. >> they were done. >> all you saw was feet, and then players arguing with each other. darren sproles. >> and mark sanchez. >> they got into it.
8:08 am
>> fletcher cox in that locker room he was like what else do you want me to say, i'm embarrassed. what else do you want me to say. >> philadelphia is now the sports city in america. the right now, at this particular point. we're zero for november. the three teams they are playing right now, have not won a home game in this month. >> i saw a on the espn they posted and it showed a picture of all of our teams and they're oint. >> so i think only team that plays, are the sixers, two more home games. other teams don't play anymore home games this month. you know sixers, what are they zero and 14. >> let's move on. >> thousands of runners hit the streets yesterday, and i mean thousands, about 30,000, did you see there was about a hundred thousand people along the the course. >> um-hmm. >> a hundred thousand. >> of course, we were watching
8:09 am
for our friend, santa runners. >> marathon running santa on the show friday. how did did he do. >> put it on, yes. >> yes. >> chris murphy was rodolph and brian went and dressed up as santa claus trying to break the guinness world record for the the fastest marathon run, dressed as a santa. >> he ran all 26.2 miles in the santa suit. he has a hat, full white beard and he tweeted us. i kit. new world record of fastest mar then wearing a santa suit, now longs to philly. he said he missed us out there. >> yes, i didn't go out. >> two hours and 54 minutes. >> that was great. >> congratulations, brian. >> j lo was sizzling last night on the stage at ama. >> everybody is talking about
8:10 am
that opening of the american music awards last night. >> except for one person, we were wondering, is this one person going go to the the shade at j lo. >> who didn't like this. >> was it beiber? that tool. here's quincy. >> guys, we're giving out turkies on the sugar house express. these are turkies. we have made three stops. we're making seven more. we're excited to give back. >> wow. ♪
8:11 am
8:12 am
(vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. thioh my god. friday. does anybody want to be part of this? nooooo. well, chevy has a better way, with black friday deals all month long. that's a great idea. what if you could get up to twenty percent cash back when you bought it? bam. twenty percent back? that's awesome. it's black friday. find your tag and get cash back for 20% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on 2015 silverado light duty models. cool time to go shopping.
8:13 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at we saw this. look at that sunset. >> i tweeted i said everyone go outside and look out right now because this is beautiful. >> yep. >> here is some responses i get. one guy says that is not a sunset gorgeous, that is end of the seeing also season going down, down, down. someone else said we lost, alex. there is no sunset. only darkness. >> wow. >> you know it did get dark right after the the sun went down. >> that is lushly what
8:14 am
happens. >> yes. >> that was brilliant. >> yes. >> it was a joke. >> now i got it. >> did you get the the joke. >> master of the obvious, he is. >> yes. fourteen after 8:00 o'clock. it is almost time for pumpkin pie. it is preview of our thanksgiving forecast. a high of 62 degrees when it will only be 44 today. yes, there will be a warming trend but today is not the the day, we have a coldest morning o season, so far, and we're backup to 35 degrees. we have had 34 for morning low, 33 in reading. sunnies doing its job but it is deceiving sunshine thanks to the winds out of the north west, 12 miles an hour in philadelphia it will feel colder then it is. we have wind gusts. seventeen, 16, 22 miles an hour depending where you are. so over the the weekend highs were in the 50's. fifty-six on saturday. fifty-three yesterday. today, 44 degrees, and then maybe make it into 50 tomorrow, but things get warmer, as we get toward
8:15 am
thanksgiving. 52 degrees on getaway day on wednesday, and then, warm for relatively warm temperatures for this time of the year, high have of six two. on thursday, friday's high, 65 . chilling out again after a cold front on saturday. so a blustery morning bob kelly and you have been busy. >> it has been crazy from the get go, right now, pretty much all the of the accidents have been cleared off to the side and what is left right now are big delays. 9 miles an hour on the schuylkill from conshohocken on n big delays the blue route southbound from route one down to i-95 and then an accident, south on i-95, near commodore barry causing a delay. here's an accident, northbound lanes of i-95, approaching commodore barry bridge. taking out is what the the left lane there and a few spill. this has been out here for about an hour. the that is causing a huge backup from the state line, pretty much all the way up to approaching the the commodore barry bridge. the delays on the market
8:16 am
frankford line because of equipment problems. look at the temperatures, 34. this is first really cold morning that these trains have had to kick off and get rolling for morning rush hour h20 minute delays on the wilmington line as well due to switch problems. mike and alex, back to you. hey, i screwed up. >> what did you do no. >> flyers have a home game tonight. >> in fact, rod brind'amour it is his big night. >> why is that a big night. >> they will retire number 17. >> they are honoring him, coming up. >> yes, in the rafters. maybe we will get a win tonight. 8:16. i'm dyslexic, i'm's reversing. >> it is okay. >> whole morning you have been messing up the time. 8:16. recapping last night, american music award. >> sure. >> one of the nights biggest moments had to be celine dion touching paris tribute. >> did you watch. >> i was sleeping but i have gone back and watched the
8:17 am
clips, as you know, she's french canadian. she speaks french fluently. here's her rendition of the classic. >> ♪ >> she earned a standing ovation after that performance which brought many people to the crowd in tears. people were wiping their eyes. pictures of the city of light flashed behind her, after other nets his band 30 seconds to mars, was performed at bataclan thief their was recent lay tack. she sound amazing and she looks stunning. >> i have not seen her in a while. it does she still do a vegas show. >> i'm not sure. >> i think she does too. >> yes. >> i actual would i would go to that show. would i also go to before it any spears. what do you think about that. >> pieces of me show.
8:18 am
>> yes. >> that is really nice. >> she looks amazing. >> yes. >> i think i might have had it already, with a adele. >> really. >> and this is really just beginning her album just came out. >> she's every where. >> she was on saturday night live. she performed her mega hit , hello. >> ♪ >> put that on the head lines, followed her performance with a pretty funny skit on how, hello, can make your family thanksgiving a little less awkward when you are not getting a along with family members. trust us when we say you will watch the the matthew mcconaughey belting out the lyrics. >> let's see it. >> very interesting trend there. >> yes. >> transgender is in the a
8:19 am
trend. >> they weren't any around. >> they were there but they could not say anything and so they lived sad lives and died. >> ♪ >> i like it. >> that is funny. >> she was ready to go. >> yes. >> i played this several times over the weekend. >> did you. >> all by yourself. were you sit ago loan. >> why do you assume i was all by myself. >> were you by yourself. >> yeah. >> okay. >> this does not look like this anymore. his shocking transformation and yes has lost so much
8:20 am
weight. that is not it either. >> plus did you see this over the weekend? >> are they back together? you won't believe what justin beiber did over the weekend, for selena gomez. >> what? >> i'm starting to think they are back together can you believe it. >> what is wrong with her. >> hold on.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. i'm so confused. she said, she called a few weeks from now they will not have any snow. i see some snow. >> that is just, later, yes. >> you know i'm from texas. that is all we get. >> it is colder right there. >> so-so fee aver gar a got married over the the weekend. >> she exchanged vows with joe, and, now they did this in palm beach, florida. >> yes. >> they shared this image from their social media account. >> why are you mocking. >> you said joe. >> i don't know how to say his last name, manganiel o.
8:24 am
>> everybody is laughing. you go, you finish. >> anyway they got married. >> remember what they said don't bring gifts. >> by the the way reese witherspoon was there. >> she doesn't need a gift. >> chang tatum was there. >> from magic mike. >> they gave donations tie charity. >> very nice. >> it was a beautiful affair. >> we will put up a picture. >> yes. >> who do you think that is. >> what. >> it looks like cast away. >> that believe it or not is chris hemsworth. he tweeted that out. >> just trying a new diet called lost at sea, wouldn't recommend it. >> he will star in the new film in the heart of the sea real life tail of the crew whose whaling ship was left stranded after a whale destroyed the ship. chris and other cast members ate 500 calories a day to prepare for the film. >> you could see his ribs.
8:25 am
>> it went on for weeks. >> so here we go. ron howard direct the film that opens up in theaters december 11th. didn't ron howard direct cast away. sue? please. >> let me look, let me look. >> yes. >> i'm not sure. >> he lost a lot of weight. >> i loved that movie cast away. >> robert zemeckis. >> yes, your pal, bobby. >> yes, he actually lived in new york when i lived there and would i see him at the coffee shop. >> because you know everyone. >> because. >> i'm a number one stunner and shine every summer. >> and winter. >> could it be a sign justin beiber and a particular x are back together. >> he was back singing his heart out. >> to her. >> yes. >> oh, boy.
8:26 am
>> so apparently in the the lobby of the beverly hills hotel on sunset boulevard. are you telling me selena gomez is in this room in this microphone. >> more than that he is singing to her. you see him leaning over. he is sing to go her. >> his back is to her. >> there she is in the black, wearing black, she stand up straight. >> those people are video taping this with their cell phone. >> maybe they are back together. you know in beverly hills you are in a hotel. he has a microphone. out in the open. >> you can see someone's camera in the background. >> what is the deal here? is this trying to get publicity. >> are they announcing that is my girl again. >> cute way to do it. >> i liked his rendition of my girl. >> he does sing really well. he had has a nice voice. >> you just gave him a compliment. >> i necessity -- i know it.
8:27 am
>> look at jen. >> the lighting. >> look at our new car and i have a clicker and i can click. the it is black friday. so how about, an app, that can find you, and send you the deals, via gps, the deal that is relevant for where the heck you are, it is find you a deal. come on back i'll tell you all bit.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
that voice. >> will downing is on good day this morning. he is bringing sexy back to good day at 9:00 a a.m. we will have some fun with him because that voice, my, my, my. quincy.
8:31 am
>> we are at the sugar house express, our good folks from sugar house. where are we going. >> we're going to the salvation army. >> how are you doing, wendy. >> salvation is getting 80 good total of 400 but 80 to the salvation army. >> i cannot forget it is dan's 35th birthday. >> good morning. >> so back to you, alex. >> we are giving out these turning is. >> wonderful. >> are you just sick and tired of people saying use this app to get coupons. use this app to get shopping. there are all these apps out there. thinks an app to end all of the shopping apps. the it find you and the parking lot and send the deal near you based on gps. you go to the mall walking around trying to find out what to wear? it comes to you. jen, you are in the roving car right now and testing this out. >> yes, it is pretty cool, it is called retail me not. we have video. i looked at it on friday. i down loaded app to my phone.
8:32 am
what it is, first of all, what you talked business exactly right. one of the functions of retail me not which is an app that gives you coupons. one of the largest in north america. added thing they are doing for black friday and moving on is the same, using a technology called ge o fencing. what that means is they will be able to find you, where ever you are. in a parking lot, inside the mall, even if you are just driving around and then using gps technology, they will send you the coupons for the stores that are near you. i will say that again. no matter where you are. lets say you are a at a mall, very busy. you go to the second location that wasn't on your original plan. what they will do is they will be able to locate you via this ge o cashing a gps based system and they will be able to find out about you. couple other things i like
8:33 am
retail me not verse these other apps, pick your favorite store. i went in, i am a big target shopper. i went in there with the card target a ad and some other things. i went in there, target, old navy. guys, old navy had a deal on this retail me not, 50 percent off everything in the store. other thing it does, it gives us a count down on how long the coupon will last, when it begins, last thing i love about retail me not is what it will do is, it will preview sales of black friday. so it will tell you when peak times are for each one of the sales in all of the different retailers. one thing if i had to say one thing i didn't like there is not a lot of discount stores. so tj max in the on there home goods not on there that is interesting. a a a lot of people talked about ebates. what is ebates. ebates is different then retail me in the because ebates you have to buy the item through their web site
8:34 am
which i found a little bit weird for me, personally, as opposed to retail me not which is just giant amounts of coupons. so, if you want to have the one with probably the most easiest to use and biggest number of retailers included, it is retail me not. as i said not only will they find you in the parking lot or mall or store or where ever you are, they will be able to tell you what time each one of the deals is peeking. so guys, we're not done. >> you are driving around right now and sending you these alerts as you are driving. >> reporter: absolutely. so that part of it though i have not hooked up yet and that starts on black friday. that is a black friday feature of it. >> i see, okay you are getting us ready. >> i'm showing it to you. last question, ready for this, alex: what is the number one thing that people will buy, this holiday season?
8:35 am
here's your tease, 56 percent of americans will buy one. >> a tv or something, something software related. >> i will tell you at 9:15. >> we're talking about it on twitter. >> one thing 56 percent of americans will buy. i'll think about that. >> what do you think this is, sue. >> turkey. >> but it is on black friday. >> i don't know. people eat it for christmas. here's bus stop buddy. we have to show you buddy with the sunglasses on and bundled up. thinks advice even if your kids have gone to school because temperatures are still in the 20's and 30's out there and breezy, so it feels colder then that. high temperature for today will be 44 degrees, that is a wintertime high temperature, not autumn. blustery day. it feels like the 30's all day long, tonight the we are down to 31 degrees in the city we will go below freezing and wind will diminish but colder night even then it was lays
8:36 am
night. what about thanksgiving. we will have that coming right up. >> yes. 8:36. good morning. been a rough go on i-95 all morning long north and southbound i-95 jammed in both directions near commodore barry bridge, one north, one south, so it has been extra time to get through that delay. here's a live look northbound jammed from the state line up through commodore barry. we will throw in sun glare as well but it is cold. bundle up. we have pick up a degree here in the last hour. delays though in a lot of the market -- a lot of the mass transit systems. market frankford line equipment problems, amtrak switched problems with 20 minute delays on the wilmington line this morning, mike and alex, back over to you. >> 8:36. lets get the back to quincy because he is doing great things this morning. >> giving away turkies. >> we are going around the entire city. i'm with the friends and
8:37 am
sponsors from sugar house. we just arrived at the salvation army. we have our turkies right here. we will give them out coming up. padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
quincy is giving away turkies. >> he is paying a visit to salvation army at 31st and masher street. >> hey, quincy he just froze. >> he froze and all of the turkies froze too did you note that is. >> you want to keep turkies frozen for right now, right. >> well, it is time, doctor oz said this, it is already too late for this. he does it five days in advance and he thaw is it in the refrigerator. >> just placed it there. >> that is why it takes five days to do it. >> quincy is back. salvation army. >> how are you doing.
8:41 am
thank you you for watching. >> thank you for watching. >> you are on. >> he is kissing babies, signing autographs. >> he doesn't know we're talking to him. >> no, it is cold out there. i was talking to my friend, joyce. we are at the salvation army, this is our fourth or fifth spot. >> we are bringing in 80 turkies here. >> yep. >> and we're cold. >> you guys start bringing in the turkies. start bringing them in. now we have a representative mr. rowland from the salvation army. tell us what you are doing at allegation salvation army. >> we will serve to feed the homeless families november 27th and we are very grateful to have sugar house casino to serve our community. the right now, we have 80 more turkies for this community and especially for seniors. >> we have miss joyce here. you are a client at salvation army. >> i have been volunteering
8:42 am
since 1990. >> what does this do for the community just to give back here. >> it does a lot. it does. a appreciate it. i'm thankful. this organization has given us, sugar house giving out turkies to one of the families in need and i'm's one of the families in need. i want to say thank you and happy thanksgiving to everybody. >> back to you. >> i love your face. >> i love her face as well. >> well, it is all love. we will go to the next stop. we have to drop off more turkies here. thanks for you in the studio. >> i would love to do something like that. >> thanksgiving dinner, in a cup cake form. >> wait, what. >> thanksgiving dinner, the whole dinner, in the form of the cup cake in one cup cake. >> um-hmm. >> so one recipe that is sure to impress your guests on thursday, less messy. >> it is the whole meal in within bite. i love that.
8:43 am
8:44 am
introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with new kisses deluxe.
8:45 am
we have breaking news we're looking live from sky fox over a septa regional rail train, on the paoli thorndale line that started to have
8:46 am
smoke from the cabin, right near the radnor station. so all passengers have been evacuated, we can see fire department on the scene there. no reports of any injuries but this is obviously going to cause delays on septa's paoli thorndale line, again, in the radnor township right near radnor station with that line right now shut down in both directions, whenever there is a those fire departments, they are waking off to the left side of your screen there. maybe that was fire fighters pulled up and got on to the scene vee at neighborhood. but right now all train services on the paoli thorndale line coming to the halt and we are over that rod north get more details and we will come back. all right. one of our viewers wrote me on facebook and said you have tried this, you know, we do this segment every year. she told us about her cousin's
8:47 am
corn muffin combination. this is judge us in time for thanksgiving. the this is good. it is an entire meal in a cup cake. >> are you telling me, thanks for sending that facebook message. >> good morning. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> a lot of loving going on. >> hello. >> you are the the cousin. >> yes, i am husband. >> i'm the the husband. >> good to see you, man. >> hi, alex. cheers. >> thanks for coming by is this thanksgiving dinner in one bite basically in one bite. >> what do you start with. >> so we will start with acorn bread muffin. when you bite through it, it will have macaroni a and cheese in the center. >> how did you do that. >> i put tonight there before
8:48 am
i baked it. >> then you just put it in the mix. no, take the cup cake and you put the the bowl of macaroni a and cheese there. >> jam it in. and then you place your corn bread mix on top and top it with your frosting and drizzles. >> and fried chicken sprinkles. >> fried chicken sprinkles. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> show you how to do it so you can try. >> you start with mashed potatoes. >> mashed potatoes frosting. >> it the is not sweet. >> no. >> it is considered a saferry cup cake it is in the just dessert it your meal. >> inside is mack and cheese, mashed potatoes on top. >> yes. >> we will take your fried chicken sprinkles and we will just sprinkle them on top and then drizzle some gravy on because that is just what it has to have.
8:49 am
>> probably needed another. >> the gravy is chicken gravy, so we use drippings made of broth, corn starch and we have salt and pepper to keep it simple. >> here's another thing. >> so while he will dive into that, this is a macaroni and cheese muffin. you bake them in the macaroni pan is there is there any bread. >> no, just mack and cheese. >> we also have... that is fantastic. the whole dinner in one bite in one bite. >> it is all mixed together. >> yes, like taking a fork. >> try one of those two. >> they are warm. this is a meat loaf muffin. you can sometimes alternate instead of white potato sometimes use sweet potatoes on top. >> what you could do is take
8:50 am
every thanksgiving ingredient, moshed potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce. >> we have that. >> we have a sandwich made with corn bread stuffing and we stick it in the waffle press and we put macaroni and cheese spread, a sweet potato spread, cran write sauce. we call it macaroni mayonnaise. how do you get a hold of you. >> call me up. >> what is the name of your place. >> say grace. >> because it will bless your heart. >> mike, alex, we will give you one. >> wonderful. >> let me get this out, this is a catering service. >> we work every day and we would love to help anyone learn how to do this as well. >> good to meet y'all. >> thank you. >> call me. >> i bet your thanksgiving table is quite delicious.
8:51 am
>> yes, say grace. >> wonderful. >> say grace. >> amen. >> there is no place like it. >> auction block one piece of the dorothy's costume in the wizard of oz that is expect to sell for a million-dollar today. >> her shoes. >> nope, not the red slipper. >> her socks. >> nope. >> what is left. >> we will see. ♪
8:52 am
8:53 am
i'm ginger breadington with your 10 day deal forecast. every day for ten days, expect new deals with historic low prices across target and hey! ginger! yes, ken? great forecast! are coffee makers on sale? yes! yes they will be... ginger! what about cameras? oh yeah, yeah. cameras-- ginger! how about christmas lights? yeah! lights, cameras, it's all in on the action. [ laughs ] see what i did there? ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning, updating our situation, breaking news out of radnor. i just talked to septa here's the deal. a regional rail line pulled out of the radnor station heading towardville know of, when they noticed smoke, fire coming from underneath the train. they took the the passengers, all 250 passengers, safely
8:55 am
evacuated, at the villanova train station right now, and that train which we showed you in the chopper the last time around was being taken back to the yard when it developed more problems, near radnor. good news is that all 250 passengers aboard the train are safe and they were dropped off at villanova, hopefully they will get on the next train with temperatures at 35, it is cold standing out there in the villanova station. again expect delays for the rest of the morning on the paoli thorndale line because of that problem out there atville know of, mike and alex, back to you. we are off to see the wizard, wonderful wizard of oz. >> who could forget dorothy's blue and white dress. there it is. the that is really what she wore in the movie from 1939. >> so, it became, it is now one of the world's or could be most expensive costume dresses, this dress, worn of
8:56 am
course by judy gar land in the wizard of oz is up for sale. >> yes. >> auction house, bottoms auction house in new york. bidding is expect to start at 1.2 million-dollar. >> hold on. >> starting. >> starting. >> over a million-dollar. >> judy garland wore that dress. >> it even has stains on it. >> what is this. >> maybe that is what is making it cost so much. >> most of my clothes have stains, wonder what i could sell this suit. >> i don't know, you are not judy garland. >> in, but i'm from kansas. i'm not in kansas anymore, dorothy i. master p do you remember him. >> yes. >> he is still around. >> he has his own reality she now and watch out, little roam yes other member of the family that could be taking over. >> he has nine kids.
8:57 am
the opening number we have to play this for you. she is's doing your bit uptown funk. >> yes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
boy, j lo, stirred up the ama award there. >> jennifer lopez, ripped it up last night at american music award. so, we will play, most of this because she does, song after song after song, and songs that were nominated or something. >> biggest songs of the yeary can't figure out why the lion king theme. >> well, costume from the lion king. they weren't using them. i have no idea.


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